Chapter Six Summary: Lantash comes to terms with what he has learned about Sam's
ordeal.  He and Daniel have a discussion about what happened and how they fell about it.  
Jack visits the tunnels and meets Tashmar.  Sam is happier than she has been in a long
time.  She comes to some decisions with a little help from some very special friends.

“Italics” – Symbiote-Host communication

It was almost dawn.  Lantash would have to awaken them soon to return to the tunnels.  
They had not been asleep for long, but he could not allow them to stay here once the sun
arose.  It had been a long and emotion filled night.  When finally Samantha had brought
herself to begin speaking of her ordeal, it was as if a damn had burst, and her words had
flowed like a river.  At first, the recital of what had taken place had been in a flat
unemotional voice, but soon it contained all the emotions she had felt.  Fear, loathing,
rage, and pain were just a few of them.  

Regaining consciousness in a prison surrounded by the dead and dying had been the first
horror.  Next had been the guards and their games to pass the time in the stinking hell-
hole they had put her in.  The first attack and rape had surprised and frightened her.  
Subsequently, she had learned how to tell when it was about to happen again.

Then after two or three days, she really did not know for sure, she was taken from the
cell, bathed, perfumed, and dressed along with the other women who were still alive.  
Then they took them into be inspected, first by his first prime, and then those that passed
his approval were taken into be inspected by Gamtesh.  Samantha’s blond beauty stood
out, he took one look at her, and immediately chose her for his harem.  

She had believed being in the prison was the worst that could have happened; she
believed wrong.  The first time they had taken her, she had fought.  For that, she had
spent two days having her bones broken and then waking in the sarcophagus.  After that,
the days had run together for her.  The other women were terrified, and the first time he
used her as a concubine she found out why.  He was into pain.  And blood.  Moreover, he
always wanted an audience, so the guards came in to watch, or participate, depending on
what he wanted done.  Sam had soon become a favorite because her pale skin showed the
blood so much brighter than the dusky skinned ones.  In addition, she had stamina that
most did not; she did not die as easily.  It took her longer.  

Then Taira and Serata joined the harem.  It was obvious that both were extremely
frightened, but the younger girl was completely terrified.  Sam could not stand the
thought of him torturing and raping the young girl, so she began to hide her and make
herself available to the guards, so that they would choose her for their games—and his.  
Nevertheless, in the end, he had taken them and made them hosts for his children, and
Sam had once again fought them.  

Finally, Lantash knew what Daniel and his team had seen when they had found her in
that room and he had to use every suppression and numbing technique he had to keep
Martouf from being violently ill.  At the time.  After she finally cried herself to sleep in his
arms, he had gently lain her down and gone far enough away that she would not hear.  
And then, he had raged within himself and been violently sick several times.

Furthermore, he realized that Daniel had known all along.  That was why he often looked
so sick when he looked at her when he thought no one was looking.  He had shared this
pain as if it was his own, as he and Martouf were doing now.  How was she living with
these memories?  He did not know, but he knew that he loved her more than ever.  They
would join as soon as he could arrange it and get her consent.  Never would she have to
wonder if he loved her still.

He looked over at patient Tash, who had stayed near her during the entire time.  Through
all the tears, and the anger, that had finally come.  Through the screaming, crying, and
fighting, for she had fought with Lantash like a tiger in her anger, and all he could do was
keep her from hurting herself, although he had let her hurt him.  Moreover, he had cried
on the inside, as she had cried on the outside.  

Finally, she had cried herself to sleep.  Then, he had allowed Martouf to come forward, so
that he could heal his many bruises and scratches.  That was when he allowed Martouf to
be so violently sick for both of them.  Now, he kept watch, thought, and relived—and
relived and relived.  

How could she survive this and heal?  She was fine physically, but would she ever heal
emotionally?  Hearing soft steps, he quickly turned to address whoever approached.  It
was, of course, Daniel.

Stopping a few feet away, he nodded a greeting, his eyes going to Sam’s tear-stained face
and tangled hair before he smiled slightly, walked to the rug, and sat on the edge of it.

“So, she finally told you.  I am glad.  She needed to be able to know that your love would
remain regardless.  It will remain, won’t it?”  Daniel looked at Lantash, who returned his
regard coolly and calmly, showing little or no emotion on the outside, despite the raging
turmoil within him.  

“Yes.  She did.  You knew,” Lantash looked at him with respect.  “You knew it all, and you
shared it with no one.  When did she confide in you, Daniel?  Or was it the attendants
and the girls while we were on the Tollan world?”  He asked quietly.

