Chapter Eleven Summary : - While returning from an off world mission Jacob/Selmak, Martouf/Lantash, and
Jocasta/Daur'rin make a startling and unwelcome discovery.  Extremely painful memories of a time when he
was tortured to death repeatedly at the hands of a certain System Lord are dredged up for Lantash.  
Jacob/Selmak, Martouf/Lantash discuss taking a three week trip to Earth, and earth bonding and joining rituals.

Pairings:  Samantha/Martouf/Lantash  -   Lantash/Other  -  Jacob/Other

“Italics” – Symbiote-Host or Telepathic communication

Jacob Carter stretched out on the muddy ground watching the enemy encampment
below.  Unfortunately, there was no way that they could get any closer.  The entire
encampment and the area around it were crawling with Jaffa.  Jaffa, which as far as the
Tok’Ra knew, should not have been on this particular planet or anywhere near it.  The
naquadah that was here ran out a very long time ago, and no one had returned or
bothered with it in centuries.  The Tok’Ra began using it as a
safe world, after the Goa’uld
abandoned it, and they had used it ever since then.  Until now that is.  There was no
reason for them to return now, either; there was no naquadah, and no slaves.  Actually,
Jacob corrected this thought, which was not strictly true now.  It was obvious that slaves
were working at building a few things like a stronghold and landing platforms.  This was a
very unpleasant, not to mention disturbing, discovery.  Foreboding rippled down his
spine.  No, this was definitely not good news.  

Putting his uneasiness into words, Jacob asked his symbiote,
“What do you think, Sel?  
What is this particular System Lord doing here?  What is here that they could possibly
 Feeling Selmak’s deepening disquiet, he added, “Do you think they are doing more
than simply claiming this planet as their own?  Or is it something far more dangerous to

“I do not believe we are going to find the answer to those questions, at this time, Jacob.  We
should head back to the Chaappa’ai, before they decide to put a guard on it or we are
Although Selmak answered him quietly enough, Jacob knew that he was
worried about this for some reason.  More worried than he would normally be to find a
System Lord taking over an abandoned planet, but since it was obvious he did not want to
discuss it at the moment, Jacob decided to let it go for now.  They would probably discuss
it more later.  

“I think you are right, Sel.  There is no point in staying here any longer.”  Jacob motioned to
Martouf and Jocasta that they should head back towards the gate.  The three comrades
slid backwards and out from their hiding place, after making sure there were no Jaffa
anywhere near.   

When Jacob, Martouf, and Jocasta gated to this world, they believed that it was
uninhabited.  The Tok’Ra considered it one of their
safe worlds, and thus it was ideal for
the evasive action they used when returning to their base.    

Nothing more than pure luck had allowed them to find the encampment.  When they
came through the Chaappa’ai, they found the area around it deserted, as usual, but as
they prepared to enter the glyphs to head back to the Tok’Ra base, the chevrons started to
engage.  They immediately sought cover where they could see who exited the gate, and
they watched from their hiding place as a large group of Jaffa came through.  It was too
bad that the Chaappa’ai sat upon its pedestal on top of another rock formation.  If there
had been soil around the DHD instead of rock, they would have realized that the planet
was in use by someone and been more cautious.  Hearing the chevrons begin to engage
and seeing their glow alerted them, and they were glad that the situation arose.  Without
that event, they would have been unaware of the danger now lurking here, and the Tok’
Ra would have continued to use the planet.  It was much better that they know, and take
it off the list of
safe worlds.  

Keeping a discreet distance behind the Jaffa, they followed to see where they were going,
and they had discovered the large encampment of Jaffa a fair way from the Chaappa’ai.  
There were some cargo ships there, as well as the slaves, who were building what looked
like a landing platform and a compound.  The stronghold was, or would be, the residence
of the System Lord.  There was no way to determine whether she was in residence or not
at this point.  

Making sure they were far enough away not to be overheard, Jacob stated, “I couldn’t
make out much.  Did either of you notice anything that would give us some information
about this?”  

“I did not,” Martouf replied.  “What about you, Jocasta?  Did you see anything that might
explain this?”  

“No, I did not.  There are a great many Jaffa here, yet they do not seem to be concerned
about anyone coming through the Chaappa’ai.  I believe that this System Lord has taken
extreme measures to see to it that no one knows she is here,” Jocasta answered, her view
of things the same as theirs.  

“I believe that she is in residence, however.  There are too many Jaffa here.  There would
not be this many, if she had not yet moved here,” Lantash stated firmly.  “As for the
Chaappa’ai being left undefended, she believes herself to be undetected.  I would venture
a guess that she has her ships patrolling, perhaps even skirmishing with others, so that
no one will become aware of the fact that she is gone.”  

“Makes sense to me and Selmak, Lantash.  She must be extremely confident,” Jacob,
mused.  “It is either that, or she is exceedingly arrogant even for a Goa’uld.”  

“She is both confident and overwhelmingly arrogant, Jacob.  She is not to be taken
lightly,” Lantash answered in a tone that Jacob had never heard him use.  He was not
even sure what it sounded like.  Hatred, pure and utter contempt, mixed with a certain
implacability and grimness, if he had to guess.  He was about to ask either him or Selmak
about it, but before he could form the question, Lantash grabbed him and Jocasta, as he
hissed, “Get down; take cover.”   

