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Story Summary: The Tok’Ra have requested that SG-1 attend, of all things, a party, on the Tok’Ra’s
home world.  With a special invitation to Sam couched as a politely worded command, that she
please attend as there were things that the Tok’Ra needed to discuss with SG-1, Colonel Carter, in
particular.  SG-1 doesn’t know it, but they are in for a very big, and in Sam’s case, very, very
pleasant, surprise.  

Rating: NC-17 Warning: graphic sexual content

Characters: Sam, Daniel, Cameron Mitchell, Vala, Teal’c, Garshaw, Martouf/Lantash, Jacob/Selmak

Pairing: Sam/Martouf/Lantash

Written for: Porn Battle on LJ and Dreamwidth 8/5/2011 using the following prompts:
Stargate SG-1, Sam/Martouf/Lantash, Prompts:  love, passion, pleasure, first time, proposal, party,
surprise, captives, strange, satisfaction, black dress, admissions, mates

“Italics” – Symbiote-Host Communication

“Come on, Sam, or we’re gonna be late.”  

“Yeah, Sam, come on.  I, for one, am curious as to what the Tok’Ra have to say to us that is so
important that they are actually giving a party, after we talk to them.  Aren’t you curious at
all?”  Daniel Jackson and Cameron Mitchell stood outside the door to Sam’s on base room,
chivvying her to hurry it up.  

Exasperated, she answered them, also through the door, “I’m almost ready.  I don’t see why I
have to go at all.  What could they possibly want to talk about that they would need me in
particular?  I can’t believe they’re suddenly going to hand over all of their technological
information.”  She opened the door, and began talking where she left off, “And the only other
thing I would like to hear from them is that it was all a big fat mistake, and both Martouf and
Lantash and my dad and Selmak are still alive and well and back with the Tok’Ra.  Frankly,
since we know that both of those things are complete non-starters, I have no reason to go to
their ‘party’.”  She scowled at them, as they stood open-mouthed and took in her…her ‘little’,
(little being the operative word here), black dress, and her, well, just her…in total, the entire
deal, the whole enchilada...  

“What’s wrong with you two?  You both look like someone hit you in the face with a dead
mullet.  Come on, you’ve both seen me dressed up before, now stop it.”  Sam crossed her arms
over her chest, but it did nothing to hide, and everything to draw attention to, the body part
she was attempting to downplay.  “I knew I should have brought another dress,” she muttered
to herself.  

Daniel managed to drag his gaze back up to her face and say, “No, ah, no, Sam, that dress is
good, it’s really, really, ah, good.”  His eyes just wouldn’t stay up.

“Okay, that’s it; I’m not going.  The day that Daniel Jackson can only come up with three words
to express himself, is the day I stay home.”  

As she started to back into her room, four hands came out and grasped her arms.  “Do you
have a wrap, Sam?  If so, I’ll get it, you head for the gate with Cam.  Vala and Teal’c are already
there, and they’re waiting on us,” Daniel managed to sound close to normal, and this time his
eyes stayed up, sort of.  

Sam stared at him with narrowed eyes.  “I’m not going unless you two stop staring at my-me,”
she stated firmly.  

“Okay, no more staring, promise.  You look fine; let’s go before we’re late,” Cam encouraged her
to turn and head for the gate room, but almost stumbled over his feet, when he saw the back of
her dress, while Daniel retrieved her wrap and purse from where she’d placed them on the bed.  

As he followed them toward the gate room, Daniel shook himself back into something
resembling normality.  Damn, he always knew that Sam was a great looking woman, but
tonight, she looked absolutely fantastic.  It was probably just as well that Martouf/Lantash and
her dad weren’t there to see her.  Jacob would probably have to be corralled by Selmak, and
Martouf would follow her around like a puppy with a new toy.  Not that he would blame him
one little bit for doing so.  He was tempted himself.  He bet Cam was, too.  Oh, well, they both
had lovers who might very well become permanent, so they should both put their tongues back
into their mouths…before they stepped on them.  

Sam and the remainder of SG-1 were completely stunned.  Garshaw held Sam’s hand,
something completely strange and off the wall.  

“Let me see if I understand this.  You’re telling me-us that the Tok’Ra who died at Ravenna,
Martouf and Lantash, and my dad and Selmak, were not really who they were?”  Sam shook her
head.  “I mean, they were, but they weren’t the real, er, originals?  When did you find this out?  
How did you find this out?  And where are the real people, then?  And why in the hell weren’t
we told?”  

