Chapter Seven Summary: Martouf, Lantash and Daniel were hurt during the Great Battle and it is up to their
friends and comrades to call them back.  Dev makes a discover about Malek and Lantash's past.  Later, when
they awaken, Lantash becomes more and more despondent and that worries Malek more and more.  Jacob comes
to Malek's quarters to tell him that they have been requested by Artereos to go on a several month mission with
the Tau' details.

"Italics" - Symbiote-Host or Telepathic Communication

Malek stood looking down at the man lying in the bed.  He relieved Jacob who relieved
Brialek in their constant vigil.  They were staying with him in shifts.  Even Garshaw had
come in and talked to him before she left to return to the Tok’Ra base.  All of them were
talking to both Lantash and Martouf, not knowing if they could hear them or not.  It did
not matter; it made them feel as if they were perhaps doing something that might help.  
Malek could still hear Janet Fraiser’s voice as she gave them her report hours ago.

“Martouf is in serious condition, borderline critical.  We are keeping him on fluids and
antibiotics.  He took a massive jolt of energy.  He has severe burns on his back; there are
internal injuries, and quite a bit of very severe bruising.  I do not know how he managed
to stay conscious as long as he did.  I have to assume that was Lantash’s doing as my
opinion is that without that help Martouf would have fallen wherever he was when he was

“The healers think that Lantash is exhausted by keeping Martouf aware and functioning
long enough to,” suddenly her voice halted for a moment.  She cleared her throat, and
taking a deep breath, she continued, “he is exhausted by keeping Martouf conscious,
aware, and functioning long enough to say good-bye to Sam.  They are also telling us that
he was very severely injured himself by the blast.  They said that he is simply too weak
and injured to heal Martouf at the moment.  They do believe, however, that when they
have managed to heal him, he will then begin to help with Martouf.”  

“In the meantime, we will treat Martouf as we would any other human and hope he
responds to the treatment.  They also believe that if the Katteri had not given them blood
and supported their life-force they would have died before they ever got back to us.  He is
not out of the woods yet by any means, but we should know something within the next
twenty-four to forty-eight hours.  They are reminding him that he promised,” Again her
voice sank to a whisper, and it was necessary for her to clear her throat, before she could
continue, telling them, “that he promised Sam he would live for her.”  

Malek felt as if the heavens were falling on him.  Lantash was a very close friend, a
comrade, and he was worried.  He remembered how badly Lantash reacted when Kataya’s
duty called her home, while they were mates.  This time, he had lost both the woman he
loved more than life, Samantha Carter, his Soulmate, and the mate of his heart, Kataya,
the mother of his children.  

Dear Universe, how were they to heal his heart as well as his body?  Through the
millennia they had lived, Lantash had never received this harsh a blow.  How were they to
keep him from descending into that dark place that his mind would surely try to go?  How
could they hold him here with them?  Only his promises to Samantha and Kataya might
succeed.  They could do nothing but continue to try to call them both back with it.  

“He was your mate,” Dev gasped, as he briefly saw, flashes, images that had long been
buried in Malek’s mind.  
“Millennia ago, you and Lantash were mates, before you took a
male host again.  I am so sorry, Malek.  I did not know.  I knew you were closer to him than
to many others; however, I never knew that there was a reason other than your friendship
through the years.”

Malek said quietly.  “My host was named Alayissia.  Lantash’s host was her
betrothed, Edouwar.  They joined and became mates, and we were together in that way for
a great many years.  It was a loving relationship, and the love has remained and been a
strong foundation for our friendship.  We were never as deeply in love as our hosts were,
although we did, of course, share their feelings.  However, I was always in a male prior to
Alayissia.  It is not an unusual occurrence for us, Devlin, as you know.  Often we must
take a host of a sex different than what we had before.  And though the, ah, sexual urges
usually leave us once we blend with someone of the same sex, the love and friendship

“I understand.  And I am glad you explained.  As I said, I have realized for a long time that
you and Lantash were closer friends than you let on that you were, but I did not know
about this.  I am glad I do now; it allows many things to make more sense now.  We will do
everything we can to help him, Malek, I promise you.  We will sit with him and remind him of
his promise to Samantha.  We will not let him go easily,”
Devlin assured him solemnly.  It
was very apparent that he was truly upset over Malek’s obvious anguish; he would do
everything he possibly could to alleviate as much of it as he could.

