Chapter Three Summary:

Sevesh’en Twine Animaetcoeura –
Rite of the Soulmates – the Entwining and Joining of Both Heart and Soul
Amat Wyn – My Love
Aima Coeurawyn – Blood of My Heart
Coeurawyn – My Heart
Igisadonis Animawyn- Beloved of My Soul
Carusawyn – My Dear One, or My Dearest One
Caruswyn – Dear One, Dearest One
"Italics" - Symbiote-Host or Telepathic Communication

Gwennetha sighed, and surreptitiously rubbed the small of her back.  It had been a long
day.  First thing this morning, Daniel and Samantha had gone through the entwining of
their auras.  It was not a long or strenuous rite, but being responsible for the novice
priestesses and watching that they did exactly the right thing, at the right time, was
sometimes nerve racking.  Today was one of those days, for the priestesses were very new,
and this had been their first entwining ceremony.  It had gone off without any problems,
and Gwennetha had breathed a sigh of relief.  

A birthing had meant that one of the attending priestesses at the joining of Samantha and
Kataya had to bow out at the last moment, and they asked Gwennetha to assume her
duties.  She had to tell Malek that she would be busy for the remainder of the day, for she
would also have to attend to Taesha before the knighting ceremony.  They did not have
their walk in the garden after all.  At least not yet.  Her mind drifted back to their

She had gone out to him after the
Sevesh’en Twine Coeuramator, as he waited for her in
one of the sanctuary pews.  Everyone else had left, so the three of them had at least been

She had gone straight to the point, “Malek, I am sorry, but I will not be able to go with you
for a walk today.  One of the priestesses that was to attend during the joining of Samantha
and my mother has been called away, and I have been assigned in her place.  I will be
attending in both that rite and the knighting of Taesha and Lanwin.  I am truly sorry,” she
had said again, softly, her voice showing her regret.

She had watched as Malek’s eyes had become shadowed, and she had known that they
were still not confident enough to take this without self-doubt entering their minds.  
Shaking her head, she had stepped close to them and reached up to clasp her hands
behind his head.  Bringing it down to her, she had kissed him gently, as her fingers softly
caressed his neck.  Teasing his lips until they opened for her, she deepened the kiss until
he reached out and pulled her to him moaning her name against her lips.  She had
allowed his lips to leave hers and move slowly across her cheek and down her neck.  Just
remembering the caress, she shivered, feeling the need rise in her again.  

She smiled, remembering how he had suddenly remembered where they were and pulled
back from her, his breath coming in quick gasps, as if he had been running.  “I hope that
convinces you that if there was any way I could be with you instead of assisting in the rites
and rituals, I would.  I am truly sorry, Malek.  I, too, was looking forward to being with you
in between the ceremonies today, but it simply cannot be.  I promise you, though, that we
will spend time alone this evening after dining.  All right?”  She had asked.

Nodding almost numbly, he had sighed and then smiled ruefully, before saying, “I think I
will continue too have these doubts if only so that you will chase them away, if you will
promise to always use that method.”  

Looking at her earnestly, he had continued quietly, “I realize you have responsibilities,
and I will try to remember that they sometimes will come before our time together.  All I
really need to do is look at Samantha and Kataya to see how ingrained in you that your
duty is, much as it is in us.  I do understand; the Tok’Ra, also, are often ruled by duty to
the cause and to one another.  I will try to remember that the next time I start feeling
these doubts build.”

He had bent and kissed her gently, before straightening and asking, “When must you go?”

“Soon,” she had replied, “we have given Samantha some time to come to terms with what
she just experienced, but it will not be long now.  In fact, I should probably go now, for I
have several things to do before she and my mother come into the ritual chamber.”  

“Once the joining is over, I will be cloistered with Taesha until time for the knighting, so I
will not see you in between.  I am sorry, but it is necessary that we attend her for several
hours before the knighting, for her spirit must be at peace.  I hope you understand.”

“I understand you must do what you must, but I know nothing of the actual rite itself, so
as far as understanding why you must do it I do not.  That is not as important as
understanding that you must do it,” he said softly, true understanding in his eyes now.

Smiling at him, she had reached up and given him one last long kiss before turning and
disappearing into the back of the sanctuary.  

They had enjoyed a leisurely meal and afterwards Samantha and Martouf had begun to
make plans for their Tau’ri wedding and Tok’Ra joining.  Gwennetha wondered why her
mother and Daniel were not marrying following the custom of the Tau’ri and decided that
she needed to talk to her mother.  Perhaps, she needed to look into the mirror.  Of course,
it could just be that they did not feel the need to join in such a way.  However, she had
seen the sadness in her mother’s eyes, just as she often saw it in Samantha’s eyes, and
she needed to know why it was there.  

