Chapter Twenty Summary: Sam answers Lantash and Martouf's proposal and things develop from there.  
Romance and slow seduction stuff abounds.

Aima Coeurawyn: Blood of My Heart; a term of endearment and the formal statement of the Soulmate.  
Coeurawyn can be used alone, but Aima Coeurawyn should be used for the Soulmate.
Igisadonis Animawyn: Beloved of My Soul, a term of endearment and the formal statement of the Soulmate.  
Igisadonis; beloved, should be used for the Soulmate.   
Igisadonis: Beloved, should be used for the Soulmate.
Coeurawyn - My Heart
Amat Wyn - My Love
"Italics" – Symbiote–Host or Telepathic communication

Sam hoped she could find the words to convey how very passionately she loved them and
how profoundly and intensely their declarations had affected her.  Because they had.  
Their words closed her throat, made her legs weak, and put an ache in her heart from the
beauty of every syllable he uttered and the intensity, and steadfast, sincere, conviction in
their voice.  There was no doubt in her mind, whatsoever.  

As Samantha offered her left hand to Lantash for him to place the ring on her finger, she
answered in a voice that trembled with the depth of her emotions, “Yes, I will be honored
to be your mate, your wife.  I will be very proud to wear your ring and be your Soulmate,
Lantash, you and Martouf.”

As Lantash slipped the ring onto her finger, Sam held her breath.  It was a magnificently
beautiful ring; she smiled and exhaled in relief, as she realized that it could not have fit
her any better.  She looked up into his face again, and whispered, “This is the most
beautiful ring I have ever seen, and it fits perfectly.  I will cherish it always, I promise you.”

Knowing that if she kissed him now, she would never say the things she needed to say,
she refused to give in to the urge to do so.  She clasped his hands tightly in hers, and
holding them close to her, as he had held hers, she started to speak in a soft low voice
charged with the ardent emotions roiling through her, “I cannot begin to tell you what the
words you said mean to me.  Nothing on this Earth has ever meant more to me than the
extraordinarily beautiful words you used to tell me of your love for me.  I feel as if you
gathered all of the stars in the universe and gave them to me.  I have never heard, or felt,
the amount of love you have just entrusted to me.  They were beyond breathtaking.  I
promise that I will love you, and honor you, always.”

Tears threatened as she continued searching for the words to convey to these beings what
they meant to her.  Now she understood how inadequate Lantash had thought the words
to express what he had to say, for she was having the same difficulty.  Several times, she
opened her lips as if to speak, except no words came forth and eventually she shook her
head and smiled somewhat ruefully up at him.  Finally, she managed to begin, her voice
husky with emotion, “Just as you did, I find myself searching for words to describe what I
feel for you.  I find one and begin to tell you, only to discard it before speaking, when it
proves to be too shallow, or insipid, or trite, or colorless.  Lantash, Martouf, I wish there
was some way you could feel what is in my heart, for the words to express what I feel in
my heart and soul for you do not exist.  I am going to try to use what words we have, even
though they are so inordinately inadequate.”  

Taking a deep breath, she stared at their clasped hands, as she struggled to find adequate
words.  At last, she found something, perhaps a way that might express at least a few of
her feeling for them.  This was something they would understand.  Once more looking up
into his eyes, she said softly, “I told you once, that I did not think that I could even
comprehend the feelings you had for Jolinar or hers for you.  I was wrong, Lantash,
Martouf; I was unbelievably, spectacularly wrong.  Because not only do I completely
understand and comprehend them, but the feelings, the love that I feel within my heart
and soul for you surpasses those emotions in both intensity and depth.  The love I feel for
you is so deep, so fathomless that it stretches into infinity, never-ending.”  

Holding tightly to his hands, she looked into his eyes, and told him, “I want to follow the
vows you made to me and I will do the best I can, but please understand if I do not get
them exactly right that everything I say will come from my heart.”  That said, she asked
him, almost hesitantly, “Am I correct in thinking that when you say Blood of My Heart and
Beloved of My Soul, that it is part of a Furling entwining or joining ceremony?  I believe
you use it, because it is the most profound experience you have ever had, and when you
say those words, they have a very deep and intense meaning for you, don’t they?”  

