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Summary: Martouf can't wait any longer to take her.  He calls on Lantash for help, but it is too late

Pairing: Sam, Martouf/Lantash  

Rating: NC-17

He was on fire burning for her.  She was pleading for him to come to her.  Her lips
whispered against his skin; she needed, wanted him.   

He moaned, moving up her body.  Taking her mouth with his, he plunged his member
into her fiercely, deeply.  Her muscles gripped him tightly, sheathing him.  Her heat,
welcomed him into her body, pulling at the last of his control, consuming him.

"Lantash, help me," echoed within his mind, then thought was lost in his desire for
Samantha, and the heated passion that was her body.  Driving deeply, taking her, he
spilled his seed.


Flames of Desire – Sixth in the series  

Release – Eighth in the series

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The Seduction Series - Seventh  

Taking Her