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Summary: An alternate ending for Ripple Effect  

Characters: Sam, Martouf/Lantash

Rating: G

They stand together; her eyes, filled with haunted longing, caress him.

Martouf’s eyes are shadowed with wistfulness, wanting.

They stand close.  He could, he can’t.

“I’ve missed you,” she murmurs, voice husky with love, need, long denied.

Her lips part, she sways, hesitant, does he feel the same?

Martouf’s lips part, he sways slowly, watching her, stops.

Interrupted, they turn as one, then leave,

In the hallway, they stop.

Eyes seeking, longing, intense,

Desiring, desperately.  

“Did you leave her?”


She looks at him, throat tight, eyes bright, burning.  Afraid.

“Ask, my Samantha.  Please.”


He smiles. Breath escapes. “Yes.”  

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