Chapter Two Summary: Sam collapses and Jacob makes the decision to take her to the
Tok'Ra tunnels.  Daniel promises to stay with her, so he accompanies them.  Jacob explains
to Martouf and Lantash that Fondness does not equate to love for the Tau'ri and Daniel and
Martouf/Lantash come to a meeting of their minds.

“Italics” – Symbiote-Host communication

As Narim quietly left the three of them, Samantha spun around to face the courtyard
gardens.  She gasped, as she choked on a sob.  God, why was she so near to tears all the
time?  She was a soldier, an officer in the USAF.  Officers and soldiers did not cry.  

How could she bear to be causing that wonderful man this pain?  As the second sob
escaped her, she felt arms enfold her.  She turned to find Daniel standing there.  
Suddenly, she was in his arms, crying.  “It is okay, Sam, I have you.  You are going to be
okay, I promise.”

She abruptly jerked away from him and once again spun around to face the gardens.  She
began to hit the balustrade with her fists.  “No, it will not.  It will not ever be okay again,
damn it,” she cried, her voice harsh with pain.  Pulling her back into his arms, Daniel
looked over Sam’s head at Martouf and mouthed, “Jacob.”  Martouf spun on his heel and
took off to find his Samantha’s father.

“We stood and did nothing Lantash.  Why did we not step forward and give her comfort?”  
Martouf asked, feeling remorse.

“We can confront our lack of response later, Martouf; we must find Jacob,” Lantash
responded, as he focused on the task at hand.

“He is over there,” Martouf told him, as he spotted him in a nearby group.  

Walking quickly, they approached him and leaned forward to say quietly in his ear, “Jacob,
Samantha is on the balcony, crying and,” he got no further.  Jacob was gone, leaving
Martouf to turn and follow him back to the balcony on which they had left Daniel and

As her strength suddenly seemed to desert her, Sam stopped struggling against Daniel and
lay in his arms, not moving and barely seeming to breath.  “Sam, Martouf went for your
dad.  He should be here soon.  You will be okay.  I promise you will.  I promise, Sam.”

“I h-hurt Narim, D-Daniel, and I d-did not m-mean to, I d-didn’t w-want to, I h-had to and
I d-didn’t w-want to.”  Again, Sam was sobbing as if her heart would break.  Daniel looked
grim.  Sam would hate hurting Narim, but she would not react this way.  She was, in
Daniel’s limited experience, completely overwrought and near the breaking point.  He
wondered if she managed to get any sleep at all that was without nightmares.  Somehow,
he doubted it.  As he leaned back, to look into her face, to tell her that her father would
soon be there she gasped, “D-don’t l-leave m-me, Daniel.  P-please d-don’t l-leave m-me.”

“I promise I won’t leave you as long as you want or need me to be there for you, Sam.  I
promise,” Daniel quietly gave his word.  He would never leave her as long as she needed

Thankfully, he saw Jacob approaching.  Daniel kissed Sam gently and stroked her hair
and back, murmuring gentle sweet nothings to try to calm her.  It worked until she realized
her father was there.

Sensing her father’s presence, Sam turned into his arms as they came around her.

“It h-hurts, daddy, it h-hurts s-so m-much,” she cried, as she began to sob so hard that she
could barely breathe.  Nodding to the two men to go in and take care that nothing
disturbed them, he also mouthed to them, “Find out what you can.”  They nodded and left
with the sound of Sam’s sobs haunting them, for Sam did not cry.  At least, not in front of

The two young women were reluctant to talk at first but, when they explained to them what
was happening to Samantha, the eldest turned to Daniel, having sensed that he and
Samantha were very close, and indicated she would tell him privately.  The others did not
know what she said; Martouf only knew he had never seen Daniel look so grim, as he
headed out to where Sam and Jacob were.

“Jacob,” Daniel barely breathed the words so Sam would not hear him over her crying, “It
is worse than we thought.  I will tell you later; I am coming with.  The girls are allowing
Narim to take them to Argos.”  With his message delivered, he melted back into the room
making sure he shut the door on the two outside.  Luckily, none of them had forgotten to
close it.

