Chapter Two Summary:  After a briefing Sam and Daniel realize someone may be tampering with their minds
but they both also realize that the “presence” isn’t malevolent as it has helped them on several occasions.  Who—
or what—could it be?  Before they can talk to Teal'c or anyone else about what has been happening, an
unscheduled off world activation occurs.  Is it their newly realized—friend?  

SG-1 sat around the table being debriefed by General Hammond.  They had just returned
from a mission gone completely FUBAR and Jack O’Neill was not a happy camper.  
Glaring at Daniel, he growled at him, “Daniel, could you
please tell me what you thought
you were doing?  What in the world made you run for the DHD like that under such heavy
enemy fire?  If that freaky wind thing had not suddenly come up and kept those Jaffa
from advancing, we would have had a hell of a time trying to cover you.  I was not ready
for you to make a break for it yet.  We needed to take out a few more of those guys first.  
You took a hell of a chance.  Were you crazy or what?”

“Jack, I heard you tell me to go.  I
heard you tell me.”  Daniel’s lips set in a stubborn line;
it was obvious he was
not backing down.  He knew what he knew, and Jack O’Neill had
definitely told him to go and dial the gate.  At the time, he even thought Jack was the one
that was a little crazy, but he went anyway.  That freaky little wind storm thing had come
up just as he headed for the DHD and he had been extremely relieved to see it affecting
them so much.  It had given him enough time to get to the gate, get it dialed, and send the
code without a Jaffa shooting at him even once.  Yup, relieved didn’t even begin to cover

“No, you didn’t,” Jack insisted that Daniel had not heard that from him.

“Yes, I did,” Daniel, continued to be just as insistent that he had heard him.  The debate
continued, at least for the moment, unabated.   

“No, you didn’t.”

“Yes, I did.”

“Did not.”

“Did, too.”



“Sir.”  Major Samantha Carter broke into the quickly deteriorating disagreement.  “I heard
you, too.  You told Daniel to make a break for it, and dial us home.”

“Indeed, Colonel O’Neill.  I also heard you give the order to leave,” Teal’c agreed solemnly.  

Jack looked at each of his teammates in astonishment.  Was he losing his mind?  Or were
they losing theirs?  He had not given that order.

“Well, people,” General Hammond stated, “I would say that in the heat of the battle there
was some confusion.  It can happen, but it is dangerous.  Maybe you should all give the
whole thing some serious thought, and then write your reports with as much detail as you
can.  That may help figure out where the wires were crossed.  You will be on downtime for
the next several days, so try to get some rest.  You have all been going pretty much flat out
the last few months.  Take a few days and just relax.  Hopefully, nothing out of the
ordinary will happen for a while.  Dismissed.”

Before the last syllable was out of the General’s mouth, Jack and Teal’c were out of their
seats and heading for the door.  Their teammates were somewhat slower, taking their
time, and neatly tidying their notes before gathering them up and heading for the door.  

Daniel was quiet, as he gave some more serious thought to the meeting that just ended.  
He knew what he had heard Jack say; still…Jack seemed very sure that he had not given
the order to go dial the gate.  He made up his mind quickly and turned toward his

“Sam?”  Daniel asked, almost reluctantly.

“Daniel?”  Sam answered him, a question in her voice.  Noticing his obvious unease, she
frowned slightly.  It was not like Daniel to be hesitant or to hold back.

“Yeah, um, listen, Sam, do you have a few minutes?”  He finally managed to ask.

“Yeah, sure, what is up?”  Now she was curious as well as a little bit concerned.  It really
was unusual for Daniel to be this cautious in his approach, especially when the approach
he was making was to her.  They were very good friends, and usually they were not shy
about asking each other things.   

“Well, um, then can we go someplace a little more private?”  He asked quietly.

Samantha Carter smiled at him quizzically and asked softly, “Okay, so…your lab or

Daniel gave her a small smile in return and seemed to relax a little.  “Well, mine is closer,
and I will even make a fresh pot of coffee.  And I have chocolate, dark, rich chocolate.”

“Daniel, I haven’t had a proposition that sounded that good in a really long time.  It
sounds like a deal to me.  Let’s go.”  

