Chapter Seven Summary: It has been five months and Sam and Daniel finally return to the
mountain but there are big changes in store for them and SG-1.  When he gets the news,
Jack astonishes even himself by his reaction.  Sam and Daniel's friendship is stronger than
ever.  Lantash and Martouf are surprisingly nervous as they wait.  Jacob and Sam share
some important moments.  At last, it is a time for joy.

“Italics” – Symbiote-Host communication

The SGC had not changed in the last five months.  It was still gray, it was still deep
underground, and it still had a pulse, rhythm, and scent all its own.  Daniel stopped in the
open door of his office and took a deep breath.  Somehow, he was not surprised to see Jack
there.  Nor was there surprise at the look of pain on his face.  Mentally bracing himself and
taking another deep breath, he walked into the room.

“Hey, Jack,” he said, to the man standing, staring unseeing at his desk, who whirled at the
sound of his voice.

“Hey.  Daniel.  How you doin’?”  Jack asked, the cheery note in his voice obviously forced.

“I am doing well, Jack.  How are you doin’?”  Daniel asked, as he looked at his friend with
sympathy in his eyes.  This was going to be hard, he knew, but he had promised Sam.

“I am actually doing better than I thought I would be.  I am surprised at the agreement of
the President to make an exception in Carter and Martouf’s case and allow them to be on a
team together,” Jack said.  

Then, seeing Daniel’s somewhat skeptical look, he added, “I think I am gonna be okay,
Daniel.  There was never anything there really, although we both sometimes pretended
that if it wasn’t for the military, there would be.  The truth is that I would have bored
Carter in a week, and she would have driven me nuts with her techno-babble.  We are just
too different, and much as I hate to have to admit it, Martouf and Lantash are probably the
better men, er man, whatever, for her.  I just really wish he, they, weren’t, well, you

Pausing he cleared his throat and turning to fiddle with a statue on Daniel’s desk, he
finally asked, “Do you think, well, that is, will they, will they be happy, Daniel?  Carter
deserves to be happy, you know?”

“Yeah, I know and yes, they will be happy.  They love her very deeply.  Do you really think
they would leave the Tok’Ra, even part of the time like this, if they did not?  Have you
thought of what it is going to be like for them?  Lantash will only be able to come forward
here on the base, when they are with us, or they are home alone or again, with us.  It is
going to be very hard for them to adjust here, more so than it is for Sam there.  She really
enjoys being with the Tok’Ra, Jack.  She would have stayed with them, but Martouf and
Lantash wanted her to be with her own people, especially now.”  

Daniel waited quietly for the question he knew would come, and that Sam had asked him
to answer, if at all possible before the ceremony, to be sure Jack did not hear it from
someone else.  Therefore, he waited for his words to sink in and for Jack to ask the
question.  It did not take long.  Daniel watched as Jack’s knuckles turned white as he
gripped the statue.  Thank goodness, it was solid and did not crush easily otherwise, it
would be ruble by now.

Keeping his gaze on the statue in his hand, Jack asked softly, “Why especially now,
Daniel?  What is so different now from a couple of months ago when she was going to stay
with the Tok’Ra?  Wasn’t she going to go ahead and blend or something?  Whatever
happened to that?”  Still he did not look at Daniel.

“Sam is two and a half months pregnant, Jack.  They will be spending time in both places
until the baby is born, and then they will decide what would be best for all of them.  The
Tok’Ra are on the run a lot and raising a baby might be better here.  They are going to
have to see how it works out.  Now that Sam knows she can get pregnant, she will not
blend until they have all the children they want.  However, there is no doubt that she will
blend eventually.  Not because Martouf or Lantash are pressuring her either, but because
it is really and truly what she wants.”  

Daniel watched as Jack controlled his emotions before adding, “She is pretty much
walking on air, and Martouf and Lantash are in shock, but they are also very excited.  
Janet wants Sam here, of course, and the healers on the Tok’Ra base would like to have
her there.  Who knows where they will end up, but for now, they are going to be here and
on SG-1.  Martouf and Lantash will be an excellent addition to the team, Jack.  They have
a lot of Intel and knowledge that will help us.  In a couple of months, Sam will have to start
slowing down some, too.  So having Martouf and Lantash already integrated into the team
will be a help.”

Jack put the statue down.  He knew the worst now, and he could cope with this.  Finally
turning to face Daniel, he said, “Yeah, he probably will be a help and an asset.”  He
shrugged.  “You know me, Daniel, I just have to get used to it.  It will take a while, but for
Carter’s sake, I will do it.”  

