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Series Summary: Several months ago, the SGC was taken over and many of the personnel captured and
tortured.  They are freed, but are living with the Tok'Ra, and most are back to taking on missions, even though
there are some lingering effects from their captivity.  But now, someone is trying to kill Sam.  Who?  And Why?
These are Adult stories that follow Sam as she initially suffers from a case of memory loss, then is the object of
several more attacks.  Along the way, she collects multiple mates.  Most of the stories can be read as stand-
alone.  Almost all are NC-17.  I would call them PWP's but there is a plot and story line that carries forward from
one to the next, so I am simply saying they are adult in nature.

Story Summary: It has been three days since poison once more entered Sam and she, Malek, and Devlin are all
exhausted, as Sam is not sleeping much at all.  They have discussed asking Daniel to help and agreed that, if
things go on much longer without Martouf and Lantash's return, they will have to do so.  While Sam is recovering
in a pool, from her latest reaction from the poison, she is accosted by another Tok'Ra.  One that does not wish her
well.  A confrontation ensues.

Qua’atar - Pillow
Kea Ceru’lesh – One Blue, as in a Code.
She’vien’yav – Prostitute, Whore
Krow’yava - Bitch
Se’kesh Mae’tek – Second Mate
Kea’kesh Mae’tek – First Mate
Cor’kesh’lek’dak – Hearts Bound Through Flesh.
Siaf’kesh’cor - Five Bound by the Heart – a threesome containing three humans and two symbiotes  
Siest’kesh’cor - Six Bound by the Heart – a threesome containing three symbiotes and three humans.  
Drisk’nae –
Is a Greenish-blue Liquid given to the Symbiote to help him Recover from Torture, and/or Lack of
Nutrition or Water.  It gives an Energy Boost.
Mae’tek Tari’esk – Mate Brother
“Italics” – Symbiote-Host Communications

“Malek!  Malek, dear one, please.  You must wake up for me.  I do not think I can stay
awake much longer, and our Sam will be rousing soon needing our body, needing our
Devlin asserted, as he attempted to awaken Malek from his dormancy.

Malek groaned in his head.  
“How long have I been dormant, Devlin?  It feels as if it has
been no more than a few minutes.”

Devlin sighed tiredly, saying,
“I am so sorry, Malek.  I would give anything, if I could take
more of the time for you, but I am slowly losing my ability to function on any level.  Malek,
we must face the fact that if Lantash and Martouf do not arrive within the next twenty-four
hours, perhaps less, we may have no choice but to contact Daniel Jackson.”

Malek moaned again, replying,
“No.  I will not subject Samantha to that, Devlin, unless I
have no choice at all.  Although she said that she would mate with Daniel, she was not
exactly happy about it.  Still, it is true that she was more open to the suggestion of him,
than to any of the others, and, in the end, she did admit that she found him very
attractive.  I believe it is the fact that he is a teammate that bothers her in addition to her
participation in what she considers a betrayal of Martouf and Lantash.”

Sighing, he continued, “It is my belief that her hesitation is also because she is afraid she
will ruin, and therefore lose, their friendship.  If you will remember, she called him a forever
friend.  I do not believe that would happen, any more than I believe that Lantash and
Martouf will consider any of these things a betrayal.”
 He sighed, “Or so I try to tell myself.  
Now, how long have I been dormant?”   

“Five hours.  I let you remain in that state as long as I could, but I can feel her temperature
rising in her sleep.  She will become unconscious if it continues again as it did twelve hours
ago.  I thought we should decide whether to let her sleep, or to wake her to give her aspirin
before the fever goes too high.”

Devlin returned to the subject he felt was of enough importance that they should discuss
it again.  
“As for Daniel, our response to the idea of him with Samantha also led us to
believe that we could accept him as a Mae’tek Tari’esk, Malek.  He was the only one we felt
that way about.  Moreover, since she found him acceptable, we were relieved and decided
on him.  What does concern me is that Lantash told us we were the only ones he would
trust with her and welcome into their bonding.”

Malek returned his opinion at once, saying,
“While that may have been true of the others
that might have come into his mind when we made our request, I doubt that he considered
any of the Tau’ri.  He and Martouf like Daniel, and they get along with him quite well.  They
know how important he is to Samantha.  It is my opinion that if he was to actually go
through and think of each one as we did, he would find Daniel acceptable.  We will not
know that until he returns, and at the moment, we have to take care of Samantha.  Five
hours is quite long enough for me to have been dormant; I will be fine.  I am simply tired just
as you are.  However, my ability to go without sleep for long periods of time helps me.”  

“Furthermore, I know you are correct about Daniel, and we or I will probably discuss it with
Samantha again, sometime within the next twenty-four hours, if Martouf and Lantash do
not arrive soon.  For now, however, you must go to sleep, Devlin.  You, unlike me, cannot go
for extended periods without sleep.  If you do not take care of yourself, you will become
useless to Samantha, and I am sure that is not something you would wish to have
Malek attempted to coax Devlin into giving in and going to sleep, however, he
did not believe he would succeed.  Dev would wish to make sure that Samantha was all
right first.    

“No, not yet.  I wish to be sure that Samantha is all right.  I do not believe she is, or I would
not have awakened you.  I do not think that I would be able to function this time to care for
her.  Malek, she has only been asleep this time for about ninety minutes.  I did not want to
wait longer, in case she lapsed into unconsciousness again, but she is as exhausted as we
are.  I knew it was a risk that she would fall into unconsciousness again, but I took it.  I
am sorry now, for her fever is climbing much faster now than it was even ten minutes ago.”  

Devlin continued his worry evident in his voice as he told him, “This is the third day,
Malek.  She was much better the third day before, which proves this was a much more
potent poisoning.  It is because she absorbed it through the skin rather than inhaling the
fumes.  Gava was able to get that information from Treea’s contacts.  Lantash and Martouf
should have returned.  She is beginning to worry about that as well.  She was calling for
them in her sleep, and I could tell that the dream was not pleasant.  I am becoming more
concerned about them myself, so I am sure that she is becoming anxious over their
extended absence as well.  This mission was not expected to last more than a few days
and yet it is almost a span, ah, a week.”   

Devlin paused, before continuing his thought to Malek, “Why they had to be sent on a
mission at this exact time is beyond me.  I would like to know who suggested them for it,
and who decided to send them when it was common knowledge that Samantha was
becoming ill.  Of course, I suppose to be fair, I must admit that they all believed she had
nothing more than her purported “cold”, which even Jacob did not seem alarmed about.”  

“That is very true, Devlin, and if it had been no more than that, I feel sure it would not have
been a problem.  It is only the fact that it was not “just a cold” that is the problem.”  Malek
frowned as he considered Devlin’s other statements, “As for the other, yes.  Yes, as a
matter of fact, I, also, wish to know who sent Jacob, Lantash, and Martouf on this
mission.  If I find out that Delek had a hand in it, I will be very—irate.  Not surprised,
 Malek sighed again.  “If we are honest with ourselves, Devlin, we must admit
that Martouf and Lantash are the perfect operatives for this mission.  They can move freely
in Mahes’s stronghold.  They have a perfect cover, and they play their role extremely well.”

At Devlin’s nod of acceptance, Malek took control and picked up the com.  “Gava?  I need
some more
drisk’nae, please.  I would also like for you to find out whatever you can about
the mission Lantash, Martouf, and Jacob now have underway.  Who received the
information on it?  Who suggested Martouf and Jacob?  When did they learn about this?  
Find out everything that you can.  They have been gone now, for seven days, on a mission
they thought would take three or four days, possibly more, but it was not really expected
to do so.  Has there been word from them that no one told us?  I believe we need some
information.  Gava, if you run into a crystal wall?  Come sit with Samantha.  It is time that
Per’sus paid us an unexpected visit.”  

“Oh, and Gava?  Samantha’s temperature is one hundred and four and climbing right
now.  I am taking her to the pool, even though I must wake her to do so.  The last time we
did not wake her for aspirin, she was not lucid for quite some time even after we did force
it down her.”  

“Also, the bottle of aspirin was not overly large.  Do we need to acquire some more?  Yes,
then do so now, do not wait until we are completely out of them.  I feel fairly sure that we
will need them.  We should try to learn how to synthesize these ourselves, for when we
must treat humans.  We must discuss this in detail later.  Yes, I understand. Thank you.”  

Wrapping a bathing sheet carelessly around his hips, Malek walked back to the bed with
water and aspirin.  Setting them down on what passed for a table, he slid his arms under
her and pulled her, unresisting, into his arms.  He laid his cheek against her forehead
and felt the heat of her as an assault on himself and everything they were trying to do to
help her.  He shook her slightly to awaken her.  When she did not respond, he shook her
again with the same results.   

He laid her back on the bed, grabbed his robe, and put it on.  He filled the pockets with
the com, aspirin, water bottles, and the sensor.  Turning, he picked her up from the bed
and made his way toward the pool thanking the deities that it was so very near his room.  
Reaching it very quickly, he laid Sam’s limp and unresponsive body upon one of the
ledges and threw his robe within reach, so he could have access to the pockets, which
were the only real reason he had worn it.  

Lowering himself into the water, he lifted Sam from the edge of the pool into his arms, and
then he submerged her to the point where the only part of her that was out of the water
was her face.  Every so often, he would raise her above the water and allow it to evaporate
from her skin.   

“Samantha, my love, come, awaken for me, please.”  Getting no response, Malek sighed.  
Devlin had fallen asleep, unable to stay awake any longer.  He did not blame him.  Over
the last three days, they had almost no real sleep.  Malek had forced Devlin to sleep
several times when his body refused to stay in slumber long enough or to find it fast or
easy enough.  Thankfully, he could place himself into dormancy at any time.  

Unfortunately, his dormant states were not helping, as they should be.  He was having to
expend so much energy when he was awake, as well as staying awake well over the time
he should have sought slumber, that even when he did get extra hours of dormancy, it
was not enough to allow his energy reserves to catch up.  It did not even give him enough
to last for two days.  

Sam’s sleep cycle varied from five minutes to sixty minutes but never more, unless she
was going into unconsciousness.  At least, that was what was happening so far.  The first
time she had slept for three hours, they had slept as well, thinking she was throwing this
poisoning off easier.  

Then they had moved over next to her and found her burning up with fever.  It had led
them to another frantic two hours working on getting her fever down.  Now, they did not
trust long sleep cycles, with just cause.  Here she was with a spiking fever and
unconscious again, and it had only been an hour and a half.  He placed his lips against
her forehead whispering how much he loved her, and then holding her above him, he slid
her soaking channel onto his waiting shaft.  

Her readiness never ceased to amaze him.  He could not believe how wet she was even in
this unconscious state, but she was.  Therefore, after he wrapped her legs around his
waist, he began to move in her, slowly picking up speed, as he felt her inner muscles
begin to clench him.  His hand moved down to the spot that would throw her over the top
and, so it did, repeatedly.

Every so often, she would moan when his lips or teeth found an ultra-sensitive spot on her
neck.  Then, it was not long before she began to be able to respond with caresses of her
own, kisses on his neck, a nip here or there, the sweep of a hand and the swirling of her
fingers on Malek, causing him to quiver, and bringing a very small smile to her lips.  
Finally, she opened somewhat unfocused eyes, and truly smiled at him, before closing
them and letting the arousal flow in and around her bringing her fever down and her
complete lucidity back.  

A few hours later, Sam sighed and opened her eyes to look closer at Malek.  She brushed
her fingertips softly and gently along his cheekbones and down the side of his face before
allowing them to make their way to his beautifully sculptured lips.  He was exhausted.  
There was no other way to put it.  He had to stop.  They needed to call in someone to take
over for him.  He would not like it.  She was afraid that Lantash and Martouf might not
either, but if they wanted her alive, then they would have to accept it.   

