Chapter Three Summary: A visit from Thor sheds some light on recent happenings for Daniel and Sam and his
gift leaves Jack stunned and not sure exactly how to react.

The iris refused to close.  The light from the wormhole bathed the gate room in softly
undulating blue.  The spectators held their collective breaths and pointed their firearms
at the circle.  A small figure stepped out of the shimmering blue circle, the ring shut
down, the power come up, and there was a collective release of pent up breath.  It was
Thor.  “Stand down, people,” came the command from General Hammond.  

Jack was the first to reach the diminutive alien, and he grinned at him, as he exclaimed,
“Thor, buddy.  How ya doin’?”  

“I am most well, O’Neill.  My ship is in for its scheduled maintenance, which is why I have
come by Stargate.  I hope I did not alarm anyone,” Thor answered in his usual somewhat
stoic manner.  His large eyes blinked slowly at O'Neill.  

“Well, we get a little nervous when we can’t close the iris, but we’re always glad to see
you,” Jack answered cheerfully.  He really liked the little alien, even if he did scare them
half to death when he came through the gate like that.  Then realizing that there had to
be a reason for this visit, Jack made his next statement into a question, “Something tells
me that you aren't here to just pay a social call, am I right?”  

Thor nodded in response before saying, “You are correct, O’Neill.  Perhaps we should
adjourn to the meeting area of your facility.  I believe your entire team should accompany
us as well.  Turning towards the remainder of the group, he spoke to them, saying quietly,
“Greetings, Major Carter, Dr. Jackson, General Hammond, Teal’c.  I am most pleased that
you are all present and in good health.”

“It is always nice to see you too, Thor,” Sam said as she smiled at him.  She had a soft spot
for the alien, too.  In fact, it seemed as if they all were rather fond of him.  Not just
because he had saved the Colonel, either.  There was simply something about him that
brought out those feelings of affection.  Maybe it was the big eyes or the little body that
looked so tough but was really so soft.  Sam gave up on figuring out what it was and just
enjoyed feeling it.  Thor made her smile; maybe it was really just that simple.    

Teal’c inclined his head in greeting, and Daniel grinned at him, offered a pat on the back,
and a, “Hey, Thor, it is really good to see you again.  One of these times maybe you will be
able to come simply to visit, even if this time has another objective.”  

Thor blinked up at Daniel this time, saying, “That would be most pleasant, Dr. Jackson,
and perhaps when we have defeated the replicators, I will be able to do so.”  

“How is that coming, Thor?  Making any progress?”  Jack asked as they continued to walk
toward the briefing room.  

“No, O’Neill, I am afraid we are not making any progress.  However, neither are we losing
ground against them.  We appear to be in something of a standoff at this time, as I believe
you would say.  We do believe that we may find the answer within the information we
removed from O’Neill.  There is a massive amount of information, and we have not yet
been able to access all of it, as we simply do not have the resources to do so free at the
moment.  Nonetheless, we feel confident that we will have it all processed soon.”   

“That sounds promising, Thor.  I am glad to hear it,” the Colonel answered him just as
they reached the briefing room.   

“Can we offer you some type of refreshment, Thor?” asked General Hammond as the group
passed into the room.

“That would be most pleasing, General Hammond, thank you.  Some water, perhaps?”  
Thor made his preference known, and while General Hammond was getting both Thor
and himself some water, the others helped themselves to something to drink, as well.  

“Coming right up, Thor.”  General Hammond poured a glass of water and presented it to
the alien.  Then as they all took chairs, he asked, “So, what brings you to visit today,
Thor?  Nothing too bad, I hope.”

Thor nodded his thanks for the water, as he began to explain his purpose in coming to the
SGC today.  “On the contrary, General Hammond, my purpose here today is to relay
excellent news to you regarding a proposal the Asgard Council brought before the
Furlings’ Council of the Table.  We received word today that it has been accepted, and the
appropriate steps are being taken to put it into motion.”

“The Furling?” questioned Daniel Jackson.  “We are not acquainted with them, Thor, but
we know that they were represented on Ernest’s Planet.”  

“Yes, we are cognizant of that, Dr. Jackson.  However, as you indicated, we also know that
you are aware of them, as well as being familiar with the knowledge that they are allies of
ours.  They are one of the four races that are in the alliance, along with the Asgard, the
Nox, and the Ancients.  They left this section of space some time ago, but they wish to
remain informed and alert to what is happening here.  They have had, on many occasions
in the past, very much closer ties to Earth than they now do.”