“Hush, baby, hush, I am here.  I am here, Sammie, honey, I am here,” Her father crooned
to her as he rocked her gently.  Kissing the top of her head softly and then laying his cheek
against it, he continued to murmur until her sobbing quieted and she grew limp in his

“I am s-sorry; I am s-so s-sorry.  I d-don’t know w-what is wrong with m-me.  Every l-little
thing s-seems to set me off.  B-but, this wasn’t n-nothing; I m-mean it is always h-hard to
h-hurt someone, but to h-hurt such a s-sweet, gentle man, I f-feel like s-such a j-jerk.”  
Crying again, but softly this time, she remained limp in her father’s arms.

“Sam, I am taking you home with me.  I don’t want you to argue with me, okay?  He said
softly into her ear.  “I just want you to come with me, no worries, no guilt trips, and no
sense of deserting your team.  Just you, me, and time together.”  

Straightening, Sam shook her head, “No, I have to take the girls to Argos.  I promised them
I would be there to see them through this first meeting with the little settlement, since they
will all come out to meet them.  I w-won’t; I can’t let them down again.  N-not again.”

Jacob sighed, “Sam, Narim went with them.  They left about ten minutes ago.  Sam, why
won’t you tell us; why didn’t you talk to Janet or…” Jacob could not go any farther, his own
voice now suspended by tears.

“Daddy, I-I c-can’t, I c-can’t get c-clean.  I d-did not ever w-want you to know, n-not you, n-
not Martouf or D-Daniel or anyone.  I h-hate it s-so m-much.”  She sobbed again, as Jacob
crushed her to him, tears sliding slowly down his cheeks.”

“You are not the one that is dirty, Sam; he was, but he is dead and gone.  Lantash killed
him.  It was not slowly or painfully enough, but he is gone for good, and you are here and
alive, beautiful, pure, and clean.  And we will always love you, no matter what.  We all love
you, Sam,” he whispered to her softly, as she again became quiet in his arm.  His voice was
soft, but his face was grim.  She needed sleep; even he could tell that.

He had to lean closer to hear her whisper, “No, t-they d-do not love m-me; they are f-fond of
m-me and h-have great affection for m-me, but they d-do not love m-me the w-way I l-love
them.  They n-never w-will, n-now.”  He heard her sigh and closed his eyes.  Damn, could
it get any worse?  He frowned though, because he could have sworn that Martouf and
Lantash were more than fond of his daughter.  

Jacob looked up as the door opened, and Janet Fraiser came through it, her bag in her
hand.  Moving swiftly, she took a syringe she had ready, and injected Sam with it.

Jerking her head around, Sam looked at her, eyes wide and red-rimmed.  “W-what did you
d-do, Janet; w-what did you d-do?  I c-can’t sleep; I c-cannot.  They will c-come for m-me
again if I sleep.”  Her voice fell to a whisper as the powerful drug took affect and she slowly
went limp.  Martouf stepped forward this time and swung her up and into his arms.

“I suggest we take her at once, Jacob.  We do not know how long the drug will last.  You are
welcome to come, Dr. Fraiser, but we are taking her to the Tok’Ra base.”

Janet looked as if she was about to protest, but Jacob cut her off.  “Our healers work with
this type of thing often, Janet.  I am the one that decided to take her home with me.  If
there is a problem you can tell George that I kidnapped her.”  Jacob’s voice was tense, and
it was obvious that no one was going to take his daughter from him.

Martouf turned and headed towards the Chaappa’ai, Samantha limp in his arms.  The first
person they ran into was Jack.

“What is going on, Jacob?”  Jack asked looking from Sam, limp in Martouf’s arms, to Jacob,
who was behind him with Janet and Daniel.

“I am kidnapping Sam, Daniel, and Janet.  Do me a favor and don’t mount a rescue
mission for a few weeks at least, okay?”

Jack looked from him to Daniel to Janet and was not surprised when Daniel said, “I
promised Sam.  Janet will probably be back as soon as she gives the healers instructions
on the tranquilizers.  We know she cannot stay away from the SGC indefinitely.  However, I
can, and Sam has no choice, so we will return when we can.  And if the air force wants to
throw a fit, they can list her as MIA for all I care,” Daniel said bluntly.  

He looked at Jack, and said, “None of us were even close in our guesses.”  He strode after
Martouf, and Jacob turned back long enough to tell Jack, “Explain to George that Sam had
a breakdown and our healers are better able to deal with this with Sam’s chemical
differences, will you?”

