Chapter Fourteen Summary:  It is the next morning and Jack is alarmed when he sees Daniel.  Sam and
Kataya discuss Tok'Ra lovers and whether or not the symbiote can be pleasured sexually, as well as how to do
so.  Kataya helps Sam put some of her feelings about Martouf and Lantash in perspective.  

Pairings: Sam/Martouf/Lantash  - Daniel/Other  

Rating: this chapter:  R for discussion of sex, sort of.

“Hi guys.  Has anyone seen Kataya or Daniel this morning?”  Sam asked, as she joined
Jack and Teal’c at the table where they were eating breakfast.

“Nope,” Jack said, as he stared at his spoonful of oatmeal before taking another bite.  
Shrugging and deciding that it was sort of edible, he continued answering Sam, “I was
kind of wondering where they were, too.  You are a little later than usual, Carter.  They
should have been down by now.”

“I do not believe that Daniel Jackson left Kataya’s room last night.  It would appear that
they are mated,” Teal’c spoke up, as he contemplated which of the several items on his
tray to eat next.  He wondered if he should consume the pancakes before he started the
bacon and eggs, or vice versa?  Perhaps the bacon with the pancakes?  Yes, that sounded
good.  He calmly began to work his way through the remainder of his breakfast, obviously
unconcerned with either his teammate’s whereabouts or what had occurred between them
during the night.  

Jack dropped his spoon in his oatmeal as he stared at Teal’c.  “And you what?  Think this
is a good thing?”  He demanded.

Teal’c looked up from his pancakes and gazed at O’Neill, as he contemplated the
questions.  “On the surface it might not appear to be so; nevertheless, I believe that they
will be happy with one another,” Teal’c responded serenely.  

Jack stared back at him with a dumbfounded look on his face and his mouth hanging
open.  Teal’c was thankful that he swallowed his oatmeal before he responded.  Closing
his mouth with a snap, Jack frowned, saying, “Hellllooo in there, Teal’c.  She is an alien
WAR-RI-OR.  She is an Assassin.  She has probably done things in her life that would
make Jack the Ripper look like a choirboy.  She could shred him to bits without so much
as breaking into a sweat.  She could turn up the power and we would have Daniel shish-
ka-bob.  She is hundreds of years older than he is.”  He was waving his spoon as he
talked, and he leaned toward Teal’c before asking, with disbelief in his voice, “And you
think this is a good match for Daniel?  Our Daniel?”  

Sam answered Jack, saying, “I agree with Teal’c, sir.  They will be fine.  She will think he
walks on water and hangs the moon and the stars; he will think she is the most beautiful,
wonderful, precious thing in the world.”  She paused, and then pointing her fork at him,
she continued, “Or, they will both recognize each other’s weaknesses and work to help
each other overcome them and love each other despite them.  Each will be the others safe
harbor, the place they go when the world becomes too much for them.  Either way,” she
finished softly, “they win.”  

Jack was unusually quiet after Sam turned back to her breakfast, and it was apparent
that he was actually giving some thought to what they had said.  Then he lowered his
voice so as not to be overheard, “Does anything she said last night bother either of you?”

Sam looked directly back at the Colonel and answered at once, “The only thing about what
she told us that bothers me is that she had to live through it and do what she had to do.  
It must have been horrifying.  I cannot imagine having to kill someone I loved, so that
someone else I loved could live.  I cannot even begin to comprehend, to conceive, what
that would have felt like, how I would cope, no, how I would survive having to make that
decision and do that.”  Sam paused shaking her head before murmuring, “It had to be
almost unbearably heartrending, heartbreaking, just…I cannot even come up with a word
to describe it.  So, no, it does not,” Sam shuddered at her thoughts, as she voiced her

“It bothers you in some other way, O’Neill?”  Teal’c asked, as one eyebrow climbed up his

Once more Jack did not answer immediately, and it was evident that he was considering
his words before he said them.  That in itself was somewhat unusual.  Finally, he
answered thoughtfully, “Yes and no.  As a soldier, as a warrior, it is definitely reassuring
to know that she is willing to do whatever it takes, that when push comes to shove she can
and will make the tough decisions and carry them out.  On a personal level,” he cleared
his voice and looked down at his bowl, “I am worried about Daniel.  How can he possibly
relate to someone so ruthless?  I mean, I can see Teal’c or myself understanding her—but
Daniel?  How is he going to deal with that kind of implacable single-mindedness, that
kind of relentlessness?”

“Daniel Jackson is stronger than you think, O’Neill.  Perhaps he will be the haven she
needs to hide from the horrors in her life, and she will be the bulwark against the cruelty
of the world for him.  Moreover, she will turn those very attributes, which appear to
concern you, to the protection of Daniel Jackson.  She will guard him, shelter him, and
defend him unto death.  I agree with Major Carter; I believe they will complement one

Although he still frowned, Jack nodded after he had given their comments some thought.  
“I suppose you could be right.  We will just have to wait and see.  I just hope we aren’t left
to pick up the pieces, if something happens,” he said grimly.  Then he gave a slight smile
and a half shrug, saying, “I know you are right about her protecting him, not that he
would thank us for thinking he needs protecting.  You know ‘I can take care of it myself
Daniel’.  If he thought any of us were watching out for him, he would not be a very happy
camper.”  He added, in a much more serious manner, “And the truth is that Daniel has
worked hard to become proficient with firearms, tactics, procedures, not that he follows
those, self-defense, survival training, all of it, really, and he has done a very decent job of
all of them.  In fact, in some of them he has done a better than decent job.  Sometimes, I
don’t think we give Daniel enough credit.  At least, I know I don’t.”  Realizing what he had
allowed them to see, he flushed, looking exceedingly uncomfortable.    

