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Story Summary: Sam must help ensure the survival of the All and the destruction of
Bastet.  At Thor's request, the Furlings send one of their elite Warriors to join SG-1 - Her
arrival is the beginning of a series of upheavals for the Tau'ri, the Tok’Ra, and the Goa'uld.  
Threatened total destruction is almost the least of their problems.  This new player joins SG-
1 and the Tok’Ra in the fight against the Goa’uld.  However, this player may not be new at
all, since she has past ties with the Tok’Ra and to the Earth.  Her arrival in the fight will
stir up things, not only with the Tok’Ra, but with the members of SG-1 as well.  

Chapter Summary: SG-1 finds a tablet inscribed with a gate address that is not in the
cartouche.  The only thing they know for sure about it is that it is Furling...and should be
undiscovered by the Goa'uld.  Since the Furlings are the race they know the least about,
General Hammond authorizes an exploratory mission to the planet in question...after a M.A.
L.P. is been sent there and watched for several days.  Nothing and no one has disturbed
it.  After they arrive, they find it an idyllic destination.  It is beautiful in many ways.  They
see no one as they explore the planet, however, they are being watched...analyzed...and
not found wanting.  

Pairings:  Sam/Martouf/Lantash  ~  Lantash/other  ~  Daniel/Sam  ~  Daniel/other  ~  
Malek/other ~ Mention of other pairings although their story is not followed closely:  
Janet/Other,  Jacob/other, … Jack?  Well, maybe not this story, but at one point, his
interest is caught.  

Rating:  NC-17   There are sections that are NC-17…..Please be aware and if you come to a
section and it makes you uncomfortable, they can be safely skipped, as the story line is not
hindered by cutting them out.

Warnings: Character Death – temporarily only.  Sexual context and scenes…scattered

Status: Complete   Author: Pagan Twylight

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Blood of My Heart, Beloved of My Soul is Book I in The Tok’Ra Legacy

“Italics” – Symbiote-Host or Telepathic communication (& occasionally internal
Adorata Wyn – My Adored One
Sevesh Lok Twin – Rite of Release  

Daniel Jackson looked at the ancient writings on the wall in front of him.  Well, it was
ancient as in old, not as in Ancient.  Unfortunately, he had no idea what it said.  At least,
not yet.  However, something said that he
should know.  He should know.  

Turning to go back toward the open door of the temple, he saw Sam coming toward him,
the sun shining on her hair, allowing a halo of light to encircle her head.  Angelic she was
not, but she was his very dear friend, and he would be glad of her help.  Jack’s truncated
attention span and non-existent tolerance level for archaeological exploration left Daniel
hoping that Teal’c would keep him occupied and give them long enough to really explore
this temple.  It was a rare and exciting find for them.  It was Furling.

He shook his head as he remembered the oddity of how they had found this place.  They
were on a planet where the civilization had most decidedly been of the Ancients.  Amongst
the writings, pieces of pottery, and shards of stone they found the tablet, and on it was the
gate address.  It was one that they could not find either on the Abydos cartouche, or in
those that Jack had entered into the database when he had the knowledge of the
Ancients.  They had spent a week going over those ruins looking for other addresses like it
and had found none.  

When they sent the M.A.L.P. through, they all held their breaths; everyone, that is, except
Jack, who continued to pretend that he could not figure out the significance of what they
had found.  They only had one or two addresses that led to a Furling world, and Daniel
felt strongly that it was very important they follow up on this one.  Of the Four Great
Races of the Alliance, they knew the least about the Furling.  

The M.A.L.P. went through to a picture-perfect world.  Other than an occasional animal,
nothing moved; everything appeared quiet, calm, and hospitable.  The planet in question
was sunny and mild with an atmosphere that was almost an exact match for Earth, less
the pollutants.  Now, here they stood, and still there were no threats.  There were no
natives to meet them in either friendly or non-friendly spirits; indeed, nothing stirred but
some indigenous animal life that appeared, so far, to be harmless.  