Finally, Jack nodded, “Okay, and the rescue party may end up going to the wrong planet.”  

“Thanks, Jack, I owe you one.”

“Yeah, and hey!  I’ll collect too.”  Jack hollered after him.  Turning to Teal’c he said, “Well, I
guess we say our good-byes, and then go try to explain to the General how Carter, the Doc,
and Daniel were kidnapped by the Tok’Ra.”

Shaking his head, Jack turned, and the two of them headed in to do the diplomatic thing.  
He was surprised when High Chancellor Travell, said to him, “We truly hope that Major
Carter recovers completely.  No one should have to endure what she did.  She will be in our
thoughts.”  When Jack looked at her in surprise, she elaborated.  “Both of the Goa’uld that
were removed took great pleasure in telling us in graphic detail what had been done to
both of the young woman, but more particularly to Major Carter.”  

“I know you think us too pacifist in some ways, Colonel, but let me assure you that while
we protected the two women from the pain of the separation, no such precautions were
taken for the Goa’uld.  In fact, one of them did not survive the procedure.  It was, of course,
her own fault, for she refused to be peacefully parted from the host.”

Jack looked at the High Chancellor with a new sense of respect.  Some people just never
stopped throwing curves at you.  “Well, thanks, but you know we probably need that
information, so that we can do all that we can to help Carter.’

“It was given to Dr. Jackson before he left.  Both from Serata and then from the attendants
that were present during the procedure, when we realized that Major Carter had finally
given in to the trauma of what she had to endure.  I am sure that Dr. Jackson can be
trusted to see to it that she has every care and attention that she needs.  They are very
close, are they not?  And, of course, the Tok’Ra will take great care of her.”  Seeing Jack’s
questioning look, she continued, “For her father’s sake, if for no other reason, Colonel.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m sure you’re right.  I wonder if the Nox could help her?”  He looked at
Chancellor Travell, a question in his eyes.

“We will contact them to see, Colonel, and if they can, we will send them to the base where
Major Carter is, ah, staying.”  She smiled slightly and bowed her head.  They had been
walking toward the Stargate.  Teal’c input the glyphs, activated a wormhole, and sent their
IDC.  “If we find out anything we will let you know, Colonel.”  She bowed to him and turned
to Teal’c.  “Good day, Teal’c.  We will look forward to seeing you both again.”

Nodding goodbye, the two men stepped into the event horizon.  At least one of them was
wondering how he was going to explain to his commanding officer how he managed to allow
the Tok’Ra to kidnap his archeologist, his chief medical officer, and his 2IC.  

Stepping onto the ramp, he was not surprised to see said General waiting.  “Where are Dr.
Fraiser, Dr. Jackson, and Major Carter?”

“It appears, General Hammond, that they have been adult-stolen from us by the Tok’Ra,”
Teal’c announced calmly.

“He means kidnapped, Sir.  We should probably go into your office for this.”  

Nodding once, the General headed out the door toward his office, “Adult-stolen, Teal’c?  
That is a new spin on an old word.”

Entering his office, he closed the door and said, “All right, now, do you think you could tell
me what has happened?  When Dr. Jackson called and asked for Dr. Fraiser, she said that
Major Carter had taken ill?  Care to tell me what’s going on?”

“I am not completely sure, myself, Sir.  Teal’c and I had gone with some of their security
people to look at a TER they have, and we were not there.  From what we learned from
Jacob and Chancellor Travell, it seems that Carter has not been talking about some nasty
things that happened during her captivity.  I don’t know what it was, but from the look on
Jacob’s face and Daniel’s it must have been pretty bad.”

“Anyway, evidently, Carter finally caved and pretty much collapsed.  Daniel called Fraiser;
Jacob informed me he was taking his daughter for treatment by the healers at the Tok’Ra
base, and because Janet had given Carter an injection, they took her with them.  Daniel
had promised Carter he would stay with her, so basically, Jacob said he didn’t care how
you listed them, MIA, captured by the Tok’Ra, whatever, he was taking her and he would
return her when she was well.”  

“We can expect Fraiser back when she feels she can leave Carter in their hands; Daniel will
come back when he feels Carter is recovering and no longer needs him.”  

