Chapter Thirteen Summary: The team congregates in Kataya's room, and she tells them what they need to
know about Bastet.  Daniel realizes that she is very important to him and always has been.  She tells him a few
other things about the incident in Bastet's dungeon.

Adorata Coeurawyn – Adored of My Heart  
Amat Wyn - My Love

As Daniel and Kataya entered her chamber, he closed the door and took her in his arms.  
“Kataya, if you are going to tell me that you had lovers, it is not necessary.  You have not
hidden the fact that you have children, or that you have had lovers.  Not only that, but I
have no idea what I have done during our time apart.  I am certainly not going to hold
anything you did against you, when I could very well have had lovers.  We know that I was
married.  So, whatever happened while we were apart is not important.  The important
part is that we are together again, as we should be, as we are meant to be.”

“I am afraid that is not exactly true,
Amat Wyn.”  She sighed sadly before murmuring,
almost to herself, “Much as I wish it was true, it is not.”  Placing her hands on either side
of his face, she searched it, but what she looked for there, even she would find difficult to
explain.  Caressing his cheek softly, she gave him a small smile before telling him,
“Daniel, what happened while we were apart is central to the situation we now face.  In
my opinion, you have the right to know why I am so determined to kill this particular
System Lord.  I wish it was a simple thing, some minor resentment of a past wrong, but it
is much deeper than resentment.  She and I are implacable enemies, and we have been
for many, many long years.”    

Kataya shook her head, as if to throw off some unpleasant thought, and then taking a
deep breath she told him, “I also believe that our comrades, out team, should know this
history, my history, as well.  Although it will be affecting everyone and everything involved
in this, they will be planning this mission, thus they need more insight into her
personality, and how she will respond to different events and situations.  They will
probably be in closer contact with her; therefore, they will also be in greater danger from
her personally.  Because of these circumstances, I feel it is only proper that they know
more about my personal involvement and the effects our history may have upon her
responses.  They should know what she is capable of doing.”  

She gave Daniel a small, tight, tired grimace.  Closing her eyes, she reached up and
began kneading the back of her neck before rolling her head from side to side, trying to
ease the tension this subject always brought forth for her.  She stopped abruptly knowing
she should have better control over her body than this.  There was no excuse for allowing
the tension to manifest outwardly in this manner.  Straightening her shoulders, she
looked back up at Daniel and continued, “I would tell you privately, and there are no
doubt things you will wish to know later, that we can discuss when we are alone, but I do
not wish to have to repeat the events and consequences twice.  It is…difficult for me to
remember and recount.”

Daniel looked into her eyes and saw the turmoil of emotions there.  He nodded his
agreement.  “I have no problem with waiting until we are all together.  Are you going to
contact them and have them come here?”  He questioned gently.

Kataya nodded as she answered him, “Yes, I believe that would be the most expedient
method, and this is a more private venue than some of our other choices.”  She opened
the link to all involved and soon reached an agreement with her teammates.  They would
meet in her quarters in half an hour.

She walked over to the bed and took off her boots; then she sat down with her back
against the headboard and motioned for Daniel to join her.  As they settled comfortably,
Daniel took her hand and stroked it gently.  “They will not be here for a while, Daniel,”
Kataya reminded him softly.  

Daniel smiled and pulled her into his arms.  The kiss was soft and gentle with none of the
aggressive sexual overtones they had known before.  This kiss said, ‘
I love you and I accept
you as you are’
.  It was exactly what she needed.

When the kiss ended, Kataya sighed and rested her head on his shoulder.  “Is there
anything in particular that you wish to know, Daniel?”

He shook his head.  “No.  I will wait, and if I have questions still unanswered when you
are finished, I will ask you then.”  He noticed that the amethyst in her circlet were glowing
and remembered wondering why it happened.  “I guess I do have a question.  I am
assuming that what you want to talk about probably won’t cover this, but if it will just tell
me, and I will drop it.”

“What do you wish to know?  I will answer if I can,” she assured him.    