Daniel shook his head as he watched Sam wend her way up the incline to the temple.  
Nothing.  So why did it feel so right that Sam should be walking up that path, and that he
should be waiting for her?  Why this feeling of—of recognition, expectation?  Daniel
frowned.  From what ether did that thought come?  Sam looked different, but he could not
pinpoint how.  She seemed very much at home, her walk graceful, but at the same time,
alert and stealthy.  Daniel frowned, shaking his head, and when he looked again, Sam
was the same Sam he had known for several years now.  That was weird.  Almost a déjà
vu type of thing, but that was not possible.  They were not even on Earth.  

He rubbed his eyes and sighed.  He was not getting enough sleep lately.  He had been up
late every night, trying to see if he could make anything out from the very poor images
that the M.A.L.P. sent them.  It had sat here in this temple for a week, and they had
moved it around and captured images of the walls, but it just was not the same as seeing
them.  Finally, he managed to get the General to agree to a four-day exploration mission.  
Jack went ballistic, but the General had pointed out that Daniel did have a valid point.  
As one of the four races in the Alliance with the Asgard, the Nox, and the Ancients, the
Furling were potential allies, and there was no doubt that they should explore this place.  
Daniel could explore the Temple.  Jack could explore the countryside close around it to be
sure that there was, in fact, no one left there.

“Hey, Daniel, how is it going?”  Sam wanted to know when she was within hailing distance.

Daniel shook his head at her.  “Slow, Sam, very slow.  I can’t make heads or tails of any of
this.  It is the oddest thing, though,” he laughed, almost sheepishly, “every time I look at
it, I feel like I should be able to read it.  Just…read it.”  He frowned.

“What, Daniel?  What is it?”  Sam asked, aware that Daniel’s posture meant that
something had clicked.  She had seen it happen over and over again.  Suddenly, she
looked up and frowned to herself.  She could have sworn that someone was standing there
and watching them.  Glancing around, she saw nothing except the dust motes dancing on
streams of sunlight.  It was not even an uncomfortable feeling; it was just…odd.  Yeah.  

Easily shaking off the feeling, she said again, “Daniel?”   

“It says,
Temple of the Dragon of the Fire, Adorata Wyn,” Daniel said absently.   

“What?”  Sam asked.  

“What?”  Daniel answered.    

“Daniel,” Sam said, patiently, “You just called me
Adorata Wyn.  What is that?”    

“I did?”  

“Yes.  Daniel, are you all right?”    

“Um, uh, yeah, Sam, I am fine,” he answered absently, obviously still distracted, as he
continued to study the wall.  Suddenly spinning around and facing the doorway, he
asked, “Did you feel that?”   

“What?  I didn’t feel anything,” Sam said quietly, as she watched him carefully.  He did
not seem alarmed or even upset, just curious.    

He shook his head.  “It was odd.  Just a breeze, a, I don’t know, it was as if something
touched my mind and my—” He stopped speaking rather abruptly, shaking his head
again.  “There is something profound here, Sam.  I don’t know what it is about this place,
but it...”  He stopped speaking, only to start again almost immediately, “It is a place of
both peace and power.  How odd.”  

“What, Daniel?”  Sam was glad that she was not saying “who”; she would begin to feel like
an owl.  “What seems odd?”  Not receiving any answer to that question, she switched
tracks, changing the subject by asking him a different question, “I thought you said that
you could not read any of this?”  

“I can’t,” Daniel declared, obviously frustrated.  

“Well, you just did.”  Sam pointed to the words at the top of the wall that were larger than
the others were.  “You just read that.”  

Daniel frowned, as he glanced over at her, before answering, “That is impossible, Sam.  I
don’t recognize any of the words on this.  Not only that; it is not the same as the Furling
we found on Ernest’s planet.  Even though it is very similar, it is still different.  It may be a
later evolution of the language.”  He shrugged one shoulder, then looking back at the wall
in question, he continued, “Or an earlier one.”  

“Daniel Jackson, you just read that line of characters to me,” Sam stated firmly.  

Obviously startled, he looked over at her realizing that, if he really had somehow come up
with any of the words, there was the possibility of using them as a key.  Raising his
eyebrows questioningly, he asked, “What did I say that they meant, Sam?”    

