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Series Summary: Several months ago, the SGC was taken over and many of the personnel captured and
tortured.  They are freed, but are living with the Tok'Ra, and most are back to taking on missions, even though
there are some lingering effects from their captivity.  But now, someone is trying to kill Sam.  Who?  And Why?
These are Adult stories that follow Sam as she initially suffers from a case of memory loss, then is the object of
several more attacks.  Along the way, she collects multiple mates.  Most of the stories can be read as stand-
alone.  Almost all are NC-17.  I would call them PWP's but there is a plot and story line that carries forward from
one to the next, so I am simply saying they are adult in nature.

Story Two Summary:  Although Sam just returned from a mission, Lantash and Martouf are urgently needed to
rescue Aldwin and Korra from a System Lord that they have dealt with successfully in the past.  Sam is coming
down with a cold, so she thinks it is just as well they will be gone for the next few days as it will give her a
chance to recover from it.  Lantash/Martouf discuss Malek/Devlin’s request to become her second-mate and
exactly what that means in real terms.  They approve of the addition to their household, but it is up to Sam.  She
decides that she would like to have them join her and her mates in the very old bonding called, for now anyway,
Siaf’kesh’cor, Five Bound by the Heart.

Siaf’kesh’cor - Five Bound by the Heart – A Threesome Containing Three Humans and Two Symbiotes
Siest’kesh’cor - Six bound by the Heart – A Threesome Containing Three Symbiotes and Three Humans
Mae’tek Tari’esk – Mate-brothers, but not Mates
Se’kesh Mae’tek – Second Mate
“Italics” – Symbiote-Host communications

Sam moaned, and then whimpered as she laid on the medical bay bed.  “I do not believe
this, Martouf.  I simply do not believe this.  I am warning you.  If I lose my memory again,
you are to tell me everything, do you understand?  Everything.”  After just having spent
three months missing the previous three months from her memory due to PTSD, and
thinking that Martouf, Lantash, and she were having
“marital” problems, and they wanted
to leave her, or she wanted to leave them, before she lost her memory, she was not about
to let them keep information from her again.  

She turned to Arwanna.  “Do you hear me, Arwanna?  If my memory leaves again, I do not
want any of this,
“let her remember on her own” crap.  It almost cost me my bonding, and I
not live through that happening again.  The next time my memory comes back, and I
find out I have spent three miserable months believing my mate hates me, and wants me
to leave, I will be extremely angry.”  

“Samantha, please.  It is unnecessary to divulge our personal conversations to others,”
Martouf said softly.

“Yes, Martouf, it is necessary.  They need to know what they almost caused.  They would
have been responsible, if I had left and gone back to Earth, as well.  They were wrong not
to tell me anything at all, and you know it.  And, if they are treating anyone else the way
they treated me, they better start rethinking their treatment,” Sam snapped, and then
moaned again, as her head pounded.  “How could you do this to me, Martouf?  You know I
can’t catch myself.  You broke my arm, and gave me a concussion.  I can’t believe this.”  

“Samantha, I am truly sorry.  You do everything so well that I forget that you do not have
the same reflexes that we have.  If Lantash had been awake, he would have warned me.”  

“What is he going to say when he wakes up and finds me with a broken arm and a
concussion?  Or are you hoping they will have me healed by then, so he will never have to
know?”  Sam sniffed derisively.  

“Samantha, I have said I am sorry.  I do not know what more I can do.  I brought you here
to be healed.”  Martouf crossed his arms over his chest and his lips tightened as he

The healer frowned as she touched her forehead.  “Samantha, how are you feeling other
than the concussion and the arm?  Are you feeling well?”  

“No, I am not.  I think I am getting a cold.”  At the healer’s frown she sighed, “It is a
disease humans get.  It is usually caused by a virus.  I was in the rain for four days.  I
imagine my immune system is still a little down.  It will probably go away in a few days.  
Its most notable symptoms are fever, aches, pains, congestion, sore throat, and sniffles.  
Some people get cranky, unreasonable, and short tempered.  I don’t usually get that
way.”  She missed Martouf smiling slightly at Arwanna at her claim of not being cranky,
short tempered, or unreasonable.  

“As far as this other matter of your memory.  We had no idea that you would think
anything so foolish.  Had we known, then of course we would have told you it was work
related, not personal, and I am glad that you brought it to our attention.  We will be sure
to reassure the others who are in your position that it was, indeed, work related.  If you,
as level headed and intelligent as you are, can think something so preposterous, then
there is no telling what some of the others are thinking, and we will tell them as soon as
we get you taken care of.  All right?”  

“Yes, thank you.  And it is not preposterous.  I could not remember my bonding either.  
How was I too know?  They would not talk to me about it, so to me that meant there was
something wrong between us.  You can’t just give arbitrary orders when it concerns the
emotions of people.  The only way I knew that our bonding was even real was because my
dad said it was.  If it had not been for him, I probably would not have believed that, the
way things were being presented to me.”

“I suppose that is true.  You knew nothing of what had happened before and no way of
knowing.  We will not do so again.  About this other, I am not so sure, Samantha.  You are
very hot to the touch.  Can you tell us about it?”

Sam nodded.  “I know.  A fever is all part of it.  Sometimes other unpleasant things
happen, too, but so far, I don’t feel any of those.  Just the achy stuff, the congestion, the
fever, the sore throat.  Don’t worry about it.  You have any aspirin?  No?  That could be a
problem.  It is something I do need.  If you have any way to get some, you might want to
do that.”  

Sam opened her eyes, but closed them as Arwanna returned and finished healing the
broken bone with the healing device.  The other healer, the one working on the slight
concussion, also shut hers down.  “The concussion also was only slight, Samantha.”  

“Martouf, on the other platform, now, please,” Arwanna requested as she moved toward it.  

“Lantash will be up shortly, Arwanna.  He will heal it.”  