He reached up and touched the amethyst that was beginning to grow brighter before
asking, “Why do some of the stones glow sometimes, while at other times they don't?”

“Ah.  You are correct.  That is not something I was going to cover tonight.  The stones
represent different energy pulses, or waves.  Over the millennia, we have learned to
harness the power of the energy around us.  It has become second nature to us to absorb
energy.”  She smiled at him.  “When the stone glows for a short period and then goes out,
it simply means that I am unintentionally absorbing energy into an area that is not at full
strength.  When it is glowing as it is now, it is a deliberate accessing of the power or
energy of that stone.  In the case of the Amethyst stone, it is the power and energy of the
Universe.  Would you like to feel it, Daniel?”

He looked taken aback for a moment, and then he asked, “Can you do that?  Transfer it to
me, that is?”  

“Yes.  It is how we sustain someone with our life force.  Since you are not ill or injured,
you will feel the power of the universe flow into you.”

“All right.  What do I do?”  Daniel was excited at the thought of this.  One of his very
favorite things was experiencing new situations, events, and their attendant physical and
emotional sensations.  

“You need do nothing, Daniel; it is up to me to harness the energy, and in turn, release it
to you.”  She placed her hands on either side of his head, and then she brought their
foreheads together.  As she chanted in the beautiful tones so reminiscent of Gregorian
chant, Daniel suddenly knew the power and wonder that Sam reveled in, just a few days
before.  He realized that he felt energized, as if he could go out and take on the world.  He
felt great.  It was…it was indescribable.  

As the sensations became almost overwhelming, she broke the contact and settled back
against the headboard.  The stone still glowed.  “How do you withstand that much energy
flowing into you?  I thought I would explode toward the end, but it was—I don’t know how
to describe it.  Wonderful, even fantastic seems too dull a word to use.”  

Kataya smiled at him.  “How about glorious, awesome, and enchanted?  Would they do?  
As for the other, I was channeling into you, Daniel, so I was not amassing it as you were.  
Now I am, but it will stop soon.”

“I see.  That makes sense, I guess.  Your choice of words is excellent, but they cannot truly
describe the wonder of it.”

“I just feel the need of some extra strength.  It takes quite a bit of energy to talk to my
father, and my emotional outburst later did not help.  I replenished the others earlier
though, as they are much easier to do, since they come from nature.  Tapping into the
universe is much more difficult.”  

She stopped speaking, but remained searching his eyes.  Very slowly, he leaned towards
her and captured her lips with his.  He pulled her into his lap and continued to ravish her
mouth.  His hands went to her breasts and he moaned deep in his throat.  She offered no
protest.  Why should she?  This was what she hungered for, needed, wanted, and craved.  
She returned his kiss, moved her hand across his hard flat stomach, and slid it
downward.  He caught her hand in his and moaned, “Oh, God, not now.  We do not have
time.  Later, though, my love, promise me later.”

“I promise, Daniel,” she whispered, as she took his mouth with hers once more.  The
emotions pulled them under and threatened to drown them, but instead they threw them
upon the shore where they lie gasping for breath.  Daniel pulled his lips from hers, moved
her body around, and settled her between his legs.  Now he held her closely in his arms  
with her back pressed against his chest and, he realized, the hardness of his erection.  He
ached for her.  This position also gave him access to her breasts and the tempting curve of
her neck and shoulder.  Not to mention the apex of her thighs.  He had to stop thinking
about that for now.  He determinedly pulled his mind away from there, pushing his sexual
thoughts aside.  

As he sat there quietly, he realized that in this position, he would easily be able to give
her encouragement and support, while she talked to their teammates, giving them the
information she felt they should be aware of and understand.  It had the added benefit of
allowing her to talk without having to face him.  Intuitively, he realized that being in a
position where she could look into his face and eyes would make the entire situation
much more difficult for her.  Doing this, explaining the past, was going to cause her a
great deal of distress as it was.  He did not have to make it that much worse; not when he
could mitigate it instead.  