The two friends walked together down the hall.  One was curious, and though trying not to
appear to be, just a little bit concerned.  The other one was trying to appear casual and at
ease.  It was not working.  Daniel knew he looked anxious, but what he had to say to Sam
might get him a medical checkup if anyone else found out about it.  Nevertheless, he had
to ask her; things were getting just a little too strange lately.  Now, this last mission was
making it all seem even stranger.  

He was positive he heard Jack tell him to dial them home.  Until now, as he gave it
serious and deep thought.  As sure as he had been that Jack had given that order to dial
them home, he was now just as sure that he had not.  Nope, Jack had not told him to dial
that gate…but someone told him to.  Furthermore, he realized that while at the time, he
believed it was Jack’s voice; it really had not been Jack’s voice at all.  He had to admit it.  
He was spooked.  Well and truly, seriously spooked.  

As they reached Daniel’s office and entered, Sam announced, “Okay, Daniel, here we are.  
Put that coffee on, and then spill it.”  She grinned at her unintentional pun, but sobered
almost immediately, as she lowered her voice to a whisper, and asked, “What is so
secret?”  She was half-way teasing him, attempting to both get him more relaxed and
relieve her own growing anxiety about whatever was on his mind.  

He sighed softly, before replying calmly, “It’s not that it is a secret, Sam, it is just that I
don’t want anyone overhearing me and deciding I am nuts.”  He grinned wryly, shrugging
his shoulders.  “I don’t want to end up in a padded white room or on McKenzie’s couch.”

Sam looked startled, “Daniel, what is it that...What in the world would make you think
anyone would think you were crazy?”

Daniel started the coffee and turned back to her.  Shrugging again, he did not say
anything for a few moments.  Then, with an almost detached, offhand manner and tone of
voice, he asked quietly, “Have you noticed any strange things going on during some of our
missions over the last couple of months, Sam?  Has there been anything that you felt was,
well, unusual in our behavior or actions?”  He had been staring at the floor, but now he
looked up and stared straight into her eyes.  There was nothing 'offhand' or 'detached'
about him now; instead, his posture and the look in his eyes, screamed that he was
'intensely interested’, as he urged her, “Think hard, Sam.  Don’t just throw the idea away
or shrug it off, please.”

She opened her mouth to deny what he was saying, but then she paused as she realized
how serious he was.  Clearing her throat, her answer was hesitant, but thoughtful, as she
replied cautiously, “Well, actually, maybe, but you need to give me a clue as to what kinds
of things you mean.  What ‘
strange things’ do you think are happening?”

Daniel sighed, and after thinking for a moment, he said, “Well, okay, take P39-987.  Do
you remember the Jaffa that turned up?  There were a couple of dozen of them, and it was
fairly obvious that they were a scouting party.  Not long after they came through, they
were dividing into smaller groups.”  He looked at her expectantly.

At once recalling the incident, she agreed, “Yes, that is correct.  We heard the gate connect
and open and we headed back to see who it was when we almost ran into them.”  She
frowned a little as she continued, “They were moving darn quickly.  I remember that
because we could barely see the gate from our position.  They had just come through it
and, yet, they were already almost on our location.  We were not very happy about it.  It
was a definite complication to what should have been a routine information-gathering
mission.  We thought we might have trouble getting back to, and then through, the gate,
especially, if they left some guards around it.  We were really relieved when it worked out
the way it did.”

“Um, yeah, the way it worked out,” he responded with some of her words, and then asked,
“Don’t you think that was a little odd?”

“Odd in what way, Daniel?”  Sam asked, obviously puzzled but also curious.

“Well, have you
ever seen Jaffa scan an area around them as if they were apprehensive,
and then act the way they did?  They were scared, Sam, really scared.  They were looking
around as if they expected something to strike them down at any minute.  Then they
started running back toward the gate as if the hounds of hell were after them.  I don’t
think I have ever seen a Jaffa run that fast or punch in glyphs that quickly.  It worked out
great for us.  They never even knew we were there, but what was that?  You have to admit,
it was pretty weird.”  