Daniel nodded and then gazing at him steadily, his voice quiet but firm, he replied, “I have
come to know both Martouf and Lantash very well over the last five months.  I truly believe
that if you and Lantash give it a chance, the two of you will find that you can become
friends.  You will probably never be best buds, but you will find that you have a lot in
common militarily speaking.  I think you and Martouf will also get along fine once you
come to see them as people and not Goa’uld.”  He held up his hand as Jack started to
speak, stopping him.  “You do see the Tok’Ra that way, Jack.  You always have, but that
needs to change.  I sincerely hope that as you, Lantash, and Martouf come to know one
another and become better acquainted, you will start to see the difference…and I know you
are capable of being fair in your judgments.  Give them a fair trial, and you will find you
have two new and loyal friends,” Daniel nodded decisively as he finished what he wanted
Jack to know; what he felt that Jack should know.  

Jack looked at him in silence before he nodded slowly, “All right, Daniel.  I have rarely
known you to be wrong about people so…okay; I will give it a fair and honest shot.”  

“That is all I am asking, Jack; just…get to know them on a personal level.”  

“I can do that,” Jack nodded again, as he answered.  Then changing the subject, he asked,
“So what is this I hear about Anise and Freya taking part in an exchange program?  She is
gonna be here for several months working with you, and then you will go there for several
months?  What is that all about?”  Seeing the flush rise in Daniel’s cheeks, he looked at
him with wide eyes and an open mouth.  “You are kidding, right?  Daniel, tell me you are

Still blushing, Daniel explained a little, “Sorry, Jack, but I am not kidding.  Anise and I
were attracted, then I started learning more about Freya, and the next thing we knew we
were, um, well we were falling in love.  I do love them, Jack.  I am glad they are going to be
here, and I hope you can manage to be civil to them.  I know that at one time Freya was
kind of sweet on you, but things have changed so…”  He left the sentence dangling, as he
watched Jack somewhat warily.

“That is not a problem, Daniel.  I will not be trying to ah, no, no way, no.  Nada.  Not going
to happen,” Jack was quick and firm in his reassurance.

“That is good, because I do not want to have to compete with you, either.  I am glad to
know you never had any wish to, well, that you just are not interested.”  Suddenly Daniel
grinned at him adding, “Your loss is my gain.”  

Jack seemed to notice for the first time that Daniel was wearing the pants and a
cummerbund normally worn with a tuxedo, and it immediately distracted him.  He waved
a hand at him, commenting, “Um, why are you dressed like that, Daniel?  Are you in this

“Yes, I am standing as best man to Martouf and Lantash along with Malek.  Janet and
Anise are standing with Sam.  The ceremony is only a few hours away, Jack.  I wanted to
talk to you and, since I did not know how much time I would have left, I got dressed first.”  
Daniel grinned again, saying, “Now, I have to go help Martouf figure out how to get into
his.  He is a nervous wreck already.”

“So is it a traditional wedding then?  I haven’t heard many details; Teal’c and I have been
off world a lot.  In fact, we were on Eudora last week.  I am thinking of taking a vacation
there or maybe on Argos.  I’ve been there a few times lately on my days off.  Serata told me
the last time I was there that Narim has been a frequent visitor.  Pretty regularly, too, from
what I gathered,” Jack said, nonchalantly.”

“I am glad, Jack.  I will be sure to let Sam know.  I am glad you have checked on Serata
and that Narim is taking an interest there.  I liked what little I saw of her, and I think she
would appeal to him,” Daniel said thoughtfully.

“Yeah, he has, and I am glad because I know it bothered Carter.  Narim, I mean,” Jack
said.  “Well, listen, I will let you go get Martouf ready for the big moment.  You didn’t
answer my question, though.  Is it a traditional wedding with all the trappings?”  Jack
asked again.

“Yes and no.  Martouf asked Sam to wear something blue to match her eyes, so she is
wearing a gown that Anise designed for her, and no, it is not like
that.  It is a deep blue
and made like a traditional gown except for the color.  It is actually quite beautiful.  
Lantash, Martouf, and Sam discussed the service and decided on a combination of Tok’Ra
and Tau’ri words and phrases.  And the General and Garshaw are presiding.”

He paused before adding, “You know the Government is giving Martouf citizenship.  He
will get his identification under the name of Martouf Lantash.  Which means they are also
probably going to recognize the marriage as legit.”  Watching Jack closely, he asked, “Are
you sure you are going to be okay?”  

Jack nodded decisively, “Yes, I am, and I am happy for Carter, Daniel.  I will tell her
myself after the wedding, but if you get a chance to tell her for me, please do.”  A sudden
thought seemed to hit him.  “Are they giving him, er, them, a rank, too?”

Daniel grinned, “It is okay to say him, Jack, they know what you mean.  As for the other
question, the answer is yes.  Jacob has been bringing them up to speed on how the
military here really functions and what they will need to know.  We just got word a little
while ago that they passed every test with flying colors.  I think they will make an excellent
officer.  They are used to a lot of responsibility, as well as commanding others.  They will
be a Major like Sam.  
His identity is Major Martouf Lantash, therefore Major Lantash,
which Martouf is having a problem
answering to, and Lantash is having a problem
remembering not to answer.  The Government did not take the side effects of the name into

Jack gave a whoop of laughter as he pictured Lantash suddenly appearing, eyes glowing,
to answer one of the Pentagon bigwigs, as they called him Major Lantash.  Maybe this
entire situation would have a few good laughs in it.  It was worth looking on the bright side
of it anyway.  Looking squarely at Daniel again, he reiterated, “You tell Carter I am happy
for her, about both the marriage and the baby, Okay?  And tell Major Lantash I said
congratulations on his new rank and, ah, name.”

