Chapter Fifteen Summary:  They take part in the final ceremony.  It includes the cake but this time without the
pain.  Later, a Seeress gives them a brief glimpse of some of the joys they will have within their bond.  Then it is
time for them to retire to the joining cottage.  Daniel, Martouf and Lantash discover Samantha’s adornment and the
fact that she was not given a choice as they were.  It seems to them that her revenge was very apropos.  Then the
time for talk is over and it doesn’t take long for their passions to burn out of control.

“Italics” – Symbiote-Host communications

Jore spoke quickly to Martouf.  “This is the final ceremony.  After this, we dance, we sing,
you can go whenever you wish.  We party until we are tired.  Tomorrow will probably be
declared a free day in honor of your joining.  Too many people will not get up and go to
work anyway.”  

Martouf frowned.  “What kind of ceremony?  How much pain is involved in this one, and
who has to endure it?”  

Jore looked shocked, as he looked from one of them to the other.  “There is no pain.  You
can now eat the cake, and it will give you nothing, but pleasure.  Truly, I assure you.”  He
cocked his head, as the group stared at him, then he motioned the attendants over.  He
told them that, if the chains hurt them, they were to leave them alone.  Then he handed
Martouf a piece and encouraged him to eat it.  Nothing happened.  Jore gave one to Sam,
and she ate it with the same result.  Daniel, also, became convinced.  After they all
resumed their seats, the attendants handed each of them a glass of juice.  

As they drank it, they cut four pieces of the cake and placed them in front of each of the
grooms and the bride.  Then another attendant brought them all tall slender glasses of
another type of juice.  Jore instructed them.  In the last ceremony, they must eat a bite of
the cake, and follow it with a drink of the juice.  There were pitchers of juice.  Sam tried it,
and decided it didn’t taste like the other two juices, or the wine, she had been given

Therefore, perhaps, it was safe to drink.  That was not the right thing to think.  Every time
they thought something was safe, it turned out to be dangerous, in some fashion.  Well,
not the
“dangerous”, kind of dangerous, but in the, not what they expected, kind of
dangerous.  However, there were no more ceremonies, so this should be all right—shouldn’
t it?  They looked at each other, and at Jack, and Teal’c, who had both joined them, and
started to eat.  

Jack tried a bite and stopped.  He looked at them.  With his mouth still full, he said, “You
didn’t tell me it was the best cake you’d ever had.  This is great stuff.  Wow.  I wonder if I
can get the recipe.”  

“Jack, even their bakers can’t make it all the time.”  Daniel explained what they had been
told about the cake during the ceremony, realizing that Jack wouldn’t have understood
what was going on, not realizing that Lantash had enlightened him earlier.  He knew they
had translated for Sam, but didn’t know if Jack could have heard it.  

Jack nodded, “Oh, yeah, Lantash told me that earlier when he was explaining about the
joining and the chains melting and stuff.  You got those golden imprints on your skin too,

Daniel stared at him, a little stunned that he, and Lantash, of all of them, had discussed
it, and then replied, “Yeah, Jack.  Yeah, I do.  I’m, uh, sure you’ll see them sometime.”  

Jack nodded, and asked the attendant for another piece of cake, losing interest in real
golden chains in favor of Golden Chains cake.

Sam turned to answer his earlier question, “Sir, there is something about watching your
groom doubling over in pain, and not being able to do anything about it, that makes it
very hard to notice anything about how something tastes.  I can honestly say that this is
the first time, out of all of the times I’ve eaten this, that I tasted it.  It is very good.”  Sam
reached out and finished her drink.  An attendant promptly refilled her glass and handed
it back to her.  She took another good-sized drink and ate more cake.  It was really, really

Jack nodded.  “Yeah, I can see how that probably put a damper on your taste buds.”

Looking over she saw that Martouf and Lantash had finished both pieces of theirs and
were on their second glasses of the drinks and cake.  Looking at Daniel, she realized that
he was on his second piece of cake and his third or fourth glass of juice.  She had to admit
that the cake was a tad dry, but that didn’t take a thing away from it.  In fact, the juice
seemed to compliment it.  Probably why you drank and ate the two together.  She finished
her juice and they promptly filled her glass yet again.  They guys appeared to be enjoying
it, as well.  

She asked for more cake.  She wouldn’t have thought she would eat one piece, let alone
two.  Jore and Marta came over to them.  Jore wanted to talk to them about the scientific
treaty before they left, and set a time for them to return.  They would be most happy to
share the plant with them.  No, there were no special gifts one needed to make it work,
unlike some of their medicines.  They had many other things that would work without the
specialties that only their people could use, and they would be happy to share them.  

Close to an hour later, Sam looked down and realized she’d finished a fourth piece of cake
and just now felt comfortably full.  Not stuffed, but as if she had enough and should stop.  
She was sure she had at least six glasses of the juice, though.  It tasted faintly familiar
now.  Daniel was staring at his glass, as he moved uncomfortably.  She sensed Martouf
moving on the other side of her.  She wondered why they were suddenly so restless, but
Marta was trying to get their attention again.  

She turned to her, just as she felt the first wave of heat fill her loins.  She recognized the
flavor of the drink now.  It was that fruit mixed in with some other stuff.  They’d had
several pitchers of it between the three of them.  No wonder the men were shifting.  No
doubt, they were becoming more uncomfortable by the minute.  