Garshaw sighed.  She knew this would anger them; however, they truly had been trying to save
them all emotional pain.  “You may blame me for not giving you the information.  I alone made
the decision.”  She held up her hand, as Sam indicated she was going to question her.  “Please,
allow me to finish with my explanation.  I will start with answering your questions.”  

“We discovered that Lantash and Martouf were…clones…after the za’tarc incident during our
examination of them.  We discovered two others after them, but I do not believe you knew
them.”  She waved that information aside as unimportant, and continued, “It was not common
knowledge.  Only a very few of us knew.  Anise knew; she also tested herself and found that
she, also, was a clone.  After that, we tested everyone, although we did not inform anyone as to
why.  Our excuse for doing so is unimportant; suffice it that we did so.”  

She sighed deeply.  “We discovered that almost the entire contingent on Ravenna was…cloned.  
There were no other za’tarcs on that base, so we surmised that the incidents were two separate
events, and that it was quite probable that the System Lord was actually two different
individuals.  At least, that is what we thought at the time.  We also had no way of knowing
whether our people were dead or still alive somewhere.”  

“We know differently now, but until the Ori were defeated, we felt there was little we could do.  
The System Lords were defeated, and we had no clues as to who did this or where to begin
looking.  If you are wondering why we did not immediately begin looking for them when we
discovered they were…clones...” she sighed again.  “Our numbers were decimated.  We had no
one to spare that we could dedicate to searching, and it would be as if we were looking for one
specific urn in the universe, only to find out there was no urn.  However, all of our operatives
knew to be alert to the possibility that they were out there.”  

Sam broke in, no longer able to contain herself, “It wasn’t a System Lord at all; it was Loki.”  

Garshaw looked at her in surprise.  She had always been aware of Samantha Carter and Daniel
Jackson’s intelligence, and she had just been reminded of it once again.  She nodded at Sam’s
comment.  “Yes.  It was.  The Asgard contacted us shortly before they, ah, died.  Fortunately,
they gave us enough information to find them, although it has taken some time.  Thor gave us
the names, gate addresses, and coordinates of every world where they knew that Loki made a
base of operations.  The Asgard were unable to hunt for them, at the time all of this occurred,
as they were fighting for their homes, as well.  Had they not become ill, I feel sure they would
have found and returned them to us.  When he talked to us, Thor indicated that he did feel
that Loki would follow his normal pattern, and the originals would be unharmed and very
probably in stasis, which is exactly what we found when we did find them.  The information
from the Asgard was the first indication we had that they might still be alive somewhere.  Prior
to that, we had no idea.  All we had was hope.”  

She looked down, before once more looking up and into Sam’s eyes.  “I did not wish to tell you
about the cloning.  Not because we did not want to share the information, for we would have
appreciated having the additional eyes and ears to help us look for…any possible survivors.  I
made the decision to keep the information from you, Colonel Carter.”  Again, she held up her
hand, when Sam would have spoken.  “I did think it over very carefully, and I came up with the
same answer repeatedly.  If, as we feared at the time, they were all dead, there was no point in
informing you.  If they were alive or if they were dead and we told you, but we never found
them, or any indication as to what befell them, then you would never have closure.  I felt, and I
still believe, that it was kinder to allow you to believe them dead, and be pleasantly surprised, if
they were not, than to spend years looking for them, only to be disappointed time and again.  
That is my only excuse.”  

The team looked to Sam to see how she was going to react.  Each had their own opinion;
however, Sam was the one most concerned with the outcome.  They were actually surprised at
her response.  

Her first reaction was anger that the Tok’Ra did not tell them; however, she forced herself to
look at the entire situation.  She put herself in Garshaw’s place and realized that, if she looked
back at what was happening at the time, what happened afterwards, and how little the Tok’Ra
knew of exactly what had occurred; she had to admit that she would have made the same
decision.  Her judgment would have led her to the exact same place that Garshaw’s led her.  
She would not have told the Tok’Ra what occurred.  