“Thank you.  Lantash is hurt very badly, as is Martouf.  Without Lantash to help him
 Malek’s voice was bleak and it trailed off, as if he did not dare to finish his
thoughts aloud lest they become reality.  One did not tempt fate at such times as this.

“The Tau’ri are doing all they can, too, Malek.  In addition, the Katteri helped as much as
they could, as well.  We are using the healing device.  He is neither alone nor uncared for
with so many people helping him.  No doubt, the help, which Lanwin gave to them, was very
important, and it will continue to help them even though they are not here to help now.  
Gwennetha healed a very bad injury in you, if you will remember.  I am sure that their help
will make a difference in how well they heal,”
Devlin reminded him.

“But our Gwennetha is gone also, Dev, and I do not believe that she will return any time
soon.  I believe she knew this would happen.  Although, she could not explain it to us, this
is why she told us everything that she did.  She knew she would be gone,”
Malek pointed
out softly.
 “I believe you were aware of it, as well, for you mentioned the night we joined
that there was something that she knew, but which she could not tell us.  I believe that this
is part of the events she could not take the chance of telling us.”   

Sighing, Devlin agreed.  
“I know.  I have realized that, and I believe it to be true, also.  
However, Malek, we must talk to Lantash and Martouf now, and use the healing device on
them to help them to survive.  It will help Lantash; because not only are we helping him to
heal, but also because we are using it on Martouf, and it will leave that much less that he
must expend energy on to heal them.  The burn on Martouf’s back is healing, albeit
somewhat slowly.  Come, we must help them as much as we can,”
Devlin urged his mate to
do what they could, not only to help Martouf and Lantash, but to keep Malek busy and
doing something, which would keep his mind busy as well.  

“Yes, you are correct, Devlin; I will begin to do so.  As you say, every bit of healing we can
do is that much less for Lantash to feel that he must take care of instead of taking care of
his own injuries,”
Malek agreed.  Picking up the healing device, he activated it and, after
using if for a while on Lantash, he then used it on the burn and the internal wounds and
bruising that Martouf received during the battle.  

When Jacob gave them his report on their status, he told them that between Brialek,
Arwanna, Calise, and himself, Lantash’s life-threatening injuries were healing well
enough that they could begin to spend more time to heal Martouf.  They all felt that they
should do everything they could now to take care of Martouf, so that Lantash would not
attempt to heal him, before he completed his own healing.  Not, Jacob assured them, that
they were not healing Martouf as well as Lantash, for they were, but now they could spend
more time on him, instead of splitting it and using more on Lantash than Martouf.  All of
the healers were more proficient than Malek with the healing device, and they felt that
both Lantash and Martouf had come a long way already.  Otherwise, they would not have
let Malek take over.  That, at least, made him feel a little better.  

Listening to Malek’s thoughts, Devlin did what he could to help him, by urging him, softly,
“We will go at this steadily, Malek.  We will see to it that they pull through this.  Now, you
must talk to him of Samantha, his promise, and Kataya.  Talk of his children.  Talk of
anything that may pull him back from the abyss,”
Devlin encouraged, giving him the
support he needed.

Taking a deep breath, he began to call to his friend, “Lantash, you must hear me.  You
must fight for your survival.  You must live.  You promised Samantha, you promised
Kataya, and you will do this for them.”

“You are not yet finished with the tasks you have to complete.  You cannot give up now.  
The Goa’uld must be defeated, and you must be one of the fighters that bring about their
defeat.  You must not let Samantha’s sacrifice be in vain.”

