Chapter Ten Summary: Sam goes through the before joining rituals and as she promised she attempts to go
along with their customs.  Well, actually, she wasn’t asked if she wished to take part.  It was simply “done” to
her.  After her adornment, she was allowed to enjoy a lecture on oral sex from her hostess, which, since she
doesn’t speak the language she could not understand, but that was not a problem…it was show and tell… While
Sam is being given oral sex instructions, Daniel, Martouf, and Lantash are being instructed in techniques to make
their mates “the happiest of all the women of their worlds”.  Near the end, Daniel realizes that Sam might be
enduring the same thing, and that they are very probably dead men.    

“Italics” – Symbiote-Host communications

Sam swung wide blue eyes in a suddenly white face toward Lantash.  “Lantash, are you
sure that this is the only way, we can do this?  Are you guys sure you want to go through
with this?  Aren’t you worried about it at all?”  

“What is there to worry about, my Samantha?  We will be dressed in traditional Berinnese
joining finery, as will you.  I believe there is a massage first and scented bath, which I, for
one, am looking forward to enjoying.  There will be the same for you, I would imagine,
plus a small gathering for the women.  After that the dressing.  We will proceed to the
town center, where, I understood Jore to say earlier, he will proceed to extol on the virtues
of keeping our mate happy, and how best to do this.  In the meantime, you will be
subjected to a similar speech by Marta, here, describing all the wonders of joining, which
luckily for you, you will not understand and can, therefore, simply smile serenely and
agree with.”  

“Just smile serenely and agree with?  You want me to agree to something when I don’t
know what they are saying?  No, Lantash.  That I will not do.  A noncommittal smile and a
shrug is the best you will get out of me and that is a non-negotiable response—as I told
Daniel earlier—take it, or leave it.”

Lantash stared down into the set features on his Samantha’s face.  This was not the face
of a woman he would be able to kiss into submission, argue into caving in, talk into
changing her mind, cajole into giving in, or demand that she do as he said.  This was the
face of a woman who had just issued an ultimatum, and she meant it when she said it
was non-negotiable.  Lantash frowned before sighing.  It was his turn to give in, then.  All
right, he could do that.  One must pick ones battles after all, and going into one that is
lost before it begins, when it is not necessary, is foolhardy at best, and insane at worst.  
He was neither a fool nor insane.  

The most he could hope for was to cut their losses, so to that end he decided to alter his
requests, “My Samantha, please, try not to let any of their customs upset you.  They will
seem strange I am sure, although, I have never seen a joining here.  Just remember that
there is no public sex, nor is there an audience in the bedchamber afterwards.  Promise
that you will go along with whatever they do as long as it does not involve public nudity
and sex?  Please?”  

Sam looked up into Lantash’s eyes.  This man, symbiote, was a real problem.  He was so
hard to say no to because he was always so practical and logical.  Not only that, but he
rarely asked for anything for himself.  She felt like a selfish, ridiculous, child for refusing
him.  Maybe she could compromise without deserting her stand.  “I’ll try.  I can promise
that much.  But I won’t agree to anything I don’t understand.”  She might compromise,
but Sam wasn’t about to abandon the original dispute without a clear winner.

“You do not have to agree to anything you do not understand.”  She watched as his lips
descended and captured hers.  He was so delicious.  How did he always taste so good?  As
he gathered her closer, she could feel herself losing her grip on the reality of the room
around her.  His mouth was on her throat now, and, oh, god, Daniel was behind her
kissing the back of her neck.  She gasped.  

Suddenly they both moaned and pulled back.  “You are as heady as wine, my
Samantha.”  She barely heard the words breathed on a sigh into her hair.  Holding her
easily, he kissed her temple and stepped away.  “You did say you would go along in this as
long as there was no public sex, my Samantha, Daniel and I both heard you.  Promise me
you will put up with it, as long as there is no nudity, or sex, in public.  Please, my love.  
Promise me this one thing.  Promise to go along with their customs, as long as they do not
involve you getting naked, or having sex, in public.”

Sam dropped her head to his chest, and then ground out in a low, intense voice, “All right,
but neither of you better be getting naked, or having sex in public either.  That condition
meant both ways, meaning any of us getting naked and having sex, so if there is some
loophole in there; consider it closed, as of now.  So help me, Lantash, if there is some
really weird ritual, you will wish you had never asked for that promise from me.  And that
is not a threat.  That is a vow—and I will keep it.”  