The little alien paused, as if choosing his words carefully, “As you no doubt realize, we do
not have resources to spare right now for your fight with the System Lords.  We will do all
we can should an emergency arise that breaks the treaty, but our hands are tied in many
ways.  The Furling, however, are not now, nor have they ever been, part of the protected
planet's treaty.  What they may choose to do has no affect on it, in any way, which is why
the Asgard High Council chose to approach them with a request.  It has been granted.”

“So, Thor, buddy, just what was this request?  I’m kinda getting the feeling that maybe it
has something to do with us,” Jack spoke up hoping to cut to the chase, rather than going
the long way around.  

“You are quite correct, O’Neill.  It does.  We believe it will be a great asset for Earth,” Thor
answered, still not saying anything concrete as far as Jack was concerned.   

Jack rubbed his hands together, as he let his imagination run through several different
scenarios in a matter of seconds.  He finally chose his favorites, the ones at the top of his
wish list, to present.  “They’re gonna outfit us with some big honkin’ space guns or a few
nice, new mother-ships?”  Jack’s voice was hopeful.

“No,” Thor’s answer was brief and succinct, but not very informative.  

Obviously still considering his words, the diminutive alien paused once more, as he
looked around the table at these humans that he had grown to admire and like.  Perhaps
there was affection there, as well.  He supposed there was.  He definitely felt the urge to
protect and help them, if it was at all possible.  

Observing the patient, yet expectant, expressions on those faces, he knew he would have
to explain more fully, exactly, what the High Council had done.  First, however, he decided
that a little background surrounding the request was in order.  Therefore, that is what he
now spoke of, stating, “Recently, during an Asgard High Council meeting, the Protected
Planets Treaty, and the fate of Earth was brought forward as a topic which should be
taken under advisement.  I am sure that you are mindful of the fact that the Asgard have
taken an interest in Earth in the past.  We would not wish to see it destroyed by the Goa’
uld or any other threat.”  

He stopped to take a sip of his water.  This would be the…
surprising…part of his
disclosure.  After glancing around the table once more and perceiving the continuing
interest in what he was saying, he continued, “That being the consensus of all those
concerned, it was decided that, since we could give only minimal help at this point in
time, it would, perhaps, be of some benefit to enlist the help of the Furling.  To this end,
we requested that they consider sending a seasoned Warrior to join SG-1, to help in the
battle against the Goa’uld.  They agreed to consider the request.  As I mentioned before,
they also have an interest in seeing that Earth remains free and intact.”  

He waved one of his small hands, as if pushing something aside, as he said, “But I
digress.  After some discussion, their Council decided that in order to gather the needed
information, they would dispatch a seasoned Warrior to shadow SG-1, and report back on
the viability of one of their Elite Warriors joining your team.  The reports Artereos of
Cadwaellon received from his Warrior convinced the Council of the Table to agree to her
reassignment to SG-1.  As soon as she gets her affairs in order, she will be joining your

Five pairs of eyes were staring at him, though showing no signs of comprehension.  No one
moved; perhaps no one breathed.  The stunned silence around the table was of the
could hear a pin drop
’ variety.  Dr. Jackson was the first to recover, and his eyes were the
first to regain a semblance of understanding, intelligence, quickly hidden flashes of panic,
and what could have been horror.  Thor could not be sure; they passed too quickly for him
to be confident he had interpreted all of them correctly.  At least their first reactions were
much as he had anticipated they would be.    

Daniel swallowed, hard, and then attempted to not only speak but to also make sense,
something he was not sure he could accomplish, but he tried, saying, “Ah, Thor, that is,
um, a really, a very nice thing for you to have done.  We really, really, appreciate it.”  He
cleared his throat and wondered, with increasing alarm, how in the world they were going
to handle this situation.  He had doubts that the U.S. Military would accept an alien they
knew nothing about, but then he discarded that idea as he thought of Teal’c.  He revised
his thought to a ‘
perhaps they would’ as they had done so before.  Nevertheless, no matter
how things eventually worked out, they really needed to be diplomatic about this.  He sent
a desperate look towards General Hammond, who looked like he had been pole axed, and
then to Jack, who was doing an excellent imitation of a fish out of water.  Both men made
choking sounds.  Oh, God, they could not, absolutely could not, afford to insult the
Asgard.  Daniel readied himself to continue talking, until one of the others came to their
senses, but in the end, thankfully, it was not something he had to do.