“You looked up there and said that it says
The Temple of the Dragon of the Fire.”

Daniel nodded, recognizing it as she said it.  “Yes, that is right,” he said slowly, “But, how
do I know that, Sam?”    

“I don’t know, Daniel, but if it is right, will it help with the rest of this?”  

“I hope so,” he replied before adding wryly, “Assuming that it is right.”

“Oh.  My.  God.  What absolutely beautiful, magnificent animals,” Sam breathed her
words softly.

Looking up and following her gaze, Daniel’s eyes widened.  The two humans stood in awe,
staring at the two animals that sat outside one of the open doorways.  One looked very
much like a massive, golden lion.  It cocked its head and returned Sam’s gaze, as if asking
what she wanted to know.  The other was similar to the lion-like animal, but pure black
with a slightly shorter ruff.  Both animals had eyes that were a pure, deep green.  

As they stood and started walking toward the two of them, Daniel said quietly, “They will
not hurt us.”  

“I know,” Sam answered absently, a frown creasing her forehead.  She felt there was
something she should remember.  She knelt as the Great Golden One, as she had named
it in her head, came to her.  It was so tall that she had to remain upright on her knees,
and still it lowered its head to rest it on her shoulder.  As she placed her arms around its
neck, she felt at peace and safe; cared for and protected.

Daniel knelt on one knee as the massive black cat came to him.  As it lowered its head to
him and Daniel placed his arms around its neck, he felt anguish.  Soul-searing, heart-
breaking anguish.  It passed almost as quickly as it had come, replaced by all of the
emotions that Sam had felt.  The peace was wonderful, however, the calm was shattered
by the sound of a P-90 being hefted, and a, “What the hell?”  being heard.  

The couple on the floor let go of the animals and turned toward a shocked O’Neill.  
Shifting to their feet, they started to protest, when Teal’c said, “I do not believe they
intended any harm; furthermore, they have left, O’Neill.”  Even standing next to them,
Sam and Daniel had neither felt nor seen them leave; they had moved that stealthily.  

“What did you think you were doing?”  Jack O’Neill barked.  “Those things were huge.”  

“They were friendly, Jack.  There was no animosity or danger around them at all,” Daniel
answered patiently.

“He is right, sir.  They were more like big dogs than big cats.  You can’t gauge an alien
species by comparing it to what we have on Earth,” Sam reminded him before continuing,
hoping to give some reassurance, “They were friendly.”    

“And just how do you know that, Major?”  Colonel O’Neil demanded.  

“Well, Jack, if they were not, we would be dead with only little pieces of us left, unless they
just dragged us off with them, in which case, there would not even be pieces,” Daniel
replied logically, before Sam could say anything.  Then he frowned.  “They could be some
kind of guardians of this place, you know; they knew we weren’t going to hurt it.”  

Teal’c nodded in obvious agreement, before stating in his measured, quiet way, “Indeed, O’
Neill, I felt the same thing.  They were not threatening us.  We will be very safe here.”    

“You know, Teal’c, if I didn’t know from experience that you were usually right about that
kind of thing, I’d say we were nuts for staying anywhere near those two things.  The way it
is, I think we will stay in here tonight, near the gate.  If they went to get their buddies, I
don’t want to be cut off from the gate.”  Jack made his decision.  

“As you wish, O’Neill.  There is a sheltered place over there for a fire.”  

“No need, Teal’c, there are several other rooms here, and one of them looks like it was a
place that they used to prepare food.  The hearth may be usable.  If not, then we can move
it outside.”  

“I will check it out, Daniel Jackson,” Teal’c stated calmly, as he headed in the direction
that Daniel nodded.  

“All the comforts of home, Daniel?”  Jack drawled.  

“Not exactly, Jack, but I really don’t think there is anything here that will harm us,”
Daniel replied.  

“Friendly spirits, Daniel?”  Jack asked sarcastically.  Daniel just shrugged, letting the
sarcasm go right on by.

A breeze blew through the room, ruffling their hair.  None of them noticed that no wind
had touched anything else, not even the dust that was everywhere around them.  They
began setting up their camp.  