Sam smiled across the table at her CO and then looked at her watch, pretending nothing
untoward had taken place, “Oops.  It is time for me to meet with Merdwin and do my first
work with my own sword instead of one of theirs.  I am looking forward to it.  If you see Kat
or Daniel, tell Kat to meet me in my lab in a couple of hours, if she is free.  Thanks, gotta
go.  Bye, Teal’c.  See you later, Colonel.”  Sam hurried away from the table, palpably eager
to use her sword for the first time.  They said it made a difference, and she could not wait
to find out if that was true.

“I suppose it is not any weirder than Doc Frasier and Merdwin.  He is even older than
Kataya.”  Jack muttered almost to himself.

“I do not think that age is the primary motivation in these affairs, O’Neill.  I believe that
both Daniel and Dr. Frasier have found profound and loving relationships that will give
them true joy and happiness whether they last for a few weeks, for a few months, or for
years,” Teal’c said thoughtfully.

Jack shook his head.  “I don’t know, T.  You and Carter both have good arguments.  What
you pointed out is true, so, I will hold my tongue for now.  And hold my breath and cross
my fingers for tomorrow.”

“Indeed.  I believe that is a reasonable attitude for you to take, at this time,” Teal’c
responded.  He then changed the subject, saying, “I would like to watch Major Carter work
out with her sword.  I believe I will head for the gym.  Would you like to accompany me,

Jack sighed disconsolately, “Yeah, I would like to, Teal’c, but the General wants to meet
with me first thing this morning.  That little bombshell Merdwin dropped on us yesterday
is going to occupy us for quite a while.  You go ahead and enjoy.  Be Carter’s cheering

Teal’c nodded his understanding, saying, “In that case, I will see you later today.”  

As Teal’c left, Jack waved and finished his oatmeal.  It was time to go see the General.  As
he was walking down the hall, he saw Daniel heading his way.  When he got closer, he
took a closer look at him, “Jeez, Daniel, what the heck happened to you?”  Jack asked

Daniel motioned Jack to keep his voice down.  “Nothing happened,” he answered quietly.  
“What are you talking about, Jack?”

“Daniel,” Jack answered just as quietly, “There are no buttons on your shirt.  You have a
scratch and a bruise on your neck, and you look like you haven't slept all…” Jack’s voice
slowly trailed off.

Daniel blushed, as he said defensively, “We slept.  Some.”

“Well, you look like you were in a fight and maybe you lost.  Come on, let’s get you to your
room, and then we will see if you have any clothes she hasn’t ripped to shreds,” Jack
ordered, as he started quickly hustling a slightly scowling Daniel down the hall.  

“She did not do it, Jack, I did,” Daniel stated firmly.  

Jack stopped with Daniel’s door halfway open.  It matched his jaw.  “You did?  You ripped
up your own clothes?”  He asked incredulously.

Daniel got a stubborn look on his face.  It was the one that Jack hated to see.  It meant
that not only did Daniel look stubborn; he was going to be stubborn.  In spades.  “If you
are going in, Jack, then go in.  Do not just stand there with the door half opened.  And
shut your mouth before you start catching flies.”  He pushed past Jack and went into his
room.  “And yes, I did it.  I was, um, kinda in a hurry,” he mumbled.  Then he sighed.  
From the look on Jack’s face, this could take a while.  If Daniel was wearing his stubborn
face, then Jack was wearing his ‘you are going to explain and tell me what I want to know’
look.  It was his real Colonel face.  

Daniel strode straight to his dresser.  It was a good thing he had quarters here on base,
and kept most of his BDU’s here.  He took his shirt and T-shirt off and stood holding them
in his hands.  A smile quivered at the corner of his mouth.  He supposed he could find the
buttons and put them back on, but the torn buttonholes pretty much made the shirt a
loss.  He could not bring himself to care very much.  Scenes from the night before were
playing through his head.  God, he had to stop thinking about it, or he would have to take
a cold shower.  He could not believe that just the thought of her hardened him to steel yet
again, after the night they had just spent.  He should be drained dry for Goddess’s sake.

What was that noise?  Oh, yeah, Jack was here.  Why was he using Daniel’s phone?  
Daniel frowned as he tried to hear what Jack was saying.  It sounded like he was talking
to the General.  Yeah, he was.  Now, why would Jack be postponing a meeting with the
General?  Well, at least it was keeping his mind occupied, so he was not thinking about
last night and Kataya.  He gave a mental groan.  That had not lasted long.  Go back to
listening to Jack.  

What the hell was Jack going on about now?  Daniel came back to the present to catch the
tail end of Jack’s remark, “…so, you want me to call Doc Frasier to come here, or do you
want to go there?”