“Now, Martouf.  I do not have time to argue with you.  Your shoulder is wrenched.  
Samantha is not well, and she is not going to walk back to her room.  You cannot carry
her as you are, so over here.”

“I can walk, Arwanna.  I only have a cold, not some fatal illness.  We were just running a
bit ago for heaven’s sake.”    

“That is alright, Arwanna, I will carry her.”  Malek stood in the doorway, obviously just
returning from some meeting.  He strode to Sam and lifted her into his arms before she
could protest.  He watched more color flood her face.

“I will take her to your room, Martouf.”  Turning, he left, not waiting for a reply.  He could
hear Martouf arguing with Arwanna behind him.  He smiled to himself.  Martouf’s
shoulder would be healed when he returned to their room.  The healers almost always
won.  They were very strong willed.

Arriving at their chamber, he took her in and laid her on their sleeping platform, but
frowned as he looked more closely at her.  She did not look well.  He had thought her color
very high in the pool, but had assumed it was from the sexual exercise she, Martouf, and
Lantash had been participating in.  That had been followed by the realization that he had
observed them as they mated and Samantha was still not used to the openness of the Tok’

Then he had approached Lantash and Martouf with a request to be considered as her
second-mate, in
Siest’kesh’cor, six bound by the heart.  This was neither exercise, nor
embarrassment induced.  If anything, she should be pale from being hurt, not flushed as
she was.  

“Can I get you anything, Samantha?”  Malek asked her softly.  

Sam smiled at him.  “No, but I do need to get up.  I need the facilities, and I need some
water.  I want a tee-shirt, too.”  She smiled at him again, as she slid off the bed and
headed into their facilities.  

When she came out, he could tell that she had done whatever she felt was necessary and
dressed for bed.  He had been told that the Tau’ri women sometimes slept in long tee-
shirts.  He would guess he was finally seeing one.  His lips quirked.  If they thought they
were less sexy in them, they were wrong.  All it did was give a man’s mind room to dream
and fantasize.  

“I guess Martouf and I should have just stayed here after we got back from the pool.  We
were here for a while.”  She picked her pack up from where they had used it in a rather
interesting way not long ago and set it back in its usual place.  She stared at it, frowning,
trying to remember what it was she wanted from it.  She shook her head and turned back
to Malek and looked at him blankly as if she was confused as to why he was there.

“Come, Samantha, you should be in bed.  Were you and Martouf racing and sliding
around the corners in the tunnels again?  Yes, I can see by your face that you were.  
Lantash must be dormant.”  He muttered, almost under his breath, about irresponsible
young men.  Sam smiled.

“I hardly think he is a young man, or irresponsible, Malek.  We were both playing.  The
corner was sharper than I was prepared for, so I shouldn’t have blamed him; it really was
my fault.  I am feeling lousy because of this cold, and I took it out on him.  He carried me
with his shoulder hurt, you know, and he shouldn’t have.”  She sighed.  “Martouf is much
too kind to me.  He should have told me to shut up and quit moaning.”  

Malek smiled up at her, as she sat on the edge of the sleeping platform, and he knelt at
her feet to remove her slippers.  “Between all of you, you are spoiling me to death.  I can
hardly dress myself anymore.  Someday, I will wake up and have to sit on the edge of the
bed because I won’t remember how to put on any of my clothing without one of you to help

Malek just shook his head at her and continued to massage her feet before standing and
placing his arm under her legs to lift them onto the platform and cover her with the light
blanket laying there.  He was extremely surprised, and concerned, at the heat in her

“Samantha, why is your skin so hot to the touch?”  He asked her, as he frowned down at
her where she lie looking up at him.  

“I just have a cold, Malek.  It’s a disease that humans get.  It’s generally caused by a
virus.  I am probably running a fever, since that is one of the body’s defense mechanisms.  
Not that it works, but at least it tries.  I’ll probably get a stopped up nose, a sore throat,
maybe a cough.”  

“This is a serious disease, Samantha?”  Malek asked, as he watched the color rise higher
and her eyes become somewhat glazed.  His frown neither left nor eased.  He did not like
the way Samantha looked or felt.  He feared that this “cold” was more than she was

Sam shrugged.  “It probably wouldn’t be, if I had the medications here to at least treat the
symptoms.  We can’t cure it; we’re not to that point yet with most of these kinds of
diseases.  But we have medications that can alleviate the symptoms.  The fever, the
cough, and the nose.  It will just be really uncomfortable that’s all.”  Sam avoided his
eyes.  She was not about to tell him that if it was not
“just a cold” that it could be bad.  
Like pneumonia.  Without antibiotics, she would be on her own, and she knew her
immune system was probably still not in great shape after the ordeal she had barely lived
through.  Otherwise, this cold would not have this hold on her.  Damn.  

Malek watched her.  She was not telling him everything.  She was lying.  So.  It could be
as she said.  Or it could become worse, and end in death.  That was what she was not
telling them.  He would have to tell Lantash.  They should talk to Jacob.  Now that her
memory had returned, there was no longer a reason to wait to introduce her symbiote.  He
did not think she was in dire need of anything right now though.  He had some things to
do and then he would take a short state of dormancy.  Thirty minutes would rest him
sufficiently for two days if need be.  Why was he thinking that way?  Nonsense.  

“Will you be all right alone, until Martouf and Lantash arrive, Samantha?  If so, I will go
change and eat.  I will check on you later, if that would be acceptable.”  

Sam smiled, her eyes unfocused and somewhat dreamy looking.  She blinked them into
focus.  It was Malek.  She lifted her hand and laid it on his cheek.  “You are acceptable to
me, Malek.  By all means go and do what you need to do before joining us.”  She let her
hand drop and her eyes close, before rolling over and curling onto her side.  

“I wish I could believe that you meant that, Samantha, but I am not sure if that was you,
or your “cold” talking.  I will return later, however, that I will promise you.”  He covered
her well, turned and left.  