The four days turned out great for Jack, who found a lake teeming with fish.  Teal’c spent
his time exploring the ruins, which, it turned out, were quite extensive as well as
alluringly beautiful.  They lay spread along the bottom of a large hill watched over by the
temple, which stood about half way up the side of it.  Though many large trees
surrounded the temple, they allowed both dappled sunlight and soft breezes to play in
and around it, while a small waterfall laughed over the rocks not far away.  It was a lovely,
almost magical place.  Sam appeared content to while away the days sitting with Daniel,
quietly watching him work, and he was content to be with her, simply enjoying her
companionship.  It would have been perfect, idyllic really...if only the Furling temple
would give up some of the secrets that Daniel was convinced, absolutely, positively,
convinced, were hiding there waiting to be found.  

The third day, almost no further along with translating the wall than he had been when
they arrived, he woke up to find himself lying on the floor, cradling Sam in his arms.  On
one side of them was the Great Golden One.  On the other was the Dragon’s Paw, as he
had half-laughingly named him.  Seeing Daniel awake, they arose and left as quietly as
they had come.  

Daniel shook his head.  He rarely took a nap, and for him and Sam to do so, together like
this, was unheard of.  At his desk or her lab table, maybe, but not wrapped in each other’s
arms.  Moreover, he did not even remember lying down.  Smiling at the sleeping woman
resting beside him, he quietly got up and moved back to the wall.  He would let her
awaken on her own, and she never needed to know that they had gone to sleep and

He sighed.  Every time he looked at the wall, he had the unsettling feeling that he should
be able to read it.  Sometimes, strictly out of the blue, a word or phrase popped into his
head.  Unfortunately, none of it seemed to lead to any other discovery about the script,
although he knew the answer had to be there.  Then, too, there was that disquieting
feeling that the information he needed was locked within his own mind.  That is probably
what caused him to feel as if he should be able simply to read the wall; the feeling that it
was a familiar script that he knew and knew well.  It was very frustrating; he knew that,

So far, all he had found, he thought, was that this was
The Temple of the Dragon of the
 He believed that the two great cats that kept tabs on them were mentioned; if so,
then they were the
Lionkatanar and the Pantherataya.  In addition, if he was right on this
stuff, then they were indeed guardians.  They were to guard it until the
Dragon of the Fire
and the
Dragon of the Star joined with one another and did something that he could not
seem to figure out.  It also said something about guarding the kin of the
Great King into
eternity.  He had no idea what it meant, or if it meant anything at all.  With no more than
he had to go on, it was all gibberish as far as he was concerned, at least for now.  His
translation, while feeling correct, was based on nothing solid, therefore, he did not trust it.

Something at the bottom of the wall caught his attention.  Crouching down, he looked at it
for what felt like the thousandth time.  This time, he felt its meaning.  
The Prophecy of the
 That made no more sense than the rest.  

Looking back at the top, he again read the first sentence that had come to him,
The Temple
of the Dragon of the Fire.  The Warrior.  The Slayer.
 Daniel closed his eyes while pinching
the bridge of his nose.  Why, why, were these words popping into his head in such random
order while giving no clue to the translation of the remainder?  Perhaps it was a good
thing that they were leaving tomorrow.  Maybe once he was back in his own world, this
would stop happening.  

One thing was sure; there were no big honkin’ space guns, or weapons of any kind, that
would help them in their fight against the System Lords.  It was about time to go.  
Tomorrow would see them wrapping it up and leaving here.  He had videotapes of
everything that he felt might be of interest.  He had spent one day wandering in the ruins
with Teal’c and had taped them, too.  

It was a good thing that Jack had been able to fish, otherwise, he would have been
complaining about the giant, galactic waste of time that the trip had been.  He grinned.  
Instead, all they kept hearing about were the ones that got away.  Moreover, the lake was
very close to the temple, so he could do that and guard them at the same time.  Not that
there was anything here to harm them.  This had to be one of the safest places that they
had ever explored.  They should put this planet on their list of possible evacuation sites.  