She had her suspicions, and they were not pleasant to contemplate.  If they proved true,
then her budding relationship with Malek would be on hold indefinitely, for they would
need her, possibly for a long time, depending on how bad the injuries were.  
Unfortunately, she would not be able to warn him for fear of changing the outcome for the
worse.  Well, she would simply have to see to it that if things seemed to be working out for
them, that he would have some hope to hold onto during the darkness.  If her suspicions
proved true, it would be a dark time indeed, and Lantash and Martouf would need him.

Bringing her attention back to the present, she realized that the plans were finished to the
point that Grandfather was suggesting the gardens for moonlit walks.  What a romantic
soul he had.  She would be so pleased when her Grandmother returned to him for only
then would he be truly complete.  Just as her mother had never been truly complete
without her Dayillon, even when she had been with Lantash.  Always there had been an
empty place in her heart and soul, though most would not realize it was so.  

Gwennetha watched as her mother and her beloved Daniel left the room and headed
toward the side garden.  She would take him to the edge of the forest and they would ride
a unicorn to the gazebo in the glen.  She was fairly sure she had taken Lantash there to
say goodbye.  Her mother would be wishing to add a happy memory to help balance that
sad one.  It was a good place to Dance in the Fire.  If things worked out for her and Malek,
she would take him there someday.  

She looked at him as he stood talking to Lantash and Martouf.  He was not classically
handsome perhaps, but his face had a certain strength and appeal.  He was handsome to
her, though, and that was all that mattered.  It amazed her how Malek and Devlin could
look so different even though they shared the same body.  

She was beginning to understand what her mother had always tried to explain to her of
how Dominic and Lantash had often looked so different.  She had not really known them
before.  She had been young and eager for battle experience and so most of the times her
mother, Dominic, and Lantash had been around, she had been gone.  She realized that
Martouf and Lantash also looked different when they were each in control.  The difference
in the smile, the way they each held the body, the turn of the head, the movements of the
hands, just little things that spoke to which one of them had control at the time.

Lantash, Samantha, and Malek seemed to be discussing something of importance.  
Probably the wedding and what it entailed, for Malek would know no more about it than
she herself did.  Samantha was doing most of the talking so that must be what they were
discussing.  Malek was to be the
best man a position of honor it seemed, in the Tau’ri
ceremony.  Her mother and Daniel had both stepped aside, and suggested that
Samantha, Martouf, and Lantash have their best friends stand in the first position since
they had stood witness during the

Ah, now Martouf and Samantha were heading out to the front garden.  She smiled to
herself.  She would be sure to avoid them if she took Malek there.  

She smiled at him as he approached her.  She and Dev had talked for a long time during
dinner.  He and Malek were very different in many ways.  Devlin seemed to have a happy
personality.  He was cheerful and accepting of most things, with a good sense of humor.  
He had kept her delightfully amused during their meal and she had certainly enjoyed
listening to and flirting with him.  His personality would be a bulwark against too many
depressing thoughts.  He seemed to know when to be amusing and when to take
something seriously.  A good trait to have.  

She had discovered that honesty was very important to him.  One of his quirks he had
told her.  Moreover, he had been very open, admitting that he liked women very much.  
However, he had told her that his honesty reached into his relationships.  If he gave his
love to a woman then he did not stray from that and Malek, he had said, was almost
obsessive about being true to a mate.  Dev considered him to be much like Lantash.  Once
he loved, it was forever.  

Luckily, they both agreed that once they pledged themselves it was a lifetime contract.  
There would be no straying, on either side, he said as he looked at her intently.  She had
gazed at him, and then proceeded to explain the concept of Heartmates and Soulmates to
him.  He would have to understand, she had told him, that when a mate was waiting for
her Soulmate to return to her, it was acceptable to a take a Heartmate.  Furthermore, it
was a custom that went both ways.  

However, she had pointed out, they were not yet even lovers, so perhaps talk of
Heartmates, and Soulmates was premature.  He assured her that, no, it was not.  He
wanted to understand their society before he became involved and perhaps took a chance
on being hurt if he did not understand.  It took her quite some time to explain the
intricacies of the system; however, once he fully grasped it, he understood it.  