She searched his eyes, and saw the brief darkening that indicated the deep emotion those
words brought forth in him.  He nodded, saying, “Yes, that is true.  Those are the words
spoken from one mate to the other when he requests that she become his eternal mate.  
As you realized, they engender a very profound response, one that resonates to the very
depth of the heart.  It is how we feel about you, our Samantha.”  

Sam reached up and cupped his cheek briefly, before caressing his cheek, as she told
him, “When we are joined in the ceremony, I will have a better understanding as to why
they are so profound.  For now, I can tell you that they strike a very deep cord within me
every time you say them and every time I speak them in return.  I do not understand why,
but it is the truth.  I feel that someday, we will join in this way.”  Sam did not know how or
why, but she knew that when they joined, it would be in a Furling ceremony, as well as
the Tok’Ra and Tau’ri ceremonies.  She also knew, without a doubt, that it would have a
deep and intense meaning for them both.  She did not understand it, but she accepted
that it was so.

Without even realizing it, she began her response to Lantash with the correct words, “You
are the Beloved of my Soul, Lantash, Martouf, and the Blood of my Heart.  The feelings I
have for you are inexpressible in words, and yet, that is almost all we have to try to show
the other how we feel within our heart.  I can never hope to be as eloquent as you are.  I
wish I could be, but I am a scientist, not a wordsmith.  The words are from my heart,
though, so perhaps they will give you a brief insight into what I feel for the two of you.”   

She smiled briefly at them before beginning once more, “You are my
Beloved in all the
ways that word can be defined:
much loved, dearly loved, adored, cherished, treasured,
they all attempt to state what the word means, and yet, they all fail.  Lantash, my
Beloved.  Martouf, my Beloved.
 Just saying the words expands my soul until I feel as if the
universe is not vast enough to contain the love I have for you.  You are now, and you will
remain through all of eternity, my Beloved Ones, the Beloved of my Soul.”  
Blinking back the tears the emotions were bringing, her voice was barely above a whisper
now, yet it was strong with conviction, “You are the Blood of my Heart; you are my
heartbeat and the essence that I feel flowing through my veins.  The very core of my being,
my heart, needs you to live and survive.  You are the rain that nourishes it, and the
sunlight that warms it.  You are a fire in my heart and in my blood; you are a passion that
will live within me forever.  Nothing in this universe, nothing, will ever take that from me,
for you are a part of me now, and you shall be into all of eternity.  Our hearts will beat as
one, my love, always.”    

Her voice tender, she continued, “When  I look at you, I see so much to love and admire.  
Your spirit, your kindness, your courage, your determination, all speaks to me.  When I
look at the two of you, I see a wonderful being, and a handsome man, but I see beyond the
outward—into two beautiful souls and hearts that are true.  You are my stars, my moon,
and my sun.  You are the meaning in my days and the promise of my future.  You are,
indeed, my universe.”  

“My loves; you are the Beloved of my Soul.  You are the other half of my soul and my
heart.  You are the man, the mates.  It is my wish that you become mine for eternity.  I,
too, ardently desire that we entwine our hearts and souls, and that I join you as your
eternal mate.  I, too, have such love for thee, Beloved of my Soul.  I will come to you, join
you, and walk with you into eternity.”

Speaking gently, softly and lovingly, she pledged her heart to him, “You are my life, my
love, my heart, and my soul.  Now and forever, I promise you.”  With those words, she
released the hands she had been holding so tightly, and stepped forward into his arms,
which enfolded her, to hold her firmly pressed to
his heart.  

Sam stood in that embrace for quite some time, none of them speaking, simply absorbing
the warmth there.  As time drew out, she realized that she was aware of a subtle change
that slowly came over the hold he had on her and she on him.  It was no longer the almost
reverent touch of the heart and soul.  It was becoming the aching and passionate hold of
the body, the body’s interpretation of the words given by the heart and soul.  His hands
began a sensual exploration of the body enfolded in his arms, the satin feeling sleek and
sensuous to his touch.  He rested his forehead against hers, and drawing a shaking
breath, he brought himself back under control.  

Amat Wyn, we must stop.  I must finish the ritual,” Lantash moaned aloud,
while Martouf echoed the sentiment within him by moaning even more loudly and
berating him soundly.    

“Why did you not stop sooner, Lantash?  I forgot the other ring, now we are extremely
uncomfortable, and that is putting it mildly.  This is pure torture,”
Martouf complained,
feeling highly disgruntled that once again, they were forced to retreat from where they so
wanted to be.    

