Chapter Three Summary: Sam is disoriented and escapes the tunnels.  Martouf/Lantash
are found by Janet Fraiser and tended to while Jacob and Daniel join the searchers.  They
must find her as soon as possible as this is a desert planet with very high daytime

“Italics” Host-Symbiote communications

Sam’s head hurt.  She did not know where she was, but she knew she had escaped from
someone, and she had blood on her gown and her hands.  Why was she wearing a dress?  
Suddenly remembering the concubine’s quarters, she shuddered.  The gown did not look
like something they had given her to wear, but that did not mean anything, did it?  Not
only that, but where in the hell was she?  Finding herself in a small dark room, she found
a corner and slowly slid down the wall, whimpering as if she were a wounded animal.  
Wrapping her arms around herself, she began to rock slowly.  

Soon, she had calmed enough to pull herself upright and slowly make her way to the door.  
No one was around, for it was dark, and she made her way stealthily down first one
corridor and then another.  This looked like the Tok’Ra tunnels, but that could not be
right.  She was imprisoned in Gamtesh’s stronghold.  There was a ring transporter here
somewhere, she had seen them use it to leave the dungeons where they left their prisoners
to die and rot.  Suddenly, she sensed it.  Moving forward, she barely managed to activate
the rings before she heard someone coming.  They were yelling in Goa’uld, so she didn’t
understand more than Kree! and a word that she now knew meant stop.

Reaching the surface, she looked quickly around.  There was only sand and some scrub,
but there were some rock formations in the distance.  She did not remember the planet
looking like this.  She remembered trees.  Had they taken her somewhere else?  Why
couldn’t she remember?  She took off running toward the rocks in the distance, and then
realized she was leaving a very visible trail.  Well, there was nothing she could do about it
for now.  They would be right behind her, but if she could make the rocks, she could lose
them; at least, she hoped she could.

It had not taken her long to reach the rocks.  No one had followed her right away, so she
had a good head start.  She had been walking for what felt like hours.  After reaching the
rocks, she had continued straight ahead after being sure to leave a trail going in a ninety-
degree direction.

She would have to find shelter before the sun rose.  Since it was obviously a desert planet,
it was probably extremely hot, although it was cool at the moment.  For a while, she had
been able to hear the searchers looking for her, but their voices had faded away, and she
was very sure they were not following her.  They must have followed the trail she left for

She was alone and unarmed except for this knife that she could not remember getting.  Nor
did she know, for sure, where the blood was from.  She remembered a man entering and
coming for her, and she thought she had stabbed him.  She just could not think.  She
needed to rest, and she realized she needed to find water.  Well, if she was going to die, she
would rather it was out here than in the prison.  She had failed those poor girls though.  
She would think of something tomorrow, for now she needed rest and shelter.  She would
just have to keep walking until she found it.  

Janet Fraiser made her way to the chamber in which they put Sam.  She was very worried
after listening to some of the things Jacob had told her.  It sounded like they were dealing
with a full-blown case of PTSD, at the very least.  She was not ruling out other things,
either.  Sam could have a head injury that had not shown up when they ran the tests on
her.  Anything could be going on.  The sleep deprivation alone could bring on some bizarre
symptoms and actions.  Janet hoped they had managed to stop it before it reached that
stage.  Entering the darkened room, she tripped and fell.  

She scrambled up and found what passed for a light switch for the Tok’Ra, and bathed the
room in a soft glow.  She was on her knees beside Martouf within seconds, kneeling in the
spreading pool of blood.  Ripping the tunic open, she found the stab wound and grabbed
the blanket on the bed.  Folding it, she pressed it against the wound to help stem the
bleeding.  She hoped Lantash was still aware and helping internally.  Hearing people
running outside in the hall, she yelled for someone to come in the room.