His hands gently caressed her arms as he held her.  They sat quietly, comfortable in the
silence, drawing and giving acceptance to one another.  Later he would explore this
woman, but for now, he was simply enjoying the feel of her in his arms, her body tucked
snuggly up against his chest and thighs.  

By the time the others arrived, they were both calm and comfortable.  Their three
teammates came into the room and helped themselves to coffee, port, or mead, as was
their custom.  Often, one or more of them ended up staying on base for some reason, and
it seemed normal for them to gravitate towards each other.  It had become so
commonplace for them to congregate in one room or another in the evenings that as a
result, everyone kept snacks and drinks on hand.  

At the solemn look on Kataya’s face, not even Jack made a wisecrack.  As he sat down, he
looked at her and said, “You have something to tell us about this System Lord that you
feel we should know.”  He frowned and his eyes narrowed as he continued looking at her.  
He spoke slowly and thoughtfully, as he said, “Merdwin said that you knew what Bastet’s
reactions might be and how she thinks.  I am guessing that this has something to do with
your, er, ability to know how she thinks.”   

Kataya nodded her agreement with what Colonel O’Neill stated and gave him a brief,
small quirk of her lips that might have been a smile…then again, perhaps not.  Sighing
softly, she tilted her head back against Daniel and closed her eyes for a moment.  When
she raised her head and opened her eyes, she answered his comments, “As I indicated,
yes, I do and yes, it is.”  

With those words, she started to tell her story.  “Almost two hundred years ago, I met a
Heartmate.  A Heartmate that I loved passionately, so passionately, that I agreed to a
formal entwining of our blood and our auras.  We were together for eighty years.  For fifty
of those years, I was blended with a Tok’Ra named Siesha.  I will not go into the details,
suffice it to say she chose to die that I might live.  I stayed with my Heartmate for another
thirty years after she was gone.”  

We had two kits together.  Taesha and Lanwin.  They have volunteered for this mission so
you shall meet them both when the Furling Warriors arrive.  Taesha is very much like me,
and someday she will become a truly formidable warrior.  She is also passionate about
helping her father’s people.  It is her wish to blend and go to help the Tok’Ra after she
attains her knighthood. Lanwin, too, will become an exceptional warrior, and he feels
much the same about the Tok’Ra.  It would not surprise me if he also chose to blend
someday soon.  I will knight both of them before our mission against Bastet, probably here
at the SGC, since they have volunteered to take part in this enterprise."

She smiled ruefully, “As I am sure you have guessed by now, all four of my kits have
chosen to follow me on the path of the Katteri-enti.  My oldest son, who is much like
Merdwin and will rival him in power in a few thousand years or so, is Katteri-enti, but he
has chosen to cloister himself with the Ancients for now.  It will not be too much longer
until he returns to us and begins to learn under Merdwin.  It should be quite, ah,
interesting.”  For a moment, she seemed amused by something that only she could see,
but whatever thought entered her mind, fled as quickly as it had come, and she returned
to the subject at hand.    

Shaking her head at her lapse, she continued, “I am sorry, I know I appear to be
rambling, but I want you to know everything that might in some way affect our mission,
and I feel that our ties to the Tok’Ra do affect it.  It makes this mission even more
important to us.  If we cannot stop Bastet before she launches her fleet against the Tok’Ra,
we will again send them to Avilion.  Since we cannot do that with the population of Earth,
we have no choice except to stop her before she comes here, an action that we
accomplish,” she assured them, in a grimly determined voice.  

Then, deliberately relaxing against Daniel and his comforting warmth, she continued,
“You have met Gwennetha, my daughter with Merdwin, and, as I said, you will meet the
other two, the offspring of my Tok’Ra lover and I.”  Kataya glanced down at Daniel’s hand
holding hers.  He was listening intently, she knew, yet not by so much as a tightened
finger had he given any indication of either tension or anger.  Since Daniel could rarely
suppress his emotions completely, she believed this was because he was not experiencing
those emotions.      