It had been a relaxing few days, and they had each enjoyed it in their own way, which was
unusual in and of itself.  He did not think any of them would be in a hurry to leave
tomorrow, but the outside world was waiting.  Tomorrow, they would leave this dream
world and go back to reality.  

The woman strode swiftly, yet calmly, towards her objective, seemingly oblivious to what
was around her.  

Had anyone been watching, they would have seen a slender, well-proportioned female of
medium height and indeterminate age.  She could have been younger or older, but was
probably of some middle age.  Something about her made it very hard to determine with
any accuracy.

Some would call her beautiful, others simply attractive.  All would have used the words
peaceful and serene.

At first glance, there appeared to be nothing striking about her at all.  Her hair was short,
cut in feathery layers.  It was dark gold, laced with streaks that ranged from white to silver
to deep burnished gold, and they caught the light and glinted with each stray ray that
happened upon them.  

Her skin was golden in color, almost, some would say, as tawny as a great golden lion’s.  
Her hands were beautiful, elegantly long fingered, slender and soft.  Her movements as
she walked along were graceful and sensuous, bringing to mind a lithe, stealthy feline.  
Her mouth was full and well shaped; her cheekbones high and well defined.  All in all, no
more than quite attractive to look upon until, that is, one looked into the eyes.  

Those eyes were the most arresting shade of violet and the slant in the shape and the
blackness of the long thick lashes were exotic in the extreme.  They had been called
glorious and enchanting; in a word beautiful.  Anyone who looked into them would see
more, however.  They would see a very old and very wise soul looking back.  A soul who
had seen and done much, and knew both the beauties of the universe and the horrors.  
Depending on who was looking, they would either feel very comfortable and safe, or
extremely fearful.  Either reaction would not have surprised her, for she was accustomed
to seeing both.

Her clothing might appear strange.  Made of some softly clinging fabric it consisted of a
black tunic trimmed with gold lacing and black tight-like pants.  Trim black boots laced to
her knees.  A black gold trimmed cloak flowed from her shoulders and swirled to within
an inch or so of the ground.  It was secured at the shoulder by a curious looking clasp; A
gold shield depicting crossed swords and a lion rampant.  The lion’s crown was imbedded
with stones, all amethysts and all marquis cut.

Encircling her head lay an intricately woven golden circlet imbedded with various colored
stones.  The stones lay clasped within the graceful swirls of gold, which culminated in a
deep V on her forehead.  A beautiful marquis cut Amethyst rested in the cradle of the V,
and occasionally, one of the stones would glow for a moment before it returned to being
merely a jewel.  Although there were stones of many colors, blue and violet stones
dominated the circlet.  The sapphires, blue topaz, and amethysts appeared to be the
stones she preferred, for she also wore a ring composed of a marquis cut amethyst
surrounded by sapphires, blue topaz, and diamonds.  On one hand, she wore something
that looked very much like a ribbon device, but it appeared to be much more delicately
made and had many stones amongst the swirls of gold, not one large one.

At her side, she wore a beautifully crafted sword with a jeweled hilt.  She could have
stepped out of a painting of a medieval court or a science fiction fantasy.  If asked she
would have simply stated that her clothing was not unusual for her people.  It was a
uniform, and she was a Warrior.  She was, in fact, an elite Warrior, and if the truth were
known, one of Cadwaellon’s best.  As such, her thoughts were hidden, and nothing of her
inner turmoil was allowed to surface to be detected in either her features or her
demeanor.  Internally, however, a debate raged.

Many years before, the woman had been host to a Tok’Ra.  Her symbiote, Siesha, had
become her dearest friend, and they had been together for a long time.  Almost longer
than she had been with her Tok’Ra mate, for she had been blended for many years before
they met and joined.  Although Siesha had died many years before, the woman could still
hear her voice whispering in her mind, arguing with her, helping her find answers to
questions.  Her voice had taken on the role of the Warrior’s conscience in many ways, and
she could hear her now as if she was still within her.  

“So you are not sure this is the correct thing to do.  Which brings to mind the question of
why you are here, if that is how you feel about it?”
 The phantom voice’s questioning tone
was forcing her to examine her reasoning.  

