Chapter Five Summary:  Selmak convinces Sam, with a few well-chosen words, that Lantash and
Martouf could have a relapse.  Of course, there would be no one with them as they all needed to
make some decisions so were going to be meeting for most of the day.  Alarmed at the thought of
them dying, Sam insists she will stay with them.  They begin a very good conversation.  General
Hammond establishes their reason for being absent from the Tunnels, with little fuss and bother.  
Now, they can truly begin to focus on the upcoming mission instead of all of the minor annoyances,
such as Garshaw and the council.  

Amek’tel kek’ma’tel – Brain fever brought on by use of a ribbon devise with no time to heal the
damage before it is used again.

“Italics” – Symbiote-Host Communication

“Martouf, why don’t you and Lantash go and talk to Sam?”  Jacob finally asked, after he
didn’t receive an answer to his previous question the third time he asked it.  He shook his
head.  It was obvious that the two of them were not thinking about the upcoming mission.  
And he and Selmak had to come up with a reason for them not to return to the Tok’Ra
base for an extended time.  He had already decided to set Anise and Malek to thinking
about that little bit of subterfuge, since it was their idea.  He’d let Jorlin off the hook, if
she wanted off it, because she wasn’t really pushing; she’d just agreed to go along.   

He wished Brialek was with them, but he wasn’t, and in reality, it was probably just as
well.  If they all ended up dead, or in a heap of trouble, he’d just as soon he wasn’t one of
them.  He was a good operative and a good friend to all of them, but even though he would
have been an asset, he didn’t really want to put any more people, or symbiotes, at risk
than he already was.  He sighed again, and brought his thoughts back to the problem at
hand; what to tell Master Garshaw about why the four of them weren’t returning to the
base.  They would soon be overdue with no excuse.  Their original excuse being the
meeting had been postponed until today due to the illness of a key person.  Which was
true as far as it went.

After he put Malek and Anise to work on coming up with some subterfuge to explain their
delay further, maybe he’d go talk to George and do some brainstorming about this
mission.  Sam needed to be brought into this.  Jack would be great, if he wasn’t being
such an ass.  He was good at tactics.  Well, Teal’c would just have to take his place.  He’d
be excellent, too, especially in the circumstances.  He sighed, again, as he looked at

“Okay, Martouf, let’s go.  Martouf!  I said, let’s go,” Jacob raised his voice, and finally got a
response from the man sitting next to him.

“I am sorry, Jacob, were you talking to me?”  Martouf asked.

“I’ve been talking to you for ten minutes, Martouf,” Jacob stated, laconically.  “If you’ve
finished mangling that sandwich, come with me.  If not, and you really feel a need to
finish the destruction, we can sit here, until you’ve completed shredding it, if you like.”

Martouf looked down into his plate, appearing surprised at what he saw.  “I am sorry,
Jacob, I do not seem to feel very hungry,” he finally said, after giving the mound of
sandwich parts a thorough perusal.

“Well, if I had eaten a dozen doughnuts, I probably wouldn’t be, either.  Come on.  You’ve
been assigned a room.  I’ll take you there and show you where everything is,” Jacob said,
as he picked up his tray to return it.  Glancing up, he saw Malek seated at a corner table
with the pretty blonde, Lieutenant Donovan.  Malek wouldn’t be happy at being
interrupted.  Ah, well, such was life.  Martouf followed his gaze and smiled with him.  

Looking beyond him, he saw Daniel Jackson sitting with Anise and Jorlin, the two
archaeologists deep in conversation.  Jorlin looked extremely bored.  Jacob grinned.  On
second thought, she would probably welcome the meeting to come up with an excuse to
stay on the Tau’ri world, as a reprieve of sorts.  Perhaps, they could rope Daniel into that
meeting, as well as Teal’c.  Both men could have some ideas, and Daniel was noted for
thinking outside of the box.  He might come up with a truly inventive reason for them to
say they couldn’t return to the base.  