“Yes, my love, Daniel, and I know, and we will be prepared for your anger and willing to
go through it, if such a thing arises.  We will put up with anything to call you ours, my

He spoke in a slow, deep seductive tone and she shivered, but she looked up at him, and
asked, “You said you and Daniel are prepared to go through anything.  Does that mean
that Martouf is not?  Because that makes it rather awkward, doesn’t it, since I can’t get to
you without going through him?”  

His eyes glowed and Martouf came forward just long enough to say, “Lantash speaks for
both of us in this matter, Samantha, we are of one mind completely when it comes to you
and our love of you.”  

Sam nodded her acceptance of that answer as Lantash returned.  “I will repeat it so that
you will know that we meant it.  Daniel, Martouf, and I know, and we will be prepared for
your anger, and willing to go through it, if such a thing arises.  We will put up with
anything to call you ours, my Samantha.  That is our vow to you.”  

Mindful of Sam’s stubborn will, Daniel reiterated the statement, adding, “Sam, there is no
public sex.  Really.  Martouf asked specifically, and I was right there.  The answer was a
definite no.  Please Sam, just try to enjoy the local customs.  Some of them may seem a
little weird, but hey, ours would seem weird to them, too.  And really, if they do some
weird thing to you, then you’re free to get all the revenge you want.  On all of us.  

They stepped back from her, and before she could answer, they were surrounded by the
male members of Jore’s family and swept away in the tide of laughing, happy men.  

It would be very soon now.  What was she doing?  What had she been thinking?  How
could she do this after realizing she wanted it to be real?  Could she live through it, and
pretend that she was all right?  She pictured the Colonel’s legs and arms.  Keep those in
sight.  Just remember, there’s this plant.     

After all, it wasn’t like she was marrying the ogre, for heaven’s sake.  She sighed.  That
was the problem, wasn’t it?  Not only wasn’t it the ogre, she was getting the Knight in
Shining Armor, The Black Prince, and Prince Charming, all at the same time.  

She grinned wryly, or maybe it was Aragorn, Legolas, and Indiana Jones.  She closed her
eyes, mm-mm, those three together, the elf, the…  She sighed, with her luck they’d turn
into Sleepy, Sneezy, and Dopey.  She wouldn’t even get the intelligent one, Doc.  

The women were coming to prepare her for her grooms, whoever they might turn out to
be, and she imagined they would be coming soon.  She sat back down on the bed and
then laid back.  She might as well be comfortable until they got here.  She was startled to
hear them at the door almost as soon as she hit the bed.  Well, that didn’t take long.

Sam looked up when the women walked into the room.  They were carrying some more
material that was different from her joining robe.  She wondered what they would do with
it.  Well, she would find out shortly.  She stood and watched as Marta came bustling in
behind the other women.  One of them brought out some kind of cream that smelled
heavenly and soon Sam found herself enjoying the greatest massage she ever had.  They
were chattering and laughing around her, seeming to be having a great time.  She smiled
because their laughter was contagious even if she didn’t know what it was about.  

She hated to see it end, but they urged her up and as she stood, someone threw a cloak
around her before they motioned her to follow.  About half of the women made their way to
the bathing pools, the other half staying behind to set out food and drink from what Sam
saw as they hurried her out the door.  They went to a secluded pool, and this one was only
large enough for about three or four people.  She was to get in and then they did some
kind of stick game to see who was to get in with her.  

It was good-natured, with much laughing and cheering.  The two winners stripped and
slipped into the pool with her, each with a sponge and a wooden container of liquid that
could only have been some kind of soap.  It smelled heavenly and before she knew it, they
lifted Sam to the side and washed her thoroughly, including her hair.  Then she was
encouraged to rinse in the next pool, as the water flowed briskly through it.  

She lowered herself and moaned at the feel of the obviously very soft water washed over
her taking all of the soap away.  She watched as all of the women took turns bathing and
giggling, before running to one of the rinsing pools.  Soon her two attendants came for her,
helping her out of the pool and bundling her back into the voluminous cape-like garment
before hurrying back down the paths to the cottage.  The rest of the women were there,
waiting for them.  They all smiled, happy to have her back amongst them, and she smiled
in return.  

