Chapter Thirteen Summary: The group looking through the masses of materials sent by Artereos continues to
search, and Sam finds a legend that foretells the coming of Egeria...and her daughters.  Daur'rin remembers a
poem that she feels is more than just a love poem.  Lantash remembers it well, and he surprises them all when he
"recites" it for them.  Daniel begins to hunt frantically through the papers on his desk, as he, also, makes an
important discovery related to it.

Amat Wyn - My Love
“Italics” – Symbiote-Host or Telepathic Communications

Sam moved on to the next legend in the book she was reading and sighed.  It would really
be nice to find something that would lead them forward at least a little bit.  So far, they
didn’t have anything to go on at all.  

She turned her attention back to the book in her lap and began reading.

As we know, there once was a land where the Mysts of the All gave birth to a race of
beings, which were given the task of guardianship. And this race, which we claim as ours,
was pagan, savage, cruel and vicious, in their ignorance and vice.  So, the Mysts began to
teach them that which would raise them from what they were, unto that which they were to
become.  The Mysts gave the great cats of their world guardianship of them, and they were
protected and taught by them, also, as they grew and learned.  And they became known as
the Furling, the Clan of the Great Cats and the First-born children of the All.  

The Cats taught them that which they needed to know to be formidable warriors as well as
walkers of the All.  The Pantherataya taught them of stealth, and quickness; the
Lionkatanar of power and courage; the Leopadra of cunning, the Tigrelsabra, of strength,
and the Pumaterra of patience.  They taught them to use their ability to see beyond that
which is seen, and hear beyond that which is heard, so that they might walk the All
without fear and learn its many mysteries.  

With the guidance of the Cats, the All became their second homeland.  They knew it as well
as they knew the mountains, the woodlands, the animals, and the arts of their homeworld,
and they were as content to be there as they were among the world of the flesh.  And, the
All taught them of wisdom, justice, honor, and patience along with healing, the sciences
and the arcane arts.  Literature and art, sculpture, music, and dance followed as they
became ever more civilized.  And, the All gave unto the First-born the knowledge of the All
upon their birthing from the Mysts.  Thusly their life-lessons were given unto them, before
they, in turn, brought forth into being their own children; those who would learn their life-
lessons through living many lifetimes.

And, as they learned that which they needed to know and civilization graced them, the
Mysts lifted, and they began their exploration of the universe.  Being Warriors, although not
Conquerors, they fought many battles, and took many peoples under their protection.  
When the Elvinsten’ien Wars were won, then they began to protect their clans against a
new scourge, an enemy whose form was that of a small dragon and in whose heart much
evil dwelled.

And it was written that far into the future, they would continue to fight their most
formidable opponent, the small dragon whose heart was evil, as this evil continued
enslaving the peoples of the light of the universe.  But, into this battle between good and
evil, a promise was made by the All and it was spoken thus.

There shall be born among the small dragons, a Queen among Queens who, in time, will
come to see that the ways of the small dragons are evil.  And, she shall be accepted as a
blended-mate unto one from the race of beings of the Myst time, the people of the Cat, who
shall love her and teach her more than she knew.  In the end, though it tears at her soul,
she shall leave her blended-mate and go forth to give birth unto a new race of small
dragons, who will keep good in their hearts, as their memories left to them by her, taught

And, the beings of the Mysts, will mate with the offspring of this queen of the small dragons
both spiritually and carnally.  They shall love the small dragons deeply and show them that
they are beings of beauty in their own right, and need not arrogance to fulfill their destiny
in the Light that is the All.  

Still, sorrow will rain on these small dragons, as they learn the lessons needed to go forth
and become all that they were meant to be.  Only then, will they learn that which they need
to learn, to join with the peoples of the light of the universe as truly blended-mates of the

It is from this Queen that others shall come who will continue the race, for that race shall
be locked in deadly combat with the small dragons who are evil.  Moreover, even as their
numbers dwindle that generation of the small dragons whose hearts are good, will continue
to fight.  When the Great Battle has been fought, then shall the knowledge be given to the
small dragons of the legacy their mother left for them.

It shall come to pass, that the last generations born shall in the aftermath of the Great
Battle become one with the host of their body as the host of their body becomes one with
them.  This will be the joining the older generations bore much sorrow to learn, for their
queen will have learned much in her time with her Blending-mate.

And so, it will be unto this, the last of her generations that the queen, knowing her time of
getting offspring is coming to an end, will give all of her newfound memories of the Blending-
mate and the completeness that is found therein.  This is the legacy she will pass onto her
Daughters that future generations may know without so much sorrow, that which she and
her elder children learned through the Tears of the Ages and the Hallowed Passages of

And when the small dragons find the Heart-home of their mother, then shall the veil of the
Mysts hiding the new queens begin to part and be lifted.  Their consorts shall be called
forth unto them, for the time will have come for them to bring forth the next generation of the
small dragons whose hearts are good.

Look, therefore, to the Temple which lies beneath a Night Sky that wears the colors of the
rainbow and Twilight is the beginning time…for here shall their journey to find those left
behind begin.