In the meantime, it would give Sam and Martouf some time alone, too.  Sam had
disappeared to her lab after the briefing.  No doubt to try to sort through her feelings
about the turn of events.  Having come to some type of terms with the loss of Martouf and
Lantash, this had to be throwing her back into an emotional whirlwind.

Opening a door, he turned to Martouf.  “Here you are, home from home for now, anyway.  
I suggest you get a little more rest,” he said, cheerfully.

“We are quite well and very able to attend any meetings you feel we should have, Jacob.”  
Martouf assured him.

“Yeah, I’m sure you are, but I also know that you’ve been through a lot and...”  Jacob’s
eyes flashed, indicating Selmak had come fore, and Martouf straightened perceptibly, as
Lantash took control.  

Selmak looked at him grimly, and stated, “I am well aware that you wish to insist that you
are quite well, with no aftereffects of yesterday’s illness.  However, having lived through
that exact thing myself, twice, I am, also, well aware that the effects can linger for several
days.  You tire easily, and your appetite is sporadic at best.  One minute you are
voraciously hungry, and the next you have no interest in food whatsoever.  You are also
having some trouble regulating your body temperature, you have a headache, and
occasionally blurred vision,” Selmak stated firmly.  

Lantash looked mutinous for a moment, but before he could rebut the statements, Selmak
continued, “We are going to need you on this mission, Lantash.  If you are unwell, it will
jeopardize our success.  I will not allow that to happen.  I do not care if you admit to the
aftereffects of the
Amek’tel kek’ma’tel verbally or not; there is no need, as I am very much
aware of them and do not need your verbal agreement to know how you are really

“You will rest today and tomorrow, as often as possible, for by the next day at the latest,
we will be stepping through that mirror and back into your old reality, to face we know not
exactly what.  There are decisions to be made and supplies to be gathered, as well as
plans to be made.  I prefer to have you take part in those decisions, for your Intel will be
invaluable.  Therefore, you need to rest, when we are discussing things that you have no
need to be involved in.  Consider it an order, if that makes it easier.”

Lantash frowned and looked toward the bed.  Nodding sharply, he turned and made his
way to it, to sit on its edge.  “I will be ready to help with the planning and to accompany
you, Selmak.  I will not fail in this endeavor a second time,” he said firmly, his voice grim.

Selmak shook his head, saying, “Lantash, the odds of you succeeding in this mission
before, were so far against you, it was inevitable that you should fail.  That will not be the
case for this mission.  The odds are in our favor this time.  We have Teal’c and more
manpower.  We are all healthy and unharmed going into it.  I have a feeling that even
before the capture and torture, the three of you were not in optimum condition.  I think
you will find a few naps of several hours duration, that are uninterrupted by fear, will do
wonders for your condition.  Someone will be by to check on you, and we will come for
you, when it is time to start the tactical meetings.”  

“You are right, of course, and I should have thought of it myself.  I will do as you request.”  
Lantash agreed, as he removed his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt.  

“I’m glad you are seeing sense.  I will see you later.  Rest well, my friend,” Selmak smiled,
as he left the room and headed for Sam’s lab.  It was true that Lantash was having those
symptoms, but they would pass whether he rested or not.  True they would pass faster, if
he rested, but it was just as important that he get to speak to Samantha Carter, in private
and uninterrupted.  
“Stop sputtering, Jacob, you were about to suggest yourself that he
spend some time with Samantha.  We both believe that they need to get to know one
another all over again.”

“He was getting undressed, Sel.  I wasn’t going to suggest they spend time in bed together
getting to know each other,”
Jacob protested loudly.

“He was removing his shoes and shirt, Jacob, which can hardly be described as
undressed.  Calm down.  Your daughter is a grown woman.”

“She’s my little girl.  You’re setting her up to be seduced,”
Jacob ranted.

“It will do them a world of good, if it happens, but I do not believe it will.  At least, not at
this time.  Before we leave on this mission, I am sure Samantha will wish to experience
being intimate with them in case something goes wrong and one or both of them does not
survive.  However, that is none of our business,”
Selmak continued.  Reaching Sam’s lab,
he knocked lightly.

