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Summary:  Lantash/Martouf and Ren'al wait with Jolinar for her new host to arrive.     

Characters:  Ren'al, Jolinar, Lantash/Martouf                    Pairing:  Jolinar/Ren'al                      Rating:  PG

I hold onto your hand.  Lantash/Martouf are here with us.  You speak to neither of us,
conserving your strength.

Please, hold on.  Hold on, so you will not have to leave us, me.  Not yet, I cannot let you
go.  It has been hundreds of years and yet I still feel your kisses and your touch.  The way
you drawled my name and called me Beloved.  Ren’al, my Beloved.

We were lovers and friends.  If you do not survive, I will mourn deeply, as I have for years.

They are bringing a new host for you.  Her name is Rosha.     


Comrades in Arms - Second in the Lovers and Friends Series

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Holding onto the Past

Lovers and Friends Series