Lifting her head, she looked at each of those listening, and then continued, “I apologize for
wandering so far away from the topic at hand.  It is time I returned to it.”  Taking another
deep breath, as if readying herself for a plunge into deep water, Kataya dived into further
revelations concerning her past.  “Dominic was the name of the host half of my lover.  He
was one of the most wonderful people I have ever met.  He was a truly beautiful person,
both inside and out.”  She stopped speaking, as a slightly surprised look came over her
face.  She cleared her throat before saying, “I have just realized that in many ways, Daniel
reminds me of him.  They both possess that rare quality of truly being able to understand
their fellow man and still give him forgiveness.  That, of course, is beside the point, which
is that I loved him and his symbiote deeply and passionately.  They meant more to me
than I can ever express with words.  As I indicated earlier, I would never have agreed to a
formal binding, if I had not.”  

Averting her eyes as tears welled, she swallowed and slowly began to speak again, “We
were all deeply committed to and extremely involved in the war with the System Lords.  
Dominic’s last assignment was to infiltrate Bastet’s stronghold and discover whatever he
could about her plans.  We knew she was building a war fleet; however, we knew nothing
of her plans for it.  The logical assumption, as it proved to be, was that she intended to
attack the Tok’Ra.  We needed to know when and where.”  

Dominic succeeded all too well and was soon a trusted member of her household.  He was
an extremely handsome man, and his symbiote transformed him into a man who was not
only handsome, but also virile and charismatic.  He could charm a rock into rolling up
hill, and you would swear that you heard laughter when he smiled.  I do not believe that I
ever encountered a woman, or for that matter, a man, who was not immediately drawn to
his warmth and charm.”  She gave a short, harsh laugh, which contained no humor,
before continuing, “As was to be expected, had we stopped to consider the situation in
more depth, Bastet became infatuated with him and—took him as a lover.”  Halting again,
Kataya swallowed painfully and then whispered, “Had he refused, she would have known
he was not what he appeared to be.”

“Bastet has never made a secret of the fact that she planned to be the one who succeeded
at eliminating the Tok’Ra.  As we suspected, she was making plans to attack one of the
Tok’Ra bases.  Dominic was relaying important information to us.  We could not afford to
pull him out.  It would have taken months for someone else to work into a position high
enough to gather the intelligence we needed.  It was unlikely anyone could have gained
more information than he could.  She loved to brag to him while they were in her bed.  It
is where he got most of his information.  How can you replace that?  He despised her and
wished to leave, but could not.  He was in an impossible situation, trapped within his role.”

Kataya stared bleakly at the far wall.  Sam made an inarticulate sound, but did not
interrupt.  “Bastet managed to infiltrate the Tok’Ra ranks with one of her own people,
much as she has done now.  There was no chance for Dominic to escape, none at all.  
Being a spy would have been bad enough, but she believed that he loved her.  When she
was informed that he was Tok’Ra, that he had been using her, and that he felt nothing for
her except hatred and contempt, she was completely enraged.”

“The other operative we had in her household was not in a position that involved being
close to her, and she managed to escape before she was detected.  She told us what
occurred.  She also told us that Bastet had decided to attack right away, instead of waiting
until her entire fleet was available.  We had very little time before the attack.”  Kataya
stopped speaking.  Daniel hugged her gently, letting her know he was there for her.  She
regained control of her emotions and continued her story.

“The situation was very bad.  We knew Dominic would be tortured.  I contacted my father,
and we evacuated the Tok’Ra to Avilion, the Sanctuary, where they would be safe.  We
also contacted Lord Yu, to tell him that Bastet planned to attack him next.  Although those
had been her plans, we did not know if they still were.  We told him anyway.  He, of
course, attacked her before she could do that.”