Daniel was her friend and theirs.  She would be safe with him, and they could trust him
not to speak of what happened between them.  She did not wish to betray them, but she
preferred that to dying, so that was what she would do.  She remembered how upset she
had been when this ordeal started, and she believed that she had made love with Malek
and Devlin, before bonding with them.  At that time, she had no idea of just how close to
dying she was.  

She understood now, and she realized that dying and leaving Martouf and Lantash, for
want of a little fortitude on her part, was ridiculous in the extreme.  Therefore, she would
make love to Daniel and be here to greet them when they returned.  If they were upset
over it, then there was something wrong in their relationship and their feelings for her.  
They could wish it had not happened; they could not fault her for staying alive for them,
regardless of the method of doing so in this case.

“Why are you sighing, my Sam?”  Malek smiled slightly.  

“I was thinking about the argument we are about to get into and dreading it, but I know
we need to have it anyway.  It just seems like a waste of breath and time.”  

Malek smiled wryly, suggesting, “Then perhaps we should not have it.”  Looking into her
eyes, he realized that she was very worried about him.  She knew that he would take care
of Devlin, but there was no one to take care of him and insist he stop.  

He kissed her lightly, saying, “You think it is time to contact my base to see if Daniel has
returned from his mission.  And if he has, you wish me to ask him if he will agree to
become your lover and make love to you for me?”

“Yes.”  She sighed again.  Put like that it sounded kind of weird and even a little kinky.  
Well, it could have sounded worse, she supposed.  “I’m afraid that Martouf and Lantash
will not be home in time to take over for you.  What if, when they come in, the mission was
a mess and they are exhausted, too?  Then what?”  

“Why do we not all cross those bridges when we get there?”  

Sam sighed and then nodded her head, reluctant to cause an argument at this point.  He
was not ready to give in to his exhaustion yet.  She could not force him, but it was
beginning to worry him, she could tell.  It was worrying her, too.  “Have you had any drisk’
nae lately?  You are supposed to be taking it every four hours.”  

Malek raised his head and looked at her.  He frowned.  “No.  I have not had any since,
since, I do not remember since when.  I need to take some.  I meant to do so, before I
brought you here, I know, because I told Gava that I needed more.  I only have a little
left.  I did not, however, take any at that time, for I realized that you were again
unconscious, and your fever was growing higher.”   

Being almost completely herself again, Sam slipped off his lap, and said lightly, “In that
case, you do need to take some.  I will be fine now, for a little while, Malek, so go ahead
and go take it.”  

It appeared that once she came out of her unconscious state, she regained her lucidity
and most of her equilibrium rather quickly.  That was one of the few bright points in this
entire ordeal.  When the poison was pushed back, she was very near normal, even though
still weak and shaky.

Agreeing with her, Malek left the pool and grabbed his robe, although he was not sure
why.  He looked at it and a wry smile touched his lips.  It had been a gift from a grateful
old woman many years ago.  He had often wondered why he bothered to leave it in his
pack and carry it around from tunnel system to tunnel system.  Evidently, for just such an
occasion as this.  It, or rather, the pockets in it, had been very handy during this

Depending on how one looked at it, fortunately or unfortunately, Malek did not see the
person entering the room as he left.  Nor did he hear them quietly address her.   

Delek approached the pool that Sam was in.  She plastered herself to the wall, so he could
see nothing of her body.  The very thought made her feel sick.  Smirking at her, he
commented, “You seem fairly well to me, Tau’ri.  You are up and around by yourself.”  

“Would there be any reason I wouldn’t be fairly well, Tok’Ra?”  Sam gave just as much
disdain to the word Tok’Ra as he had given to the word Tau’ri.  Her eyes narrowed.  “Why
are you here, Delek?  What is it that you want?”  

Even though he was in his room, Malek heard Samantha’s voice and the contempt in it.  
She had raised it enough that he could hear her, but he could not quite understand what
she was saying.  Since the only other person who was allowed in this tunnel was Gava, it
meant that his Sam was delirious or someone she did not like had entered the chamber
where she was.  He drank his
drisk’nae and quickly, but stealthily, made his way back to
the pool chamber, being sure to keep himself completely hidden from view.  He was not
surprised to see Delek standing next to the pool.  

Delek lifted one shoulder and dipped his head slightly toward it, the Tok’Ra equivalent of
a shrug.  “Can I not be concerned for a poor little Tau’ri who does not have the healing
power of one of us?  I must admit that I was also curious as to whether or not you were
still making a fool of your mate by mating with Malek and Devlin.”  

“My private life is my own and none of your concern.  If I wish to join in
Siest’kesh’cor, I
will do so.”  

“However, you have not joined yet as far as anyone knows.  I do not remember attending
the ceremony, nor do I remember a time when the five of you were together to
consummate the bond.  Which is not
Siest’kesh’cor.  It is Siaf’kesh’cor.  You are not
blended, nor is it likely that you ever will be.”  

Malicious intent could be plainly seen in his eyes as his words attempted to cast doubt,
unrest, and inferiority, “The council may not vote to allow it.  I would not assume that it is
a foregone conclusion.  Just because you offer does not mean you will be accepted.  We are
rather particular who we take as hosts, and the Tau’ri are on the bottom of the list as
suitable.  We prefer our hosts to have some intelligence and common sense.”  

Sam remained calm, her voice cool, as she replied, “I will blend, Delek, you may as well
reconcile yourself to that.  The council will not stand in the way of it.  It will happen.”  His
attempt at undermining Sam’s self-confidence went sadly awry.

“As for my personal life, as I said, it is none of your business.  What Martouf, Devlin,
Lantash, Malek, and I do, or do not do, is between us and is not open for discussion with
you, or anyone else.”  Sam continued to look at him as if he was a particularly nasty bug
that had just crawled out from under a rock.

“I doubt that Lantash will see it that way when he returns to find that his mate has spent
the entire time he was gone in bed with a man who has not yet bound himself to them in
the joining of
Cor’kesh’lek’dak.  That mating is always done first, and he will not like
being made to look like the lesser mate when he is supposed to be
Kea’kesh Mae’tek, the
first mate.”  

Sam sighed.  That Delek was trying to get her to retaliate there was no doubt.  That there
was probably a grain of truth in what he said was also true.  However, the circumstances
surrounding their need to be together in this way would more than outweigh any distress
that Lantash and Martouf would feel.  Delek wanted to make trouble for her, and she
would not allow that to happen.       

Instead of responding to his continued reference to her personal life, she said instead,
“You are in a restricted area.  I suggest that you leave.”  

“I am a sub-council member; there is no place on this base that is restricted to me.”  

Sam sighed and then tried to tell him again as if she was speaking to a recalcitrant and
somewhat unintelligent child.  “I am telling you for your own good that this is a restricted
area.  Only a few people have clearance to be in this area of the tunnels.  You are not one
of them.  I strongly suggest that you get out before you are caught, and the council has to
place sanctions against you.”  

Delek’s arm streaked out, and he grabbed Sam by the throat, pushing her back and then
jerking her forward against the side of the pool.  She felt a rib give, but remained as grim
and tight lipped as possible.  “Do not try my patience little Tau’ri, for I will see to it that
you are squashed like the vermin you are.”  

Delek squeezed harder on Sam’s throat, but she did not respond in any overt way.  She
wanted to hear what he had to say first.  Staying calm would be a better reaction than
words would be.  “You will find that having your father as host to one of the more
respected Tok’Ra does not help when you continue to prove yourself unequal to carrying
out the most simple of assignments.  I promise you that I will continue to see to it that you
fail at each and every one, and rest assured that I will keep my promise,” venom dripped
from the words he hissed as he continued to drag her toward him over the side of the pool.

Sam grabbed his wrist with both of her hands and began to dig her nails into it.  Then,
gathering the saliva in her mouth, she spit in his face just as Gava’s arm came around
him from behind and started to strangle him.  Delek had not noticed her come in so intent
had he been on making his threats.  

Sam took the opportunity his distraction caused to rip his hand loose from her throat.  
Her anger and adrenaline giving her extra strength, she slammed his arm down on the
edge of the crystal pool, as he released her from his grip, and fell back into the water.  She
felt another rib give as her body slid across the pool edge before she fell back into the
water and gasped, but she smiled when she heard the bones of his arm snap in two and
heard his cry of pain and rage.  

“What do you think you are doing, Delek?  How dare you try to strangle and threaten one
of us?  What has gotten into you?  Have you lost your mind?”  

Gava released him, and, his fury making him stupid, he again lunged for Sam only to
have her block him and manage to bring his other arm down to crack it against the
poolside.  He now had one broken and one cracked arm.  His eyes were blazing with fury,
and the hand of the arm that was only cracked formed into a claw.  Gava grabbed him
around the neck again.  “Stop this at once.  Delek!  Have you lost all sense and sanity?  

Malek stayed out of sight even after the confrontation developed.  Had either Samantha or
Gava needed help, he would have stepped in immediately, but they seemed to be
handling it quite well.  He had started forward once but forced himself to stop when he
saw Gava moving silently up behind Delek.  Still hoping Delek would say something else
incriminating and give them even more evidence for their case against him, he stepped
back, staying unobserved, as he listened and watched.  

The bruises that would show up on Samantha’s throat and the fact that both he and Gava
saw him strangle her would be excellent evidence.  Per’sus would see the bruises long
before they healed if they were not too painful and Samantha would allow them to remain
until after they met with him.  The statement Delek made about her failures in her
missions was another wonderful bit of inculpating information.  

It was obvious that Delek had not expected anyone else to overhear him, and he could not
stop himself from patting himself on the back in front of her.  He obviously felt safe feeling
the council would believe him before they believed a non-Tok’Ra.  She had not told
Lantash, so he felt safe there as well.  Malek smiled grimly.  But, she had told her Se’kesh
Mae’tek.  No doubt that would be a shock.  

As soon as Gava let go of him the second time, he turned on her, saying, “She is not one of
us.  She is Tau’ri and she will never be Tok’Ra.  She will never be allowed to become a
vessel for one of us.  As for what I was doing, I was teaching her respect for her betters.  
She does not tell me where I can and cannot go on this base.  No place is off limits to
members of the council.”  He wiped the spit from his face in disgust as Sam smirked at

“It is you who are wrong, Delek.  This tunnel is off limits to everyone except for myself,
Samantha, Malek, Martouf, and Daniel Jackson.  So, I suggest you leave, before I report
you to the council and the High Councilor as well.”  

“They cannot be setting an entire tunnel, even one this short, aside for that—that
that she’vien’yav –for her use just because she forgot an instruction and poisoned

“I think that all of us here know that Samantha did not forget an instruction, Delek.  You
did not tell her, and now you are afraid that Lantash will kill you when he finds out you
did not warn his mate.  He might too.  She is precious to him, and anyone who harms her
in any way is asking to die a painful death.  You would be much better admitting you
forgot and owning up to it than threatening her in this manner.  You are only digging
yourself in deeper this way.”  

Malek stepped in from the hall where he had watched the scene feeling that Delek would
give nothing further away at this point with Gava as witness.  The statements he made to
Samantha, he could deny.  Those spoken to another Tok’Ra would not be cast aside so
easily.  His statements about Samantha never becoming Tok’Ra were fairly damning in

Calling her vermin, a bitch, and a whore, strangling her, admitting to sabotaging her
missions, all of these things were enough to show intent to harm her.  Delek would be in
for severe penalties, perhaps death, if it was proven that he actually did attempt to
murder her.

Malek stopped and frowned.  Lantash would never consider less than execution—and, he
realized, neither would he.  He had tried to kill his mate.  Both Lantash and he were
within their rights.  Yes, he had given them more than a start for their case against him.  
They had enough right now to prove he was, at the very least, trying to harm her, and
most of it pointed to him attempting to murder her—more than once.

