Word or Phrase
Translation and/or Description
Adorata Wyn
My adored one; A term of endearment, usually
reserved for use only with the Heartmate  
Adorata Coeurawyn
Adored of My Heart; A term of endearment,
usually reserved for use with the Heartmate
Aevum, Et Aevum
Eternity, Forever;  into/for Eternity
Aima Coeurawyn
Blood of My Heart -  A term of endearment, also
the formal statement of the Soulmate
Amat Wyn
My Love
Amates Wyn
My Loves
Amata Tu
I Love You
My Soul; a deeply felt term of endearment
Atern! Eteat!
Come to me! At once!
Dear; Dearest
My dear one; My dearest one
My dear, My dearest
Heartbrothers, brothers of the heart
My Heartbrother, My brother of the Heart
My Heart; a term of endearment
Coeurawyn Mae’tek
My Heart’s Mate; used by the Wiccadians and
many other races when talking of their
symbiote.  My Heart; a term of endearment
Into; For
The name of Kataya's sword
Beloved; A term of endearment; used primarily
to the Soulmate
Igisadonis Animawyn
Beloved of my Soul; A term of endearment; also
the formal statement of the Soulmate
To break or undo
Lun’ak mat
Furling mating cycle
Morning sickness; In the Furling, the morning
sickness is shared by the Male, along with the
food cravings, and emotions.  It also affects
non-Furling Mates
Birth control used by young Furling female To
prevent them having a ‘heat or mating cycle,
the Lun’ak mat
Pher’ak’ tel/Pher’ak ‘tel
The essence given off by the female during the
Furling mating ritual to ensure the male does
what needs done (drawing blood) to ensure the
release of the Female’s eggs.  Only needed and
used when they wish to produce Offspring
(kittdren), never during any other mating.  The
Ritual is slightly different when a Furling Male
is the mate of the Furling Female as the male’s
physical attributes assures the bloodshed from
both partners.  The pher’ak’ tel is still used
regardless if it is a Furling or non-Furling male,
so that neither is averse to the pain involved.  
(think male cats) It can throw other young
Furling women into their own heat if they are
exposed to too much of it.
To be, or become, wrapped without completely
blending and becoming one entity; to entwine
To join; to be both entwined and joined as one
being. One can join hearts and entwine souls;
entwine hearts and souls; join hearts and souls;
it means many combinations depending on
circumstance and concept and use in sentence.
A rite of some type; either of joining or release
depending on the usage and context in which it
is used.   
Sevesh Lok Twin
An Ancient and Archaic Rite performed to cut
asunder a Blood Bonding Joining Heartmates
Sevesh’en twine
An Ancient and Archaic Rite of Entwining
and/or Joining both Heart and Soul
Sevesh’en twine
An Ancient and Archaic Rite of Entwining of
Heartmates or Lovers
Sevesh’en twine
An Ancient and Archaic Rite of Entwining of
Siesht’ tat’mate
Furling coffee, very aromatic and invigorating
items and animals
A cross between a boar, and an alligator. It has
a boar’s tusks, legs, ears and body shape
(although larger in the body) and an alligators
mouth and hide.  It is an extremely dangerous
animal, and not easy to train, ride or handle.  
Handlers have a very fast turn over rate, but
once mounted on their backs, they answer well
to the riders wishes.  They are often linked
mentally with the rider, which may be why they
are under better control for them.
A flying pterodactyl-type animal.   Like a
dragon, it can fly for long distances.
A large horse-like animal with tusks in a head
similar to that of a T-Rex.  A very dangerous
animal in battle.  They are surprisingly docile
with their trainers, handlers, and riders once
tamed.  Taming them however is a dangerous
and often short career choice. Their hide is
similar to a dragon’s, with almost impenetrable
scales but they have a small area  that is very
soft & vulnerable on their underbelly.
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Table of Contents

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