“Very well, Colonel.  That will be all.”


“General Hammond shook his head, “Jack, I will list Major Carter on extended medical
leave due to her recent capture and torture.  Dr. Jackson is staying with her because he is
a close friend who seems to be able to get her to talk to him.  End of story.”

“Well, that is good, Sir.  I told Jacob the rescue party would be late.  Glad to hear I was
telling the truth.”

“You were.  Take some time and get some rest.  If they are not back in a couple of weeks
there are plenty of others you can use as temps on your team until they return.”

“Thank you, Sir.”  Jack and Teal’c headed toward the mess hall, and Jack turned to Teal’c.  
“Sometimes ya just never know.  Now, how about you tell me what you think happened
that made Carter go off like that.”  

God, were they coming for her again?  It was so quiet.  She could hear quiet breathing near
by, but at least it was not one of the other women sobbing in pain and terror.  She
wondered if she could move.  Had they used the sarcophagus on her again?  She was not
really in pain, so they must have.  She did not want to open her eyes; they hurt.  She
frowned.  Usually when she came out, she felt fine.  She did not feel good at all right now,
her eyes felt swollen and her nose was stuffy as if she had fallen asleep crying.  So, what
else was new?  Slowly she opened her eyes a little at a time and attempted to move her
head.  A little soft light was reflecting off the crystal walls.  Crystal walls?

Sam sat up suddenly and looked frantically around her, trying to figure out where she
was.  What had happened to her?  She watched in fear as a man stood and came toward
her.  She could not help it; she shrank back from him and grasped the light blanket tightly
against herself.  Blanket?  What did she have on?  It was some type of lightweight gown.

“Samantha?”  Martouf questioned gently, “You are all right, I promise you.  Your father
brought you here to the base.  You are on the Tok’Ra base.”

Sam gasped, “Martouf, I am sorry, I did not know who—” her voice broke and she grasped
her lower lip between her teeth.  Getting her voice under control, she said, more calmly,
“What happened?  I don’t remember exactly what happened.  We were on the Tollan world,
and I was talking to Narim, and he—” she closed her eyes as the events began to coalesce
into a firm picture.  As she wrapped her arms around herself and began to rock, Martouf
sat gingerly on the edge of the sleeping platform.  She looked at him with tears in her eyes
and as they spilled over, she angrily brushed them away.  

“I hurt him,” she whispered hoarsely.  She moaned as she repeated it, “I hurt him.  I never
meant to hurt him.”

Martouf slowly held his arms out to Sam, but she shook her head.  “No, no don’t touch me.  
I am a fallen angel; Narim said so.  His fallen angel.”  Her brow furrowed.  “I can’t
remember what else he said,” She muttered almost inaudibly, “Something about ‘angels
falling and someone getting hurt.  They get dirty when they fall.”  Looking down she began
to rub her hands together, and then she said, “My hands are dirty; I am dirty.  I need to
take a long bath, scrub myself, and see if I can get clean.  Martouf, where can I take a bath,

“Samantha, you are not dirty.  You are clean and you have slept for several hours.  Your
Dr. Fraiser is here with you, Jacob, and Daniel.  Do you remember Daniel promising to
come with you?”

Sam grasped his out held hand.  “Daniel, yes, I want Daniel.  Please, please, where is
Daniel?”  Biting her lip, she seemed to force herself to become calm.  “I am sorry.  I am
being stupid, silly, and childish.  I am tired; perhaps I should try to sleep some more.  You
will not go, will you?”

“No, my Samantha, I will not leave you as long as you wish me to remain,” Martouf assured
her softly.  “Lantash and I will stay with you while you rest, I promise you.”  

“When you offered to hold me, did you mean it?”  Sam asked hesitantly.

“Yes, I will hold you as long as you wish,” Martouf said to her softly, as Sam moved over on
the platform to give him room to sit more comfortably if he chose.  He surprised and
alarmed her a little when, instead of sitting, he turned to lie down next to her.  He felt her
stiffen, and he at once murmured softly to her.  Eyeing him, she slowly lay back down to lie
next to him.  Feeling her relax, he moved to take her into his arms.  Again, she became

“I am not going to hurt you in any way, Samantha, nor am I going to use your body against
your will.  You will simply lie next to me and allow me to hold you and keep you safe while
you sleep.  Janet informed our healers about what has occurred, and one of the things they
suggested was that we make sure that someone is with you and that you are always
assured that you are safe with us.  No one will come to get you while I am here, Samantha.  
You may sleep as long as you wish and no one, no one at all, will take you from me.  I
promise you, my love.”