“I learned a great deal from Serata.  They, as much as possible, as you know, protected
Taira.  Until she was taken as a host.  The attendants told me a lot.  Sam, well, Sam told
me the rest the day you had the council meeting.  Lya and Nafrayu came while you were
gone.  No one ever mentioned them, so I assumed they simply used their abilities to move
themselves to us.  They cannot heal the mind as they can the body, but Lya did
something.  It calmed Sam, and when she woke up, she was able to tell me things, things
I did not already know.  I think that maybe Lya moved the knowledge of my information
to Sam or something, because she was brief about all the things I already knew, and
talked mostly of those things of which I had no knowledge.”  

“I think it helped some, as Lya knew it would, but not enough, also as Lya knew.  
Nevertheless, it allowed her to get to a point where she could begin to talk of at least parts
of it with Arwanna.  And that, in turn, led to this episode with you.  She is exhausted,
mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted.  I believe this will help her, depending,
of course, on how you handle what you have learned and how you treat her.  She is very
fragile right now,” Daniel had explained softly, so as not to awaken her.  “I sincerely hope
that it has not changed your feelings for her.”

Lantash smiled, wryly and somewhat sadly, “You do not trust me, and yet I have done
nothing to show myself as less than honorable.”

“That is very true, actually, but it is not “you” as in Martouf and Lantash.  I think I would
feel the same about any man who wanted to take Sam from us.  We will miss her very
much.  She is very special and dear to all of us, but perhaps more so to me.  She has
been there for me on many occasions, and I, well, I decided a long time ago that I would
also be there for her, anytime and for anything.  So, you still haven’t answered my
question.  Has what you have heard changed your feelings for her?”

“If it is possible, I love her more now than ever.  Martouf as well, only loves her more, not
less.  Is that what you wished to know?”  Lantash asked.
“Yes.  And, although I know you would wish to let her sleep, the sun will be up soon, and
she would rather return to her room without an audience.  Besides, Tashmar looks like
he would like to go home,” Daniel said, as he smiled at Lantash.  “What do you say we
take them there?”

“An excellent idea, Daniel.  If I carry Samantha can you get the rug?”  Lantash asked.

“Yes, I think so.  And Tash will follow Sam, so we don’t even have to worry about him.”  

Nodding, Lantash woke Martouf, and then he bent to pick up Samantha.  However, before
he lifted her, he turned to Daniel, and said, “One last question.  Why did you tell no

“Because it wasn’t my place.  I knew Sam would tell you when she was ready, and
besides, everything she told me was in confidence,” Daniel said quietly.

“And yet, by sharing it, you might have shared the pain, for you felt it, did you not?”  
Lantash spoke his voice equally solemn.  As the two men stared at one another, Lantash’s
eyes widened.

“You told Jacob you would tell him, but you have not.  You have told him only that which
you could color lightly and keep his curiosity dampened.  I thank you for that.  There is
no need for him to know of this.  His pain as her father would be great.”

“Yes.  I know.  Now come on, lets get these two home and in bed.  I don’t think Tash likes
it out here.”

Agreeing, Lantash leaned down, lifted Samantha into his arms, and held her against his
heart, as they made their way back to the tunnels.  She snuggled close to him, but did not

“So, Daniel, you ready to come home yet?  How much longer are you gonna stay here?”  
Jack O’Neill picked up a doohickey in the room they were in and looked at it closely.  

“Jack, that is Anise’s equipment, and I very much doubt if she would appreciate it if you
screw up her readings.  As for your question, I don’t know when I will be back.  I will
return whenever Sam no longer needs me.  It has only been a little over eight weeks, you
know.  Sam still has a lot of pain and anger to work through.”  Daniel reached over and
removed the instrument from his hands.  “Freya will not be able to protect you; leave stuff
alone,” he scolded him, exasperated.

Jack grinned at him before asking, “So, Daniel, is the snake still attracted to you?  I
mean, we know she was before, so is that a, ah, problem for you?”

“No, Jack, it is not a problem for me, and I happen to like her now that I have gotten to
know her better.  I like Freya, too.  Especially now that they have a little better dress

“You mean she is not wearing those little,” Jack made a movement with his hands
indicating his meaning.

“No.  She is not, so just stop it.  Like I said, Jack,” Daniel said softly, but firmly, “I have
grown to really like her.  She grew up in a culture that is different, but that does not
make them wrong.  It just so happens that we have a lot in common.  Consequently, I
would appreciate it if you would knock it off.”