He stepped farther into the room, calling attention to himself as he addressed Delek,
“Furthermore, if I ever hear about, or see, anything like what just occurred, I will kill you.  
If you ever touch my mate in that, or any other manner, or speak too, or about her, in that
manner again, I will kill you.  Now.  Get.  Out.  Before I decide not to wait for another
incident and kill you now.  And, Delek, there had better be no rumors going around about
myself, Lantash, and Samantha.  If there are, I will know where to look, and the instigator
will not be well when I finish with him.”

Delek threw one look of evil, malicious intent at Sam, and one of furious loathing at
Malek.  “You will regret this, Malek.  Both you and Lantash.  You would do better to mind
your own and Tok’Ra concerns, and stay away from these weakling Tau’ri.  Tau’ri lovers
are no better than the Tau’ri themselves.”  With that last venomous verbal attack and with
rage causing his body to quiver, he left the chamber without a backward glance, holding
his broken arm with his cracked one.  

Malek realized he had been wrong.  Delek had just given them more for their case and
allowed them to see how desperate he was becoming.  He was beginning to wonder if
Samantha was correct and if Delek was mixed up in something far more serious than a
dislike for the Tau’ri.  He had just threatened a base commander and warned him away
from what some would consider a group of his own
“soldiers”.  He must be nearing the

They must be diligent and guard Samantha closely.  Delek was feeling pressure from
somewhere, someone, or he was insane, and he would become more dangerous as each
plan failed.

Malek stepped toward the pool where Samantha stood leaning against the side.  Gava had
stepped near to her and their heads were close together.  As he got closer to her, he could
see that she was shaking.  Dropping his robe, he entered the water and walked up behind
her expecting to find her burning with fever and chilling.  She was warm but not hot.  She
was not chilling; she was truly shaking.  He gathered her close to him, but she remained
stiff in his arms and cried out when he touched her side.  

“Samantha?  What is wrong?”  

Sam shook her head and then looked between Gava and him with an odd little smile on
her face.  “You won’t believe this, but I think he either cracked or broke a couple of my
ribs.  I am glad I broke his arm.  I only wish I had managed to break the other one.  The
only problem with that is his poor host has to endure it.  It is bad enough he keeps his
host locked away from the world just a Goa’uld does.  I hate it that I caused him more
pain on top of it.  No doubt, in true Goa’uld style, Delek will take his bad temper out on
his host, too.”  

Malek and Gava looked at her in surprise.  “Samantha, Delek is Tok’Ra.  He would not
treat his host in that way.”  

Sam lifted her eyebrows and shrugged, saying, “Really?  When was the last time any of
you ever talked to his host?  When was the last time you ever saw his host eat a meal, or
get in a pool, or be in control at any time?  I would almost bet money on it that if you had
a Tollan device and put it on Delek, you would find out that even if he is Tok’Ra, his
attitude is Goa’uld to the point that his host is either never, or almost never, in control.  I
would be surprised if Delek even knows his host’s name by now.  It would not surprise me
if some of you have not forgotten it.  I am very serious in what I am saying; I mean every

Malek scowled.  “Do not be ridiculous, Samantha.  Of course, we know his host’s name.  I
have not been based with him since he took this host, however, so I do not believe I have
ever heard it.  I am sure that Gava knows it though.  She probably talks to him all the

Malek looked at Gava, who seemed lost in thought.  When she looked up, she said quietly,
“From the day that Delek took this host until today, I have never seen his host take
control, I have never heard him speak, and I have never heard him called by name, or
mentioned by Delek.  I am beginning to believe that we have all been fools, and that you
and I are the ridiculous ones, Malek.”  

With those words, she turned to Sam.  “I will be keeping a very close watch on them; you
have my word.  There is never a time, other than during a mission when our lives depend
on it, that we are ever supposed to keep control like that.  Even if we must force our
symbiote forward and make them take a walk, they must take control at some point in the

She turned to Malek.  “If you will spread your robe, Malek, I will use my healing device
and repair Samantha’s ribs.  I do not believe she needs anymore painful things to deal
with at the moment.”  

Malek spread his robe and helped Sam to lie down upon it.  Gava activated the healing
device over Sam’s ribs then stopped.  They were already red and somewhat swollen.  “I
will be back in a moment.”  She left them there completely surprised at her abrupt

Malek stood beside Samantha and brushed her hair back from her eyes.  “You are looking
a little better now, my Sam.  Not as pale as you were.  I believe your meeting with Delek
put some spirit into you.”  

She smiled back but not as brightly.  She caught his hand and held it against her cheek.  
“I wondered where you were during his display.  You were gathering evidence, I assume?”  

Malek grinned, “Yes, although when he started pulling you out of the pool, I was on my
way in to you.  I saw Gava coming up behind him and retreated to listen and watch for
our case as you suspected.  I assume that seeing Gava stealthily creeping up behind him
is why you grabbed his hand and then spit so artfully into his face.  As a distraction, it
was very good if a little inelegant, my love.  I thought it very appropriate for the subject as
well.  And, well aimed.”  He was laughing at her, but that was all right, because there was
admiration in his voice as well.  

Gava returned and pulled the robe over Sam except for her rib area, of which, she
proceeded to make holographic images.  From there she moved to the red hand marks on
her throat.  They were quite prominent.  She made two sets of each and handed one
crystal to Malek and kept one for herself.  After that, she healed Samantha’s ribs and
started on her throat, but Malek stopped her.  

“Sam, does your throat hurt a lot?  Is it unbearably uncomfortable?”  

Sam frowned and shook her head, “No, it’s not too bad.  Why?”  

“I am planning on seeing Per’sus tomorrow.  I would like for the bruises on your neck to
still be there, if you would not mind leaving them.”  

Sam nodded.  “I understand.  I’ll leave them.  It’s the best evidence we have.”  

Malek leaned down and kissed her sweetly, before turning to Gava.  Before he could say
anything, she said, “I have brought you some more
drisk’nae, Malek.  I have also asked
for more aspirin.  I brought more supplies and left them in your room.  Delek did not go in
that direction when he left.  I watched to be sure.”

Gava paused, looking at Malek appraisingly, before saying, “Delek could turn out to be a
formidable foe, Malek.  There is no doubt that he is furious, and a furious foe is a
dangerous one.  He does have friends on the council and a great many contacts
throughout our network.  You should watch not only your back but see to it that Martouf
and Lantash are aware that they need to be watching theirs, and all of you should begin
to watch Samantha’s very closely.  I do not believe he will give up, otherwise, he would not
have taken a chance on being caught in this tunnel.”  

She frowned.  “It is possible that he was not at the council meeting when Garshaw
announced the closing of this tunnel to all personnel.  If he did not read any of the daily
reports, then it is possible that he could be unaware of it.”  

Sam nodded.  “He really did appear not to believe me.  I don’t think he was faking his
disbelief.  So, he must have been gone when it was announced or whatever.”    

Malek nodded his agreement, but said firmly, “However, he is fallible because he is
overconfident, another Goa’uld trait.  While it is true that he has some friends on the
council, it is also true that he has some enemies there.  Some of his friends are his friends
because they believe he has Per’sus’ ear.  He has led them to believe this, and it is far
from true.”  

“To my knowledge, this is the only council that gives him any credence.  Once I get
Samantha, Martouf, and Lantash moved to my base, I will feel happier; I do admit that.  
He has come too close to succeeding too many times already.  I want to know why he is
attempting to arrange her death, because I do not believe that hatred of the Tau’ri would
go this far.”

Gava nodded, “Just so you know, I believe that he could be quite treacherous, especially
after these last seven days.  I believe that he would stoop to murder.  I would be sleeping
in this tunnel if it was not for my mate, I assure you.”  She picked up her equipment.  “As
I said, he did not go that way, so your supplies should be untouched.  If you need me

“I watched, too, Gava, and it appeared that he went the opposite direction from our room.  
Thank you for watching as well.  I believe my fever has gone down a lot.  Evidently anger
works almost as well as sex.”  She smiled wanly at the two of them.  “Perhaps we should
go now.  I would like to try to sleep while my fever is down, if you don’t mind,” she
continued, her voice a quiet monotone.  

“I will take you at once, my Sam.”  He looked at Gava and nodded.  “If you would not mind
Gava, please ask Torvar and Velmek to take up posts at the end of this tunnel.  No one is
to come this way except those allowed here and, of course, Per’sus.  Tell Zarest that I want
him to set up a duty roster with relief personnel every four hours and that it is priority
Kea Ceru’lesh.  They are to use their zat’nik'tels on anyone trying to enter this tunnel that
is not on their list of approved people.  Ah, and be sure that Daimesh, Arwanna, Martouf
and Lantash, well, you know who to add to the allowed list for them.”  

“I can do that without any problem, Malek.  You take care of Samantha; I will take care of
business.”  She smiled at him as she turned to go.  Then she stopped and turned back to
him.  “Malek, you did say to code this
Kea Ceru’lesh, one blue, correct?  That is the
highest priority.”

Malek smiled wryly and shrugged, before answering.  “To us it is our top priority, Gava, so
yes, code it as such.  We will no doubt see you later.  Let me know if you hear anything in
answer to the questions we raised earlier.”  

“Yes, Malek, I will.  I have heard nothing so far.  As soon as I hear anything, I will convey
my findings to you.”  

Malek nodded as he swung Sam up into his arms.  She was tense and he looked at her
worriedly.  Something Delek had said was bothering her, and he felt sure he knew what it

As he strode down the hall with Sam in his arms, he had just one thought in his mind; he
should have killed Delek.  He should have killed him the minute he put his hand on
Samantha and that would have taken care of the entire problem.  Maybe he should just
let Lantash kill him.  Then he would defend him before the council.  He could get him out
of any kind of backlash, he was sure of it.     

Sam lay stiffly in his arms.  She was not sure why she was feeling this way.  It was not as
if she had not known that they had not finished the bonding completely.  Maybe it was
hearing someone else say that what she was doing would shame Lantash.  That had hurt
her just as he had known it would.  She had not shown it though.  Not even in her eyes,
she was very sure.  The only thing he had seen in her eyes was contempt.  That was what
had really enraged him.  He hated it when she looked at him as if he was something nasty
that she needed to scrape off the bottom of her shoe.  As far as she was concerned, he

She believed what she had said to Malek and Gava.  She would almost bet that Delek was
not Tok’Ra.  If they used a Tollan device on him, they would find that his poor host never
had any control at all.  Ever.  Delek was such a piece of scum; she didn’t know why she let
his words get to her.  

Probably because she suspected them to be true as well, that was why.  Otherwise, she
would have already insisted they call Daniel in.  She was not pushing to call him in
because she did not want to cause Lantash and Martouf any more pain than she already
was.  It would only make it worse if she had sex with Daniel as well.  They could not even
claim to be mates of any kind.  

She hated this.  She really hated this.  She knew that Martouf and Lantash would not
blame her once they really understood what happened.  It was the period from the time
someone, probably Delek, made their insinuations, until they found out the truth that
bothered her.  

They would be hurt by what they would consider betrayal by their best friends.  They
would not blame her so much, assuming she knew no better and that she would have
assumed they had told her to do this.  They would blame Malek and Devlin, because they
would know that Martouf and Lantash had not given permission for them to make love to
her.  It could not be helped, and it angered her that he would be able to plant those seeds
of doubt in their minds at all, even though they would uproot them later.  

Malek laid her on the bed, pulled the lightest of the covers over her, threw his robe over
the end, and followed her down.  “What is causing you such soul-searching thoughts, my
Sam?  You are thinking very deeply.”  

“I am realizing that Delek will do his best to throw the worst possible light on what has
happened between you and me, so he can plant seeds of doubt between you, Lantash, and
Martouf.  I can think of no way to circumvent it happening.  I know it will only last until
he finds out the truth, but I wish we could somehow save him the pain of the belief of your
betrayal and mine because it will be there for me, also, I am sure.”  