Queens unto Daughters; Daughters unto Queens. So shall it be. So mote it be.

Sam held her breath as she finished reading, and then slowly letting it out, she said, her
voice almost squeaky in its excitement, “I think I’ve found something.  Not something that
tells us where to look for the little queens, but something that tells about their coming.  It’
s in this old Furling book of legends.  The one that I would swear is in your handwriting.  
Here, look at this Daniel.  Don’t you think that looks like to your handwriting?  Maybe a
little more flourish-y.”

Daniel took it and read it before passing it to Selmak and Lantash.  “Yes, it does, Sam,
and from what Artereos said, it probably is my writing.”  

“And you’re right about the legend; that’s definitely telling about Egeria.  So, chances are
that Artereos wasn’t surprised at all to hear what we found.  He knew all along it was out
here, he just never knew where.  Or we assume he never knew where.  The truth, of
course, may be something different.  Sometimes, I think Artereos is omnipotent,” Daniel
grumbled good-naturedly.  “That’s also why Kataya was so adamant that there were
queens out there.  Artereos probably told her there was a legend that said there were
queens, and even though it said they wouldn’t be found until after the Great Battle, she
hoped to be able to stumble on one anyway.”

“It talks about the birth of the Furling, too, Daniel.  It is actually very interesting.  Do you
know anything about the Elvinsten'ien Wars?  It must have been a very long time ago,”
Selmak said thoughtfully.

Daniel frowned.  “It rings a bell but I can’t place it.  Something tells me it was a war of
what we would consider magick and enchantments as well as actual battle.  Very brutal
bloody battle is what I'm feeling.  Kataya dedicated her life to fighting the Dark Mage
Daemon Lords, as well as the Goa'uld, and any other evil in the universe. She and I would
have fought in it, but I have no particular memories of it.  Something tells me we'll find
more information in here if you're interested."

“Yes, actually, I am, Daniel.  It is fascinating to realize how ancient the Furling really are.  
Artereos is of the First-born, he and Merdwin.  One wonders what they were like then?  I
mean, in one way it is rather difficult to picture a younger Artereos.”  Selmak said as he
thought of what he must have been like.  

“He looked very much as he does today, actually, but his hair was the same tawny gold
and silver as Kataya’s, rather than the white it is now.  He has always been a very
commanding figure.  He was tall and muscular with broad shoulders and slender hips, as
he still is today.  His skin was the same beautiful shade it is now, his brows and lashes
were just as long and dark surrounding those hypnotic deep green eyes, and his beautiful
smile has always had the power to light up a room, just as Kataya’s does.  Kataya
inherited the shape of his lips, too, although her mother also has a lovely smile.  Kataya’s
mother,” he said softly, obviously remembering something pleasant, “is a very, very
beautiful woman.  Kataya has always said she doesn’t understand how she could have
turned out so plain looking with such beautiful parents,” Daniel said absently.

Realizing the room had become extremely quiet, with not so much as a page being turned,
he looked up to see everyone staring at him, each with a stunned, dumbfounded look
upon their faces.  “What?” he asked.

Sam said, quietly, “Kataya is not plain, Daniel.  She is a wonderful person and a lovely

“I know.  However,
she doesn’t see herself that way, Sam.  In her own eyes, she is just a
warrior.  She doesn’t see herself as special in any way at all, nor does she realize that her
beauty goes beneath the skin.  It’s part of her charm and part of my job is to convince her
how beautiful she is.  I enjoy it very much,” he said, as he suddenly grinned at her.  
“Someday she will look in a mirror and see herself as she really is, Sam.  Until then, I
keep telling her and being rewarded.  Works for me.”

Lantash nodded.  “I know what you are saying, Daniel.  She has never believed she is
anything but ordinary, and she is quite content to be so.  I remember once she told me
how very pleased she was that her daughters had inherited the beauty, but more
importantly, they would be beautiful inside, and that was where it truly counted.  It is the
greatest gift she has ever given them, I believe.  Just as her father and mother gave the
gift of inner peace and beauty to her, so she passed it on to her children…just as she will
pass it on to yours.”  

Lantash watched the cloud that passed over Daniel’s features.  He would speak to him
soon about this.  He was sure it had to do with Kataya blending again, and he needed to
assure him that it was not necessary that Kataya blend when they found the queen.  
There were more than enough volunteers now to do so.  However, even if she did, as long
as Daniel was not blended, it would not stop her.  Not only that.  He was not sure it
mattered if Daniel was blended.  The Furling could suppress so much of the symbiote that
he felt sure they could stop the symbiote from passing on the knowledge.  Therefore, only
that from Daniel might pass on but, perhaps, not even that, if his Furling abilities
continued to grow.  They would talk soon.  Daniel would make a wonderful father, and he
needed to have children.  It would help to soothe the loss of his others.  Not completely, of
course, nothing would do that, but it would help.

Changing the subject he said, “We always forget, too, that you knew him many millennia
ago.  It is always a shock for us to realize that again."

Daniel grinned at him, saying, “It’s a shock to
me when I say things like that, too, believe

Still picturing a more youthful looking Artereos, Selmak said, “Why does he look older?  I
assume that Merdwin looks much the same as he ever did.  He appears to be no more
than forty of your years, if that, actually, maybe more like thirty-five.”  