“No.  I am not entirely sure that what we are doing is correct.  No doubt, the reason you
have decided to talk to me.  Nevertheless, I volunteered to come and I will do my best.  After
all, covert operations are something I am very good at, and this does require some skill,”

the Warrior answered.

“Perhaps this is what comes of wishing to please our Father,” the voice inside her hinted.

“My Father.  And Thor.  Let us not forget Thor.  And the Council agreed with them,” she
retorted as she continued to discuss her situation with herself.    

“But, only if you felt the cause and the potential of the species worthwhile,” Siesha’s voice

“Well, we know that the cause is just.  The Goa’uld must be controlled,” the Warrior replied

“Yes, and we were getting bored in our last assignment,” the observation was pointed.

“My last assignment.  You are dead,” came the spirited retort.

“Yes, but we were blended for a very long time.  My passing has not stilled my voice for
you, my friend,”
the voice continued, undaunted.

“That is true, Siesha.  It hurts no one for me to keep you alive in my heart.  If hearing you in
my mind gives me joy then I shall do so.  I know you are not really here with me, but I can
wish you were.”
 The woman sounded wistful, and it was obvious she still missed her

“Perhaps it is time that you considered blending again.  It has been long enough, and you
know you were comfortable with our bond.  It is worth thinking about,”
was the practical

“I know, and I have been.  I will see how this assignment goes.  When it is ended, perhaps I
will return to the Tok’Ra, and if I can find the queen, I will blend again, as I promised you I
would.  If it goes well, then I will once again be able to give time to trying to find the new
queen.  I do not despair of being able to accomplish that, even though it has had to be put
in a waiting position for now.  I promised you I would do my best, and I will,”
she once
again promised her friend.

“For now, you have other important things to think about.  We do not yet know what this
assignment will bring, but each time we go to a new world; there is the chance we will find
her.  We will not give up easily,”
Siesha agreed.

“No, I will not,” she agreed, her voice implacable.

The woman sighed and continued walking.  The memories of the long-dead Tok’Ra
symbiote made her both sad and happy.  That her internal voice sounded like Siesha was
a comfort to her.  She enjoyed their talks.  It was as if Siesha was still with her in some
way.  Moreover, she truly did wish to find the Tok’Ra a new queen, for their numbers were
dwindling.  However, that was for the future, for as Siesha had indicated, this assignment
could turn out to be very important in the fight against the Goa’uld.  Time alone would tell.

Suddenly she announced to her (self),
“Sometimes, I wish the Wiccadians were not a Clan
of the Furling.”

“It would not matter for you and those like you.  Your mother is Wiccadian; your father is
Siesha’s voice answered her.

“Which brings power and great responsibility.  I know, I know,” the Warrior replied.

“At five hundred and thirty-eight years of age, you should,” the voice chided her.

“Must you constantly bring that up?”  She answered.

“You do not look a day over four hundred,” was the prompt reply.

The woman snorted delicately,
“Thank you.”

“Let us go over the whole thing again.  What exactly was this request?”
 The voice
prompted her to return her thoughts to the mission at hand, and the thing that had
brought them here.

“Thor came to Father and the Council of the Table with a request for a seasoned Warrior to
help the Tau’ri in their fight against the Goa’uld.  We discussed it at length.  As you know,
we can be of very little help to the Asgard against the replicators, as our weapons are only
minimally effective against them.”
 She frowned as she contemplated this unpalatable fact.  
That the Asgard were having an extremely difficult time fighting the replicators was a
matter for grave concern.  That the Furling had few weapons against them, as well, was an
even more disturbing circumstance.  The replicators were as much of a pestilence as the
Goa’uld was, and that was a very disturbing thought.  While she did not doubt that in the
end the Asgard would prevail, in the meantime, it was under serious study by both of
their scientific communities and they tested prototypes of weapons regularly in their
Universities and Laboratories.

