Chapter One: Malek and his host, Devlin, become fascinated by Kataya and Merdwin's
daughter, Gwennetha.  They observe her during the evening meal and then finally talk to
her afterwards.  She takes them to their room and gives them a goodnight gift to dream

"Italics" - Symbiote-Host or Telepathic Communications
Characters this chapter: Malek/Gwennetha
Rating this chapter - PG-14
“Italics” – Symbiote-Host or Telepathic communications

Malek sat at the table in the large dining room and looked across the table at the woman
sitting there.  She had not been here a hundred and thirty years ago when Artereos
evacuated them to Avilion, the Sanctuary, to escape Bastet.  Even when they had thought
her mother would die, she had not come.  No one had thought it unusual, for she was a
warrior, also like her mother, and she had been involved in desperate fighting during the
time of Bastet as it had come to be known.

His host had been different then.  He had died only a few decades ago, after they had
been together for a very long time.  Now he had a young and vibrant host and both of
them were finding this woman fascinating.  Watching her, he was beginning to know what
it was about her mother that had fascinated Lantash and kept him so very much in love,
for so long.  

She looked a great deal like her mother, too.  The same amazing amethyst eyes set at an
exotic slant with the same thick black lashes surrounding them, the same golden skin,
the same golden hair streaked with differing shades of that color and the same charming
smile.  The same high cheekbones and supple, sinuous body.  

“A body that could lead a man to paradise,” his host’s voice, whispered to him.  

“You are speaking of a Katteri-enti Warrior,” Malek warned him.  “That body can be quite
deadly, especially to us.”

“Lantash managed to live with one for eighty years from what you have told me and
mourned her leaving him intensely, for over ten.  In some ways, he never got over her.  I
have heard you think so several times since we have been with the Tau’ri, and we have
only been there for a couple of days,”
Devlin reminded him.

“I would not have been thinking about it at all, if we had not been at the Tau’ri, so the fact
that she has been in my thoughts recently is nothing.  If she was not also at the Tau’ri, I
still would not be thinking of her,”
Malek responded.

“I believe I heard that this daughter is going to the Tau’ri.  That she is to be part of our

“Yes.  Both daughters and the son are going.  Perhaps, an unfortunate happening, since
you seem to be becoming enthralled by her,”
Malek, observed tersely.

“Ah, but I am not the only one whose thoughts are straying across this table, Malek, and
nor am I the only one with thoughts that are of a very, ah, intimate nature.  Our mate has
been gone for some time.  It would not be unheard of for us to be having these thoughts,
when seated across from a woman who is not only beautiful, but also seems to be a
genuinely nice person as well.  Tell me, is it possible that she is a genuinely nice person?  
You know these people, I do not.”

Malek sighed, knowing Dev would not let up on this until he got his answers.  “Yes, it is
possible she is very nice.  Her mother is a good person.  Without her and her people, Bastet
would have destroyed us over a hundred years ago.  It looks as if we will again owe them
our lives, if we come through the upcoming battle alive.  Our people will most certainly do

“Then perhaps it is as well that we will be able to become better acquainted with the
Warrior across from us.”

“I will not be averse to knowing the Furling sitting there, or the warrior within the Furling for
that matter, but to know her in the way you are leaning toward could be a mistake.  Do you
realize whose offspring she is?”
 Malek asked, his unease obvious.

“If I have understood what has been going on, she is the daughter of Kataya the Warrior, a
woman who, unless you have been telling untruths to me, you like well.”

“That is true, she is, and I do.  However, the large gentleman at the head of the table?  The
one with the distinct air of power about him?  That is Artereos.”

“Yes, I know.  You seemed to know him.  I assume he is a special person.”

“You could say that,”
Malek, responded grimly.  “He is Artereos of Cadwaellon and he is
the leader of these people.  He has immense power and knowledge, personal power as well
as power as a leader.  He was born of the Mysts of the All, and to my knowledge, he has
only died once.  Howbeit, whether or not he actually died is debatable.  No one knows how
old he is.”

“What does he have to do with the delicious slip of womanhood across the table from us?”
His host asked, almost testily.