They espied more Jaffa heading in their direction and realized that they needed to be
more careful.  By mutual, though unspoken, consent, they maintained silence, and made
their way quickly to the gate, which remained unguarded.  Martouf came forward and
swiftly entered the address for an uninhabited world.  If anyone happened to see the
glyphs they input here, and tried to follow, it would prove a false lead.  Once on the
uninhabited world, they would input the glyphs for the present Tok’Ra base.  Baring
anything else untoward happening, they should be back in the tunnels shortly.  They
would all be glad to get there.  

Several hours later, Jacob, Martouf, and Jocasta were discussing the recent incidents with
the Tok’Ra Councilor, Garshaw.  The three of them had been on a mission for the past
month and a half.  While not very taxing, it only occasionally had its moments, which were
interrupted all too frequently by what seemed like endless boredom.  In the end, it proved
worth the effort, but they all hoped they never had to go back to that particular minor
System Lord again.  They were ready for a little time to relax; however, if as much was
going on here as it seemed, they would not be getting it.  Of course, until they could get a
spy in her camp, they could not know for sure why she was hiding there, so speculation
was probably premature at this point.

Jacob sighed to himself.  He had been looking forward to taking three weeks off to see
Sam and Mark.  Moreover, he wanted to be sure that Martouf went with him.  He could
safely leave him for Sam to entertain, while he went to spend some time with his son and

Martouf, Lantash, and Sam needed time together.  They were a good match.  Jacob and
Selmak agreed that what they felt for each other was more than the remnants of Jolinar of
Malk’shur.  However, in order to realize it, they would have to spend time with each
other.  He grinned to himself.  It was a good thing Selmak was handling most of this
meeting.  He hadn’t been paying attention.

“You certainly are not, Jacob,” Selmak remarked rather caustically.  

“Sorry, Sel.  I am back with you now.  Although, I really do not care if I hear a recap of our
month and a half in what turned out to be the System Lord Court of Endless Boredom from
hell.  I have never done so much of nothing and become so damned worn out.  You would
think we were under a mountain of stress the entire time, instead of practically driven out
of our minds by what has to absolutely be the most boring Goa’uld I have ever met,” Jacob
answered, still somewhat testy about the mission they just completed.  “Now I understand
why Lantash and Martouf whine so constantly when they have to go there.  They hate
being stuck there, and I can understand that completely.  Mahes has to be one of the
weirdest, as well as the most boring, Goa’uld in the Universe.  Then to make it worse,
Lantash has to act the part of that foppish artsy character.  I have never seen a Goa’uld
act like that, but Lantash carries it off and makes it seem real.  I never knew Lantash was
such a great actor.  The transformation was nothing less than amazing.”

“Yes, he is quite talented in that area.  Lantash has developed several different characters
over the years, which have given him access to some of the System Lords that we could not
infiltrate in the normal way.  His information has often proved to be invaluable.  However, I
believe the meeting is about to come around to us once again, as Garshaw has finished
hearing Jocasta’s impressions of our time with Mahes.  We are just now getting to the
incident on the safe planet, Martmont.”

Jacob and Selmak turned their attention back to Garshaw, as she asked, “What exactly
occurred, Selmak?”  

“We gated to Martmont using the usual procedures.  Before we could leave, the Chaappa’
ai activated.  We retreated to a wooded area that was quite close by and waited to see who
was coming through to an uninhabited world.  There was the chance it was some other
Tok’Ra using it, as a decoy, but that seemed unlikely and so it proved to be.  A rather
large group of Jaffa stepped through the event horizon and, since this seemed an unusual
occurrence, we followed them to see if we could glean any information as to their purpose.  
We were not able to determine anything specific.  It will take actual infiltration, in my
opinion, to determine anything,” Selmak kept his report succinct and to the point.  

“Which System Lord is it?”  Garshaw put the question to Selmak, but Lantash answered
her, tersely biting out his words, “It is Bastet.”  His voice held contempt, disgust, and
loathing.  Jacob had no trouble reading his emotions this time.  Something about Bastet
really set him off.  

“She has brought slaves and a great many supplies.  It is obvious she believes no one
knows she is there.  I believe this is a very serious situation, Garshaw.”  Lantash paused,
and then continued, “She has done this type of thing before, and it almost lost us a great
many of our people.  As you are aware, it was only through swift intervention by some
others, that our base was evacuated, and our people taken to safety,” Lantash spoke
harshly, with ice in his tone, and his eyes flashing brightly, something he rarely allowed
to happen.  That he could not control it showed just how intensely he felt about the

“It appeared that she was having landing platforms built, as well as a residence.  The
residence appears to be almost finished, and the sheer number of Jaffa there leads us to
believe she is already in residence.  We need to find out why.  It is my belief she is hiding
from the other System Lords.  If that is true, then we need to know what, exactly, she is
planning,” Jocasta added her thoughts on the situation.

“I would like to be the one to infiltrate her stronghold,” Lantash volunteered quickly, as
Garshaw nodded her agreement with Jocasta.  

“I do not think that would be wise, Lantash,” Garshaw said decisively.  

“I am the most familiar with her habits, her thinking.  That makes me the most and best
qualified to do this infiltration,” Lantash insisted, his voice hard and tight.  “None of the
other operatives have the knowledge about her that I possess.”

