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Characters: Sam, Daniel, Malek/Devlin  

Threesome: Malek/Devlin, Sam, Daniel

Rating: NC-17


Sam was tired.  Exhausted, really.  This last mission had been exacting, dangerous, and
worthwhile.  The information that they gathered would help them to plot the downfall of
that particular System Lord, and she was glad.  Nevertheless, she was also relieved it was
over.  Now that she had finished the briefing with the council, she could go soak in the
pools.  If, that is, she did not fall asleep first.

Since she had been working with the Tok’Ra during these last few months, she had grown
used to having people around all the time, but she had insisted on a curtain in her
chamber.  They all thought she was a little odd, but because she was not blended yet,
they tended to look on it as a Tau’ri quirk that she would get over.  She snorted at the
thought.  In your dreams.  I will be damned if I am leaving my doorway open for whoever
wants to wander in.  A curtain was not much, but it was better than nothing at all.

Stripping down, she grabbed her robe and slipped it on over her swimsuit, another thing
that the Tok’Ra found odd.  The idea of wearing clothing into a pool of hot water made no
sense to them, but she shrugged that off, too.  It seemed as if she did that a lot.  She had
to admit, though, that she had fit in much better than she would have thought possible.  
She was glad she made the decision to join her dad with the Tok’Ra.  

She suspected that there would be no one in the pools at this time of night.  It was late, as
a delay occurred on their return trip.  Damn crystals.  She was really glad they always
took replacement parts, but she wished they always sent the correct ones.  At least she
was able to MacGyver a fix for it.  The Engineers were fascinated with the way she
repaired it, even if it was just a temporary measure, which meant another thirty minutes
beyond the original delay, while she explained to them why it worked.  She thought about
asking for chewing gum and duct tape to be included in future missions, but knew it
would just go over their heads, so she bit her tongue and restrained herself.  She had not
even used the words jerry-rig or MacGyver in her explanation so she felt almost virtuous
about her response to them about the incident.

She arrived at the pools and quickly threw off her robe. As she surmised, no one else was
there, so she had the place to herself.  Except for those who were on watch, most had
retired for the night.  There were probably a few scientists still up, puttering around as
their hosts slept, but the majority of the hosts and symbiotes would be resting and
sleeping.  Sam grinned to herself.  The host/symbiote relationship put a completely new
meaning on sleepwalking.  

She moaned as she sank farther into the water.  She had been worked over at one point,
but the healing device had taken care of most of the traumas.  A few sore muscles
remained, but she thought that it was more from being tired than because any damage
from the incident remained.  She nodded off and awoke with a start as she started to sink
into the water.  That was enough.  It was time for bed when she could not stay awake.  If
she was not careful, she would have survived numerous close calls with the Goa’uld, only
to drown in a pool.  Not a very glorious end to a colorful career.

She slipped out of her swimsuit and quickly bathed.  She changed the setting on the pool
to recycle the water, and stood in the suddenly swirling water to rinse off, before dragging
herself from the water.  She grabbed one of the large bath sheets that were always close
by and dried off.  Quickly returning to her room, she stripped off her wet suit and hung it
up to dry.  She was so tired that she did not even drag out a t-shirt in which to sleep; she
just climbed onto her sleeping area, cuddled down into her blankets, and fell asleep
almost before her eyes were closed.

He kissed the back of her neck softly and smiled at the small, disgruntled sound that
escaped her at being disturbed.  She had been asleep for several hours, so although it was
not yet daylight, he did not feel guilty at disturbing her.  He snuggled up to her back,
feeling her silky nakedness all along his body and reveling in the sensations that it
aroused in him.  She was soft and warm and his.  He allowed his hand to move slowly
toward the apex of her thighs.  Once there, he began a slow and rhythmic stroking of her

Daniel kissed the tip softly, and then took her breast into his mouth.  She tasted so good.  
Always.  Every time that they were together, he wondered anew at how exciting he always
found her.  Never did he grow complacent or bored.  She murmured and thrust her breast
forward, searching for more.  He was only too happy to oblige.  He laved and suckled,
enjoying the taste and feel of her in his mouth.  She arched her back and moaned.  She
was waking up.  He stopped suckling long enough to smile at the man lying behind her,
caressing her neck with his lips.  In the dim light of the room, he could see Malek smile

They returned their attention to her; she was already becoming aroused.  Malek could
smell the musky scent, and it took his own desire a little higher.  Her moisture began to
wet his fingers.  He stroked with slightly greater pressure.  She moaned again and thrust
her mound into the palm of his hand, where he cupped her.  The smell and taste of her
were delicious.

Malek and Devlin knew that Samantha had been hoping for another time when they
could all be together.  Therefore, he had stopped on the way back from his mission and
asked Daniel when he could come visit.  