Daniel was relieved to see the sparkle of amusement in Jack’s eyes as he mentioned their
name and rank.  It boded well for the future of the team.  “I will tell her, Jack, don’t worry.  
She will be happy to hear it.  She wants you and Narim to be happy, you know that.”  
Looking at his watch, he said, “I’ve really got to go and help Martouf and Lantash.  I will be
very sure to give them your message.”  
And explain what it means…that Jack is going to
make things as easy as possible on all of them, as well as really try to get to know them,
added to himself.

“Go ahead, Daniel, I really am fine.  In fact, there is something I need to do,” he said, as he
headed for the door.  He needed to see the General.  He had a plan to help Sam and to
make this day one she would remember with nothing but joy.  Suddenly, he stopped,
turned back towards Daniel, and said, “Tell me, tell me the lizard is not coming, Daniel,

Daniel grinned at him, and was almost overwhelmed by the temptation to lie, but in the
end, he told the truth, “I am afraid Sam has been deserted, Jack.  Tash found a girlfriend
of his own, and he has moved in with her.  He does still visit the tunnels, though, and he
has brought his girlfriend a couple of times.  The girlfriend seemed very taken with Jacob,
so Martouf named her Jacarta,” Daniel assured him solemnly.   

Jack grinned at him, and then laughed at the mental picture of Jacob and a lovelorn
lizard.  Daniel was glad to hear him whistling as he took off down the hall.

The Stargate whooshed; Jack waved and headed out.  He stepped out onto the steps of the
Stargate on Argos.  Walking rapidly, he reached the little village quickly and soon the
people, including Taira and Serata, surrounded him.  He quickly explained why he was
there.  Several of the villagers wished to attend Carter’s wedding.  One of them was
Kynthia.  He smiled at her.  She and the two girls as well as the couple they had first
contact with went to change, while he went back to the gate.  

As he stepped onto the Tollan world, he hoped he was not wrong.  It did not take long for
him to contact Narim.

“Colonel O’Neill, it is always pleasant to see you.  To what do I owe the pleasure of your
visit?”  Narim greeted him in his quiet polite way.

“It’s good to see you, too.  Listen, I don’t have much time, so I’m going to be straight to the
point.  Rumor has it that you have been seeing Serata.  Is that a serious thing, or are you
just checking on them?”  Jack asked bluntly.

Narim straightened and looked at Jack intently, before saying, “I have been finding myself
drawn to her.  The Nox helped both her and Taira to overcome their fears and pain.  We
are becoming close, although I have not yet requested that she become my partner.  Why
do you ask?”

“Carter is getting married today.”  Jack said bluntly.

Narim looked at him blankly for a moment and then light seemed to dawn, and he said,
“She and the Tok’Ra, Martouf and Lantash, are taking one another as life partners?”

“Yes.  Today, in a couple of hours.  Serata, Taira and Kynthia, as well as Alekos and his
wife are coming to the wedding.  I thought you might want to come, as an escort for
Serata,” he said, with meaning in his voice.

Narim nodded slowly, and then said calmly, “Samantha has felt guilt over me, Colonel?  
Therefore, this is to relieve her mind, is it not?  I will be happy to attend.  If you will wait, I
will be ready in a few minutes.  You are in your dress uniform so I assume it is a formal

“Well, not extremely formal.  Just, you know, wear something nice, if you know what I
mean?  And we don’t have much time,” Jack said, as he followed him to his apartment.  

“Please, make yourself comfortable and I will be with you momentarily.”  Speaking from
the other room as he dressed, he said, “I assume we are to go from here to Argos and then
to Earth.  Was Serata excited about attending?”

“Yeah, she was excited, come to think of it, but I think a lot of that was because I told her
you might be going,” Jack answered him.

Ten minutes later, coming into the room, changed and ready to go, Narim said, “Tell me,
Colonel, is it customary to give a gift at the time of a joining?”

“You will be giving her a gift, Narim, and so will I, don’t you think?”  Jack asked.

Looking thoughtful for a moment, Narim finally nodded, ‘Yes, I see what you mean.”  
Smiling in his usual quiet way, he said, “Then let us go, so that we can deliver our gift to
her on time.”

The two men left the room together and headed for the Stargate, ready to complete their

“Martouf, would you just stand still, please?”  Daniel asked, for the tenth time.  In
exasperation, he finally exclaimed, “Lantash, please, take control before Martouf makes
himself sick or ends up going into his wedding half naked, which at this point in time is a
definite possibility.”  