“We decided there must have been some type of anti-Goa’uld device somewhere on that
planet.  You were at the briefing.  You know that was all we could figure out that it could
have been,” Sam reminded him of the conclusions they had drawn during the after
mission briefing.  “There really was no other explanation, Daniel.  I mean, what else could
it have been for them to react that way?”  

Daniel snorted his disagreement, and countered with, “Then why wasn’t Teal’c bothered
by it?  There was nothing on that planet, Sam, but some ruins that were interesting to me
and a lake that Jack thought could be great fishing.  In fact, the only things we really
know about that planet, are that it seems safe from Goa’uld, it might make for a nice
archeology expedition because of the ruins, and Jack said if we ever went back he was
taking his fishing tackle.”  Shaking his head, he continued, “Don’t you think it was a little
strange that, although we saw those Jaffa get so scared that they practically ran over each
other to reach the gate, we never were afraid?  Even though we never found out what
caused them to want to leave in such a hurry?”  Daniel questioned her, willing her to
really look at the situation and think about it.  “We just carried on with the mission as if
nothing out of the ordinary happened,” he reminded her quietly.

“Yes, when you put it that way it does seem out of character for us.  Normally, we would
have been more on guard.  Maybe even left and monitored the place before we went back.  
But, we didn’t.  We just set up camp and carried on as if nothing odd had happened.  You
are right.”  Sam frowned, as she began to think more deeply about what Daniel was
saying.  While she was listening to him, she acknowledged that she needed to do more
than just listen.  She needed to stand back and review the situation without letting what
went before color it.  She recognized that she should be taking a fresh look, because
Daniel would not have brought this up, if he did not believe something was going on;
something off enough, wrong enough, to make him take a chance on sounding crazy.  So
far, he did not sound crazy at all, but their previous behavior could seem to fall under
that characterization.  She frowned harder as she tried to come up with some logical
explanation for their behavior.  There was none that she could find.

She was jolted out of her contemplations by Daniel saying, “What about P56-988?  The
natives were ready to sacrifice us to their version of a God of the Harvest.  I tried
everything I could to make them understand why we were there; that we really meant
them no harm.  Of course, I realize now that it did not matter why we were there.  We just
happened along when they needed a nice big sacrifice to ensure the success of their
crops.  That is irrelevant, but what is relevant is that they let us go.  
After they faced the
forest and bowed very low as if some deity or something was talking to them.  Then they
turned back toward us, untied us, mumbled something, bowed to
us, and returned to
their village.  We at least had enough sense that time to gate home,” he concluded his
review of the events.   

Sam shuddered remembering the feel of the bindings on her wrists and the pole at her
back.  She grimaced even as she nodded her agreement with what he said.  “Yeah, that
was kind of weird, now that you mention it.  I don’t think the particulars registered at the
time, though.  I was simply happy to be heading toward the gate and the SGC.  I don’t
know if I have ever been so glad to see gray walls before.”  Then she smiled wryly, adding,
“Well, that is not strictly true.  I have to admit that there have been numerous times when
I have been glad to see them and to feel the ramp under my boots.  I am sure that will not
be the last time that happens, either—being glad to get back here that is, not the being
sacrificed part.”  

Knowing that Sam was taking him seriously, listening to him, and considering what he
pointed out, Daniel felt much more comfortable.  Smiling slightly in agreement with her,
he leaned back becoming even more relaxed as he brought up the next mission where, in
his consideration anyway, there was an anomaly in either what had taken place, or their
reaction to the incident.  “Then there was P64-555.  I wandered off completely from where
I was supposed to be, fell down an abandoned mine shaft, broke my radio, and yet you
guys found me in less than an hour.  Doesn’t that seem just a little bit weird to you, Sam?  
I mean, come on, there was no way that any of you could have known where I was, not to
mention the fact that I fell in because the hole was pretty much overgrown and I didn’t
even see it.  How did you find it?  It just does not make sense, none, nada, not even a little
bit,” he completed his mini rant.

Sam sent a slight scowl at him before replying, somewhat sharply, “You were extremely
lucky you were not hurt worse that time, Daniel.  You could have been hurt a whole lot
more than you were.  You managed to come through that with only scrapes and bruises,
instead of a concussion and broken bones.  You fell quite a way and if there had been
boulders or some other debris at the bottom, instead of that sandy stuff; you would have
been a lot worse off than you ended up being.”    