“I was sent to her Stronghold with a small hand picked group of Warriors.  Lord Yu was on
his way.  Bastet had been alerted.  She was escaping even as we fought our way into her
compound.  I neither know, nor care, how many Jaffa were killed.  We missed her by mere
minutes.  We were too late to capture or kill her, and we were too late to save my love.”  

Kataya’s voice had become a cold flat monotone.  “Dominic had been tortured so badly
that he could not survive.  That he was still alive when we got there was a miracle.  Even
with the two other Katteri and the Wiccadian that were with us, we could not sustain both
of them until we could get them to Avilion.  Perhaps, if Merdwin had been there, we might
have been able to save them, but he was not.”

“I have seen much in my years as a Katteri-enti Warrior, but I have never before, or since,
seen anyone so badly tortured and in such a way that their death would linger so long or
so painfully.  Of course, she had used the sarcophagus on him numerous times, so this
was only the last time he had been tortured and left to die so painfully.  Bastet had taken
it with her as she escaped, so we did not have that option either.  Had it been available, I
would have used it, and damn their silly rules into the void.  We have never been able to
convince them that use of a sarcophagus, when one is injured, does not have the same
effects as using one daily simply to stop the aging process.  It is too bad, for they would be
able to save many of their people.”  She sighed sadly.

Shaking herself loose from her thoughts, she returned to her narrative, saying, “I am
sorry for once again leaving the subject.  I will return to it now.  Dominic begged me to
save his mate, his symbiote; however, his symbiote was too weak to leave Dominic’s body,
let alone blend with a new host.”  Kataya took a deep breath before continuing.  Her voice
became soft and low.  “We had no other choice.  Dominic pleaded with me to do it, to save
he other half of me, as he always called him."  

Her voice almost inaudible, as she relived the past, she murmured, “his words to me were,
“He is a true part of my soul.  We have lived as one, and we have loved as one.  I do not
wish to die as one and leave you forever.  You can save him, and I shall live on in him and
love you always.  Kataya, Adorata Coeurawyn, please, do this one last act for us with your
own hands.”
 He was whispering, as he had no strength left.  Agony filled his voice.  He
was in so much pain.”  

Silent tears streaked Kataya’s face.  “In the end, I did as he wished.  I slit my love’s throat,
killing him by absorbing the last of his life force and taking his soul into myself, sheltering
it there.  And then, I removed his symbiote.”  Sam gasped, and even Jack looked
stunned.  Teal’c was apparently unmoved, but if one looked closely, they would discern
the muscle jumping in his jaw.  “Although he was not dead yet, the symbiote
was dying.  I
held him in my arms and sustained him with my own life force, until we could get to
Avilion.  The two Katteri and the Wiccadian within our team had to channel energy to me
several times on the journey to the portal.  If they had not done so, I would have died
along with Dominic’s soul and his symbiote; I had no desire to live on if both of them were
gone.  Some of Bastet’s forces were still there.  We were involved in several skirmishes on
our way back to the portal, the gate.  My grief was intense and many times, I despaired of
making it back to the Sanctuary before we all passed.”    

She paused for a moment before saying, her voice low and intense, “Now Bastet and I are
implacable enemies.  She believes they both perished before I could save them.  She also
believes that is the reason for my hatred of her.  I was instrumental in removing the
Tok'Ra from her grasp and that is the root of her hatred of me.  She hates me as much as
I despise her.  I have had over one hundred years to feed the fires of my hatred and need
for vengeance.  She will not escape me this time.”

Realizing that Kataya had no more to say, Sam asked in a strangled voice, “What
happened to the symbiote?”

“For several days, we did not know if he would live or die.  He survived, but it took many
months at Avilion for him to recover enough to blend.  Justin, the young Wiccadian who
was in the rescue party, offered to become his host, when he was well enough to blend.  
We had thirteen more years together, before I was recalled to the war in the Pegacian
System.  It was time for the kits to start their formal training at Avilion, so they returned
with me.”