When they did, she said, “Get a healer.  Martouf has been stabbed, and Major Carter is
missing.  Go, go,” She urged, as she often did in the SGC.  Grabbing her bag with one
hand, she moved her knee to hold the makeshift dressing in place and used both hands to
open and find what she needed.  Finding the ampoule, she broke it and waved it under
Martouf’s nose.  When he started coughing and gasped a few words in Goa’uld, she was
glad to know that Tok’Ra responded to the stimulant in the prescribed manner.

“It was unnecessary to gas me, Dr. Fraiser.  I was about to take control and talk to you,”
Lantash stated firmly and perhaps a little crossly.

“Yeah, well, I did not know if you were all right or not.  Martouf obviously is not.  It is a
little harder to tell with you,” Janet responded somewhat tartly.

“I apologize; you are correct, of course.  Where is Samantha?  Please tell me she did not
leave the room,” he said somewhat breathlessly.  

“She is not here.  We will deal with that in a minute.  For now, I want you to tell me what
damage there is to Martouf’s body,” she instructed briefly and concisely.

“The blade missed anything vital.  I am attempting to stem the flow of blood from the
wound, but it is very jagged and extremely deep.  I deflected it, and therefore it is more of a
deep puncture and slash, than just a puncture.  Whatever you are doing appears to be
aiding me,” Lantash explained quickly.

Janet nodded, and said, “I am applying pressure.  Are you in pain?”

“Yes,” He ground out, “We are.”  Reaching into her bag, Janet drew out what she needed
and began to inject something into his skin around the cut.

“What are you doing?”  He asked, a little breathlessly.

“I am going to clean this out and see what we have.  Then, I am probably going to put in a
few stitches, and you can finish the job yourself.  Or your healers can.”

“Unnecessary, Doctor, but thank you.”

“Just lie still,” she said tersely, as she started to work.  “With all of the noise in the halls, I
wonder why Jacob and Daniel have not come?  I would have expected them to check on
Sam by now,” she said as she wondered aloud.

“They have probably joined the search for Samantha.  From the snatches of conversation I
have been hearing, someone activated the ring transporter, and they do not know who it
was.  Whoever it was refused to stop and ran away when they reached the surface.  I
believe it was Samantha.  I also believe she is confused and believes she is still a prisoner
of Gamtesh.”

“I agree,” Janet said, as she worked steadily to clean and then suture the worst of the
places that were bleeding.  “There, that should help you out.  Can you handle it from here
or do you need me to do more?”  She asked.

“What you have done has helped a great deal, Doctor.  I thank you.  If you would be so
kind as to help me to get up, I would like to stand and go to see what is occurring,” he
informed her.

“Yes, I am quite sure you would, but I think we will wait for just a little longer here on this
nice comfy floor.  You really need to do some more work on that wound before you go
moving around much.  I only put a few stitches in; they will not hold if you start moving
around, and you will be right back where you started.”

Sighing, he nodded at the unpalatable, but good, advice.  Janet was startled when Martouf
spoke to her, “I, too, wish to thank you, Dr. Fraiser.  I am feeling better, and Lantash is
working as quickly as he can to heal me.  We must find Samantha.  I do not understand
exactly what is happening to her, but she is very confused.”  He spoke haltingly, but his
voice was slowly becoming stronger as he lie quietly on the floor allowing Lantash and the
Doctor to heal him.  He would be no help to his Samantha if he were weak, or dead.

“I believe she is suffering PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  It can take days, weeks
or months to surface, and it looks like in Sam’s case, it was only days.  I believe Sam’s is
acute.  At a guess, I would say flashbacks, confusion, disorientation, anxiety, and
depression.  You name it.  Unfortunately, I think you were involved in a flashback.  She
thought she was there, she found the knife, you walked in or turned, or whatever
happened, and she reacted as if you were one of them.  Then she escaped.”  Janet paused
for a moment, and then said, “Sam probably hasn’t been sleeping at all, and that would
magnify the symptoms quite a bit.  She has not had near enough sleep yet to counter that
emphasizing effect, either.  I should have checked on her and given her another sedative to
keep her asleep.  I am sorry.”