Still grinning at him, Jack shrugged.  “Okay.  So, Daniel, when are you gonna tell me
what really happened while Carter was a prisoner?  Don’t you think I need to know?  I
have to know what to expect when she comes back and is part of the team again.”

“I don’t think it is my place to tell you that, Jack.  You will have to ask Sam, and
personally, I do not think she will tell you, and I do not think it will matter.  If I were you,
I think I would just drop it.  Janet is happy with the progress she is making, and that is
the important thing,” Daniel said.  “Aren’t you going to go see her while you are here?”

“Well, yeah, I just thought I would talk to you first to see if there was anything I should
know, you know, before I talked to her.”

“No, I don’t think so.  Come on, I will take you over there.  She is probably in the lab with
Arwanna.  They have become close friends, and although Arwanna is mostly a healer, she
is kind of into physics and stuff.  She is a very bright lady, actually.  Anyway, they get
along well and enjoy each other’s company, so when Arwanna is free, she joins Sam in
the lab they gave her.”

As they walked down the hall, Jack turned to Daniel, to ask, “How is Jacob?  Is he
handling everything okay?”  

“Yeah.  He went to get supplies today, but they should be back before long.  Hey, did I tell
you that Lya and Nafrayu came to see Sam right after we got here?”  Daniel asked,
suddenly remembering the incident.  “I guess the Tollan contacted them.”

“Good.  I asked Councilor Travell if they could make contact with them and see if there
was anything that they could do for Carter.  Was she able to help?”  Jack wanted to know.

“Really?  You asked the Tollan to do that?  Thanks, Jack, that was a really nice thing to
do.  It was nice of them to contact them for us, too.  As for helping Sam, well, she could
not heal her mind, but she did help her somehow.  At least, Sam seemed to be better after
they were here.  Calmer, I guess is how I would explain it.  She does not seem to have the
flashbacks, although she is still having the nightmares.  Lya said they would be back,
but, as far as I know, they have not been,” he said.  He turned into the open doorway of
the lab that the Tok’Ra gave to Sam to work in and in which she tended to spend a lot of
her time.  

As they entered the lab, there was a sudden hissing and stomping sound.  They stopped
and looked across the room at Sam, while she looked down and said, “Now, Tash, what is
the matter with you?  It is just Daniel.  Stop that.”

Suddenly, the lizard stood on his hind legs and ran straight at Jack, who quickly dodged
behind the nearest table of equipment.  Tash stood with his front legs on the table, his
tail lashing, hissing threateningly.  “What the hell is that thing, Daniel?  Who ever heard
of a guard lizard?  Carter, call this thing off,” Jack said, as he backed up several feet from
the table.

Sam sat dumbfounded at her pet’s behavior, Daniel started laughing, and Arwanna hid
her smiles.  

“Carter, do something,” Jack said, as the lizard got down and began to stalk him around
the table.  Jack moved backward and Tash advanced, tail still whipping from side to side,
hissing almost constantly.  

Finally finding her voice and wits, Sam told him, “Stomp, Sir.”

“What?”  Jack continued to creep backwards and he didn’t dare take him eyes off the
lizard to so much as glance at her.  

“I said, stomp.  Stomp your feet.”

So, Jack stomped and Tashmar stomped back and hissed for good measure.  Daniel
laughed so hard he had to hold his ribs, and tears ran down his face.  Lantash walked
into the room, taking in the entire situation, at a glance.  Hiding his smiles, while Martouf
chortled in his head, he said sternly, “Tashmar, you will come.  Down.  Now.”  Hearing the
voice he considered authority, the lizard looked at him and then back at Jack.  With a
final lash of his tail showing his displeasure at having his sport curtailed, he returned,
obviously disgruntled, to his place at Samantha’s feet.  

Jack straightened his jacket and straightened his shoulders.  “Where did you get that
thing, Carter?  And don’t think you are bringing it back to earth with you because we can’
t have something like that attacking people all over the SGC.  Although,” he added
thoughtfully, “there are a few I would like to sic him on.”  

“Since Samantha will not be returning anytime soon, that will not yet be a problem.”  
Lantash had seen the panicked look his love had sent him and smoothly changed his
sentence.  Nevertheless, he was concerned.  Why did she not want him to announce their
plans?  He frowned slightly.  Was she having second thoughts?  She was still refusing the
joining because she could not bear to go through with “making love” as she so sweetly
called it.  He and Martouf did not care if she could ever do so.  They wanted her and,
while her body would certainly be a bonus, it was not their goal.  They loved her and
everything about her, not just her beautiful body.  Unfortunately, they could not seem to
convince her that this was so.  