“Martouf!  Hold up.”  Jacob ran up to him lightly.  “I need to talk to you.  This way.”  He
led him down a hall and into an empty meeting room.  “Do you remember doing the Intel
on Mahes?  You gathered it a few years ago?”  

“Yes, of course, Jacob.  It went very well.  We managed to escape without, as far as we
know, losing our cover, although you know as well as I, that can never be known one
hundred percent.  In fact, that was only one of several times I have had contact with him.  
Why?”  Martouf looked at him, his curiosity obvious.   

“Because we just got word that Aldwin and Korra have been captured and are being,
“interrogated”.  The council wants you and I to go in and get them out.  Well you, I, and
whoever else you consider that we might need.  What do you think?  That is actually their
first question, as always.  Can it be done?  I say yes, but then, I always say yes; comes
from being Tau’ri and not accepting defeat.  Korra and Aldwin shouldn’t have been
anywhere near him, but then, we don’t know why he was on this world anyway.”

“What world is it, Jacob?”  


“When we knew him, he had a lover there, so he built a stronghold, and he stays there
often.  He was quite taken with her.  In fact, I would say he was in love with her.  I do
hope that Korra and Aldwin were not caught with her.  If so, we will be lucky to get to
them before they are killed.”  

“No, they weren’t, but someone in the village gave information against them.  I don’t
suppose you know who that would have been, do you?”  

“Yes, we know exactly.  We will pay them a visit also.”   

“Gather Jorlin, Korvesh, and Anise.  Tell Anise she is to come as my concubine.  He loves
this woman, but he is not immune to others.  Also Arwanna.  If I show up without a full
entourage, he will be very wary.  I had eight with me the last time including my
concubines.  In fact, I believe all of the women dressed as concubines, so we better keep to
the same type and manner of doing things this time as well.  I will have to take all Tok’Ra
with me, as we do not have time to attempt to gather any of our outside operatives.”

“M.O.  Then we need more.  We want this to work.  Daimesh, Brialek, and Jocasta, would
they do?  Both Jorlin and Jocasta are extremely attractive and both are built like, er, well,
both are really well built women.”  

“M.O.?  Yes, and it will make Daimesh feel better being along.”  Martouf smiled wryly,
knowing that the couple, Arwanna and Daimesh, while taking single missions usually
preferred to do only those they could do together.  Since one was a very highly skilled
healer, and the other a Keeper of the Keys, they were rarely sent on missions.  The
Keepers were important.  They guarded those children of Egeria’s that were still in stasis
and had never been blended.

“Mode of operations.  Easier than that mouthful, saves time.”

“When are we leaving, Martouf?"  Lantash asked abruptly.  

“How long have you been awake?"  Martouf questioned him, obviously somewhat uneasy.  

“Since Arwanna started scolding you for being so careless with our mate.  Something I still
must and fully intend to do,”
Lantash responded exactly as Martouf expected him to
should he find out about Samantha and her accident.    

“I do not know when we are leaving; however, I would assume that it will be quite soon.  Do
my plans meet with your approval?  What is our reason for searching him out?  That is the
only thing that I have not yet planned.  And I was not being careless with Samantha; we
were simply enjoying ourselves,”
Martouf both answered and defended himself.    

“Do we still have that extremely tasteless painting from the Obreccillians?  The red and
black monstrosity?  We shall take that to him.  We are on our way from point a to point b.  
The cover story is not a problem we will concoct the remainder of it on our way there,”

Lantash had no trouble coming up with a likely scenario to get them into his stronghold.  
“As for your “playtime” with our mate there are times when Samantha does not know what
is best for her, and you, being older and supposedly wiser, must be the more mature and
He scolded Martouf, his voice laced with exasperation.  

Ignoring the last of his reproof, Martouf told Jacob, “Lantash has our cover story set.  We
are hoping we can break them out without us being involved.  If they are able to go
through the Chaappa’ai, it will be much better for us.  We need to be sure we have healing
devices with us.”  

Jacob nodded, saying, “Sounds good.  Can we make it forty-five, Martouf?  We are to go to
Malek’s base; he has a tel’tak there that we can use.  We should be at Cabior within eight
hours after that.”  

Martouf indicated his agreement, telling him, “See you at the rings in forty-five, Jacob.”  

“Right.  Oh, and Martouf?  I don’t think a Goa’uld would have a bruise that size on the
side of his neck.  I think Lantash might want to do something about it.  Tell my daughter I
got her message.”  

Martouf nodded and grinned at him.  “He promised Samantha he would not heal it but
leave it to disperse on its own.  Therefore, he will not heal it until we are away from here.  
Now I must go tell Samantha and change my clothing.  I will give her your message.  We
will meet you at the rings.”  

God, she was hot, so hot.  She was burning up.  Why did she have all of these covers on
her?  Why couldn’t she get them off her?  Sam fought the blankets and finally managed to
get uncovered.  

Sitting up suddenly, she moaned as her head felt like it was going to fall off.  Crap.  She
had it bad.  Her night shirt was soaking wet.  So was the light blanket she had over her
and the one on which she was lying.  She changed the bedding, but she felt too sticky to
get back on the sleeping platform now that its coverings were clean.  

Grabbing her robe and bathing soaps, she headed for the closest pools.  Within minutes,
she was washed rinsed, wrapped in a huge bath blanket and drying her hair.  As soon as
she was finished with that she slipped on her robe and pulled off the blanket.  Throwing it
into the used bin she turned to leave and the blankets caught her eye.  She grabbed four
of them and headed back to the room.  She felt better, at least for the moment.  

She threw her night shirt in their dirty clothes bin, and proceeded on to their room.  
Grabbing another night shirt, she had just used the facilities, finished filling a glass with
water, and climbed into bed, when Martouf almost ran into the room.  She looked at them
in surprise and searched his face.  He slowed and came over to the sleeping platform.  
Sitting down on the edge of it facing her, he picked up her hands, cooler now that the
fever had broken for the moment, and sighed, before saying, “I must leave on a rescue
mission, at once.  Will you be all right?  Your hands seem cooler.”