“He is her grandfather,” was Malek’s stark reply.  Seeming to change the subject, he
asked his host,
“Do you see the gentleman at the other end of the table?”

“The one with the looks to attract any woman he wanted and the charm to win her?  He
seems fairly languid and almost bored part of the time, as if nothing bothers him over
much.  He gives the impression of being a dilettante.  Earlier, I thought he had an air of
power surrounding him, but looking at him now, I would guess I must have been mistaken.  
He is just a priest, is that not correct?  He presided over the Sevesh Lok Twin, a rite I must
admit, I devoutly hope to never have to take part in again.”

“No, he is not just a priest,”
Malek almost snapped his answer, as Devlin continued to
contemplate the woman across from them, obviously giving Malek only half his attention.  
“He is the greatest Enchanter of the All, a wizard and warlock of immense power; in other
words, a Master Mage.  He is second only to Artereos in Katteri-enti spirit, and surpassing
him in his abilities as an Enchanter.  He, also, is a First-born.  The beautiful woman you
want to become intimate with is his daughter.”

Malek paused to allow the information sink in a little, before giving a summary,  “That
makes her the offspring of Kataya the Warrior, who we now know  is a Dragon Slayer, and
Merdwin of Werllockian, the greatest Enchanter of the All, not even counting that she is the
granddaughter of Artereos of Cadwaellon.  I think we are both insane to consider it for even
one minute,”
Malek stated firmly to his host.

Devlin was quiet at last.  Perhaps, he had finally convinced him that an entanglement
with Gwennetha of Cadwaellon would be a very risky thing to do.  He looked up from his
plate and found himself drowning in amethyst colored eyes.
 “What a way to go,” he heard
his host murmur.  Malek groaned.

The servants had removed the plates and passed out the port and the mead.  Even in this
small thing, the Furling showed their respect for both host and symbiote, as the servants
placed both Port and Mead before each of the Tok’Ra.  They found over the years of the
Furling-Tok’Ra alliance, that while the hosts usually preferred the port, the symbiote
inevitably preferred the mead.  As a result of their finding, both were always available, so
that they each had what they preferred.

Although the Tok’Ra and the Furling had an alliance, it was a loose one.  The Furling had
come too their aid in a very material way when Bastet had tried to wipe them out, and
from what Malek knew, they had mated with one another for the last two thousand years
or so, at least, and possibly longer than that.  Two of the warriors sitting here at the table
were, in fact, offspring of a Tok’Ra and Furling pairing, the bonding of Lantash and the
Warrior Kataya.  

The Furling often passed on vital information to them about the system lords and their
plans, and they came to their aid on numerous occasions in many small ways.  They had
never fought together on the scale they would be this time, so the upcoming mission
would be a first in many ways.  The last time Bastet had tried to wipe the Tok’Ra out;
there had been Tok’Ra, Wiccadian, and Furling warriors together when they went in to get
Lantash from her.  A mission that had seen them only partway successful, for Lantash’s
host had died, and Kataya, his mate, had been the one that killed Dominic to save
Lantash.  That fact was a shock to all of them.  Dominic’s injuries were so severe that he
could not survive, but still, she would have chosen Lantash, they all knew that.  

It made him look again at the woman sitting across from him.  What would a love that
intense be like?  He knew that it had both saved, and then almost destroyed, Lantash, for
when Kataya had been called to her home-world to fight the Goa’uld, she had gone and
taken their kits with her.  It had been time for them to start their true training as Katteri-
enti, so they had all gone, and Malek had thought that Lantash would die.  Such a dark
place he had gone to in his mind.  The nights he had sat up with him, and the missions
on which it was all he could do to keep Lantash from allowing himself and his host to get
killed, were more numerous than he could remember.  So a love like that was a double-
edged sword, it gave immense joy and terrible sorrow.  

Malek had no doubt that if her people called Gwennetha to lead them in battle she would
go, just as her mother had.  Furthermore, he had to admit that one hundred years later,
the sector Kataya had been sent to take from the depredations of the Goa’uld was almost
won.  Moreover, in so doing she had become a legend among the warriors of the many
worlds the Furling protected.  Her daughter would someday be like her in strength and
power, for she was a direct descendant of a First-born, as was her mother.