“Martouf, you too, must fight to return to us, to this life.  Come back to us and continue
the fight against the Goa’uld as your mates wished you to do.  You must keep your vows,
your promises.  You will not disappoint your mates.  You will not make Samantha
unhappy by not fulfilling the last request she made of you.  You will do as she asked you
to do and continue to fight the Goa’uld.  The only way you can do that is to return to us.”

The days seemed to be running together Jacob thought, as he walked up to stand beside
Malek.  Looking closely at him, he said, “I will take over now, Malek; you have been at this
for hours.  I am sorry you had to take my place with so little warning.  Janet gave me
something that made me sleep and it actually put Selmak to sleep, too.  It is the first time
I have ever known something like that to put him out, but Janet said it probably only
worked because he was so extremely exhausted.  I guess we both needed the sleep.  Just
as you and Devlin do.  I suggest that if you cannot sleep on your own, you go to see her
because it really did help.  A lot.”  

Shaking his head as he picked up the healing device and again ran it over Martouf’s body,
using it to give strength to Lantash, he said, “You could have slept longer, Jacob, I am
fine.  Go back to sleep, and Dev and I will stay with him a little longer.”  

As Malek looked up, Jacob was surprised at the anguish he was allowing to show, as he
whispered, “I am almost afraid to leave him, Jacob, he was not this way even when Kataya
had to leave.  I know that you do not understand, but Lantash and I have a long history
together.  He was with me through some very difficult times for me, and I—I was with him
when Kataya left.”

“It is very true, Jacob, but they do not speak of it.  To lose Lantash would be like losing a
part of himself.  They are much closer in reality than one could tell from their public
behavior.  I would guess that he is getting less sleep than we were,”
Selmak told him, his
voice quiet and very serious.  

“What do you suggest, Sel?  I can’t force him to sleep or to get help to sleep, either one,”
Jacob pointed out.

Selmak sighed deeply as he contemplated both Jacob’s words and Malek’s obvious
exhaustion.  Thinking it over, he finally stated, firmly,
“No, that is true and you cannot;
however, perhaps you can reason with him.  Remind him that becoming incapacitated from
exhaustion will not help Lantash or Martouf.  Malek is usually a very logical and sensible
being.  Hopefully, he will continue to be long enough for us to reason with him.”

“Okay, Sel, I will give it a try,”
Jacob agreed, knowing that something needed to help him
or he truly would collapse from exhaustion.  

“Malek, you do realize that if you become exhausted and collapse then you won’t be able
to come in here and call them back to us.  That will be one less voice that they might
listen to, one less reason for them to return.  Once before, Lantash let you help him.  You
may be one of the few or maybe even the only one that can hold him here.  We don’t
know, but do not take that help away from him this time by not listening to reason.  They
need all of us.  I think they need us badly.  You know that they must be in a great deal of
emotional anguish.  We have to be here for them both.  Please,” Jacob finished quietly,
but firmly.

Sighing, Malek nodded and allowed the healing device to stop.  “Where would I find her?”  
He asked, just as quietly.

“Try her office.  She was in there when I came in,” Jacob said softly.  Then a thought
springing to mind he said, “Malek, the Tau’ri will not look on the use of something to help
you sleep as a weakness.  They will consider that you are being realistic, and will look on
you with favor at what they perceive as your good sense and willingness to accept help
through what is a difficult time for all of us.  Don’t underestimate their understanding.”

“Jacob.  Thank you.”

“Any time, Malek.  We are all in this together.”

“He is very correct, Malek, you do need to rest.  Do not think that I do not realize that, while
I am asleep, you are pacing the floor or the corridor or you have been to the commissary to
drink coffee,”
Devlin said, letting him know he was aware of the nightly trips and floor

“Luckily, we like coffee.  I believe we are one of the few of the Tok’Ra that do so,” Malek
responded, attempting to change the subject.

“Do not try to change the subject.  Stop and see Dr. Fraiser and get something to help us to
sleep.  Even though I am getting more than you, I am not sleeping enough either, I know.”