She lie quietly, for a short time, before finally saying, “We really should at least talk to
Daniel about it.  Especially, if we have to call on him as I am becoming more and more
sure we might have to do.  Malek, I trust Daniel not to talk about what happens between
any of us.  I would rather call Daniel in to take over for you for a while, so you can rest,
than to wait until you make yourself so weak that you can’t function as a commander.  
You have other responsibilities besides me that you need to see too.  Please, Malek, we
should at least ask him if he would be willing to do it for you, even if only for a short

Hearing a knocking on the wall they turned to look at the surprised and questioning face
of Daniel Jackson as he stared at them.  Thank goodness, Malek had made sure she was
covered, so she would not chill, Sam thought, almost hysterically.    
“Call on me to take over for Malek to do what, Sam?  And, I know this probably isn’t any of
my business but—” his voice trailed off, and he waved his hands toward Malek and her.

Malek sighed and reached for his robe.  “Come in, and sit down here on the bed by
Samantha, Daniel, and we will explain what has occurred.  It is not what you are
obviously thinking; well, it is not exactly what you are thinking, at least, not in the way
you are thinking it.”  

“Well, that’s as clear as mud.”  

Malek looked perplexed.  Daniel sighed and drew out his notebook, jotting down “clear as
mud” ‘use in context’.  Another figure of speech to teach the Tok’Ra operatives.  God, how
many sayings were there in the English language that they used every day without even
thinking about them?  

Sam smiled.  “It means that you did not explain it very well, Malek.  You can’t see through
mud.  You couldn’t get much out of your explanation.”  

Malek nodded.  “I understand.  Thank you.  Do you wish to explain, Samantha, or do you
wish to rest?”  

“I’m very tired, Malek.  Please, go ahead.”  

“You need to be drinking.  Your fever, though down, is still too high, and we must do what
we can.  I will get your ginger ale.”  

“Thank you.”  

“You’re sick.  All of the supplies of ginger ale and stuff have been for you?  I can
understand that much.  What I do not understand is how being sick would make you be
in bed with Malek…naked.”  Daniel sounded very disgruntled.

“Well, Daniel, it’s really actually very simple.  You see, the prescription for what I have is
to, ah, make love as often and as passionately as possible, drink plenty of fluids, and take

Daniel raised an eyebrow and sent her a “yeah, right” look before saying, somewhat stiffly,
“If you don’t want to tell me what’s going on just say so, Sam.  It really isn’t any of my
business, and I should never have asked such a personal question.  I guess I’m just too
used to sharing everything with you.  I apologize.”  

“Daniel, you don’t owe me an apology.  You can ask me anything, remember?  And,
certainly in this instance, you have every right to ask for a complete explanation.  But,
since I really
am tired, I’m going to let Malek explain, all right?”  

Daniel nodded his agreement and reaching out he took her hand in his.  “I remember and
you’re right.  So, since I can ask you anything, I’ll allow my question to stand.”  He smiled
one of his sweetest smiles at her letting her know that whatever the reason was, he would
accept it and be there for her.    

Malek nodded as he handed Sam the ginger ale before beginning their story.  “She is
telling you the truth, Daniel.  Seven days ago, Samantha came back from a mission and
with her; she had a gift for Martouf and Lantash.  She was not feeling well by the time she
reached the tunnels.  She thought she was coming down with what you call a
“cold”.  She,
Martouf, and Lantash spent several hours together, and then Martouf and Lantash were
called out on a rescue mission.”  

He paused for a moment before saying slowly, “It will appear that I am jumping from
subject to subject, but in order for you to have all of the facts, in as close to the order in
which they happened as I can, it will have to be that way.  I believe you will be able to
cross from one to the other without trouble.”  

Daniel nodded, “Yes, I imagine I’ll be able to, and if I get lost, I’ll ask directions.”  He took
a drink of the cola Malek had given him and leaned back beside Sam.  

Malek nodded, took a drink of his own, and continued.  “Before Martouf and Lantash left,
Devlin and I approached them with a formal request to be considered as
Mae'teks, second-mates
, to Samantha.  They accepted my request dependent on
Samantha’s decision.”  

“They discussed it with her before they left on their mission, and Samantha agreed to
bond with Devlin and me as her
Se’kesh Mae’teks.  In the normal course of events, when
Martouf and Lantash returned, we would have gone through the bonding ceremony before
we became intimate with her.”  

Daniel stared at Sam.  Their Sam was taking a second husband?  Wow.  Times they were
achangin’.  She was not denying it, so she agreed with what he was saying.  He turned
back to Malek as he prepared to continue giving Daniel the needed information to explain
Sam’s remark about the
“cure” for her illness.  

“Unfortunately, Samantha’s gift for Martouf and Lantash turned out to be a flower called
Evernight.  It is a deadly poison for non-blended humans if they are left in an enclosed
space with it for any length of time.  Fortunately our rooms have no doors; otherwise, she
would have died before we found and removed her from the room.”  He watched as Daniel
gasped and his eyes widened.  Malek nodded to emphasize that his words were true.

What in the hell was going on?  Daniel wondered to himself and continued to listen even
more closely now.  He might need to read between the lines here.

“After Martouf and Lantash left on their mission, there was nothing to stop the fumes from
overpowering Samantha’s system because they were no longer there to make love to her.  
The antidote for the poisoning is ardent arousal and climax.  We believe it releases
chemicals that combat the poison.”  

“Earlier in the day, I took Samantha back to her room for Martouf, and she explained
about her
‘cold’, but she was evasive about its seriousness.  Therefore, I stopped by to tell
Martouf and Lantash that I thought Sam’s cold was more serious than they believed, only
to find her running an extremely high temperature and obviously very ill.  At that point,
we did not yet know about the
Evernight.  Only after Gava found her with the flower did
we know that it was not a “cold” but something much more deadly.”

“Fortunately, at that point, we knew how to treat it.  The most expedient way, of course,
would have been to introduce her symbiote to her.  Unfortunately, the symbiote that
Samantha is to have is under the care of the Keeper.”  Malek smiled wryly, “The Keeper is
also on the mission with Martouf and Lantash.  Therefore, there is no Keeper available to
retrieve her symbiote.  That left only one course open to us, and that is the one we

“After the fourth day, Sam was much better, but somehow,” Malek said evasively, “we are
not yet sure how, she was again exposed to a very high dose of the flower.  She has been
even more ill since then.  Devlin and I have been making love to our mate for the past
seven days, Daniel.  And, she is our mate, for we have bound ourselves to her, and we did
gain Martouf and Lantash’s approval, even though we have not gone through the
Cor'kesh'lek’dak, hearts bound through flesh, a rite that should not have been mentioned
to her at all.  While some consider it an important part of the entire process, it is
something that can be done at any time.  It does not
have to be done at once.  The truth is
that it does not
“have” to be done at all.”  

“Seven days?  You have been making love for seven days?  But, but, not twenty-four
hours a day, right?  I mean, you have to sleep, so it couldn’t be all day and night.”  

“Samantha’s sleep cycles are very erratic this time.  The first time she finally reached a
stage where she could sleep for up to three hours at a time.  This time she is sleeping
anywhere from five to sixty minutes before she needs to make love again.”  

“You see, Daniel, the
Evernight, while it can kill, is also an aphrodisiac.  So, it will kill, but
it also gives the means to prevent the killing.  The need for sexual stimulation that it
causes is quite intense, even during periods of unconsciousness as far as we can tell.  We
do not know how far into unconsciousness it extends, but so far, we have always been able
to call Samantha back.  We believe that there have been a few times that it was much to
near to being too far into that state.  That was the long answer to your comment.  The
short one is, yes, we have been making love to our mate at very frequent intervals for the
past seven days.  Needless to say, we are all becoming quite exhausted.”  

Suddenly, Daniel’s eyes widened as his mind made the leap.  “I see.  Then you were going
to, to call on me, that is, um, you were going to, to ask me, if you could not go on any
longer…”  Daniel voice faded and he visibly swallowed.  “Wow.  I, uh, I, well, I mean, if
that’s what you were going to, well, I will, I mean, I’m sure I can do—that—with Sam.”  He
turned to Sam and said, almost shyly, “If you’re sure you can, you know, respond to me.”  

Sam smiled at him, doing her best not to laugh at the almost appalled look he had at first
had on his face.  Sobering, she shook her head, “Daniel, I can see that the entire idea
makes you very uncomfortable.  It isn’t necessary for you to do it.  There are other men
around the base that can take Malek’s place.  Don’t worry about it.  Furthermore,
response from me is not a problem.  Even if I didn’t find you very sexually attractive,
which I do, or I wouldn’t have thought of you, the Evernight sees to it that my body is
ready pretty much constantly.  Trust me on this.  However, I have no intention of making
you uncomfortable.  Malek and I will decide on someone else, so don’t think any more
about it.”  

Daniel frowned at the idea of
“other” men making love to “their” Sam, and then burst out,
“No, they won’t, either; they will not, and don’t you even think about that happening,
Samantha Carter.  If anyone is going to make love to you, it will be one of us.  It will be
one of your men, not some bozo off the tunnel floor.  How could you even consider that,
when we’re here for you?  No, it’s absolutely not going to happen.  I mean, if it was
necessary sure, but it isn’t.  I’m here now, and I’ll stay around in case you need me.  So,
just forget that other idea.  Forget it.  Not.  Going.  To.  Happen.”  

Sam blinked and so did Malek.  Daniel had sounded quite stern, and when neither of
them said anything, he continued, “Sam, you are not going to go to bed with just anyone.  
I mean, if you have taken Malek as a mate, then I guess that's okay, although I think you
should've told us first before you let him, well, you know, but at least Lantash and Martouf
agreed.”  He again looked slightly disgruntled that she had not first asked their
permission or advice, but it was too late now, so they would live with it.  

However, that was not going to happen again.  “This other stuff though, about some
other” guy.  No, that won’t happen.  I’ll do it.  You have Jack, Teal’c, and me.  We are all
close, and what happens between us is no one else’s business, but our own, and I think
that Lantash and Martouf would feel a lot more comfortable with one of us than with just
“guy”.”  It was plain that Daniel’s feathers were ruffled at the very thought.  

“Now.  Since, you and Malek were talking about me; I’m going to assume that you’ve
discussed this before now, knowing that Malek and Devlin aren’t going to be able to
continue much longer.  Do you know when Martouf and Lantash are due back?”  

Malek shook his head, before telling him, “They did not know for sure, Daniel.  They
thought the mission would take three or four days, possibly more but not likely.  It has
been seven.  Therein lays the problem.  If they are gone much longer and Samantha’s
body does not throw off the poison any faster than it has done so far, we could very well
not be able to continue.  I am still fine at the moment.  We have not yet reached the point
where we must consider such a drastic step.”  

“However, we are being realistic.  The first time, by the third day, Samantha was sleeping
for ninety minutes to three hours.  This time if she is asleep for three hours, it means she
is unconscious.  In fact, a short time ago, she was asleep for ninety minutes, and we
realized she was unconscious.  One hour is the most she sleeps a true sleep.  It seems
that after that, if she does not awaken, her temperature rises, and she becomes
unconscious.  We do not know if it always happens that quickly, or if it was just this time.  
The entire situation this time is very erratic.  It is taking much longer for the poison to
leave.  We believe it was passed through her skin this second time but have no proof.  
However it was passed to her, it is obviously a much more potent form of it.”  

“But, if it got on her skin someone had to put it there.  How did she get it on her if she was
with you?”  