Sam had been slowly relaxing into his arms and, as she became drowsy once again, she
said softly, “Am I your love?  Really your love and not just your fondness?”  She questioned
him to his surprise.

“Yes, you are.  My love, always.”  Martouf whispered into her hair, but Sam was already
asleep.  Martouf tried to relax and empty his mind of the images that kept reappearing
every time he closed his eyes.  Opening them, he sighed.  If he was having this much
trouble, how much worse was it for Samantha?  He had only heard a verbal description;
she had lived the nightmare.  He did not think he had ever seen Daniel Jackson look
murderous until today.  There was no doubt in his mind that if Lantash had not already
killed him, there would be a mission containing the three of them to hunt down and kill

As far as he knew, none of their operatives ever endured anything nearly as horrific as
what Samantha lived through.  They were not sure how much help they were going to be,
but they would do everything they could.  They talked to some of the women who had been
through a similar experience and each of them had been appalled and apprehensive about
how long it would take Samantha to heal.  As one of them had put it, “To this day I have
not healed well; I have a very bad scar, and in some situations, it takes everything I have
not to give in to the fear and loathing the memories engender.  Do not expect her to bounce
back from this in a few days.  It could very well take weeks before she can function on a
minimal level, months before she can be marginally normal and able to react in a normal
manner to some situations.  It is a shame she is not Tok’Ra, for the symbiote helps a great
deal in managing to bury the images.  It is too bad she does not wish to be blended.”  
Martouf sighed again.  It was a shame she did not wish to blend, for then he would have
her near always as well as giving her help through this.  He and Jacob had discussed it
briefly and both agreed that they would not do that to her unless she agreed, and that was
unlikely.  Not only that, but both Daniel and Janet had pointed out that just mentioning it
could put added stress on her and bring up other unpleasant memories from her sojourn
as Jolinar’s host.

Burying his face in the sweet fragrance of her hair, his arms tightened around her almost
convulsively.  He would do anything, anything he could, to help her.  

Lying quietly, he was almost dozing himself when he realized that he was no longer alone.  
He opened his eyes and put his finger to his lips to indicate that she was sleeping, and they
should be quiet.  Jacob nodded that he understood, and watched as Martouf slowly and
gently untangled himself from Sam and eased himself away from her.  Getting up, he
moved soundlessly to the door.  Once in the hall, he leaned against the wall, and said to
Jacob, “She awoke and was very disoriented.  She seemed better once she realized where
she was, and that I was not one of them coming for her again.  Do the healers think any of
this is withdrawal from the sarcophagus?  From what Daniel said, they used it on her
several times a day.”

“I wouldn’t doubt it.  The sarcophagus is addictive, we know that, and yes, she was in it
several times a day from what Daniel found out.  On the plus side, she was in need of it,
and I personally believe that when it is truly needed, it is not as addictive.”  Jacob rubbed
the back of his neck.  “Listen, are you all right to stay with her for a while longer?  Both
Daniel and I are going to try to get some sleep, although every time I close my eyes…” he
sighed, as he let his sentence trail into silence.  

“I have no intention of leaving Samantha anymore than absolutely necessary, Jacob.  I
promised her I would sleep with her and protect her.  I do not want her awakening and
finding me gone.”

“Don’t hurt her anymore, Martouf.  If you don’t love her, then turn her care completely over
to Daniel and myself,” Jacob suddenly said, bluntly.

Startled, Martouf looked at him blankly for a moment.  “But, I do love her Jacob, you know
that.  I told her so, today, on the Tollan world.”  Martouf frowned at Jacob.

“Well, she is under the impression that you are
fond of her and have an affection for her.  
You have
an affection for your dog, and you are fond of steak or French fries, not a
woman.”  Seeing Martouf’s puzzled expression, he said before he could ask, “Never mind.  
Just see that you do not hurt her.  If you don’t or can’t tell her and reassure her that you
love her, then leave her alone and we will take over full time from here on.”