“The point is that although we cannot help them significantly with the replicators, we may
be able to help them in this way.  The people of the Tau’ri need help in their battle against
the Goa’uld and we, as a people, have not been active in that region of space for a very
long time.  The System Lords there grow bolder and stronger and from what Thor said, we
gathered that the Tok’Ra are also having some difficulties.  Since the Tau’ri are in the
Protected Planets Treaty, by helping them, we are, in a way, helping our allies, the

“Therefore, I agreed to shadow SG-1, analyze their abilities and strengths, and report to the
Council.  In addition, I was to decide if it was an assignment that I would like to pursue.  
Or for that matter, report on whether or not they have a snowball’s chance in Hades of
succeeding.  We must hope that they do, for we cannot yet bring the full force of our
Warriors here to help.  Although we are winning the war, it will not be over for our sector of
the universe anytime soon,”
she finished grimly, as she thought about the battles still
ahead of them in some of their sectors in the universe.

“And tell me, Kataya, Warrior of Cadwaellon, what do you think you will find?”  Siesha’s
voice prompted her.

“I believe I will find a worthy people who need us,” she replied promptly.  

“And is that because of their cause and their potential, or because they are allies of the Tok’
Ra, and we could see our lover again, after all this time?”
 The voice insinuated.

“Siesha, shut up; you are dead.  And besides, we know Justin, his host, was killed, and
for all we know, he could also have died by now,”
she snapped in reply as her mind veered
onto a totally different subject, and not one she was sure she wanted to pursue.  

Her conscience obviously felt it was a point that needed to be examined, as it began to
probe the past.  
“That is true.  How long has it been since we last loved?”  The voice that
asked was full of longing.  

“It has been one hundred and seventeen years,”
her reply was infinitely sad and softly

“We still love him greatly.  And miss him deeply,” Siesha whispered back to her.  

“Yes, I do.  Nevertheless, he was not meant to be my mate for always.  He was not the
mate of my soul, only of my heart.  He was not the Soulmate.”
 She stopped speaking for a
moment as the emotions roiled through her.  Once they passed sufficiently for her to not
only think, but to breathe and speak once more, she continued, murmuring,
“But, oh,
Siesha, how very deeply my love for him is entwined within our Heartmate bonding; how it
hurts to think of him again.”  

“He could have been our Soulmate.  Father would have performed the ritual and rites.  Had
we been willing to abandon our wait for our first Soulmate, he could have taken his place in
our hearts,”
the voice whispered the truth into her mind.

“I know.  Why, why do you cause me this anguish after all these years?  Our kits are
grown and are warriors themselves now.  He would be proud of them.  Of us!  Is this not
enough?  Must you always speak of what might have been?”
 Searing in its intensity, pain
flowed through her mind, as well as her heart, when these thoughts and memories rushed
forward into being.  

“Our children were not very old, at least by our standards, when it was decided that the
time had come for our lives to part.  Had we not been so desperately needed in the
Pegacian System, we would have been with him still.  Our kits could have gone to our father
for further training.  It was not absolutely necessary that we see to so much of it, and, in
fact, once we became immersed in the war, we were not around all that much,”
voice still whispered to her.

“While it is true that their training could have been accomplished without me, the truth
remains; I was needed, and they were thirty.  It was time for their training as Katteri-enti
warriors to truly begin.  They had learned all they could from me in the situation, as it
stood.  We had to leave for the home world.  It will not be long now before they take their
places among the Katteri-enti Warriors.  Soon they will move forward in rank and join the
Table, as I did all those years ago.  It was always meant to be so.  He understood.  We
were together for over eighty years.  Our time together was not long by Tok’Ra or Katteri
standards, but it was truly beautiful and fulfilling.  He will always be the adored of my
heart, always,”
Kataya replied, almost fiercely.  

Pulling in a deep breath, she allowed heartache and deep concern to flood her being, as
she continued more softly,
“If only...”  Stopping and shaking her head slowly, firmness re-
entered her voice, as she said,
“No, it is too late now to replay the past.  I cannot, nor in
reality would I, change anything.  The Katteri-enti needed me, just as the Tok’Ra needed
him.  Just as he could not come with me; neither could I stay with him.”