“I believe that is true; however, there is a distinct possibility that she could recognize you,”
Garshaw responded, choosing to attempt to reason with him before having to issue an

“She believes that I am dead,” Lantash said flatly.

“If she discovered who you are, then you would be in extreme danger.  Danger from which
we could not extract you.  I am sorry, Lantash, nonetheless, I cannot, in good conscience,
allow you to undertake this.  I know you want revenge, but in this, you must bow to cooler
heads.  Please.”  Knowing how intensely Lantash felt about this, she again tried giving a
softer answer than she normally would.

Selmak stepped in to add his opinion.  “She is correct, Lantash.  It would be foolish for us
to put you in that particular danger, when we can send someone else,” he told him firmly.  
I understand your feelings in this.  I know it is important to you; however, you must let
logic win over emotion.  Rational thought is best in this situation,” Selmak added.

Lantash was not happy with their decision, but for now, he would argue no more.  If he
waited, perhaps he could bring it up again later.  Selmak’s statement was paramount to
an order.  He bowed his head in acquiescence.  “As you wish,” he responded his voice still
hard, tight…and chillingly cold.  

Almost visibly sighing in relief at his capitulation, Garshaw quickly changed the direction
of the conversation by bringing up the next subject for discussion.  “There is another
matter we need to discuss, and it involves the Tau’ri,” Garshaw said.

“Is something wrong?”  Jacob immediately asked.

“I do not believe so, Jacob,” she replied calmly.  “They contacted us almost three weeks
ago and requested that you, Jacob, come to discuss something of mutual interest.  When
we informed them that you were on a mission and not expected back for three more
weeks, they replied that the wait was of no problem.  They seemed completely undismayed
by the wait, and there was no hint of urgency in their request.  They are expecting you in
three days time.”

“Does it concern my daughter?”  Jacob asked, frowning in thought.  What in the world
would make the SGC contact them for him to come, yet not be the least upset at the
delay?  Evidently, nothing was wrong, or they would not have reacted that way to the
disclosure of his absence and the delay in his arrival there.  

“There was no mention of Major Carter, Jacob, and I truly do not believe that it is in any
way related to her.  They simply requested a meeting, as I said, on a matter of mutual
interest, and although they gave no hint as to what it was about, my impression was not of
something pressing or urgent.  Since there appears to be no hurry, I suggest you rest and
prepare for your trip.  I do not know how long you will be required to remain, as they
made no mention as to how long they needed you to stay,” Garshaw concluded her

Jacob nodded, saying, “Martouf and I were going to take three weeks and go to Earth
anyway.  “I’d like to visit my grandkids.  Of course, if this thing with Bastet should turn
into something that we are needed for…”  With a shrug of his shoulders he let the
statement hang, unfinished yet understood, then continued speaking, to ask, “Will you
decide who to send to infiltrate Bastet’s compound?  Do we need to hang around for that
to take place?”

“Yes, I will take care of that, and there is no need for you to delay your departure.  I will
give it some thought before the next scheduled council meeting, which will not take place
for seven spans.  You will both be gone to the Tau’ri by then; however, Jocasta can give
the report.  We know very little at this point, so there is nothing that Jocasta would be
unable to answer any more than you would.”  

She paused for a moment, as she looked around the council table at each of them.  
Evidently coming to a decision, she said quietly, “After giving it some thought, it is my
opinion that we should say nothing of Bastet to anyone outside of this room.  For the time
being, I prefer that we be the only ones aware of her most recent machinations.  We are all
very much aware that her plotting and scheming does not bode well for the Tok’Ra in the
normal course of events, so I consider it unwise for us to discuss her, or her possible
plans, with anyone.  We are all aware that she has vowed to wipe out the Tok’Ra and has
striven mightily to do so on more than one occasion.  While these are facts, still I see no
point in causing concern amongst the others, until we must disclose what little we know.”  

Selmak nodded, saying, “I agree, Garshaw.  I, too, feel that this should not become
common knowledge at this time.  I have a very uneasy feeling about the situation, as I am
sure we all do, and until we know more keeping the information to ourselves is probably
the wisest course to take.”  

Lantash and Jocasta both gave their agreement to keep their information to themselves.  
They would just as soon not think about her, let alone talk about her.  

Garshaw nodded decisively, as she replied.  “Very well, so it shall be.  We are in accord
and all do agree to this course of action.  I hereby adjourn this meeting.  Jacob, Selmak, I
am sure I will see you before you leave, but in the event that I do not; I will wish you a
pleasant time with your family.  Martouf, I hope you and Lantash enjoy your time with the
Tau’ri.  It will be pleasant for you to see something of the first world.  You must come back
with many stories.  I am sure it will be, ah, enlightening.”  

“At least it won’t be boring,” Jacob muttered under his breath.  Selmak smiled at him,
sending his wholehearted agreement.  

“Jocasta, if you could remain please?  I will not keep you long.”  The dismissal was
obvious, and the two men took immediate advantage of the release.  

Jacob gave Garshaw a nod, remarking, “Great, sounds good to me.  In that case, I think
that Martouf and I will get some rest, but perhaps a bath first.  We ended up lying in the
mud on Martmont.”  

Martouf managed to grin at him, “Most decidedly a bath.”

With a final wave to Garshaw and Jocasta, the two men left the chamber together.   