“I wasn’t always with him, Daniel.  I was up and around a little.  I did see some other
people.  Anyone that touched me could have reintroduced it into my system.  I just know
that I’ve been very unwell.  Much more so than the first time, and that was bad enough.”  
Sam opened her lips to say more and realized that Daniel already knew she was lying.  
They couldn’t lie to each other.  They always knew.  She looked at Malek, and he realized
what was wrong at once.  One look at the skeptical look on Daniel’s face and it was

Malek nodded to her and started explaining to Daniel, “We believe we know where she
was exposed to the Evernight the second time.  Someone seems to be trying to harm
Samantha.  We are building a case against them, and we have some evidence, but we do
not want to act yet.  The problem is that there appears to be no reason to target her;
therefore, we are wondering if there is more to this than just a personal dislike.  Until we
find out what it is, we are proceeding very cautiously.  If we arouse their suspicions, they
will be harder to lure out into the open.  You’re the only one who knows this outside of
Samantha, Gava, and me.”     

Daniel nodded.  “I understand and it will go no further.”  Turning to Sam, he asked,
“What do you want me to do, Sam?  Do you want me to take over for Malek now, so he can
rest, or what?  I will, if you want me to.  Making love with you won’t be a problem, I
promise you.  I was just, well, a little surprised at first.  I mean, I thought you were
kidding about the treatment for what you had being sex.”  

Sam laughed slightly, “You were floored, Daniel.  We’re lucky we didn’t have to pick you
up, or throw a bucket of cold water on you.  I wish you could have seen your face.  You
were appalled at the very thought.”  

Daniel shook his head.  “I was
not appalled, Sam.  Not of making love to you.  If anything I
was appalled at the entire bizarre, surreal, situation, I think.  I mean, you all have to be
completely exhausted.”  

“And, the fact that you actually chose me, I guess.  I was, well, I was surprised, and then, I
guess, I was kind of flattered.  I mean, you could have any guy you wanted, and you chose
me.  Probably because you know me, but still, there is Jack and Teal'c and well, just, I
was surprised.”   

Sam shook her head.  “You and Devlin must use the same mirror.  I wish I could find it
and break it.  Neither of you have a realistic vision of yourselves, although, his is better
now.  You are both very handsome, attractive men.  You are both very sexy and hot.  I do
not know why you can’t see that in yourselves.  I chose you Daniel, because you are my
friend, and I trust you, yes, but also because you have a great body that I happen to like a
lot.  A whole lot.  Sheesh, you two must have been twins in another life or something.”   

Daniel frowned at her.  Malek laughed.  “Give up, Samantha; I have been trying to
convince Devlin that he is attractive to the opposite sex for a good many years now.  He
does not believe me.  You, however, managed to get through to Devlin the other day, so
perhaps I should not tell you to give up completely.  If you can help Daniel even some, it
will be that much better than he is, at this time.”  

Malek looked Daniel up and down appraisingly, stopping to check out all of the more
important portions of his body, before nodding, and saying to Sam, “You are correct.  
Daniel is a very sexy and handsome man.  He is built extremely well, fills out his
well in front, and he has a nice tight butt.  His chest and arms are also very nicely filled
out.  Beautiful blue eyes, attractive hair and skin.  A very charming smile when he
chooses to use it.  Sculptured lips.”  Malek eyed him up and down again as he relaxed on
the bed.  “Yes, he is well proportioned and exudes sexual appeal.  You were correct to
choose him, my Sam.”

Daniel looked at Malek with his mouth open.  Sam watched the thoughts flick through
Daniels mind as he stared at him.  She started to giggle.  Malek frowned at her and the
look on Daniel’s face.  “Daniel, he is
not looking at you in that way.  Now stop it.  Malek is
not gay.  He is not even bonding with Lantash and Martouf in that way, only with me.  
They will be
Mae’tek Tari’esk, mate-brothers, and that is all.  So stop, right now.”  

Daniel blushed, and Malek stood up straight, a haughty look on his slender, aristocratic
face.  “I would most certainly hope not, Daniel.  Why in the world would you think that I
“that way”?”  The light bulb came on, and Malek shook his head.  “Tok’Ra are
excellent judges of human beauty, Daniel, be it male or female.  We are outside observers,
not being human ourselves.  That is all it is.”  

“Ah, yeah, I realized that after Sam started laughing at me.  Sorry, it’s just that on Earth,
if you told another guy he was handsome or good-looking and checked him out like you
just did me, you would probably get decked, er, punched out, unless he was a friend and
asked your opinion.”  Daniel took out his notebook.  “Be sure to tell male Tok’Ra to never
make comments about another males appearance while on Earth unless an opinion is
requested.  Explain why.  Women don’t have that problem, right Sam?”  

“Well, I wouldn’t walk up to someone on the street and tell her she is beautiful, but
women complement each other all the time if a dress looks really nice, or a hairstyle really
sets her features off and looks good, or something, so no, we really don’t.”  

Daniel put his notebook back, and then he looked from Sam to Malek and back again.  
“So, ah, when did you decide to, um, bond, I guess, with someone beside Lantash and
Martouf, Sam?  I didn’t know that was a formal, um, relationship.”  

Seeing Sam send him a questioning look, Malek responded.  “I fell in love with Samantha
the day we released you from the SGC, Daniel.  I waited to see if it was something that
was a reaction to that day and the circumstances that would pass or not.  It did not pass.  
Both Devlin and I, the more we were around her, found ourselves falling more in love with

“Seven days ago, we finally worked up the courage to place a formal request for
Siest'kesh'cor, or six bound by the heart, before Lantash and Martouf.  It is an old,
respected, and formal bonding among the Tok’Ra, yes, just as seven or eight bound by the
heart is.  He accepted us as possible
Se’kesh Mae’tek to Samantha.  It would, of course, be
her decision, but his agreement had to be obtained, before I could approach her.  He
explained to her what I was asking of them and, what I was offering to them.”  

“Samantha has been avoiding Devlin and me recently.  She was beginning to have
feelings for us that she felt were inappropriate, not realizing that it was an accepted
joining amongst the Tok’Ra.  She buried her feelings, until a few personal things took
place that caused them to be brought into the open and to Lantash and Martouf’s
attention.  They were then able to assure her that what she was feeling for us was
perfectly acceptable to them.”  

“She accepted me as her
Se’kesh Mae’tek.  We bonded to one another, but due to her
illness, we could not do so in the formal expected manner.  This is bothering both of us,
although we know that Martouf and Lantash would rather have us do this than to allow
her to die.  Just as they would prefer her to mate with you, than to allow her to die.”  

“So, what exactly is
Siest’kesh’cor?  I mean I understand it is six bound by the heart, so it
is obviously an emotional bond, but you mentioned that you asked certain things of her,
and you offered certain things in return.  What is that all about?”

“We ask that Samantha accept, respect, and love us as her mates.  That she gives to us
the honor and acknowledgement accorded to mates.  In return we will love, honor,
respect, and care for her.  We promise always to cherish her and her feelings for us; we
will love her, care for her, honor her, and respect her in all ways.”  

“If something should happen to Martouf and Lantash, we will become her
, her first-mate, and give her all of the support and comfort that we can.  We will
take care of her and all of her needs; she will never want for anything that it is in our
power to give to her.  Not now or ever.”  Malek paused, and then added, “As Samantha
mentioned to you, we also become mate-brothers, not lovers, to Martouf and Lantash.  It,
too, is a deep emotional bonding.”  

“And the other thing, the
Cor’kesh’lek’dak, hearts bound through flesh.  What is that?”  

“Cor’kesh’lek’dak, or hearts bound through flesh,” Malek said softly, “Is a private sexual
rite that is between those involved and none other.  It should never have been mentioned
to Samantha at all in the way it was or by the person who brought the matter up.  It is an
intimate rite that is completed solely and completely privately between us.  No one knows
when, or even if, it is ever actually accomplished, so anything that was said was untrue.”  

Malek continued to hold Sam’s gaze as he relayed the information he knew would help
her.  “It is something that no outside person should have mentioned to her, and I would
be within my rights to call him to account for it.  It is considered an intimate rite between
the three, or six, mates.”  When Malek realized, as he carried her back to their room, what
was bothering her, he wished he had called him to account, but now it was too late.  He
would not get away with this forever, though.  Delek would pay and he would pay dearly.  

Daniel nodded his understanding.  Then realized something else.  “Why do you keep
Siest’kesh’cor?  Sam, you haven’t taken a symbiote, have you?  I mean I know you
are going to, but didn’t Malek say earlier that they can’t get your symbiote because the
Keeper isn’t here?”  

“No, I haven’t yet, Daniel, and you’re right; the Keeper is on this mission with Martouf,
Lantash, and Dad.  I think they are just so used to calling it that, they say it
automatically.  It should actually be called
Siaf’kesh’cor, shouldn’t it, Malek?”  

Malek smiled at her.  “Yes, it should, and you are correct.  It is usually six, so we tend to
use that term.  
Siaf’kesh’cor is however the more appropriate word until after you blend.”  

“Okay, so what do you two want me to do?  Malek, do you want me to stay with Sam for a
while so you can get some rest?  I mean real rest, not the kind where you are only half
asleep because you know you have to be alert to hear her if she needs you.”  

“No, I do not believe so, Daniel.  I was dormant for five hours.  That will give me at least
twenty-four hours before I need to rest again.  Normally, it would give me longer, but I
have not yet regained everything I lost before, so it is not granting me as much time as it
should.  I am going to be sure that Devlin sleeps at least eight hours this time, perhaps
more, if he can continue to rest well.”  

“I know that Samantha believes that I will fall apart, at any moment, or kill myself, but
believe me, she is wrong.  I do appreciate the offer, Daniel, and I am willing for you to take
over for me, if Lantash and Martouf do not return soon.  I am not so foolish as to believe
that I can continue indefinitely at this pace.  I will admit to you that of all the men that I
had to consider, you were the only one that I did not feel an immediate urge to kill when I
thought of you with your hands on my Sam, so I know that I could accept you as a mate-
brother, if Sam can accept you as a mate.”  

“Actually, while it is a much rarer mating, there is a bonding between three and one.”  
Malek looked sad for a moment, but he did not allow it to last for long.  “I was in such a
bonding once a very long time ago.”  

Sam looked sharply at Malek, as he seemed to stare into space.  It was as if he was
reliving something quite painful.  “Malek?  Are you all right?”  She asked him softly.  

Rousing himself, he smiled slightly at her.  “Yes, I am fine, Samantha.  It was a very long
time ago, and many things have changed since then.  As I was saying, it is rarer, but it
has been known to happen.  However, we would not have to go through the formal joining
in this case, since there was no request from you, Daniel; it is simply the realization that
we could accept you as part of our heart’s blendings, and that is the important thing right

Daniel looked at the man standing across from him, realizing how very hard this must be
to do, and he realized that he felt honored, as he should.  This is what Lantash and
Martouf had agreed to when Malek had requested that he join with them and Sam; in a
way, Malek was offering it to him.  He looked at Sam.  He had always cared about her.  
Now, he could be there for her in a major way.  “I’d be honored to become your mate-
brother and Sam’s mate.”  

He turned to Sam.  “How do you feel about that, Sam?  Do you feel like taking on another
mate?  If it doesn’t work, we can always get a divorce, you know,” Daniel smiled at her.  

“What a charming proposal, Daniel.  An offer of marriage and divorce all in one breath,”
she chided him gently.  

“What can I say?  I’m a charming guy that knows all the right things to say.”  Daniel
flushed and shrugged.  

“That’s the way I love him to be.  I don’t want him any other way,” Sam told him softly.  

“So, you’ll take him as he is flaws and all?”  

“Yes, I think I can do that.  You’ve always been my forever friend, Daniel.  I would like to
think that nothing will ever change that.”  

“Good, cause I have always taken you as you are, too.  And, that friendship thing, that
street is not one way.  Not now, not ever.”  