“Artereos allows himself to look as if he has aged.  As the leader of his people, he felt it
would just seem better.  Of course, when you really look at him, you realize the only thing
that makes him look older is his hair.  He has no lines, no wrinkles.  He muscles are very
well toned.  So, it’s really no more than an illusion of age that he projects.  If he allowed
his hair to turn back, he would look the same as Merdwin, I imagine.”  His smile was soft
as he thought about the Artereos of long ago.  That he could bring him so quickly and
sharply to mind was odd; however, he was glad that he could.  

Looking back up at Selmak, he told him, “I remember him from when I was a very young
child.  He was always very interested in everything that was going on around him, and his
energy seemed to be inexhaustible.  He has always been a very caring man, and as I got
older I realized that he truly was interested, he wasn’t pretending to care about the sheep,
or the roofs, or the healer that was having trouble mastering some technique.  He really
did care.  He cared about his clan worlds, their people, and their lives, too.  He was always
just a very wonderful man, and I can see no change in him since then.”  Daniel’s face was
very soft with memories of different times he was with Artereos and Kataya.  He had taken
them fishing, swimming, hiking, all the things one did with one’s children.  He had vague
memories of his own father from that time, but it was not clear and he wasn’t sure why
unless it was because he had now met Artereos but had not met his father.  That made

Selmak nodded, and a far-away look came into his eyes as he contemplated, with a sense
of awe, the millennia of history the Furling had seen.  Still they strove for good against evil
as guardians of the All.  

What a heavy burden to carry.  The Tok’Ra thought they were warriors of great strength
because they had been fighting for two thousand years.  How many thousands of years
had the Furling fought?  And still, they continued.  Perhaps, more than a little of the
arrogance and pride the Tok’Ra felt in their continued war was misplaced.  It was what
they should do, no more, no less.  They were all learning lessons that they should have
learned a very long time ago.  

“About time, Sel,” Jacob broke into his reverie.  

“Yes.  It is about time, Jacob, and if this legend is correct, our queen-mother learned it
before she died.  Her youngest children will have learned it through her.  It is a thought
that brings relief and contentment,”
Selmak answered solemnly.

“I hope Malek learns it before it is too late.  I think the All is goodness, but I also think that
it may have a low tolerance for arrogance,”
Jacob’s voice held caution.

“And yet, neither Merdwin nor Artereos are without pride or arrogance,” Selmak replied.

“True, but it’s a different kind of arrogance.  It doesn’t stem from a feeling of superiority; it’
s simply an acceptance of themselves and who and what they are.  It’s not an unlikable
trait in them,”
Jacob said slowly, as he thought out what he was feeling.

“True.  And hopefully, by the time that the Tok’Ra are as old as they, we, too, will have
learned to be comfortable with who and what we are,”
Selmak responded.

Their attention came back to the group as they heard Daniel saying, “If this is in here
then there’s sure to be more.  I think you, Selmak, and Daur’rin should start going
through the information Merdwin brought from the Tok’Ra history archives.  There may
be some stuff in there.  If any of them attract you as something that really strikes a chord
within you, pay attention.  I think that there was a trigger set to go off after the great
battle if you participated, and as soon as you see something important, it’s going to tell
you so.”

“I agree Daniel.  I will go get the viewer and crystals,” Lantash offered.  As he stood to
leave the room, he turned back for his cup of tea.  Sighing he left, cup in hand.  Sam
smiled at Daniel, knowing that they were both thinking the same things.  Lantash had
surprised them both by his meek acceptance of the circumstances.  

Of course, having lived through it before, he knew that there was no recourse.  One
survived it, and at the end, when they laid the children into your arms, it was all
suddenly worth every minute that you spent on your knees worshiping that disgusting
bowl and every cup of tea that you had to drink.  

He kept assuring Martouf that he would see, and he had shown him the day that Lanwin
and Taesha were born and the emotions he and Dominic had felt when they were placed
in their arms.  Martouf, needless to say, was anxious for that day to arrive.

“When that day finally arrives we will be terrified,” Lantash said suddenly, as he realized
where Martouf’s thoughts were dwelling.  
“It is very painful, and Kataya refused to share
most of the pain with us.  What little she allowed through to us was very trying as it was.  
She did; however, call us every derogatory name she could think of.  Merdwin assured me
that she did the same to him.  Just as we blamed her for the illness, she will blame us
during the pain.  Merdwin told me that he shared it with her, and he honestly could not
blame her.  We will attempt to convince Samantha to share the pain with us.  I believe that
it helps lessen it for them.”

“Yes, of course.  Did not Kataya say during the Sevesh that it was almost, but not quite,
worse than having kits?  We survived that, and while it was very bad, we managed.”

“True, Martouf, but it only lasted a little over an hour.”

He felt the jump in Martouf's heart as he realized that babies generally took much longer
than an hour to birth.  
“How – how long did it take Kataya?”

“I do not remember exactly.  She was having contractions on and off for a couple of days
before the actual birthing.  I believe it was less than twenty hours once it truly started.”