“It is not your fault, Dr. Fraiser.  I believe that Samantha has hidden a great deal from you
in the few days since her rescue.  You could not have known how bad her captivity was
since she refused to talk about it.  That is something that we will have to rectify.  Even our
healers feel that she must talk about what happened to her.”

“Well, it will not be easy.  Sam is very self-contained and private as a person, for the most
part.”  Janet frowned, and then said slowly, “She had bruises and open cuts from the
torture.  She had not been in a sarcophagus recently when you rescued her.  I am
beginning to think this may not all be PTSD.  It is possible she had a head injury that is
causing some of this.  Maybe a lot of it.  It would not necessarily have shown up
immediately if it happened right before you brought her out.  If that is true, then we have
to find her as soon as possible.”

“What the hell is going on?”  Jacob asked from the doorway, as one of the healers pushed
past him and went to kneel by Martouf.  Removing the blood soaked blanket, she began to
use the healing device on the wound.

“Sam stabbed Martouf and then fled to the surface.  I take it they have not found her yet?”  
Janet asked, as she turned to look up at him from where she knelt next to Martouf on the

“No, they don’t even know who they are looking for.  I went up top for a while, but they
have a lot of people searching.  However, now that I know it is Sam, I think I will rejoin
them.  At least I know how she thinks to a certain extent,” Jacob said.

As he turned to go Janet stopped him, “General, I think we may be seeing the result of a
head injury on top of the trauma stress.  We need to find her ASAP.  If there is a head

Looking back at her, Jacob nodded and headed out.  “I will take Daniel, too.”

“Jacob,” Martouf called to him as he started to leave the room, “We will join you as soon as
we can.  I am sorry I was not more diligent.”

Jacob shook his head, saying, “You had no more idea than we did.  Just be sure you are
recovered before you join the search.  Hopefully, we will have her back here before they
even have you healed.”

“I sincerely hope so, Jacob.”  Martouf replied, as he shut his eyes and tried to relax.  Even
with Lantash and the healing device, he was in a great deal of pain.

“Are you still in pain, Martouf?”  Janet asked, as if reading his mind.  

“Yes, I am, but it will pass soon, I am sure,” he replied.

Looking over at the healer, Janet reached into her bag when she nodded to her that it
would be all right.  Filling the syringe with a pain-killing substance, she quickly injected it
into Martouf’s arm.

Jerking back, he asked, “What have you given me?”  

“Only something for the pain.  It will ease it for you, but have little affect on Lantash.  You
may become drowsy or fall asleep, but Lantash will not be affected that way.  Other than
that, it will cause you to feel very relaxed and possibly euphoric, but the pain should be

Martouf drifted off to the sound of her soft voice, and Lantash took control to say, “I cannot
say it has no affect; however, you are correct, and it does not seem to be sleep inducing for
me.  You are also correct in that it has blocked the pain, which in one way will make it a
little harder for me to heal him; although in another way, it helps in that I no longer must
also try to mitigate the amount of pain he is feeling.  It does produce euphoria, which I am
having some trouble combating; it is not, however, an unpleasant sensation.  Once again, I
must thank you, Dr. Fraiser.”

“You are welcome, Lantash.  I did not give you very much.  I did not want him sedated any
longer than necessary for the healing to take place.  I am correct in assuming it will not
take long with both the healer and you working on it?”

“That is correct.”  Lantash answered.

“Good, because I only gave you enough for a couple of hours at most, and by then I imagine
you will either have healed completely, or be so close that there will be little or no ongoing

“I agree,” he replied.

“Listen, I am going to go see if I can find out anything.  You stay still, all right?”  Janet said
to him.

“I was about to ask you to do so.”  Lantash admitted.

“I will go and check it out, if I have your word you will not try to get up or move around.  

Smiling slightly he replied, “As you wish Doctor.”  Seeing her wait, looking at him, he
continued, “I give you my word.”

Giving him a smile, she got up and left the room.

Turning to the healer, he said, “The Tau’ri women can be extremely stubborn, do you not
think so?”