“I am going to, Devlin.  I know that what Jacob said makes sense.  We cannot let ourselves
become so run down that we are unable to help them.”

“Good, then let us get some sleep, dear one,”
Devlin said gently.

“Jacob, why have you returned?”  Malek asked him.  “You only left a few hours ago.  
Artereos said that we must simply wait now.  He seemed quite confident that they would
soon awaken.”

Jacob brought a second chair up to the side of the bed and sat down facing Malek.  “I
know, and it is the one bright spot in this whole nightmare.  However, that was three days
ago, Malek.  They have been unconscious now for three weeks and three days.  That is a
long time when there is nothing wrong with them.  There is no head injury, nothing, in
fact, that would keep them from waking up.  Besides, since Artereos came, Merdwin
performed the Blood Rite of Brother-ship, and we removed the life support, I don’t know, I
guess I just thought they would wake up.  Artereos seemed to think they would anyway.  
So, why haven’t they?  I am just getting worried again, I guess,” Jacob sighed, as he
explained why he returned when it was not his time to sit with them.

Malek nodded, saying, “I know.  I understand, Jacob.  Dev and I, both, keep expecting
them to open their eyes and ask why we are sitting here talking to them instead of being
out on a mission.”

“Well, why are you, Malek?  And how long did you say we have been gone?”  Martouf,
asked his voice raspy from disuse.

Malek’s hand grasped the comforter they brought from Martouf and Samantha’s bed and
clenched it in his fist, as Jacob bounded to his feet, staring down into open and
questioning blue-gray eyes.  Malek stood and looked down into the eyes that he had
feared would never again open.

“Do you think I could have some water?  I am somewhat thirsty,” the same dry raspy voice

Finding his voice at last, Malek said, “You have been gone for three weeks and three
days.  How do you feel?”

“I feel fine, thank you.  Thirsty.”  He frowned slightly, “Hungry.”  Looking back at the two
men, he said softly, “I wish to thank you for calling us back to you.  Your voices,
reminding us of our promises to Samantha and Kataya, called us back to you many times.”

Jacob helped him to get a drink, and asked, “Would you like the head of the bed raised?

Martouf sat up then, as Daniel had also done, and said, “That would be pleasant, thank

Seeing Dr. Fraiser come rushing into the room, he smiled shyly at her, when she said it
was wonderful that they had returned home.  Daniel requested something to eat and
Martouf admitted to being both hungry and thirsty.  Janet agreed to get them something
light, and if they managed that, they would see about getting them more, if they were still

Martouf and Daniel were home.  Well, they were sort of home.  They spent a week at
Colonel O’Neill’s, and now they were in their own homes, most of the time.  From what
Malek and Jacob could find out though, they spent most of their time together.  If they
were not at Daniel’s, they were at Samantha’s, now Martouf and Lantash’s, home.  

Malek, Jacob, and Brialek, had taken to spending time with O’Neill, Teal’c, Daniel, and
Martouf.  It was an odd assortment of personalities, but somehow they had formed a loose
bond.  O’Neill did not seem to have as much difficulty with the Tok’Ra in a more one on
one atmosphere.  They had some enjoyable evenings.  Martouf and Daniel were doing
their best to hide the pain they were feeling, but the others were well aware of it.  Looking
into their eyes, you could see the desolation and loss.  

Jacob felt it was good that they had each other to go to for comfort.  The tie that the Blood
Rite had formed for them was very strong.  It would help them through the pain and loss.  
They hoped anyway.

From the moment they awakened, it was very obvious that the tie that formed between
them and bound them together would be everlasting.  At least, once they woke up, they
could move farther apart than six feet.  When Jack mentioned that it was a relief to know
that they wouldn’t be joined at the hip on missions, they stared at him as if he must have
lost his mind.  “What?”  Jack had asked them, unnerved by their stares.