“What are you talking about, Jack?  I am fine, just a little tired, and I haven’t had any
coffee yet.  Why would I want to go see Janet?”  Daniel was truly confused as well as
exasperated.  What was up with Jack now?

“Daniel, have you seen your back?  You look like you’ve been in a fight with a Kat and you

Daniel turned his back to the mirror and let out a low whistle.  A small smile graced his
lips, turning the corners up slightly.  At least he had not been the only one out of control
last night.  They had both been incredibly wild.  Yeah, wild and wanton and…no, must
not go there.  Must focus.  He grinned widely this time.  It was so much nicer there than
here, he thought.  Once again, Jack garnered his attention.  

“Jeez, what are you smiling about, Daniel?  You could get rabies or something.  You might
need shots.  It looks like you have some bites, too.  At least it doesn’t look like she was
using her claws or her fangs.”

Daniel turned to Jack.  “I am fine, Jack.  It is just a few scratches.  Kataya can probably
take care of them.  I do not need to go see Janet, and I do not need rabies shots.  She is
not an animal.”  Daniel’s eyes were beginning to glint dangerously.  Jack realized that
maybe he should tone it down a little.  He had gone a little too far with the rabies and
shots remarks.  

“Sorry, Daniel, I did not mean that.  You know me; it just sort of popped out of my mouth.  
Blame it on the shock of seeing that,” he said as he nodded toward the mirror.

Daniel turned to his dresser and pulled out some BDU’s, while completely ignoring Jack’s
comments.  Instead of answering them, he turned and faced his friend squarely.  “Why
are you here, Jack?”  He asked, as he looked directly at him.

Jack looked a little uncomfortable for a minute, and then he shrugged.  “No real reason,
Daniel.  I saw you in the hall, you missed breakfast, and you looked tired.  I was—

Daniel smiled wryly as he began to get dressed.  Jack was not ‘concerned’; Jack was
‘worried’.  Daniel had no trouble translating Jack-speak.  Therefore, he decided to relieve
that anxiety.  “Okay Jack, here is the story.  I spent the night with Kataya last night, and
if I have my way, I will spend every night for the rest of my life in the same place.  At her
side, wherever that might happen to be.  I know you well enough to know that you don’t
have a clue as to what to say to me.  Stuff is running around in your head, but you are
afraid to let any of it out, to say anything.  Well, don’t worry about it, because you don’t
have to let any of it out.  You can just forget it.  I am fairly sure I know what those things
you want to say are anyway.”    

“This is what I want, Jack.  I am a grown man with a grown man’s emotions.  I have had
enough pain already to last me a lifetime, and I am highly, fully, and incredibly aware
that there is an extremely good, almost certain, chance that Kataya will bring me more.  I
do not know if it will happen or not.  If it does, so be it; however, whether I have one day,
or one month, or one year, or ten years, or one hundred years with her, it will be worth it
to me.  I hope you can understand that and wish me luck.”  He grinned suddenly, and
then winced, as he moved too abruptly.  He finished putting his shirt on a little more
carefully.  Evidently, his back was going to get sore.  “I think I may be going to need it.”

Jack nodded, accepting his friend's decisions, even if he wasn’t sure he agreed with him.  
Daniel was, after all, a grown man, as he had pointed out.  “You gonna go have coffee?”  
He asked.

“I am going to my office, and I will have some there,” Daniel replied.

“Great.  I could use some, too, so I will go with you.”  Daniel groaned to himself.  “So,
Daniel, what is it like to make love to a wildcat?”


“Well you can’t blame me for tryin’ for cryin’ out loud.  From the looks of you it must have
been one hell of a …”  

Daniel cut him off saying, “It was not.”

“Bet it was,” Jack smirked.  

“Was not.”

“Was too.”



Daniel rolled his eyes and started down the hall.  Jack followed.

Kataya joined Samantha and Merdwin in the gym, which for now, was the only place they
had to practice.  The General agreed that they needed a place to use their swords, and he
and Merdwin found a room they felt would be suitable.  Work started on it the next day,
and they would be completing it within in the next day or so.  For now though, they were
still in the gym and she sat on the sidelines with Teal’c watching Merdwin calibrating Sam’
s sword and circlet.  Once he accomplished that, he began teaching her how to keep her
energy from flowing into the sword unless she wanted it to.  She and Sam had already
had some practice sessions to learn basic maneuvers with a sword, and Sam was a very
apt student of the art.  She would do well.  Perhaps she would never have the abilities of
the true Katteri-enti, but she would be a skilled and formidable opponent just the same.  
Kataya frowned as she thought of Merdwin’s comment the day before.  Well, time would

“You did very well, Samantha,” Kataya said, as she watched Sam put away her sword.  “I
am sorry I was late.  I meant to be here when you and Merdwin started.”

“That is not a problem.  We were only talking before you got here.  You know, he was
explaining about the energy and showing me how it works.  You know, once we started I
realized that I had never seen him use the sword.  That time you and he threw the energy
around he just used his hands.  He is really something with the sword.  I mean, he is just
so powerful, but at the same time, his movements are graceful and stunning.  I had
trouble concentrating on using my sword, because all I wanted to do was watch him
move.  Every step he took and every move he made was so full of power that it just, well, it
almost took my breath away.”    