General Hammond finally seemed to catch his breath enough to answer Thor, “Um, yes,
Thor, Dr. Jackson said that very well.  Of course, I will have to clear this with my
superiors.  I mean, I don’t have the authority to accept this on my own.”  
So glad the buck
does not stop here
was written all over his face.  General Hammond was beginning to feel
a great deal of panic himself.  Thor was not disturbed.  At least, he didn’t
appear to be
disturbed.  With Thor, facial expressions were hard to read.  His next words confirmed the
fact that he had fully expected their reactions…and that they had not disappointed him.

“I am sure you will be able to convince them that this is the best thing to do at this time,
and if you cannot, then I will visit your Washington, DC, myself.  I cannot state the case
too strongly, General Hammond.  You must not insult them.  Please attempt to
understand and believe me, insulting the Furling would not be in Earth’s best interests.  
They are a powerful race, and there is the potential here for you to become allies at some
time in the future, if this posting succeeds.  Artereos is sending you his daughter, Kataya.  
She is a Warrior of much skill, and she has some abilities, which, I believe, will be a
significant addition to your team.”

Colonel Jack O’Neill cleared his throat and questioned warily, “What types of abilities
would those be, Thor?”

“Kataya is Katteri-enti, one of their Elite Warriors.  She is both a telepath and an empath.  
She has the ability to establish and maintain links between many minds at one time and
allow communication between them.  She has some natural healing abilities, and the
ability to use energy as a weapon.  Moreover, if a Goa’uld attempts to take her as a host,
they will immediately find that they cannot take control of her mind.  In fact, she has the
ability to destroy the Goa’uld, should she so choose.  All Furling have this ability, but
priestesses and priests of the Katteri-enti have it in a much more refined way.  She has
also been a host to a Tok’Ra, so she is familiar with their society and their military goals.  
She will be able to work well with them.”

“I thought you said that she kills the symbiote?  How could she have a Tok’Ra if she kills
the symbiote?”  Jack asked, puzzled.

“I said she had the ability to kill it, not that it is inevitable.  Moreover, O’Neill, as you are
well aware, hosting a Tok’Ra is certainly not the same as hosting a Goa’uld, although
actually, Kataya has hosted both.  She was very fond of her Tok’Ra mate, and I believe
that the Goa’uld she hosted came away from the encounter, somewhat, shall we say,
changed by the experience.”

“Thor,” Daniel began as he suddenly realized something.  An arrested expression on his
face he completed his thought and asked, “Thor, did you say that she has been watching
us for a while now?”

“Yes, Dr. Jackson, in fact, I believe she has been shadowing your team for about six of
your months.  They decided that she should evaluate your military reaction to different
sets of circumstances.  However, just as important to them, they also wished to know more
about you as a people, so she was also to determine what human traits and abilities you
possessed, as well as how you used them to respond to different situations.”

Daniel’s face broke into a broad smile as he swung toward Major Carter.  “Sam, that is
what we both felt.  That is who told me to open the gate today.  It is no wonder the Jaffa
have been having trouble.  She has been using her abilities on them, helping us.  More
than that, if what I am saying is true, then she has more than telepathic and empathic
abilities.”  He paused, his brow furrowed in thought.  “No, wait, wait, wait.  That can’t be
right.  I have only noticed something strange for the last couple of months and only now
and then.  So that would not explain it, either.”

Seeing where Daniel’s thoughts were leading him, Thor broke into his musings to tell him,
“On the contrary, Dr. Jackson.  At first, Kataya would have been observing only.  Until she
made her decision, it would have been most counter-productive for her to interfere.  She
had to make her judgment based on the abilities and interaction of your team and the
situations you faced.  To have affected the outcome of a mission would have thrown off her

Staring at the table in front of her, Sam, also, appeared to be deep in thought.  She looked
up as she started to speak, “I think Thor’s right, Daniel.  I have noticed the change only in
the last couple of months, too.  However, it does make sense.  Once she made up her
mind, she would have started to intermingle with us.  By occasionally interacting with our
technology and us, she could determine if her abilities would benefit us.  Now that she is
assured that our technologies and abilities will work together with hers, she is willing to
take the next step and join the team.  I would say she has been pretty helpful already,
and we haven’t even met her.”  