“Twenty hours?”

He felt Lantash frown.  “If I remember correctly, it was about that from the time they
decided it was indeed true labor.  The contractions become progressively stronger.  She was
in hard labor for perhaps five or so hours.”

“You mean the truly painful part?”

“None of it is pleasant, but yes, the hard labor was about that long.  Merdwin told me that
it was much longer with Gwennetha and Merdwain and that each set usually took less time
to birth.  This will be Samantha’s first kits, so while it does not always take a long time, we
should expect that it will not be quick.”

Martouf moaned at the thought of Samantha undergoing something like that.  “If we
share it with her, it will be less for her to bear?  You are sure?”

“We must remember to ask Merdwin, but I am fairly sure of it,”
Lantash assured him.

“Five hours, Lantash?  Five hours of pain that is worse than that which we underwent
during the Sevesh?  She cannot survive that.  There must be some other way,”
Martouf said
firmly, as if simply deciding it was so would make it that way.

“Well, the pain sticks are a worse pain, but then they will kill you if used long enough.  The
pain of childbirth does not kill you, but you think it might from what I was told.  If you think
of it, there is no way that it cannot but be painful.  The kits will be small when they are
born but not so small considering the way they enter the world.  Then, too, until the very
end there is time between the contractions, so it is not constant as the Sevesh was,”

Lantash reminded him easily.  

Lantash could almost feel Martouf pale as he considered the size of a newborn and the
size of his Samantha.  He would panic any minute now.  
“Lantash, there must be another
way.  We must stop this; we cannot allow this to happen to her.  How can she remain so
calm?  Does she not realize?  What will we do?  We must convince her to stop this now,”

Martouf exclaimed, right on cue.

“Martouf, you will stop this at once, and you will not bother Samantha with your worrying.  
It has been occurring for millennia, and it will continue.  Samantha will be fine, and her
body will change to accommodate the birth.  I will explain it in detail later, but trust me,
there are changes taking place that will enable this to happen.  Now, let us find those
crystals.  I am fairly certain they are in the cabinet in the room where all of the supplies
that Artereos sent are being kept.”
 Lantash sighed as they began to look through the piles
of books and parchments.
 “We should have asked Daniel where they were for sure.”

“I seem to remember some things being put in that chest over there.  Check there,
 Martouf began to calm as his mind switched to a different topic.  No doubt he
would revisit it later that evening, but Lantash would make sure he understood about the
physical changes that would take place in Samantha’s body.  

“Ah, found it.  Good.  All right, let us go,” Lantash said as they gathered the crystals and
viewers and left the room.  Closing the door behind them, they headed back to the library
only to return to get their forgotten cup of tea.  

“Lantash, it is getting better, but how much longer will this last?  We need to stop in the
facilities on our way back to the library.  The tea is, as usual, working in both ways.”
never before realized how annoying it was to have to go to the facilities to relieve oneself so
frequently.  Martouf sighed resignedly as he headed there to take care of that before going
back to the library.  They both felt that they spent way too much time in this room or
others that had the same purpose.

“I am aware, and it will be another seven weeks at the most, possibly less.  We can only
hope that it will pass quickly,”
Lantash murmured his response.

“How long did it last for you the last time?”  Martouf wanted to know.

“About two months.  However, it lessens considerably as time passes.  Are you hungry?  
You are hungry, are you not?  What is it that you want this time?”  
Lantash almost groaned
at the thought of what Martouf would wish to eat this time.  The combination of foods that
he was craving were not pleasant, at least as far as Lantash was concerned.

“Yes, actually, I am.  I wonder if Valynara has any of that chocolate cake and those little
purple fruits that taste like watermelon left?  That sounds good.  And some of those weird
little fishes.  Cake and fish sounds good, does it not, Lantash?  Lantash?”

Lantash sighed.  “No.  Actually, it sounds rather vile and disgusting, Martouf, but at least
you are not allergic to it, so by all means eat it if you wish.  Use the vanilla scented soap to
wash our hands with Martouf,”
He instructed, having given over control, as they prepared
to leave this, their least favorite room in the house.  
“It smells wonderful to me, and it does
not upset our stomach as the other sweeter scented one does,”
Lantash told him as they
finished taking care of one job, and prepared to finish their errand now that they had
relieved the more pressing of their needs.  
“We should take this to the library first,
though.  Also, you do realize that the apralans are a diuretic, also, do you not?  Not only do
they taste like the watermelon of earth, they work on the system in the same way.  
Something that is mostly flavored water does that to the human system, you know.  I
suppose since we have to go more often because of the tea, it really does not matter all that
he groused.

“It must have been very difficult for you when Dominic kept eating those Coralberry dishes
and breaking out in a rash,”
Martouf commented, and he felt Lantash shudder as he
remembered it.

“Yes, and I was never so glad to have something pass.  He was extremely allergic to them,
and I had a very difficult time controlling his response to it.  Not only did he break out in a
rash, it affected his breathing.  It was quite alarming, and I was just thankful I could
control it.  Furthermore, I have no idea why he even craved them.  There was not even
anything in them that was particularly nutritious.  They did taste good, though, I do have to
admit that.  I have to also admit I am thankful that you are only craving things like
 He paused before continuing, “although, I must admit that I fail to know why
you insist on eating fish with that sauce that is like mustard with it.”

