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Summary:   Things go wrong on a mission and Lantash must carry Malek out of danger.  

Characters:  Malek/Lantash                       Pairing:       Malek/Lantash                                       Rating:  PG

“I will carry you,” Lantash snapped, scooping the man into his arms.  “Are you trying to
get us killed?”

“You will wear yourself out,” Malek responded.

“Heal Alexis.  I will carry you to the Chaappa’ai.  Your new host is young and foolish.  You
will have your hands full keeping you both alive.”

“As you did when Dominic was young,” Malek replied.

“Yes,” Lantash said, “but we survived.  Alexis will learn.  Failing, losing one another, is not
an option.”

“We will fight more battles together, I promise you.”

“Agreed.  But next time, you carry me.”

Malek smiled.  “Anytime, my friend, anytime.”         


When Once We Loved - First in the Lovers/Friends Series  

Holding onto the Past - Third in the Lovers/Friends Series     

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