“I’ll be fine.  Shouldn’t you be getting ready to go?  You can talk to me as you gather what
you need and get dressed, Martouf.  Go ahead, now.”  She smiled at him and nodded
toward the area where clothing and trunks were kept.  

Leaning over, he kissed her softly glad they had made love several times, since she
returned earlier, because now it looked as if he could be gone, possibly for several days.  It
was too bad that she had not accepted Malek as her second-mate.  He would have felt
much better about leaving her knowing there was someone caring for her.  Her forehead
felt warm, but not alarmingly so.  Earlier it had been much warmer.  Perhaps, she was
already getting over this
“cold”.  His lips moved back to linger on hers before she pulled
back and shook her head at him.  

“Mission.  Get ready.”  

Smiling at her, he got up and began to change into more sumptuous clothing.  Clothing
befitting a Goa’uld satellite, one who was quite happy with his position, as long as no one
expected too much of him.  His art, his wealth, and his women were all he really wanted to
think about and that was what he did.  He had many
“friends” among the minor System
Lords.  Whenever they wanted something special in the way of art or decoration word was
sent to him and he could usually find the object of their desire.  If he could not, chances
were good it could not be found by anyone.  He had managed to gather a great deal of
intel through the years.

“What has happened that they are taking you away from the administration side all of a
sudden, Martouf?  My recovery?”  

Since she was too close to the truth for their comfort, they kept their back to her as they
answered, “Aldwin and Korra have been captured by a minor System Lord known as
Mahes.  We have dealt with him on numerous occasions.  Unless something drastic has
happened, the last time we parted, he still knew me to be no more than a minor Goa’uld
satellite, quite satisfied with my place within their hierarchy.  By the time we reach our
destination, Lantash will have given me a very nice beard and heavier eyebrows.  It has
been our means of disguise for many years now when Lantash is playing this part.  
Otherwise, we are always as you know us.”  

“Lantash is known as something of a
“procurer” among the Goa’uld, Samantha, and before
you ask, no, not of flesh.  When anyone wants something artistic that is rather unusual,
word is sent to…this could become complicated, Samantha, so whether I use I or we you
will know that I mean Lantash, as I am sure you understand.  Therefore, to
continue…when anyone wants something artistic that is rather unusual, word is sent to
us along with the details and descriptions of what is wanted.  If it can be found within the
galaxy, we have a reputation for being able to find it.  It is said that if R’hett, our Goa’uld
persona, cannot procure it, then it cannot be found by anyone.”  He smiled into her eyes,
as they widened.  

“This time acting as R’hett I will go in, with an artifact that I bought with him in mind, the
moment I saw it.  Since I was passing so close by, I thought I would give him his gift.  My
“girls” will be sitting with me and my other servants will be working in the kitchen
preparing food for my delicate stomach.  It is very tender ever since someone, I swear it is
true, tried to poison me.  They will also be trying to find out where our people are.  There
that should do it.  I believe I have every thing we need and we still have at least twenty

He sat down next to her and pulled her into his arms.  She was still warm but her body
temperature did not seem to be increasing as it had earlier.  “I wish I could go with you,
but I would probably sneeze all over you and him.  That would not make much of an
impression.  Besides, I know how this works.  I’ll feel like crap tomorrow.  It’s probably
just as well that you will be gone; I’ll feel terrible and might even be cranky and snappy,
anyway.  One minute I would want you with me, and the next I would just want peace and
quiet, so my head would stop hurting.  Are you going to be gone several days?  If so, I
should be over the worst of it by the time you get back.”  She wrinkled her nose at him as
he tapped it.  

“Yes, we probably will be unless we are extremely lucky.  He is not at his main stronghold,
but the one he has on Cabior.  Had we known where they were sending Aldwin and Korra,
we would have warned them to take care, for he is often there.  It will take time to locate
them, if he has changed anything.  If he has not, then it will be easier, but we will still
need a way to remove them safely and depending on how badly he has tortured them that
could be difficult.  Luckily, his lover is not a friend of most Goa’uld, although she really
does care for him.  It is an unusual situation, for with her he is totally different.  
Consequently, she will help us by keeping him very busy some evening,” Martouf
explained the situation quickly and concisely.    

Then he sighed, telling her, “Still, we could very well be several days.  We expect three or
four.  We wish we had already discussed and perhaps welcomed Malek into our pairing as
your second-mate.  We would feel much better about leaving you while you feel so

“What is a second-mate, Martouf?”  She looked at him steadily.  It was obvious that
whatever it was, he, and Lantash, were very serious about doing it, if she would only

He caressed her lightly, saying, “The Tok’Ra have a bonding that takes place sometimes
between two men and a woman, or two women and one man.  Occasionally we have two
and two, or even three and one.”  


Lantash came forward and said softly, “You mentioned Malek to us at least twice this day
in conjunction with the words sex and exciting, Samantha.  One of the thoughts that you
had, when you could not figure out what was wrong with our bonding was that you wished
to leave me for Malek.  It would not have happened, by the way.  We would most certainly
have ended up in
Siest’kesh’cor.  It means six bound by the heart.  You do not yet have
your symbiote, but when you do, she would be the sixth.”  

“Doesn’t the idea of another man making-love to me bother you, Lantash?”  Sam asked
him, obviously somewhat upset.   

He shook his head slowly, evidently working out how and what he wanted to say before
answering, “We do not look on it in quite that way, Samantha.  We look on it as a sharing
of love between the six not taking away from one to give it to the other.  You have enough
love in your heart to love both of us, if not equally, at least very much.  Malek would be
the other or second-mate.  While bound to us, he would be freer, as a second mate, to take
a first-mate of his own should he meet and fall in love with someone.  It rarely happens
but it has been known to.  It happened to Martouf and me when we met Rosha and
Jolinar.  So it can happen, but as I said, not often.”   