“I left, and I have not seen or heard from him since.  We agreed, when it became obvious
that I would have to leave, that we would not remain in contact; we were both aware that
it would only have prolonged the agony of our parting.  We both knew that in all
probability, I would not be able to return to them.  He was desperately needed by the
Tok'Ra.  I was needed by my home-world.  I would have no other choice than to stay until
the need no longer existed.  As you know, that circumstance has only recently become a
reality.  However, time did not stand still for him.  His host was killed, and he blended
with a new host.  After that, he met his new mate.  I was told that he loved her very
much.  I am very thankful for that.  After that, I…lost track of him, and I have not heard
anything about him in almost ninety years.”

Kataya looked unbearably sad.  No one asked any questions, but they all knew that these
facts of an event long passed were still coloring what would happen in the near future.  
Daniel indicated to the group that they should leave, with a look and nod toward the
door.  Only Sam stopped and turned around.  She came back to Kataya and held her for a
long moment as their spirits spoke one to the other, giving assurance and acceptance
without saying a word.  The tears in Sam’s eyes and on her cheeks and the quiver of her
lips said all that needed saying.

Daniel held her for several minutes after everyone left, without saying anything, simply
holding her in an assurance of his support.  Then he turned her slightly towards him, and
looking into her eyes, eyes that showed unutterable desolation, he spoke to her.  “Kataya,
you did what you had to do.  Why do you feel guilt over it?”

Kataya took a deep breath and faced Daniel squarely.  “Because I am guilty, Daniel.”  As
he went to speak, she gently placed her fingers over his lips to stop him.  She closed her
eyes for a moment, and then opened them to gaze into his eyes.

“I loved Dominic, Daniel, but even if he had not asked me to kill him, I probably would
have.  Although I loved Dominic very much, the love I had for his symbiote was even more
powerful.  And, although circumstances were such that there was no choice, I know in my
own heart that had it been different and either one could have survived, but not both, I
would not have chosen Dominic.  I believe that Dominic knew this, and he asked that I
kill him thinking it would keep me from being and feeling guilty.”  

She pulled out of his arms, got up, and walked to the mirror on the wall.  Daniel came up
to stand behind her.  She nodded at the image of herself.  “There are days I have trouble
looking in there.”  Her eyes met Daniel’s in the mirror.  “If I cannot forgive myself, how
can I expect forgiveness from you?”

Daniel wrapped his arms around her from behind and held her closely.  He rested his
chin on the top of her head and kept their eyes locked in the mirror.  “How can you not?  I
have nothing to forgive you for, and you have nothing for which to forgive yourself.  You
had no choice and even if, as you say, you had a choice, still there would be nothing to
forgive.  You had to do something that no one should have to do, Kataya.  I cannot imagine
anyone sitting in judgment of you and your actions.  What you did,” Daniel sighed, and
held her closer, “Dear God, I don’t know if I would have the fortitude and the courage to
do what you did.  I can only hope I would, if the circumstances were reversed.  He
obviously loved you very much, and you loved him in return.  A love like that is rare.”

“And yet, it is as one snowflake within the storm when compared to what I feel for you;
what I have always felt for you,” she said slowly.

Daniel was aware of his heart stopping for a moment before it began to pound within
him.  This lovely, complex woman was telling him how much she loved him.  Telling him
that her love for him meant she would literally die for him, should the occasion arise.  He
realized that on some deeper inner level of consciousness, he had known all along who,
and what, she was.  Sha’uri had told him, too.  She was the woman.  The other half.  The
mate.  Hindsight was showing him what Sha’uri had tried to tell him in his dream.  Sha’
uri had been a Heartmate, dear, loved, always and forever so, but this woman,
was a part of his very soul, and he was a part of hers.  His Soulmate.  Her
Soulmate.  Why had it taken him so long to come to this realization, he wondered?  How
could he have been so blind?  Kataya saw the realization come into his eyes.  

