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Summary: Reality comes swiftly to Martouf.  Lantash is unrepentant.

Pairing: Martouf/Lantash and Sam

Rating: R

“Italics” - Host-Symbiote communication.

"Lantash," Martouf sounded extremely irritated.

“Yes, dear one?” Lantash’s asked quietly.

“Why did you allow this to happen?  You could have prevented it,” Martouf berated him.

“Well, yes.  Did you not enjoy it?”  Lantash smirked.

“Enjoy it? How am I to answer that?”  Martouf asked, annoyed.

“I enjoyed it,” Lantash pointed out.

“Wet dreams are for adolescents.  Why did you not awaken me?” Martouf huffed,

“You did well for being out of practice.  When we mate with Samantha, it will last longer, I
promise you,”
 Lantash vowed solemnly.

Longing for that, Martouf sighed.

“Only a few more days, beloved.”     


Release – Eighth in the series  

Denouement – Tenth in the series

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