Looking up, Sam was surprised to see her dad.  She realized almost at once that it was
Selmak.  “Selmak.  This is a surprise.”

“I wished to apologize to you for not reminding Jacob to be sure you were informed.  What
with Lantash so ill yesterday, it totally slipped our minds.  I will be relieved when the last
of the side effects are over, and we know for sure that he will recover.”

“What do you mean?”  Sam asked, as her eyes widened.  That had sounded like Lantash
and Martouf could still die.

“Until the last of the symptoms pass one does not know for sure…however, I convinced
him to lie down and rest.  Hopefully that will be enough to reverse the stress of the
morning’s interview.”

“Are you saying he could have a relapse?”

“Anything is possible,” Selmak said solemnly.

“Is someone with him in case something happens?”  Sam asked, amazed at the apparently
uncaring attitude Selmak was showing.

“I must meet with my people to plan our next moves.  I cannot afford to spend time sitting
with him, when this mission is so vital to the survival of the Tok’Ra as a whole.  It is
imperative that we make our plans, as soon as possible, and execute them equally swiftly.  
We will hope for the best.  I am sure he will be fine,” Selmak said, avoiding her eyes.

“Of course, you’re sure he’ll be fine.  There’s really nothing wrong with him.  At least not to
the extent you are leading Sam to believe.”

“Nonsense, Jacob, for all we know, he could have a relapse.”

Jacob snorted, or at least did his best imitation of one, in the back of his mind.

“I’ll sit with him.  He shouldn’t be left alone,” Sam offered as visions of Martouf and
Lantash dying entered her head and made her catch her breath.  That couldn’t be allowed
to happen.  Not again.  She wouldn’t go through that again, if there was anything she
could do to prevent it.

“Why, thank you, Samantha, but I really do not believe that is necessary.  I am sure you
have many things you need to do, since you also, will be going on this mission.  I am sure
he will be fine.  I will be able to check on him by this evening.”

“This evening?  That’s hours away.  He could be ill again by then,” she exclaimed.  “No, I’ll
sit with him.  I have nothing to do that can’t be completed later, or when we return with
the Queen.  Besides, I can take some things with me to do,” she said, as she started to
gather her laptop and the notes she might need.  “He’s in a VIP room right?  You were all
given rooms, weren’t you?”

“Yes, and as I am going that way, I will show you which one Martouf and Lantash are in.  
You will call, if something goes wrong and you need us.”

“Yes, of course.”

They left her lab and strode quickly down the hall.

“Sel, you realize that this isn’t even slightly above board.  You should be ashamed of

“I will allow my conscience to worry about that later, dear one.  For now, I am more
concerned with easing the pain that each of them are feeling.  Or had you not considered
that part of their feelings in this?”

“No.  I hadn’t.  So you think this will help them get past the pain?  Both of them have a lot
of it with which to deal.”

“It is a start, Jacob.  They must face it and try to get beyond it sooner or later, and I would
rather they started and hopefully managed to get beyond it now, than to have it suddenly
raise its head, during the mission.”

“You’re right.  I hadn’t thought of that angle.  I just hope he doesn’t seduce her,”
finished slightly less grimly.

Realizing they were almost to the VIP rooms, Sam asked, “Is there anything I should look
for in particular?”

“No, nothing in particular.  I am sure if something begins to go wrong, you will know.  Ah,
here we are.  I will see you after while, Samantha.  Thank you for offering to take care of
them for us.”

“You’re welcome, Selmak.  I’ll see you later.”

“She didn’t even realize I never said a word to her,” Jacob said, astonished.  “Normally, she’
d want to know why I wasn’t talking to her.”

“She may have felt I would know more about the situation, Jacob.  And she was clearly
worried about them.  A good sign and a circumstance that should show you that they do
indeed need to begin to talk to one another, get to know one another, and the sooner the

Jacob said. “You’re a devious little dragon, you know that Sel?”