Daniel turned to Sam, “Marta wants to know how many pieces of cake you ate, Sam?”  

Sam looked at him blankly for a moment, trying to focus her thoughts on something other
than the heat between her legs and in her breasts.  “Ah, um, four, I ate four.  Why?”  

She watched as Marta questioned Daniel, Martouf, and Lantash.  After that, she looked
thoughtful, before calling over an older woman, not elderly, but still older than Marta.  
Sam was surprised to find out it was her Aunt.  Her name was Martrel.  They spoke
rapidly, and the Aunt asked to hold Sam’s hand, then she wanted Daniel’s hand added,
and finally Martouf, and then as Lantash.  She sat with them changing back and forth
from Martouf to Lantash twice.  

Finally, she let them go and said to Martouf and Daniel, “You will have four children.  Two
will be Daniel’s a boy and a girl.  The boy will be the image of his father, the girl her
mother.  They will grow up to be much like their parents.  Strong, intelligent, and
beautiful.  The best of each of their parents will meet within them, for they are born of a
complete soul.”  She smiled at Daniel and Sam, and then turned more toward Martouf
and Sam.  

“Two will be Martouf’s a boy and a girl.  Of those, the girl will look much like Martouf.  She
will have the same blue-grey eyes, the same lovely mouth, as I said; almost the image of
you, Martouf, except for her hair, which will catch the sun’s light and shine as her mother’
s does.  She will be as brilliant as her mother is, as well.  All four of these children will be
exceptionally intelligent.”  She smiled at his look of delight, and then she became more
solemn, although a small smile still hovered on her lips.  

“The boy will be different.  He will be tall and golden skinned.  He will laugh a great deal,
for he will find joy in much, and he will love his mother fiercely, as his father teaches him
to do.  He will love and respect all women.  As he matures, the once handsome boy will be
considered a handsome man, with sable colored curls, and laughter in his deep blue
eyes.  He will have a patrician nose and high cheekbones.  He will have the dimple in his
chin and the beautifully sculpted lips of Martouf,” she paused, looked at him closely, and
smiled, before saying softly, “and the gentleness of his heart and hands.  When he
becomes a man full-grown, he will be very dangerous, but only to those that are evil.  

She had described Lantash as Sam had described him.  Was there some essence that he
would pass onto a son?  There were stranger things.  They would all hold judgment until it
happened.  Four children were a lot.  Hopefully they would be twins and gotten over

Marta turned back to her from where she was talking to her aunt.  “She says they will be,
Samantha, and fairly soon and close together.  You will wish to blend soon, you and
Daniel, both.  So the sooner your children are born, the better.  Now she says you all need
one more glass of juice.  You have not had enough.”  Martouf blushed, as he translated
the last part.  

“Wait.  Tell her Aunt Martrel I have a question.”  

Marta’s Aunt Martrel began speaking and Martouf turned back to her, puzzled, “She said
to tell you that the boys will be born as twins as will the girls, but it will be quite obvious
that one is mine and one is Daniel’s.  The boys will be the oldest.  The girls will follow
within a year.  She also says that the timing is in your hands.  All you must do is forget
one time, and they will be on their way.  It can be tonight if you wish it to be.”

“Tell her thank you, please, Martouf.”

“I told her, but what does she mean, Samantha?  I believe we know, but just to be sure
will you tell us?”  

“She says they’ll be twins.  The unusual part is that the twins will be from different
fathers both times.  They’ll be born whenever I forget to take a pill, and the next set will
be born within a year after that.  We’ll want to have the children quickly, so that Daniel
and I can blend.  Well, you understood that part.”  

“I was not aware that blending had crossed your mind, Samantha.  We always assumed
that it was distasteful to you.”  

“It would be foolish of me to even think of marrying you and not consider blending,
Martouf.  Why would I marry you and watch you stay young and healthy, while I age and
die, when I could possibly have a couple of hundred years with you?”  

“More like four hundred.  You are still young and I have only been blended for a little over
one hundred years.  The same will be true for Daniel.  In fact, the two of you could outlive
me by a hundred years or more.”  

“Don’t say that.  In three hundred years, we’ll have found a way to extend that.  I won’t
live without you and Lantash.  I won’t.”  Sam closed her eyes and released the hand she
had grabbed and squeezed.  “I’m sorry.  It’s just that I’ve just admitted I love you, and you’
re talking about dying.  I just really would rather not talk about that tonight, if you don’t

Martouf bowed his head.  “No, I am sorry, Samantha.  This is our joining night, and that
was an inappropriate topic for me to dwell on.  Please…forgive me.”  

“Not your fault, I brought it up first.”  She shook her head, saying, “You used that word,
almost the same phrase and the exact intonation, the first time we met.  
Please—forgive me.  You said that, too, and yet, you were the ones that had just found
out you’d lost your mates.  I’ll always remember how gentle and sweet you were that day,
even with all the pain you had to be in, you were still trying to help me to understand the
Tok’Ra.  We were too narrow-minded to understand.  Except maybe Daniel, and he was
the one of us that you would think would be the least tolerant of anything resembling a
Goa’uld.  But then, that’s Daniel all over.  I sometimes think that he is ever-forgiving.”  

