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Summary: Sam explores and learns Martouf's body.

Pairing: Sam, Martouf/Lantash  

Rating: NC-17

Not long enough.  Never long enough for him to find release.

Samantha’s hands caress him.  Using butterfly touches, they stroke, knead, love his
body.  Her mouth follows her hands, breathing fire onto his skin, finding all the sensitive
spots, the ones that drive him wild with desire.  

Arching his back, Martouf searches for succor, relief from this storm of raging longing she
is causing.

Her mouth and hands are learning him, memorizing his lips, his throat, his nipples, his
shaft. She slips him into her mouth and discovers his taste, his texture.  

He is lost in her sensual, erotic exploration.   


Surprise – First in the series

Journey of Discovery – Third in the series

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The Seduction - Second