“I am sorry, dear one, I did not mean to do so, but I also forgot the remainder of the ritual.  
We must hope that it will take little time, and I will attempt to, ah, dampen our needs.”
assured his host soothingly.  

She heard him and forced herself to step back.  She looked at him curiously.  What did he
mean finish the ritual?  Deciding that she would have to ask for clarification, she said, “I
do not understand.  The rest of the ritual?  What else did my dad tell you?”

“He said that there were to be two rings, Samantha, which should fit together to become
one whole.  In addition, he told me that later there would be a ring for me from you.  He
showed me the gold band his mate, your mother, presented to him.”  He leaned over and
took the matching band from the velvet where it still lay.  

Samantha looked at the wedding band in his hand and explained, “The ring you just gave
me is the engagement or betrothal ring.  You give it at the time the couple agrees to
marry, to become mates.  This band,” she gently caressed  the ring in his palm, “is part of
the set, and it is given during the actual marriage ceremony.  I will not wear it until then.  
At that time, I will give you a ring as a token of my love for you, as yours is a token of your
love for me.”

“When do we perform this ceremony, Samantha?  Are there things we need to learn for
it?”  He asked, curious.

“Normally, it is performed by a judge or a religious minister or priest.  However, for us, I
believe we will have General Hammond perform the ceremony, if that is acceptable to
you.  There is nothing specific that you need to learn for the ceremony.  General
Hammond will ask you questions and you will answer,” she told him serenely.  “The
questions really are very simple with a very simple response.”

“What type of questions?”  He asked.  He wanted to know what they would be facing, and
if it was truly as simple a ceremony, as Samantha told him that it was.  

“Well, let’s see if I can remember any of them,” Sam frowned as she gave his question
some thought and tried to remember some pertinent part of the wedding service.  It did
not take much cogitation for her to recollect a couple of lines from the ceremony.  She gave
him a triumphant look and answered his question, “At some point, he will say something
similar to; ‘Do you Lantash, take Samantha to be your lawful wedded wife?’  To which you
will respond with yes or I will.  Then he will say something like; ‘Will you love her, honor
her, and cherish her as long as you both shall live?’  Again, you will answer yes.  As I said,
it is just simple stuff, nothing to get worried about.”  

He nodded his understanding, and then asked, “We will do it twice, will we not, so that
both of us may participate fully?”   

She smiled at this man who was truly two complex personalities.  It was so important to
them that she realize they were both taking her as their mate.  She would see to it that
she met their needs.  She leaned in and kissed him swiftly but softly, before assuring him,
“We can do it whenever and however you wish, love, but I need to get a ring for you.  We
will go look for one over the weekend if we can.  I suppose that will depend on what is
going on with our situation on the base.  In the meantime, I think we will take this back
on base and leave it in a safe.  I do not want anything to happen to it; it is very beautiful.  
Thank you, for both the pendant and the rings.  I will take it and put it with our things to
take with us tomorrow, so that we do not forget it, all right?”  She sent him another smile
before turning toward the bedroom.  

He nodded his agreement, but followed her as she went toward the bedroom, since he and
Martouf both wanted to be there anyway.  He watched her quietly, doing nothing to startle
her, in case she did not realize they had followed her.  Before Sam wrapped the beautiful
band in the velvet cloth, he saw her look at it once more, and he suddenly remembered
some other instructions that Jacob had given him.  He cleared his throat to alert her to his
presence, and then, in two long strides, he was at her side.  Taking the ring from her
hand, and holding her left hand in his, he studied both rings pensively, before shifting his
gaze up into her lovely blue eyes, as he told her, “The blue stones reminded me, us, of
your eyes.  Since we had them made with that in mind, Jacob said, I should tell you so.  
He seemed to think it might make a difference,” Lantash told her candidly, as he lowered
his eyes once more to the rings in her hands.  He rapidly returned his focus to her when
she gave a startled croak, as she drew her breath in sharply.  

Sam then choked on a laugh and shook her head.  “
My Father,” She gasped, and then she
laid her head on Lantash’s shoulder.  “So, what you are telling me is that my father had a
hand in my seduction, and that he approves of this relationship?”  She asked, her voice
muffled by his shoulder.