As they walked down the tunnel, Lantash prodded,
“Ask him, Martouf.”

 Martouf asked before saying, as soothingly as he could, “I am sure he will tell us
when he wishes to, Lantash.  I have no doubt that it will be very soon.”

“You are as curious as I am to know why he would want us to go with him to the Tau’ri for
such an extended period of time.  If you do not ask, then I will take control and do so
Lantash replied, his voice was colored by his obvious agitation.  

“All right.  Calm down,” Martouf agreed quickly, although, he was becoming concerned
about Lantash.  It was a very unusual circumstance in which to find his normally calm
and imperturbable, symbiote.  Occasionally, Lantash flared into a raging anger, but it
subsided as quickly as it came, and he was passionate in his beliefs; however, this type of
anxiety, in Martouf’s experience, was unprecedented.  It simply did not happen.  Ever.  
That it was occurring now, over a situation that, while worrying, could in no way be
construed as an immediate danger, was a significant indication that something was
terribly wrong.   

“I am calm.  You are the one who is trying to break out into a sweat.  I have been having a
difficult time preventing you from doing so,”
Lantash said, the edge not usually found in his
cool, confident voice very much in evidence.  

There was no doubt in Martouf's mind that accidentally stumbling upon Bastet’s forces
had unsettled and disturbed his Lantash to a very great degree.  More than he had ever
known or seen him to be before.  Therefore, in an effort to relieve some of his anxiety by
disposing of at least one cause of it, Martouf cleared his throat.  “Ah, Jacob, I am
wondering—” he began, but he was interrupted before he could complete his sentence.

“You want to know why I was planning a three week trip to Earth with you as a traveling
companion,” Jacob stated, amusement apparent in his voice.

“Well, actually, yes,” Martouf responded bluntly.  

“Do you want a platitude—or the truth?”  Jacob responded, just as plainly.

“I believe the truth would serve us best,” Martouf answered in his usual placid way.  “I see
no point in dealing with half-truths and innuendo.  I consider us good enough friends that
we can be open with one another, can we not?”  

Jacob looked over at him.  “I would agree with that assessment.  Let’s go to my chamber
where we can at least be a little more comfortable.  Besides, I prefer what little extra
privacy it gives us.  You people should seriously consider some type of doorway covering,
you know.”  

“As you wish,” Martouf agreed.  Since the comments about doors were an oft-repeated
complaint, he answered with his normally parroted response, “We do not feel the need for
doors.  We have nothing to hide from one another, Jacob.”  

Jacob sniffed in derision.  “That,” He told Martouf coolly, “Is very much a matter of opinion
and perspective.  Furthermore, that being so, mine do not agree with yours or anyone

Martouf almost smiled, but using great restraint, he managed not to.  “Yes, I believe you
have mentioned this circumstance before.  Often.”  

This time Jacob snorted.   

“What do you suspect Jacob’s reason is for wanting us to go with him to the Tau’ri,
 Martouf questioned him.  “It seems a strange thing for him to do, does it not?”  
Martouf frowned as he gave the matter more thought.

“I am not sure why he wishes us to go with him, Martouf.  I agree it does seem a little
strange; however, until we know his reason, we cannot know that absolutely, either.”
Lantash sighed deeply before bringing up his own suspicions,
“Although I do not know the
reason, it is likely that it has to do with Samantha,”
Lantash answered, sounding much
less anxious than he was previously.

“He is going to tell us to stay away from his daughter,” Martouf stated with a tinge of
anxiety.  The thought of staying away from Samantha, or only seeing her from a distance,
was extremely distressing.  

It was Lantash’s turn to calm and reassure his mate.  
“Even though that is possible, it is
also highly unlikely, Martouf.  He would hardly be taking us with him for several weeks, if
that were the case,”
Lantash answered in an attempt to halt Martouf’s runaway
imagination.  While not many matters upset Martouf’s normally calm demeanor,
Samantha Carter was one of those few things.

“That is true, of course.  Thank you for pointing out the obvious to me, dear one.”  Martouf
sighed, as they approached Jacob’s quarters.  
“We must assume that he will inform us of
his intent now that we are at his chambers.  We should know momentarily.”

Sensing that Martouf was still slightly apprehensive, Lantash asked him, “Do you wish me
to take over, Martouf?  I will do so; if you would rather I take control.”  

“Not yet, thank you, Lantash.  If things go badly, you can step in, if the need arises,”

Martouf answered.  

“Wonderful,” Lantash replied with sardonic, yet gentle, amusement.  

“After giving it some thought, I no longer believe it has anything to do with Samantha.  
Therefore, I am reasonably sure that I will be able to take care of whatever comes from this
discussion, if that is, the conversation ever begins,”
Martouf replied calmly enough, but
Lantash picked up his growing trepidation as the silence in the room lengthened.

“I truly do not believe we will be told anything upsetting, Martouf.  It will be something
simple that he wishes us along to help with or something of that nature,”
Lantash said,
attempting to calm Martouf who was becoming visibly nervous.  He sent out some calming
chemicals and stilled his nervous movements.  

After they entered his quarters, Jacob turned to face them, but he did not say anything.  
Lantash watched him curiously; as his strange silence lengthened enough that, it was
definitely making Martouf rather nervous.  