Daniel smiled sheepishly at her and muttered lowly, “I know, Sam, and I promised not to
wander off like that any more, not without telling someone where I was headed, anyway.  I
swear I won’t.  Really, I will stay where I am supposed to be, um, unless I notify someone
and tell one of you first,” he finished and looked at her hopefully.  

She laughed a little, saying, “You better not, Daniel.  The Colonel would come unglued.  
He was frantic when he realized you were not where you were supposed to be, and we
could not raise you on the radio when your check-in time passed without a call from you.  
It is a good thing it happened just before your check-in time, too.  That alerted us right
away that you were…”  Sam stopped talking, an arrested look on her face.  

“What have you remembered, Sam?  Something odd did happen, didn’t it?  What was it?  
How did it happen to come about?”  Daniel fired questions at her as fast as he could get
them out.  

Sam nodded and followed that with telling him about the memories that had just
surfaced.  “I just realized, Daniel.  It was almost as if someone was showing me where you
were.  I kept getting flashes of that area, and I had an urge to go there.  The urge would
not let up, either.  If anything, the longer I pushed it aside, the more persistent it
became.  Why didn’t I realize that at the time?  Someone, or something, showed me
exactly where you were, Daniel.  I knew before I ever reached the hole down into that
mine that the groundcover around it was thick, even after you fell through.  Not only that,
but I walked directly to it.  There was no hesitation on my part at all.  Once I found you, I
radioed the Colonel, and we managed to get you out.  You are right.  That is definitely
not for me anyway.”  

Daniel had an odd look on his face, as he cleared his voice.  “Well, that is true and it is
not normal for you, but then it is not normal for me to know that you were on your way to
get me either, but I did.  I don’t remember how I knew, but I knew.  I think I saw you
coming my way and just knew that you were heading for where I was and that everything
would be fine.  I know, it is crazy, but there it is.  I can’t explain it, but I know it is true.”  

“Well, at least we aren’t alone in the weirdness,” Sam joked half-heartedly.  “We have one

Daniel nodded in agreement, and then snapped his fingers as another instance came to
mind.  “Do you remember P41-788, Sam?  There were a lot of trees on both sides of the
road that we took, and Jack griped about it, for what seemed like forever, before we
stumbled upon those Jaffa.”  Daniel grinned as he remembered Jack’s disgust at yet
another planet covered in trees.  “At least he didn’t have the breath or the time to gripe
about them on the way back.”  This time, Daniel actually chuckled before sobering once
again and returning to the subject at hand.  “However, that is beside the point, which is
the Jaffa.  They did not have any trouble keeping up with us at first.  In fact, if we had not
seen them in time to get a head start on them, I think they would have caught us.  Then it
seemed as if they started moving in slow motion.  We left them behind so fast it was
incredible.  I heard a voice talking, but at the time, I thought it was Jack.”

“What did it say, Daniel?”  Sam asked, curiously.

“It said, I can only slow them down a little, the rest is up to you."  It sounded like Jack’s
voice on the wind, and I swear I thought it was Jack saying he would only be able to slow
them down a little.  The rest was up to us.  Now, I even remember thinking at the time
that it was an odd thing for Jack to say, since he was running with us and just as fast as
we were.”  Daniel shook his head, still not quite believing what he was now beginning to
think was actually happening.    

“And since we are talking about these rather odd missions that brings us to today.  Sam, I
would bet money that those Jaffa
‘could not’ move toward us.  I don’t know if it was that
wind thing or not, but
something was holding them back.  Then I heard a voice tell me to
dial the gate, which I immediately did, even though I thought it was a crazy thing to do.  
But Jack said to do it so…”  Daniel stopped talking, but it was obvious that he was

“Well, you usually dial the gate when the Colonel tells you to, Daniel.  That is not unusual
at all,” she pointed out.

