Stolen Property - NC-17
Short Story - PWP

Together - NC-17
Short Story - PWP

Enraged Roosters and Amorous Swine - G
Short Story - Humor

Changes - G
Short Story - POV
Malek/.Devlin/Daniel - Friendship (not slash)

An Alliance of Friends - NC-17

Chapter One - Beating the Odds
Chapter Two - First Non-Combative Contact
Chapter Three - Welcome to the SGC and SG-1
Chapter Four - Putting Their Plans in Place
Chapter Five - A Good Day to Die
Chapter Six - Classified Information
Chapter Seven - Attempted Interrogation
Chapter Eight - Missions
Chapter Nine - The Theft
Chapter Ten - Rescue
Chapter Eleven - Joy and Sorrow
Chapter Twelve -
Chapter Thirteen -
Chapter Fourteen -
Chapter Fifteen -
Chapter Sixteen -
Chapter Seventeen -
Chapter Eighteen -
Chapter Nineteen -
Chapter Twenty -
Chapter Twenty-one -
Chapter Twenty-two -
Chapter Twenty-three -
Chapter Twenty-four -
Chapter Twenty-five -
Chapter Twenty-six -
Chapter Twenty-seven -
Chapter Twenty-eight -
Chapter Twenty-nine -
Chapter Thirty -
Chapter Thirty-one -
Chapter Thirty-two -
Chapter Thirty-three -
Chapter thirty-four -

Chains of Gold - NC-17

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Fifteen & Sixteen - PG-14 version of ending

Companion - NC-17
Short Story

Starting Tonight - NC-17
Short Story

When Angels Fall - R
Short Novel/Novella

Chapter One - Seeing the Truth
Chapter Two - Collapse
Chapter Three - Escape
Chapter Four - Declaration
Chapter Five - First Steps
Chapter Six - Healing
Chapter Seven - The Wind Beneath Her Wings

Breathing Space - NC-17
Short Novel/Novella
Stand Alone Sequel to When Angels Fall

Chapter One - The Fear Remains
Chapter Two - I'm Sorry
Chapter Three - That's What Friends Are For
Chapter Four - Room to Breathe
Chapter Five - Sometimes Life is Good
Chapter Six - Ready to Trust
Chapter Seven - Arrivals
Chapter Eight - Sweet, Sweet Dreams
Chapter Nine - All the Rest of Their Tomorrows

My Heart Shall Pass Unto Yours - R
Short Story
The Blending of Malek & Devlin

Take With You My Love - PG
The Blending of Lantash & Martouf

Lantash & Justin - POV - Part I
Martouf - POV - Part II
Lantash, Justin, & Martouf' - The Blending - Part III
Lantash & Martouf - POV - Part IV

Blood of My Heart, Beloved of My Soul - NC-17
Book I in the Tok'Ra Legacy Series
Novel (Super Novel Length)
Sam/Martouf/Lantash - Daniel/Other - Original Characters

Chapter One - The Furling Temple and The Warrior
Chapter Two - A Voice on the Wind
Chapter Three - Thor's Gift
Chapter Four - A - Blood in the Mirror - Part Four - B - The Journey Begins
Chapter Five - Dreams and Desires
Chapter Six - A - Medieval Tapestry - Part Six - B - Saying Hello
Chapter Seven - Warriors
Chapter Eight - Friends and Memories
Chapter Nine - The Alliance and the Universe
Chapter Ten - First Mission
Chapter Eleven - Hidden
Chapter Twelve - Power in Her Own Right
Chapter Thirteen - Not a Fairy-Tale (Daniel's Awakening)
Chapter Fourteen - Symbiote Sex Education 101
Chapter Fifteen - Hello, I Love You
Chapter Sixteen - Tangled Lives
Chapter Seventeen - Bastet's Threat
Chapter Eighteen - Heartmates and Vows
Chapter Nineteen - Following Tau'ri Customs
Chapter Twenty - Teasing the Dragon
Chapter Twenty-one - The Prophecy of the All
Chapter Twenty-two - Answers to A Puzzle
Chapter Twenty-three - Revelations
Chapter Twenty-four - Paths to Yesterday
Chapter Twenty-five - Facing Fate
Chapter Twenty-six - First Tok'Ra Contingent
Chapter Twenty-seven - Swords and Tears
Chapter Twenty-eight - Lessons in Love
Chapter Twenty-nine - Of Dreams and Memories
Chapter Thirty - Frozen Wine, Black Silk, & Moonbeams
Chapter Thirty-one - Second Tok'Ra Contingent
Chapter Thirty-two - Tears of Blood
Chapter Thirty-three - A Lover's Good-bye
Chapter Thirty-four - Sevesh Lok Twin
Chapter Thirty-five - Getting to Know You
Chapter Thirty-six - Banishing Doubts
Chapter Thirty-seven - Of Knighthood & Wedding Plans
Chapter Thirty-eight - For in Diversity There is Beauty
Chapter Thirty-nine - Out of Chaos...Harmony
Chapter Forty - The Blood of the Dragons
Chapter Forty-one - Looking into a Long Dark Night
Chapter Forty-two - For They Will Be Called
Chapter Forty-three - To Make Great Sacrifices
Chapter Forty-four - The Promise