“Malek is already in love with you, or he would not have approached me with his request.  
You must understand what he is requesting as well as offering, in order to completely
comprehend the commitment he is offering to us, Samantha.  The
Se’kesh Mae’tek, the
second-mate, loves the woman just as the first mate, and as such he takes on the same
responsibilities as the first mate.”  

“Should something happen to me, then Malek would become the first mate.  You would be
sheltered, protected, and cared for by him.  He would take the responsibility of helping
you through the pain of our loss and the trauma that is associated with it.  If Malek came
to you, then he would promise to love you and care for you, to honor and respect you, in
all ways, and he would promise me that he would love and care for you, that he would
honor and respect you and that in our absence he would become your mate, in all ways.”  

He paused once more and kissed the top of her head before once more beginning to
explain the connections, “In the
Siest’kesh’cor it is as if the female, or male, becomes a
connection that joins them.  The energy simply continues to circle through them until it
bursts free into the most intense release I have ever felt.  Well,” he stopped and smiled
slightly before telling her, “It was the most intense I have ever felt until you managed to
introduce this dual climax that Martouf and I appear to share now.  I must admit that it is
very intense, and I would enjoy having it within the bond of
Siest’kesh’cor.  To return to
that, I have heard many others describe that release in this way also.  The most important
aspect of the joining is that it affects even the everyday life, so it is not just sexual in form,
it is emotional.  It is definitely about the emotion, as much, if not more, than the sexual
gratification, wonderful though that certainly is.”  

“It is a unique bond, Samantha, and I would have no objection if you joined Malek to us.  I
have been in a bond of the heart with him before, and he is very responsible.  His mate
has been gone a long time, and you are the first woman in which I have seen him show an
interest.  He and I are already close.  I would welcome him to our bed, if you would wish to
have him with us.  I would feel that you were protected, if you can understand that.”  

“As I said before, I know you are attracted to him, so it is a matter of deciding if you can
love him as a woman loves a man.  He seems to be very stern and solemn, but as you
have seen, he really is not.  His host is a very shy somewhat introverted man who prefers
watching to participating, but he does occasionally come forward.  As you have found, he
is much different in a one on one situation, and I have noticed that the two of you seem to
get along well.  I believe that you would be happy with Malek as your second-mate, and I
believe that you would be good for him, as well.  It would not upset me to return and find
that you had accepted him, so do not think it would.”  

Sam leaned forward and placed her head on his shoulder.  “You are a very good friend, as
well as a wonderful lover.  I’ll give it some very serious thought.  Knowing that you would
truly welcome him will make it much easier.  I have to admit that from the time he picked
me up and carried me as if I was precious and fragile, he has kind of, oh, I don’t know,
intrigued me, I guess.  I admit that I have felt drawn to him, too.  He’s a very attractive,
um, person and we have become friends.  I have tried not to let my feelings for him grow
stronger because on Earth that would be a very big no, no.”  

Lantash smiled at her once again, but he also looked sad.  He sighed, before explaining to
her, “We do not considerate it so here, Samantha.  Here we consider it a blessing.  Too
often our mates are left behind, and it truly helps when we are on missions, if we know
that if something goes wrong and we do not return to them that our mate will have
someone to care for them.  Our mates are our most precious possessions, my Samantha.  
And by that I do not mean that we own you in a physical sense; it is more of an emotional
sense for us.  We mean the most precious possession we hold in our hearts, not in our

Sam nodded, biting her lip at the emotion in his voice.  She leaned forward and kissed
him deeply.  “I hold the two of you locked deeply within my heart, too.  Please don’t ever
doubt it.  And please don’t worry about me, while you’re gone.  If you truly wish it, and it
will make your heart lighter, then I will probably accept Malek and Dev.  But, they will
never take your places.  No one could ever do that.  No one.”  

“We understand, Samantha.  Moreover, knowing that you will do so will make our hearts a
little lighter.  I believe he would step in even though the formal bonding was not
completed knowing my feelings and yours.  So that does set my mind at rest, as well as
my heart.  Martouf and I both trust Malek to care for you while we are gone.”  

So deep in the kiss that they did not hear the knock on the wall, neither did they notice
when Jacob walked in gingerly.  “Jeez, do you guys ever do anything else?”  
“Not now that my memory is back, and I know that my husbands do not hate me, and I
was not trying to leave them.  It would have been nice, if someone would have at least told
me it was work related.  I might even have remembered sooner instead of spending three
months agonizing over the failure of my marriage,” Sam spoke abruptly to her father.  

Jacob blinked at her.  “What?”  

“I thought that the reason I lost my memory was because Lantash and I weren’t getting
along, and I was going to leave him.  I thought that maybe he accidentally caused me to
fall and hit my head.  Then, because I lost my memory, he felt that he had to stay with me
even though he didn’t really want to do so.  Someone should have told me the facts, even
if they didn’t give me details.”

“If I’d known you were thinking anything as crazy as that, I certainly would have,” was
Jacob’s somewhat acerbic response.  “Of all the crazy, idiotic things to think, Sam.  Why
in the world would you come up with such a ridiculous theory?  What could possibly have
made you believe that Lantash didn’t want you?  The way he feels about you there is no
way he would ever be like that.”  Jacob snorted rudely, as he sent her an “I don’t believe
what I am hearing” look.   

Sam’s eyes narrowed and she jerked his chain, asking, “What did Selmak do?  Give you
some time out of jail for good behavior, did he?”  

He frowned at her, and then pointedly ignoring her, he turned to Lantash saying, “Our
departure’s been delayed.  The tel’tak we are supposed to take isn’t in yet, but they expect
it in about an hour and a half.  Meet you at the rings?”   

“Yes, Jacob.  I will be there.”  Lantash sighed with relief.  That was good; they would have
another hour and a half before they left that they could spend with Samantha.  

Finally smiling at her dad instead of continuing to needle him, she asked, “Dad?  Do you
have any aspirin?”  