They were on downtime, due to an injury to a team member.  ‘Not,’ he told Malek, smugly,
‘him this time’.  It looked like they would be down for at least a week and he had several
days due to him.  Actually, he had weeks’ worth of leave that he had not taken, but he
never seemed to have time to use it.  Now, though, since Sam had moved to the Tok’Ra, he
had been finding and/or simply making the time.  He missed her when he was on Earth.  
To the point that he was considering moving himself.  And blending.  Both he and Sam
were considering that, actually.  Now that Malek, Dev, and he had proved that they could
share her without jealousy causing problems, moving to the Tok’Ra and blending was very
tempting, and the urge was growing every day.  

So, when Malek ‘dropped by’ and asked him to join them for as long as he could, he had
not blinked an eye.  He agreed at once, saying that he could come now, if Malek could wait
for him to pack a few things.  Not that he would need many clothes, but Sam missed her
coffee and chocolate, so whenever he visited, he made sure to bring both for her.  
Moreover, this time, he also had a care package that Janet sent with female stuff in it
every so often.  It did not take long for him to get ready, and now they were here, loving
their Samantha.  Furthermore, she was awakening, aroused and ready for them.

Sam’s eyes opened slightly, and she realized that Daniel’s mouth was working on her
breast, and that there was also an arm coming across her from behind.  She smiled as she
felt Malek’s soft caresses on her neck and shoulders, and felt the warmth of his body and
the hardness of his shaft, as it nestled against her buttocks, thrusting rhythmically and
gently.  She pressed back, enjoying the feel, and as she did so, she heard him draw a
hissing breath.  She wiggled slightly, enjoying his response.  Reaching for Daniel, she took
his shaft in her hand and began to stroke him.  He moaned against her breast, and she
smiled, delighted at his response.  She never tired of the feelings that lying between these
beings engendered.  She loved them all so much.  She had never been more thankful for
anything as she was when they had come to her and told her what they would like to try.  

It was soon evident that the jealousy that they felt before melted away when they both
loved her together.  The three of them became fast friends as well as lovers.  However,
right now, they were more lovers and less friends.

Sam moaned again, beginning to thrust against Malek’s fingers as he stroked her clit,
urging him to move more quickly.  He smiled against her neck and agreed with her.  His
tongue teased the back of her neck, her ear, and the spot on the side of her throat that
always caused her to shiver with pleasure.  She was fast approaching her orgasm.  This
time, perhaps it would be fast, furious, and hard; they had all been denied release for too
long, missions and distance keeping them apart, duty and responsibilities interfering with
their togetherness for too long.  

Daniel looked at him and read the naked need in his face.  It had been longer this time
for Malek, as their missions had kept them separated, whereas Daniel was able to come
right before she left on her last mission.  Malek had already been gone for several weeks
by then.  As the commander of the base, he did not often go on long missions, needing to
stay at the base to take care of things, but this one needed someone with his specific
scientific background.  Whoever went needed to know what they were seeing as they
observed.  Therefore, he had reluctantly gone, but eagerly returned.  He breathed deeply
of the scent that was Samantha as it mixed with the scent of her sex.  It was a heady

Daniel reached down and stilled Malek’s fingers, causing Samantha to moan her
disapproval.  Daniel smiled as he kissed her swiftly and lifted her leg so that Malek could
sheath his manhood in the heated silk and moisture of her channel.  

“Samantha, my love, I have missed you so,” Malek whispered into her ear as he thrust
into her, and then stopped to enjoy the feel of her wrapped around him.  “I have dreamed
of this, ached for this, yearned for this.”

“Yes.  Yes, so have I, Malek.  I have missed you so much.  Ah,” she sighed as he withdrew
and stroked her again with his shaft.  “More, I need more.  Please make love to me.  
Harder.  More.  Yes, that’s it, yes,” she cried as he began a barrage of deep hard thrusts,
knowing exactly what she wanted and needed from him, from them.  Daniel had not left
off loving her breasts, and she arched her back again as they assaulted her senses and
drew her toward sensory overload.  

Malek realized that Daniel’s hand had taken over stroking her clit after he had moved his
hands up to caress her breasts, so he began to cup them for Daniel as he continued his
suckling, something that Samantha loved.  His breathing became harsher, more ragged.  
He could smell the scents of Daniel and Samantha as they mixed and wafted to him.  It
was an irresistible smell.  He could feel her moisture as it coated his shaft and came out
with each of his strokes, strokes that were almost out of control.  

Sighs of the Goddess, he could feel her body tensing, coiling tighter and tighter, milking
him, setting him aflame.  Feeling the walls of her channel clutching him, holding him
tightly, he lost his control and leaving her breasts, he grasped her hips as he delved into
her as deeply as he could.  His nails made indentions in her flesh as he rode her, holding
her tightly.  They hung on the edge together, for an exquisite moment, before they were
plunged into the swirling vortex, the culmination of their mating, and his seed emptied
into her waiting vessel.  He could not stop the hoarse cry that burst from his lips or the
calling of her name as he felt her begin her own climax.