Smiling down at him the healer said, in a soft voice, “I do not believe that trait is
necessarily restricted to the females of the Tau’ri, Lantash.”  Pushing firmly on his good
shoulder, she continued, “You gave your word.  I will help you to keep it.  Now, lie still and
do not move as you promised the Doctor.”

Sighing, Lantash used a phrase he had often heard Jacob use when he had been over
ruled, “All right,” he said, “I give up.”

“The trail ended several hundred meters in that direction.  We have been searching every
small sheltered area.  The sun will be up soon, and then it will not be long before it is too
hot to remain here for any length of time,” the guard reported to Jacob.

“Trail?  Sam would not have left a trail.  She is a USAF soldier, with some special training
for, er, things.  There would not be a trail unless she wanted you to find it.  You are looking
in the wrong place, damn it.  Where did this trail start, Marius?”

“Over there,” he indicated with a nod of his head.  

“All right,” Jacob said, “the trail ended at the rocks over there.  My guess is she made the
false trail and doubled back to those rocks and took off from there.  She could be anywhere
out there.  Daniel, you got any thoughts?  You have been with Sam enough on missions
you can probably second-guess her better than anyone.”

Daniel nodded and looking around at the formations and the terrain, he said, “She knows
this is a desert planet, so she is going to be looking for shelter, but she will also look for
water.  There seems to be more scrub and brush that way as well as more cave like
openings.  That way,” he indicated with a nod to the right, “it’s more barren, less cover, less
chance of water, but less chance we would pick that way to look.”

“So, what are you saying?”  Jacob asked.  

“I think she would have found water first, then started for the more barren area hoping to
hide again until dark and then get more water.  At that point, she would probably head for
the gate.”

“You are sure, Daniel?  We don’t have much time.”

“No, I am not sure.  Sam is not exactly acting like herself, y’know.  However, if she was
acting true to form, I believe that is what she would have done.  I suggest we cut our group
in half, send some up there, and then the rest of us head over that way,” he responded

“All right, it makes sense to split up anyway.  I just hope she does not run into any of the
damn lizards that live here.  They are big, they are nasty tempered, and as far as we know,
all she has is a knife.  We didn’t think to ask if she had his zat, too.”  Jacob rubbed his face
tiredly.  “Okay people listen up.  Marius you take a group and head up there.  Check every
hole you can find that might even remotely hold her.  Daniel and I will go in that direction
with everyone else.  If you find her, do not try to take her just send someone for us.  Oh,
and we have to assume she is armed, and we know she is dangerous.  Okay, let’s go.”  

Three hours later, the sun was up, it was getting hot, and they had found nothing, not a
hint that she had been anywhere near there.  Looking up, Jacob saw Martouf coming
toward him.  He seemed none the worse for wear, except that he was holding one arm
across himself, and it was in a sling.  In spite of everything, Jacob had to grin at Dr. Fraiser’
s handiwork.  If the petite Doctor could make Lantash wear a sling, she could do anything.

“Jacob,” he called, as soon as he was within hailing distance, “Have you found nothing yet?”

“No, we haven’t.  Not the first thing.  She laid a false trail to throw the searchers off and it
worked.  We have not found her yet.”

“Jacob, we must find her soon.  The sun on this planet is much to hot to be out here for
long.  It makes it a perfect place for us to hide, but it is not meant to support life on the
surface.”  Lantash stated.

“Lantash?  Martouf.  I am here; I am over here.”

“Jacob, that was Samantha,” Martouf spoke tersely.

“That way,” Jacob nodded in the direction Daniel had already started in.

Running past him, Lantash called for her, “Samantha?  Samantha, my heart, where are
you?  Keep talking so that we can find you.”

“I am here.  Down here actually.  I fell down a hole.  I am here.  I cannot tell where you
are, there is a lizard down here with me, and I think, “she paused, as her voice began to
shake, and it sounded like she was laughing, not crying, “I think he is either going to have
me for breakfast or he is in love with me.  He-he keeps licking my hand and my cheek.”  
Her voice ended on a cross between a sob and a laugh.