Kataya smiled grimly.  “You still have not seen a true manifestation, Sam.  Merdwin in full
Katteri-enti is,” she paused searching for a suitable Tau’ri word, “Awesome.”

Sam nodded.  It made sense.  She looked over at Kat and suddenly asked, “Why are you
wearing your Katteri uniform, Kat?”

Kataya looked slightly uncomfortable.  “I forgot to send my laundry in again, and my last
clean shirt lost some buttons last night,” She mumbled.  “I am also considering that as
long as I am on active duty for Artereos, I should wear it.  At least, I am considering what
to do.  Perhaps when I am out with SG-1 on an assignment I will wear the BDU’s and
otherwise, I will wear the Katteri uniform.”  She yawned.  Sam looked at her closely.  She
looked tired.

“I hope telling us all of that stuff last night did not keep you from sleeping.  You look tired

“I, ah, kept waking up during the night.  I am sure I will feel less tired after I use my

As Kataya turned to walk away, Sam got a glimpse of what appeared to be a truly
impressive bruise on her throat. It looked like Teal’c was correct.  She grinned to herself.  
I just bet you did keep waking up during the night, she thought, but not alone.  I would
bet money that Daniel is just as tired.  

Sam’s thoughts turned elsewhere, and she suddenly asked her, “Listen, Kat, can you
come back to my lab with me?  I have, um, a question I would like to ask you.”  Sam was
blushing by the time she finished her sentence.  

“Certainly, Sam.  I am ready to go if you are finished here.”  Kataya turned to lead the way.

As the two friends walked down the hall, they were each preoccupied with their own
thoughts.  Sam was worrying that she would not actually be able to get up the nerve to
question Kataya now that she had approached her.  She did not know how to start, or how
to ask what she wanted to know.  What seemed like a wonderful idea in the middle of the
night suddenly did not seem quite so good in the bright light of day.  

Once in the lab and seated with a cup of coffee for each of them, Kataya realized that
whatever questions were on Sam’s mind were embarrassing her.  “What is wrong, Sam?”

Sam jerked her head up from where she had been staring into her coffee cup.  “Nothing is
wrong.  I just wanted to ask you something.”  She cleared her throat.  “Really, that is all.  
There is no problem.  Nothing is wrong.  Really.”    

“All right.”  Kataya looked expectantly at Sam, although she suspected that her question
would be neither asked nor answered at the present rate of exchange.  In fact, she was
moderately certain there would be no asking at all without some intervention and help
from her.  

Sam stared back at her with wide anxious eyes.  “Never mind,” she said flatly, “I can’t.”  
She closed her eyes in embarrassment before choking out again, “I just cannot do it.”

Kataya was encountering waves of emotion coming off Samantha.  They were jumbled, but
she could tell that they involved sex.  “Sam is your question about sex?” she asked in a
very neutral tone of voice.  The waves of emotion intensified, and Kataya was once again
bathed in them.  

Sam’s eyes flew open and she gaped at her, but did not say anything.  She simply could
not find her voice.  

Kataya decided to try again.  She took charge of the conversation and changed its
direction, appearing to point it away from the emotionally volatile subject of sex.  “What is
the name of the man you are in love with, Sam?  Even though we have touched on the
subject a few times, I do not believe you have ever told me his name.”

Sam blinked once or twice and found her voice.  This was something about which she
could talk.  “Martouf.  His name is Martouf.  He is Tok’Ra.”  

“Ah, that explains it.  Samantha, calm down.  I suspect that I have figured out what you
want to ask me,” Kataya replied quietly.

“You have?”  Sam gasped.

“Yes.  Now, I will talk, and you will tell me if I am not going in the correct direction.  All
right?”  She asked gently.

Sam nodded and flushed a deep rose color.  She really, really wanted these answers, and
if she did not actually have to articulate the question, maybe she could do this.  She knew
what Jolinar’s memories told her, but most of those remnants were fuzzy, at best, when it
came to this subject, with only a few vivid reminders.  Of course, those were pretty wow as
she had told Daniel, but those were memories of Lantash and Martouf making love to
Jolinar and Rosha, not the other way around.  The memories of that were few, fuzzy, and
far between.   

“You realized after my explanation last night that I have had a Tok’Ra lover, and that
means that I can tell you what you wish to know.  However, now that we are here together,
you find yourself too embarrassed to ask me your question.”  Kataya stated what she
believed to be the case in a very matter of fact manner, showing no embarrassment or
discomfort with the subject.  

It helped to steady Sam and she nodded, saying, “I cannot believe I am being this way.  I
mean, it is just sex.  There isn’t any need to be this embarrassed.”    

“That is true, Sam, there is not.  Can you start with what originally made you think of this
question?”  Kataya thought that maybe she could get Sam to work up slowly to what she
needed to ask.

Sam thought about it, and then nodded slowly, saying, “Well, I was with a friend one
night.  A, um, male friend, and we had some wine, then we started talking, and the next
thing I knew, I asked him to kiss me, to see if I would or could respond.”  

Sam paused, and Kataya said, “And what did Daniel say?”

