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Summary: Sam takes her exploration from Martouf's body to Lantash's and makes an interesting discovery.

Pairing: Martouf/Lantash and Sam.

Rating:  NC-17

She sucks gently on his throat, urges him over, kissing him where Lantash lies just under
his skin.

He quivers in response.  Fascinating.  She rubs firmly.  Outlining his body, she follows it
down, stroking, pressing, teasing, caressing.  He trembles.

He pulses beneath her fingers, he gasps, rocking his hips against the bed.  She continues
her erotic massaging through Martouf's flesh.

She kisses, then gently sucks Martouf's neck, teasing, tantalizing.  Lantash shivers,
quivering, pulsing, trembling.

Rolling away from her journey of discovery, he gasps,
"Samantha, you must stop, I cannot control my desires."

"Then come, my Love; show me your passion."   


Exploration – second in the series

Invitation – fourth in the series

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The Seduction Series - Third

Journey of Discovery