“I am coming, my love, I am almost to you.  Samantha, do you have the knife with you?”  
He asked breathlessly, as he scrambled over the rocks toward the sound of her voice.

“Yes,” she answered, “but I think I broke my arm when I fell, and I know I have a sprained
ankle.  Not only that but my head hurts, so I think I have a concussion.  I can use the knife
though, I think.  Why?” she replied, her words running together as she spoke quickly.

“I am right above you, my Samantha.  Can you move back, very slowly from the lizard?”

Looking up and seeing him leaning over the edge of the hole she had fallen into in the
dark, relief rushed through her.  Martouf and Lantash had found her, not whomever she
had been running from.  She just hoped she was not hallucinating.  Staring at him, she
said quite firmly, “Well, no, does it look like I can move back from him, er it?”  Martouf
looked over the edge and almost gasped at the sight of the three-foot lizard lying next to his
Samantha with its head in her lap.  Occasionally he flicked his tongue out and gently
touched her hand or cheek.

Jacob turned to the Tok’Ra who had gathered around, saying, “Someone go back, and tell
them she has been found.  Stop the other searchers and bring the rescue equipment we
may need.  It never occurred to me that she could have fallen into a hole.  His head
snapped back as what he had seen sank in.

“Is that one of your nasty tempered lizards, Jacob?”  Daniel inquired, looking doubtful.  
“He seems to like Sam.”  

Jacob shook his head and watched as Daniel stopped Martouf and began the climb down
himself.  As he fell the last couple of feet and headed for Sam, he began to talk gently to
her.  The lizard looked at him, blinking slowly.  

“Sam, it is me Daniel, and we are here to help you.  Just stay where you are, and I will
come to you.”

Sam frowned at his statement, saying, “Of course it is you.  Who else would you be?”  She
shook her head slightly, and then grimaced when pain shot through it.  Sighing, she
decided to ignore his incomprehensible statement and concentrate on what she more easily
understood.  Her decision made, she turned to what appeared to her to be the more
relative situation.  “I am not going anywhere soon, Daniel, I can’t,” Sam replied, in a tight,
obviously testy voice.  “I have a broken arm, a sprained ankle, and my vision is blurred,
which probably means a concussion.  I think I may have cracked a rib, too.  What is more,
Tashmar will not leave me no matter what I do.  It even brought me something to eat, I
think,” she said, as she nodded slightly toward a large dead bug of some kind.

Daniel looked askance at the bug and murmured, “Tasty, I am sure,” before looking back
at Sam and asking, “Tashmar?”  He reached her side and took the knife from her.  “You
have named it already?”

“Yes, I named him after Lantash and Martouf.  Tashmar.  He is cute too, huh?”  Sam said
quietly.  “I think he loves me.  Tashmar, not—not Lantash and Martouf.”

Daniel sat down next to her and gently pulled her into his arms.  “Why didn’t Martouf come
down for me, Daniel?”  She whispered, her eyes suddenly awash with tears.  “And why can’
t I stop crying?”

Daniel watched in amazement as Tashmar flicked his tongue out, licked the tear off Sam’s
face, and then nuzzled her hand slightly, as if asking for something.  He stopped when she
started to stroke his head.

“Martouf was injured, Sam, and I don’t think he can climb yet.  He will be with you as soon
as he can,” he said as he pressed her head into his shoulder.  He heard her sniff weakly.  

“I am so sorry, Daniel.  I cannot seem to control my tears.  I do not understand it.  
Something has happened to me, hasn’t it?  I woke up here in this hole, and I don’t even
know where I am.  At least I know who I am.”

“Yes, Sam, something very bad happened to you, and your mind is trying to cope, I think.  
I also think you might have a head injury that is causing you to act a little, um, strangely.  
That is all.  Please do not try to remember, Okay?”

“If it is bad enough you don’t want me to remember, I think I will take your advice, at least
for now.  What happened to Martouf?”  She asked.  When she got no answer, she pulled
back slightly to ask, “Daniel?”