Jacob frowned.  “No, I don’t think so, why?”  

“I told you earlier.  I have a cold.  Listen, while you are on Malek’s base, hit Daniel up for
some would you?  And some antihistamines?  Maybe some cold meds, if he has any.  
Surely by now, the guys have had someone gather some supplies that regular humans
need?  Well I know they have because you made sure I had, er, some feminine products.  I
can’t be the only one that’s needed an aspirin in the last four months.”  

“I’m sure you aren’t, kiddo.  I promise I’ll see what I can find for you, okay?  You don’t look
like you feel too bad.”  Jacob put his hand on her forehead and frowned.  “Don’t the
healers have something that could check body temperature?  I’ll bet they do.  Their
sensors probably check that as well as other things.  If that keeps going up, you have
Gava check it to see how high it is, and if they don’t have aspirin on base, I’ll see to it that
one of our operatives get you some.”  

“They may have to make a trip to earth and get some antibiotics as well as other stuff, if
no one has any.  If it’s a cold they wouldn’t do much good, but if it’s going into something
else, you could need them.  I wish we still had Janet for this kind of stuff.  Last I heard
she is doing really well, though, and we should have her back very soon.  Unfortunately,
not soon enough to take care of this.  Not that she could do much without the supplies she
needs.  That is something we should see about setting up, so that we have it on hand.”  
Jacob frowned more as he realized they had neglected something that could be rather
important to the humans among them.  

“Thanks, Dad, I would really appreciate that.  Having Janet back would be great, too.  I
miss everyone.  How are you guys getting on and off earth though?  You can’t go through
the gate can you?”  

“I know you miss everyone, Sam, and you should be able to go see them before long.  Jack
is due back in about a week and Daniel is around on and off.  He’s working with one of
our historians and enjoying the hell out of it; he’s like a kid in a candy store,” he grinned
as he told her about Daniel.  

“As for gate travel, the Tok’Ra can if they need to, but for the most part they have no
reason to go there.  The operatives that are working undercover as humans can’t arrive
that way though.  Believe it or not, President Hayes was so pissed about the whole mess,
he’s had some Special Forces units stationed in that abandoned nuke site not far from the
mountain.  There are now rings there and the Tok’Ra have access to a way in and out of
the country by a back door.  He has made sure that only a hand full of people know about
it, too.  And I mean a handful.  You, me, Lantash, Malek, Jack, Daniel, Teal'c, Per’sus, the
President, of course since he did it, and one or two special ops people that are so clean
they squeak when they walk.”  

“Most of the people assigned there think a chopper brings people in because we always
call one in when we ring anyone in.  They see it land and people walk out.”  Jacob
shrugged.  “For now, until we can take the gate back, that is how it has to be.  We have a
couple of jets there if we need them, and if we have to we can go in stealth and ring to the
ground.  Unfortunately, then you have people appearing from nowhere.”  Jacob sighed,
adding, “Well, I probably should go.  You don’t look like you feel too bad for now, anyway,
but I still need to see if Daniel has any aspirin.”

“I feel a little better than I did earlier.  Some aspirin, some sleep, and I’ll probably be
fine,” Sam assured him with a smile.    

“Good.  Well, I’ll see you in a few days, sweetheart.  See you in an hour and a half,
Lantash, Martouf.”  

“We will be there, Jacob,” Lantash told him as he headed for the door.  Jacob sent an off-
hand wave as he left their rooms.    

Lantash looked at Sam and felt a stirring in his loins.  He would be gone for several days,
and she looked like she felt better.  She looked delicious in fact.  Leaning over, he brought
their lips together.  Hers felt slightly drier than normal, but the minute her tongue came
out to taste his lips, he did not think of that anymore.  He was not thinking of much of
anything.  Martouf came forward to start the play between them.

Sam looked at him, and suddenly, she wanted him once more.  One more time.  “Martouf,
before you say goodbye, come make-love to me.”

Standing he slipped the garment he had just donned, off and folded it neatly.  He would
need it soon.  He moved back to Samantha and watched her as she reached for the hem of
her sleep shirt and pulled it up and over her head.  He sucked in his breath, as he always
did when her body was unveiled for him.  Lantash moaned in his head.  Yes, he
understood that moan only too well.  It was all he could do not to do the same thing
himself.  He reached for her, and bringing her to the edge of the sleeping platform he
brought her forward until she was barely sitting on it, and then he knelt in front of her.  
Swooping in, he took first one breast and suckled on it, and then the other.  He heard her
small gasps that were followed by her moans.  

He shivered.  He could smell the hot muskiness of her.  There was no greater aphrodisiac
as far as he was concerned.  One small scent of her and he was stiff enough to drive
nails.  Moving inward toward her again, he went first to her lips.  Once there he drank
from her, deeply, very deeply, until he was afraid he was going to drown in the well.  

His hand found its way to her sides and caressed her softly, easily, trying to caress all of
her.  His lips moved from her mouth to her cheek and from there to the edges of her ear,
stopping there to delve within, feeling her shiver from the entrance before leaving to travel
back toward her eyes and brow.

His hands were everywhere.  Her sides, her ribs, her legs.  Her back was explored, every
inch of it slowly, minutely, from shoulder to hip and back again.  Desire spiraled.  She
was burning him alive as she did every time he touched her.  Would he ever have his fill
of her sweet body?  Would he ever tire of the feel of her skin against his lips, his hands,
his body?  No, he was sure he would not.  If he lived another two or three hundred years
with her, he would still be asking for just one more day, one more hour, and one more
minute to touch her, to caress her, and to kiss her.  

Lips and tongue continued to explore on their own, at their own pace.  Slightly open they
breathed her name over and over, nipping here and laving there, leaving kisses and skin
that tingled from the passing of lips opened and worshipping, as they slowly moved down
the throat exposed to his exploring mouth, the lips, tongue, teeth, everything, all of him.  