“I think you are making him nervous, Jacob,” Selmak observed as both he and Jacob
watched Martouf fidget slightly.  
“I do not see a point in this behavior on your part,” he
stated calmly.  
“There is no need for it.”

“Isn’t that what fathers are for?”
Jacob shot back.

“We have discussed this before, Jacob.  Samantha is a grown woman.  You must let her
lead her life as she sees fit.  That includes staying out of her love life and any sort of
sexual mating that may occur between her, Martouf, and Lantash,”
Selmak again pointed
out this fact, for what felt to him like the ten thousandth time.  They agreed previously on
all of these points; unfortunately, Jacob was having some acceptance, or as Jacob called
them, Tau’ri daddy issues.  

Personally, he found them incomprehensible.  There was nothing about sexual mating to
cause such distress.  In fact, he found it a very pleasant occupation and had enjoyed it for
many centuries.  Getting Jacob over his Tau’ri “
hang ups,” as he called them, sometimes
seemed as if it would be an impossible task.  He refused to give up though.  Eventually,
Jacob would become more open and comfortable.  Would he not?  Selmak was pulled from
his ruminations by Jacob answering his earlier remark about sex and Samantha.  He
gave him his full attention.

He felt Jacob cringe away from his previous statements.  
“Must you bring that up?”  He
snapped to Selmak.  Selmak’s long suffering sigh in response did nothing to appease him.

“It is a problem you must get over.  I feel confident that if we take Martouf and Lantash to
the Tau’ri for three weeks, he, they, and Samantha will very likely sleep together.  Sleeping
will not be all they do while in the bed.  It would not surprise me if they became bonded.  
We have discussed this at length, and you agreed it was only fair to give them the chance
to see if they are meant to be mated,”
Selmak patiently repeated their conclusions from
earlier conversations.   

“I know, Sel, and I do agree.  It is just really hard for a father to think of his little girl “doing
that” with some man, you know?”
 Jacob almost, but not quite, whined his answer.  It was
the same answer and the same manner with which he always replied.  

Deciding that perhaps he needed a new tactic, Selmak brought out a slightly bigger gun,
stating calmly and reasonably,
“It is probably no harder for you to think of her “doing that”
with a man, than it is for her to imagine you “doing that” with some woman.”

Jacob blinked.  “Whoa, she wouldn’t think about something like that, would she?”

Selmak gave the symbiote equivalent of a shrug, before responding, “I see no reason why
she would not.  If she were to see you and Jocasta together, she would soon notice your
intimacy.  There is no doubt the question of sex, you, us, Jocasta, and Daur’rin would arise
in her mind.  I would suspect that Samantha has a vivid imagination, so her speculation
would probably be close to correct.  I still do not understand the Tau’ri obsession about
sexual matters,”
Selmak said, obviously exasperated.  “Jacob, stop stalling.  Martouf is

After long moments of tense silence, Martouf spoke up, and sounding distinctly edgy,
asked him, “Jacob?  You wished to speak to us?”  Jacob blinked and looked at him for a
very long minute.  Selmak’s statement had both startled and appalled him.  Deciding he
could not deal with that scenario right now, he tried to bring his attention back to an
increasingly puzzled, Martouf.  The more his puzzlement grew the less trepidation he felt.  
He was beginning to wonder if he should perhaps ask to speak to Selmak, but decided to
try once again to speak with Jacob.  

Martouf cleared his throat, before again attempting to garner Jacob’s obviously wandering
attention.  “Jacob, you were about to speak to Lantash and I about your wish for us to
accompany you to Earth for several weeks.”    

Jacob shook his head and took a deep breath, “Sorry, I was talking to Sel.  Look, this is a
little difficult for me, so I am just going to lay my cards on the table.”  He paused,
considering how to broach the subject.  Perhaps going straight into it would be best.  Just,
cut to the chase, that is all he had to do.

Martouf frowned as he glanced around the chamber, before he asked, “I am sorry, Jacob,
to which, um, cards, do you refer?”

Martouf’s question broke the tension in Jacob, and he chuckled, “It is just a figure of
Tau'ri speech, Martouf.  It means getting everything out in the open so everyone will know
exactly what you mean.”

“I see,” Martouf said slowly.  “In that case, what is it that you wish to tell us that you
require us to be sure to understand?  I assume it is your reason for wanting us to
accompany you to the Tau’ri.”  

Jacob plunged into what he wanted to say, “It concerns you, well, you and Lantash, but I
am using “you” to mean both, and Sam.  I believe that you would like to spend time with
her.  I also believe the same is true for her.  That she would like to spend some time with
the two of you, that is.  I want you to go with me, because I believe that you and Sam
deserve the time to find out if what you feel for each other goes deeper than just remnants
of feelings left over from Jolinar.  I think they do.  For all three of you.”  

Martouf sent Jacob a look of surprise, “Really?  You think she cares for us?  For—for both
of us?”  Martouf blinked a few times in a startled manner, before he began to smile.  

“Yeah, I do,” Jacob rolled his eyes.  “Now, how about you tell me what you and Lantash
feel for my daughter?”

Martouf’s smile grew wider for a moment at just the thought of being with Samantha for a
few weeks.  Then remembering that Jacob had asked him a question he must answer, he
became resolute and earnest, “I love Samantha, Jacob.  I have wanted to spend some time
alone with her so that perhaps she could begin to separate her feelings for me, for us,
from that of Jolinar’s.  If she will agree to be my mate, I will cherish her and honor her
always,” Martouf said, in a very solemn and sincere voice.