“He said okay, and we...” Suddenly, Sam froze, and then she closed her eyes.  “How did
you know it was Daniel?”  She whispered.

“Who else could it be, Sam?  Kataya asked, puzzled at Sam’s response.  “You and Daniel
are very close.  If you needed to experiment with a man, Daniel would be a safe choice.  
You love and trust him.  It is perfectly logical to me,” Kataya said in a very matter-of-fact
though still slightly perplexed voice.  

Sam opened her eyes and stared at her.  “You are not angry,” she stated bluntly, as she
looked at Kataya in surprise.  

“Of course, I am not angry.  Why should I be?”  Came her practical answer.  Her
mystification apparent, she cocked her head as she studied Sam, before asking, “What in
the Universe would possibly lead you to believe that I would be angry if you kissed

“I was in bed with the man you are in love with, and you are not angry?  You truly are not
at all upset, are you?  Do you not care for Daniel as much as I believed you did?”  Sam
seemed to have trouble understanding Kat’s reaction.

Still looking closely at Sam, Kataya shook her head slightly and then sighed.  “Samantha.  
Until last night, neither Daniel, nor I, had any claims on one another.  He could have
gone to bed with the entire female population of Colorado Springs, and it would have been
none of my business.”  She made her statement calmly and clearly.  “However,” she
continued, “you should know that last night that changed.  Should he attempt to go to bed
with them now, without my consent, I would protest vehemently.”  

She paused for a moment before proceeding, “You, however, are his Heartmate.  That is
something else all together; therefore, different guidelines apply.  However, now is not the
time to delve into that.  Suffice it to say, that since I know from your own words, that your
relationship is platonic, I do not see why I should have anything to be upset over.  Sam,
even if something happened between you, it would not be the end of the world, as you
know it.  Life would go on; you would chalk it up to experience, and put it behind you, if
we all wished it to be that way.”  She shrugged, “And if we decided it was something we
could accept, well…”  Kataya shrugged again, obviously very relaxed and unconcerned by
what Sam had told her.  She smiled at Sam and said quietly, “So, now that you know I
will not immediately attack you in a jealous rage, tell me what happened, and rest
assured; I will not become upset.”

Sam nodded a little dazedly, and began again, “We had a lot of wine, and I worked up the
courage to ask Daniel to kiss me.”  She sighed, “At first, I knew it was Daniel, but then
things got kind of blurry.  I thought it was them.  You know, Martouf and...anyway, when
we were kissing, I was stroking the back of his neck, and I remember wondering if the
symbiote could, you know, feel it, and if it would be, well, sort of, pleasant for him.  I, well,
from some very disjointed, fuzzy memories I have, I believe it is pleasurable for them, but
well, anyway, I meant to ask him the next day, only, when I woke up, it was Daniel, not,
um, them.”  She paused and looked at Kataya before continuing, “We, that is Daniel and I
both, we fell asleep before we did anything, I swear.”

Kataya chuckled warmly.  “I understand Samantha.  However, if you could be in bed with
Daniel and think it was anyone else, then you had to be very far gone.”  She saw Sam
flush again and hurried to reassure her, “It is all right, Sam.  I hope that someday you
and Daniel will be able to remember that incident with fondness and laughter.”

“That is what Daniel said.  He said we did not do anything wrong, and that we should try
to see the funny side.  It is true, too.  I dreamed I was with them, and Daniel was
dreaming about you.”  

Sam sent Kataya a wide smile.  “Okay, so I do see some humor in it.  I feel better now that
you know, too.  I think I must have been harboring some guilt about it, even though I did
not think I was.  In fact, I think I can talk about this now.”  Suddenly rubbing her hands
together, she asked, “So, now that that is settled, could we get to the good stuff?  You
know, ‘How to make love to a symbiote, class 101’?  Not,” she hurriedly added, “if it brings
up unpleasant memories, though Kataya.  I don’t want to make you sad again.”

Kataya shook her head, swiftly assuring her, “My memories of our time together are
beautiful and happy, Sam.  It is only the memories of the period that is surrounded by
Bastet that bring so much sorrow and pain.  In addition, of course, is the time when my
father called me home, leaving him behind, and knowing that I would probably never be
able to return.  I have found my own ways to avoid the pain, and yet, still be able to
remember him.”  She leaned back in her chair.  

“So, let us see.  You know I was Tok’Ra myself.  I had a wonderful relationship with her.  
We were the best of friends.  Oddly enough, since coming here, I do not miss her as much
as I was used to, but that is not getting to your question.  You wish to know if there is any
way in which the symbiote can be given direct stimulation during the pre-mating ritual,
and I imagine, also, during the actual act of mating?”  She queried.

“Uh, I think so.  If we are talking about the same things.”  Sam frowned in thought.  “I do
suspect they are the same things,” she added.

“What do you call them?”  Kat wanted to know.

“Foreplay and intercourse.”  

Kataya thought about those words for a moment and decided they were indeed speaking
the same language, but using different words.  She nodded to Sam.  “I conclude they are
the same, as well.”  She continued with the information Sam had asked for, “As you know
the symbiote attaches to the brain and the spinal column.  It wraps around it, so there are
areas where they are very close to the surface.  At those places, you can indeed give them
exquisite pleasure.”   