She tried to pull her legs together, she needed pressure there, but he was in the way and
would not allow her that relief, so she moaned instead, her hands at last moving from his
chest, to his shoulders, caressing, kneading, stroking.  Then as his mouth found its way to
her breasts again at last, her hands found their way to the back of his neck and he
groaned a no, almost as loudly as she groaned the yes, as he took the hard pointed nipple
into his mouth.  Passions rose.  

He did not stay long because he had another destination in mind and he made the trip
quickly.  Reaching the spot he wanted he draped her legs over his shoulders and
encouraged her to lean back.  Her breath already coming in gasps, she shook her head
and moaned his name, just wanting him to give her what she needed.  His whispered her
name against her skin and feeling her getting closer as his tongue drove her higher he
inserted first one finger and then another.  

He lapped at her nub quickly but lightly, entranced by the sounds of her rising need.  He
watched her face, unable to look away as she panted, crying his name, needing him,
wanting him.  Her hips joined the rhythm his hand and tongue were orchestrating, and
now she sobbed his name.  Still he kept her near the peak, so enthralled by the beauty of
her as she hung on this precipice that he almost forgot what he was doing until she
wound her fingers into his hair and cried his name again, as Lantash took over and began
to suck and lave her in earnest, while adding the third finger.  She was wild in his hands
for a short time and then she was there, spiraling out of control, crying Lantash’s name
this time, knowing even in passion whose hand’s held and pleasured her.  He held her
tightly as her body bucked with the a fierce release.  When he felt the last of her
contractions and stood, Lantash released to Martouf.  He picked her up and kissed her
long, murmuring his I love you’s, before settling her back on the platform.  “Can we have
one more before I have to leave, Samantha?”  

“Mm.  Yes, I’m ready when you are, Martouf.  Come to me, my love, and show me your
passion,” she whispered her request against his throat.   

“We will climb the heights one more time together, before I must leave, and it will be a
promise, from each of us to the other, that we will soon be together again.”  Pulling back
and away from her luscious mouth, Martouf placed her legs over his arms and entered her
in one long slow glide, but it did not stay slow.  He was much to ready to keep it slow for
very long.  Feeling the hot satiny softness of her body he knew he would have very little
control and once again he gave way for Lantash.  He slowed the strokes down again and
taking her legs placed them around his hips, bringing his lips to the side of her throat and
down across her shoulder and then back up again.  It did not take him long to realize that
he would not have much control either.  

“I am not going to be able to wait, my love.  I am sorry.”  Reaching between them, he
found the center of her womanhood and began the rhythm that would bring her to peak
with him once again.   

“I’m not so very far behind you, Lantash.  I don’t think you need to worry about me,” she
assured him as she gasped at the feelings he was pulling from her.    

Hearing her panting faster, he increased his tempo.  When she moaned, and then
attempted to hasten their pace, he asked her if she was ready.  Taking her next moan to
mean yes, he gave her the hard, fast strokes she so clearly wanted, pressed down on her
clit, and climbed over the top with her.  

She lay limply under him, stroking him slowly with one hand, all she could get to
function, until he managed to get up.  He kissed her lightly, moaned as he slid from her
body, and stood.  “Gods, Samantha, I do not want to leave your body.  Do you have any
idea how much of a drug you have become to me?  When you are gone on a mission, it is
as if I go through withdrawal, and I hate to think what it will be like on this mission.  
Kissing her long, hard, and deeply, he finally pulled away from her, and grabbing their
robes, he pulled her up.  

“We need to make a quick trip to the pools, Samantha, and bathe; I have the shampoo
and bathing gels.  Come, I must hurry, although that is the last thing I wish to do.  I only
have about thirty minutes left.  It is good that Jacob did not give us only an hour.  I would
surely have been very late, or started the mission smelling of you and sex.  He has already
mentioned that Martouf should tell you that he received your message.  He also advised
us that a System Lord would not allow such a bruise to remain on his person.  I am afraid
that is true, and I will have to heal most if it before we arrive there.  I will, however, keep
it as long as possible and then I will heal it with great regret.  I will promise that you may
re-bite me as soon as we return.  Will that be acceptable?”  

“Yes, of course, Lantash.  I understand.  If you were just going to be here it would be
different.  But you aren’t.  Dad is right and you must get rid of it.  I’m glad he got the
message, though,” she smirked.  

Sam grabbed her robe, followed him down the hall, and climbed into the pool.  It felt good
and took very little time to wash and dry.  She felt as if she had spent most of her time
here since she returned from her mission earlier today.  She sighed.  It wasn’t really even
late yet.  Just afternoon.  She watched them as they lowered themselves into the water.  
What was wrong with her?  She wanted them again already.  Moving up behind them she
let her hands come around them and cup them gently.  Martouf looked around at her in

“Samantha?”  Both his voice and his gaze questioned her actions and intentions.

She smiled at him.  “You are already getting hard, Martouf.  We still have twenty five
minutes.  Let’s have one more quickie before you say goodbye.”  

Martouf blinked.  “Lantash wishes to know if you are sure.  It would have to be very
quick.  Hard and fast, in fact.

Sam moved over in front of him and turned her back to him so that she could brace
herself on the wall.  “Hard and fast sounds wonderful.  I just want you, both of you.  I feel
like I can’t ever have enough of you and if you are going to be gone for several days, then I
want you one more time.”  

Sam bent forward and spread her legs, knowing that for the two of them it was one of the
positions they found almost overwhelmingly seductive.  Why, they did not know, it just
was.  She heard Martouf groan.  Lantash would no doubt come forward in a bit, but
Martouf would start.  She curved her back more, and looked over her shoulder at them.  
That was all it took.  With a groan that was more like a growl, Martouf grasped her hips
and seated himself completely with one swift thrust.  He locked one arm around her waist
and the other found its way to her mound to start working on her clit.  She would need
very little to throw her over again.  The arm around her waist loosened and found its way
to her breasts.  His lips latched onto the back of her neck and from there to her shoulder.  
He continued kissing down her back.  She moaned and tilted her pelvis more for him,
urging him deeper.  He did not need much encouragement.  