Garshaw’s hand still lie upon her hand, and Sam covered it with her other hand and squeezed
it lightly.  Nodding, she looked up at her and told her, “My first response was anger; however,
after giving it some thought, I know that I would have made the same decision you did given
those circumstances.  I can understand your reasoning, and since you had little hope of ever
finding either them or what happened to them, it ‘was’ kinder to allow me to think them both
dead.”  She blinked, as tears threatened, and then she cleared her throat to ask, “Was Loki the
real reason my, um, Jacob and Selmak died?  Not old age?”  

Garshaw nodded.  “Yes.  Had the others lived—beyond the summit for Martouf and Lantash’s
clone, and the attack on Ravenna for the others—they all would have succumbed eventually.  It
would probably have happened shortly after Jacob and Selmak.  We suspect that Selmak would
have been the first to show the deterioration because of his age.  They would probably all
have…died…in order according to their age.”  

Sam finally managed a smile, and now she needed to ask the most important question.  “Where
are they and when will I see them?”  

Garshaw smiled back in relief, “Now.  They are waiting for you.  They felt that we should inform
you ahead of time, rather than simply present them to you, because of what a shock it would
be.  Aldwin will take you to their rooms.”  

Sam nodded, leaned forward, and kissed Garshaw’s cheek, saying, “Thank you.”  Standing, she
quietly left the room, and Daniel turned to Garshaw.

“So, I take it that the return of your lost ones is the reason for the party?”  He asked with a

“Yes, however there is something else, as well.  Since, I am sure that Martouf and Lantash or
her father will tell Colonel Carter, I will tell you now.  When Thor contacted us, he gave us
some other very good news.”  She paused and, although they could tell that she was very happy
about whatever had occurred, that happiness was not without a layer of sadness, as well.  
Almost visibly removing the sadder of her thoughts, she continued, saying, “Though they could
not find an answer for themselves, the Asgard did find one for us.  We have a new queen; we
are no longer a dying race.”  

Daniel’s face lit up, as he told her sincerely, “That is wonderful Garshaw.  Who became the

She returned his smile as she told him, “Latara.  She is the youngest amongst us, and she
already had a female host who was willing.  She was given the injections; the last one was a
little over three months ago.  We did not tell anyone, as there was a chance it would not work.  
However, she spawned a week ago for the first time.  It was a small clutch, but a viable one,
with no abnormalities of any kind.  Egeria’s legacy will live on.”  

Daniel told her softly, “Congratulations.  A double celebration, then.  We are honored that you
have included us.”  

Sam stood in the open doorway and simply watched her father, Selmak, Martouf, and Lantash
interact.  They all sensed her at the same time and looked toward the door.  Jacob was across
the floor with his arms around her in less than a second, or so it seemed.  

“Sam, I am so glad to see you.  I couldn’t believe it, when they took us out of stasis.  All these
years and we knew nothing.  I’m so sorry you had to go through that.”  

Tears tracked silently down her face, and she nodded, as she hugged him back, before wiping
them away.  “But, you aren’t really dead, and you are really here, and it wasn’t your fault.  It
was that stupid Loki.  He is the only Asgard I won’t ever miss.”  Sam paused with an arrested
look on her face before saying, rather slowly, “Although, had he not taken you, you all really
would have been dead.  I guess, in reality, we should actually thank him.  He made this
reunion possible.”  She smiled wryly, adding, “Perhaps I will miss him, after all.”  

Jacob stared at her for a long moment, before saying, “I guess you’re right, Sam.  We would
have missed a lot more than a few years without him.  That said; there’s still so much that has
happened since he took us, Sam.  Look at you…a Colonel.  What else has happened to you in
the last several years?  Did you, um, are you…married?”  He asked, knowing that there were
two other beings in the room to whom that answer would be important.  

Sam could not stop herself; she looked at Martouf and Lantash, as she answered, “No.  No,
Dad, I never married.  I came close once, but I never found a man who could live up to the only
real love I ever felt.”  She never took her eyes from them.  

Seeing the looks being exchanged between them, Jacob cleared his throat, saying, “You know, I’
m needed at the party.  As the oldest and wisest amongst us, I’m something of a patriarch, and
they expect us to be there.  Why don’t you, Martouf, and Lantash spend some time with one
another, and I’ll see you later.”  He heard her soft, “Okay”, but after looking at her face, he
laughed softly, and knowing that Martouf and Lantash could hear him, he said, “Maybe we’ll
see you tomorrow…or the next day.  ‘Night Sam.”  He wasn’t sure she even heard him say good-

Even after hearing Jacob’s words, Martouf looked unsure and his voice was tentative as he
asked, “Samantha?  Will you…”  

There was no need for him to ask twice.  They did not take even one stride towards her, before
Sam fairly flew across the room, and threw herself into their arms, laughing and crying, as she
murmured their names.  