“Yes.  He is a wonderful person, and I am looking forward to getting to know him better.  
You will have to tell me the things about him that he will not reveal himself.  I have a
feeling that they are many and varied.  He is a deep and thoughtful person.  His mind is
so quick that it startles even the Tok’Ra at times.”  

“Yes, I will tell you about him.  There are too few people who know the real Daniel
Jackson.  You should be one of those that do.”  

She paused for a moment, before continuing, “He truly is brilliant.  It’s not just that he’s a
genius; it’s that he has this ability to make intuitive leaps of logic.  Sometimes it seems
like illogic, but it still gets you to where you need to be.  He thinks outside of the box, and
there are times that I have trouble keeping up with him.  I hope the Tok’Ra learn to accept
that he is brilliant, and don’t try to, to put a label on him, or decide that he isn’t brilliant
because he is human and, therefore, can’t be very smart, because we won’t stay where he
is stifled.”  She looked at Martouf seriously.  “I won’t have Daniel hurt.  He’s had enough
pain in his life.”  

“Daniel will not be hurt, my Samantha.  We will protect him, I promise you.  As for the Tok’
Ra not recognizing his…and your…brilliance, that will not be a concern, either.  We have
known for quite some time that both of you are exceptionally intelligent…unlike Per’sus,”
Lantash answered her, his lips quirking when he alluded to Janet’s continued
disparagement of Per’sus’s intelligence during the poison incident, before moving back
and allowing Martouf to once more take control.  

He sent her one of his most charming smiles as he took over and added, “Lantash is
telling you the truth, Samantha.  The Tok’Ra were realizing just how intelligent the two of
you are even before the poison incident, and since then, many have reassessed their
original opinions, come to realize how wrong they have been about the Tau’ri in general,
you, and Daniel in particular.  You need not worry that they will not give either of you the
respect that you deserve, for they most certainly will, of that I can assure you with
complete confidence.”  

She gave the two of them a very loving look and a sweet smile as she told them, “Thank
you for the reassurance.  I won’t worry about it, now, promise.”  Sam looked back to where
Daniel was talking quietly with Jore.  He was restless.  She was restless.  She took
another drink of the juice without realizing what she was doing.  Martouf and Daniel were
doing the same.  It was time to go.  She was ready to get horizontal.

“Let’s see if we can convince Daniel to leave, Martouf.  I’m getting more tired by the
minute.”  She signaled to Teal’c and the Colonel that they were leaving.

As soon as they stood and stepped toward him, Daniel turned to them, a question in his
eyes.  Sam nodded and Daniel set his glass down.  Martouf had turned to Jore to find out
if there were any other things they needed to do, and if not, to tell him they were going
back to their cottage.  

“No, you cannot go there.  We have moved all of our things to the joining cottage.  Your
attendants will take you there.”  

Martouf and Daniel closed their eyes, and Daniel pinched the bridge of his nose.  Sam
guessed there was more bad news.  Seeing the attendants surround them, she knew there
was more formality to come…she just hoped it wouldn’t last too long or be something in
which they would not agree to participate.  There was quiet behind them, and then they
heard the same lovely music they heard as Sam had come to join with them, but this time
it was taking them back up into a bower in the canopy of the trees.  

Sam stood quietly as her attendants undressed and redressed her, although why they
were bothering, was beyond her.  The gown they were putting her in was pretty much not
there.  Well, in some places it wasn’t there.  In a few strategic places it was.  They were
waiting for her.  The thing was the male attendants were there as well.  They had
managed to get here, and they had all used the facilities without the attendants
attending.  However, as soon as they emerged, they had swarmed like locusts, stripped
them of the joining robes, and covered them in their sleeping robes, gowns, whatever one
would call these.  

Now they expected her to walk out there in this in front of those strange men.  She looked
down.  She was covered she guessed.  Drawing in a breath and asking for patience, she
stepped out from behind the screen and heard screeching, and flapping, as the female
attendants beat on the male attendants, evidently, for not turning around quickly
enough.  Sam looked over at Daniel and Martouf, and as she had expected, both of them
had twitching lips.  She quickly glanced away and stepped back behind her screen.  One
of the attendants came rushing over to her talking a mile a minute and Sam stared at her,
until the young woman flushed, and realized that Sam had no idea what she was saying
to her.  Which was why she had come out before it was time.  

Turning to Martouf, she quickly asked him to please tell his queen-mate that she must
ask them to bring her the robe they held.  Light dawned on them, as to why they had been
standing here holding this piece of cloth.  They both supposed that a little thought on
their part would have told them, but they weren’t thinking very well with anything above
their waists just now, the little fruit doing its job quite well.  After Sam requested the robe,
and they brought it to her, the attendant quickly wrapped her in it, and instructed the
mate to carry her to the center of the bed.  

Once he laid her down, the women told the men that they could unwrap their gift, after
their own attendants left.  No one would return, except to leave food in the holder outside
the door, unless they called for someone.  Goodnight.  

The male attendants made very short work of stripping both men, quickly, efficiently, and
to the skin.  There would be no slow sensual unveiling.  The veils were gone; hope you
aren’t shy.  The male attendants, too, bowed and left.  That was it.  They were alone.  
Together.  In a bed.  They could unwrap Samantha.  At last.