It made the situation between Lantash, Martouf, Samantha, Kataya, and Daniel more
understandable as well.  Now he knew why they their ties to one another were so
intricate.  Well, no, not exactly she explained.  Some of their tie was because of the
Slayers and the prophecy.
 Most Heartmates did not bind so tightly as Lantash and
Kataya.  Theirs was an unusually tight and intricately woven bond.  As her grandmother
and Llancellon’s bond was years before, as theirs also was a necessity because of the
prophecy.  He finally understood some of what was happening around them, as he
realized what an amazing and complicated culture theirs was.  

Malek was the more solemn of the two, more serious.  They complimented one another
very well.  Dev forced Malek to see the humor in life and Malek forced Dev to accept that
not all things had a humorous side.  

Malek had talked to her father and her grandfather this morning and, except for his
moments of doubt after the
Sevesh’en, finally seemed to realize that she was telling the
truth.  He had yet to talk to her mother, but she would be able to reassure him about her
response.  She was sure that her mother’s attitude would be that it was her life to do with
as she pleased.  If Kataya saw a definite pitfall, she would warn her and then it would be
up to her to take the advice or not.  

Malek smiled as he walked back toward Gwennetha.  She was proving to be an amazing
and fascinating woman and she was beginning to enthrall him.  He wondered if she, too,
would wish to walk in the garden.  As Artereos had said, the two moons were up tonight.  
Last night only one had made an appearance and then been blotted out by the rain
clouds, which he had discovered, came only when rain was needed and usually at night.  

“Do you wish to walk in the garden also, Gwennetha?”  Devlin asked her, as Malek
allowed him to come forward and take control.  

“Yes, I believe I would.  Would you like to go to the side garden where you walked with
Grandfather this morning?  Perhaps we will happen across the toad he introduced you to,”
she teased.

“You will never let us live that down will you?”  He sighed.  Then he smiled as he
answered her inquiry into which garden he preferred.  “That one will be fine.  It is a lovely
little garden, but then all of the gardens here are beautiful.  I do not think I have ever
been in a place that is more beautiful or peaceful than it is here.  Was there not a little
arbor down that one path?”  

“Yes, there are several as well as a little gazebo in one end down near the Old Garden
wall.  As for the peace and beauty here, I have to agree.  I, too, have traveled to many
worlds and never have I found a more beautiful place than here.  Unless it is Cadwaellon,
for it, too, is a truly lovely place.  It does not have quite the same sense of peace and well
being that is here in Avilion, though.  However, the two worlds are twins in many ways so
one does get many of the same feelings there.”  

“Let us walk down to the gazebo.  My mother and Daniel will come back that way, but they
will not return for quite some time.  I believe she is taking him to Dance in the Fire.”  

“Dance in the Fire?  What is that?”  Dev wanted to know.

“It is an energy that we can summon, and in which we can envelope ourselves and our
chosen partner.  Once called, it is as if it caresses, and dances across your bodies.  In its
most intense form, it can be quite ah, exciting; I guess would be a good word to describe
it.  They will Dance in the most intense form and if you are very still and pay attention to
the feel of the air, you may even be able to feel it, even though they will be far away.  My
mother’s abilities for pulling energy are, um, rather strong.”  

“Can you do that too?”  He asked.

“Yes, of course, but our relationship is not yet to the point of doing so in that intensity.  
Fire Dance has several stages or degrees of intensity that can be brought forth.  In its
least energizing form, it is appropriate for friends and couples who are learning of one
another.  The next level is for new lovers.  Those who have decided they will become
physically intimate soon, but who have not yet done so.  The level after that is for lovers
who have become intimate, but who are not yet joined or entwined by the ceremony nor
have they yet decided to do so.  The fourth level is for lovers who have pledged themselves
to one another verbally, but have not yet gone through the ceremony of joining.  The last
and most intense level is the one used by lovers who know each other well, and who have
explored their passions with one another within the bonds of one of the
Sevesh’ens, either
Coeuramator or the Animaetcoeura,” she explained quietly.  

“Would you and Malek like to experience the first of those stages?  As I said, it is often
used between friends or a couple that is just learning of each other.  As we are,” she
explained gently.  

“I see.  Well, I am willing to try it,” Devlin agreed.  

“I must also have Malek’s opinion and agreement before we do this,” she said, as they
strolled slowly down the path.  They had almost reached the gazebo.  

Nodding his understanding, Devlin allowed Malek to come forward.  It was time anyway,
as he talked to Gwennetha during most of the evening, and Malek had been very patient,
being content to listen and give encouragement or make pertinent comments from time to
time.  Devlin had been thankful for his help in understanding some of the intricacies of
the Furling culture.  