“It tastes good to me,”
Martouf said defensively.

“I know, dear one, and you shall have some as soon as we deliver this to the library.  
However, if you do not mind, I believe I will become dormant long enough for you to eat the
fish and brush our teeth.  I’m afraid I find the flavor of the fish rather unpleasant when
mixed with chocolate and then the mustard, which I am not particularly fond of to begin

Martouf smiled and gave him a hug, offering, “I am sorry, Lantash, and if it truly bothers
you, I do not have to eat it.”

Giving another long-suffering sigh, Lantash hugged him back and replied, “No, it is
alright, Martouf.  I know how irritable you get if you do not get the food you are craving.  In
addition, when I crave something, you allow me to eat it without complaint.  Besides, I
would rather put up with the fish, the fruit, the mustard, and the chocolate than to have
you cranky.  I just wish all you wanted was the chocolate, at least I share your rather
intense passion for it.”

“Thank you, and I will make it up to you somehow, I promise,”
Martouf told him as he gave
him a hug and an smile.

“To be sure, you will, dear one, you may count on it,” Lantash agreed as they entered the

“Can’t you remember any more of it, Daur’rin?”  Jacob was asking as they entered the
room.  Hearing them come in, he turned to them and said, “Daur’rin has remembered a
love poem she thinks may have more meaning than just its romantic value.  I didn’t even
know Tok’Ra had love poems.”

Sensing Lantash’s wish to talk to her, Martouf quickly gave control to him.  “Which one is
it, Daur’rin?”  Lantash asked, immediately intrigued, and all thoughts of food forgotten.

“I cannot remember what it is called, but it talks about a temple and white sand beaches.  
The thing that made me remember it was the line in that legend about the temple and the
Twilight Nights because it mentions a place called Twilight something.  I cannot remember
that, nor can I remember how it goes, and Selmak cannot remember it at all.”

“I suggest you stop trying so hard to remember it.  It will come to you if you just give it
time.  Besides, if it doesn’t eventually come to you, then Kataya can look for it if you want,
or we can try the recall device.  For that matter, it may be in the information that Lantash
and Martouf just brought us.  Try not to think about it for now,” Daniel encouraged her.  
“It seems like the harder we try to…Lantash?  What’s wrong?”  Daniel asked as he realized
that Lantash was sitting with his fist clenched and an odd look on his face.

“I know how it goes,” he said softly.  “No doubt, Kataya could tell you the words to it, too.  
If Malek was here he would groan, but he could no doubt also quote it line for line.  I
quoted it for months after Kataya left and returned to Cadwaellon.  I,” he stopped, almost
blushing, then cleared his throat, as he said, “I used to sing it to her.  It can be sung to a
little melody, but it was originally a type of free verse poem.  No real set cadence, which is
why I think I liked it.  You could say it however you felt it.”  Daniel didn’t think he had
ever seen Lantash look so uncomfortable.  Then realizing what he had said, he looked at

She was smiling, and her eyes were shining.  “Lantash, how romantic.  Now, I have to
hear it,” she said softly.

Lantash looked at her in disbelief.  “Are you not upset?” he asked, obviously incredulous.

Sam sighed, shook her head, and groaned before reminding him, “Lantash, we’ve been
over this before.  You and Kat were mates for a very long time, and you loved her very
much; you still love her very much.  I know, because I love Daniel in that same way.  
There is nothing wrong with you having shown your love for her in that way.  Of course,”
she continued, patently teasing him, “You’ll have to come up with one for me, too.  Now,
come on, and tell us the words.  Or better yet, sing it.”

“I have not sung it in a very long time…I will have to think about the words for a short
time, but I am sure I will know most of them.  If, that is, it is the same one.”  Lantash
frowned for a moment and then he slowly began to recite the poem, eventually adding the
melody to which one could sing it.

The title is;
The Temple of Coreegadon

As the eventide falls, and the day begins to close,
I will walk the white sand beaches of lovely Twilight Cove.
Within the Temple on the shore, I will hear your name,
I will call to you to come to me, as swiftly as you may.

I will wait impatiently, for you to bond with me,
To make us one, for our span of life, within the universe.
I will call to you so softly; sweetly ask of you a joining;
Blend our bodies and our souls, becoming one, a borning

And there we will lie down, and watch the sky of blue,
Slowly add more colors, before the deepening of the night.
Then, when the stars are high and the night is deep,
You will come to me; embrace me, as if within a dream.

You will caress my body as you gently make it yours,
Embracing all that I now am, and all that we will be.
I will add your essence, now blending yours with mine,
And we will be one being, joined and mated for all time.

Its name will echo on the breeze, never now forgotten.
We will remember for all time, as only lovers always do,
The place we gave our hearts and souls, into each other’s keeping,
And joined us as one body, our hearts and souls together.