He nodded in response to her comment, but it was still a few moments before he started
talking again.  “Sam,” Daniel paused, still trying to put his thoughts together, “Sam, I am
saying, the voice I heard was not Jack’s.  Yes, I thought, believed, it was Jack’s voice every
time, but it was
not, Sam, it was not.  I realize that now.  It was the same voice I heard
before, and I think it was inside my head, both times.  Moreover, I think it was a woman.  
No, in fact, I
know it was a woman’s voice, and I am sure that it was inside my head, not
aloud.”  Daniel looked shocked as he gazed at Sam.  In a stunned voice, he asked her,
“How could I possibly have mistaken that voice for Jack’s?  They are nothing alike.  
Nothing at all.”  Then, still sounding disbelieving he told her, “Sam, I didn’t even
remember hearing it like that until just now, while we were talking.”   

“What did it say this time, Daniel?  Was it the same thing as before?”

Daniel shook his head, saying, “No, it wasn’t the same.  This time it said, “Hurry, I will not
be able to hold them for very long; I am too far away.”  And I did what it told me to do,
even though the Jaffa were firing at us at the time.”  Daniel appeared astonished as he
continued, “It is as if I completely blanked it out, Sam.  Or,” he stopped once again, and
then finishing his thought, he said, “or, someone else was blanking it out.”

Sam almost dropped her coffee cup.  She stared at Daniel with wide, shocked eyes, “My
God, Daniel, you are right; it was not the Colonel’s voice.  I heard it, too.  I believed it was
him, and I even said so, in the briefing.  But, it was not him.  It was a woman.  I think it
was blanked for me, too.”  

Daniel nodded almost tiredly, before continuing quietly, “I haven’t said anything before.  I
thought I had to be imagining it, but the truth is that I have fleetingly felt a presence with
us, on and off, for a couple of months.  It has not been a constant feeling.  It is more just a
barely felt whisper of something.  It is as if something is watching us.  However, it is not a-
a- malevolent, evil type of presence.  It is, I don’t know, soothing?”  Daniel looked
embarrassed, “It is kind of a warm, soft, touch, as if a butterfly landed in your mind, and
then it is gone.  Have you felt anything at all like that?”

Sam looked a little uncomfortable, but then confessed, “Well, yeah, I guess I have a bit.  It
was not actually the feeling of a
presence; it was more just a comfortable feeling once in a
while, when we are off world.  It sounds weirder to say it aloud than it did when I just
thought it to myself.  Daniel, this could lead to some dangerous situations.  I think we
need to talk to the Colonel and Teal’c.  If someone, or something, is using some kind of
mind control on us, we have been compromised.”

“Well, it is not exactly controlling out minds.  I mean, I don’t think it makes us do
anything.  If we really did not want to, I don’t think it would force us.  I don’t get that kind
of feeling from it.  It is much too, too…benevolent, I guess is as good a word as any to use.  
It just feels that way to me.  It does not appear to mean to harm us in any way, either, but
yeah, I guess you are right.  I just hate to tell him.  I know Jack is not going to believe us.  
He will think I am making it up, rather than admit that he didn’t tell me to dial the gate
or something equally unrealistic.”  Daniel groaned as he envisioned the upcoming
confrontation between them all.  It would be miserable; he was sure of it.

Sam grinned for a moment at Daniel’s response before sobering and sighing.  Then she
tried to reassure him, saying, “You might be right and maybe he will not believe us, at
least not at first, but I have a feeling that Teal’c is going to back us up on this, once we
bring it up.  The Colonel will be more likely to listen if we are all saying the same thing.”

Daniel downed the remainder of his now cold coffee, before agreeing, saying, “I know you
are right, Sam; I just dread it.”  Seeing her frown, he quickly capitulated, telling her,
“Okay, Okay.  Let’s go see if we can find Teal’c, and
then Jack.  I am not telling Jack
without Teal’c being there to back us up on this.”

However, before the pair could set down their cups and leave the room, the klaxons began
blaring an “Unscheduled Off-World Activation.”  Suddenly, every bit of power in the base,
shut down.

As the emergency lighting came up, Sam remarked, “Well, either we are under attack, or
it is the Asgard.  At least, I hope it is not our newly recognized friend come to visit without
an invitation.  We better hurry up and get up there.”  Setting down their coffee cups and
leaving the office, Sam and Daniel sprinted towards the control room.


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