Sam was completely dried and then taken to large table that she hadn’t noticed before.  It
had evidently been part of the wall.  Laying her on it on her stomach they began again to
rub her with lotion this time though they were paying more attention to areas that she
would just as soon they stayed away from. Before she became too alarmed, Marta said
something sharply, she was helped to sit up, and then swaddled in the cape-like garment
and completely covered again.

After passing out the drinks, the girls began to drink and eat what seemed to be the
equivalent of punch, mints, and peanuts.  It appeared that bridal showers, which she
supposed this was, were the same the worlds over.  Realizing she was hungry, when they
passed the snacks to her, Sam got her arms loose and took a handful in one hand and a
drink in the other.  She tasted the treat.  It was very good.  Maybe it was a little salty, but
it was good.  As hungry as she was though, anything might taste good.  

She finished her handful of the snack, hoping it would hold her until time to eat, however,
when another bowl came around holding something that looked and tasted a lot like
popcorn she had to have some.  And some more of whatever that stuff was to drink.  Some
kind of juice from the taste if it.  It was really good, too.  Everyone was so relaxed.  No one
seemed to be hurrying or anything.  Her attendants began to work on her hair, drying it
and weaving flowers into it.  

Someone else gave her another glass of punch, some more popcorn stuff, and she was
finally feeling calm and in control of herself and the situation.  She took a deep breath.  
Yes.  This was nice.  In fact, it was better than nice.  It was great.  She was getting
married.  Soon.  Marta came over to her and asked her something.  It was a question.  
What was it she had promised Lantash?  Go along with their customs.  Okay, so, what was
next?  She looked at Marta expectantly.  Marta looked at her.  She wanted something, but
Sam had no idea what.  Sam shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.  

Marta looked perturbed for a moment and then her features lightened.  She went to the
material they brought, pointed to Sam, and then pantomimed dressing her.  Sam smiled
and nodded.  Yes, of course, they wanted to help her get in that piece of cloth they called a
robe.  Well that was okay and it suited her.  She was ready for something else to happen.  
Someone gave her some more of the salty nut like things, which she ate quickly.  She
finished off her drink as the others began to bustle around and someone took her empty
glass and gave her another.  

She needed the bathroom.  That finished she walked back into the other room, still a
beehive of activity, but she felt totally disassociated from it.  Someone handed her another
glass of punch and she drank it absently, noting again that she was really thirsty.  She
found more of the punch and finally seemed to get rid of the aftereffects of the nuts.  She
just wished she could get rid of what she was beginning to think was the after affects of
the drinks, because the longer she stood there, the less involved she seemed to be with
what was going on around her.  

She headed for the bathroom again and this time she found her canteen and drank the
entire thing.  She needed to dilute whatever was in that punch or she would pass out
before she ever made it to the joining.  She splashed some water on her face and that
seemed to help.  Standing up she went back into the other room.  She was very lethargic,
though, as if moving was just too much trouble.  

Her attendants helped her back up onto the table and removed the cape having her lie
down so that they could lotion the rest of her.  Sam enjoyed the massage immensely
although she felt that she should have been protesting about something.  The problem
was, she wasn’t sure what, and she kept thinking about Lantash, Martouf, and Daniel in a

She was burning for them. Inside and out. She was pulsing with heat and need.  She’d
never felt this kind of physical sensation before.  Her breasts felt heavy and they ached.  
Her nipples were hot as well.  She’d never felt this much need, not like this.  The two girls
helped her to stand and they fixed her hair where the flowers had come loose.

Then she was standing in the middle of the room and they brought out the mating robe.  
Not the one from earlier, this one was much more sumptuous, the fabric gorgeous, rich,
dreamy, and absolutely beautiful.  She gasped and reached out to touch it.  She wished
she didn’t feel so disassociated from everything.  Marta smiled at her, pointed at herself,
and then at Sam, then kissed her on both cheeks.  Sam smiled at her and kissed her
back assuming, rightly, that this was a peace offering in a way.  