She watched them as they reached for the wrap and slowly pulled it off her, as if savoring
the revealing of every inch.  Well, at least they got to unwrap something slowly.  She could
feel the tremble in their hands.  This was different from their quick coupling earlier.  This
was going to be love making.  That had been sex given with love.  This would be love given
with sex.  Sam closed her eyes, but couldn’t keep them closed.  She wanted to see them.  
Both of them, as they watched each inch of her appear.  Martouf slid his arms under her,
and Daniel pulled the wrap away from her and pitched it somewhere behind him.  

The gown was simply two pieces of cloth that tied in several places.  If you untied the
correct one, the prize was yours.  It didn’t take them long to figure out which ones needed
undoing first.  Both pieces went the way of the wrap, and then Martouf dropped her to the
bed, as he sat down and looked at her body.  Daniel did the same.  They each reached for
a delicate little ring that adorned her.  

Daniel was the first to speak, as his finger followed one much as he had the sculpture that
day.  “They’re beautiful, Sam, but why?  Why did you allow them to do this?  It isn’t like
you to allow something like this.”  

Sam looked at him, straight into his eyes, as she answered, “No, it’s not.  It’s not like me to
allow something like this at all, is it Daniel?”  

His finger stopped moving, and he fell over on the bed, his face next to hers.  Kissing her
nose, he said gruffly, “It was a great revenge, you know.  I don’t think that even Jack
could have come up with a better one.”  

As soon as the words left Daniel’s mouth, Martouf stretched out beside his mate, not
touching her, taking his cues from Daniel, his mate-brother, who had so much more
experience with her, and her moods, than they did.  He, too, kissed her gently, on the
temple, before pulling back.  

“I believe, that if I understand this correctly, you did not ask to be pierced, Samantha?  
Why did you not simply stop them?  Surely, even though they do not speak our language,
they would have understood a simple head shake.”  

“I am sure they would have, if they had asked, or told me, Martouf.  They didn’t tell me.  
Do you remember in the bathroom when I said I had to go because I had been given a lot
to drink?”  Martouf closed his eyes, now realizing what was coming.  “Well, they just did
it.  I found out what they’d done, after they redressed me, and gave me the other drink to
reverse the anesthetic one.  No one asked me if I wanted them.  No one asked my opinion.  
And no one asked my permission.”

“I don’t remember exactly why now, but at the time, I blamed you two.  I probably wasn’t
thinking too clearly.  I remember thinking that, if I hadn’t been trying so hard to play nice
and be sociable, even though I can’t speak the language, I would have been more
suspicious.  Moreover, I felt bad about being such a hard-ass about going along with stuff,
so when they wanted to do what I thought was a massage, because you mentioned that,
Martouf, or maybe it was Lantash, I just let them and that was when they did it.  I was too
out of it to notice.”   

“So, after the sex lecture, I asked Marta if you guys could have a ring, and I showed her
where I wanted it.”  She reached down and flipped the little gold hoops, and they both
gave her an, as if I couldn’t have guessed that one look, before she finished her story.  “I
think she asked if I wanted you to have nipple rings, too, and at the time I thought, why
not?  I wasn’t aware of all the other stuff.  The challenge and the cake and all that stuff.  
Or the bellybutton ring.”   

“Well it was certainly perfect, Sam, and you didn’t even have to do anything yourself.”  
Daniel and Martouf both looked at her solemnly and Daniel continued talking to her, “We
are sorry, Sam, we really didn’t know about it.  I love them, so I can’t really say I’m sorry
they are there, but I am sorry they did this without giving you a choice in the matter.”  

“As am I, Samantha.  Much as I find them a joy to look at and touch, I would rather it had
been a conscious choice on your part,” Martouf added.  

Lantash came forward and placed his hand on her breast, playing lightly with the ring
and smiling slightly, “I cannot be sorry, my Samantha.  They are very erotic, and I have to
admit that I like them very much.  It is worth getting our adornments to have these on
your delectable body.”  Coming up on his elbow, he leaned over flicking her nipple with
his tongue, and laughing lazily, when she gasped at the sensation. “I have been told that
it enhances certain sensations.  Perhaps, we will find out if that is true or not.”  He
reached out once more and gently caressed one of the rings with his fingers.

“I have to agree, Sam.  If this is what it took to get these beautiful rings on you, then I’ll
wear mine in the showers with the marines, and drive them crazy, when I just drop hints
about matching ones and smile.  You know how erotic I’ve always found them.  In fact, you’
ve known that for a long time.”  Leaning down, he gave her a long slow kiss before pulling
back.  “I love them, Sam.”  

Sam smiled at him.  “To tell you the truth, Daniel, the only thing that kept me from
coming completely unglued was the look on your face that day when we were talking
about those statuettes.  You kept running your fingers over them again and again as if
they fascinated you.  I found myself wishing I was that statue that day.  It was the first
time I had sexual thoughts about you, and it scared me.  Today it kept me from doing
something hasty.  I decided that I knew you would like them, and that chances were very
good that Martouf and Lantash would as well.  So I figured, why not?  It was forced erotica,
so there was no guilt.  They made me do it.”  

She grinned at Daniel, and then gasped as Lantash, no, it was Martouf, slid down her
body, found the ring that set her senses humming, and flicked it back and forth with his
tongue.  She had wondered why they put a ring in that particular spot and now she
knew.  As Martouf continued to feast between her legs and tug on the tiny ring the caused
such sweet vibrations in her clit, Daniel began to sample the delights in store for him.  His
hands roamed her freely.  In the twilight of the room, he could see her well.  