“He was, uh, stabbed,” he finally replied.  He felt her tense in his arms and knew that a
memory was coming to the surface.  Damn, he had not wanted that to happen yet.

“I stabbed him, didn’t I, Daniel?  That is what you meant by my strange behavior?  That I
attacked Martouf?”

“You did not know it was Martouf, Sam, you thought it was someone else, someone who
was going to hurt you.  He is not angry at you.”

Her head fell forward onto his chest.  “Oh, God.  Did I hurt anyone else?”  

“No.  No, Sam, you did not, you just tried to escape, thinking you were running away from
the people that wanted to hurt you.  Now stop thinking and relax.  We will have you out of
here in a little bit.”

Hearing small pebbles falling onto the ground, Daniel looked up to see Martouf working his
way slowly down into the hole.  When he jumped the last couple of feet to the ground,
Daniel watched as he stopped and regarded the large lizard that was beginning to stir.  It
walked over to him, licked his hand, and moved back onto Sam’s lap.  He heard Sam gasp,
and say, “Tashmar likes you, Martouf.”

Martouf walked to them and squatted down in front of Sam.  Reaching out he slowly
caressed her face with the backs of his fingers.  “I love you, Samantha.  Come to me, my
heart?”  He asked softly.

Hearing her catch her breath, Daniel looked down and loosened his arms from around
her.  Moving slowly back from her, he allowed Martouf to slip into the spot where he had
been sitting.  Catching Martouf’s look, he nodded, once, decisively and turned to walk the
short way to the wall at the other end of the hole.  Looking back at them, he saw Sam relax,
and a small smile begin to grow on her lips.  Martouf was not leaving her in any doubt of
his feelings this time.  There would be no more
fond ofs or strong affections.  

Tashmar, bored with the love talk, got up, and after a long look at Martouf, wandered over
to lie by Daniel’s feet, evidently content with the way things were going.

“By the powers of the Universe, Samantha,” Martouf was whispering, “Never have I been as
frightened as I have been so often these last two weeks.  Never again will you ever have to
wonder if I care for you, love you, and wish you to be my mate.  Your father informs me
affection is for one’s dog? And fondness is for French fries.  I am not sure what those
are, but I think I understand the inference.”

Reaching up with her good hand, she touched him lightly and then noticed the blood on
her hand.  She had not gotten it all washed off in the small pool of water she had found.  
She shuddered, realizing that the blood was from Martouf.  

Leaning back and searching his face, she said, “I am so sorry for attacking you.  I don’t
remember why I did it, but no matter what I thought, it is indefensible of me to have done
it.  I just hope that you can forgive me someday.  I know I will never forgive myself,” she
told him, as she shuddered in his arms, thinking of what she had done.

“My Samantha, look at me,” he requested softly.  “There is nothing to forgive.  Believe me;
you did not know who I was.  It was dark, and you had awakened not knowing where you
were, and thinking you were still being, well, just thinking you were being held against
your will.  When I re-entered the room, you did what you could to escape, and I do not
blame you in any way.  I am glad to know that even now, you would continue to fight for
your freedom.  Please, do not feel guilty for something that is my own fault.  I was aware
that you were not thinking clearly, and I should have been on guard more.  Please, my
heart, do not give it another thought.  Lantash has fixed us up as good as new.”

“That’s why you have a sling on?  And, why don’t you have it around your arm instead of
just hanging around your neck?”  She asked skeptically.

“Your Dr. Fraiser can be quite adamant about some things, and it is easier to simply give
in than to argue.  It was not necessary.  However, that reminds me of your broken arm.  
How bad do you think it is?”  He asked, as he prepared to call to Daniel.

“I am guessing it is only a fracture, not a complete break, but I don’t know for sure.  Why?”  
She asked.

“I am going to see if I can take care of it for you,” he said, and raising his voice, he said to
Daniel, “Samantha’s arm and ankle could be healed if we had a healing device.  Would you
ask Jacob if they brought theirs?”