Fortunately, Lantash’s hearing was exceptionally sharp, and he had no trouble
deciphering what she asked him.  He nodded, and then answered promptly, “Yes.  He told
me that f
or what it was worth, he hoped you said yes.  Which, it appears, you have.  I
think he will be pleased eventually, although I know he is confused at the moment, and I
cannot blame him for that.”   Lantash’s eyes darkened as the events of earlier in the day
resurfaced.  He determinedly pushed them out of his mind and gave all of his attention to
their Samantha.  “I hope that at some point in the future, he will be able to understand
and forgive me for the pain that I am causing you.  I am fully sensible of the problems that
I am causing with my intransigence and pertinacity,
Coeurawyn.  I can only hope that
Jacob can begin to understand what is happening to all of us and the complications that
have arisen because of this unfortunate circumstance.”   

Sam smiled to herself at Lantash’s choice of words.  To call this situation an unfortunate
circumstance was like calling an eight-point earthquake a little tremor.  Clearing her voice
and forcing herself to keep her sense of the ridiculous under control, she responded to
him tranquilly, saying, “Actually, Daniel and I talked to him this afternoon, Lantash, and I
think he understands a little better.  At least, he seemed calmer, and he and Selmak have
made up their argument.”  She smiled as she remembered how he had finally
comprehended that Sam and Daniel both understood, and accepted, what was happening,
and were ready to do whatever they had to do to help their respective mates.  He shook
his head in disbelief at their calm acceptance of the situation, but he realized that, if the
recent events were not causing them to be upset or angry, he was missing something that
they could see and understand.  He decided to do as Selmak asked and leave it alone for
the time being…hard as that would be.  Recognizing that Lantash was wondering what
she was contemplating for so long, she turned her smile on him, explaining, “I was just
remembering how Dad finally threw up his hands and agreed to let Daniel and I work it
out with you and Kataya.  He does not surrender well.  Of course, that is a good trait in a
soldier, but something of a curse for the father of a grown daughter.”       

Lantash smiled back while watching her, as she again prepared to wrap the ring in the
velvet, but once more, she stopped and looked at it.  “Does it really remind you of my eyes,
and that is why you got it?”  She asked him quietly as she looked at him as if trying to see
within his head to read what was there.  

“I picked out the stones myself, and I had it made as I envisioned it.  I would not tell you
that if it were not so, Samantha.  Yes, I chose them because they reminded me of your
eyes.  Well,” he backpedaled hurriedly, “we, Martouf and I, chose them.  It is difficult to
remember that you may not know when we are speaking for both of us.  It was a joint
mission for us, to find those stones.  It took us many weeks in fact to find the exact shade
of stones that we wanted.  The blue of your eyes is quite beautiful,
Amat Wyn, and we
wanted to match them as exactly as we could,” He stopped speaking abruptly and cleared
his throat, looking slightly uncomfortable.  

Listening and watching him, Sam suddenly became conscious of the fact that the two of
them were still not totally convinced of her love of them.  Consciously they believed her,
but in the very farthest corner of their minds, a small sprout of doubt still clung
stubbornly.  Occasionally, it sent out a tendril that wafted upwards where it kept itself
hidden until the opportunity to surface came along and it rode the thoughts out before
either of them recognized it for what it was.  Sam saw it though, even hidden as it was,
and knowing it would have to be rooted out, she kissed them softly, and replied, “I
understand.  They will be doubly precious to me.  That you and Martouf went to such
lengths to match my eyes, well, that is one of the most romantic, loving gestures anyone
has ever made for me and I will never forget it.  It will always mean the world to me and so
will my rings.”  She touched the ring once more, before wrapping it reverently in the little
swathe of velvet, tucking it safely away, and then turning to him.  Holding out her hand to
him, she murmured, softly, “Come to me,

He took her hand but, instead of going to her, he drew her to him and slowly lowered his
lips to hers.  They opened to him, drinking in his essence and sharing hers with him.  As
he traced her lips with his tongue, he felt the tremor race through her.  He felt exultant.  
She was his.  She would be his forever, and he was about to take her as one took one’s
mate.  As she would take him, and they would both know the joy of joining.  

He was aware of her hands on him, roaming over his chest and back, down over his
buttocks, which she cupped, squeezed gently, and then patted.  It was an unusual
gesture, but one he was already becoming familiar with as something unique to his

Sam realized that Martouf had taken control and was again amazed at how easily she
could tell them apart.  She could feel his passion stretching those glorious suede pants.  
She brought her hands around the waist of them, teasing him with her fingertips.  As he
moaned low in his throat, the passions banked during the exchange of vows burst into
flame in a fire that burned higher, brighter, and hotter than any either had ever known.  