Never speak its name, but that you remember me, our love,
Never think upon the white beach sands or see a starry sky,
Without you think of us, and the gifts and joy we gave to one another,
In the Temple of Coreegadon, where once we joined and loved as one.

“Then there is kind of a chorus, which I left out rather than repeat it over and over, as one
normally does when one sings it,” Lantash said before he finished it.

Where blood-red flowers bloom around the temple,
There I will stand upon the shore,
There I will call to thee.
I will ask of you a joining,
A blending of our souls.

Among the golden statues, you will lie with me.
Come to me my dearest love,
lay your head upon my breast.   
Kiss me gently, tenderly,
Then fill me with your essence.

Under the deep purple skies, where Aramon hunts,
Make of us one soul, one heart, one mind,
Blend with me and make us one.
That we will always be together
Blended, joined forever, now that we are one.  

As Lantash finished the poem-cum-song, they realized that Daniel was searching
frantically through the papers scattered all over the huge desk.  He gave a sound of

“White sands, Temple, Blood-red flowers, Purple, Cove, Aramon, and golden statues.  
Okay, so where is Coreegadon?”  He asked after he read out the list of words that they
found carved into one of the walls of the temple.

“It is a sister world to the one where Lantash and Malek were born.  It was abandoned
several millennia ago when the naquadah gave out.  It was still in the water though, so
the lake must have been perfect for symbiotes.  However, the only thing it was ever used
for was mining.  The land was too rocky for farming or raising animals.  There is
indigenous wildlife and abundant fish in the waters, of course, but still not a feasible
world for a civilization to grow and thrive on.  Therefore, no civilization ever grew up there
and the Temple was built for the worship of the system lord that was there during the
mining.  Aramon is a constellation that can be seen from the Temple, if I am remembering
the history right.  I do not know anything about the red flowers or the purple sky.”  
Selmak gave his information on the planet in question.  “So do we think there is a queen

Daniel frowned.  “I don’t know...” he paused and it was obvious that his mind was working
at warp speed.  He finally shook his head, then speaking slowly, as his thoughts coalesced
he added, “Actually, no.  No, I don’t think there is a queen there, although I could very
well be wrong, so don’t take my word as gospel or anything.  Still, that said, I have to
admit that I still think the answer is no.  What I believe we may find, though, is a clutch of
adult symbiotes,” he said quietly.  “I’m not saying there isn’t a queen there just that the
poem seems to be about blendings and joining as one being.  It works as a love poem, but
its real meaning is the blending.  My guess is that we’ll have to go there and then figure
out how to call them to us.”

“I can’t believe we’ve actually finally found something,” Sam said.  As her excitement built,
she pressed her hand against her stomach to stop its jumping, afraid it would get too
jumpy and make her sick.  It spoke to how stunned Lantash and Martouf were because
they didn’t even notice.

“Now we also know that whatever we need to find will be in some type of legend, poem or
song and that the words that were in groups are definitely descriptions of places so we will
know we have it right.  I’d say you need to get to work sorting through those crystals.  And
we’ll have to start planning a trip to this place within a few days.”

Seeing their shocked looks, he grinned.  “I know you all want to rush out right now and go
take a look, but they have waited a couple of thousand years, a few more days won’t hurt
and I want to check with Merdwin and make very sure that nothing has changed in that
world’s status.  I don’t think any of us want to walk out the gate into a Goa’uld occupied
world.  So let’s just be a little cautious.”

Selmak frowned but nodded as he sighed, “Of course, you are correct, Daniel.  It will not
hurt us to wait for a day or so to be sure that things are as they should be.  Moreover,
Merdwin should know, and if he does not then Artereos will know or perhaps be able to
find out.  Hopefully by then, too, perhaps the situation with Malek will be better.”  He
sighed.  “Hand over the crystals, Lantash.  Daniel’s correct about that, too, and we need to
get started on looking through this information.”

Daniel nodded and then started speaking, this time rather fast, as his mind ran ahead of
his words, “We should also talk to Valynara about taking some of the prospective hosts
with us.  See if she wants us to do that, or if she wants to bring them all back here.  I’m
guessing that we should go first to see if there are symbiotes there.  I know she and
Kataya were talking about trying to see if they could link their minds with any symbiotes
that we find to try to match up potential blending-mates, instead of just doing it
randomly.  We want the blendings to be as successful as possible, and if they are a match
personality wise, that will be a big help.”  Daniel’s mind was running full speed as he
thought of all the things that needed done before they could go to the planet in question.

“I hadn’t thought of that aspect, Daniel, but you are correct.  I am glad that Kataya and
Valynara have decided to take steps to see if they can achieve that.  I must remember to
thank them,” Selmak commented.  

Lantash and Daur’rin nodded their concurrence, and then they looked at the crystals.  
There was a great deal of information to look through, and they should get started.  
Suddenly they had extra energy.  It had not really sunk in that they might have found
some brethren yet, but it would.  Then they would have to force themselves not to get too
hopeful, so that if they were wrong, they would not be so disappointed.  

Samantha and Daniel would continue with the Furling information.  The Tok’Ra would
begin their hunt through their historical records and archives.

