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Summary: The fires of desire flame higher  

Pairing: Martouf/Lantash and Sam  

Rating: NC-17

Her soft skin rubs against his shaft.  Universe, Martouf moaned, needing her hands, her
mouth, to come back to him.

His hands tremble as they lightly touch her thighs moving towards her center.  So hot, so
wet, he feels her clenching his fingers, wanting more, wanting him.  

Moving between her legs, he laves her nub pushing her toward the edge.  Worshiping her,
using his fingers, tongue, lips, he probes, caresses, strokes.

Breathing her scent, then blowing softly, he watches as she thrashes wildly, flames of
desire burning her.  His Samantha.  Soon, he hopes, they will both burn out of


He Accepts – Fifth in the series

Taking Her – Seventh in the series

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The Seduction Series - Sixth

Flames of Desire