She was beautiful.  She had envied the statuettes, and yet to him, her warm soft skin was
much better to caress.  His lips followed where his fingers led.  He found himself rubbing
the rings on her, as he had those on the statue and evidentially, it felt right because she
followed his hand silently asking for more if he left it.  His lips left her breast to her moan
of denial, but he did not return despite her pleas.  He headed for her throat instead
knowing from earlier that there were a few places there that were extremely sensitive.  
Working his way up to just below her ear, he found the one spot that seemed to drive her
wild.  It took a minute to tell what she was saying.  In fact, he wasn’t sure she knew what
she was saying, so he asked, “Sam are sure that’s what you want me to do?”  

“God, yes, Daniel, do it, now, please, now,” she was panting so he returned to her neck.  
Daniel would never have guessed that Sam would have been the type for love bites on her
neck, but she was the one whispering “suck me, suck my neck”, and urging him on with
what he was doing.  Daniel began to suck on the side of her neck and she gasped at the
shot of desire that shot through her.  She arched off the bed sobbing in needs.  She was
feeling a wild raging hunger for them; there was no doubt about it.

Martouf raised her legs over his shoulders and indicated that Daniel should continue
before he returned to his intense exploration of the satiny smoothness of her legs and the
heated wetness at the apex of her thighs.  She was delicious.  He explored her, savoring
every bit of her.  He kissed her from her knees to her center and back again.  He kissed
her belly and the little ring that reposed there.  Nevertheless, he always came back to the
center of her womanhood and drew in the essence of her.  He switched with Lantash, so
that he might also enjoy her from the active rather then the passive side.  

He opened her to his exploring tongue and swirled around then plunged as far as his
tongue could go.  As the Tau’ri would say, God, she was sweet.  Sweeter than the sweetest
honey mead.  Then he brought his tongue to the spot that would be the center of her
climax and began a steady rhythm, as he inserted one of his long fingers.  Her hips were
soon thrusting to meet him and he added another one.  Then Martouf took over and
continued down the path that Lantash had begun.  Three fingers and an increase in
tempo later, and Samantha was crying out as one lover suckled her breast and the other
suckled the center of her womanhood.  

When the storm broke, there was both lightening and thunder, but the aftermath was
calm and warm and gentle, at least when she woke up.  Opening her eyes at last and
sighing, she smiled up at two worried faces.  They were worried when she went completely
limp.  Even Lantash, who rarely became overly excited, was on the point of rousing Jore
and insisting on the return of his healing device.  Only the fact that they knew women
could actually pass out, kept them from doing anything rash.  Although, each knew
intellectually that a woman could do this, none of them, including Lantash, had ever met
one that did.  

Sam laughed at them.  “There’s nothing wrong with me.  It just means that I, um, enjoyed
myself immensely and that I, um, you know, must have really, climaxed hard.  
Sometimes, well, at least, it used to be, when I had sex, that if I had an exceptionally hard
orgasm when I hadn’t had sex for a while it happened.  That’s all.  I kind of black out for a
little bit, but it’s okay.  My doctor said so.”  

“You asked your doctor?”  

“Well, yeah, Daniel, the first time it happened, it scared the guy I was with half to death,
and it didn’t do much for me to wake up and find him panicked and about to call nine-
one-one.  How would you feel?”  

“Right.  Sorry.  I never thought of it that way.  But, Sam, you, um, well, you did have sex,
just a few hours ago.”  

“True, but, this was pretty intense, Daniel.  It shouldn’t happen anymore now.  I promise.  
It’s not always the first time after I haven’t had sex in a while, it only happens when I
climax really hard for the first time and trust me, you three sent me out into the wildest
thunder and lightening I can ever remember being in.  It was, mm, awesome.  Can we do
it again?”  

She signed to Daniel and the next thing Martouf knew he was pinned to the bed with
Samantha on top of him and Daniel stretched out beside him.  He couldn’t complain
about his present coverage.  Sam began to play with his nipple rings and he shuddered at
the jolt that appeared to go straight from his nipple to his shaft.  

Sam seated herself so that she was straddling him and his shaft was nestled between her
soft warm folds, and all three of the rings were visible.  All were small so they would never
be in the way or get caught on something like the nipple rings could, although they were
not really large either.  The labia rings were large enough however to make playing with
them feel pleasurable to the female.  This, besides adornment, was their main purpose.  

Sam began to play, first with one chain and then with the other.  Then one, then the
other, until he was in constant stimulation from the nipple rings.  Opening his eyes, he
realized the something had changed.  She was still using one hand to run lightly over the
chains but the other one was slowly, very slowly making its way downward, stroking, and
massaging each and every muscle and nerve as she caressed her way downward.  

Daniel was lying next to Martouf watching Sam and slowly running his hand up and down
the leg nearest to him.  He watched her as she threw her head back and reveled in the
sensations that were coming to her.  He was lying on his side now supported on one
elbow, his hand on Martouf’s chest to help support him as he leaned toward Sam and
used his other hand to trace patterns on her skin and then on down to find and play with
the rings that adorned her womanhood, fascinated with them and the way they looked.