Sam paused to catch a breath and turned to her left.  “General, I think this could be a
very important addition to our team.  The possibilities and benefits could be far reaching.  
If nothing else, we should at least attempt a trial period to see if it would work.”  Sam’s
excitement was growing as quickly as Daniel’s was.  Both of them could see how much of a
wild card this could throw at the Goa’uld.  They exchanged glances, both of their minds

Having been his usual stoic self thus far, Teal’c made the decision to join the conversation
and add his opinion.  “Indeed, I, too, think this could be a very important event.  I also
vote for her admission to the team.”  That said, he turned to Jack.  “What are your feelings
on this development, O’Neill?”

Facing the looks his team was leveling at him, Jack capitulated with barely a murmur.  If
he voted against this, he would never hear the end of it.  Besides, maybe it would work
out for the best.  Yeah, he would keep telling himself that anyway.  Realizing that
everyone was still awaiting his input he quickly blurted out, “Well, we don’t know much
about this, um, ah, person.  But, in the interests of intergalactic diplomacy, I guess we can
give it a shot.  Sure, why not?"  

“General, if we are taking a vote, then I am in favor of this.  We should at least try it to see
if it could be of benefit.  And if it does not work out, then we have offended no one, and we
have avoided an incident that could have far reaching consequences to our world,” Daniel
nodded firmly to emphasize his conclusions, as he quietly pointed them out.   

“That is a good and valid point, Dr. Jackson.  It sounds like we have solid reasons for this
plan to put before the Joint Chiefs and the President.  Is there anything else we should
know about this, ah, species, ah, woman, Thor?  I need all of my facts before I take this
proposal to my superiors.”

“I am sure there are other things that will come up over time as you get to know her.  
Kataya has many abilities that I am sure will be beneficial to you and the SGC.  However,
for now, I believe that the information I have given you should be sufficient to convince
your people that this is a necessary addition to the SGC.  Please remember that we are
discussing a very powerful race of beings.  Should this first attempt go well, they could
become very useful and loyal allies.  The first-born Furling are more powerful than Kataya
is, of course, but this would be an excellent first step to take toward a more integrated
future alliance.  I would also like to suggest that, in all probability, the Council of the
Table will suggest a trial period to monitor the interaction and progress, much as Dr.
Jackson and Major Carter have suggested.”

Jack seemed confused.  “She’s not a Furling?”

“Kataya is half Furling.  Her mother is Wiccadian; her father is Furling.  The Furling and
the Wiccadians are both very old races.  Mating has been occurring between them for
millennia.  They have a somewhat complex society, rites, and rituals, which to you will no
doubt seem archaic.  Please, do not be led into error by this.  Although their appearance
could lead you to believe them less technologically advanced than some, that would be a
grave error to make.  Their technologies are quite advanced.”  

“They are quite tolerant of other species and their customs.  They accept all sentient
beings as worthy of respect and protection—except, perhaps, the Goa’uld and the Dark
Mage Daemon Lords and their minions.  They know that the Goa’uld must be, shall we
say, controlled.  They will respect your societal customs and rituals and, in return, will
only ask that you respect theirs.  I have known her, and her family, for a very long time,
and I feel that you will soon learn to trust Kataya and to value her, as she should be
valued.  And now, General Hammond, please make your contacts, as I really must be on
my way soon."

“All right, Thor, if you will just excuse me for a while; I will do this as quickly as I can,” the
General said, as he left to go make his phone calls.

“So, Thor, buddy—when will we be receiving our newest member?”  Jack asked.

“I am unsure of their arrangements, O’Neill; therefore, I really do not know what their
plans are.  She will come as quickly as she can; I am sure.  When she arrives, I know you
will make her entourage welcome.  They will not stay long, but it will be necessary for
them to do the formal handing over of her command and her office.  I do not know if her
children will accompany her or not, but I would guess that, as a gesture of respect, they
will be part of her attendants.”

“She has children?  How many?”  Daniel seemed somewhat taken aback by this
information, although he could not have said why.

“Four.  The oldest daughter will probably take her mothers’ place in the political arena
while she is gone.  The eldest of her sons is with the Ancients at this time.  Her other two
kits are still in training, but I believe they are soon to achieve Rank and admittance to the
Council.  They are the ones that I would expect to accompany her; however, if they are
with a field unit and in battle, it would not be possible.  They will soon be ready to enter
the Katteri-enti.  Thor paused for a moment before continuing, saying, “In some ways, I
am surprised that she has agreed to be the one chosen to join you.”