“I am willing to experience this also.  I believe Lantash once told me about what you are
describing.  He said it was an intense sensory experience akin too, but not exactly sexual
in nature, although it could be if the couple so chose,” Malek said, without
embarrassment or hesitation.  “He told me that it was one of the most exciting things he
ever experienced.”  

“Yes, it can be.  In fact in can be summoned during the act of mating which is, I am told,
an almost other worldly experience, however, we are not at that point and it can be
discussed later.  The one I have agreed to do is not that intense, but it is enjoyable just
the same.”  

They had reached the gazebo, and she took him to the center of it.  Placing his hands at
her waist, she placed hers on his chest.  This was the stance always used with friends,
sometimes with lovers, although that was usually a full embrace and she was not ready to
do that.  Truth to tell, she was afraid that if she used a true lovers embrace she would not
be able to control the amount of energy she pulled into and brought into play around

She was fast losing herself to the feelings that Malek and Dev were causing her to
experience.  Never had she had her emotions become so involved so completely and so
quickly.  The few lovers she had taken before now had come to the point and been
accepted, only after a long period of getting to know them.  Not one of them had
engendered in her this feeling of almost overwhelming need.  She had never known the
fluttering in her stomach, and the increase in her heartbeat, that she was experiencing
with these two beings.  She almost felt impelled to throw caution to the winds and take
him as her lover at once, and that feeling was making her even more cautious.  These
feelings were new and unusual.  This need to become his lover was spiraling out of
control.  She stepped back another step to put some extra distance between them, while
still being able to touch him and he her.  

“Are you ready, Malek, and is Devlin ready?”  She asked, her voice husky with her
repressed desires.  She could feel the energy her mother was calling to her and Daniel, it
was heavy in the air, and she knew she would need to be on guard not to tap into that
intense emotion laden energy.

“Yes, we are.  What do we do?”  Malek questioned, sounding nervous and unsure of
himself.  It was obvious that he, too, was feeling the pull between them, and although he
did not realize what it was, he, too, was probably sensing the energy and emotion from the
couple in the forest.  Malek’s obvious uneasiness calmed her.  She could feel her mother’s
energy begin to wane.  By the time she explained to Malek what he needed to know and
do, the bleed through of her mother’s energy would, she hoped, be much diminished.

With those thoughts in mind, she answered sedately, “Just stand with your hands on my
waist and you might want to close your eyes at first.  It may make you dizzy and if it does,
then just open your eyes.  You should open them anyway, once you begin to feel the
effects, as you will wish to watch as well as feel.”  

Nodding, he closed his eyes and clasped her waist firmly.  Gwennetha raised her face to
the moon and the stars and began to summon the gentle fire of friends and possible
lovers.  Soon it swept them into its warmth and Malek opened his eyes when he felt as if
he was moving.  He was surprised to see that they were not moving, but the multicolored
streams of light fluctuating around them were.  They swirled in spirals around them,
softly brushing against them, and then retreating.  The ebb and flow was what was
causing the sensation of moving he thought, but he could not be sure.  He watched it for a
while and then looked down into Gwennetha’s face.  She was watching his reaction with a
slight smile on her lips and a sparkle in her eyes.  He smiled back at her and then gave
himself up to the spirals of light and sensation again; he was enjoying the playful
enchantment that it brought to them.  He closed his eyes to savor the feeling of the
movement without the light and could not decide which way was more enjoyable.  Either
way seemed to have a charm of its own.  

He held his breath as he realized that it was very close to becoming more than it had
started out to be.  He could almost feel the energy begin to change and take on a sexual
edge.  He lost himself to the wonder of it and was disappointed when it began to fade
before it took on that edge.  He opened his eyes and watched as it faded away and realized
that he was holding his breath and that Devlin was telling him they had to breathe soon.  

He pulled a great amount of air into their lungs and looked at the woman who had
somehow moved closer and was now in his arms.  Dear universe, what was happening to
them?  This morning he had admitted he was falling in love.  Tonight he knew the truth;
he, they, were not falling in love, they were already there.  He looked at her in surprise
and shock.  Then as desire took over, he pulled her closer to him, and lowered his lips to
hers, only to jerk his head up as he heard the sound of hooves pounding on the ground.  
“Horses?” he asked, as it seemed to fly by on the other side of the garden wall.  

“A Unicorn,” Gwennetha answered.  “My mother and Daniel have returned.”  

“They were riding a Unicorn?”  He asked, in disbelief.  