She paused again, before adding,
“However, I do still feel grief and distress when I
remember how deeply his emotions always affected him; how he probably reacted to our
parting.  Anguish pierces my heart when I consider the dark place in his heart and mind to
which he would have retreated, just as I did.  I can only hope that his agony and despair
did not torment him or last as long as my own did.  With all my being, I truly hope that he is
now at peace and happy.”  

“You believe that he is not dead?  That he lives, breathes, and wonders what happened to
you and his children?  Is this not truly one of the reasons that you are contemplating
joining the Tau’ri?  At least be honest with yourself,”
came the soft rejoinder.

“The fight in the Pegacian system was becoming boring.  The System Lords there are almost
Kataya told herself evasively.  

“While that is true, I do not think that is being completely honest.  You could have had any
command for which you wished.  You could have gone into the Morovian Sector; fighting is
still fierce there.  Be honest, Kataya the Warrior, you want to know if he lives.  You want to
see him again.”
 Her inner voice did not give up on forcing her to look deeply into her
motives and understand what she was doing—and why.

“As you will, then.  Yes, that is one of the reasons—but think.  I know he took and loved a
new mate after us.  I should have sought him out and had the separation ritual performed
then, but it just was not possible at that time.  We agreed when I left that if I could not
return, we were each free to form other attachments.  I hope he found a deep and abiding
love.  I have always wished him happiness.  I love him enough to want what is best for
him.  Besides, since I am speaking truth to myself, the truth is that I feel the presence of
my Soulmate very strongly.  Therefore, if my Heartmate does still live and I find him, we
must go through the rite of release.  The Sevesh Lok Twin.  He deserves to be happy, and I
will help him to be so,”
Kataya responded truthfully.

“Then you believe that your soul mate is among the Tau’ri?”  Siesha whispered.

“Yes.  I have touched his mind and soul,” she replied.  “It was the first day in the Temple.”

“Performing the Sevesh will be painful.  You know how tight the entwining was.  It
resembled a joining of Soulmates more than that of Heartmates,”
again, her inner voice
spoke with Siesha’s voice.

“I am not afraid of the Sevesh.  The pain will be temporary and the benefits great.  It will be
worth it to give him his heart’s desire,”
Kataya replied, sincere in her belief that it was so.

“You do not believe that his heart’s desire is you?”  She still questioned, wanting, needing,
to see all of the truths and know them for what they were.  

“No.  I do not,” Now her answer was very firm with conviction.  She knew that she was now
very comfortable with the knowledge that should she meet her Heartmate once again, they
would have to cut their ties asunder.  Therefore, she was able to switch back to the
original, though obviously not only, reason for the conversation with herself.
 “We have
wandered off the original reason for this conversation.”

“That is true, so return to that discussion and review the reasons for going ahead with

She did not respond for a moment as she paused to gather her thoughts.  Then she began
a recital of her reasons for being where she was and doing what she was doing...observing
the Tau'ri from the SGC, a team designated SG-1.  
“The last assignment was becoming
boring; that is one.  If he still lives, our lover may be somewhere among the Tok’Ra in this
sector, who are allied with the Tau’ri; that would be two.  We believe that the Soulmate is
among the Tau’ri; that is three.  The Goa’uld must be controlled; thus, number four.  It will
please Thor, for whom you have a soft spot; the number is now five.  The Council of the
Table and, of course, Father, believes it would be an excellent way to help the Asgard; the
number is six.  We can become acquainted with the Tau'ri and learn more about them and
how they have evolved, the last but certainly not the least of the reasons; finally, the
number is seven.”  

“That about sums it up.  Now, go away, I do not want to think about it any more.  I must
continue observing my new assignment.  I do not want to be distracted, and there is
nothing quite as distracting as a dead symbiote.”
 With a slight quirk of her lips and a soft
chuckle, the woman strode forward more briskly.   

It was true that Thor would be pleased.  Her Father, also, would smile on her endeavor
and wish her luck.  Soon, she felt, she would join the Tau’ri and the Tok’Ra in their fight
against the System Lords.  Soon, she would find that which she was seeking.  Doubt no
longer lingered in her mind.  She was doing that which is Right.  Her Father was a wise
man, indeed, and her destiny was waiting…


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