Therefore, Sam stood as they began to wrap the material around her.  Once she saw it
done, it was extremely simple, almost a well duh, moment.  Even in her half foggy state
she could tell that much.  Someone brought her a cool green drink that was different from
the punch.  It was very good though, and it quenched the thirst better than the punch
had.  Much better in fact.  She finished it and they handed her another one.  She drank it
as well.  

After placing blue and gold sandals on her feet, they brought out a beautifully worked gold
and blue collar.  It was different than the one Jore had given her in that it had hoops
around it as well as fine chains that dangled from it.  It was quite simply breathtakingly
beautiful.  Last, but not least, they wrapped what Sam realized was a fine lace around her
and let it drape over her arms.  It was very delicate and lovely, almost too lovely to wear.

They brought the mirror and she had to admit, she looked pretty darn good, and not
much at all like Major Sam Carter.  The things she did for her country.  She’d never
expected bigamy to be one of them.  She chuckled at the thought of them upholding that
in the good old US of A.  Too bad.  She frowned.  What brought out that thought?  Maybe
Janet was right; it was too long since she’d had any, and she should just have a fling.  

Then she realized that while the dream-like state she’d been in was gone, the heat was
still present.  She was definitely hot for her “mates”.  She grinned to herself.  Whatever
her hostess had spiked her drink with it had gotten her through some part of the ritual
that the lady realized would have embarrassed her.  She also realized that whatever they
had given her was a mild aphrodisiac of some sort.  So, she was tranquilized and then de-
tranquillized.  And now, she had to go to the bathroom again.   

Sam leaned against the bathroom door with her eyes shut.  She didn’t know whether to
laugh or cry.  This was definitely beyond the call of duty, surely.  She now knew what the
odd stinging and burning that had slowly disappeared was.  She was now the proud
owner of two gold nipple rings and one belly button ring.  Nothing ostentatious.  She
refused to think of the strategic placement of the others, but she was thankful that they
had obviously used something to heal them all quickly.  She’d noticed the joined women
wearing them, but had not thought anything about them.  Lantash and the boys were as
good as dead.  She had warned them.  

Straightening, she took a deep breath, turned, and re-entered the room.  She smiled at
the women to show them that she wouldn’t kill them and bore them no ill-will.  Then she
made her way to Marta’s side.  She crossed her arms and looked at Marta with a raised
eyebrow, a question in almost any culture.  

Marta smiled and led her to a seat in the middle of the room.  There were not as many
women here as there were men at Jore’s lecture.  The cottage was too small and they
decided that with their guest so nervous they should hold this event inside rather than
outside.  As the girls and women that had been lucky enough to be invited gathered
around her and touched her gently, or smiled brightly, Sam couldn’t help but respond.  It
wasn’t their fault their culture had bizarre traditions for women before they joined.  She
wondered what was next?  Sex education for the soon-mate so that she will know what to
do?  Wonder how they would get around that without a model, since I don’t speak the
language.  Sam grinned to herself.  

She looked up when Marta returned from sending one of the girls down to town center to
tell them it would be a little bit yet.  Then she began, much to Sam’s dismay, her lecture
on how to give,-er-oral sex, words, and thank you that I cannot understand them, the
demonstration on the fruit is quite enough.  Sam couldn’t seem to tear her eyes away.  
She felt exactly the way she’d felt when she had driven by the semi-truck/car crash last
week on the interstate.  She didn’t want to see it.  She really didn’t want to, but at the last
minute her head had turned that way and she had looked.  She could not stop herself.  
This was that way.  

Sam decided that she had never seen a piece of fruit used or eaten in quite that sensuous
a way before.  And unfortunately, the shape of the fruit was so close to the shape of the
real thing that you couldn’t help but visualize exactly how it would look, if you were doing
it to the real thing.  Sam decided before long that Jore was a very lucky, happy man.  She
wished she had her computer so she could take notes and a pad and pencil to draw
diagrams.  She wasn’t aware that a woman’s tongue could do that many things in that
many places on a man’s, er, that is a piece of fruit’s stalk, and that was before it left the
fruit for the rest of his, er, its body.  She hadn’t even gotten to the two pieces of fruit that
were underneath the top one except with her hands and they were certainly doing things
she’d never known you could or should do to, er, fruit balls either.