“What, Jack?  What are you talking about, that’s what,” Daniel said, while looking at him

Jack looked at the others in the room.  When no help was forthcoming, and Daniel began
to frown at him, he shrugged.  Seeing the looks continue, he finally said, “We found out
right away, well, right away after you were moved into the same room together, that if we
moved the beds farther than six feet apart, you both had some sort of…Well, it was kind of
like you...Ya see, you would get like…”  Jack struggled to explain what they had seen, and
finally, he threw up his hands and simply blurted out, “If we moved your beds too far
apart, you both had panic attacks.  As soon as we would move you back together, it would
go away.  The Doc’s said they had never seen anything like it, but that it pointed to you
being aware of one another, even if you didn’t seem to be aware of any of us.”  

Daniel and Martouf looked at one another, and Daniel said softly, “That is because we
were.  Wherever it was that we went, we were there together.”  Even though the people in
the room had a suspicion that was true, it was still a little bit of a shock to have it

“Well, anyway,” Jack finally said, as the silence stretched out, “Now that you are up and
around and staying in your own homes, we know that part of whatever it was didn’t last.  
Which is probably a good thing,” he finished, obviously thinking of all the problems
something like that could cause.  

Martouf and Daniel stared at one another as they realized all the implications of what that
would mean to them in real life situations, and they both agreed with him, quite
fervently.  Much as they cared for one another, they had no inclination whatsoever to be
that closely joined.

Turning the subject, Daniel asked whose turn it was to rent movies.  Finding out it was
Teal’c, he groaned, and then smiled at him saying, “Let me guess, Teal’c, Star Wars and
Star Trek, am I right?”  He actually laughed softly for a moment, something they only
rarely heard from them now, and it was apparent to all concerned that Daniel held Teal’c
in a lot of affection, and that he considered his fascination with those movies something to

“Certainly, Daniel Jackson, I am quite sure our Tok’Ra friends have never seen these
movies, for I know they have not been shown in the recreational area.  I believe they will
find Tau’ri science-fiction amusing, astonishing, and wrong,” Teal’c pointed out his
reasoning, and then sent both a short nod of his head and a slight smile towards Daniel,
who smiled and nodded in return.  

Then shaking his head, Daniel leaned back and prepared to forget himself in the realm of
make believe, at least for a little while.  Now that the Tok’Ra had become used to Tau’ri
‘fiction’, Teal’c was probably correct, and it was time to introduce them to ‘science-fiction.  
They took the movie in stride, enjoying it for what it was.  It was entertainment pure and
simple, and they had a great time tearing apart the characters, the plots, and the way
they solved their dilemmas.  It was a great hit though, and every one of them thanked Teal’
c for finding a movie that would appeal to all of them on some level. That was the
beginning of the
science-fiction fests.  Some of the weirder stuff, like Alien, followed Star
Wars, but those were interspersed with movies such as E.T., which they all agreed was a
truly wonderful movie.  Selmak said he knew someone once that looked just like E.T., and
he wondered if they were somehow related.  The other Tok’Ra threw popcorn at him for
lying.  Daniel pointed out that in some ways E.T. was similar to the Asgard, well, both had
large heads anyway, so perhaps they
would meet his people someday.  It was Daniel’s
turn to be bombarded with popcorn.  

Deciding that it was time to introduce the Tok’Ra to Tau’ri
Fantasy Worlds, Daniel chose
the Lord of the Rings series.  They all enjoyed them as much as Star Wars and Star Trek.  
Since it was Teal’c’s third favorite set of movies, he was extremely pleased as well, and
Selmak insisted that he met Hobbits once on a world somewhere.  These claims were
becoming a habit of his.  So was the popcorn shower he received in response to his

Jack almost made the mistake of getting the Indiana Jones movies, but he remembered in
time that they were favorites of Sam’s and no doubt Daniel, if not Martouf and Lantash
knew that.  He was very glad, he told Malek, Brialek, and Teal’c, that he did not make
that blunder.  They were thankful as well.  Someday, they decided, they would be able to
watch them, but not now.     

