Author – Pagan Twylight


Table of Contents

A Passionate Race - R
A Lantash/Martouf  & Sam Drabble

Fashion Statement - PG
A Martouf /Lantash, Sam, & Tash Drabble

Stay - G
A Martouf/Lantash & Sam Drabble

Home - G  
A Lantash/Martouf & Sam Drabble

Memories of Your Love - A Trio of Drabbles - PG-14
A Martouf/Lantash & Sam Drabble

Taking Me - R
A Malek/Devlin/Other - Drabble

Mission’s Reward - NC-17
A Malek/Devlin & Sam Drabble

The Wish - PG-14
A Malek/Devlin & Sam Drabble

Falling For You - G
A Malek/Devlin & Sam Drabble  

Before - G
A Malek/Devlin & Sam Drabble

Lovers and Friends series

When once we loved – NC-17
Lantash/Malek – Lovers

Comrades in Arms - PG
Lantash/Malek – Friends

Holding onto the Past – PG
Ren’al/Jolinar – Past Lovers/Present Friends

The Seduction Series – NC - 17
A Sam and Martouf/Lantash series

Surprise – First in the series
Exploration –Second in the series
Journey of Discovery – Third in the series
Invitation – Fourth in the series
He Accepts – Fifth in the series
Flames of Desire – Sixth in the series
Taking Her – Seventh in the series
Release – Eighth in the series
Reality – Ninth in the series
Denouement – Tenth in the series
Epilogue – Eleventh and Final in the series

Solace Series
A Malek/Other Series

The Loss – First in the Series
The Decision – Second in the Series
The Gift – Third in the Series

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