It seemed that rhythm, suction, and finding the right places to put pressure at the right
time were paramount, if she understood what Marta was trying to tell her correctly.  She
seemed to be going into a lot of detail and enjoying every minute of what she was doing.  
Sam wondered if they’d have time to talk again before they left for home, and if Daniel
could be talked into translating for her.  When she finally finished showing them how to
lick, caress, savor, stimulate, stroke, swirl, tease, tantalize, titillate, torment, and just
plain suck a cock, er, piece of fruit, Sam thought she’d melt right where she sat, and a
quick glance around the room showed her that she was not the only one.  Marta did a
really quick lesson on the under-fruit and what the tongue, lips, and mouth could do
there, accompanied by the hands, or not.  She finally set the fruit on the table; the lesson
was over.  

The sun was almost down.  Marta looked out the window and smiled sadly.  She shook her
head and the group sighed.  Evidently, there was more to the lecture, but they just didn’t
have time for it.  Sam was relieved.  She wasn’t sure she could have made it beyond the
demonstration of oral sex.  When it came to the next step, she’d really rather not be on the
highway when that wreck happened.

They helped her stand and fussed with her robe and her hair some more.  One of the
attendants dabbed some oil behind her ears and it was a very lovely musky scent.  They
stepped back and looked at her one more time.  The ladies were very pleased with her
looks, and she smiled at them.  Must not be much longer, now.  

Martouf and Daniel stood side by side while Jore continued to talk.  Daniel couldn’t
understand all of what was being said, but he had picked up enough.  Enough to know
that, when Jore picked up an interestingly carved piece of some soft substance, and began
to explain things in great detail, complete with demonstrations that, they were being told
all of the things they should do to ensure a happy joining.  The explanations and
demonstrations went right down to certain sexual techniques that sounded rather
interesting, and that he hoped he remembered, but wished he didn’t have to watch.”  

It wasn’t long before he hoped that Lantash was taking notes because no doubt he and
Martouf understood the language better than he did.  He fervently hoped that wonderful
memory of the symbiote’s was back up to full power and working well with no glitches.  
His own memory was having a problem functioning at the moment.  There were gold rings
at strategic places on that carving, and Jore was doing things with them and explaining
their function in increasing the female’s pleasure.  And Daniel was, of course, imagining
Sam with those beautiful little rings.  Erotic plus had burned any memory cells he had.  
There were none left with which to remember the lecture.

Fifteen minutes later Daniel was wishing that Jore would shut up.  If he did not stop
talking about sex soon, and demonstrating how certain maneuvers could be
accomplished, half the men in here, including the grooms, were going to go find a woman
and take off.  Who knew there were that many different ways to use the tongue and lips on
a woman?  And he had only gone through three quarters of them.  He could hear the
uncomfortable shifting going on behind them.  Now he realized why there were no women
present.  Hell, this was a refresher course for the married men and a tutoring session for
the single ones.  What were they trying to do, get the groom so revved up he attacked the
bride before he got her to the cottage?  Maybe even before the ceremony itself?

He was beginning to think that Martouf had turned to stone.  He’d swear he hadn’t moved
to do so much as blink, swallow, or breathe, since Jore picked up the carving and started
talking about the different things you could do to a woman, as well as where to do them,
with your tongue. Then with your lips.  Then with both your lips, and your tongue
together.  And he demonstrated over and over and over again.  He even mentioned the
nose and described and demonstrated how to use all three body parts together.  

Daniel wished to hell he had underwear on because if he stood up straight he would tent
the front of his robes, he’d swear.  He glanced at Martouf.  Yup, no doubt about it.  
Martouf was standing straight, as always, and he seemed unconcerned about the front of
his robes.  It was the only part of his anatomy that was moving.  It just kept getting longer.

You would think the heaviness of the cloth would hold them down.  If they had been
allowed to wrap them the normal way they would have been fine as well, but after the
massage and baths the men had brought out these robes and proceeded to dress them.  
Unaccountably leaving the crotch area covered, but free.  Daniel decided that he was
going to die very soon, if the man did not change the subject.  

He had finally put down the carving and moved on.  How many sexual positions did he
know, anyway?  And how many other things as well?  Did they really do those things?  He
really, really, hoped that Lantash was still conscious inside his stone prison and taking
notes.  He would personally chip away Martouf to get to him, if he had to, and take him as
his own symbiote to get the information.  