Sam leaned back, but only as far as their hold on her would allow.  “Are you and Lantash sure,
Martouf?  Because if you are doubtful about us, at all, I would really rather you tell me now,
than later.  I’m not sure I could live through losing the two of you again.”  

Martouf looked at the ceiling, blinking rapidly, before looking at her and saying softly,
“Samantha, we lost our doubts about our feelings for you a very long time ago.  Lantash and I
have loved you almost from the first.  Once our grief over Rosha and Jolinar passed, and we
released them into our memories, our love for you flourished quickly and grew deeply.  You
have no need to worry over our feelings, or that they might change, for I can assure you that
they will not.  Never will our love for you change or die.”  

Watching his face and eyes, as he spoke, she saw the firm belief and honesty in them.  She
whispered to them, “I’ve missed you both so much more than I can ever tell you.  As I told my
dad, I never found anyone that measured up to the two of you, although I did try.  It didn’t
work out, and I know it was my fault because my heart couldn’t let you go.  To this day, I
dream of the two of you.”  

“I cannot be sorry, Samantha, for if you found someone else during the last years, while we
were gone, we would not be holding you now.”  Martouf held her close, for a long moment,
before clearing his throat and asking, “Would you, ah, will you allow Lantash to hold you, also,
Samantha?”  Lantash wanted to be absolutely sure, before he came forward.  

Sam leaned back in his arms once more, again searching his eyes.  “Why would I not allow
that, Martouf?  I’m only waiting for him to decide if he, too, wants what I feel for him.  I’m sure
that he’ll come forward to hold me, if and when he is ready to do so.”  

Watching as Martouf’s eyes immediately glowed; she smiled at him, but not for long.  Not
waiting any longer, he did what he had urged Martouf to do from the beginning.  He brought
their lips together in their first real kiss.  It seemed to go on forever before he broke away and
rested his forehead on hers.  “We have wanted to do that for so very long, Samantha, and it
was every bit as sweet as we knew that it would be.”  Dragging in a deep breath, he forced his
body away from hers, stepped back, and truly looked at all of her for the first time.  The wrap
Daniel flung around her shoulders was slipping off, and there was an impressive amount of
cleavage showing.  

Looking at her, he was not sure he was ever going to draw breath again.  Reaching out, he
slowly removed the wrap from around her shoulders and allowed his eyes to feast upon the
sight of her.  “You are as beautiful as we remember, my love.  That dress is, um, eye-catching,
would be the best way to describe it.  I hope you will wear it often for us.”  

She smiled seductively as she slowly released one of the gold chains that were holding the
material together.  Then she stopped and reaching over she took her wrap from him and turned
around to find somewhere else to put it, thereby allowing them to see the back, or rather the
lack thereof.  She heard the intake of breath and quickly threw her wrap across what passed
for a chair in the tunnels, before turning back to them.  She walked toward them slowly, as she
undid the second chain.  

“I hope I am reading your intentions correctly, for I am quite ready to reply to them.”  

“Oh, I think you probably know exactly what my ‘intentions’ are.  Come to me, Lantash, you
and Martouf.  Show me your passion.”  

It did not take a second invitation.  Stepping forward, Lantash took over from her and
proceeded to open the last two chains as quickly as possible.  He then moved to those on either
side, which held the top in place, and quickly flicked them open.  Her dress fell to the floor.  He
was sure his heart stopped beating.  “Dear Goddess, Samantha, your body is even more
beautiful than we imagined.”  He drew her forward the remainder of the way until her body
brushed his, then took her lips again, as his hands caressed her breasts and buttocks, now
completely naked.  The dress had allowed no underwear.  

Martouf was moaning in his head,
“We need to remove our clothes, Lantash.  At once.  I do not
believe we should wait longer.”   

“We will, Martouf.  I promise it will be soon.”  

‘Your ideas of ‘soon’ and my ideas of ‘soon’ are never the same, Lantash.  I want our clothing out
of the way, now, not ‘soon’,”
Martouf moaned again, as Lantash gave a soft laugh.  