“Yes, both Daniel and my mother can ride them.  Someday, I hope to be able to do so, but
it is not easy.  I believe that Lantash and Samantha also have the ability to ride them.  As
a Dragon Slayer she should be able to.”

“I do not think I understand, but we can talk about that some other time.  For now, I
really would like to finish what I started,” he said to her.

“Are you not afraid of having nightmares, Malek?”  She teased him about the very bad
dreams he had experienced the night before.

“No.  Not anymore, Gwennetha.  I wish to kiss you.  I need to kiss you,” he murmured as
his lips lowered to hers once more and this time nothing interfered.  As his body caught
fire, he moaned.  “How long before we know each other well enough, Gwennetha?” he
groaned, as his lips sought her throat.  “How long?  We leave for the Tau’ri tomorrow and
you realize there will be less privacy there than we have in our tunnels.”  

“I know and I am sorry, Malek, but I hear my mother and Daniel coming this way,” she
whispered, as she slipped out of his arms and turned to face her mother and her mother’s

“There you are Gwennetha, Malek.  It is a beautiful night is it not?  So many stars and the
energy in the air is lovely and so near,” Kataya said as she walked up the steps and into
the gazebo.

“Yes, mother mine, it is very heavy in the air tonight and appears to extend great
distances,” Gwennetha retaliated.  

Kataya laughed, and hugged her before saying, “I suppose we should be more careful
since we know it has a habit of bleeding through between us.  I am sorry, my dear;
however, I have something for you.  This is the key to our quarters.  Daniel’s and mine.  
We will not need it for quite some time to come, so I want you to feel free to stay in it.  I
have already cleared it with Colonel O’Neill and he does not object to you using it.  Here is
the key and he will show you where our quarters are.”  

“Daniel and I are going to bed, ‘Netha, for I find I still tire easily.  Merdwin assures me it is
still just the after effects of everything and that it should pass quickly, but in the
meantime he wishes me to rest more,” Kataya told her daughter, sounding disgruntled
and a little cross.  

Gwennetha smiled at her, saying, “I believe, from what little you have told me, and what I
was able to pry from father, that you waited too long and that you were under a great deal
of emotional stress, which contributed to the severity of the problem.  You should have
confessed to father how badly it was affecting you and had him do healing on you more
than he did.  However, you are here and feeling better, so I will forgive all of you and
simply say thank you for the key and please get some rest,” Kataya’s daughter smiled at
her, the love and closeness they shared obvious to the two men listening to the exchange.  

Nodding, Kataya turned to leave then turned back to say, “You will take care, and keep an
eye on your brother and sister?  I believe they will be fine, but Taesha especially, may
need someone to talk to about, um, things.  Lanwin also could need some help, but I am
in hopes that I have taken care of his concerns.”

“I understand and I will be sure they both know that I am there and available to talk to
them at any time.  I promise, my mother,” Gwennetha said with a smile.

Leaning forward and kissing her cheek softly, Kataya then said, “You will be leaving early
and although I hope to be up to see you off, I will not promise.  If I am not, you already
have the key and I will see you at the wedding and joining ceremonies.  Goodnight,
Caruswyn, goodnight, Malek,” Kataya said cheerfully, before delicately hiding a yawn,
turning and heading down the path that would take them to a hallway that led to their

Gwennetha watched them as Daniel reached out and placing his arm around her
shoulders, pulled her close to him and placed a soft kiss on the top of her head.  Then as
if he could not wait a moment longer, he stopped and pulled her into his arms to drink
deeply from her lips.  The love they shared was in the air and the couple standing in the
shelter of the gazebo could feel it quite plainly.  Gwennetha had heard all her life of the
great love between them, and she was glad that at last her mother had it once again.

Turning back to Malek, she said, “They joined as Soulmates in their first living.  They
have joined many times through the millennia and still they love each other more than
anything in this or any other world.  Just being around them gives one a sense of the
wonder of what that type of love can be and mean.  I believe that this time they will do a
full and complete joining.  It will make Daniel happy, for if the stories are to be believed, it
bothered him greatly that she would never consent to a joining of their souls,” she said

“I do not understand,” Malek said.  “I thought they joined each other over and over again
as a formality, and that the tie lives from one living to the next.  What are you saying?”

“Yes, that is true and the ties remain.  I was speaking of the entwining as opposed to the
joining.  Their hearts have been joined from the first, but my mother has always refused
more than an entwining of their souls.  As I would.  Daniel has never understood, but I
do.  Moreover, I honor her for it, but now I think he is correct.  She died the last time
anyway, so they may as well be joined completely.”  