They both looked back to Malek, who looked back to them.  No one seemed to know what
do to next, but Sam knew that it wouldn’t be long before she knew what she was going to
have to do.  She sighed tiredly.  She really enjoyed sex, but this was way too much.  She
really just wanted to sleep.  Unfortunately, her body wasn’t going to allow her that

“How are you feeling, Samantha?”  Malek asked as he noticed her shifting uncomfortably
in the bed.  “You are becoming uncomfortable, are you not?”  

Sam moaned.  “Of course I am, Malek, what’s it been, a whole thirty minutes or so?”  

Malek smiled gently at her.  “No, you actually went over an hour this time, and your fever
does not seem to be climbing as quickly.  Perhaps this time will help you more.”  

“Okay, listen, guys, unless you want a threesome, I don’t think I need to know all that
much about what is going to happen in here next.  Therefore, I am going to go talk to
Gava.  She wanted to talk to me about aspirin, antihistamines, antibiotics, and stuff.  
Something about synthesizing them so, you would have them when you came across
human populations that needed that type of help.  I think it’s a great idea, but I don’t
know how practical it would be.  At any rate, we are going to talk about it.  There are those
of us that haven’t blended yet and don’t know when we could need some of this stuff, and
it would be easier if it was here.”  

Daniel smiled sadly, before shaking his head.  Sam reached out and touched his arm.  
“What’s wrong, Daniel?  Something is bothering you.”  

Daniel nodded.  “Yeah, it is.  I’ve decided to blend, Sam.  The thing is, the symbiote that I’
ve agreed to take is already in a host.  In order for me to blend, it means his host has to
die.  I’m very attached to both of them.  It’s kind of weird.  I’m looking forward to blending
and discovering what that’s all about.  In the same breath, I have to say that I don’t want
to lose my friend.”  

“Oh, Daniel, I’m so sorry, but at the same time, I’m so happy for you, too.  I think you’ll
enjoy it, don’t you?”  

“Yes, I do.  However, that’s for the future.  For now, is there anything else I can do for the
two of you?  There are other temporary rooms in this tunnel, so I’ll stay in one of those,
probably in the one next to yours.  That way I’ll be close by if you should need me.  Malek,
you’ll call me if you need to, right?”  

At Malek’s nod of agreement, Daniel paused, before saying quietly and sincerely, “You
know that I wouldn’t do anything to hurt any of you guys.  I’ll help out in any way I can.  
Sam means the world to me and has from the very first moment that I met her.  I’ll do
anything to help her.  Maybe Lantash and Martouf would be upset, but if you want to
know the truth, I don’t think they will be, and I don’t think they’ll be at all upset with any
of you either.  There is one thing in their world that is more important than anything else,
and that one thing is Sam.”  

“If the prescription to keep her alive is for her to make love to every man on this base,
then they would sit and hold her head in their lap, while the men made love to her.  What
I’m trying to tell you, Malek, is that you don’t have to push yourself to exhaustion.  I think
they’ll understand if you just can’t make it.  Moreover, if you can’t, then you come and tell
me, and I’ll love her for her, for myself, for you, and for Martouf and Lantash.  She'll still
be alive when they return to her, if I have to take over completely, which I know is not
going to happen.  Don’t let yourself get so exhausted that, if you are needed for some other
reason, you wouldn’t be capable of functioning.  Please.”  

“Thank you.  And, yes, Daniel, if I find myself reaching a point where I feel that I would no
longer be capable of functioning as a commander, I will contact you at once.  We will hope
that Martouf and Lantash return before that happens.  I know that, although we are all
willing, I think that we would also all rather not have to do so.  For now, we will do what
we have to in order to return Samantha to Martouf and Lantash, if not well, at least

Changing the subject, Malek continued, “There is something you could do for me, Daniel.  
I need for Per’sus to come here tomorrow.  Would you please go to see him?  Tell him that
I am asking personally that he come here to see me, without notifying anyone that he is
coming, or announcing himself when he arrives.  Also, tell him where I am in the
tunnels.  I wish for him to come directly here.”  

“I’ll set a time and meet him myself, Malek.  I’ll also let you know what that time is so you
can, hopefully, not be in the middle of, well, anything.  I assume that you’re going to be
informing him of the threat to Sam.  I’ll not go from here.  I’ll go back to our base first, and
I’ll come back prepared to stay a few days, though, after I talk to him.”  

“Thank you, Daniel.  I do appreciate it, and yes, I feel it is time that he was informed.  He
needs to be aware that this is happening and what our suspicions are.  That way, he will
not be completely unaware of what is going on, if we do find that there is more to this than
there appears to be on the surface.  I do not believe that he will be terribly surprised when
he hears it, though.  If I am not mistaken, he has had him under surveillance himself, for
quite a while now.”  

Daniel stared at him, for a moment, his mind making the leap, before stating very softly,
“Delek.  It’s Delek.  He’s on a par with pond scum, you know.  He never lets a chance to
insult any of us pass by.”  He frowned.  “But, being insulting is a long way from trying to
hurt or kill someone.  And, unless I misunderstood what you said, Sam was very close to
dying.  More than once.  You don’t suppose he is mixed up in this N.I.D. thing, do you?  I
know it seems farfetched, but I wouldn’t put it past him.”  

“Samantha had the same question, Daniel.  It is one of the things we will attempt to
discover.  I find it hard to believe that simple prejudice would move him to murder.  We
may all be surprised and find out that his hatred of the Tau’ri is so deep that it is at the
root of this.  However, why would he be targeting only Samantha?  None of it makes a
great deal of sense to us.”  

“No, it doesn’t and sitting here pondering it is getting us nowhere fast.  I will go see Per’sus
and see to it that he is here tomorrow.”  He looked sharply at Malek, saying, “You be sure
to call me if you need to.  Stop trying to do it all by yourself; you have help now.  Call on

“We will, Daniel; we thank you.”  

Daniel whistled softly as he left the room and headed down the hall.  They knew some of
what was going on.  It was not all speculation.  Since Sam brought a deadly plant back to
the base with her, he wondered if she was supposed to find and come into contact with it
while she was on her last mission.  

Not only that but, unless his eyesight was getting really bad, there were finger marks on
Sam’s throat as if a hand had been wrapped around it.  Delek trying to kill Sam?  Why?  
What would he gain by it?  It just made no sense.  Well, they would find out more as they
went along.  He just hoped they found out before he managed to get to her again.  

Right now, however, he needed to see Gava to let her know that he would stop and talk to
her when he returned from doing the things Malek had asked of him.  

He hoped Martouf and Lantash turned up soon.  Really soon.  Malek might say he would
be okay for a while yet, but he looked worn to the bone.  Once his shock at seeing them in
bed together had worn off, he had looked at Sam closer and realized that she really looked
very ill.  Her usually lovely complexion was pale and drawn, and she had looked
completely exhausted.  When he had really taken a good look at Malek, he had realized
that he looked almost as exhausted as Sam did.  

He hoped he was doing the right thing in not insisting on taking over for him.  He thought
he was.  If they could possibly make it until Martouf and Lantash made it back, it would
be better for all concerned.  They were going to have enough emotions to deal with.  It
would only be harder if they had to add him into the mix.  Although, he really meant what
he had said to Malek about Martouf and Lantash.  They would both realize that there had
been no choice, if they wanted their Samantha alive.  He knew that would be their
ultimate desire.

He would do these other things for them.  Help out Gava and go talk to Per’sus.  Maybe
take on some other errands if Malek needed him to.  That might help them out as much
as anything.  He sure hoped nothing had gone wrong on Martouf and Lantash’s mission.  
That would be a very bad thing that was for sure.  Daniel turned into the medical bay
area.  He had work to do, so he had best get it done.   

“Samantha, I love you.  Please, do not try to wait, thinking to spare me.  Have you not yet
realized, after seven days of my being with you, that I do not wish to be spared the feel of
your body on mine?  I do not know how to explain to you how you make me feel.  I could
make love to you every day many times a day for years on end and never tire of you.  I
look at you now, after seven days of extremely frequent love-making and my body calls to
yours and hardens, ready to love you, yet again.”  

Sam smiled at him, whispering softly, “I know.  I can’t believe how ready you always are
for me.  It’s the most amazing thing.  Martouf and Lantash are the same way, and it
always amazes me, too.  I love all of you, so much.”  She reached up and traced his lips
with her fingertip.  “You have enticing lips, you know.  I love to feel them on my body.”  

“Do you, my love?  Like this?”  He leaned forward and pressed his lips to the hollow of her
throat.  “Or like this?”  He swept them up her throat and jaw until they kissed the corner
of her lips, playing there but not yet ready to kiss her fully.  His hand came up to cradle
the back of her head.  Her head.  He pulled back from her and looked down into her face.  
She looked back at him, a question in her eyes.  

“What's wrong, Malek?”  

He shook his head.  “Nothing is wrong.  However, there is something that I have wanted to
ask you since the day I arrived here.  I was in the council chamber while you made your
report, so I heard everything you told the council.  I also saw Selmak take control from
Jacob when they walked in, as you were telling the council that you had to talk to your
mates about "
nookie" and "head" before you could come give your report.  I figured out the
"nookie" from things you said earlier in one of your feverish states.  However, I am still at a
loss to understand the term
“head”.  I can find nothing to connect your head to sex in any
way.  Of course, I see nothing in the word "
nookie" that points to mating either.”  

“Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that
“head” is some obscure reference to some
particular part of mating, but I cannot figure out which part.  So, I surrender.  Will you
not put me out of my misery, and tell me what part of the mating ritual head refers to?”  

Sam smiled.  “I'll do better than that.  I'll show you.”

“On one condition, Samantha.  You are becoming in need of a climax are you not?”  

Sam sighed.  He was right.  “Yes, I am.  What do you want me to do?”  

“Come here, and put your legs on either side of me.  Now lower yourself to me.”  

“Are you sure you want to do this, Malek?  You have only done it a few times in all seven
days.  Devlin likes it, but I didn’t think that you did.”  

Malek laughed softly.  “Usually, Devlin and I are switching back and forth so quickly that
we are almost in dual control when we do this, Samantha, because we both love the taste
of you so much.  However, Devlin is asleep.  I can have you all to myself, and I intend to
savor you.  Every swirl of my tongue will be a pure delight to me.  Now, come to me and let
me feast.”  

Malek was right; she did need a climax to push the edges away.  She allowed him to move
her over him to where he wanted her.  She looked down into sparkling eyes and knew
that he was speaking the truth.  He wanted this and was excited about getting her all to
himself to savor and feast on.  She smiled at him, gasped, and then moaned as his tongue
made its first foray around and across her clitoris.  She tried to move her hips, but he
kept her firmly in place allowing his tongue to control both speed and pressure.

Sam laced her fingers into his hair and moaned his name, “Malek, I don’t think I can
survive this.  I need more.  I need to move.  Please, I need…you.  I want—you.”  

“You shall have me, my Sam, I promise you.  As often, and as many times as you have
need of me; I will take care of you.”  With that promise reiterated, Malek released his hold
on her hips and inserted first one and then another of his fingers into her channel.  He
began to suck and lave her bud in earnest, flicking his tongue in rhythm with the
movement of her hips, trusting her to know what she needed.  

He could feel her climax building, but he stopped her and moved them both down in the
bed.  He rolled her over and onto her back under him, placing one leg on either side of
him.  Then he began suckling on her breasts as his fingers began to build their rhythm
again, bringing her back to near the height she was before he had made them both more

Malek kissed his way downward leaving little love bites on the way.  There was one to be
found on the inside of one thigh, the top of one hip, and above her pelvic bone.  They
matched the ones on the tops and undersides of her breasts.  Very small but they drove
her wild with desire, and that was the thing he most wanted to see.  He would never grow
tired of watching her come apart, shattering in his arms, as her release overtook her.   