Looking at the gold of her skin and the warmth of her smile, Malek was not sure it was
worth fighting against the pull he felt toward her.  Perhaps, just once in his lifetime, he
too, could experience that which Lantash had once admitted was one of the most exciting
experiences he had ever had.  Dancing in the fire the Furlings could call, he had told him,
was an intense sensory experience, akin to, but not exactly sexual.  Well, it could be
sexual, but that was not necessary for it to be an intense experience.  

This woman was someone he felt drawn to in ways he had never encountered before with
any other woman and, perhaps, it would not hurt to get to know her, become friends.  
Feeling someone’s eyes on him, he looked up and across the table, but Gwennetha was
conversing with Teal’c.  

Turning his gaze up the table, his eyes locked with those of Kataya and Lantash’s
daughter, Taesha.  She was gazing first at her sister and then at him.  Her gaze intense
for a moment, she then sent him a dazzling smile, and turned back to someone else that
had evidently asked her something, or somehow drawn her attention from him.  Thank
the universe.  That one’s gaze had been entirely too knowing.

“You are very near to letting our body sweat, Malek.  What is wrong with you?”  Devlin
asked him.

“The sister was watching us.  I do not think she was reading our mind, but she somehow
knows what we are thinking, I can tell.”

“Ah, and she signaled her disapproval, I suppose,”
Devlin said, his voice laced with

“No, actually she smiled quite cheerfully at us.  So, I do not think that disapproval was in
her mind.  Perhaps she was thinking that if we were to become involved with her sister, she
would have something to hold over her,”
Malek said, as his mind worked through all the
reasons the sister would have shown such blatant approval.

His host snorted in disgust, or at least attempted too, although a snort was not something
one could do well, when not in control of the body,
“You, my dear friend, are losing what is
left of your mind, something I never thought I would see happen.  If what you have been
telling me and I have been observing is true, one sister would not do that to the other, so
that only leaves the original idea.  She approves of us.  It makes sense actually, if you
really think about it.  After all, her father is Tok’Ra.  It is only natural that she would
approve of a Tok’Ra for her sister,”
Devlin pointed out.

“Yes, of course, you are correct.  I had not considered that,” Malek replied.  “Even so that
does not mean that Artereos, Merdwin, or Kataya would approve.”

“Is she underage then?  Is there some law here about this type of thing, of which I am
 Devlin asked, anxiously.  “She does not appear too young.”

“I have no idea how old she is.  I know that she was only a hundred or so when we were
last here and that she had chosen to be reborn as herself as her mother has done.  The
time to become Katteri is shorter when they do that, I believe.  Kataya is now reborn as
Katteri, but her daughter has many livings to go through before she can attain that.  If I
remember the talk I heard when we were here before, Gwennetha is actually quite young,
and had only lived two or three times since she was born of her mother.  Their life-cycle is
quite complicated, Dev, and I do not pretend to truly understand it, so it will do no good to
ask me all the questions I can sense clamoring to be asked,”
Malek said sternly.

Once more looking up and across the table, he felt himself drowning in those beautiful
eyes once again.  She smiled at him warmly, before transferring her attention to what was
being said.  He watched her straighten and look at her Grandfather, obviously very
interested in what he was saying.

“Perhaps we, too, should be listening, Malek,” Devlin chided him.

“Yes, we should.  Thank you,” Malek returned.

“…interview her and watch her practice and if I find her to be worthy, I will take her as a
student,” Artereos was saying.

“There will also be the ceremony for two new knights to be given their rank,” Artereos
smiled at Taesha and Lanwin as he said that.  He continued saying, “Tomorrow’s
ceremonies will take all day as there will also be an entwining ceremony being performed.”

“Truly?  Who?”  Taesha asked excitedly.

“Truly.  The entwining of Samantha and Daniel will take place first.  It will be an
entwining of their auras only, so it will not be taxing.  After that, we will see how
Samantha measures up to Katteri standards.”  Artereos answered.

Malek watched the shock appear on the two Tau’ri’s faces.  
“Well, they obviously did not
know of this.  I wonder what Artereos has up his sleeve?”
 He queried Devlin.  