As their lips met, they each wanted to devour the other.  To literally be able to share the
same body and know all there was to know of each other.  As that was impossible, they
would do what couples had done for millennia.  They would mate their bodies and know
for a brief space of time that unity known as the little death.

As the kiss ended, Sam brought her lips to his throat and tasted him with her tongue and
lips.  Her hands found the fastening on the soft suede pants, but stopped short of opening
it.  Instead, she began to stoke him through the supple material feeling the softness of the
suede covering the hardness of his shaft.  

Resisting the urge to remove his clothes, she kissed him in the open vee of the shirt.  She
breathed in his scent as she explored the opening, using her tongue, her lips, and her
teeth to entice and excite.  Keeping one hand gently and rhythmically massaging his
manhood, she used her other hand to explore his chest through the fine material of the
shirt.  She could feel his nipples pebble as she found and explored them, rolling them
between her fingers.  

As his hands reached out to explore her, she took them and placed them on his own hips,
indicating that she wished them to remain there.  He moaned deeply, but complied.  
Samantha knew what she wanted to do.  He had given her beautiful words and opened
his heart and soul to her.  She was going to make serious love to him in return.  Her
words might have been inadequate, but there would be no mistake about how she felt by
the time she finished loving them.  

Her mouth soon followed her hands to his nipples and she teased, sucking and nipping
them, through the material.  Her hand still rubbed him, caressing his manhood, but still
only on the outside of his clothing.  There was something extremely erotic about making
love to him in this way.  

Varying her tactics, she straightened and walked behind him.  She pressed herself to his
back, then reached around to resume her pleasuring of him as she placed kisses on the
back of his neck, and began to use her other hand to caress and explore his ribs, his
buttocks, and finally his spine.  

She knew where to touch him now to elicit the most profound responses, and she began to
make love to both of them.  The hand she was using in front of him never stopped
changing its rhythm, keeping one only long enough to build his desire and then switching
to a different one.  

Her lips explored his back, and the material of the shirt was so fine, she could feel the
heat of his body as if he had nothing on.  Her other hand began the slow exploration of
Lantash, and she realized she could feel him quiver slightly.  She heard a deep groan and
then one word, “
Samantha,” ground out in an almost desperate tone.  

She found the fastening on the pants, opened it enough to allow his shaft to emerge, and
finally began to stroke him skin to skin.  Still standing behind him, she allowed her other
hand to release his shirt from the waist of the pants and then to glide over the smoothness
of his skin.  As she continued the various ways she knew that would excite both Lantash
and Martouf, she kissed and nipped the back and side of his neck and throat.  Finally
deciding on a circular motion and a pressing and releasing type of rhythm, Sam knew she
would soon bring her lover to an
almost painfully exquisite tension.  It would be enough to
bring him close to release, but not enough to put him over the edge.  

She realized that Martouf was breathing heavily and gripping his hands into fists on his
hips.  As he stood there, legs spread wide, fists resting on his hips and his head thrown
back, it occurred to her that the only things needed for a glorious pirate to emerge was
long hair and a cutlass.  She had a feeling he could act like one even without those things,
and if she went too far he would present himself to her.    But, that was for some other
time.  This was not about fantasies.  It was about giving and receiving love in the most
elemental way.  

Realizing that and knowing that if she just marked her place, she could come here
anytime she wanted, she stopped the erotic torture she was submitting the two beings to
and moved back to stand in front of them.  

Reaching out and loosening a little more of the lacing on the front of the pants, she
allowed a more complete releasing of his manhood.  His breathing had slowed somewhat,
but he was still panting.  Once again, he reached a hand toward her as she prepared to
kneel and once again, she placed it back upon his hip.  

As she knelt in front of him, and he realized what she was preparing to do, he grasped her
shoulders.  “I do not think that would be wise, Samantha.  I am already too close to
completion, and I do not wish for it without you.”  She looked up at him and then nodded
as she agreed.  There would be other times when she could finish what she started now.  

“I will be careful, I promise.”  His only answer was a moan and a flare of his eyes.  Martouf
might not be proof against this type of torture, but Lantash would be able to exert a little
more control.  Or, so they hoped.  