Jacob nodded his acceptance of Martouf’s statements.  “What do you have to say to all of
this, Lantash?  Jolinar was your mate, too,” Jacob asked him.

“I feel the same way, Jacob.  In fact, I believe that Samantha may be the strongest love I
have ever felt for anyone.  I believe that I will love her deeply forever.”

Jacob nodded, satisfied that Lantash and Martouf were sincere, but then he frowned, “Are
you sure that Sam is the love of your life, Lantash?  I’m getting some odd vibes from
Selmak.”  Jacob watched Lantash closely, waiting almost tensely for his answer.

Lantash sighed, “There are some things that happened long ago.  They do not change how
I feel about Samantha.  The truth is that…I had a Heartmate.  I have not seen her in over
one hundred and fifteen years, Jacob.  My Heartmate was my mate before Jolinar.  When
we parted, we agreed that if it was not possible for her to return to us, then we would not
remain without love, if it came to us.  As you know, we found a new mate for which we
could care, and I did love her truly.  It was several years after we parted when I met
Jolinar and Rosha, and I loved them for almost one hundred of your years.”  Lantash
seemed lost in the distant past, for a moment, before he firmly returned to the present to
tell Jacob, “As I said, it does not change what I feel for Samantha.”

Jacob looked thoughtful, “Selmak says that is a condensed version, but that the facts are
there, and they are completely true.  I would like to see my Sam happy, and I think you
and Martouf can do that.  In other words, you have my blessing.  I will even try to help,
hence the three week trip to Earth.”

He smiled at them, lightening the atmosphere by saying, “Come on.  Let’s get that bath
and some rest.  Something tells me we have a busy time ahead.  I don’t know why, but I
have a feeling this thing at the SGC is going to prove to be important.”

Lantash nodded, but he was frowning as he said, “I agree, Jacob.  They do not contact us
without good reason.  And yet, I find it strange that they seemed so agreeable to awaiting
your return to such a degree that they even gave Garshaw the impression it was nothing
important at all.  That does not fit in with the feeling we both have that what we are going
there for will prove to be important.”   

“Yeah, I know.  But Selmak is on edge and so am I every time I think about it.”  He
shrugged.  “There is nothing to be done about it for now, so I am not going to let it bug me
for three days.  We will find out when we reach the SGC.”   

After a thoughtful silence, Lantash responded, “A very practical and much less wearying

Very much in accord with each other, they headed for the bathing pools.  They would
know soon enough, yet for Martouf and Lantash, these next three days would pass far too
“I hope you will at least attempt to remain calm, Martouf.  There is little reason to
become tense and anxious,”
Lantash gently chided him.”  

“I am calm, Lantash,” Martouf replied

“Of course, you are.  That is why I have to work constantly to keep your hormones in
Lantash admonished him.

“The emotions that are coming from you are not exactly placid,” Martouf pointed out.

“No,” he sighed, “they are not.  I am extremely anxious to leave for the Tau’ri.  I am quite
willing to admit it.”
Lantash seemed to quiver with anticipation.

“I am sensing something else, Lantash.  Some emotions I cannot quite understand.  They
began when we first encountered Bastet’s forces.  You became extremely agitated and that
increased in the Council Chamber.  You became very agitated again, when you were
discussing your ‘Heartmate’.  I have no knowledge of her.  I think we need to discuss some

Lantash sent a very definite refusal to discuss it and withdrew giving Martouf

Jacob seemed relaxed.  It had been a long time since they had been able to enjoy the
comforts of the bathing pools.  He looked at Martouf.

“I am planning on going to visit my son while we are on Earth.  I will speak to the General
about assigning Sam to escort you off base, and then I will see if I can get her to take some
time off to spend with you.  After that, it is all up to you.  You are going to have to handle
your own courtship.”

“I sincerely hope it will not prove to be as difficult as yours was with her mother.”

Jacob laughed.  He remembered telling Martouf about how he met and eventually married
his late wife, Sam’s mother.  It had been a rocky path, but in the end, it had been worth
every bit of insecurity and anxiety she had put him through.  She had been a wonderful
woman.  Thinking of her still brought pain and sadness to him for what he had lost, but it
also brought happy memories of what they’d had together.  Jacob hoped she would find
the happiness he had found with her mother.  “Sam is like her in many ways, but she is
also very much my daughter.  Could go either way,” was his somewhat heartless reply.

Martouf smiled at him, saying, “Lantash and I will do our very best.”  He sighed loudly,
and then moaned, as he continued, “I think if I stay in the pool much longer, I will fall
asleep.  I believe I should go get something to eat and then get some rest.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Jacob agreed as he yawned widely and decided that he, too, should
get something to eat and then sleep.  By mutual consent, they left the pools and headed
back to their chambers to change.  Then, food was the next order of business.  

“We are in our chamber and alone, Lantash.  It is later,” Martouf announced as soon as
they gained their room.

Lantash groaned, saying, “
I do not think we should discuss this now, Martouf.  We are
both very tired.  This would be better left until a later time, when we are both feeling more

“I, too, am tired, Lantash, but I feel we should get this out in the open.  I wish to know
about this.  I believe I should know about it.  I need to know why you have hidden these
memories, and what your connection is to Bastet,”
 Martouf insisted.  

