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Story Summary: This is a series of drabbles describing a seduction from beginning to completion.

Summary:  Sam surprises Lantash and Martouf as she joins them in their bed.

Pairing: Martouf/Lantash and Sam.  

Rating: NC-17

Lantash awoke, startled.  Martouf groaned.  They watched Samantha remove the
remainder of her clothing.  She was lovely.  Her body seductive, enticing.  Long
slender legs, high firm breasts.  

A surprise for them, she said, as she joined them on the bed.

Then her hands were on them touching their body softly, yet quickly.  Everywhere,
fleetingly, teasing, arousing them, yet never in one place long enough to allow them
a climax.

They moaned their need for her, again.  She was building their desire higher, soon it
would consume them.  

A delightful surprise, come to us, Samantha, make us whole, complete.  Now, now.   


Exploration –Second in the Seduction Series

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