He was awash in her cum, her sweat and the warmth of her lips as she twisted enough to
kiss him, plunging her tongue into his mouth deeply, trying to stifle her own cries of

As they floated back to reality, her fingers softly stroked Malek through his neck.  He
would be highly aroused at the moment, so hard pressure would be too much.

As he slid from her body, softening and spent for a short while, Malek collapsed backward
onto his back.  She rolled with him to lie quietly as her breathing calmed.  She felt Daniel
as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to her temple.  She opened eyes that told of
repletion and watched as his mouth descended toward her lips.  She opened for him,
wanting, needing to taste him.  As his tongue thrust into her mouth, his fingers plunged
into her body, his thumb beginning to work again on the center of her womanhood.  He
had not reached his release with them, so she knew that she would be well and truly
loved before they slept.

Malek’s breathing slowed, and he watched as Daniel began to bring their Samantha to an
aroused state once again.  She would attain the heights again, possibly many times before
all of them were sated.  He smiled as her hips soon began to meet the thrust of Daniel’s
fingers.  Then he raised himself on one elbow as Daniel moved to position himself between
her legs.  Reaching out, he pinched a nipple and watched it spring and thrum.  She
cupped them for him for a short time as he continued to caress and roll them, helping to
build her back up toward the apex.  Keeping one hand cupping a breast for the moment,
she raised her other hand and started stroking Malek once again.  

Devlin smiled at her.  She knew that Malek would be in torpor, recovering, and that he
would grumble as she aroused him from it, but also that he would have been disappointed
if she did not draw him back to them.  They had shared her during their mating—no, as
Samantha called it, their lovemaking.  Their transition was seamless, and yet, had they
asked, she would have been able, at any point, to tell them which one it was.  It was one
of the things that said so loudly that she realized that they were two separate beings, and
she loved both of them.  It never ceased to make them feel that love and warmth when
they thought of it.  On long lonely missions such as this last one, they thought of it often.  
And caused themselves to have to endure the aching pressure that it caused until Malek
could get things under control.

His thoughts were brought back to the present as Sam moaned, gasping, “Oh, god, Daniel,
you have a talented tongue.”  Releasing her breast, she wound the fingers of her hand into
his hair.  Devlin used his hands and lips to begin caressing her neck, her shoulders, and
her breasts as Daniel lapped at their joint creams.  Both of them had found that they
liked that taste, the taste of each of them mixed with her.  Soon now, Daniel would add
his own juices to theirs, and then his cream would follow.

Devlin leaned down and took her lips in a deep kiss, using his tongue in a rhythm that no
doubt matched Daniel’s, before drawing back and teasing her lips lightly, nipping and
sucking on her bottom lip before returning once again for a full deep kiss.  He felt Daniel
sit up and begin to tease her with the head of his cock.  She needed him, and from the
way that he was pulsing, it was obvious that Daniel, too, was very ready to love her.  He
watched as she guided Daniel to the opening of her channel, and then bucked up to meet
his first deep thrust, gasping at the first feel of velvet covered steel before settling into a

Still kneeling, Daniel encouraged her to sit up, and then she was straddling Daniel, and
Devlin moved to press close to her back, again nipping, laving, biting, and suckling along
her neck and back.  His hands came around her to fondle her breasts as she and Daniel
kissed.  It had not taken Devlin long to stiffen and want her again.  He pressed against
her, as his erection grew harder, wanting, needing, release once again.  As he pressed his
shaft between the cheeks of her bottom, Malek came forward and took over to help him
control his responses.  He knew how easily Dev could spill when he was in this position,
and that must not happen yet.  He could feel each of Daniel’s strokes, and it inflamed him
even more.  Malek would not be proof against this for long himself, but he would last a
little longer.  Still, even he moaned as he strove for control, forcing himself to continue
without spilling.  

He saw Daniel’s hands grasp her hips and begin to rock ever faster, and he could feel
Samantha once again begin to tighten and coil for her climax.  He could feel his own
climbing with theirs.  He would not be able to stop it, but that was all right, for they were
ready as well.  They would be satiated together this time, all of them.  Their release
triggered his release, and their cries mingled with each other’s.  They collapsed together
onto the sleeping platform, Samantha limp between them.  Both becoming soft, they slid
from her body.  Still facing her, Daniel kissed her softly, “I love you, Sam, and I have
missed you very much.  I am looking forward to spending time, all of us, together.”  

“I have missed you, too, Daniel, very much.  I have missed both of you.  I am so glad you
are all home,” she murmured, already halfway to sleep again.  

Daniel smiled softly, “I know, but for now, sleep.”  He turned her toward Malek, and she
allowed them to arrange her as they wanted, knowing that this was how they liked to
sleep and, as Daniel had said, that was what they would do now.  A deep, comforting,
satisfied sleep.

She snuggled into Malek’s arms and felt Daniel press himself to her back, his breath
warm on her neck.  Both men placed their arms across her and slowly caressed each other’
s sides, each man letting the other know, without words, that they were glad they were all
together.  Their arrangement worked, and they were happy and content with it.  Moreover,
that was how they would stay.  Together.

The End

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