Before they started that though Sam had a burning question to ask.  “Lantash?  Why
didn't you tell me you could sing?  You have a lovely voice.  Why don’t you sing more
often?  I don’t think I’ve ever heard you before.”

“I do not know.  It is something I have always been able to do regardless of my host’s
abilities, but Martouf actually has a very beautiful voice as well, which makes it even
easier.  I used to sing along with the radio at the house,” he said, and then he caught his
breath.  Shaking his head, he said quietly, “That was while you were gone.  I hated the
quietness of the house, and I always kept the radio on.  Sometimes, when Daniel was not
there, I would sing along just to hear a voice in the house.”  

He smiled sadly.  “It was a very difficult time for us, Samantha.  Daniel and I both missed
you and Kataya very much.  There were times when it was such a sharp physical pain
that it was all we could do to remain upright.  It did become better once I allowed myself to
grieve.  Daniel and Martouf forced me to do so, and they were correct to force the issue.  
After they did that, I began to sing again, for it has always been comforting to me.”  

“And I only did it when Daniel was not with us.  Daniel and I tended to stay together,
either at his home, or ours, so it was only during our very loneliest times.”  He smiled at
her then, saying, “I will sing to you tonight, my heart.  A love song.  Will that please you?”

Sam smiled at him through the tears that his words had brought forward.  Her heart
ached for what they had endured for them.  “Yes,
Amat Wyn, that would please me very
much,” she said softly, “it would please me very much indeed.”

Suddenly Lantash’s expression changed, and he looked surprised.

“Have you remembered something else, Lantash?”  Sam asked as she realized, before the
others that something had caught his internal attention.

“Martouf reminded me of something that I had forgotten.  When he and Kataya became
Heartmates by the ritual joining, while we were at Avilion, it released many of my
memories into his consciousness.  He is reminding me that there was a love song that I
used to sing to Kataya that I was particularly fond of, and that seemed to have a deep-
seated meaning to me even before she and I became mated.  I had forgotten it, buried it
actually, after she left with the kits, but I remember now that it was released with the
other memories I had buried,” he responded quietly, never taking his eyes from
Samantha.  It was obvious he was trying to read her reaction to his words.

Leaning forward until she could clasp his hands, she said quietly, “Lantash, I will tell you
this once more, and then, I suppose I will repeat it as often as necessary until you believe
me.  I will not become jealous of Kataya and your relationship to her.  You loved one
another then, you still love one another today, and you will continue to love one another
into eternity.  It is just as I will always love and cherish my Daniel and our relationship to
one another into eternity.  You have a past with Kataya.  I have a past with Daniel.  We
each can accept that.  Please stop worrying about my reactions to anything that pertains
to the time you lived with her as a physically connected Heartmate.”  She leaned forward
even farther and kissed him gently.  “Now.  Tell us, or sing us, this song that you have
always felt had a very deep meaning for you.”

Lantash leaned forward from where he sat on a stool at her feet, and kissed her back,
before he nodded, saying, “It is called
Whispered Promises.”  Then clearing his throat, he
started to sing softly, the beauty of his voice again surprising everyone, but keeping them

Whispered Promises

Moonlight on the water calls you unto me,
With the soft warm breezes, be caressed.
The lapping of the waves upon the shore,
Carries my voice to thee upon its crest.

I am calling to you softly,
I am calling to you, love.
Hear my whispered promises,
My whispered promises of love

I am calling to you sweetly,
I am calling you, my love.
Hear my whispered promises,
My whispered promises of love.

You come to me with eyes that cannot see,
Though you have no words, you try to speak.
I touch your satin skin; stroke you gently,
Soon we will form a bond that will not break.

I am calling to you softly,
I am calling to you, love.
Hear my whispered promises,
My whispered promises of love.

I am calling to you sweetly,
I am calling you, my love.
Hear my whispered promises,
My whispered promises of love

I will give you eyes that you may see,
A voice with which to speak of many things.
Joined, I will hold you, as you embrace me,
I send to you these promises on wings.

I am calling to you softly,
I am calling to you, love.
Hear my whispered promises,
My whispered promises of love.

I am calling to you sweetly,
I am calling you, my love.
Hear my whispered promises,
My whispered promises of love

Come to me my loved one,
Come to me, my mate.
Hear my whispered promises,
My whispered promises of love.

Join with me my loved one,
Join with me, my mate.
Hear my whispered promises,
My whispered promises of love.

Come to me my loved one,
Come to me, my mate.
Hear my whispered words,
My whispered promises of love.

Join with me my loved one,
Join with me, my mate.
Hear my whispered promises,
My whispered promises of love.

Hear my whispered promises,
My whispered promises of love.

When Lantash finished singing, it was very quiet, until Sam spoke up.  Squeezing the
hand she was still holding, she said, “It makes a very heartfelt, and tender love song, but I
can see why you feel connected to it beyond that.  It sounds like a host coaxing a symbiote
to come and join with them.  A promise to show them the world through their eyes just as
a lover would.  And, the truth is that the relationship between host and symbiote is that of
lovers, so of course, it would sound that way.”