“I would guess that it has to do with the two couples and this prophecy,” Dev said, after
giving it a little thought.  
“Nothing else makes sense.”

“I am sure we can find out from Lantash later.  No doubt the fact that all of them are now
leaving the table after telling us to do as we please, confirms the fact that there will be a
private meeting between the six of them,”
 Malek stated firmly.

“Um, Malek.  Malek!  If you do not answer Gwennetha, I will take control from you and do
so myself,”
Dev hissed to him.

Looking up into Gwennetha’s quizzical gaze, he was barely able to stop himself from
blushing.  She was talking to him, and all he could do was stare at her.  He felt his host
take over and heard him say, “I would love to join you in the game room.  Please, will you
not show us where that is?”

“Bring your drinks if anything is left and follow me.  There is a bar in there so you can
have more if you wish.  I know the symbiote can filter large quantities of it out of your
system, so you do not have to worry about drinking overmuch,” she replied in her calm

“Well, actually, although they can filter it out, it is possible for us to end up with a
headache, if we drink too much; they can only filter it for so long.  I am afraid that both
the symbiote and I could become quite inebriated if we continued to drink large
quantities.  Not to mention that we would both then feel extremely unwell the next day,
which is why you will rarely see a symbiote or host drink to excess.  Although a symbiote
can overcome almost any illness, over imbibing is not one they can do anything to
mitigate.  Many assume the symbiote can neutralize the affects, but I am afraid it has a

“Really.  Now that is something worth knowing.  I will have to file that away for future
reference.  So if I ever see a symbiote and host imbibing large amounts of alcohol, then I
should assume that, just as the human will do, they wish to forget something that hurts
them, at least for a while.”

“I would say that is a fair assessment,” Devlin agreed.  “So, tell me about yourself.  I am
afraid that Malek was not very knowledgeable about you, although I did my best to pry
information from him.”

“What do you think you are doing?  Give me control,” Malek demanded.

“Not now, Malek, I am becoming acquainted with this lovely and charming woman.  Do be
Dev told him.

“Watch what you say or I will allow the small amount of Port you have had to drink to go
straight to your head,”
Malek threatened from his semi-captive state, frustration clear in
his voice.

She was laughing, delighted by his comment and she glanced up at him through those
impossibly long lashes in the most charming way.  “Well, my life story is rather boring.  I
was born to Kataya of Cadwaellon and Merdwin of Werllockian a little over four hundred
years ago.  I have been reborn twice.  One living I spent about fifty years with the
Ancients.  I found it enlightening, but not my path, although my brother has been with
them since his first death. He does return often for Katteri-enti training, however, I
assume he will remain with them for many years to come.  He takes after my father, and
in a few millennia he will be a master enchanter.”  

“I stepped into the fire during my first living, dedicating my life to overcoming the evil in
the universe.  I am now, and will always be, reborn as an adult and who I am.  The last
time I was reborn, I spent many years cloistered here at Avilion learning to harness and
direct my energy and working toward becoming a High Priestess, which I did manage to
attain not long ago.”  

“I am a Katteri-enti Warrior and because I was injured in battle several months ago and
am, therefore, unfit for active duty, I was able to spend the extra time I needed to advance
to the higher rank of priestess.  I have taken over my mother’s position within our
government while she is on her tour of duty with the Tau’ri.  I will be joining the mission
as both a soldier, as I am now considered healed and fit for active duty, and a priestess,
although I will not use my Katteri energy.  Since I am going as a priestess, my energy will
be amassed to use for healing, not fighting.”

“I did not realize you could be both a Katteri-enti Warrior and a Priestess,” Devlin replied.

“One cannot be one without being the other.  All Katteri-enti Warriors must first attain at
least a third tier ranking of priest or priestess.  One must attain at least the abilities of the
third tier, before your superiors or your mentor will even consider you as a possible
Katteri Warrior.  One could not be a Katteri without the inner balance and self-control
that comes from the healing abilities.”  

“Most do not take their training in the healing and sustaining arts to the highest levels.  I
believe her abilities as a high priestess are what makes my mother such a formidable
warrior, and so, I am following the path she has shown me.  It takes great inner strength
to be able to become Katteri and not kill indiscriminately,” Gwennetha explained quietly,
while watching to see his reaction to her blunt allusion to their killer instincts.  