“Why would it surprise you that she would be chosen to join us, Thor?  I thought you said
she was a good soldier.”  Jack appeared puzzled by the little alien’s statement.  

“She is an excellent Warrior, O’Neill.  In fact, she is one of their very best tacticians, as
well.  That is the reason why I am surprised.  I would have expected her to request her
next assignment to be in another sector where there is heavy fighting, now that her sector,
the Pegacian System, is almost won.  There is still occasional heavy fighting taking place
in areas of that system, but much more so, in other Systems in which they are involved.  
However it came about that she chose or was chosen to come here, I believe that you will
like her.”

“I am sure we will, Thor.  You have certainly given her a glowing recommendation.”  
Daniel sent Thor one of his sweetest smiles, the one that made everyone want to see to it
that he was happy and content.  Thor was no different from most, and he responded with
a nod of his head, the closest that he could come to a smiling response.  

Daniel fell into a reverie, thinking about the reaction he had felt to this woman’s name.  It
had sent a shock through him, but he had no idea why.  Had someone from his childhood
had a similar name?  He frowned to himself.  That simply did not ring true.  Well, there
was no point in worrying about his reaction now because he had no clue to what caused
it.  He came back from his thoughts to find Jack asking Teal’c a question.  

“Teal’c, you got anything to say about this?  Do you know anything about this Catery
thing?”  Jack sent a questioning look toward Teal’c.

“Indeed, O’Neill.  If it is true that this woman is Katteri-enti, and she has indeed been on
the same worlds we have, then we now know why the Jaffa on P39-987 left so
precipitously.  Obviously, she communicated to them that they were about to be exposed
to a Katteri-enti.  When I was First Prime of Apophis, had I come across one, I would have
left as soon as was possible myself.  It is something that all Jaffa are taught.  Superior
numbers are the only way we were told to go into combat against one.”

“What in the hell do they do that causes that reaction?”  Jack wondered aloud.

Teal’c gazed at an invisible spot on the wall across from him.  Slowly he began to speak; “I
recall an incident that happened when I was quite young.  Two-dozen Jaffa were sent to
scout a world that Cronus coveted.  Rumors reported that it was under the protection of
the Katteri-enti.  I do not now recall the circumstances, but for some reason, my father
remained behind and did not go on the mission.  A few hours after they left, Cronus
received the remains of his scouting party.  Each Jaffa, had their throat slit through the
jugular vein on each side of their necks.  Each symbiote was removed, beheaded, and
placed in a coil with the severed head placed on top of the coil on their respective Jaffa’s
chest.  Blood from the symbiote was used to inscribe on their foreheads a sword and the
symbols, which translated, meant Katteri protection.”  

“My father took me to see the bodies so that I would always remember what would happen
to Jaffa who refused to leave a Katteri protected planet.  Cronus did not send another
party of Jaffa there.  It is said that Jaffa are often offered protection, if they will leave the
service of their false god, or that they will be allowed to leave and return to the world they
came from.  If they refuse both, I believe they are executed and returned to their Master in
this manner.”

“Teal’c, did that appear to be done in a ritualistic way?  I mean, that sounds almost like a
symbolic type of execution.”  Daniel seemed fascinated by the way the Jaffa were killed.

“Indeed, Daniel Jackson, it was done in such a way.  I have never witnessed a Katteri-enti
killing, but from those I have talked to that have seen it, I have received the impression
that, once seen, one never forgets a Katteri-enti killing.  Legend says that the Katteri do
not kill in this manner, unless there is no other option.  I am looking forward to meeting
this Katteri warrior and learning more of their ways.  There is no doubt; they are
formidable warriors.”  Teal’c looked very pleased at the prospect.  It was quite obvious that
he considered this change something to look forward to with a great deal of anticipation.  
Jack couldn’t share his enthusiasm, but he wouldn’t prick his balloon, either.  

Daniel seemed to have slid into his own world, but as Teal’c stopped speaking, he
snapped back to them.  “I am too, Teal’c.  Their society must be truly fascinating.”

“Are you sure ‘
bizarre’ wouldn’t be a better world, Daniel?  And if they are that powerful,
then why haven’t they wiped the Goa’uld out already?”  Jack sounded frustrated as well
as skeptical.  