Lantash sighed and gave in.  Martouf, although a gentle man in many ways, could be
extremely stubborn when he wished to be.  Lantash knew he would not let up on this
until he was satisfied.  
“You have no knowledge of her because I have kept her in my
private thoughts.  You cannot comprehend the emotions, because I am trying to keep them
under control and concealed from you.”

“Why have you kept these memories of her locked away?  Why are you attempting to
conceal them?”
Martouf asked, his irritation apparent.

“She is a memory from my past, Martouf.  Something long past that I have buried deep
within my mind.  Memories of things that passed before you and I blended.  There is no
reason to cause you suffering from remembering them, if I can prevent it.”
Martouf was
aware that Lantash was becoming very anxious.  

“Are these memories so very unpleasant?” Martouf was puzzled by Lantash’s reactions to
his questions.

“The memories of her are not.  They are wonderful.  However, the others are almost
unbearable.  Let us talk of something else, Martouf,”
Lantash answered patiently, but he
was becoming increasingly distraught and on edge.  

“Why have you never once mentioned her to me or shown me what she looked like?  What
of Bastet?”
 Martouf persisted.

The waves of strong emotion Lantash had been trying so desperately to suppress and keep
to himself suddenly broke through.  Martouf gasped as they encompassed him in wave
after wave; rage, hatred, contempt, fear, revulsion, despair, and hopelessness were mixed
together with unbelievably agonizing physical pain, so incredibly intense that Martouf
could not breathe.  There was no doubt that Bastet was the cause.

As the feelings slowly eased and passed they were suddenly replaced by a new deluge of
emotions: all encompassing love, tenderness, excitement, joy, enchantment, and a passion
that was like a fire in his blood, a passion such as he had never known, even with Rosha
and Jolinar.  This was the Heartmate, Martouf felt, but he could not hold on to an image
or name other than adored one.

Once again, the emotions slowly passed to be replaced by new feelings.  They seemed to
be drowning him.  They engulfed him, an immense sense of loss, anguish, desperation,
and an agony of mind and spirit so immense that Martouf sank to his knees.  This
desolation, this grief, was so intense, so all encompassing, he could neither cry nor cry
out.  All he could do was survive until it passed, and pray to the Goddess to deliver him
from this seemingly endless well of deep, dark, despair.  A despair so dark and so deep,
he feared he would never find a way out, back to the light of hope.  After what felt like an
eternity of pain, the emotions slowly ebbed away; Martouf struggled to his feet and made
his way to their sleeping platform.  Once there, he moaned and collapsed onto it.

After several minutes passed, and both of them became calmer, Lantash approached
“I am sorry, Martouf.  It was not done deliberately.  I would never have exposed
you to those emotions, if I could have kept them controlled and prevented it,”
Lantash said

“I brought it upon myself, Lantash.  In my own stubbornness, I would not let you drop the
subject, as you wanted to do.  Therefore, I apologize to you.  I understand what is causing
your reactions now, though, so perhaps, as agonizing as it was, still, it was for the best.
Martouf felt remorse for pushing Lantash past his limits.  After living through those
emotional storms, he completely understood Lantash’s desire to bury them away and
never take them out.    

“Perhaps you are correct.  We were both at fault to some degree.”  Lantash hesitated, but it
became apparent that he was determined to say this to Martouf,
“One good thing has come
from this.  Now, you will know why I am sure Samantha is our Heartmate and I believe it is
possible that she is very much more.”

“I do not understand.  What do those emotions have to do with Samantha?”

“I believe we would feel the same if we lost Samantha, Martouf.  We would both be utterly
devastated.  My previous mate was my Heartmate.  What you felt were the feelings I had
with and for her.  The joy of loving her; the despair of losing her.  That same passion,
wonder, enchantment, and joy, every one of those emotions are the same ones we feel for
and with Samantha.  Our emotions, our feelings, for Samantha, are as intense now as
those I had for my former mate whom I was with for eighty years.  Given time, I believe they
will become even more intense.  I believe that we will find that she is our Soulmate,
Lantash said with a deep conviction in his voice.

Martouf thought about Lantash’s words.  They were true, he realized.  Losing Samantha
would cause the same overwhelming sense of loss and desolation he had just
“I agree.  She is.  Now, we must convince her.  

“I believe she already knows it, but is afraid that it is Jolinar’s feelings and not her own.  
We must convince her otherwise.  We must succeed in this,”
Lantash said firmly.  

“Yes.  We must succeed,” Martouf agreed, but he was not sure of their success.

Lantash sent approval.  
“Then I suggest we start by getting ready to go to the Tau’ri.  It
might help to calm some of your agitation to be doing something constructive toward that
Lantash suggested the first thing he could think of to occupy their minds.  

“All right.  We should begin to gather together the belongings we wish to take.”  Martouf
sent extreme indecision.  
“Should we take the necklace and the, what was it Jacob said
such things were called?”
Martouf questioned Lantash.

“You are talking about the ring; the one that Jacob told us about when he recounted the
story of how he asked Samantha’s mother to bond with him.  I believe he called the ring he
gave her at that time a betrothal ring,”
Lantash told him.   

“Yes, that is it.  Should we take it?”  Martouf wanted to know.