His eyes flashing, Lantash came fore and said stiffly, “I am not sure why you think I will be
any better than Martouf, Daniel.  Do you think I have no emotional feelings over this
event?”  He asked, as he jerked under Daniel’s hands, as Daniel tried for the eleventh time
to get his tie tied correctly.  “Why must I wear this thing around my neck?  It is very
uncomfortable, and I do not like the feel of it,” He stated, sounding so close to being
petulant that Daniel simply stared at him, for a moment, in silence.  

Gathering his somewhat numbed wits and hiding his amusement, Daniel replied, “You
realize, you sound like the typical Tau’ri bridegroom.  You have to wear it because you
insisted that Sam have at least a halfway traditional Tau’ri wedding.  In a traditional Tau’ri
wedding, the men dress like this.  And most of them complain about it, just like you are.”  
Finding no retort to that, Lantash contented himself with remaining silent.

“Will you please stand still?”  Daniel said, frustrated at the end of another five-minute
struggle to get the tie correctly tied.  “Selmak, can you do anything for these two?”  Daniel
turned to ask, as Jacob entered the room.  He asked his question of Selmak, but Jacob

“Nope, not a thing we can do.  It is all part of the marriage ceremony.  The groom gets sick
to his stomach and can’t sit still.  Here, I brought some port.  It won’t do anything for them,
but it will give them something to do besides worry about screwing up their vows.”  

Jacob cautioned Lantash as he reached for the glass, “Whatever you do, do not spill it on
your shirt.”  Watching as they took the glass, he further commented, “If you don’t stop
shaking so much, you’re gonna spill it for sure.”  

Lantash sent him a disgruntled look, but made more of an effort to remain calm and to
steady his and Martouf’s nerves.  

“There.  Finally,” Daniel announced, as he managed to do a decent job, while Lantash had
been paying attention to Jacob.  “If it takes as long to fasten the cuff-links as it did to tie
the tie, we won’t be ready in time for the ceremony.  Give me your arm, Lantash.”  He
sighed as Lantash began to fidget as he attempted to fasten the links, and he watched as
he took another glass of port and finished it off in one swallow.  “It is a good thing it doesn’t
affect them.  At that rate, we would be holding him up by the time the ceremony starts.”  
Daniel laughed suddenly at the mental picture and Jacob grinned as he had the same

“Almost too bad it doesn’t have an effect.  I would almost pay money to see that,” Jacob

“How is Samantha, Jacob?  Is she nervous?  It is not making her feel unwell, is it?  She
has been sick lately, as you know, and I am worried about her.  She seems to be unwell for
no reason at all.  I have been with her at all hours of the day and night when she is ill, and
it is most disconcerting.”  

“It’s called morning sickness, Lantash, as I am sure she has explained, and it will probably
pass in a month or two, although it can be pretty terrible at the time.”

“But, it does not happen in the morning, Jacob.  It happens at all hours,” Lantash,
answered anxiously.  “I am becoming increasingly concerned.”

“Well, you can stop.  Janet gave her something for it, and she does not appear to be very
nervous.  She is not having any second thoughts; she is just quietly happy, or so she
seems to me.”  He looked at Daniel.  “The reason I’m here is because she asked to talk to
you, Daniel.”

Looking surprised, Daniel said, “Well, okay, if you can keep Martouf and Lantash from
walking a rut in the floor and finish getting them dressed, I will go talk to her.  Be back
shortly,” he called as he headed out the door wondering what Sam wanted.

After knocking on the door, Daniel smiled as Anise opened it.  He kissed her lightly and
then looked into the room and caught his breath.  “She is a beautiful ‘bride?’, is she not?  I
have the correct word?”  Anise asked.

Smiling at her, Daniel said, “Yes and yes.  You are looking beautiful, too.”  Looking over at
Janet he said, “In fact all three of you are looking lovely.”  He was surprised when Janet
and Anise thanked him and then left the room.  

“What is wrong, Sam?”  Daniel asked, as he saw the anxiety in her eyes.

“I was,” she drew a deep breath, and tried again, “I was wondering if you have told anyone
about, well, about the baby.”  She looked at him, her real question in her eyes.

“Yes.  I told Jack.  He is okay, Sam.  In fact, he told me to please tell you that he is really
happy for you, and I believe he means it.  I think Narim is going to be all right, too.  I hear
he is spending a lot of time on Argos with Serata.  And, Jack has been to both Argos and
Eudora lately.  He really will be fine.  You can stop feeling guilty about both of them.”  As
always, Daniel read her mind.

Smiling tremulously, she said, “I am so relieved, Daniel.”  Hesitating for a moment, she
then went on to ask, “Did you know that Narim called me his fallen angel?  At first, I
though he meant I was soiled, unclean, but then I finally remembered the rest of what he
said.  He was telling me that even though I had fallen I could get up with help from my
friends.  And, I did.  That is why I asked you to come here.  I have something to tell you.”