“So impatient, Martouf, and I thought you were the more restrained, less passionate of the two of
us,” Lantash chided him gently.  

“Not when it comes to Samantha naked and in our arms.  I have no restraint whatsoever, and my
passion is hard enough to drive one of the Tau’ri nails into one of our crystal walls.  ‘Do’
something, Lantash.”  

“Would you like control, beloved?”
 Lantash asked, even though he was fairly sure he already
knew the answer.  

After yet another moan, Martouf gave the answer Lantash expected,
“Gods, no, Lantash, I would
spend, as soon as she touched us.”  

“Then I shall proceed and ‘soon’ we will rid ourselves of our clothing.  I promise.”
 His only answer
this time was a rather long and drawn out groan.     

“Samantha, what is your desire?  Do you wish our mating to be slow and drawn out?  He
returned to the breast that his mouth had been exploring as he talked to Martouf.  With one
arm around her, the other was free to roam, and it found its way from the lovely globes of her
ass to the apex of her thighs.  One foray between them was enough to assure him that she was
readying for him.  Sweeping her into his arms, he carried her to the sleeping platform and
gently placed her there.  

“I want you in any way I can have you, as soon as I can have you, Lantash.”  

He nodded without replying and after joining her on the platform, he knelt between her legs,
spreading them wide and gazing at her beauty before placing a kiss above her mound.  Kissing
her from there to her hip and down her leg, he returned by coming up the inside of her leg until
his breath wafted across her womanhood before passing on to the spot at which he started.  
Her other side and leg were given the same slow exploration of lips, tongue and teeth, before he
once more found himself at her center.  Standing, he swiftly removed his clothing as she
watched in wonder.  He was beautiful.  His body was strong and lean, and it screamed for
exploration and tasting.  

Lying down between her legs, he allowed his tongue to dart out and touch her briefly, then
again, and yet again, until he was lapping at her nub in earnest.  She was climbing quickly, and
that was not what he wanted yet, so he stopped, allowing her to come down from the edge of
the peak.  

She pushed against his hands as she tried to bring her legs together but he held them firmly.  
“Not yet, Samantha.  I wish to worship your body before we mate.”  

His only answer was a moan.  Two actually, for one was within him, and the other was from
Sam.  “I need you now, Lantash.  I don’t want to wait.”  

Lantash smiled at her before finding the exact spot on her soft throat that would both drive her
wild and bruise nicely.  He was claiming her starting tonight.     

Moving to lie by her side, he ravished her mouth, as his hand found her center and he began to
use his fingers to prepare her for their entry into her body.  Soon, she was gasping and
bringing her hips up to meet his fingers as they enticed and drew her toward a climax.   

Sam’s hand found its way to his shaft and enclosed it before beginning to match the rhythm he
was using on her.  It did not take a great deal of time before he was thrusting into her hand.  
His mouth was again on her breasts, and between his suckling on her breasts and the stroking
of her clit, he was causing her to lose her ability to focus on what she was doing to him.  She
felt her body tightening and knew that if he did not stop, she would not be able to refrain from
reaching that place.

“It is all right, Samantha, let go for us.  We wish to watch you reach and claim your climax.  We
will go together the next time, I assure you.  Let go for us, our Samantha.”  And then, they
watched her as she shattered, reveling in her and her beauty at that moment as never before.  
They lie beside her gazing at her face as she returned to the here and now, and they smiled
when she finally looked at them.  “You are indeed beautiful in your passion, Samantha.  Do you
wish to rest?  We will be content to simply hold you if that is your desire,” he assured her.  

Sam smiled at them and then rolled toward them as she said, “Yes, I think I would like that.”  
Then lifting her leg slightly, she caught his shaft between her thighs, allowing the tip to come
into contact with her moisture every time she moved.  

Martouf came forward and frowned slightly, “I do not believe that this position will be conducive
to simply lying and holding you, Samantha, my heart.”  

Sam looked at him pleadingly before saying, “But, Martouf, I like the way you feel snuggled
there.  Can’t you stay this way for just a short time?  You feel so very good to me.”  She smiled
at him, her look hopeful.  

Unable to deny her what she wished for, Martouf sighed and resigned himself to some
discomfort until she rested and they could mate.  “All right, we will rest here, if you will simply
lie quietly in my arms.”  