As Samantha knelt at his feet, she reached forward and placed both hands on the calves
of his legs.  Looking up at him, she caught her breath.  She was already seriously
aroused.  Her need of him had grown with each new kiss she had placed, and each new
stroke she had given him.  Her moans had been silent, but she knew it would not be long
before they were as obvious as his.  She might look calm and in control of herself, but the
truth was that at his touch she would probably go off like a rocket.  

In truth, he looked magnificent.  The mental imagery of the pirate was indeed a good one
she realized, as she began to massage the calves of his legs.  Even as the thought drifted
through her mind, another vision came to her.  His stance was that of a conqueror
surveying his domain, which she supposed, was an apt simile.  He had conquered her,
hadn’t he?  Heart and soul, she belonged to him as surely as if she was some piece of
booty taken in a pirate raid, or a woman stolen as this warrior conquered some new
territory.  A territory and a woman he did not intend to give up.  He would keep her
captive forever.   

The image did not distress her, as she would have expected it to.  She had conquered his
heart and soul, and he was as much her captive as she was his.  She continued to move
slowly up his calves to his thighs.  As she began to massage those wonderful muscles, she
was aware of a slight tremor of anticipation in herself.  Something had changed, but she
was not yet sure what.  As she kneaded his thighs and felt the corded muscles, she
realized that her lover was indeed exerting a great deal of control on himself.  She came
up off her heels to kneel straight in front of him.  She looked up at him in time to see one
of his hands reaching for her shoulder.  

Before she had time to realize his intention, he had untied her gown and it lay in a puddle
around her on the floor.  It was extremely erotic to be totally naked in front of him as he
stood above her completely clothed.  She gasped at the intense stab of desire that she felt
and was almost nervous when she saw the small smile playing around his mouth.  She
realized that he knew how his gesture had affected her.  With one well-timed act, he had
restored, and then shifted the balance of power between them.  She was no longer in
control.  She had prolonged the
painfully exquisite tension too long.  The pirate was
emerging and the conqueror she had glimpsed earlier was about to claim his
Droit du
 She had lost her advantage and now was unsure of how to proceed.  It was a
new sensation for her.  

As she hesitated, Lantash once again made a decision for her.  Winding his fingers into
her hair, he slowly pulled her toward her original destination.  Of their own volition, her
hands went to his buttocks.  Feeling more in control now, she looked up at him.  He still
had the slight smile, and his breathing had calmed.  With one hand, she raised the hem
of his shirt to expose his hard flat abdomen.  She leaned forward and began to tease and
kiss him, lightly running  her tongue across his skin and to nip him lightly with her
teeth.  Now, the shirt was in her way.  She started to stand to remove it, but he placed his
hand on her shoulder and stopped her.  

She looked up, startled.  He shook his head slightly, and using the hand still entwined in
her hair, he urged her back to what she had been doing.  She started again, but became
increasingly frustrated by the material.  Finally giving up, she let it fall and proceeded to
kiss and caress him as she had before, through the material.  She moved to kiss his shaft
but he stopped her again using the fingers in her hair.  She moved back to his stomach
and chest, at least as high as she could reach him from the position she was in.  She
whimpered in frustration.  Now she was the one being aroused without recourse to
release.  She felt his hand leave her hair and looked up to see him reaching for the hem of
the shirt.  In one swift motion, it was over his head and sailing across the room.  She had
a feast of soft warm flesh to kiss and caress.  

As she reached for his shaft, he took her wrist and guided her hand to his nipple.  As she
rolled it between her fingers, kissed, and nipped his stomach and abdomen, she began to
move ever lower.  She wanted him in her mouth.  That was the original goal and, if
anything, her desire for that had increased since his surprise intervention.  This time he
did not stop her as she leaned forward to place a kiss on the end of his staff and then to
swirl her tongue around him.  She brought her hand down to his shaft, and he did not
interfere again, but his fingers twisted in her hair, as if to remind her that this was a joint
venture and not hers or his to command.  She had understood the message of the
frustration.  Paybacks were indeed, hell.  