“Why, yes, Jacob, I believe I do.”
 Selmak laughed, but did not give Jacob control.  He
wanted to get the meeting started first.  Then he would let Jacob come back, when he
could not very well leave without starting gossip.

“Thanks, Sel, I’ll remember that.”

“I know, Jacob, but it will be worth it if it works out for them.”

Jacob finally agreed, softly, “It will."  

Samantha Carter was nervous as she watched them walk away down the hall.  She raised
her hand to knock twice before eventually bringing herself to do it.  Finally knocking very
lightly, she got no response, and lifted her hand to knock louder.  Realizing they could be
asleep, she stopped before she could knock again.  She opened the door quietly and made
her way into the room.  A glow came from a safety light.  You couldn’t have VIP’s tripping
and falling in the dark and getting hurt.  

Putting her things down on a nearby table, and then walking to the bed, she stood beside
it and looked down at the man lying there.  He had removed his shirt and had on only his
t-shirt and pants.  Seeing him lying there in the tight black T-shirt, his arms folded
behind his head, it was all she could do to stop herself from reaching out and touching
him.  The need to do so was so intense, it was a physical ache, and she balled her hands
into fists to stop herself from doing so.  Shutting her eyes against that aching need, and
drawing a breath, she was surprised to find herself looking into his eyes, when she
opened hers.

“Samantha?”  Martouf asked, hesitantly, as if he was not sure she was truly there.

“I, yes, I…” she stopped and pulled in another calming breath.  “Yes, I’m sorry; I didn’t
mean to awaken you.”

Martouf shook his head; “I would rather be with you than sleep.  And besides, we were not
actually asleep, yet.”  Reaching over, he turned on a small lamp before moving farther
toward the center of the bed and indicating that she should sit down on the edge.

Swallowing in nervousness, Sam nodded, and proceeded to perch gingerly on the edge, as
if expecting to suddenly need to escape quickly.

When neither said anything, Sam finally broke the silence saying, “Selmak said that you
were still not completely over the fever.  I thought I’d stay with you in case you had a
relapse and needed help.  I – I brought my laptop and some work I could do quietly.  I
didn’t mean to disturb you, I was just checking on you,” she said hurriedly, trying to calm
her response to him.

“Relapse?  Lantash, can we have a relapse?”  Martouf, asked, obviously surprised.

“Not to my knowledge, Martouf.  I believe Selmak has arranged for us to have time alone
with Samantha.  This explains his sudden insistence that we rest now.  Although to be fair,
he was speaking the truth about that, and we do need to be in good condition before the
mission.  He is simply using a circumstance to its best advantage.”

“I see,”
Martouf said, speculatively.  “In that case, we shall do all we can to make full use
of his tactics.”

Lying back down from where he had raised himself on his elbow, he said, “I am fine for
now.  Please, you do not need to concern yourself unduly, but if the thought of my being ill
has brought you here to sit with me, I will not complain, nor will I tell you to leave.  I wish
to spend time with you, Samantha, whenever and wherever I can,” he said sincerely.

Sam offered him a tentative smile in exchange, and then looked down and watched her
fingers pluck nervously at the comforter.  When she looked up, her eyes were bright with
unshed tears.  “It’s just so hard,” she finally whispered.  “You’re so much like him.  It, it
brings back a lot of,” she paused, before saying, “memories.”

“And not pleasant ones,” Martouf said, quietly.  “Believe me, Samantha, I am aware.  
Lantash and I…we, as well, are having difficulty with the situation.  I meant what I said.  
Killing you, the you in the other reality, was literally the hardest thing we have ever had
to do.  We wanted to die for a very long time afterwards, and only the knowledge that you
would not have approved of, nor wished for us to do so, kept us from it.”  

“To see you here, now, and know you are no longer our mate is, as I said, very difficult.  
What we wish to do is take you to our bed and make love to you, until you cry for release.  
However, although, we know that will not happen anytime soon, we will not give up hope
that it might happen sometime in the future.”