Alternatively, he would come back with pen and paper and write down every word the
man said.  His knowledge of the female body appeared to be quite extensive, and he
seemed determined to impart every bit of his knowledge to them before they went to their
mate, so that they might strive to make her the happiest among all the women of their
worlds, and therefore, she would look no farther than her own bed for satisfaction.  

When a woman strayed from her mate’s bed, he had no one to blame but himself.  As long
as he kept her satisfied, she would remain happily beside him for many years.  

Daniel stared at him in fascination.  How many years had women on Earth been taught
that very thing only in reverse.  Keep your man satisfied, and he won’t go looking for other
women.  What a switch.  It felt—odd—hearing it in reverse, and it also pointed out how
absurd it was all those years that women had to hear it.  

As he continued to listen, he realized that Jore was not talking about sex now, though.  He
was talking about love and joining.  So, while they held sex as an important part of their
joined lives they looked beyond it for the true things that kept a couple together.  That was
a relief to know.  Jore had some pretty insightful comments to make about the male of the
species, their attitudes toward women, and why they often failed to understand their

The main one that he came back to over and over was that women and men think
differently.  Something as simple as opening a door with your hands full will be done in
different ways.  The way a woman does it will seem wrong and completely stupid to a
man.  He will tell her so.  A woman will watch and decide if it is better, or not, and what
parts of his method work and what parts do not work, for her, and she will adapt.  She
will not call him stupid because he does it differently.  

“This is the reason we have the laws we have about how we will treat our women.  It is
these laws that have kept our joinings happy and healthy.  It is because we, as men, are
forced to think about what our mate does, instead of discarding her way before trying it.  
Many times we have found that she is the one that is correct.”  Then he smiled softly, “and
many times she is not, but she is happy to have the problem settled, regardless how it is

“So, you will go from this place tonight newly mated and joined.  Remember the promises
you will make to her.  You will be relinquishing your first will unto hers by binding
yourself to her will first.  In this way, you will always try to do things the way she wishes to
do them.  If it does not work, then she will relinquish her will to yours and your method
will be used to see if it will work.”  

Jore stepped down from the raised area upon which he had been standing.  “You may get
a drink, relieve yourselves, or just stand and wait.  You will probably not wish to sit as it
will crease the robes and you will not want to do that until we sit to eat.”  

Daniel looked puzzled, “Jore, when will Sam be brought in?”  

Jore looked shocked.  He shook his head, “I do not know, Daniel.  The women, they will
come, when they will come, and not before.  We await them.”  Turning he went to check
into last minute things to make sure everything was going as it should be.  

Daniel turned to Martouf, who seemed to have become flesh again with the ending of the
Berinnese version of the Kama Sutra.  “Doesn’t the mate usually turn up shortly after the
grooms turn up?  I mean, isn’t it kind of the standard heads up?  Hey come on girls the
guys are here, let’s get the ball rolling?”  

Daniel watched Martouf’s eyes glow.  Looking into them, he saw pure amusement in
them.  “Daniel, I am surprised in you.  Of course, I realize you have had a great deal on
your mind, and we have only been here for one agonizingly long and stress filled day, but
I believed you would have known by now.  I can understand Martouf not knowing, as I
doubt it was ever mentioned during his stay, and he was not here long, but I thought you
might pick up on it more readily.  I imagine if there had not been so many crisis and
personal issues to deal with, you would have.”  

Daniel’s mind began at their early morning arrival and followed the events of the day.  He
frowned.  There was something teasing him, but he couldn’t put a name to it.  Finally, he
admitted defeat.  “I’m sorry, Lantash, but I don’t have a clue.  I must be having an
exceptionally dumb day or something.”  

Lantash shrugged, “No, you probably haven’t put the correct clues together, and, in reality
I am being very unfair to you, for you truly haven’t had enough to go on.  I will tell you
what to place together.  You should piece together our waiting on my Samantha after our
bath, Jore’s acquiescence to his mate’s demand, although he felt it was wrong, Jore’s lack
of aggression to Samantha, the respect she gained by threatening to slap him, and our
awaiting the women now.”  

Daniel looked up at him.  “It’s a Matriarchy.  Jore is the leader, but his wife is what?
Queen?  Mother?  Ruler?”