She got up and walked over to Sam.  Placing her hands on Sam’s neck, she said, “On my
lover, he was extremely sensitive here, and here.”  She showed her two places at the base
of the head.  “Starting down the back, it was here, here, and here.  There was a spot right
here that drove him absolutely wild.”  Again, she touched areas on Sam’s spine, but up
closer to her head, more on her neck than her back.  “I understand that each symbiote
and how they wrap are different.  However, my lover wrapped both of his hosts in exactly
the same way.  There was no difference in where to touch him from one host to the next.  
My understanding is that while each symbiote wraps in their own way when they join,
they always join with a host just as my lover did, with no difference in how it is done from
host to host.”  

She paused in thought, then said, “A very light feathery touch is only felt by them once
they are highly excited and sensitive.  A gently massaging motion on either side of them
here, from the base of the skull to the end of the neck, can be erotic to them.  A circular
motion, using an alternating press and release type of rhythm at this point, right here,
used to bring my lover to a state of,” her brow furrowed for a moment, “ah, yes, he called it
an almost painfully exquisite tension.  He always complained because it was enough to
bring him close to release, but not enough to put him over the edge.”  She smiled,
obviously lost in a delightful memory.  

“Light pressure in a rhythm like this,” she took Sam’s hand and demonstrated what she
meant, can cause them to lose all control if you do it long enough.  They are an extremely
passionate race, Samantha, and if you can get them to lose their control, you will get all of
the passion you could ever want.  Ah,” her eyes shone and she chuckled, “there is one
other movement that can drive them, at times, almost beyond coherence.  They can lose
all control when you stroke and press on a spot in this area.  It is a pleasure point for
them, and it is the most sensitive of them all.  The technique is like this.”  Again, Kat
showed Sam how to stroke the symbiote through the skin in such a way that it would be
as if she was actually stroking it.  “Remember, though, Sam, that the pleasure points in
your lover will not be in these exact places as it will depend on how he is wrapped.  That
said, there is the chance that they will be very near to these exact spots.  If your lover is
wrapped in a manner similar to my lover’s wrap, then they will be very close to those.”  

"I should probably warn you about their trembling.  It may startle you at first when the
symbiote begins to quiver, but it is an excellent sign, and means that they are highly
excited and sensitive to your touch.  Once they begin to tremble, you have them on the
edge.  It is wonderful for both of you, I assure you," Kataya told her softly, obviously lost in
memories.  Shaking herself free from them, she smiled at Sam.

“If I think of anything else that would be useful, I will not hesitate to tell you, Sam.  Come
to me anytime you wish to, although, your lover will be the best one to instruct you in
what pleases him.  You might also like to know that when you arouse and pleasure the
symbiote, it increases the pleasure of the host a great deal.  He feels the heightened
feelings of the symbiote, and the trembling actually adds another sensation that is highly
erotic for the host as well as the symbiote.”  She smiled as she finished her lecture on
symbiote sex education.

“Kataya, I have one more question.  If you have children with a Tok’Ra, like you did.  I
assume your children look like you or Dominic?  I mean, I know the symbiote is asexual

“If you are asking if there is any change in the host’s DNA and if any of the symbiote’s
traits can be passed on, oddly enough, the answer is yes.  As you stated, the symbiote is
asexual.  With no exterior release of sperm, it seems that it would be impossible.  
However, we have found that the symbiote releases a substance that is similar to DNA and
that it attaches to some of the host’s sperm.  Things like eye color, skin texture and
personality traits have been traced to it, but that is all.  I can give you an example.  My
son’s physical looks are almost exactly like Dominic.  His features and build, I mean.  
Sometimes, when I look at him, I see my Dominic once again.”  The last part of her
statement was almost a whisper, but she shook herself free from whatever vision she was
seeing and returned to the discussion of the symbiotes traits that could pass to the
offspring.  “However, both of my children have three things about them that came from
neither Dominic nor I.  They both have the charismatic charm that is exactly like that of
Dominic’s symbiote (when he chose to exert it), their eyes are amber, just as his were, and
their skin feels like warm soft velvet when you touch it.  Sam, do you remember the vision
you saw in the mirror of me holding a symbiote?”


“That was him.  You were seeing a vision of our escape from Bastet’s stronghold.  Take my
hands and close your eyes.”

Sam did as she asked and then gasped.  “What am I feeling?”

“You are feeling what the adult symbiote feels like.  I believe it is nothing like you

“You are right.  It is not.  I expected cold and maybe, I do not know.  Maybe like an eel or,
well, something slimy.  This does not feel that way at all.”  

Suddenly, Kataya broke the contact and sat back.  His name had come perilously close to
her consciousness.  She never said, or thought, his name, for even now, it brought a great
feeling of desolation at her loss.  He was simply the symbiote or Dominic’s symbiote.  The
distancing helped.

She calmly replied to Sam, “No, they do not, because they are not; although, I believe that
the very young symbiote feels more like you are describing.  Appearances can be
deceiving.  Because they look somewhat like a snake or an eel, you expected him to feel
like one.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Although,” she said thoughtfully, “I
believe that snakes are not slimy, and are in fact dry to the touch.  Anyway, to me, the
Tok'Ra have always been small dragons.”  She had a softly reminiscent look in her eyes as
she said, “When we were at Avilion, before he was completely well, I would take him out of
his chamber and hold him.  I loved to stroke and caress him, even then.”  She sighed.