Seeing the confusion on Malek’s face she said, “When a couple join their souls rather than
just entwining them, then if one dies, so does the other.  My mother and Daniel are
eternal mates and they have a very deep bond, still my mother has refused to take that
step, as she was more likely to die than Daniel was, and she did not wish him to lose his
life because she did.  I believe she may have changed her mind after this last time.  
Daniel has been gone from her over five hundred years and at their last dying, she chose
death once he died.  They might as well be joined by their souls.”

“Yours is a very complex society, Gwennetha.  Please be patient with me as I learn about
you and all of your customs and beliefs.  I truly wish to learn all I can about you, your
family, and your life.  I want very much to know and understand you and your society, for
I think they are going to become very important to me in a very short space of time.  My
feelings for you are growing rapidly.  I will admit to a little trepidation, but I think that as I
learn more of you and your people that will lessen.”  

“I will be very patient and one thing I think you will learn now.  I believe,” Gwennetha,
said to Malek, “that my mother just answered your statement about privacy on the Tau’ri
world.  She also just put your mind to rest about her reaction to you if you will but think
about it,” she said, as she held up the key.  

Malek was quiet for a moment gathering his thoughts, and then he said, “You are telling
me she gave that to you in front of me, so that I would know she has no intention of
interfering with you and whatever you decide to do.”  

Smiling at him, she said, “Yes.  That is exactly what she did, although she actually did
more.  She is telling you that she has no objection to you and she is signaling her
approval of my choice.  She is aware that we want one another, Malek.  My mother is very
passionate.  We are a passionate race as are the Tok’Ra.  For you
are a passionate race,

“Yes, we are.  Very passionate.  In love and in war, I am afraid.  It is our passionate belief
in a symbiotic relationship that fuels our fight with the Goa’uld System Lords and our
wish to destroy them for their treatment of the humans they control.”  Sighing, he said, “I
am afraid it has become an obsession with us to defeat them and set things right.  I hope
you understand.”

“Do not forget that I share your goals, Malek.  We too, wish to see that happen.  I stepped
into the fire and dedicated my life to stopping them, as did my mother, as I believe I told
you.  I will never try to stop or turn you from your purpose, for it is mine and I will share it
with you.  Please know that is true.”

Smiling at him to lighten the mood somewhat, she said softly, “I hope that soon I will find
out just how passionate you are for myself.  Come to me,
Caruswyn, and teach me of your
passion,” she breathed, as his lips found their way once more to hers.  Dear universe, but
this man’s kiss could make a woman forget everything.  She was drowning in the feel of
him and it was wonderful.  Very soon, she realized, she would take this man as he would
take her.  

Perhaps he would become more than a lover.  That was yet to be seen, but if the feelings
continued to grow, she would have to do some serious soul-searching to see if he was truly
her mate.  For she was feeling, as she never had before and if she found what she
suspected, she would soon be telling her mother and father that she was ready to take a
mate.  Grandfather would be overjoyed…and so would she, for she had waited a very long
time for this to happen.

Malek moved from her lips to her throat and as he felt the silken softness of her skin, he
almost trembled with the intensity of the emotions he was feeling.  What was happening
was the most entrancing thing he had ever experienced.  This woman was his mate.  He
could feel it in the very center of his being.  Dev was sharing the emotions and they both
knew that their lives had just changed forever.  Soon they would have to tell her how they
felt, that they thought she was meant to be their mate.  What if she refused them?  
Sudden fear pierced them, but Malek pushed the thought aside.  She had to feel the
same.  They could not be the only ones feeling this.  

Yes, soon they would have to confess.  And, as to be expected, in the way of all males of
any species, the thought scared them half to death, but they knew instinctively that the
reward was worth the fear.  Now the only question was how soon they could confess their
love to her.  Soon, it had to be soon.  He moaned against her throat and lifted his hand to
cup her breast.  He felt her shiver as he rubbed her through the cloth of her dress.  

Gwennetha moaned softly, and moved seductively against him once more.  His lips came
back to claim hers and she gave them up to be captured by his once more.  Locked in
their embrace, the kiss they shared deepened and continued for what seemed like eternity
as the soft night breezes moved softly around them.

The twin moons made their trek across the night sky, the stars shone and the breeze blew
the scent of roses across the garden.  Under a nearby vine, a toad looked out placidly
upon his world.  Soon, his mate too, would join him under the deep purple of the night


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