“You don’t have to say anything, Sam, I know.  Jack was the one to ask the Tollan to
contact the Nox, you know.  He is the one you should thank.”

“I will, Daniel, but you are the one that made it possible.  I did not remember for quite a
while, but then it came back to me in bits and pieces until I had it all.  Lya used you, with
your consent, didn’t she?  The first time she came, they did not know what to do for me, so
she did the only thing she could think of, and she gave you part of my pain so that I could
begin to function.  You shared all of it.  The pain, the memories, and all the emotions I was
feeling.  You suffered for weeks until she came back again, and you didn’t tell anyone, not
even me.”

“It is okay, Sam.  I wanted to do it.  Besides, they didn’t just give me all that and not give
me other things too, things that helped to work against it, just as they did you.  Moreover,
the second time she came, they had figured out how to really help you to get past it.  Me,
too.  Not just your pain, but the pain I was carrying over Sha’uri.  It helped me more than I
can say, Sam.  So I should thank you.”  

Sam laughed lightly, “Only you, Daniel, would thank someone for making them
miserable.”  She shook her head as she looked at him, and said, “That is not all I wanted
to say.  I did want to thank you for everything you did to help me and all the time you
spent with me.”  

“But, there is something even more important that I wanted to tell you.  I don’t know why
we always wait to say things to people, but I am not waiting any longer and taking a
chance that something happens, and I never said it.  I thought about it while Gamtesh
held me prisoner.  It is what made me realize that I loved Martouf and Lantash; that it was
not just Jolinar.  Anyway, there is something I have never said to you that I want to say,
and I want to say it now.  I love you, Daniel Jackson, and I think I will until the day that I
die.  I have for a very long time, and I wanted you to know.  That is all.”  Daniel watched as
a tear rolled down her cheek.

Daniel took her in his arms and hugged her to him.  Wiping her cheek, he kissed her
gently, and said, “Ah, Sam, I love you, too.  I have for a very long time, and I know I always
will.  Be happy, Sam.”

“You too, Daniel, I want that as much as I have ever wanted anything.”  Sniffing and
smiling all at the same time, she said, ‘You probably should go back, although I imagine
you are getting bored waiting by now.  I imagine you are all bored to death.”

“Ah, no, Sam, I have not had time to get bored.  Martouf and Lantash both are nervous
wrecks.  If they are not pacing, they are sitting down and then popping back up like a jack-
in-the-box.  I had to try fourteen times before he would stand still long enough for me to
get his tie tied.  I do not think I have ever seen Lantash like this.  I can see Martouf being
nervous, but not Lantash.  I am never going to let him forget it.”

“Oh, Daniel, they have not changed their minds, have they?  Maybe they don’t want to go
through with it, and that is why they are so upset,” Sam said, suddenly upset at the

“No.  No, that is not it at all.  I think they are afraid you are going to change your mind.  
Not seeing you all last night or today is taking a toll on them, let me tell you.”

Sam smiled, and gave Daniel another kiss.  “Take that to them, and tell them I can hardly
wait to be joined to them.  Please?”

“With pleasure, Sam.  I will see you shortly.  It will not be much longer now.”  

“I know.  It can’t happen fast enough for me,” She said, as he smiled his sweet smile at
her.  With a wave, he headed back to the nervous grooms.

“What did she want, Daniel?  She has changed her mind, has she not?  She has decided
that she does not wish to become my mate and that we should not do this.”  Martouf was
back in control and, if anything, he was more nervous than ever.

“No, that is not what she wanted.  She simply wanted me to reassure you that she had not
changed her mind, and that she was excited and looking forward to becoming your mate.  
Stop stressing over this, Martouf.  You are going to mess up just from being nervous if you
don’t calm down,” Daniel said, with all the patience he could find.  “It will not be long now,
so just try to calm down.  Really.”

“You are correct, Daniel.  I should not be so nervous.  I will try to become calmer.  Perhaps
if I make an effort to stay still and take some deep breaths, Lantash will have more success
in dampening the chemicals that are no doubt flooding my system.”  

“I am sure he would,” Jacob spoke up.  “Listen, I have to go be with Sam.  I get to walk in
with her, you know.  That is part of the traditional Tau’ri wedding that I am going to enjoy.  
I will talk to you later, and remember that you are among friends, and everyone wishes
you and Sam well, Martouf.  So, just calm down.  Later, Daniel,” Jacob said, as he breezed
out the door and left Martouf with Malek and Daniel.

“I, too, believe you should try to remain calm, Martouf,” Malek advised.  “You are going to
wish to do the ceremony correctly, and being nervous will not be conducive to that.  I
believe I need to go get the flowers now, is that correct, Daniel?”  

“Oh, yeah, the one for the lapels; I forgot all about them.  Cassie will have them, I think,”
Daniel said, after giving it some thought.  