“What did you experience when I let you touch him in my mind?”

“He was warm.  That surprised me.  He felt like velvet, soft warm velvet.  That is what you
said about your children’s skin.  You are right, that is exactly how it felt.  Nothing like
what I expected.”  Sam frowned, as she added, "I felt drawn to him.  How odd."

“Not really.  You are contemplating taking one as a mate.  It is good that you were drawn
to him.  It is best, when getting to know an alien species, to remember that they rarely
compare to what they appear to be from your own reality.  For example, Thor looks as if he
would be cold and perhaps hard or perhaps tough would be a better word.  For a very long
time, when I first knew him, I always expected him to be not only cold and hard, but also
slick.  The reality is that he is warm, his skin texture is not slick in the least, and he is
quite soft, as you know.”  

Samantha nodded.  “I agree.  I hugged him once and I was so surprised when I realized
how soft he was.  I was afraid I had hurt him, but he was okay.  So, I do understand what
you are saying.  I wish I could get the Colonel to understand that, but he insists on using
Earth as a yardstick.  He can be very stubborn.”  She shook her head at his

Kat smiled at her description of O’Neill’s attitude.  To call it stubborn was being kind.  She
returned to the subject at hand, saying, “The relationship you are contemplating can be a
truly rewarding and happy one, Sam.  If he loves you, he will treat you as if you are his
world because you will be.  He will cherish you forever.  Only Martouf and his fight against
the Goa'uld will have more pull on him.  Which is how it must be, of course," she said,

The two women sat quietly for some time each lost in her own thoughts.  Sam began
studying a piece of technology she recently received from an off-world site, and Kataya
slipped into a light meditative state.  She needed to replace the energy she had used so
lavishly last night.  Gradually, Kataya became aware of Sam’s increasing tension and

Sam got up for what must have been the twelfth time since she began to take apart this
piece of technology she was studying.  She looked at first one thing and then another.  
Then she looked at her watch.  If Kataya had thought her nervous this morning, she was
ten times worse now.

“Samantha?  I know that the Tok’Ra are due to come today.  Is that why you are somewhat
nervous?  I know your father will probably be the one to come.  Do you not get along with

Sam looked started.  “No, not at all.  Dad and I get along great.”

“If it is not him then?  Tell me to mind my own business if you wish to.”

“No, that’s okay.”  She paused and looked thoughtful, before saying, “You know I was
blended with a Tok’Ra.  It was not a pleasant experience.  We were on a planet and the
Goa’uld were attacking.  Her host was fatally injured.  I was trying to save her host, but
she thought I was offering her a new host, and she jumped into me.  She took me without
permission, just assuming I was okay with it.  At the time, there was a lot of confusion but
she did some things that, well they, it…caused some problems.  Anyway, she was hiding
from an Ashrak.  To make a long story short, he found her and tried to kill us.  She died
to save my life.”  Sam looked sad.  “When she died she left all of these memories and
feelings in me.  She also left the coordinates of where we could find the Tok’Ra.  We went
to find them to try to form an alliance.  My father was dying, and one of them needed a
host.  Anyway, that is how we were able to form an alliance with them.  If we had not been
able to give them a host, I do not think we would have.  They did not feel we had anything
to offer them.”  She told the story in a matter of fact way.  

“Our alliance is not of long duration, and they still do not trust us, just as many here do
not trust them.  It is a very uneasy situation, and neither side is working on it very hard,
in my opinion.”  She sighed before adding, “I guess you have figured out by now that one
of the people here that neither likes nor trusts them is Colonel O’Neill.  He cannot seem to
separate them from the Goa’uld.  He insists there is no such thing as a good Goa’uld.  It is
a problem in a way, because there are a lot of people here on the base that follow his
lead.”  She shrugged, saying, “There is no point in discussing it, as I do not see it
changing, and there is absolutely nothing I can do to change the circumstances.  Besides,
this is not what we were talking about before that subject sidetracked us.”  

Her voice changed, and she began to speak more softly, “Therefore, I am returning to the
subject of Jolinar and our brief blending.  The other thing she left with me was her love
for her mate.  When we found the Tok’Ra, we also found him.”  She blushed slightly.  She
glanced over at Kataya who was watching her with sympathy in her eyes.  “I mentioned
him to you earlier when we were discussing, um, what we were discussing.  The reason I
am kind of wound up is because Martouf may be with my father.  I am trying to figure out
if the feelings I have are her memories and feelings, or if I am in love with him myself,”
She finally got out in a rush.  “I have decided to try to see where a relationship with him
might go.  I can only hope that I can eventually distinguish my feelings for them from

Kataya smiled at her and said encouragingly, “I think you will find that you care deeply
for this man, Samantha.  However, it appears to weigh on your mind that you cannot
separate your feelings from hers, and because of this, you feel you are not sure whose
emotions you are actually experiencing.  If you would desire it, I believe I could help you
with that problem.  I have the ability to block her feelings, Sam, so that the only emotions
you feel will be your own.  I can do it quite easily, and just as easily remove it once you are
sure of your emotions.  Would you like for me to put a temporary block on her emotions?”  