Sam continued to rub the comforter for a moment, before drawing a deep breath, and
again looking up and into the eyes, she never thought to see again.  “I was completely
devastated, when I had to kill you.  I still have nightmares about it sometimes.  I couldn’t
talk to anyone about it because no one knew how I felt about you.  No one but the General
and my dad, anyway.  They were very supportive, and I lived from day to day and made
work my priority.  Defeating the Goa’uld became the focus of my life.  I thought that you
would want me to go on fighting them, trying to defeat them, for you, for all the innocent
lives they have taken over the millennia.  Mostly for you, though.”  

“I really don’t know if I can distinguish you from him.  I know in my mind you aren’t him,
but my senses tell me you are.  My heart is telling me you are.  I’m very confused.  I want
you to be him.  I want that second chance to be with you Martouf, you and Lantash.  I don’
t know what to do now, how to go on, or even,” she blushed slightly, “how far to take my
attraction to you.  I’m afraid, but I want to be close to you.  Does that make sense?”

“Yes, it does.  We know exactly how you are feeling, Samantha.  We, too, wish to be close
to you, but we do not wish to upset you by moving to fast.  Left up to us, you would be
lying here with us, wrapped in our arms, under our body as we climbed the heights
together.  You would be moaning our names, as we moaned yours, and we would bring
one another to completion.  We would be learning of one another, as if it was the first
time, which, of course, it would be.”  

“Will you lie with me and begin our journey of discovery, my Samantha?  Begin our
learning, so that eventually, perhaps, we can know one another more intimately than we
will at this point in time?”  He asked, his eyes, compelling, and his voice softly pleading,
seductive, and enticing.

Sam was torn.  God, she wanted to lie with him.  But, what if things moved too fast?  What
if desire flared between them and burned out of control?  What if she gave in and made
love with this man?  She didn’t even know him, did she?  What did she want?  Need?  

Him.  She wanted to know him, and not just in the mental sense and emotional sense.  
She wanted to know him in the physical sense.  So what if things moved fast?  So what if
desire flared out of control?  Did it really matter if she made love to them?

She watched him as he leaned against the pillows and watched her patiently.  He was not
pressuring her.  He wasn’t even suggesting a physical mating between them, yet.  He, they
wanted her, but were willing to wait for her to get to know them and make a decision.  
They were willing to wait for her to realize that they were her mates.  She repeated that to
herself.  They were her mates.  She knew it on a deep inner level.  She could feel it,
calling her, pulling her.  The tug of desire was beginning to burn in her.  

She had lived with regret from the day they died.  From the moment she fired the zat, she
had wished she could relive the time they had known one another.  Regret had been a
bedfellow for a very long time now.  Standing, she walked to the door and locked it.  She
stood leaning her forehead against it, for a moment, then straightening her shoulders and
lifting her chin she turned back to face the bed.  

She never wanted to live with that feeling again.  If anything went wrong on this mission,
she didn’t want to look back and once again feel that way.  She wouldn’t take that chance,
as she had the last time.  Perhaps, they wouldn’t make love now, but sometime before the
mission, she was going to make this man hers.  Whether it was now, or later, this man,
no, these men, for she loved Lantash just as much as she loved Martouf, would belong to
her in every sense before the next day or so was over.  For once in her life, she was going
to give herself what she needed, wanted, and desired.

Walking back to the bed, she sat down and took her boots off.  As she started to unbutton
her shirt, Lantash came forward.  “Samantha?”  He questioned her actions, wanting,
needing, to understand what she was thinking and meaning by her actions.  He would
take no more than she offered willingly.  He wished her to be sure, when the time came
for them to mate.

“I’m not going to live with regret again, Lantash.  It’s a bitter thing.  I don’t want to make
love to you, now, at this point in time.  I think I will very soon, but not just yet.  I don’t
think you want that either, really.  Not yet, anyway.  But I do want to lie with you and
start to learn who you are.  I want to find out if you and I, could be us.  That’s to begin
with.  And, once we find out who we are apart, then I want to know who we are together.  I
don’t know if it will mean a physical mating, but I want to find out.  And I want to start
finding out now.”