As soon as Malek left the room, Martouf turned to him.  “What did Samantha truly want,
Daniel?  She could have sent that message with her father.  I would appreciate the truth,

Daniel drew in a breath, before saying quietly, “She wanted to thank me for agreeing to
share the pain she was experiencing.  The first time Lya came, she did not really know
what to do for her.  So, they gave her beautiful thoughts and transferred some of her
memories and pain to me so that she had less to cope with.  I know I did not tell you that
when I talked to you that night, but I did not want Sam to realize, and I was afraid you
might slip and let her know.  Anyway, she has remembered what Lya did, that it was not a
dream she had, and she wanted to let me know that she appreciated it.”  

“The second time they came, they had figured out how to heal the mind, as you know.  
Obviously,” Daniel grinned at him, “Since Sam had to have become pregnant that night or
shortly thereafter.”  He laughed, as Martouf flushed before Lantash could control it.  He
was too busy with other emotions and hormone levels, the adrenaline not the least of what
was running rampant through Martouf’s system.

Martouf smiled, but said, “There is something else, as well, though.  That is not all she
wanted either.  She finally told you she loves you.  I am glad.  It has been worrying her
that she has never told you.”

Daniel looked at him with relief that he did not seem to mind.

“She has every reason to love you, Daniel.  I understand, and I understand that you love
her.  I also understand that it is not in the way that she and I love, therefore, it is quite
acceptable to me.”

“Good.  Because you are right and I do love her.”  Looking at his watch, he said, “Thirty
minutes.  It will not be long now.”  They turned as Malek came back with the boutonnieres
and Anise and Janet who helped them put them on.  Daniel watched, as Martouf seemed
to gather himself together.  After taking a few deep breaths, he seemed noticeably calmer.  

“Sam, you look beautiful.  You remind me of your mother,” Jacob said softly to his
daughter.  “She would have been happy for you, Sammie, and so am I.  Martouf and
Lantash are good men.  They love you, and they will take care of you to the best of their
ability.  Yes,” he said, holding up his hand, “I know that you can take care of yourself for
the most part.  I just meant that you will be precious to them, and they will do everything
they can to make you happy.”

“I know, Dad.  I love them, too.  So much.  I can’t believe I ever wondered if it was Jolinar
or me.  Our feelings were similar, but mine were different.  Now they have finally merged
and the love for them is one feeling.  I am so full of emotions today.  I feel like I could cry a
river or dance forever.  I want to laugh and cry all at the same time, but I don’t think its
nervousness.  I think it is excitement.  I feel as if someone has given me the universe and
told me I can do anything I want.”

“Your mother said something very similar the day we were married.  She said she felt as if
someone had just given her the world and told her she could have it all and do it all.”  He
smiled as he remembered that day.

“I love you, Dad.  I love you very much.  I should tell you more often,” Sam said suddenly.  

“I love you, too, Sam, I love you, too.”  He smiled at her as he held her in his arms, and
then he said, “Sel wants to tell you something.”  He bowed his head, Sam watched as
Selmak took control.  

“Major Carter.  Samantha, I wish to tell you that I too care very much for you.  I share your
father’s deep love for you, and I am proud of my daughter on this day.  Jacob is correct.  
You are a very beautiful woman.”

“Why, thank you.  I care for you very much too.  I am glad my dad has you.  I don’t think I
ever thanked you for giving him back to me, and I should have.  I have never forgotten,
even if I have never said anything.  Thank you.”

“Jacob also gave me life, Samantha.  Without him, I would certainly have died.  The
benefits were, and are, mutual.  I thank you for giving him to me.”  Leaning forward, he
surprised Sam by kissing her lightly on the cheek.

Looking at his watch, Jacob took control and said, “Fifteen minutes, Sam.  It won’t be long

“Thank you for inviting us, Colonel.  I am truly happy for Samantha,” Serata said, in her
soft voice as she stood at Narim’s side.  

“No problem.  I thought seeing you and Narim would make the day even more special for
her.  I’m glad you agreed to come,” Jack said, as he smiled at the quiet spoken young
woman.  Quiet, gentle, and intelligent, she was perfect for Narim.  

He saw Teal’c talking to the younger sister.  She seemed fine with the huge warrior, no
longer afraid of him just because he was male and a Jaffa.  As they all took seats, Teal’c
and Taira smiled at them as they waited for the ceremony to begin.  It should start within

What sounded like a flute accompanied by a guitar and perhaps a harp began to play.  
They watched as Garshaw and General Hammond mounted some steps to a ramp placed
on the other side of the gate.  The gate looked odd, but somehow right, festooned in white
and blue satin, laces, ribbons, and flowers.  All blue and white except for the occasional
deep red rose.  The rose that says, “I love you.”  

Jack had barely made it back with his guests before they had started to decorate it.  It
looked—wedding-like—he thought.  

Everyone turned, as Martouf, Daniel, and Malek entered and mounted the ramp, the deep
blue of the tuxedos and the white shirts, matching the gate decorations.  Jack grinned as
Martouf reached up to loosen the tie around his neck, only to have Daniel place his hand
on his arm to stop him.