“Sure,” Daniel answered, as he turned back to Jacob and raised his voice enough that they
could hear him.  “Martouf wants to know if you have your healing device, Jacob.”

“Yes, and I don’t know why I did not think of it.  I will be right down,” he said as he
prepared to climb down and join them in the hole.  Once there, he went straight to his
daughter and gingerly took her arm into his hands.  Selmak came forward, and said, “It is
fractured, Samantha, but I can take care of it in very short order, and then I will take care
of the ankle and the ribs.”  

“Yes, I think they are cracked not actually completely broken.”

“Painful, nevertheless,” Selmak replied, as he drew the healing device out of the pouch he
wore.  “Broken and fractured bones are some of the easiest of injuries to heal.”  He said, as
he fitted it onto his hand.

Hearing her in-drawn breath, he looked at her to see her staring at the healing device on
his hand.  “They kept breaking my bones and then using that on them to heal me, so they
could have the pleasure of breaking them over again.  Sometimes, they just continued on
until I died, and then they put me in the sarcophagus and started over,” she whispered, as
she stared at it.  “And sometimes they just used me for, for,” she choked on her words and
did not continue speaking; she just continued to stare at her father’s hand with the healing
device on it.  Suddenly shaking her head, and then moaning as it hurt, she let her head
fall back onto Martouf’s chest, and said to Selmak, “Please go ahead, it is over, the memory
is gone.  Please, just do it, please,” she said, as she closed her eyes against the sight.  

Selmak set to work and put as much energy into it as he could, so that it worked as quickly
as possible.  Hearing a slight noise, he looked over to see Daniel standing with his arms
wrapped tightly around himself, staring straight ahead at the wall, a tear slowly moving
down his cheek.  He was feeling Sam’s pain as if it was his own, Selmak knew.  That young
man was almost too sensitive for this life, and how he managed to live in the world he
inhabited, Selmak would never understand.

“Daniel Jackson is stronger than is apparent on the surface.  He feels things deeply, but he
has the fire of a reformer and a savior to sustain him.  Do not worry about Daniel,”
said to Selmak, as he worked on Sam.

“I know, Jacob, I just find it difficult to understand why he remains in a situation that brings
him so much pain.”

“Daniel absorbs the pain of those around him.  It would not matter where he was, he would
absorb pain from others because he cares so much.”

“Selmak, they are returning.  They should be here within a few minutes,” Marius had
joined the group from the other searchers.

“I am almost finished.  I am going to finish her ribs before we try to move her.”  The sound
of a group arriving was a relief to him, and he looked up into the anxious face of Janet

“They said she was injured,” she called down to him.  

Finishing the last of the bones, he called up, “She had a fractured arm, a sprained ankle
and cracked ribs.  I have taken care of them.”

“Good.  Her body does not need to be trying to take care of anything else right now.  Come
on, lets get these people out of there,” she called to someone Selmak could not see.  No
wonder Lantash had been wearing a useless piece of cloth around his neck.  She was like a
little forceful General.  Who was that short little man that was in Jacob’s memories?  Ah,
yes, Napoleon.  So, they had their own little Napoleon, and her troops appeared to be
following her orders to the letter.

He heard Jacob laugh as he pictured Janet Fraiser dressed as Napoleon.  He smiled with
him for a moment and then turned his attention to the woman who was the reason for all
the activity.  She lay pale and still in Martouf’s arms, so pale that her skin looked almost
transparent.  She was very thin, too, he realized with a frown.  They were not out of the
woods, as Jacob would say.  In fact, he thought that perhaps they were just beginning the
start of a long uphill battle to which the outcome was not at all assured.  He watched as her
eyes flew open, and she looked at him and then at Daniel, “Please, do not forget Tashmar.  
Really, I want him with me.  He stayed with me and would not leave me, so I do not want
him left here.  Promise?”

Selmak looked into the large blue eyes of his host’s daughter, his daughter now, and then
at the newest addition to the Tok’Ra base.  He sighed.  “I promise, Samantha,” he said.



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