“Queen-leader to his leader.  Just as Samantha will be Queen-mate to our mate and your
other-mate status.  It is the reason I insisted to Martouf that he allow Samantha’s temper
to take over when she became angry.  Her display of strength in our defense showed her
to be a woman of strong convictions and will.  Loyal, protective, and fierce for her family.  
They were very impressed.”  

“Just as you knew they would be.”   

“Yes.  I have made it clear to them, though, that Samantha’s homeworld is not a
matriarchy that it is, in fact, ruled as a democracy, and explained exactly what that is.  
They found the idea intriguing.  I let them understand that the men of earth would be just
as fierce defending those they consider family or friends, just as their men would.  They
understand that.  So, it is not a problem.”  

“Has it always been a Matriarchy?”  Daniel, as always, found the history of the culture

“No, it has not.  Around eight hundred years ago, their world went through a very dark
period.  The men treated their women as little better than cattle.  One of Marta’s
forbearers decided she’d had enough and started a small rebellion amongst the women.  
They planned an escape to a neighboring country where they treated their women with far
more fairness.  They left no trail behind of where they had gone, but they took plenty of
food, weapons, and money, having stolen it from the men.  Many being healers, it was not
difficult to see to it that the men slept heavily for a very long time.  According to the story,
several days in fact.”  

“It took them two weeks to reach the other country only to find it being devastated by a
fever.  Many of them had learned how to heal with herbs and plants, the teaching and
abilities passing down from mother to daughter.  It is training still in use today, as you
know.  Needless to say, they were a great success in their new homeland.”  

“The ruler of that country, having watched them save his wife, whom he adored, and his
daughter who he also worshipped, along with his two much beloved sons, was willing to
grant them anything.  They asked for shelter from the men of their homeland, explaining
their treatment at their hands, the laws in effect there, and how they had stolen what they
could and walked for fourteen days to come to this country they had heard of that treated
women fairly.”  

“He asked them to let him think on a solution and, so they did.  Weeks passed and they
assimilated into the court society and many joined with members of the court.  Even their
leader one of Marta’s ancestors fell in love.  Unbeknownst to the women the King called
his men together and told them the story of these men who had treated their mates so

“And he put a proposition before them.  If they would conquer that land, and give it to
their wives making the laws such that never again would they be mistreated, nor would
any of their female offspring, then he would lend his army to them to fight the battle, and
he would give them the country when it was done.  Much as he would hate to lose those
among them that were his friends, still they owed these women much, and this was the
price he wished to pay.  Besides, they could visit; it was not that far away.”  

“That is how the Matriarchy of Quilleron came to be, Daniel.  Needless to say, the women
from other villages were quite happy with the new state of affaires and any man left alive
after the war was given the choice of living under a matriarchy, or a life at sea.  The
Matriarchy has survived quite happily for a very long time, except for the Goa’uld, so they
must be doing something correctly.”  On that note, he released control to Martouf, who
smiled at Daniel.

Daniel smiled back.  Maybe being bound to Sam wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.  
That thought brought him back to Jore’s speech, and that thought brought back visions of
what he had been describing.  Those brought the blood that was just beginning to leave
rushing back full force and, if possible, in greater amounts than before.  He glanced at
Martouf, who was, as usual, standing quite straight.  Yeah, he was reliving that speech as
well.  He was back to being stone, moving only slightly, a quarter inch at a time.  If that
kept up, by the time the ceremony was over, it was going to be beyond impressive.   

Jore was coming back.  He walked passed them, stepped up onto the platform, and
motioned for quiet.  He just had word.  The women would be a while yet, and he had a
request to continue his instruction.  He would go back and pick up the ways to use the
lips and tongue that he had skipped, as well as the way the teeth could be added at
strategic times and places to heighten her desire.  

Daniel closed his eyes.  He wished he could close his ears.  He hoped that whatever they
were doing to Sam…Oh, god.  No.  Please don’t let them be doing anything like this, or
worse, to Sam, please, please, no.  He glanced over at Martouf to see a stricken look on his
face.  He had just realized, too, Daniel would bet on it.  Not even groveling would get them
out of this.  
They were dead men.  All of them…even the symbiote this time.


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