“I am afraid my information about the Furling is very limited.  Malek has not explained
much to me,” Devlin replied.

“That is understandable.  The Furling-Tok’Ra alliance, though strong, is loose at best, and
he would have had no reason to think of us until this mission came up.  And you have
only been here a few hours today, most of them taken up by preparing for and then
participating in the

“I was quite impressed by your insistence on being a second during the
Sevesh Lok Twin.  
A joining as tightly woven as my mother and Lantash’s was is a painful thing to cut
asunder.  It took courage to agree to become an extension of Lantash and Martouf and
share in their pain,” Gwennetha said quietly.

Devlin felt heat rise in his face; Malek must be sulking to allow that to happen.  He
supposed he would have to give way and let him talk to her, too.

“I must be honest with you; it was Malek who truly wished to do so.  We are, of course,
friends, but the bonds between Martouf and I are not quite as strong as the ones between
Malek and Lantash.  I agreed because it was so important to him to be there for his
friend.”  He paused for a moment as he gave his statement some thought and then added,
slowly, “Actually, that is not true either.  Although it was Malek’s great desire to be with
them, I, too, care about them and would have stepped up as well.  I might not have
argued as long with Selmak and Jacob over it, but still, I would have been there for them.  
Malek and Lantash have been friends and comrades for a long time, and Malek was there,
both during Kataya and Lantash’s time together, although he tells me only minimally, and
the time after she left.  It was,” he paused, not sure exactly how to put what he needed to
say, so finally continued mildly, “hard on Lantash.”

Gwennetha closed her eyes for a moment, as if wishing to block out something painful.  
Sighing, she opened them, and smiled slightly, “I am sorry.  That was a painful time for
all of us.  Especially for my grandfather, for he was the one who called her to come home.  
I do not think I have ever seen my grandfather so undecided about what to do.  He hated
having to recall her, but he also knew that if anyone other than he or my father could
turn things around in that system, it was my mother.  Therefore, in the end, he called her

“As for my mother, although she returned, she wished to die and came very close many
times, but it was the risks she took that finally turned the tide in the Pegacian System.  
We have almost won there, and it is because of her and her leadership.  So, I suppose,
some good came out of it, after all.  I am told that she was much the same after she
realized Dayillon would not be returning, and at that time, she managed to lead our
warriors to free a sector of the Crusian System.  She is a formidable warrior and much
feared by our enemies.”  

“My mother was almost inconsolable in her grief both when Dayillon did not return, and
when she had to leave Lantash, which in turn hurt many other people, but also allowed
many worlds to become free.  You must understand that Lantash meant more to my
mother than her own life.  The only thing that has ever come before her love for Lantash
and Dayillon is her duty to rid the universe of the Goa’uld.”  

“She walked into the fire during her first living at the age of fifteen, which for a Furling is
still almost a child in some ways, and dedicated her life to ridding the universe of the
Dark Mage Daemon Lords, the small dragons when they appeared, and any other evil that
threatened the universe and the All.  Nothing will ever stop her from that goal because of
that decision.  I was not so young as that when I too chose to step into the fire to have my
soul thus forged, but still, I did, and so it also will always be a major part of my life.”  She
stopped speaking and her expression said she was thinking of the past.  

Shaking herself free from those thoughts, she turned back to him and said, “I am glad
that Lantash had such a good and loyal friend.  From what my mother lived through, I
know that his life was a nightmare from which he could not seem to awaken and that it
went on for years, not just days or months.  It is well he had someone there to turn too.”  

“She worried about him so much for so long, and I remember how she cried when he
found a new mate.  She was so hurt,” Gwennetha whispered, as if to herself.  Seeming to
come back from that time, she added, “But, she was also so happy for him.  I think it
made her feel somewhat less guilty, and she often spoke of hoping he had found a deep
and abiding love with his new mate that would make him happy.  She was sincere in that

“I believe I should answer this,” Malek said firmly.

“Yes, I agree.  I do not know enough of that time to do so,” Dev agreed.