“Stop worrying, Lantash.  Samantha simply wishes to announce it in her own time and in
her own way.  Moreover, she is correct.  Much as we would like to do it for her, it is her
place to do this,”
Martouf, for once, counseled Lantash.

“I am aware, Martouf.  That does not mean I must like it,” Lantash replied with a sigh.   

They were brought back to the conversation going on around them when Jack walked
around the table, and Tash once again stood and began to stomp and hiss.  Once more
Lantash called him into line saying, “Tash.  I told you down.”  Turning to Jack he
commented, mildly, “I believe, Colonel O’Neill, that perhaps you should stay back
somewhat from Samantha.  Tash, as you can see, is very protective of her.  He has been
since the very first day he adopted her and tried to feed her his breakfast.”

Seeing the joy on Carter’s face as she looked at and exchanged smiles with the Tok’Ra,
Jack realized that it was not just that she would not be returning anytime soon.  She
would not be returning at all.  He took a deep breath against the pain, and let go of a
nebulous dream he had held for a long time.  If the Tok’Ra made her happy, and it was
patently obvious that he did, then that was what really mattered, wasn’t it?  Suddenly,
Tash walked over and licked his hand.  Startled he looked down at the lizard now gazing
up at him.  Well, at least the lizard knew what he was going through and had decided to
commiserate with him instead of attack him.  He supposed it could be worse.  

Ten weeks ago, Sam came to stay with her father, Martouf, and Lantash in the Tok’Ra
Tunnels on Corlatt.  She was healing, but it was very slow.  Some days, she despaired of
ever being well enough to physically mate with Martouf and Lantash.  She wanted too;
she found herself experiencing sexual feelings for them, and yet she was still unable to
take it to its natural conclusion.  She just could not seem to get farther than a few kisses.  
As soon as they broached intimacy, she froze, and every sexual feeling she had dissipated
as if it was smoke.  Intense and almost paralyzing fear replaced it.  Sometimes the fear
then morphed into panic and from there to near hysteria.  It distressed her that such a
small thing as a light touch to her breast could so completely un-woman her.  Lantash
was patience itself.  His love…and Martouf’s…for her was there in everything they did for
her.  It was in every touch, every glance, every kiss, and every caress.  Her love for them
continued to grow.  She just wished she could express it more physically.  They insisted
that it was not important to them, and that if it was not that she wanted to be able to
express it in this way so badly, they would not continue to try, but instead would wait for
her to heal some more.  They loved her.  They loved her now and they would love her, just
as she was, tomorrow and every tomorrow they had together after that one.  

She and Arwanna discussed her situation and her reactions to Lantash and Martouf’s
advances.  As they talked about Arwanna’s own experiences, Sam was both reassured
and depressed.  She was unable to mate with Daimesh for almost a year after a similar,
but not as bad, an experience.  The only light that Sam could see within her darkness
was that Arwanna told her that she had become angry and started to place the blame
where it belonged, much sooner than she, herself, had managed to do.  Therefore, it was
very possible and even probable that Sam would also come to at first accept, and then to
need and enjoy, intimacy sooner than she had when it happened to her.  She hoped
Arwanna was correct.  

Along with that, she wished she could feel clean again.  Mentally, she understood why she
had these feelings and that they were completely unjustified.  She knew she was clean.  
Emotionally, she was still a long way from where she desperately wanted to be, and
sometimes she had to force herself not to take more baths.   A lot more baths.  

Lya and Nafrayu stood beside the sleeping platform and infused their healing energy into
Samantha Carter, blurring some of the worst memories, and removing the pain and
disgust associated with them.  Then they pulled some good memories from that time
forward and made them more prominent.  They enhanced the memory of her joy at seeing
Martouf and Lantash, and the feel of their arms around her as they carried her toward
the Stargate.  The soft kisses they placed on her head and hair as they carried her.  The
realization that it was love that colored their voice as they spoke lowly, softly and gently to
her.  She had forgotten those things, but she would never do so now.  Now when she
thought of her time in Gamtesh’s stronghold, the things she thought of were those…rather
than the time spent with him.  That time became unimportant.  She smiled softly at the
beautiful thoughts that filled her mind, as the others faded into the background.  There
was no more pain associated with that time; she was healed and whole.  She came awake
slowly, stretched, and turned over onto her back.  She frowned though because Lantash
and Martouf were not there this morning as they usually were.  They had mentioned
nothing that they needed to do.  