Suddenly, the tone of the music changed, with the instruments going from nice music to
something that sounded soothing and beautiful.  With the change, the airmen lined up in
front of the door and raised their swords.  Janet came through first.  Dressed in
shimmering ice blue satin with an overdress of sapphire blue lace, she looked lovely.  She
smiled at Malek, her partner for the day, as she walked beneath the raised swords towards
the gate.  Anise followed and she too was lovely in the blue on blue.  She smiled towards
Daniel as she, too, passed under the upraised swords.  He acknowledged her with a smile
in return.

Once again, the music changed and became hauntingly lovely.  Sam and her father
entered to walk between the raised swords of the airmen.  The General wore his Air Force
uniform and beside him, a vision in deep blue satin and lace, stood Samantha.  The full-
skirted satin gown, hugged her body.  The deep vee’d neckline hinted at things, as did the
deep vee in the back.  The long tight sleeves ended in long points on the back of her
hands.  Tiny buttons made their way down her back; on the sleeves, they climbed to her
elbows.  Her blond hair shone like a golden cap, and her blue eyes reflected the deep blue
of her dress.  She carried a bouquet of deep red roses, blue carnations, and baby’s breath.  

Jack’s breath caught in his throat at the stunning picture she made.  He looked down, as
Kynthia’s hand made its way into his, and she looked at him and smiled.  Squeezing her
hand, he smiled back at her.  Dreams were just dreams; sometimes reality was better.

“She is lovely is she not, Martouf?”  Lantash asked, when they caught sight of their
Samantha, as she entered on her father’s arm.  
“It is truly a wonder that we have found
her and that she agreed to be our mate.  Never will she regret this day,”
he vowed to

“She is, Lantash, and I agree.  I do not know what we have done to deserve such as she,
but I am thankful that it is so, and I will strive every day to ensure that her life with us is
as full of joy as possible.  We both will, I know.”
 Watching her walking toward them, her
beauty shining in her face, her smile for them alone, Martouf almost forgot to breathe and
so did Lantash.

“Martouf!  We must breathe,” Lantash said, faintly.

“Yes, we must,” Martouf replied, as he took a deep breath and watched as she neared

As Jacob and Sam stopped at the top of the ramp, she and Martouf first faced one another
and bowed their heads in a respectful gesture to each other.  They turned together with
Jacob between them and stepped forward until the Stargate framed them, their attendants
on either side of them.  General Hammond and Garshaw stepped forward, and the music

The General started the service, “We have gathered here today, to share in the joy of
Samantha, Martouf, and Lantash.  They have asked that their friends be here to witness
that which they have to say to one another as they give their pledges, one to the other.”

Garshaw then stepped forward, to say, “Martouf and Lantash desire to join their lives with
Samantha as Samantha desires to join her life to theirs.  With respect and joy, we will
listen as they speak.  Be silent, and witness with reverence, the stating of their vows."

Sam and Martouf bowed to Garshaw and General Hammond.  Then they turned to Jacob
who took the deep red rose from his lapel and kissed it before placing it into Sam’s
bouquet.  Leaning forward, he kissed her gently, then taking her hand in his, he reached
for Martouf’s and placed her hand in his.  Looking at him, he said, “Not even life itself is
more precious to me than this woman I now give into your keeping.  I ask that you love
her, honor her, and cherish her, all the days of your lives as the most precious of any gift
you have ever received.”  

Looking first to Samantha and then to Jacob, Martouf answered, his voice alive with
emotion, “We will.  Never will any gift be more loved or more precious to us.”  Bowing to
them, Jacob stepped to the side as Sam turned to give her bouquet to Anise.  She turned
back to Martouf and Lantash and gave them her other hand.  

Clasping their hands tightly, Sam looked into their eyes and said clearly, and firmly, her
voice filled with the love she had for them, “I, Samantha, take thee, Martouf, to be my
bonded mate, my husband.  I promise to love you, and honor you, to cherish you, and
respect you, all the days of my life.”

“Freely, I give my heart into your keeping, knowing this love of ours will endure and grow,
and you will both nourish and protect it.”

“I promise to give to you comfort, support, and strength.  I promise to share your sorrows,
your joys, your hopes, and your fears.  I will laugh with you, and I will cry with you.”   

“I pledge to you that the day will not dawn that I do not yearn to touch you and hear your
voice, nor will the night come that I do not long for you by my side, for I believe that we
belong together.  You are my other half, and you have made me whole.”

“Forever and always, until our time together is no more, I vow to keep myself only unto
you, to worship you with my body, and love you with my heart.”

“From this day forward, you, Martouf, are my love, and my life, my partner, my husband,
and my mate, forever and always.  Into eternity, I love you.”

Taking a deep breath and clasping her hands tighter, if that was possible, he smiled
almost shyly at her, as he said in a clear, but slightly shaking voice.  “I, Martouf, take thee,
Samantha, to be my bonded mate, my wife.  I promise to love you, and honor you, to
cherish you, and respect you, all the days of my life.”  