Lantash’s eyes flared, and then became heavy lidded and a seductive, but sweet smile
curled his lips.  She caught her breath, realizing what a dangerous man he was to her.  
He could seduce her with his smile.  And she would let him.  “Then come to me, my
Samantha, and we shall begin our journey of discovery together, just the three of us.”

As Sam stretched out next to him, he reached out, pulled her close, and placed a gentle
kiss on her temple.  “Relax, Samantha, we will do nothing, but lie together and talk, for
now.  Just the feel of you in our arms is a balm to our spirit.  How often we have longed to
hold you just one more time,” Lantash murmured, his voice deeply husky with suppressed

Slowly her arms moved around his waist to hold them.  How often she had dreamed of
this, ached to do this.  Suddenly she was crying.  For them, and for what had never had a
chance to be born between them.  For all the regrets and longing that had haunted her for
so long.  He seemed to understand, as he simply held her and stroked her hair,
murmuring softly, words she didn’t know, but didn’t need to know.  As her tears slowed,
and she relaxed, spent, and drained at last of much of the bitterness of her loss, she felt
him pull back and lean away from her.  A handful of tissues were put into her hand, and
she smiled, and then laughed slightly.  

Oh, yes, this was her Martouf and Lantash.  Wiping her eyes and blowing her nose before
tossing the tissues toward the wastebasket, she turned back to this being that had meant
so much to her and wound her arms around his neck, stroking Lantash, as she had
always wanted to do.  Lifting her face, she watched as his mouth came toward hers.  She
held her breath, as his lips feathered across hers.  Sighing, she closed her eyes.  Oh, yes,
heaven was only a breath away.

“So, what do we have?  Did anyone come up with a logical and believable reason, as to
just why we aren’t returning?  We’ve already used the excuse of illness of one of the people
we were meeting with, as the reason we didn’t return on time once.  Which was sorta,
almost true.  Well?”  Jacob asked the group sitting around the conference table.  Thirty
minutes of thinking, and no one had come up with a good enough excuse, as far as he was
concerned.  Teal’c and Daniel hadn’t been available, so they were on their own, for the
time being.

“Perhaps we could say the General was called away?”  Malek asked.

“We’d be told to return to the base, and come back when he was available,” Jacob replied.  
“Come on.  I gave you thirty minutes to think; surely, you came up with something

Jacob looked up as General Hammond came into the room.  “How’s it coming, Jake?”

Jacob scowled.  “Well, if we don’t come up with a plan any faster or better, for getting
Egeria, than we are for our excuse to Garshaw for not returning, we’re going to fail straight
out of the chute.”

“Well, I contacted Garshaw, and explained that we had a mission where we needed the
Tok’Ra, due to the fact that we were going to need someone who could impersonate a
minor System Lord and his entourage.”

“And she agreed?  Just like that?  Jacob asked, his disbelief obvious.

“Er, well no, not exactly, at least at first, but that’s when I told her that the prisoner was
someone very dear to you, Jacob.  When she asked to speak to you, I, ah, took the liberty
of telling her that, basically, you had requested that I contact her, and explain about the
mission, so actually, I wasn’t contacting them to ask, I was simply informing her that you
had all agreed to the rescue, and hoped to return, within a couple of weeks.  I, ah, also,
took the initiative and explained that Malek and Anise had both felt that time was of the
essence, and that there wasn’t time to return to the Tok’Ra base, if you wanted to get the
prisoner out alive.”

Jacob sighed.  “Well, we need to be sure we let Sam know she was a prisoner, for a while.”

“I, ah, didn’t actually tell her it was Major Carter, Jacob.  I said someone dear to you, and
I assume that the Queen of the Tok’Ra is dear to all of you.  Moreover, she is a prisoner of
a System Lord.  Ergo: I
‘did not’ tell so much as one lie.  It’s hardly ‘my’ fault she heard
only that which she expected to hear,” General Hammond, stated self-righteously…but his
lips were twitching, and there was a certain gleam in his eyes that spoke of a deep

Jacob shook his head, but he, too was smiling, as he responded, “Remind me to always
read between the lines, when you tell me something, George.”