Malek's Story - NC-17
Book II in the Tok'Ra Legacy Series
Malek/Devlin/Original Character
Sam/Martouf/Lantash - Daniel/Other

Chapter One - Fascination
Chapter Two - Learning to Trust
Chapter Three - Feeding the Fire
Chapter Four - Questions
Chapter Five - Answers
Chapter Six- Battles
Chapter Seven - Aftermath

Daughters of the Queen
Book III in the Tok'Ra Legacy Series

Chapter One - Ancient Ruins, Ancient Dialects
Chapter Two - Hidden Fear
Chapter Three - Unmatched Socks, Missing Hats, & Friendships
Chapter Four - The Dreams
Chapter Five - The Reality
Chapter Six - Beyond the Dream
Chapter Seven - A Night to Remember...Or Not
Chapter Eight - Damage Control
Chapter Nine - Waking up with...You?
Chapter Ten - Death as a Viable Alternative
Chapter Eleven - Secrets of the Past
Chapter Twelve - The Decision of the All
Chapter Thirteen - Of Legends, Poems, & Love Songs
Chapter Fourteen - Sacrifice
Chapter Fifteen - The Sound of the Silence
Chapter Sixteen - Afternoon Delight
Chapter Seventeen - Coreegadon
Chapter Eighteen - First Contact

Where Destiny Leads - NC-17

Chapter One - The Last Tok'Ra
Chapter Two - New Friends, Old Memories
Chapter Three - Divergences
Chapter Four - Duty and Deceptions
Chapter Five - Staring into Yesterday
Chapter Six - Making Plans
Chapter Seven - No Regrets
Chapter Eight - Formal Declaration of Intent
Chapter Nine - You Have a Go
Chapter Ten - Let the Games Begin
Chapter Eleven - Searching for the Proverbial Needle
Chapter Twelve - Leap of Faith
Chapter Thirteen - Hidden Depths, Ancient Secrets
Chapter Fourteen - Until We Meet Again
Chapter Fifteen - Winds of Fate

The Fever Series - NC-17
A Multiples Series of Short Stories - PWP
Twelve inter-related stories that can be read as stand alone stories.
Read in order they follow a longer story
Sam/Martouf/Lantash, Sam/Malek/Devlin, Sam/Daniel

Story One - At Times Like These
Story Two - Before You Say Good-bye
Story Three - Come, Let Me Hold You
Story Four - Don't Let Go
Story Five - Everlasting Night
Story Six - Furious For, Forever Friend
Story Seven - Gather Me in Your Arms
Story Eight - Hot Hard & Fast
Story Nine - Intimate Thoughts, Irreplaceable Bonds
Story Ten - Justice Will Be Ours
Story Eleven - Knowing What to Do
Story Twelve - Part I - Looking for Answers
Story Twelve - Part II - Missing Pieces

The Reality Series (or how it should have been) - PG
Short Stories - All Stand Alone

Story One - Leaving it in the Room
Story Two - Hiding From the Truth
Story Three - Forks in the Road

Author - Pagan Twylight
Table of Contents
Furling Dictionary
Contains Furling Words and Phrases
For Use in the Tok'Ra Legacy Series
Novels, Stories, & Series