Sam smiled at him and continued to play with the chains on Martouf and Lantash’s
chest.  Then she found and began to play with the little golden balls.  Daniel was watching
how Sam’s lovely breasts swayed as she began to rock slightly back and forth on Lantash
and Martouf’s cock.  Without realizing what he was doing, he leaned back and began to
play with one of the nipple rings on Martouf’s chest, flipping it back and forth with his
finger in time to Sam’s rocking motion.  He moved his other hand to rub up and down her
leg occasionally, but mostly he just watched her, as she rocked on Martouf’s shaft, her
breasts swaying and a look of passion and desire on her face.

Martouf began to moan.  He twisted his hands in the bed coverings to keep them from
reaching up and stopping this simple but exquisite torture.  How could he go from being a
reasonable, thinking being in one moment, to nothing but a quivering mass of open nerve
endings the next?  

He had to get them to stop this.  His eyes popped open.  Them?  Looking over at Daniel,
he could see that he was completely mesmerized by Samantha and her breasts, as they
swayed with each rocking motion she made.  However, Daniel was also flipping his nipple
ring in time to her rocking, and it was driving him absolutely wild, it was so absolutely in
time, and of a perfect flicking, to bring a sustained stimulation straight to his cock.  Sweat
broke out on his forehead.  Sam started to rock faster and as she did, Daniel began to
flick the ring faster as well.  The two pieces of erotica together, along with Samantha
caressing the little golden balls and adding in the stunning visual of her mounted atop
him was finally more than he could stand.  He had to bring one, or more, of them to a
halt, if he wished to maintain some semblance of control.

What was he doing now?  He looked down and saw that Daniel was still unconsciously
playing with the ring, but now he was rubbing it around and around before flicking it
back and forth.  That was it.  He could stand no more of it, “Daniel!  You must stop.  I
cannot take any more of this torture.”  

All motion stopped abruptly.  They both looked at him in surprise, as he panted, sweat
streaking him.  Even Lantash was metaphorically gritting and gnashing his teeth, barely
holding on with his fingertips.  One of Daniel’s hands rested on Samantha’s leg.  His other
hand still rested on Martouf’s chest, one finger still absentmindedly circling and flicking
the ring, back and forth, back and forth.  Finally, Martouf grasped his wrist and ground
out, “You must stop.  You must become more aware of your actions, Daniel.”  

Daniel looked down to where Martouf held his hand.  Then his face turned bright red.  
“Oh, sorry.  I tend to diddle with stuff, when I’m just sitting doing nothing, you know.  
Next time, I’ll, I’ll bring a pencil or something with me, sorry.  I can go and get one now, if
you’d like.”  

Martouf thought he would be the one to pass out now.  “A pencil?  You will bring a pencil
to bed?”  

“Yeah, you know, to keep my hands busy, so I don’t start, you know,” he waved his hands
towards Martouf’s chest and nipple rings, “start playing with things I shouldn’t be.  
Pencils are good.  I can tap them against my leg, or something, so I won’t distract you.  Or,
er, anything, that is, I won’t do anything I shouldn’t do.  Yeah, pencils are good.”  

Martouf stared at Daniel and could think of nothing to say.  Lantash came forward, saying
calmly, “Daniel, sit up.  Good.  Now get up on your knees.  Yes, very good.  Now, swing
your left leg over my chest.  Good.  Now then, look at Samantha.  She has things you can
keep yourself occupied with, so that you will not need to bring a pencil into our bed.  I
suggest you start now to learn to occupy yourself with her entertainment amenities.  I
assure you that her playground area is well stocked.”  

“I will give control back to Martouf now, if you think you can handle the remainder of the
scenario by yourselves.  I believe I am about to have a migraine.”  Martouf recovered from
his shock, and took control, his cock as hard as ever, and the feel of Samantha still riding
him in this way still driving him slowly mad.  Not even Daniel’s preposterous statement
was enough to soften him.  Pencils.  He felt Lantash smile.  Sometimes, Daniel was so
simple minded that it was amazing the feats his brilliant mind could perform.  It was part
of what made him so very lovable, a being to cherish.   

Daniel straddled Martouf’s chest and took Sam in his arms.  They looked at one another,
and their ready senses of humor took over.  They grinned, but the sex was too hot for an
outright laughing spell.  That would come later, when they really thought about it, and
after Daniel killed Lantash.  Then he swooped in for the kiss.  It was long and hot.  Their
tongues dueled, their breaths mingled, their lips clung, and when they looked into each
other’s eyes, they saw both a friend and a lover, and it felt both right and beautiful.   

Daniel lightened the intensity of the almost overwhelming emotion by saying, “Lantash
was right, you do have better things to play with than pencils would be.  I think I’ll stick
with you.”  He brought his lips down on hers again, as his hips moved in rhythm with
her.  His hands moved around her and caught the cheeks of her shapely ass in his hands.
So lovely, so firm and yet so soft.  He left her mouth and headed down the opposite side of
her neck.  When he reached the sensitive spot on her throat, she was whispering
frantically to him again.  That spot was one heck of a trigger for her.  

“Sam, I already did that on the other side.  You already have a love bite the size of Texas
on there.  If you really want another one, I’ll put one on the top of your breast.  Would that
be all right, instead of your neck?”  

“Yes.  Daniel, I want Martouf and Lantash in me now.  I’m so hot again; I feel like I could
melt.  Can you both, you know, take me at once?  I’ve wondered, kinda, once or twice,
what that would be like, to be able to…I want to make love to one and have one making
love to me…at the same time.  I just don’t know how to ask for it without sounding,
well…”  Daniel swooped in for another kiss.  