Sitting up, she realized that Daniel was there with her, and he was smiling.  Seeing her
awake, he sat down beside her.  “Hi, Sam, how are you doing’?”  He asked softly.

“I am fine, Daniel, but where are Martouf and Lantash?  Is it morning?”  She asked,
somewhat confused.  

“Well, it is about 01:00 hours.  Martouf could not sleep, and since I was still up working
on some stuff, he asked me to sit with you in case you awoke, while he went for a walk.  
He is on the surface.  How do you feel?”  He probed gently, trying to find out if she was
experiencing what he was feeling.

“I feel,” Sam paused, and then looked at Daniel, “I feel clean, Daniel.  I feel clean,” she
gasped.  “More than that I feel…at peace about what happened to me.  I no longer feel the
revulsion and fear when I think of that week and a half.  What has happened to me?”  
She asked with both wonder and awe in her voice.  

“Lya and Nafrayu were just here.  You remember I told you they came when you were first
here, and I thought they helped you?”  At Sam’s nod of agreement, he continued, “Well,
Lya said they worked on a healing technique for the mind.  That is why she did not come
back sooner.  They have had no need for something like this, but because of what she saw
in your mind, they worked on this, came here, and used it on us.  Both of us, Sam.  They
helped me, too.  I am finally able to let go of some of the pain I have been carrying, too.  
They are also going to do the same thing for the girls.”

“Oh, Daniel, I am so glad.  They need the help, too.  And I worry about you sometimes; I
am so very glad they helped you, too,” Sam said, reaching out and caressing his face
gently, while looking at him with all the love she felt for him showing in her visage.

Daniel smiled the sweet smile she loved so much, and said, “I am happy that they helped
all of us, Sam, but mostly you.  I think you were the one that suffered the most and it is
wonderful that they were able to do something about it.”  His smile grew and he changed
the subject saying, “You know, if you are going to go find your mates, I think I will go back
to, um, to my room and get some, um, sleep.”  

Intrigued by his stuttered statement, Sam looked at him closely, and then her eyes
widened, as she said, “I see.  I like her now that I know her better, Daniel, and you have a
lot in common.  I think she, no they, will be perfect for you.  Be happy, please.  You
deserve it more than anyone else I know or have ever known,” she told him softly.  

“So do you, Sam.  Now go and take a walk on the surface, and take that rug thing with
you.  Maybe, no, probably, you will need it.  I will take Tash with me, so do not worry
about him.  He will be fine.  He likes her, too, you know and amazingly, she has grown
very fond of him.  Goodnight Sam.”  Daniel leaned over and kissed her softly before he
left; being sure, that Tashmar followed him to his room.  Sam grabbed a cloak, thinking
that it might come in handy, as well as the rug.  

She headed for the rings, and did not even notice the men standing guard who watched
her go to the surface.  It no longer seemed to matter or be very important.  Once there,
she headed for the dunes, one of the places he seemed to enjoy the most.  She did not
have far to go before she saw him.  He was sitting with his knees drawn up, with his arms
resting on them, and his head resting on his arms.  He was so lost in thought; he did not
even hear her walk up to him.  She could see his face in the light of the moon and he
looked both pensive and a little sad.  She hoped it was not because of her, but she did not
waste time thinking about it as she knew that she was about to make both of them and
herself, incredibly happy.  

When she softly touched his shoulder, he spun and took his attacker out so that the
intruder landed on his back in the sand.  He had him penned in one fluid move.  
“Remind me to say your name while I am still a long way away the next time I come to
join you,” Sam said breathlessly.  She was not sure if her lack of breath had to do with
him tackling her or if it was from his nearness, but she was pretty sure it was a
combination of both.  

He immediately rolled off her, saying “I am so sorry, Samantha.  It was purely reflex.  Are
you hurt, my love?”

“I am not sure.  Why don’t you spread out the rug, so I can get off the sand?” she asked

“Of course,” he agreed at once, and taking it from where it landed when she fell, he
spread it out before turning to her.  “Are you all right?  Do you need help?”  He asked

“Perhaps you could help me up?” she asked softly.

“It would be my pleasure, my love,” he said, as he reached down and helped her to
stand.  After shaking the sand from her gown and cloak, she took the cloak off and folded
it to make a pillow and then lay down on the rug.  It was quite warm tonight.

“Are you not going to join me, Martouf?”  Sam asked him.