“Yes, I believe we should.  If we cannot convince Samantha to be bonded and mated to us,
while we are there, perhaps we could ask her to become ‘betrothed’ to us.  All we can do is
attempt to do so.”
 Lantash was determined to at least try to form an attachment of some
type, even if it was not a full bonding.  If the Tau’ri went through a betrothal before they
took a mate, then they would agree to do so, too.

“Three days seems like a very long time.”  Martouf ached with longing and almost trembled
with trepidation.  Would she respond in her usual detached way, or would she this time
welcome them as more than her former symbiote’s mate?

Lantash tried to comfort Martouf.  
“If we stay busy, the time will pass quickly.  Moreover,
stop dwelling on what Samantha might or might not do.  It will only make the waiting
Lantash counseled him.

Martouf sighed and continued to think about the packing that needed to be done.  
clothing will not be appropriate for a stay on earth,”
he pointed out.  

“We have the Tau’ri uniforms we used before, when we were on assignment with SG-1.  We
will ask Jacob what to do about other pieces of apparel.”
 Lantash was relieved that
Martouf seemed to be relaxing a little.  

“Good idea, Lantash.”  As Martouf wandered around the room gathering the few things he
thought were appropriate to take to the Tau’ri, he suddenly realized how tired he was.  He
murmured to Lantash, “
We have three days in which to do this.  I am going to bed.  I am
very tired.”

“You are right.  We could both use some rest,”
Lantash said, relieved that Martouf was
finally giving in to his exhaustion and was going to get some rest.

Following his usual nightly routine, Martouf was soon in bed.  He was asleep almost
immediately.  Lantash was active a little longer, thinking about Samantha.  He held her
image in his mind as he, too, finally succumbed and slipped into slumber.  

Several hours later, Lantash awoke with a start.  What had awakened him?  Martouf
groaned deep in his throat, and Lantash immediately became aware of his emotions.  

He was dreaming.  Lantash let Martouf’s thoughts and feelings wash over and through
him, as he let them take control of their shared body.  He moaned quietly to himself, but
did not awaken Martouf.

Martouf watched Samantha, as she slowly and seductively removed the remainder of her
clothing.  She was so beautiful.  Her body was sleek, long-limbed, and graceful.  Her
breasts, firm and high.  He moaned his need for her.

As she joined him on the bed, he became aware of her hands on him.  She was touching
his body softly, yet quickly, never staying in one place for long.  Her mouth followed her
hands, breathing fire onto his skin.  She slipped him into her mouth, and he caught his
breath, but she did not stay long enough to cause him to lose control, only long enough to
send his desires burning higher.

His body ached for her.  He tried to bring her hands back to him, her mouth back to him,
to still them around his hardened shaft; however, she would not pause in her sensual
exploration of his body long enough to give him the release he needed.  

She stretched out next to him, lying full length beside him, inviting him to touch her
body.  His hands touched her face, her neck, her breasts.  They slid down her body and
softly stroked her.  Soon his lips followed, his breath hot and moist, panting in his need to
kiss and caress her everywhere at once.  As his lips found her breasts, and he took first
one nipple, and then the other, into his mouth, he began to rock his hips against her.  He
was on fire, and she was the cause of the flame that, he hoped, would soon burn out of

His hands trembled as he slid them lightly up her thigh towards the center of her
womanhood.  She was so hot, so very hot and wet.  As his fingers entered her, he could
feel her clenching them, wanting more, wanting him.  

She was ready for him, looking up at him, begging him with her eyes to come to her.  
Whispering with her lips against his skin that she needed him, wanted him.  Now, now.  
He moaned deep in his throat, and leaving her breasts rosy and shining from his
suckling, he took her lips in a soul-searing kiss, as he plunged deep inside her.  

Once there, he lost all control; he fleetingly wondered why Lantash was not helping him
control his need, but the thought was lost in his desire for this woman, and the heated
passion that was her body.  Their ride was fast and hard, and she was with him as he
exploded deep inside her.  

Martouf woke himself with his strangled cry of Samantha’s name.  He lay face down on his
bed, gasping for breath, his muscles still tense from the intensity of his sexual release.  

He rolled over onto his back.
 “Lantash,” Martouf sounded a little cross.

“Yes, Martouf?”  Lantash answered in an innocent tone of voice.

“Why did you not awaken me?”  Martouf still panted slightly.

“Did you not enjoy it?” Lantash almost smirked.

“Enjoy it?  Lantash, I have not had a wet dream since I was an adolescent,” Martouf
answered in a huff.

“You did it very well for being out of practice for so long.  I enjoyed every minute.  When we
are truly mating with Samantha, and are enjoying the real thing, we will make it last much
longer.  I promise you,”
Lantash vowed solemnly.

Martouf sighed.  He did feel better.  Sort of.  He slowly dragged himself from the bed and
over to his chambers’ washing facilities.  He gazed in the reflective surface, not seeing
himself, but seeing Samantha, as she had looked in his dream.  She had been wanton,
willing, and wild in his arms.  Her body heated in the fires of their passion.  He bowed his
head.  Lantash noticed his distress and knew that he was not going to be much help.  
Even as he tried to calm their shared body, flashes of their shared dream entered his
thoughts, too.  Their shaft was already hard again.  

He did not know if they could survive another night like this.  The next two days were
going to last forever.  For both of them.  


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