She knew when Lantash came forward.  It was just as she was about ready to go over the
top.  He took control of both of their climaxes and brought them both to releases together.  
Sam clamped her mouth shut to keep from screaming.  Lantash did the same on her
shoulder.  Several minutes later, she felt Lantash straighten up and reach for her and
lead her to the washing area.  It took very little time for both of them to bath, but it was a
struggle since they were all so sated they did not want to move.

“I hope I can sleep on the trip to the world our mission is on.  Otherwise, Lantash will
have to pump some adrenalin into me to keep me awake.  Or he can just come out of
dormancy and take over while I sleep.  You have exhausted us both, Samantha.  Not that
we could not make love to you again, if we had time.  I do not think anything could keep
us from doing that,” he smiled lazily at her, and it was obvious that he was quite satisfied
and sated.   

Sam laughed and kissed him lightly.  “I have to admit that I feel quite sated for the
moment.  No doubt if you were staying around that would not last though.  I really do love
you both so much.”  

“I know, my love, and as much as I wish we could stay here, we cannot.  I must hurry.”  

Sam realized he was going to be late if he didn’t.  

They hurried back toward their room, and as soon as they got there he started throwing
his clothes on.  She discarded her robe, put on her tee-shirt, and hung up her robe.  She
climbed into the bed and covered herself even though it was only midafternoon.  She was
going to get rid of this cold, although she felt better than she had for a while.

They grabbed their things.  Their ribbon device, healing device, changes of clothing.  It
was all there.  Turning to her, Martouf smiled.  “I will miss you, Samantha.  I do not want
to go.  I would much rather stay here and bury myself in your body.  We love you.  Please
do not forget that.”  

“I won’t.  I love you both, too.  Do not forget that, either.  Please be careful.  I expect you to
come home to me in a few days.”  

“We will return to you, my Samantha, do not worry about that.  We will return to you.  I
cannot guarantee it will only be a few days, however.  That is our hope, but it could take a
week or more, if we run into complications.  We will do our best to come back as soon as
possible though, you know that.  Get over your “cold” so that you will feel better.  You
appear to be feeling somewhat better though, and you do not feel as warm to the touch as
you did.”  

“I’m fine.  You worry about the two of you coming back to me all in one piece, all right?  
You are the most important thing in my life right now.”  

Lantash took control and smiling at her, took her into his arms.  Lowering his head, his
lips touched hers gently teasing her to open for him.  When she did, their tongues talked
quietly for a bit before saying goodbye.  His kiss, as it did so many times took her to some
other realm.  She ran her hands over him, stroking him, loving him before finally leaving
his lips with a sigh.

“You’re going to be late.”  

He nodded.  “I know.  But you are worth being late for.”  

She smiled at him.  Martouf came forward and added his kiss.  “We will be back as soon
as we possibly can, Samantha.  I promise you.”  Then he turned and left.  Sam sat down
on the sleeping platform then sighed, turned, and reached for the bath blankets she had
brought with her and placed behind the platform.  She climbed back off the platform and
folded two of the bath blankets in half, laying them on the bottom where they could at
least absorb some of the sweat if she ran a temperature and it broke again.  Climbing
back in, she folded the other two and covered with them before pulling the other blankets
over her.  

She was sleepy now.  Maybe she would nap.  In a few days Martouf and Lantash would
return.  Her cold would be better, and they could make love again and again.  She smiled
slightly.  This would give her a day or so to see and talk to Malek about the Siest’kesh’cor.  
If Martouf and Lantash were right and Malek and Devlin really did love her, then she
could allow her own feelings, the ones that she had been fighting against, to go ahead and
develop.  She could come to love them.  If she was honest, she wasn’t sure she wasn’t
already a little in love with them.  

She was pretty sure she had been since the day they had stormed the SGC and Malek
had taken her from Lantash’s arms and cradled her as if she was the most precious thing
in the world.  She could still feel how soft his lips had been against the bruises on her face
and shoulders.  He had helped her to drink the juice and water.  

Then he had used the healing device while Lantash had asked for information.  They had
switched and Malek had been the one asking questions and giving her drinks while
Lantash used the healing device on many of the bruises.  Once more they had changed
and Malek had again taken over the healing device.  He had found the internal bleeding
that would have killed her, if they had not come when they did.  Malek had also healed
the broken bones, the concussion, and yet more bruises.  It had been such a relief to be
free from the pain.  

She had sat limp in his arms and he had rocked her and kissed her, but she had known
that there was a hard core of anger deep within him, and that between he and Lantash,
there would be a trail of death left behind them.  And there had been.  After they found
some clean clothing, he had taken her, bathed her, dressed her, and then they joined
Lantash and proceeded to hunt down every man that had been involved in her abuse in
any way, interrogated them, and then killed them.  Then they had hunted down the men
directly responsible for the battered condition in which they found her.  Both of them were
very dead.  They had been beaten to death, just as they had almost beaten her to death,
and as they had already beaten many of the other women to death.  

She cried in his arms, and he had held her so tightly, but so gently.  She had been
surprised to feel a tear fall onto her cheek.  She had known it was his, and it had shocked
her into stopping herself.  She had looked at him, and he had simply shaken his head,
because he could not speak.  She had kissed him on the cheek, in comfort and
acknowledgement.  It was their secret.  He understood and so did she.

Yes, she would talk to Malek about it, and they would become mates.  Soon.  But in the
meantime, she would dream of the mates she already had.  She missed them already.  
Perhaps they would be home soon, though.  They had promised.  Then they could all be
together.  She was tired and she could almost hear them.  Sam smiled as she drifted off to
sleep with the scent of Lantash on the pillow she clutched to her chest and Martouf’s face
and smile in her dreams.  She could barely wait for them to come home.  They had their
whole lives together.

The End.

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