“Yes, of course,” he smiled at her, but she noticed that the smile did not reach his eyes,
and although he sat down beside her, it was obvious that his mind was preoccupied.  

As he stared out over the dunes, Sam frowned.  “What is wrong, Martouf?  Have I done
something to upset you?”  Sam asked him anxiously.  

“No, it is not you, my Samantha, never you; it is me, my love.  I just needed to see the
stars.  Sometimes I become restless and need to be above the ground.”  He smiled
slightly, adding, “I believe it is a need that stems from my life before I became Tok’Ra.  I
often rode or hiked at night and watched the stars.”  He shrugged, “But then, I also
sometimes arose very early and rode out before the mists had dissipated, and watched as
they swirled about the hills and the trees turning the landscape into a surreal vision that
was never twice the same.”  He appeared to shake himself loose from those memories and
looked at her saying softly, “I did not mean to awaken you, my love; I am sorry if my
leaving did so.”

Sam shook her head, reassuring him, “You did not wake me.  Lya and Nafrayu woke me.”  
Sam smiled softly.  “They helped me again.  Actually, they helped Daniel and I both a
great deal this time.”

“Did they?”  He reached out, caressed her cheek, and then trembled, as she turned to
kiss the knuckles that brushed her cheek.  That one little telltale shiver, told her that his
being out here was not only because he needed to see the stars.  He also needed to
dissipate some of his tension.  Tension caused by sleeping next to and holding her body
next to his with no way to release that tension.  That sexual tension.  Well, she could do
something about that now.  

“Will you kiss me, Martouf?”  Sam asked quietly.

Taking a shaky breath, he answered, as steadily as he could, “If you wish me to,
Samantha.”  Sam watched, smiling to herself, as Lantash took over control from Martouf,
and she realized that it was a safety precaution they had put into place.  Lantash always
took over when they kissed or caressed one another.  He had the control to keep from
frightening her that Martouf was afraid he lacked after the first time, when he had
tightened his arms around her, and she had panicked.  

He had lain down and was waiting for her to raise herself above him so that she could
control what happened.  She did not think it was necessary anymore, but she would
continue, at least for the moment.  

Sam raised herself and lowered her mouth to his.  Their lips met and clung and she felt
his arms come around her and hold her loosely.  She deepened the kiss and then began
to caress him more intimately than she had done in the past.  Then, curious, she reached
behind him and stroked his neck where he lay beneath Martouf’s skin.  She felt Lantash
move slightly, a faint tremor just under the skin so she repeated the motion.  Again, she
got a response, but this time, he also moaned slightly, too.

“Samantha, you must stop what you are doing.  I cannot be responsible for my reactions if
you continue, my love.  What you are doing is very sexually stimulating to me and
therefore also to Martouf.  Neither of us would be able to control ourselves for long,”
Lantash told her, as he gently removed her hand from his neck.  “I will not frighten you,
again, Samantha.  Why are you smiling?”

“I have something I need to ask you,” she said, without answering his question.

“You know you may ask me anything,
beloved,” He assured her.

Holding his hand, she stroked it softly.  “All right.  Lantash,” she said softly, “Will you and
Martouf marry me following the custom of my people, as I will join with you following the
custom of your people?”  She whispered just before her lips once again sought his.

Drawing back when he did not respond to her kiss, she looked at him quizzically.  “Are
you so surprised, Lantash, or is it that you have changed you minds about wishing to take
me as your mate?”  She asked, suddenly feeling less assured of herself.  

He looked at her in wonder.  “Are you saying what I think you are, my Samantha?  Are
you saying you will join with me, with us?  Now?  You no longer wish to wait?”

“Yes,” she said, as she nodded.  “Yes.”  Looking deeply into his eyes, she smiled slightly,
as she lay down beside him.  “Come to me, my love?  Give me all of yourself, Lantash.  I
wish to be your mate, yours and Martouf's, in all ways.  Now, tonight.  

He tentatively reached out and caressed her throat and from there he slid his hand down
to her breast.  She still smiled at him, caught his hand, and firmly held it to her.  Then
she reached up, and began to stroke him gently but firmly, as she once more assured him
that she truly meant what she said, “Show me your passion, Lantash, for my body burns
for yours.  Come, join with me, be one with me, for
you are my beloved,” her whispered
words were taken by the night wind, but not before he heard her.  

“Yes, Samantha.  Yes,
my beloved,” he murmured his answer softly, as he lowered his lips
to hers.   


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