Gwennetha watched as Devlin’s eyes glowed indicating that Malek had come forward to
take control.  She was glad, as she wished to come to know both beings.  Her mother had
often spoken of the differences in the two, Dominic and Lantash.  She wondered if it would
be the same with these two.  

“Lantash did not care if he lived or died for a very long time,” Malek said bluntly.  Then he
added, “Rosha and Jolinar, his new mates, were Tok’Ra, and they had a deep and lasting
love that endured for almost one hundred of the Tau’ri years.  I do believe though, that he
never forgot or got over Kataya.  I also do not believe that he ever let them know.  It
sounds as if your mother was much the same.  I often wondered if she really cared, since
she seemed to leave with little trouble.  I am glad to know that the good opinion I held of
her was not unfounded, but am sorry also that she suffered so much,” he said, almost

“I, also, am glad to know that Lantash did have some happiness, and please know that my
mother, also, will be glad to know that.  Although it hurt her greatly, she understood and
was glad for him.  She taught Lanwin, Taesha, and myself, for that matter, that the heart
is a vast place that can hold many loves within it, and that it should cherish each and
every one, each and every moment we are given.  It is a lesson I hope never to forget,” she
finished quietly.

He is nervous, Gwennetha realized.  My parentage is holding him back.  He knows
enough of them to be leery of me, whereas his host does not.  I should put his mind at

She looked at him for a long moment, as the thoughts ran through her mind, and she
finally said, “I believe you are interested in me, but that my family connections are
making you uncomfortable.  I wish you to be at ease over them, so I will be blunt.  My
grandfather wishes me to find a mate, and my father and mother do not interfere in my
affaires.  You need have no qualms in being seen with me or in thinking about me in that

“We do not find the interactions between a man and a woman to be something to be
hidden or explained.  It is a normal function of the male and female.  I find you attractive,
and I am drawn to you.  Whether it will develop beyond an enjoyable affair, remains to be
seen, but I do not intend to ignore these feelings.  Do you?”  Her statement was so
straightforward and to the point, that Malek and his host were both left speechless for a

Finally, Malek managed to say, “I did not think you were allowed to read someone’s mind
without permission.”

“I did not read your mind.  You are throwing off waves of emotion; most of them are quite
jumbled, and indecision surrounding me is one of the foremost.  Sexual feelings are mixed
in, as well as trepidation, thoughts of my parentage, and the years you spent with
Lantash, after my mother left.  I can hardly ignore that.”  

“It took very little conjugation to straighten the jumble out and realize that you are
attracted to me on a sexual level, but you are somewhat anxious about getting involved
with me for two reasons.  The first deals with the pain Lantash went through.  You are
afraid to get too close lest you get burned, so to speak.  The second is that the thought of
who I am related to makes you feel unsettled.  You are afraid that, if you sleep with me,
they will come after you and perhaps turn you into a short, fat, wart-covered toad or
something…or cut you into tiny little pieces with their claws.”  

“All I can do in response is bring it to a conscious level and discuss it with you.  We are a
very blunt people in some ways, Malek.  Why should we both wear ourselves out second-
guessing and worrying about things that can be brought out and discussed?  Do you wish
to know my feelings about you, since I obviously know so much about how you feel about
me?”  She asked him.

“That would seem to be fair,” Malek managed to say.

Gwennetha nodded, “I find you very attractive physically.  I could take you to my bed
tonight, and be quite content with the physical release it would give me.  However, I will
not do so, for I also find you attractive on a deeper level, and I wish to get to know both
you and your host better.  I feel a pull to you that is more than a sexual one, and I wish to
explore it.  Therefore, if the sexual pull is all you are feeling, you can go play in someone
else’s sandbox.”

Malek smiled, and then gave a short laugh.  “As a Kat-entity are you sure you wish to use
that analogy?”  He asked.

Gwennetha’s eyes widened and she gasped, choking on a laugh, before saying, “Well,
perhaps not, but you get the idea.”

“Yes, I do,” he sobered quickly.  “And I must tell you, that although I do find you sexually
very attractive, I too, am finding myself wishing to know you better as, I am being
encouraged to tell you, does my host.”  