Thinking back to that night and those that followed, Malek was sorry that this was their
last evening together as a group.  Malek, Jacob, Jocasta, and Brialek would be leaving
tomorrow and heading back to the Tok’Ra base.  Malek was not comfortable with leaving
Martouf, but most of all, he was becoming more and more concerned for Lantash, for he
said little, leaving Martouf in control almost constantly.  It was as if he wanted nothing to
do with anyone or anything.  Malek tried many times to talk to him, but the conversations
never progressed very far.  Something always managed to come up that Martouf had to
see to for him.  Then, he conveniently did not take control again.  Moreover, Malek almost
never saw Martouf listening.  Lantash was withdrawing, and there was nothing he could
do to help him.  He was afraid that forcing him to talk about Samantha’s loss would make
the situation worse.  He decided that he would give him more time to see if he returned to
them, at least for now.  Still, he wished he did not have to leave just yet.  He could
remain, of course; however, he also knew that the Tok’Ra needed him.  He would go for

“We will return as often as we can, Malek, I promise you.  If we are not sent on a mission,
we will come every time we have a day to ourselves, and Lantash and Martouf are not off
world.  Perhaps with them beginning off world missions it will help to pull Lantash out of his
Dev attempted to assure him.  

“I know.  Still, Devlin, I am worried.  I feel I should say something, but I am afraid I will only
make matters worse.  Lantash has always retreated into himself when he is in emotional
pain.  Eventually, though, he usually says or does something that forces someone to
confront him.  I am hoping he will do so this time, also, and that when he does someone will
recognize it for the call for help that it is.  We must put our trust in Daniel, for he will
probably be the one that is there when it happens.  However, I have never seen Lantash
withdraw quite this much,”
Malek told him.

“We will just have to keep checking on him, Malek.  Daniel is very good with people and I
believe we can trust him to help Lantash.  Moreover, it has not really been very long.  We
must give them time,”
Devlin said.

“I know.  Nevertheless, while we are giving him time, he may become even more lost to us.  
We will just have to wait and see, which is the hardest thing there is to do,”
Malek replied.  

“I cannot believe the difference in them Devlin.  To think that only a week ago Lantash
would not speak to us at all, and today Martouf had a very hard time coming fore to speak
to us at all.  He seemed content to let Lantash carry the conversation, though,”
remarked, as he thought about the day.  
“Now that we have been relieved of that worry,
perhaps we will not worry so much about why Gwennetha has been so silent.  It is just too
easy for one worry to lead to another,”
he added morosely.

“Malek!  She warned us that her time would not be her own, and that she might only be
able to send a short message.  She did that, and she assured us that, although she might
be gone for quite some time, still she would return to us as soon as she could,”
reminded him.

“Yes, and I try to remember what Teal’c overheard about Morgasha’s soul being bound for
all time, as well as how difficult it was likely to be.  Artereos, also, mentioned how very
busy they were.  I heard him tell General Hammond that some complications arose, and
that it was going much slower than they anticipated, but that as soon as they could, they
would be sending both some Warriors and ambassadors.  Still, I wonder why she has said
nothing more to us?”
 Malek sighed, still somewhat despondent.

“Dr. Fraiser has heard only once from Merdwin, and it was a similar message to the one we
received.  They will return when they can, and they hope it will be soon.  You must trust her
as you promised her we would, Malek,”
Dev reminded his sharply.  “Unwavering faith.  
After all of your talk to Lantash and Martouf about their promises to their mates, surely
you will not fail in your promise to ours,”
he pointed out.

“No, I will not.  Thank you for reminding me, Dev.  I know she will return when she can.  I
just wish it was sooner, rather than later.  I miss her.”

Devlin sighed.  “So do I, Malek.  So do I.”  

Hearing a knock on the open doorway, Devlin smiled and said, “Come in, Jacob.”  He
knew it was no one else because only Jacob knocked before entering.  Turning, he saw
that he was correct and it was Jacob; however, he did not look happy.  In fact, he looked
annoyed, disgruntled, and somewhat uneasy.  