Finally, he was at her center, and once there he began his feast over again.  Slowly at
first, but then with increasing speed and pressure, he paid earnest attention to both her
bud and her channel.  As she began to toss more wildly in his hands, he inserted a third
finger and noted the way her inner muscles were clutching at him, not wanting to let him
leave her.  They wanted him deeper and harder, but those were two things he would not
give her this time.  

What he could give her though was a strong clitoral climax, and he had every intention of
doing so.  Sam was not still; she was tossing in his hands and chanting his name.  She
was ready.  Using his fingers on the pleasure spot inside her, he pressed and rubbed
there, as he bit down lightly on her bud, holding it firmly as his tongue flicked it rapidly
and then pressed firmly down on it.  Sam came apart in his hands, but that was all right
because he was there to catch her and put her back together.  As she calmed, he placed
her legs over his shoulders and called to her.  She opened her eyes.  

“Guide me home, my Sam.  Take me to your very center, your core, and we will once again
meld together.  I wish to show you my love; I want to give to you all the love I hold for you
deep within my heart.”

He held her eyes on his as she reached down and guided him home.  He seated himself
with one long glide, except for that last inch or so that had to be worked on, but before
long he was firmly and deeply within the silky satin of her clutching muscles.  He watched
as the fire began to glow in her eyes again.  He listened as she began to make the small
little mewling sounds that were the first indication that she was climbing toward the

He never tired of hearing her moan his and Dev’s names as she rose higher.  He never
wanted to miss seeing the waves of passion and desire that swept across her face as the
fire burned within her.  He always wanted to be aware of each nuance and change in her
body and expression as she moved from one level to another as she was doing now.  

He moved his hand down between them and began to stroke her to help her to catch up
with him, although his control at this point was very good.  After making love for so many
days, he was rarely out of control.  In fact, he doubted she could get him so excited he
would have almost no control, nor did he believe he was capable of an intense climax.  It
was not her fault; it was simply that he was at a point where his body was spent.  Give
him a day of rest, and he would be aching for her again; he was quite sure.  

That thought caused an ache to start in his heart and his body.  He had become so used
to sleeping with her and loving her that he would be miserable, during the days of
waiting, if Lantash and Martouf insisted that they await the formal bonding before living
together.  He would not blame them, though, if they did force him into celibacy after this
major marathon of sexual activity with her.  There was no doubt that even though they
would understand intellectually why it had to be, there would be a deep hurt that only
time and Samantha would soothe.  He wished it was not so; he believed it was inevitable,
but hoped that he was wrong.  

He brought his mind back to his mate.  He must really be getting tired if he could think of
things other than the softness of her body and the tightness of her channel locked around
and caressing his manhood.  He felt her hands caressing him as well.  It felt good.  They
reached behind him, squeezed, and then massaged his buttocks as her fingers ran up
and down the cleft of his cheeks.  They brushed his anus and he shivered.  

She was gazing up at him, panting, encouraging him to move faster.  He swooped in for a
long kiss as he felt her beginning to coil for her release.  He increased his strokes making
them both harder and faster, until at last he pressed on her bud sending her over the
edge.  At the same time, she surprised him by slipping her finger inside of him and
stoking the gland there.  The intensity and pleasure of his release caused him to moan
deeply and freeze, locking together with her, pulsing, grinding, pressing down, wanting it
to go on forever, wanting this intensity to stop before it killed him.  
Stars of Fire, what this
woman could do to him.  He collapsed onto her but remembered to slip to the side, so she
could still breathe.  So much for thinking he was too tired to get very excited.   

Nuzzling her neck, he thanked her for a wonderful session of lovemaking.  “For it is.  I do
hope that you realize that, my Sam.  There has been no time in the past seven days, up to
and including this time, that there has not been love between us.  I wish you to remember
that, so you will not get some crazy idea into your head that I was forced to do this.  If that
was the case, I would have turned you over to Daniel days ago.”  

Sam smiled softly at him, and her eyes became moist with unshed tears.  Her voice quiet
and earnest, she responded, “I know, Malek, and you have no idea what that means to
me.  My love for you started out seven days ago as a very young and tender plant, but it
has grown by leaps and bounds.  You have no idea how much respect I have for you and
Devlin.  You are both very honorable men, very like Martouf and Lantash.”  

“I don’t know how I was so lucky to be loved by the four of you, but I am so very thankful
that I am and that I love you all in return.  I will never forget the care, the gentleness, the
patience, and the love you have both shown me during this time, nor will I forget your
determination that I would not leave any of you.  I love you, Malek, you and Devlin both.  
Thank you for everything you are and for everything you have done.”  

Malek gazed at her before saying, “Devlin and I, we did not think we would ever love like
this again.  We love you, Samantha, more than anything else in this universe, now and

Sam sighed, as she closed her eyes, feeling him kiss her softly, before leaving the bed.  
She would do so, too, in a little while but not just yet.

A minute later, she opened her eyes and smiled at Malek as he brought in the washing
cloth and proceeded to clean her, as was the Tok’Ra custom of
me etarakr et cor renek qua,
my hands and heart honor you”.  It took a little getting used to, but as Lantash had
explained, the male considered it his duty, as well as a way to honor and show his love
and respect for his mate.  It was part of their mating ritual.  

Picking her up in his arms, he then took her into the facilities.  This was getting to be a
ritual of theirs, but one that would probably die out as she got her strength back, and
their fear for her abated.  He waited patiently, as she used the facilities and washed her
hands and face, before scooping her up and returning her to their bed.  

She did not protest, although she was sure she could have walked.  It had not taken her
long to figure out that it made them feel better, if she allowed them to care for her, so she
made no demure, for now.  Later, when this ordeal was over, would be time enough for

After seeing to it that she was warm and comfortable, he returned to the facilities and she
knew that he would take care of cleaning up himself before returning.  That was just the
way it was done.   

When he came back, he brought food and drink and set it on the table before helping her
to sit with him there.  They sat at their table and ate their meal, neither knowing nor
caring what time it was, because their schedule went by Sam’s internal arousal clock.  If
the aphrodisiac part of the poison was working on her, then that was what they did.  If it
was time to eat too bad.  So, they ate when they were hungry, and she was free from her
urges as she was now.  Fully sated for the moment, the food tasted good to them both.  

“Well, that was nice.  I will be glad to get back to normal meals at normal hours.  I know
you can’t be enjoying this stuff either, Malek.”  

Malek shrugged.  “Food is fuel, but I must admit there are a few other things I would
prefer to be eating.  This is not terrible, but I am becoming tired of it.  I must admit that
some of this was a pleasant change, however.  I must assume that Gava realized that we
were probably becoming tired of the same foods as well.”  

“Let’s go take a shower, Malek.  I would like to get under the water for cleaning purposes
only.  What do you say?  Or do you want to stay here while I go?”  

“I will go as well, Samantha.  Let us take the used bedding and pick up clean bedding as
we come back.”  

“All right.  That sounds as good as the shower.”  Sam smiled at him as she helped to
gather what they needed.  She wished she always felt like she did at this moment.  This
was the oddest acting poison she had ever seen, or heard about.  

She was definitely going to study it.  For one thing, it worried her that there were children
that were exposed to it, and they had no way to work through the poison for them.  When
Janet returned, perhaps Gave, Janet, and she could come up with a different kind of
antidote.  They might even get Anise involved.  Sam kind of liked her now that she knew
her better, and she was a dedicated and very skilled scientist.  That thought aside, she
couldn’t help but think that the chemicals the body produced that caused the breakdown
of the poison could be synthesized.  That was for later though.  For now, she had other
things to do before the poison returned to claim her again.

Sam relaxed as they lie in the clean bed after their bath and meal.  It had only taken
them a short while to wash and gather clean bedding.  Now, forty minutes later, they were
back, and Sam was ready to pursue their earlier conversation.  “What was it you asked me
about?  You wanted to know what
“head” was, right?”   

“Yes.  I believe I had stated that I thought it was an obscure name for some part of the
mating ritual; however, the word itself gave me no clue to help me discern what part.  I
wished you to tell me to what it referred.”   

Sam smiled.  “And, I told you that I would do better than that.  I will show you.”

“So, that being what I said, you need to lie down on your back and close your eyes, love,
and let me explain what the English term
“head” refers to when you are talking about
sex.  I think you will agree that it is just a new name for an old art.”  Sam gave a small
sultry laugh as she reached for the robe ties he had made such good use of the other day.  
This could be fun.  

Leaning forward, she began to tie his wrists together, and his eyes popped open.  “Ah-ah,
no jerking away, and I believe I allowed something similar not too long ago, if I remember
correctly.  Besides, I will be sure you can get loose, if you really want to, just as I could

After closing his eyes, Malek smiled slightly at her.  He could not remember any of his
other mates doing this to him.  Not once in two thousand years.  Looking back on it that
seemed odd.  Surely, at some point one or more had done this?  Evidently, the result had
not been memorable.  He gave a mental shrug.  This time might miss being memorable,
too; however, if it helped to keep Samantha aroused and lucid, then it was worth it to

As far as her tying him down, he doubted very much there was much she could do that
would make him wish to release the ties she was so thoughtfully leaving so easy from
which to escape.  In fact, he would promise himself and Devlin, well, had Devlin been
awake he would have, that he would not untie them himself, no matter what.  He
chuckled.  As if, he needed to make such a promise.  Ah, there went his ankles.  

He opened his eyes when he felt her settle in the v of his spread legs and begin to lightly
run her hands from the tips of his toes to his ankles and back before lying down and
nibbling gently on his ankle and then his instep.  He was glad he had a
qua’atar under
his head, so he could see her, as well as feel what she was doing.  She took her time,
nibbling here, laving there, kissing the inside of one thigh, and then sucking on the inside
of the other, until there was a small bruise there, high on that thigh.  

Malek frowned.  This was arousing.  His shaft was hard and pulsing, as much from
watching as feeling, although every time her fingers inadvertently brushed against his
balls or cock it was a jolt that caused a harder more intense pulsing for a short time.  
“Samantha, is this
"head", then?  It does not derive from anything that is observable
either; therefore, they could not extrapolate it out to mean anything.  That is why you
knew that unless a Tau’ri told them, they would never figure it out.”  

“Um, Malek, love, this is not head.  I will tell you when I reach
“head”, all right?”  

Malek shrugged as well as he could with his arms stretched over his head and agreed.  

“You should concentrate more on what I am doing and less on what constitutes
Sam told him reproachfully.  “I promise I will tell you when we arrive at that part.  You
have been making love to me for seven days.  I think it is time I returned the favor and
made love to you, so relax, and I will get to the head, but first, let me love you.”  

Malek smiled at her and relaxed.  He could do that.  What could it hurt to let her play with
his body for a while?  If it gave her joy and kept the poison at bay was not that what truly
mattered?  He had to admit that he was enjoying watching her decide exactly which spot
on him to examine and explore next.  She seemed to think that he was her personal play
area.  She was exploring every area of him…with her tongue and her lips.  

He found himself pulling slightly on the tie as she gently pulled one of his balls inside her
mouth and rolled it gently before releasing it, as if it did not interest her anymore.  He
watched her rise above him and lie down on him with his cock squeezed between her
breasts.  He wanted to pump his hips to move his manhood between those satiny globes,
but she was more or less holding him down.  Then she smiled at him before her mouth
sank down and began to learn each and every muscle in his abdomen.  First, she barely
breathed on them, then she tasted and nipped them, and last she kissed each nerve
ending that resided in each muscle.  

Finally, her fingers found his nipples and began a light teasing of them, only to follow
them with her lips.  She laved and nipped, but alternated it with sucking.  Before he
realized what he was doing, he was pulling on the ties, and the muscles in his arms were
corded in an attempt to hold them still and not to rip them loose.  He wanted to run his
fingers into her hair and keep her mouth on him forever.  Ah, no, she was leaving there.  