“I’ll take care of it; you just do as you’re told for once.”  

Sam’s eyes widened and then she grinned.  “All right, as long as I like it, but if I don’t…”  

“If you don’t, you say so, and we stop.”  

“All right.  What’s first?”  

“First you have to let whichever Tok’Ra it is that you’re torturing up.”  

“It is me, Daniel,” Martouf said, his voice sounding raspy.  “Torture is not a strong enough
word, for what she has been doing to us.”  

“That’s about to change.  I need to lie down now.  Come get between my legs, Sam.  I’m all
yours.  And you’re all Martouf and Lantash’s.  See?  Easy as one, two, three, four.”  

Sam looked down at Daniel and discovered that he, too, had the little golden balls.  “You
never told me what these are for.  Why did they add those as well as the rings and the
chains?  I didn’t know anything about the chains, or these, you know.”  

As Sam began a slow perusal of Daniel’s body, Martouf began a slow perusal of her
backside.  He had loved loving her from the front, but taking her from the back would also
be an intense sensation.  He listened as Daniel explained about the balls and the chains,
the rings and how the anesthetic had worked on them, so they had been capable of
talking to them part of the time, and when asked if they wanted them, they had agreed,
quite cheerfully, not even knowing what they were talking about.  He smiled as Sam
giggled as she pictured Martouf telling them that
“they would both have some and to bring
them at once”.  

Martouf, he told her, was very unhappy about them because it seemed that due to their
placement they were put on as permanent, so they would not accidentally come off while
inside her, and they also caused arousal because of where they were placed.  They hoped
to be able to ignore the sensation eventually.  They didn’t hold out much hope.  

Sam was fascinated.  She told him her clit ring did much the same, but that it wasn’t too
bad, and she thought she could take it off.  She was more fascinated by what she was
discovering about Daniel’s body than the story though.  She found that tugging gently on
the ring sent a jolt of desire through him.  Playing with the balls definitely had a similar
effect, and the nipple rings caused him to jump.  Martouf, she remembered, had reacted
in a similar way.  

Filing all of this information away for later use, she began to pay more attention to the job
at hand.  It was time to get busy and do what she wanted to do.  Leaning farther over,
which caused a breath to be caught sharply behind her; she began to explore every inch
of the chest in front of her with her lips, tongue, and teeth.  

As each muscle corded under her tongue and lips, she traveled its length, only to make
the return trip nipping the length of each one all the way back to the beginning.  Then
she moved on to the next one only to repeat her journey, making short stops to take
detours to his lips for long drugging kisses or to his neck and ears to drive him wild
because his neck was as sensitive as hers.  They’d have matching bruises in the morning
if he kept urging her on this way.  She’d always loved to both give and receive this
particular attention.  Her throat was extremely sensitive and appeared to be directly
connected to the core of her sex.

She would really like to be able to give Daniel her full attention, but it was hard when the
men behind her were pulling her attention away.  Martouf took over, moved up close to
her, and leaned over her back, doing to her much the same kind of things that she was
doing to Daniel, only he had fingers in places that were much more stimulating than what
she was doing.  At least she would assume so, but the way Daniel was reacting to some of
the tongue and lip moves she learned this evening maybe he was getting as much
enjoyment as she was.  

She moved more quickly down the broad expanse in front of her, not spending quite as
much time as she had been, moaning now in concert with Daniel.  She could feel the
chain slide over her and it had an erotic feel to it.  Very much so.  Much more so than she
would have thought it would, since she would have guessed it had very little had anyone
asked her.  Now she knew better.  

Taking the chain that connected her to Daniel, she wrapped his cock in it and was
surprised to feel it warm to her hand.  She heard him moan her name, as she slowly
moved her hand up and down.  She was not moving the chain, only her hand over the
chain.  Daniel gasped and his hips left the bed, his hands twisting in the covers to stop
him from reaching for her.  

“Sam,” he didn’t know if it was a curse or a plea, but whichever it was, she must have
understood it, because she unwrapped him from his golden prison and bent down to flick
the adornment on the underside of his shaft.  She’d never felt that she was particularly
good at this, and never really cared to do it, but she had an entirely different view of it

She began the trip that Marta had shown them.  It wasn’t long, until Daniel could not stay
quiet beneath her, and his gasping pants were ragged.  She breathed in the musky male
scent and was surprised at how it made her own desire move even higher.  Daniel smelled
so good and, when it mixed with the scent of Martouf and Lantash behind her, it was
almost enough to make her forget what she was doing.  Almost.  

She continued to make love to Daniel, slipping his cock into the heated wetness of her
mouth and heard another shuddering moan.  

He couldn’t stand it any longer, and he wound his fingers into her hair, moaning as he
did so, gasping her name, over and over.  

Using the techniques she’d seen earlier, she attempted some of the same movements.  
They felt awkward to her, but time and practice would cure that.  The tongue and lip
movements were easier than the throat.  

Through it all her hands never stopped moving.  Never stopped caressing him from the
lowest ring and the treasures they guarded, to the nipple rings and all sweet places in
between.  Still, she was only teasing, not yet truly giving him what he needed to be able to
climax hard.  