“What is wrong, Jacob?  You appear unsettled.  Has something happened to Lantash and
Martouf?  Or, or to Gwennetha?”  He asked, bracing himself to hear the worst.

“No, there is nothing that I am aware of, and we have heard nothing about Gwennetha.  
Martouf and Lantash are on a mission, as far as I know, and I am a little unsettled.  We
just got a communication from Artereos.  We are to pack and go to the Tau’ri world for a
mission that could take several months.  No details.  It was simply a request for you,
Brialek, Jocasta, and myself.  We are to go, as soon as we can get ready.  Garshaw granted
his request, of course.  What I want to know is why the Tau’ri did not contact us, if they
want us to go on a joint mission?  More than that, why were there absolutely no details?  I
understand it is a covert
‘need to know’ mission, but still, I would have thought he would
have told us something.”

Malek took control, and said, “Are we sure it was Artereos?  Is this a trick of some sort?”

“What would be the use of a trick that took us to the Tau’ri home-world?  And yeah, as far
as I know, it was Artereos.  Garshaw asked him if there was an imminent threat to the
base, and he said not that he was aware of, that this had nothing to do with the Tok’Ra
base.  He said it had come to his attention that SG-1 needed us, and he thought we would
like to know.  Although, since we know that SG-1 is on a mission, if they need us for
something, then one would think we would go to wherever they are.  And he said to plan
on the possibility of being gone for several months.”

“Jacob, do you think something has happened to Lantash and Martouf?  Do you think he
has become unresponsive again?  Although,” he added thoughtfully, “that makes no sense

Jacob shook his head.  “I don’t think so.  Garshaw called it a mission, not a personal trip.  
I think she would have let us know if it was to do with Lantash and Martouf, and so would

“Perhaps, since we are going to the SGC, they have been captured, and we need to be
briefed and plan the mission before we leave.  That would explain why he would not give
us details, preferring not to make the situation known to anyone here, I suppose, in case
is still someone we must be careful of allowing to know what is happening.”  Malek
pointed out the only thing that made sense of both them going to the SGC and the need to
know basis.”  

Jacob frowned, as he gave Malek’s scenario some thought, before answering him, saying,
“That makes some sense, but why do we need to plan to be gone for “months”.  That doesn’
t fit in with the idea you outlined.  Everything would fit except that.”  

Malek shrugged, remarking, “I suppose that could be a ruse to throw others off the truth.  
We may get there and find out that we will not be gone long at all.  Regardless what the
case may end up being, in all probability, we should begin to get ready.  Have you
informed Brialek and Jocasta yet, Jacob?”     

“Yes, you are the last to know.  How long do you think it will take you to pack to go?  Take
both uniforms and something we could use if we need to play the parts of System Lords.  
Although, the SGC will probably supply that kind of stuff,” Jacob replied, even as he was
considering what they might need on a mission they knew nothing about.  

“It will not take us very long, Jacob.  Perhaps twenty minutes or so,” Malek answered.

Jacob nodded, saying, “Fine.  We will meet at the ring transporter in, say, twenty-five
minutes then.”

“We will be there, Jacob,” Malek assured him.  

After Jacob left, he started packing, and sighed.  It did not really matter to them what they
were going to be doing.  Gwennetha was still gone, and whatever they were to do would
simply be busy work to keep his mind from dwelling on the past six months and her
absence.  He packed mechanically, having done this so many times before that he could
accomplish the task without even thinking about it.  Then, his pack loaded and ready, he
headed out the door.  He had a job to do.   

The End

Malek’s Story ends here.  The next story in the series is
Daughters of the Queen.  

The story of Malek and Gwennetha continues in Daughters of the Queen, but as far as
the heart of their romance, this was their story.  Even though apart at the end, it is not a
permanent situation, and they both know that, even if Malek does have his moments of

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