Lantash frowned.  “How do you know that, Samantha?  That the bond between symbiote
and host is very like that of lovers?”

“I experienced Kataya’s joining with Siesha, and I have observed you and Martouf and my
dad and Selmak.  Almost all of the host/symbiote relationships that I have had the
privilege to see more of than just casually, strike me that way.  Jocasta and Daur’rin are
very close, like lovers would be.  Malek and Devlin are very much like lovers.  Even
though Devlin teases Malek, it’s obvious that he would do anything Malek asked of him.”  

“I’m looking forward to my own joining very much.  In a way, I am glad things have
worked out the way they have, and I am pregnant now, so that I can blend as soon as we
find some of your brethren.  Or at least as soon as I can.”  

Lantash smiled at her, truly convinced this time that his Samantha truly wanted to blend
because she wanted to, not because she thought he wanted it.  He did, of course, but he
would love her if she never blended.  He would always love her.  He was drowning in her
eyes when Daniel’s voice brought him out of them and back into the present and the room
where they were now sitting.

“Well, this answers a question I had anyway,” Daniel commented, his voice holding a
definite note of satisfaction.

“What is that, Daniel?”  Selmak asked, curious as to what Daniel could have been
pondering about which they would not already have thought.  

Jacob snorted in his mind, reminding him,
“You are wondering about Daniel Jackson, Sel,
and if anyone thinks outside of the box just as easily as they think within it, it is Daniel.  
Of course, he will have thought of things, which we haven’t even brought to the radar
screen yet."  

Selmak paused to think that through, and then admitted to him, almost sheepishly, “You
are correct, Jacob.  I do not know what I was thinking.  I would suppose I was not thinking
at all.”  

Another snort was followed by Jacob’s acerbic retort, “I would agree with that assessment.”

“How did we get the symbiotes to come once we found them?  If they are Egeria’s offspring,
they won’t take an unwilling host, so how is it done?  We know from the writings in the
Temple of the Twilight Nights that she had certain followers who assured her they would
protect her children and find willing hosts for them.  Akteket, Claeperta, Titenk, just to
name a few.”  

He paused for a moment before continuing to follow his line of thought, “The history that
she left for you on the Temple walls about her life and how she managed to see to it that
you were all taken care of is priceless.  Her explanation of what she learned, as well as the
one of how she changed her transferred knowledge to be sure that her later offspring had
her insight will prove to be a blessing to all of you, I think.”

Before anyone could interrupt or interject a comment, he continued to tell them what he
now believed to be the truth.  They were all aware of the suppressed excitement in his
tone as his explanation went on to tell them, “I think this song may be our link to them.  
Maybe the tune of it or the words said in Goa’uld.  There has to be a way to get them not
only to come to the edge of the water, but also to allow us to pick them up in order to
assure them of our good intentions.  I think this song is telling you how to call them.  I
believe the promises are literal, and that they are something your younger, er, siblings
will expect to hear from their brethren,” as he finished speaking, he nodded decisively, a
gesture, that for Daniel, indicated that he had a true  and deep belief that what he said
was the truth.    

“I agree.  I had forgotten that song and the poem, but both struck a chord in me that is
unusual.  I am sure that these are two of the triggers you believe she probably left within
us.  Moreover, I think I have a third.  It, too, is a song, and if Lantash remembers it,
perhaps he will sing it for us too,” Selmak informed them that he, too, suddenly recalled a
song that he felt was important.  

“Which one is that, Selmak?”  Lantash asked his interest and excitement very apparent to
all of them.  

believe it is called Moon Dance; however, I cannot positively say that is the working title.  
It is how I remember it, though,” Selmak gave them that which he felt he knew.  

“I remember it, Selmak,” Lantash assured him quietly, “and you are correct; the title is
Moon Dance.  

“How does it go, Lantash?”  Daniel asked, his eagerness adding to and enhancing theirs.

Moon Dance

Beneath the light of the moon,
We come together
To feel as one, to love as one

On the sands of the shore,
We come together
To touch, to see, to taste

By the waves of the sea,
We come together
To sing, to dance, to love

Under the shadow of the mountains,
We come together
To writhe in never-ending pleasures

Together, we forever remember
and forever love.

                     By Starshadow

Daniel nodded, “If it feels right to all of you, then in all probability, it is.  It sounds to me
like another song to call them and to reassure them that we are friends, and not enemies.  
Therefore, if we go somewhere we believe there are symbiotes, and one of the songs
doesn't work, we will try the other.  We should start to plan our trip off world to check out
the planet the poem is sending us to.  I’ll talk to Merdwin as soon as I can, but…”  Daniel
stopped talking, realizing that the information Kataya had sent to him through the link
was going to be a shock to those in the room.  He had to tell them, although Kataya said
that she would send Merdwin to do so, if he wanted her to.  It was, after all, because of the
Furling that this was happening.

Lantash looked at him and realized that Daniel had something other than the legends,
poems, and songs on his mind.  “What is wrong, Daniel?  You are very uncomfortable, and
Kataya has never returned from the Sanctuary.  Something has happened to Malek and
Devlin, has it not?”


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Chapter Thirteen

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