After a moment’s hesitation, he continued, saying, “There is, however, something I wish to
know that has to do only with me.  Some women find the symbiote, the thought of the
symbiote to be, well, somewhat, that is…” Malek stopped speaking and shook his head at
his own inability to put these deep-seated fears into words.  They so seldom admitted
them, even to themselves.  Drawing a deep breath, he opened his mouth to begin again,
when she spoke first.

“When Lantash was brought here by my mother after his captivity, he was almost dead, as
you know.  She also, was very weak.  When they were both better, she would come here
and hold him for hours, stoking him and sometimes crying.”  

“You would not know most of that, for you were already gone.  I came back shortly after
you had all moved to the new Tok’Ra home-world.”  

“You have no idea how much love she had and has for him.  She loved Dominic deeply,
also.  Had she truly had to choose one over the other, I am not sure what that would have
done to her.”  

“That is not the point of what I am trying to tell you though.  You are concerned that a
human woman could not truly love a symbiote; that he is just excess baggage that comes
with the host.  You have only to look at my mother and Samantha to know that is a false
assumption.  The love they each hold for Lantash shines from them.”  

“Do not underestimate your own charm, Malek.  You must remember that while physical
appearance may draw us in, it will not keep us.  We must love that which is beyond the
surface, to love deeply.  Therefore, symbiote or human matters not, once our affections are
truly engaged.  Does that answer your question?”

“Yes, I believe it does.  Tell me, Gwennetha, are you very like your mother other than your
looks?”  He asked her quietly.

“So I am told, and I believe it to be true.  I have striven to be as much like her as possible,
for she has an inner peace and beauty that is very deep.  Why do you ask?”  She
questioned him.

Malek looked at her intently, gazing into those amazing eyes and trying to read her very
soul, before he answered even more softly than before, “Because I am beginning to
understand how both Daniel and Lantash could love a woman so deeply for so long.  If it
is a spell your women use, then I must tell you that I believe I am fast falling under it,” he
paused, before continuing, “and I have no wish to have it any other way.”  The smile she
sent him tied a few more strands of the spell around his heart.  

This time the groan was from his host, “
You are falling in love with her, Malek.  I can feel it,
too.  Do you not think that, perhaps, we should just, you know, have a physical fling, and
then move on?  Maybe we should keep it out of any emotional entanglements.  We could
end up drowning in her if I am feeling the same emotions as you are, and I am quite sure
that I am.  Are you sure, you wish to do this?”
 Devlin asked, sounding almost panicked.  

“Well, Devlin, as you stated so succinctly earlier and I quote, “What a way to go.”

Dev groaned louder, looked into her lovely amethyst eyes, and said, dismay lacing his
“But, I do not want to tie us to one woman; I just want to play around, have some
fun, and maybe visit paradise now and then and…”
 His voice trailed off as he watched the
delicate peach color tinge her cheeks and the lashes sweep down and back up to allow
their gazes to lock.  
“Oh, very well, I cannot fight it either, so I do not know why I am even
bothering to try.  Therefore, we are falling in love.  Great.  Wonderful.  Are you sure, we
have to keep this platonic for…?  Oh, never mind, I get the point; there is no need for such
violent thoughts towards me.  Try to remember which one of us does the breathing.  Yes,
yes, I will shut up.”

“Thank you.  Moreover, yes, it will remain platonic until she is ready to take it farther.  She
may say her parents would not interfere; I am not so sure, and I, for one, do not want to
become a “short, fat, wart-covered toad”.  Whatever in the Universe that may be.  It does
not sound very…pleasant,”
Malek replied, obviously somewhat unnerved by her

“Do you really think he could do that?”  Dev wanted to know sounding both worried and
doubtful at the same time.  

“Does it matter?  Do you wish to take a chance, since both father and grandfather are
Master Mages?  I do not know what they are capable of accomplishing; however, after
seeing what Lantash, Martouf, and Kataya’s blood did at Merdwin's bidding, I am not
willing to take the chance that they cannot,”
Malek, shot back to him.

After listening to Malek's views on the subject, as well as giving them further thought,
Devlin, too, came to a decision, telling him,
“I see what you mean.  I suppose it is best to
be cautious rather than end up as something, well, some “thing”.