Looking pensive for a moment, Martouf said, “She asked for Daniel when she awoke.  She
questioned me earlier about my fondness.  I was trying not to pressure her, since she is
confused as to whose feelings she is feeling, hers or Jolinar’s.  It is difficult to know how
quickly to press her.”

“Well, at this point in time, she needs to know that you love her no matter what; that you
aren’t disgusted by her.  I guess that is a thought that re-occurs for these women, the
feeling that they will disgust the men in their lives, and they will consider them soiled.  She
will need a lot of reassurance about that Martouf, and if either you or Lantash place any
blame on her at all, or feel in any way that she is less than she ever was, she will know.”

Jacob watched his eyes flare and heard the deeper tones of Lantash when he said,
“Samantha is in no way to blame for this.  It was nothing she could have prevented.  I do
not see how she could think we would blame her for being knocked unconscious and taken
prisoner.  I have no disgust or blame to lay on her, Jacob, and neither does Martouf.  I do
think, though, that perhaps I should allow Daniel to spend time alone with her.  I believe
they could be more than just friends to one another.  They are very close.  He immediately
knew that something was wrong and went to her, while Martouf and I simply stood not
knowing what to do.  It made us realize that, perhaps, we would not be the best mates for
her, despite the love we have for her.  Daniel is much more sensitive to her needs than we.”

“Daniel has known her much longer than you, too.  You were shocked because you have
never seen Sam like that.  Hell, I do not know if
I have ever seen her like that, not even
when her mother was killed was she like that.  I have a feeling that Daniel has a way with
those types of situations.  He is pretty sensitive himself, you know, and this is really
upsetting him.”

“Does he love her, Jacob?”  Lantash asked, even though he was not sure he wanted to
know the answer.

“Yes, but I don’t think it is in that way.  Jack and Teal’c love her, too, but neither one
would want to bond with her.  I think you do.”

“And Daniel?  Does he wish to become Samantha’s mate?”

“No,” answered a voice nearby, “He does not.  Nevertheless, he does love her very much
and always will.  Just not in that way.  Sam is special; she is a brilliant woman, an adept
soldier, a loving and caring person.  There is a lot to love about Sam, but I don’t love her as
a man loves a woman.  Like I told you earlier, I hope you do, because if you hurt her, then I
would have to hurt you, and I really don’t want to attempt to do that,” Daniel said, with a
sardonic look at Lantash.

“I am glad to hear that, Dr. ah, Daniel, because I
do love her.  Very much.”

“Good.  Now, the reason I am here.  Janet said that, if she woke up again, we should give
her another injection.  She wants her to sleep at least twelve to fourteen hours.  She has
been asleep for what…six hours at most?  Has she awakened at all?  Do you know how to
give an injection?”

“Yes, she awoke a little while ago and then returned to sleep.  No, I do not.  You can show
me how?”

“I will send Janet down.  She only wants to use them when we have to and she has shown
the healers how to use them.  I guess you guys have some stuff that Janet thinks will work,
too.  Janet’s satisfied that your people know more than enough to handle this, so she is
heading back soon.  I am staying.”

“She asked for you earlier, but she fell back to sleep, and I felt that was the more important
thing for the moment,” Lantash explained to Daniel.

“Okay, well, I am going to go get some rest myself, if, that is, I can shut my eyes, and not
see those damned visions their graphic explanations have left in my mind.  I am not
surprised Sam has not been sleeping, if that is what happens when she sleeps,” Daniel
said, his voice dark with emotion.

“I will stay with her for now.  Go ahead and sleep.  We will each need to rest at some point,
if we are to keep someone with her at all times,” Lantash said firmly.

Nodding, Daniel yawned, and said, “Okay.  If you need me, you know where they put me.  I
will come if she wants me, so don’t hesitate to call me.”

“Same goes for me, Lantash.  Call me if you need to.  I will be here ASAP.”

“I will call if you are needed.  Thank you.”  Obviously listening, he said, “I believe I hear
Samantha stirring; I must go.”  He watched the other two men walk away and then turned
to re-enter the room.  In the dim light, he was unprepared, for the scene that greeted him.  
Samantha stood with a knife raised and as she plunged it toward him, he barely managed
to deflect a direct hit to his heart.  He never heard her leave the room.


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When Angels Fall

Chapter two