With one hand in her hair, he reached down, took the nipple of one of her breasts
between his fingers, and began to rub and roll it.  When that stopped, he let the weight of
her breast rest in his hand for a moment before he began to gently squeeze and caress it.  
Sam moaned in her throat as he tugged on her nipple, and it caused an answering tug
between her legs.  She whimpered as she began to increase the rhythm of her mouth on
his shaft.  She needed him to become as aroused as she was, but he showed her once
again with the hand in her hair that she would increase only when he was ready for her to
do so.  As she brought her other hand around to try to increase his pleasure, he caught
her wrist and held it firmly.  It was definitely her turn to want what she could not have.

Placing her hand back around him, he once again turned his attention to her breasts.  
Each tug and gentle squeeze increased her frustration.  She wanted him.  Moaning once
again, she attempted to bring her hand around to help pleasure him, and this time she he
did not stop her.  She brought her other hand around to cup and massage him, to press
on that spot behind his shaft that was known to increase the need for release.  She heard
him gasp as his hips jerked forward in response.  The hand anchored in her hair was no
longer holding her back; it was urging her on and controlling her rhythm.  As both of his
hands found their way into her hair, she knew she would have to stop this soon.  He had
specifically stated that he did not want this to be a release for him, or her, but for both of
them.  In the haze building in her mind, Samantha remembered this, and whimpering in
distress, she released him from her mouth and leaned into him, now panting herself.  

She could feel the tremors in his thighs and hear his ragged breathing.  Suddenly, he
bent down, picked her up, and strode to the bed.  Putting her down gently in the center of
it, he quickly finished undoing his breeches and removing them.  There would be nothing
between them now his look told her.  Opening her arms to him, she welcomed her lover to
their bed for the first time.  The thought made her catch her breath.  
Their bed.  He pulled
the coverings down and lifted her onto the sheets before joining her there.  His mouth
found hers in a soft exploring kiss, but it could not remain that way.  The fire was burning
too hotly in them both to be satisfied with a soft kiss.  It turned into the devouring kiss of
a passion burning almost out of control.  

It was his turn to explore her body.  He began at her lips and moved to her throat, setting
her skin aflame with desire.  She loved, wanted, and needed this man, these beings.  Both
of them.  When she became aware of the hold his mouth had on her neck, she was
thankful it was almost on her shoulder.  The
bruise he left was going to be magnificent,
she could tell.  She felt the bites and the kisses, the nibbles of his lips and the flicking of
his tongue as he worked his way down her throat and then up the other side to nuzzle her
ear.  How had he known her throat was so intensely sensitive to stimulation?  It was one
of the most sensitive areas on her body, and each kiss, each bite, each little bruise sent a
tug of pleasure to her womb.  If he did not stop soon, she would reach her climax before
he ever touched her.  

Martouf was back in control for now, and he could tell that each time he touched her neck
she shivered in delight.  He had learned something important about his mate, he knew.  
However, he would explore the knowledge later, now there were other areas of her
delicious body that were calling to him.  He lowered his mouth to the tip of her breast and
flicked her nipple with his tongue.  She moaned, and he proceeded to give this area his
full and complete attention.  He did not allow his hands to stray below her waist.  They
were fully occupied with her breasts at the moment, but he wanted her to burn for him.  

He wanted to hear her whimper his name, and to know that he could bring her to a state
bordering on delirium.  As he laved first one nipple and then the other, he found his own
desire burgeoning.  As he suckled and then lightly bit her, he heard her moaning, as her
head tossed, and her hands roamed his body feverishly.  

As she finally seemed to focus on his shaft with one hand and his back with the other, he
finally allowed his hand to find its way to her center.  As he entered her with first one
finger and then two, he began a slow steady rhythm pumping in and out of her, as his
thumb found the nub that would push her over the edge if he was not careful.  Soon, her
hips were moving in time with his thrusting fingers, and he was aware that the slow
steadiness of his motions was becoming frustrating in that it was not enough to allow her
release.  He watched her body writhe, wanting, needing, until she was almost sobbing
with aching desire.  

He realized he was playing with fire, as she began the circular pressure on his back that
did the same to him.  He heard her whimpering their names.  He continued to suckle and
bite while maintaining the steady rhythm he had started, occasionally speeding it up only
to slow once more.  He wanted her as wild in his arms as it was possible for her to be.  

Suddenly, he stopped and moved down between her legs.  He trailed soft, hot kisses
across her abdomen and the tops of her thighs, nibbling and laving as he went.  When he
at last allowed his lips to find her center, and lowered his mouth to her, he heard her
gasp, and say something that sounded like, “Martouf, you, I, no, you can’t, aaahhh”, just
before she pushed her fingers in to his hair and bucked upwards with her hips.  