“Freely, I give my heart into your keeping, as I accept yours into mine, knowing this love of
ours will endure and grow, and you will both nourish and protect it.”  

“I promise to give to you comfort, support, and strength.  I promise to share your sorrows,
your joys, your hopes, and your fears.  I will laugh with you, and I will cry with you.”   

“I pledge to you that the day will not dawn that I do not yearn to touch you and hear your
voice, nor will the night come that I do not long for you by my side, for I believe that we
belong together.  You are my other half, and you have made me whole.”

“Forever and always, until our time together is no more, I vow to keep myself only unto
you, to worship you with my body, and love you with my heart.”

“From this day forward, you, Samantha, are my love, and my life, my partner, my wife, and
my mate, forever and always.  My heart belongs to you, and it will be yours into eternity.  I
love you.”  Bowing his head, Lantash took control and prepared to speak his vows, but
Samantha halted him, with a slight shake of her head.  

She said softly, but again, clearly and firmly, “I, Samantha, take thee, Lantash, to be my
bonded mate, my husband.  I promise to love you, and honor you, to cherish you, and
respect you, all the days of my life…”

“…From this day forward, you, Lantash, are my love, and my life, my partner, my
husband, and my mate, forever and always.  I love and accept you, in all your diverse
beauty, today, tomorrow, and on into eternity.  I love you.”

Lantash could be clearly heard, his voice husky with emotion, his tones even deeper than
usual, as he said, “I, Lantash, take thee, Samantha, to be my bonded mate, my wife.  I
promise to love you, and honor you, to cherish you, and respect you, all the days of my

“…From this day forward, you, Samantha, are my love, and my life, my partner, my wife,
and my mate, forever and always.  I vow to you that never will you have cause to regret
this day, as long as I draw breath to see to it that it is so.  I love you.”

As he finished speaking, Sam smiled at Lantash, unashamed of the tears she was not even
trying to control, and then turned to Anise who handed her something.  She turned back
to Lantash and taking his left hand in hers, she said.  “I, Samantha, give unto thee,
Lantash, and thee, Martouf, this ring, as a symbol of my eternal love and devotion.  As the
circle is unending and eternal, so is my love for both of you.  Please wear my pledge to thee
as the outward symbol of my vows to you.”

It was obvious to everyone in the room that Lantash had not been expecting this.  
Evidently, he had not been expecting what the ring depicted either.  The wide gold band
had sculpted into it, two hearts bracketing the symbols for a man and a symbiote, which in
turn had between them, the symbol of a woman.  Inside the inscription read, “Come, be
one with me, S.C.  He touched it reverently.

Still speechless, he looked blankly at Daniel when he handed him something, and
indicated that he must do something.  Struggling to gain control of his emotions, he took it,
then he looked at Samantha, and seeing her smile at him so lovingly, he finally found his
voice, and remembered what he was supposed to do.  

His voice, deeply husky and raw with emotion, he said, “We, Lantash and Martouf, give to
thee, Samantha, this ring as a symbol of our eternal love and devotion.  It is with hearts
full of love that we ask you to wear this circle, the symbol for eternity, for that is how long
our love for thee will live.  Please wear our pledge to thee as the outward symbol of our
vows to you.”

As he slipped the beautiful diamond and sapphire ring onto her finger, the General
stepped forward, and said, “In as much as Samantha, Martouf, and Lantash have spoken
their vows, one to the other, exchanged rings as tokens of their love, and had us to witness
this, it is with great joy and pleasure that I declare that they are now joined, as is the
custom of both the Tau’ri and the Tok’Ra.”  He waited for a moment, then said softly, “Well,
go ahead, son.  You may kiss your bride.”  Lantash and Martouf did not need anyone to tell
them twice.  They lowered their lips to hers and kissed her deeply, completely lost to the
music and the applause that was greeting their newly formed bond.  He and Martouf
changed places seamlessly so that they both shared this first kiss in their newly formed

Daniel watched with a small smile playing about his lips, as Martouf cradled Sam and
murmured to her, so softly and gently, that Daniel could not hear him.  He watched as
Sam blushed, as people began to come up and congratulate them.

As things calmed down and people went over to get some food or something to drink,
Samantha Carter leaned her head against Martouf and Lantash’s chest and sighed her
love to them.  As he kissed her gently, she remembered what Narim had said; when angels
fall, they just need time and help to recover.  When they healed, they soared again.  She
was going to be all right.  

She looked over at Daniel as he stood with Anise, some of the Tok’Ra, and her team.  He
lifted his glass in a silent salute to her.  She would be fine, just as he had promised her.  
This fallen angel was about to take flight.  

Turning to the ones who were the wind beneath her wings, she held out her hand and they
clasped it.  They were going to soar.  


The End.

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This if the first story of a two part series.  The story that follows this is titled
Breathing Space.  It picks up four months after When Angels Fall ends.    
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