“They are few in number in comparison to the Goa’uld, O’Neill.  They are even now
fighting the Goa’uld in the Morovian System, among others, and while they are slowly
winning, they cannot spare many resources.  Much of their power is based on their
personal energy.  When it is depleted, if they cannot absorb more energy, either from
another life force, or through the ritual of renewal, they will die.  They are not all
powerful, or indestructible.  Their abilities are limited by restraints of time and space.  I
believe the abilities Kataya has that will benefit you the most are her telepathic and
empathic ones, although as I explained she is a formidable Warrior and a very good
healer.  She will be an asset in many ways; I have no doubt of that at all.  Kataya will
explain more fully how they use their energy and I am sure that in time you will come to
understand.  It will be a learning experience on both sides.”  As usual, Thor was
methodical in his explanation.  

“Thor, the President, and the Joint Chiefs have agreed to a trial period.  I have
instructions to do whatever is necessary to make our newest member feel comfortable and
at home,” General Hammond said, as he re-entered the room.  “Is there anything in
particular that we should obtain for her?  Any special foods or, er, unusual
accommodations?  I mean, well, will she sleep in a bed like we have here or do we need to
get different furniture in, or well, anything?”  General Hammond appeared uncomfortable
with the discussion, but he did his best to make sure everything was comfortable for their
newest member.  

Thor blinked at him for a moment.  He opened his mouth only to close it.  He took another
sip of his water before saying, “I must apologize for not being clear in my explanation.  I
should have realized when you did not know what to call her, that you did not know if you
would be dealing with a human-type being or something else.  You will find the Furling to
be very human in form and actions.  There are some differences, of course, as they are a
different race, or I suppose I could even call them another species.  However, for all
intents and purposes, you will find that if it makes you comfortable, then it will also be
fine for her.  As for her personal appearance, as I said it is very human.  I believe that she
is often described as a quite attractive woman, and I have also heard that her eyes are
considered especially beautiful.  I will leave you to decide if rumor is true or lies for
yourselves.  Ah, yes, you asked about food, as well.  The Furling eat the same types of
foodstuffs that other humans eat, so I believe that the food you have here will be very
acceptable to her.”   

Relief spread across General Hammond’s face.  Going by the name of their race, he had
pictured some kind of furry being that might eat very unusual food and sleep other than
in a bed.  He was relieved to know that he would not have to try to find some exotic food or
a bed of, fur or, well, something.  He smiled at Thor, “Thank you for clearing that up,
Thor.  I will admit that the name of their race had me wondering if they were perhaps not
a human-type species, er, race.”  

“Very understandable, General.  I was at fault in this instance for not being clear about
the Furling.”  The little alien stood and bowed his head in the General’s direction.  “That
your leaders have agreed to the trial period is excellent news indeed.  I am most pleased.  
Now, I must return to my home and finish my preparations to return to my command.”  
His huge dark eyes blinked slowly and he looked at each of them in turn.

“I want to thank you again for thinking of us in this way, Thor.  It is much appreciated
and it will not be forgotten, I assure you,” General Hammond said as he walked beside the
little grey guy’ down the stairs and into the gate room.

“You are most welcome, General.  Knowing that the Furling will be here with you relieves
our minds.  They will contact us if you need us, and if that happens, we will come if it is at
all possible.  I do not doubt though, that anything in the way of an emergency will, in all
probability, simply be taken care of by Artereos.  He is most efficient and capable.”  With a
wave of his hand, the Stargate blossomed to life, and Thor walked slowly up the ramp.  At
the top of the ramp, he turned back to them, saying, “Until we meet again.”  And, with
those words, he was gone, leaving behind him a group of people who were not sure how
they should really feel about the latest turn of events.

“Well,” drawled Jack O’Neill, “Thor’s a little harder to say no to than the Russians.”  
Suddenly, his gaze caught that of his 2IC and the team’s archaeologist.  “And just what do
you two mean, that explains the feelings you’ve been having?  Just where did that come
from, and why wasn’t I informed?  What feelings?  I didn’t feel anything.  And what type of
things happened?  Nothing weird happened to me.”  Jack almost sounded as if he felt left

General Hammond caught the Colonel’s eye.  “I think an adjournment back to the briefing
room would be appropriate.”  As he led the way back towards the briefing room, he could
be heard mumbling under his breath, “and I was hoping for some quiet, ordinary,
downtime for everyone.  That has sure been blown all the way to hell and back!”  


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Blood of My Heart, Beloved of My Soul

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