Malek sighed in relief, as Dev appeared to at last see the dangers that could attach to
either a fling or a relationship with Gwennetha.  Taking another deep breath, he stated
much more calmly,
“The important thing is that we do not let your lusts ruin what could be
a wonderful…if possibly dangerous…relationship.”

“Hey, I resent that.  We share those lusts, so just watch it, or I will go take cold showers
every time it happens.  Furthermore, you know how you feel about cold water.  I will be very
sure to stand with my back towards it, too,”
Dev threatened hotly, as he took Malek’s
words to mean that he was the only one lusting after this beautiful woman.

“All right, all right, I concede the point.  Moreover, you are correct; we do share our lusts as
well as our loves.  I apologize for sounding as if I thought you were the only one with a
desire to bed her.  I know that we both want her.  Stars of Fire!  The Tau’ri thinks the host
has little control over our lives.  Hah!”
 Malek answered, and somehow managed to sound
both contrite and exasperated at the same time.

“So have you and your host come to a decision?”  Gwennetha asked allowing them realize
that she was aware there was an inner conflict over her going on.

“I believe we both agree that we find you to be, not only a beautiful woman, but one who
attracts us on deeper levels than that.  We are agreed that we would like to become much
better acquainted with you.  In addition, although we both admit that, we would like to
take our relationship beyond the platonic; we are willing to abide by your wishes and get
to know one another better first.  In fact, we both realize it is imperative that we do so, for
we believe this could become a very important relationship to us,” Malek said, sincerely.

“Walk me to my room?  Most of the others have left for the night.  On second thought,
perhaps I should walk you to yours, since it is likely that you will not know the way back
to your room from mine,” Gwennetha remarked softly.

“I would appreciate that very much.  Thank you,” he agreed.

“Well, that is not being very honest.  You know you never have trouble finding your way
around places once you have been there one time,”
Devlin grumbled, somewhat irate at
what he considered a somewhat underhanded thing to do.  Honesty was a trait of Dev’s
that could get in the way on occasion.

Malek sighed,
“I am not lying, Devlin.  I would not know how to get to our room from hers,
only from the front door or from the dining area, unless it is in the same corridor, which
seems unlikely.”

“Oh, I had not thought of that.  I apologize,”
Devlin said quickly.

“Here we are.  I hope you have a pleasant night’s sleep,” Gwennetha murmured as they
stopped in front of his chamber door.

“I am sure I will not.  I believe my dreams will be haunted by a beautiful woman with
amethyst eyes,” he said, his voice husky and low.

“Perhaps I should do something to be sure they are,” she said, as she reached up, cupped
the back of his head, and brought it down towards her.  Her fingers lightly caressed his
neck and he gave a choked groan as her lips claimed his in their first kiss.  His arms had
a mind of their own and they came forward to surround her and bring her body close to
his.  He heard himself moan, as she began to pull back and break the kiss.  His arms
tightened around her, not wishing to let her go.  

As she melted back against him with a small sigh, his hands roved over her back and
downward over her hips.  Her fingers continued their erotic stroking on either side of
Malek, until he thought he would explode with desire.  Moaning deeply in his throat, he
pulled her high against him and then turning her to the doorframe, he pushed her up
against it firmly, as his hips pressed into her.  His lips left the sweetness of hers to
plunder her neck moving on towards her shoulder.  He was fast losing control of himself
and he knew it.  

He wanted this woman more than he had wanted one in a very long time.  In fact, he did
not recall ever feeling this out of control, this quickly.  Moaning again, he allowed his lips
to find their way back up her throat and to the soft lushness of her lips.  He was drowning
and making no attempt to save himself.  

A clock chiming loudly nearby brought him to his senses, causing him to break his hold
and step back abruptly.  “I am sorry.  I had no right to be so ungentle.  You would be
entirely within your rights to retaliate at such mistreatment,” he said, his voice stiff with

“No, I do not think so.  I think that now we can both have beautiful and probably erotic
dreams tonight,” she whispered, as she smiled at him, turned, and disappeared into the
shadows of the hall.  

He watched her walk away, momentarily unable to form a single thought and only barely
able to stop himself from following her.  This need was almost overwhelming in its
intensity.  Dear universe, he moaned as his brain began to function, what had he done?


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