Slowly, Daniel turned Kataya to face him.  Equally slowly, he lowered his lips to hers.  One
touch of her lips and he was on fire.  He could not drink enough from her lips to quench
his thirst for her.  He teased her lips until they opened for him and then plundered the
sweetness within with his tongue, before stopping to suck on her lower lip, nibbling,
tasting, and finally crushing them in his need.  

He had to have her.  He had to join with her.  He wanted to be whole again, and only with
her could that happen.  Once again, the feelings he had known the day she arrived
enveloped him.  This,
she, was full and total completion, absolute fulfillment; it was
inevitable—and he wanted it.  He did not recognize the low, feral growl as coming from his
throat; he did not even hear it, but she did, and she recognized it for what it was.  It was
the sound of a Furling male calling to his mate, demanding surrender, offering the same
in return.  It was a
primeval, ancient, almost savage sound, and it called to her deeply.  

He wanted her.  He forced his lips to leave hers, so that they could explore the soft golden
skin of her throat.  He found himself biting her there, leaving marks that would not fade
anytime soon, but he did not care.  He sucked on the side of her throat until she cried out,
in pain.  Suddenly, he was an Alpha Male and she was his Alpha Female; he knew it,
sensed it, and reveled in it.

He wanted her to feel him, to know that it was him, her mate, and that she belonged to
him as no one else ever would.  The bruise he had left on that soft throat was his brand,
the outward sign of an insatiable, arcane desire to mark her as his.  It was the proof that
she belonged to him; she was his.  Vaguely, he knew, somewhere in the back of his mind,
that later he would be appalled by the fierce, barbaric possessiveness that overtook him,
the archaic, pagan need that drove him, but for now, he could not and would not stop.  He
leaned down, and lifting her high into his arms, he strode to the bed and laid her there.  
Then he turned, locked the door, and came back to her.  

She watched him in silence, knowing that when he finally, completely realized who and
what they were to each other, it released something wild within him.  The need driving
him was as old as the beginning of the Myst-time.  He would not understand it, but he
would follow it.  Need, desire, and instinct drove him.  Rational thought was lost to him for
now.  Perhaps she should stop this.  She knew there was a chance he would feel guilty
later.  She decided it was a chance she was going to take.  She had waited centuries for
this man’s return, and she wanted him as much as he wanted her.  She welcomed him
and the ferocious wildness that burned within him.  

Feverishly, he worked at the buttons on her shirt.  There were too many of the damn
things, and his hands were shaking so much he could not get them undone.  Finally, in
frustration, he simply ripped them off and threw the shirt to the floor.  He whipped her T-
shirt over her head and onto what would soon be a pile of discarded clothing.  Her bra
followed them both.

They had removed their boots earlier when they were sitting on the bed.  All that left was
socks, which were easy to dispose of.  His hands next went to the belt at her waist.  It was
quickly undone, and he stripped her BDU pants and her underwear off in one fluid
movement.  She lay back onto the pillows as he gazed at her in wonder.  Her body was his
to worship and to plunder; he planned to do both.  

He dragged a ragged breath into a body that seemed to have forgotten how to breathe, and
then proceeded to do to himself what he had just done to her.  As she watched him rip his
shirt and T-shirt off, followed by his pants and briefs, her own breathing became quick
and shallow.  Hurry, she wanted to tell him, hurry.  As the last of his clothes hit the floor,
she looked at him in awe.  His was a truly beautiful body, well proportioned, and while
rippling with muscles, not overly developed.  

As he stood naked before her at the side of the bed, he raised one knee placing it on the
edge in preparation to climbing onto it.  She halted him by reaching out and taking his
shaft in one hand and gently cupping him with the other.  As she stroked him
rhythmically, he drew in a breath and clenched his teeth.  “Kataya, I don’t think that’s a
good…”  He got no farther, as she leaned over, swiftly took him into her mouth, one hand
still holding him, and the other going around him to stroke, and knead his buttocks.   His
words strangled in his throat, and he clasped the back of her head.  He was dying.  He
was sure of it.  For some reason, she wanted him dead, and he was about to oblige her.  