George Hammond finally let it out, and he grinned, “Now, maybe you can stop trying to
figure out
‘how’ to play hooky and start making plans for what you’re going to ‘do’ while
you’re out of school.”

Jacob nodded, and opened his mouth to request the attendance of at least three of the
members of SG-1, when Selmak came forward to say, “I wish to thank you, General
Hammond.  Your intervention is both timely and ingenious.  By taking the opportunity for
us to speak to her away, you have removed a very large hurdle from our path.  It is truly
greatly appreciated.”  

He paused, but only for a moment, before he explained what he had arranged, saying, “I
have requested that Martouf and Lantash rest for now, as the aftereffects of the fever can
be quite debilitating, and rest helps to overcome them more quickly.  I am afraid that the
stresses of this morning’s debriefing and interrogation have caused them to become rather
more acute, although he would not admit to it.  That, of course, was no more than I

“Having myself been in his position twice, I am quite familiar with what he is
experiencing, and am able to read the signs, without him admitting to them, or telling
me.  It is nothing that several well-spaced periods of rest will not clear up; however, since
it is imperative that we have his information, which will be critical to our success, he will
need to be in optimum condition, for this mission.”  

“If it would be acceptable, I would like to request Dr. Jackson, Major Carter, and Teal’c for
a planning session later on this afternoon.  Is it possible that they could or might be

The General nodded briefly, explaining, “Dr. Jackson has to conduct a briefing for SG-10
in a little less than an hour, but it shouldn’t last more than an hour or so.  Say, two hours
from now?  Would that be acceptable?”  General Hammond asked.

“Of course, and in the meantime, we will begin to go over the information we have, to see
what we can come up with ahead of time, as well as start listing the supplies we are sure
we will need,” Selmak stated before pausing.  Then looking squarely at George Hammond,
he continued, stoically, “I requested that Major Carter stay with Lantash to insure he did
not have any problems.  I will collect them, when it is time for the planning session to

George Hammond’s lips once again twitched, but he said, equally solemnly, “That will be
fine, and I’ll contact Dr. Jackson and Teal’c, to insure they are here at the correct time.”

“Thank you, General Hammond; it would be very much appreciated,” Selmak assured

As the General left the room, Selmak became aware of his disgruntled host sputtering in his
head, “Thank you, General, for
pretending, you have no idea what I am doing.  Thank you,
General, for
acting, as if you believe every word I am saying to you.  Thank you, General,
turning a blind eye and allowing my daughter to be seduced, while we all sit around and
wait for it to happen,”
Jacob ranted loudly in their shared minds.

“Nonsense, Jacob.  Martouf and Lantash will not seduce your daughter, unless she wishes
them to.  In which case, it really is none of our business.  Now, we really do need to start
planning the mission.  There are things that we, as Tok’Ra, will need to be prepared to
know and do, and we may as well get that part decided, before we meet with the rest of the
group.  Do you wish to take over the meeting?  You are welcome to, as long as you do not
try to sneak away and check on Samantha and Martouf.”

“You know, Sel, the next time we wake up, and you’ve allowed us to have a very vivid
sexually oriented dream?  You know the ones I mean, the ones you really seem to enjoy the
most, where your host was that hot-blooded Jason?  And your mate was Etheria, possibly
the most seductive woman I have ever seen?  I think, that the next time that happens, I’ll
remedy it with a nice long COLD bath, or maybe I’ll just put my head under the cold water
that is piped into the baths, and I’ll let it soak you long and well,”
 With those words, Jacob’
s head snapped forward.

“Jacob!  When did you learn to do that?”  Selmak demanded, as his head began to ache
from within where Jacob had just mentally slapped him in the back of the head.

“I learned from the master head-thumper, Sel.  Congratulations, you’ve just taught me
something else.”

It was the first time he’d ever heard his symbiote sputter.


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