His fingers continued to work their magic inside of her, and between his tongue and his
fingers, he brought her to the edge repeatedly, but never so close, that she could attain
that which her body was crying for.  As she began to thrash more wildly, and to sob both
of their names, he removed his fingers and his tongue and clasped her frantically tossing
head in his hands.  

Aima Coeurawyn, Blood of my Heart, Igisadonis Animawyn, Beloved of my
Soul, you will come to me now, and we will join with the universe and the stars.”

“Martouf, Lantash,
Igisadonis Animowyn, Beloved of My Soul, Aima Coeurawyn, Blood of
my Heart, I will come with you now, and we will join with the universe and the stars.”

In one deep penetrating thrust, he entered her and began the final steps in this, the
mating dance; the dance of love and desire.

Sam began once again to caress his back in the one place that
could drive him wild and he
watched, as she also became almost frantic with need in his arms.  More abandoned and
ardently passionate than he could ever have imagined, he reveled in his ability to bring
this woman to such heights.  She was not alone.  

As her hands worked their magic on him, he lost all control and with each thrust of his
hips, he moved more quickly and more intensely.  Their skin was wet with the sweat of
their passion.  His thrusts became harder and more frenzied, and she met each with a
fiery wildness that matched him in every way.  As his climax built in him to a point where
he could no longer maintain control, he thrust once more, and deeply buried himself
inside her, as his seed spilled into her womb.  

As he hoarsely called out her name, he felt the answering contractions and felt her legs
wrap even more tightly around him.  He heard her calling their names, as he had
moments before called hers.  Both of them were spiraling into the abyss of unity where for
a moment in time, they did indeed join with the universe and the stars.

Martouf and Lantash collapsed onto Samantha.  It was many long minutes before they
were aware of anything around them.  They had indeed tasted the little death, and it was
truly magnificent.  Their breathing eventually quieted, and their heartbeats returned to
something resembling normal.  

As Martouf softened and left her body, she moaned a protest.  He managed to roll to one
side and then, laughing softly, he commented, “Samantha, I believe, if this continues, you
will kill me with pleasure.  I have never experienced anything even remotely as truly
wonderful and exhausting.  Lantash is in torpor, and I am feeling quite lethargic myself.  
He says not to forget to tell you how very much we love you.”  He listened quietly, for
moment, and then shook his head.  

Lantash came forward to explain, “I wished for Martouf to tell you that as a lover we find
you extremely exciting and sensuous, certainly everything we could possibly have
dreamed of having in a mate.  You are passionate and sybaritic, daring and audacious,
exquisite and incomparable.  And my darling, I am now aware that you are not afraid to
tease the dragon.”  Suddenly, he looked very serious, “I am sorry if I upset you in any way,
or became to rough with you, Samantha.”  

Recognizing what he was referring to, Sam blushed a deep red, but looked at him
courageously.  “One day soon, “she promised, “I will tell you one of my fantasies.  You did
not frighten me at all, Lantash.  On the contrary, I found your actions as erotic as you
obviously found mine.”  She lifted her chin, as she said the last of the sentence.  He
laughed suddenly, and then kissed her lightly on the lips.  

“I will look forward to this fantasy of yours, I believe,
Aima Coeurawyn.  You are a very
lusty woman in many ways, Samantha, and yet you can be very recherché.  You are
precious in our eyes,
Coeurawyn; always remember that.  Now, Martouf is loudly and
acerbically calling me names, so I will return you to him, so that he will stop being so
annoying.  Not, however, before I, too, taste the honey that is your lips one more time,” So
saying, he proceeded to kiss her, deeply and thoroughly, and he did not stop until she
moaned into his mouth and reached for him, wanting him yet again.  

She knew immediately when he stepped back, and Martouf replaced him.  It still
fascinated her that they were so very distinct from one another.  It awed and amazed her
that she could feel so much love and passion for both of them.  

As Martouf once again began to tease and tantalize her neck, he reached for her breasts
and began to give them the attention for which they were begging.  He was hardening
rapidly.  She moaned when his mouth left her throat and began to suck on a nipple, as
his hand made its way to the soft warm patch between her legs.  It was going to be a long
and glorious night.


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