She began a slow rhythm increasing it only to stop before he found the release he
desired.  She changed her rhythm and started all over again.  When he could stand it no
more, he pulled her mouth away from him and pressing her back onto the bed, he
followed her down.  As he lay next to her, his hands began to caress her, and his lips
followed where they led.  His fingers quickly found her nipples, and his lips and tongue
followed their lead.  

With trembling hands, he gently caressed her silky skin.  It felt exactly as he had known it
would.  She smelled of roses and musk.  His fingers found the pot of honey they had been
searching for, and he dipped first one and then another in to test the richness that was
there.  His thumb found the nub that was the center of her pleasure, and he heard her
gasp and then groan as he found a rhythm that pleasured her.  He brought her close to
the edge, only to back away and start over.  Finally, he heard what he needed to hear.  

“Daniel.  I need you.  Come to me.”  He left her breasts and brought his mouth to hers in a
hard passionate kiss.  When at long last he broke it, she was whimpering her distress.  
She was wild in his arms, raking his back with her nails.  He captured her wrists, and
held her as he kissed her deeply once again.  Moaning his name repeatedly, she heaved
against him.  Still holding her captive, he said to her in a voice that was hoarse with
longing and denied desire, “You are mine Kataya, now and for always.  Forever.”  

Still holding her wrists, he used his knees to part her legs, so he could slip between
them.  He pressed his shaft against her opening, but did not enter her, teasing them both
by staying just outside of where they wanted him to be.  She looked at him with eyes
blazing with love and passion and need.  Finally, she gave him what he wanted, needed to
hear from her, “And you are mine, Daniel, now and for always.  Forever.”  

She saw the same wild yearning, the love and desire flame and burn in his eyes.  Poised
tensely above her, he whispered his vow to her, “Blood of My Heart, Beloved of My Soul, I
come to thee.  You are my heart and my soul, for now and through all eternity.”  Still he
waited, but not for long.  With joy and love in her face and eyes, she repeated her vow to
him, “Beloved of my Soul, Blood of My Heart, I come to thee.  You are my soul and my
heart, for now and through all eternity.”  

As she whispered the last word of their vows, Daniel released her arms and with one
sharp, frantic thrust, he buried his shaft deep inside her.  Kataya gasped, and then
sobbed, when he began to move in her.  Her hips lifted to meet his over and over as their
bodies fell into that ancient dance of love and passion.  She was hot, wet, and wild in his
arms.  The marks on his back would not fade in a day or two.  The bites he left on her
shoulders, her neck, and her breasts would stay awhile.  

Daniel was no longer in control of his actions as Kataya tossed in his arms and cried his
name.  With one final thrust, Daniel hoarsely cried her name and felt the spasms of his
climax start, only to feel the deep rhythmic clenching of Kataya’s own begin.  She cried his
name repeatedly, as she lay in his arms, sobbing from the intensity of the release and the
emotions caused by their joining.  

Daniel struggled to find and draw in the breath he needed to continue to live.  Never in
this lifetime, had he felt anything so intense.  Slowly, they both quieted.  Daniel reached
down and pulled the comforter over them both.  Later, there would be things to say.  For
now, just being together was enough.  

They lost count of the times they awoke to take each other and to make love.  It was as if,
now that they had finally come together, they could not get enough of each other.  Come
morning, they overslept.  Daniel was the first to awaken and realize the time.  “Kataya,
love, wake up.”

“I am too tired, Daniel, not again,” she murmured sleepily.

“Are you, love?”  Daniel asked teasingly, as he trailed his hand up her leg toward her
center again.  She muttered a negative, but her legs opened of their own accord, and her
lips found their way to one of his nipples, which she had been delighted to find, were as
sensitive as hers were.  At his quickly indrawn breath, she laughed seductively.  “Two can
play at this game, Daniel, and one should never underestimate the opposition.”

With a ragged gasp, he agreed.  Then his lips found hers, and they were lost in one
another.  They missed breakfast, but neither cared.  


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