Pure innocence looked back at him before she snuggled closer to them, wiggling to get
comfortable.  But, of course, it was not quite comfortable enough, and she had to rearrange
herself once more before lying quietly.  Martouf gritted his teeth and fought the urge to thrust
between her thighs.  He was lying much too close to other places and thrusting would only
make the aching worse.  She sighed softly, relaxing against them, before adjusting her hip once
again from where she was lying on a wrinkle.  Martouf bit down harder.  
“You are going to break
our teeth, Martouf.  I suggest you try thinking of something else, until Samantha indicates she
would enjoy mating with us.”   

“What would you suggest I think about, Lantash?  The future now that the System Lords are
defeated?  What we should do about being with Samantha?  Do we wish to get a cat or a dog to
round out our household?”  

“Piffle…sarcasm does not become you, Martouf.  Even after all these years, you still do not get the
sneer quite correct.”
 Lantash frowned before asking in a more normal tone, “What is Samantha
doing to us, Martouf?”  

“I am not sure.  She keeps wriggling around, kissing our throat, caressing our arm or face, and
then starting again with wriggling around.  I do not believe that she is able to nap, Lantash.”
Martouf sighed, and found himself thrusting slightly.  He found that stopping was very

Suddenly Lantash gasped loudly within Martouf’s mind and at the same moment, Martouf
became aware that Samantha’s hand was behind his head and caressing the back of his neck
and upper spine.  Where had she learned this maneuver?  She should not know about this.  It
was not common knowledge outside the Tok’Ra.  

“Jolinar, Martouf.  She has remembered it from Jolinar.  Dear Goddess, if she remembers how to
stroke me, then she will also remember how susceptible I am to certain caresses when I have
withheld our climax, as I just did,”
Lantash groaned loudly, before telling his Lifemate, “You
must stop her, at once, Mer Prinekh.  You know what will happen, if you do not.  I shall soon lose
control of myself, and I will take her very quickly and very hard.  Stop her at once, Martouf!  Oh,
no, she knows that particular stroke, as well.  Martouf…”
 It had occurred to neither of them
that Samantha’s memories would contain such information.  There were ways to stroke a
symbiote that brought intense sexual need, and intense sexual pleasure, once they were
sufficiently aroused, for both symbiote and host.  Neither he nor Martouf would be proof
against the feelings it induced in them.  

As Lantash gasped within him, Martouf waited, following the extent of his arousal; when it
became high enough, he would exchange places with him, for by then Lantash would no longer
wish Samantha to stop and personally, Martouf was looking forward to this.  It was always
extremely erotic and satisfying.  

Sam sat up beside them, and Lantash sighed his relief within Martouf.  Until, that is, she
pushed Martouf forward so that he was lying flat on his stomach.  They felt Samantha lie down
on their back and Lantash moaned.  It was quite obvious that she knew everything there was
to know about pleasuring the symbiote half, and therefore also the host half, of their blending.  
He resigned himself and Martouf to complete and utter bliss.  

Sam sat up and knelt between their legs as they lay on their stomach.  Starting with their
gloriously tight, firm buns, she began to kiss them lightly, all the while, running her hands over
their body anywhere that she could reach.  She placed a love bite high on the inside of their
right thigh as she fondled his balls, and then she moved to place another love bite on their left
butt cheek, before moving slowly up his back, kissing, laving, and nipping as she went, but
avoiding the area where Lantash was cradled by Martouf’s body.  She simply continued her
long, slow, exploration of their body until she reached their throat, where she left one last love
bite before she encouraged Martouf to slide slightly to one side and bend his leg to give her
access to his (still) rock-hard cock.  

Closing her fingers around his shaft, she allowed her other hand to find and begin to pleasure
Lantash with the same rhythm.  Soon, Martouf was panting, and she knew that it would not be
very much longer until he was moaning, in all probability, almost as much as Lantash no doubt
already was.  Leaning over, she began to kiss, nibble, and suck along the area where Lantash
was the closest to the surface of Martouf’s back.  As if on cue, Lantash took control and jerked
away from her delightful sexual torture before they spilled on the bed coverings.  “No more, my
Samantha, I am almost beyond control.”  

