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Summary: Sam uses her body to entice Martouf to further loving.  

Pairing: Martouf/Lantash and Sam.

Rating:  NC-17

Samantha lies full length beside him.  Inviting, urging him to touch her.  

Fingers spread wide she caresses herself.  From neck to breast, to abdomen, to thighs.  Her
very core opens to his perusal, offering the ecstasy of her body to calm his fiery need.

She draws his hands and mouth to her, showing him where, how, to touch her, kiss her.  
Arching her back, she presses her breast firmly against his mouth, moaning in need, as he

She guides his mouth lower.  Spreading her legs, she silently entices him to find her center.

Enthralled, aching, Martouf accepts her invitation.


Journey of Discovery – Third in the series

He Accepts – Fifth in the series

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The Seduction Series - Fourth