But, she was losing the battle to ignore what Martouf was doing to her.  Knowing her own
time was growing shorter, she wrapped Daniel in the chain again and ran both of her
hands up and down him as he first clasped his hands in her hair, only to run them down
to her shoulders and back again, still murmuring her name.  Not loudly, but softly, no
more than the undertone a brook makes as it kisses the rocks in a shallow stream.  

She brought her tongue to the very tip, the only place not covered by golden chain and
tickled there with the tip of her tongue as her hands still slid up and down the warmth of
the chains.  

One hand slipped below to massage the under-fruit in the delicate, teasing way they had
been shown.  When both were applied together, Daniel came off the bed as far as he could
and this time his, “Sam,” was quite distinct, with a definite throb in his voice.  It only took
one more movement of her hands with a caress of her tongue, and again he threw his
head back and cried out, “Sam!”  This time there was no doubt.  It was a warning that he
was not going to be able to stop himself, if she continued to tease him, and his cry came,
just as Martouf buried himself inside the hot, wet, tightness of her channel.  

Daniel’s head tossed, and he moaned, as Sam removed the chains, and this time gave
him what he needed and worked at bringing him over, not just playing with him.  She
loved and laved his manhood, using her tongue, mouth, lips and teeth, in ways he didn’t
know they could be used, and doing things he didn’t know could be done, to places he
didn’t know existed.  God, it was the best head he’d ever had.  It was as if
she’d been given
lessons from an expert.
 Crap, he’d never recover from this, and it was a good thing she’d
learned that little trick to delay him because otherwise, he’d have left them behind a very
long time ago.  

No one could hold out against this, he would swear to it.  No one, not even Lantash, and
he couldn’t wait to see her make love to him this way, just to prove it.  Damn, he had to;
he needed to.  “Sam, please,” he didn’t know if he was begging her to stop, or to never
stop.  Either way, he felt like he was going to die.  

Martouf was gritting his teeth.  He couldn’t hold out much longer.  Even with Lantash
doing everything he could to hold them back, he could not deny the grip of the soft wet
satin pulling them in.  She was so beautiful, so alluring, so passionate and oh, so
desirable.  Each thrust into her tightness brought them up against the pillow of her
buttocks, another sensation they found extremely erotic.  His hands slid again up her
back and back down again.  Her scent wafted to him, and it mixed now with his own and
Daniel’s scents to make a heady mixture.  A mixture so potent, it was like a drug to his
senses.  He wanted more and more of it.

She felt so soft, and yet beneath the softness, she was hard, firm, and strong.  He could
caress her skin for hours, reveling in the feel of it against his own.  His arms and hands
crept forward to move under her and clasp her breasts.  He caressed them over and over.  
She was so beautiful and so glorious under his hands this way.  He massaged her gently,
moaning again at the satiny softness of her skin, and her nipples, feeling them harden
into points for him.  

He tugged on them gently and heard her moan.  Then he felt the answering undulation of
her hips, and the feel of her pushing back against him, telling him without words that her
desire for him was a living breathing thing, and it wanted him, it was going to claim him,
and they would burn together in its fire.  All four of them, because that is the way it was
meant to be, and that was what they had chosen.  When the time came, they would leap
into the abyss and plunge into the fire together.  He smiled against her back, as he placed
little nips and kisses along her side and to the middle of her back.  Caresses.  Velvet on
velvet.  So much sensation caught up in one small area.  

So much feeling in one place.  It was swirling around them.  You could feel it in the very
air.  There was the passion, love, and lust that they had finally unleashed and allowed to
pulse around them.  Under those emotions, he could feel the devotion, commitment,
honor, and trust, a newer layer upon which they were building, as they took each step
toward a final blending.  There were also the emotions from the beginning, when they
were feeling their way…friendship, respect, tenderness, desire, and finally…acceptance.  
All in one heart times four.
 Ketra’kesh’cor.  The physical passion was what was calling
the most insistently right now, though.

Her breasts swung free, and he had access to them as well as her womanhood.  His hands
did not know which they wished to touch and caress first, and so, they kept moving back
and forth.  Every time they heard her moan, it almost pushed them over the edge.  The
sound of her moans, coupled with Daniel’s, heated their blood, and sent it coursing
through veins already burning with the need to quench the fire.  His finger tips reveled at
the feel of her skin as he slowly used then to learn every inch of the long lovely length of
her before him,
“Enchanting as this is, dear one, and much as I, too, would enjoy touching
her all day, it is time to bring our Samantha with us, to the heights.  She is close, but not
as close as Daniel and we are.  I am feeling his need through her, and he is on the
precipice.  It will take little to push him over, and we do not want her left behind.”

“Yes, thank you, my Lantash, I will see to it at once.”  Martouf, as good as his word, found
her bud and began to stroke it in a steady rapid rhythm, quickly catching her up to them.  
Each of them reveled in the feel of the other.  At last, the growing urgency of each
communicated itself through Samantha, from one to the other, and they all began to move
more quickly, Martouf being sure to bring Samantha along with them.  The sound of flesh
on flesh, the moans, the intense feelings, all came together in passion’s dance, and Sam
released the hold on Daniel that was withholding his release.  He could release now
whenever he was ready.  He had very little time to think about it.  It was there, for all of

This time when they reached the peak, all of them joined together as one, and dove
headlong into the abyss.


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