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Summary: Martouf climbs the peak.  

Pairing: Martouf/Lantash, Sam  

Rating: NC-17

Martouf gave a final strangled cry of Samantha's name as he pumped his shaft home
for the last time, filling her, bringing completion to them both.

Exhausted, he lay face down, gasping, dragging in great breaths of air, struggling to
calm his breathing and his quivering limbs.

His muscles screamed, tense and knotted, cramping from the strain and intensity of
his sexual release.

He rolled to his side and then to his back and to lie quietly, bathed in sweat, his body

His breathing slowly calmed, the trembling of his limbs ceased, his muscles relaxed.  
He was satiated, replete.


Taking Her – Seventh in the series  

Reality – Ninth in the series

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The Seduction Series - Eighth