Sam laughed easily, before telling him, “That is not what my memories tell me, Lantash.  They
tell me that what I am going to do next, in conjunction with stroking you will send you over the
edge beyond control.  Let’s see if the memories are true, shall we?”  And she swooped down and
took his cock into her mouth without further conversation.  Swallowing him as far as she
could, she then returned to just the tip to tease and pleasure him before making a return
journey.  Then she began to suck on him with obvious intent, while she stroked Lantash
through the flesh on Martouf’s back.  Between the two sensations, it was not long before they
both began to tremble and at last, Lantash could take no more.  

Sitting up swiftly, he slipped off the sleeping platform even as he reached for Sam and pulled
her with him.  Picking her up, he strode to the nearest ‘chair’ and turning her so she faced
away from him, he bent her over the back of it and after ascertaining that she was indeed ready
for him, he plunged into her heated depths.  This time there was no option except to join
Samantha in her headlong rush to release.  Hearing her cries as she urged him to more depth
and faster strokes, he reached beneath her and between her legs, finding her clit, and
caressing it in time to his strokes.  Sam’s hands were flat on the seat of the ‘chair’ and she was
on her toes, but she still managed to thrust backwards to meet each of his forward thrusts.  

“Samantha, I cannot hold back much longer,” he told her between gasps.  

“I don’t care, just fuck me, Lantash.  Fuck me hard and fast and let us go over the edge
together this time.  Now, now…her cries of completion joined his and after what seemed to be
forever, they returned to this plane of existence.  Lantash and Martouf were lying on Sam’s
back, which they realized could not be at all comfortable for her.  Picking her up yet again, they
made their way to the sleeping platform and laid her down gently.  

Seeing the red areas on her thighs and hips, he reviled himself before saying, “I am sorry,
Samantha.  I did not even consider that the chair might cause you discomfort.  I apologize.”  

Sam frowned at them.  “I wasn’t in discomfort as far as I know, Lantash.  I would have told you
if I was.”  She smiled at him lovingly.  ‘I believe that I was too caught up in the pleasure to let
anything else distract me.”  Looking down to where his gaze was, she realized that she would
probably be very black and blue in a day or so, but it had been worth it.  “It isn’t a big deal, my
love.  There will be a couple of fair sized bruises for a few days and that will be it.  Next time we’
ll remember to use a bed cover as padding.”  Thinking of something else, she smiled even
wider.  “Besides, you can heal it quickly.  Don’t worry about it, please.  I enjoyed our
lovemaking very much.  Don’t allow your unnecessary guilt to spoil it for us.”  

He smiled back at her, though not as brightly, saying, “All right, Samantha, and I suppose that
if you did not feel it at the time, I can let it be.  As you say, the healing device will make short
work of the bruises.  Do you want the, ah, other bruises repaired as well?”  

She lifted her hand to her neck and then grinned at him, “Not on your life.  This marks me as
yours.  I want them all to know that we are finally together.  Are you going to heal yours,

“No, my Samantha, I am not.  Like you, I wish to tell the entire universe that you are now
mine.”  He sat down next to her and took her hand in his before looking up from their clasped
hands to her eyes.  “Is there any chance at all that the day might come when you will truly join
with us as our mates, Samantha?”  

Leaning forward she kissed him sweetly.  “Yes, there is every possibility.  In fact, I wouldn’t
consider anything else, and I will become your mate whenever and wherever you wish.”

“Are you…are you ready to tell everyone, or do you wish to think about it for a while to be sure
first?”  Martouf came fore to talk to her.  

She looked at him quizzically, before asking, “Is that question truly for me, or is it that the two
of you wish to give this more thought?”  

Martouf shook his head.  “No, we have no second thoughts, Samantha.  We have wanted you
for our mate for quite some time.  We see nothing that could change that.”  

She nodded, and then leaning against him, admitted, “I’ve waited too long and lived through
too much regret to give this up easily.  I should have become your mate years ago, but I was too
stupid to realize what I had.  I’ve had a very long time to regret my words and the decisions I
made at that time.  I’m more than ready to become your mate.  I love you both more than I can
tell you.”  She raised her head and reaching up she softly caressed his cheek, before adding,
“that being the case, what do you say we join the party and make an announcement?”  

His smile came out, as would the sun from behind a cloud.  “Yes.  Yes, I believe that both
Lantash and I would like that very much.”  Leaning forward, he kissed her deeply.  They had a
future to look forward to…together.  Starting tonight.  


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