She sat up on his shaft, but it was not within her.  She was sitting on it and rocking back
and forth.  He groaned as he felt her nether lips wrap around him.  If she would rock just
a little farther forward, he could slip inside her.  Yes, just a small bit farther.  She looked
like a Goddess as she sat there massaging his shaft with only the doorway to paradise.  It
was open, if only he could gain admittance there.

Then she was shifting her weight and falling forward onto his chest, so she could torment
the side of his throat in that, oh, so, vulnerable spot she had found only seven days ago.  
There, she was nipping and kissing him, laving and sucking very gently.  Oh, Goddesses,
when her hand came around the back of his neck and began to caress him, he realized
that he should have remembered how well she had played their body before.  

There was no way, if she continued with this, that he would not jerk himself loose, grab
her, and take her.  He moaned as he forced himself to lie still.  This was not going to last.  
The caresses her hands were giving to him and her mouth was giving to their throat were
almost enough to make him spill with no outside stimulation.  If only she had remained
on top of his shaft, or she had not tied his legs so far apart, so he could not get them

Of course, that was why she had done so knowing exactly what he wanted and needed to
do.  Her name had become a litany moaned out in gasps as his hips attempted to find his
shaft some relief from this intense longing to be inside his mate.  The side of his throat
was beginning to hurt, but he did not care, he urged her on until at last, he could no
longer stop his tone from changing, and it became one of discomfort, not pleasure.  As he
had feared, that was her cue to stop what she was doing, and he was not sure if he wanted
her to or not.  

“Malek, my love?  Malek?”  Sam tried to get his attention, but it was hard for him to focus
on anything but his needy body.  This time he was on fire.  It was her turn to set fire to
the forest, and watch it burn.

Finally, he managed an answer, “Yes, my Sam?  What, what do you need?”  

“I don’t need anything, but you wanted to know what
head was, didn’t you?”  She raised
an eyebrow at him, a trick she had picked up from Teal'c.

He focused his eyes on her and nodded, “Yes, yes, I did.  What is it, Samantha?”  

“I am about to show you.  So, pay attention.”

She grasped his throbbing cock in her hand, pumped it once or twice, and stopped on the
backstroke.  “This, my love, is the
“head” of your cock.  That is where the term “head”
derives its name.  Now, I will give you

Sam swooped on Malek and took him into the heated wetness of her mouth,  His hips
came up off the bed, a maneuver she had obviously been expecting, because she had his
balls firmly in her other hand and tugged gently on them to get him to return to the bed.  
He choked out her name again as she began her sensual assault on the other part of his
anatomy that was as sensitive as his own body under Devlin’s skin.  

She was expert in her abilities; there was no doubt.  From the swirls of her tongue gently
around the ridge, to the darts of it in and out of the small slit, to the complete enveloping
of the upper portion of him, it was not long until his hands were free, and his fingers were
laced into her hair.  His legs followed.  The ties, in their barely caught loops, gave very
easily.  She found every sensitive spot and gave each of them extra attention, as she
gently handled the small globes at the same time.  He was very glad he had asked what
head was.  He was also glad he had not made his promise not to untie himself aloud.

When he could take no more without giving her everything he had down her throat, he
told her, his voice shaking, “Samantha, you must stop.  I will not be able to restrain my
release, and although I feel that you would not mind my doing so, I would prefer to make
love to you that we might both find release together.  Please.”  

Sam stopped and looked at him before nodding once.  The truth of course, was that the
act of giving him pleasure had driven her to the point of being hot and ready.  Straddling
him, she brought his hands to her hips and began a slow slide down upon his waiting
cock.  Very slow.  So slow that at last he could not stand anymore and thrust upward
burying himself to the hilt before beginning the rhythm that would bring them both
release.  Soon.  Sam reached behind his neck and began caressing Malek in the ways she
knew best.  Malek did not believe there would be time for that, but he suddenly realized
that the tension had been building in him, since she caressed him earlier.  

He felt as if he was going to come apart as well.  She was going to do it.  She would
accomplish it again.  His hands increased the intensity and speed; she changed to the
ultimate caress on him.  He watched, fascinated, as he plunged into her time after time.  
He did not know whether to watch the swaying of her breasts, the look of passion on her
face, or the raw sexuality of his body entering hers.  All three were erotic in the extreme.  
Sam had her head thrown back and her eyes closed as entranced by the sensations she
was feeling as he was enthralled by the heated passion that was her body.  All rational
and logical thought was lost in his desire for her.  Dear Universe, he was nothing more
than a quivering mass of ravenous, yearning, need.  And that need was Samantha.   

She pressed down on him at the same time he made his deepest, hardest plunge and held
her there grinding against her.  He felt his body release and pulse in time with them, and
the next thing he knew they were locked together in a maelstrom of emotions and
sensations.  The leap into the Abyss was attended by the roaring of the blood in his veins
and the rush of breath from his body.  Never had he felt so heavy and so light, so cold and
so hot, so gentle, or so fierce, or so very loved.  He felt her fall forward onto him, and he
wrapped her protectively in his arms as he felt the darkness greet them for their rest.

Malek awoke abruptly.  Samantha was sleeping peacefully in his arms.  He looked at their
timekeeper.  They had been asleep for a little over an hour.  He felt her forehead.  She
was warm but not excessively so.  Even if he allowed her to sleep, he would stay awake
and monitor her temperature.  

That would be all right though, for he had a great many things to think about.  He shifted
her from his shoulder and side and slid from the bed.  Devlin was still asleep.  He was
truly exhausted, and the sleep that Malek had put him in was very deep.  It had to be for
him to have slept through their earlier lovemaking.  

He would not perform
me etarakr et cor renek qua for Samantha now.  As long as she
could sleep without her fever building, he would allow her to.  After cleaning up himself,
he drew on a pair of leggings and began to check their supplies.  He gathered up some
things that needed removed from the room, and as he took them toward the hall, he
noticed a data pad lying on a small side shelf where odds and ends could be laid.  After
leaving the things outside, he came back and picked it up.  

It was from Gava.  The mission had come from information relayed by one of their many
informers who saw it happen and contacted someone, etc., until it arrived here.  The
information had come to Garshaw, and it was one of her informers that both saw it
happen and relayed it to the Tok’Ra, so Delek did not appear, at least on the surface, to be
involved in this.  As for the facts of the mission, it seemed that a certain someone in the
town laid evidence about them before this system lord for no apparent reason.  They were
still trying to find out why.  Aldwin and Korra had been broken out almost two days ago,
but Korra, in particular, was not in good condition.  Arwanna was with them and taking
care of him.  

They had made it off that world and would make their way back.  They did not know when
that would be, but Arwanna expected it to be no more than another one to two days at
most.  As soon as she sent them on their way, healed enough they could make their way to
the base, she would make her way back to Lantash and Martouf.  As for when they would
arrive at Malek’s base, it would depend on how long it took her to heal Korra, to the point
where he could travel, and then how long it took her to return to Martouf and Lantash,
once Aldwin and Korra were on their way back to the base.  It was to be hoped that it
would be no more than one very long day.  It could be as many as three at worst; however,
Lantash’s belief was that it should be no more than two.

Lantash was playing upset Goa’uld because the two escapees took one of his favorite
concubines as hostage.  That was how they escaped.  It looked as if they were not going to
find them.  They had no clue where they had gone.  

Malek smiled as he envisioned Lantash and Martouf playing one of the parts they did so
well.  No doubt he, as the Minor Goa’uld R’hett, would be loudly lamenting having to leave
at all.  He would say that he would not be leaving, if he did not have an art sale that he
must, simply must, attend.  

How Lantash and Martouf played the different characters they did was beyond him.  It
was one thing to play a System Lord.  It was another entirely to play the type of roles that
Lantash and Martouf had developed.  This one, in particular, was almost effeminate at
times, unless challenged.  And, of course, they had made very sure that all of those they
dealt with knew, very well, that under that lazy, charming, façade was a Goa’uld, and like
most Goa’uld, he would cut your throat in a heartbeat with no remorse.  He was strong
and able with any weapon you chose including your hands, so it was best not to
underestimate what was under the outside of the package.   

Malek shook his head thinking about the quite considerable fortune that Lantash and
Martouf had accumulated while playing that particular Goa’uld.  They had started it using
their own personal funds, since they needed funds immediately, and at the time, the
council could not be brought together to approve it.  So, all profit had remained theirs.  It
had turned out to be a lucrative business for them.   

The council had repined for quite some time over it, and Delek, to this day, maintained
that the money belonged to the council and the community fund.  He was the only one
though.  Even the council disagreed with him.  They had been short sighted, Lantash and
Martouf had used their own funds from the beginning, and any profits were theirs to
keep.  Delek had many reasons to hate Lantash and Martouf.  That was just one more.

The best news, though, was that they were all right, and nothing had gone wrong on the
mission.  It had gone well and as soon as Arwanna returned, they would leave for Malek’s
base.  It sounded from the rest of Gava’s news that it could be some time yet, but that was
all right.  He did not care what time they arrived as long as they would soon be back.  
Malek relaxed for a moment allowing the relief to roll through him.  He had not realized
how much tension he had been feeling about their absence, until now.  He stood, walked
back to the bed, and placed his hand on her forehead.  It was a little warmer but not
spiking as it had before.  

He removed his leggings and slid in beside her, pulling her into his arms.  She opened
her eyes and looked at him.  “Malek.  How long have you been awake?”  

“Not long.  Gava has been here and left us a message.  Korra and Aldwin have been
rescued, and the rescue party expects to be able to leave to return home either tomorrow
or the next day.  They may not be here until late on the second or perhaps the third day,
my Sam, but they should arrive sometime within the next three days.  Why are you
crying?  I thought that news would make you happy.”  

Sam nodded.  “It did.  I am just so relieved, Malek.  I was so afraid that something had
happened to them.  Now that we know they are all right, I can stop worrying so much
about them.  I have been very anxious about the mission, since it seemed to be taking
longer than they thought it would.”  

“I know.  I am sorry I could not put your mind at rest before this.  Arwanna just contacted
the council today and gave them the information.  Your
Kea’kesh Mae’tek will soon return,
and you will feel much better.  I, too, will feel much better, though I will miss you very

“Why would you miss me?”  

“I doubt that Lantash and Martouf will agree to us staying together until the formal
bonding.  Their minds will be able to accept that this had to be, Samantha, but I cannot
guarantee that their hearts will be able to accept it so completely for a while.  Without
realizing it, they may need to punish me, and the best way would be by denying me what I
have come to crave so much.  It will be a small price to pay for their peace of mind.  
Eventually, their mind will convince their heart.  I know them well enough to know that.  
Furthermore, they will place their ill feelings on me, not you.”  

“I don’t want them doing that, Malek.  You are not to blame for this.  I am.  I was at fault
for picking it and inhaling it, and I was at fault for not telling them my suspicions of

Malek nodded.  “Up to a point that is true, but you had a rational and legitimate reason
for withholding the information from them.  Like you, I believe they would have acted
rashly, so I do not fault you for withholding the information from them.  I believe we have
a case against Delek now.  I think he will be in a very tight spot, and we will catch him
before Lantash and Martouf have a chance to do anything, er, reckless.”  

“So, now we have our good news and are much relieved by it, therefore, there has been
enough of this talk.  You are beginning to get warmer, and if you look at our timekeeper, it
is one hour and forty-five minutes since we last made love.  That is the longest you have
gone in three days.”

“You are getting better, my Sam.  Lantash and Martouf are coming home.  Delek has
caused his own downfall by being careless and overconfident.  Everything is going to work
out fine.  We have much to do tomorrow.  However, before any of those other things come
to pass there are some things I wish to do with you.”  

Sam looked at him with a slight smile on her lips, “What are those things, Malek?  What
do you want to do with me?”  

Malek smiled back at her.  “First, let me love you.”

The End

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