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Summary: Martouf accepts Sam's invitation to explore her body.  

Pairing: Sam, Martouf/Lantash  

Rating: NC-17

Martouf thrusts against her hip, rocking, panting, needing her wetness, her heat.  

He moans a No.  He must learn Samantha's taste, her feel, the satin of her skin, the
sharpness of her nails raking his back in need.  Her sighs, her moans, her cries for

His hands caress her face, her throat, her breasts.  They slide down her body; stroking,
pleasuring her.  

His lips follow, his breath hot, moist.  His tongue seeks; licking, laving.  

She tastes good.  He aches to kiss her, savor her, everywhere.  His mouth suckles, her
nipples stand up stiffly, screaming their wanting.

He accepts, with pleasure.  


Invitation – Fourth in the series

Flames of Desire – Sixth in the series

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The Seduction Series - Fifth

He Accepts