“Could you really do that?  Is it invasive?”  Sam flushed a little.  “I mean will you have to
read my thoughts to do that?”

Kataya shook her head.  “No, there will be no need for me to go that deeply into your
mind, as long as you can accomplish your part of the procedure.  Now, bring her name
and her feelings to mind, but not him, if you can?”

Sam closed her eyes, and Kataya could tell she was trying to do as she asked.  Finally, she
nodded, “Okay, I think I have it, but I don’t know for how long.”  She felt Kataya briefly
touch her mind, and then there was a brief feeling of tightness before Jolinar’s feelings
seemed to dull and then disappear altogether.  

“All right, Sam.  It is finished.  Think of her again.”  

“All right.”  Sam’s eyes had remained closed.  “They are gone,” she gasped as she opened
her eyes.  “I can remember her; I still have her memories, but not her emotions.  Thank
you, Kat.”  

Kataya nodded.  “You are welcome.  Now the emotions you feel when you next meet him
will be yours and yours alone.  You said his name was Martouf?”

“Yes,” Sam was almost beaming that truly lovely smile of hers.  “I can’t wait for him to get
here.  I will be so disappointed if he does not come with dad.”

“What is the name of his symbiote?”  Kataya asked.

“Martouf’s symbiote’s name is…”  Sam stopped talking as Daniel walked into the room.  
“You look a little harassed, Daniel,” Sam told him, as he made his way over to them.

Daniel moaned his hellos to both women.  “I have just spent the last two hours listening to
Jack, while I tried to work on that tablet SG-10 brought back last week.  Do you have any
idea how hard that is to do?  Thank God, he finally had to go to a meeting with the
General.  If he had not, I would probably still be trapped,” Daniel complained, but he was
smiling.  He and Jack had become fast friends despite their differences, and although he
complained, Daniel enjoyed their friendship.

Sam and Kat made the appropriate and expected sounds of sympathy.  He walked over to
Kataya and bent down to kiss her and in doing so, he could see the livid ‘bruise’ on her
soft throat.  He shuddered and his eyes closed for a moment.  How could he, Daniel
Jackson, mild-mannered archaeologist, anthropologist, and linguist have become such a
raging maniac?  All he could do was hope she would forgive him for his, in his eyes
anyway, brutal handling of her.  The light kiss he began, she turned into a raging inferno,
which left him in no doubt as to whether she felt he was a barbarian.  

Sam thought that the look on his face was more gone than the one he had after Sha’uri
kissed him the first trip they made back to Abydos to seek Daniel’s help.  She
remembered wondering that time if his brain would ever function again.  She pondered if
they would ever find his brain this time.  She almost laughed, but caught herself.  Daniel
slowly came back from wherever the kiss had sent him and looked helplessly around, as if
trying to figure out where he was and why he was wherever he was.  He licked his lips a
few times, caught sight of Sam, and smiled shyly.  “Oh, hi, Sam,” he said, as if he had not
already greeted her.  

Sam giggled.  “Um, hi again, Daniel.”  Kataya winked at her, and Sam giggled again.  “So,
Daniel, what brings you here?”  Sam finally managed to choke out.  Daniel looked a little
less befuddled, so maybe he would be able to tell them.  

He looked at Sam, and said, “I, um, I do not know.  I mean, I must have had a reason,
though, right?”  Kataya finally took pity on him.  Turning him towards her, she asked
gently, “Were you perhaps looking for me, Daniel?”  

“Yes.  Yes, I was.”  They could tell he was beginning to think again.  “I, um, need you to do
something for me, if you would not mind.”

She nodded her agreement.  “All right, what is it you need, Daniel?”

“You are wearing your Katteri uniform,” he said, as if he had just noticed.  “Good.  Do you
have your ribbon device?”  

Kataya looked perplexed.  “Yes, it is in my cloak.”  She nodded to the short cloak she
carried with her.  

“Could you, um, that is, I need,” he cleared his throat, and then he whispered in her ear.  

Kataya smiled at him and turned to Sam.  “We will return later, Sam.  Try to calm
yourself.  If he does not accompany your father, we will be sure that he is requested for
the mission.”  Sam gave her a smile and a wave as Kataya picked up her cloak and
followed Daniel to his office.  

Once there, she took out her ribbon device and healed his back.  “You should have said
something last night.  I would have taken care of it and been more careful with you.”

He shook his head.  “I did not want you to be careful,” he assured her.  “I wanted you wild
and wanton in my arms, just as you were.  As you will be again, as soon as I can arrange

She smiled at him as he reached for her to take her into his arms.  “I think the door
should be locked, Daniel.  If it is not, we could shock an innocent person.”  It was not long
before there was no sound in the room, but a few delicious moans.  

They heard the klaxons blaring the warning of an off-world activation.  Knowing it was
probably the Tok’Ra, and that Sam was perfectly capable of greeting them, the two
entwined on the couch ignored it.  They would be called to a briefing soon enough.  In the
meantime, the ancient artifacts and manuscripts added another scene to the thousands
they had witnessed down through time.

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