Chapter Eight Summary: After SG-1 leaves to ‘acquire’ two Goa'uld motherships, and rescue Sha’
uri, SG-6 returns, but not alone.  SG-6 believed him human, but an injury, during a firefight with Jaffa,
shows him as Goa'uld; his eyes glowed, when he was severely injured.  His survival is questionable;
however, Dr. Fraiser aids him.  The General is uneasy; reports paint him Tok'Ra, not Goa'uld; he
refuses to give information, not even a name.  Hammond doesn’t report him.  He waits for
Sam/Jolinar to see if he is Goa'uld or Tok'Ra.

“Italics” – Symbiote-Host Communication

Jack O’Neill stood within the group gathering in the gate room.  He was restless, but more than
that, he was acutely uncomfortable.  He hated these damned Jaffa uniforms.  There was
nothing like wearing a skirt to make you feel like an idiot.  He watched Jolinar and Sam as they
continually switched control between them.  They were in charge, and they were doing a final
recheck of their plans, going over them one last time with Teal’c.  Neither of them had really
told them much about those plans, and that made him frown.  He wasn’t sure why they were
keeping the first part of the mission to themselves.  Daniel thought it was so that no one would
screw up and say the wrong thing.  If they didn’t know any details, then they couldn’t give
anything away.  And besides, a Jaffa and a Goa'uld Lord, even an underling, wouldn’t share
their plans or reasons for what they were doing with anyone.  They were simply staying in
character so as to become more comfortable with it.

He looked at Teal'c again and shook his head.  He would never have believed it was him.  
Jolinar and the young sergeant they found to do the makeup on the Jaffa had done an
outstanding job.  The entire Jaffa unit had Cronus’s emblem on their foreheads, and they
looked freakishly, scarily real.  He hoped to hell that they came off easily because he didn’t
want to have to wear the darned thing until it just wore off by itself.  That’d suck big time.  
Almost as much as wearing a skirt.  Teal'c didn’t look like Teal'c.  From Apophis’s missing
emblem to the hair, no one would recognize Teal'c as Teal'c.  But then, that was the point,
wasn’t it?  If they recognized Teal'c, then all of them needed to be ready for a battle.  In a case
where that happened, Daniel was to redial the gate and get them the hell out of there.  Three of
‘her’ Jaffa were assigned to cover him as he dialed them home.  Jolinar felt that the odds of
that happening were negligible, but she still took the precaution of formulating a plan.  

He sighed.  He had to give the devil his due; she knew what she was doing when it came to
planning a mission.  He snorted to himself.  He didn’t know why he was even slightly
surprised.  She’d commanded entire armies, for cripes sake.  What had he expected—that she
would forget the details and just charge in on a wing and a prayer?  Well, if that was what he
had expected, he’d once again been proven spectacularly wrong.  

One of her biggest concerns was that Cronus might have changed his normal time for visiting
his secret cache of ships.  The only way he would do that was if he was under attack and, as
far as she knew, he wasn’t in so much as a screaming match with anyone at the moment.  Of
course, that could have changed.  She needed to meet her off world informants; however, there
was no way she could take someone else with her.  It would be hard enough making contact,
since she would be unfamiliar to them.  Hammond had allowed her off world alone yesterday,
and she’d contacted one of her informants.  The woman she met with brought Jolinar up to
date on what she knew.  

He was pretty sure that he wasn’t the only one surprised when she came back several hours
later.  So, they’d learned they could trust her to do what she said she would do.  Their
suspicion that she would head for her Tok'Ra base were unfounded.  Daniel had made a point
of telling him “I told you so” and Teal'c simply looked at him, his expression showing his
disappointment in him.  That was still bothering him…after all, they still didn’t know her that
well and, although, he did believe that she and Carter were sharing Carter’s body, he still
wasn't all that sure that he was convinced of her dependability.  He was now, though, and it
was a relief to him.  It was one more instance that helped to change his thinking that much

As they waited, Jack’s mind wandered back to the briefing and the things Jolinar told them the
day before.  

She’d stood before them in the briefing room and explained their secondary mission, “Before we
leave on this mission, I believe that there are things that you should know.  The Tok'Ra
Council would strenuously disagree with me on this, since we are not yet allies; however, I am
the one risking my life, as well as yours; therefore, I feel it is imperative that you have this—
insight—into the Goa'uld System Lords.”  

“First, however, before I begin to give you that information, I believe that it is imperative that I
try to explain our methods and us.  You must understand how the Tok'Ra operate, what we do
and how we do it, for it is totally different from your methods.  Please do not misunderstand.  I
am not saying your way is the wrong way.  What I am saying, is that we will both need to be
more willing to accommodate the other in order for us both to work toward the same goal.  You
cannot work in the same manner we do, unless you go as a human slave or a Jaffa.  We, on the
other hand, cannot walk into danger in an obvious way and fight them in open warfare, much
as we would like to do so.  Were there more of us, it would be different, but we are few and
becoming fewer as we lose operatives, or if we cannot find a host.  We hope to soon have tanks
so that a symbiote can survive outside the host, but I digress.”  

“I am sure that you have already realized that the Tok'Ra work by stealth and secrecy.  We
infiltrate.  We gather intelligence and do our best to keep the System Lords quarreling and
fighting amongst themselves.  We do everything we can to keep them in a state of
tergiversation, constantly suspicious of one another.”   

“Many of our missions are long term in that we actually become underlings to the Lord from
which we wish to gather information.  You will find Tok'Ra operatives in many Goa'uld Courts.  
It is often the infiltrators that help us escape when we are captured, if they possibly can, and if
they cannot they help us to destroy ourselves in such a way that we cannot be revived.  We
also have to stand by and do nothing, as a comrade is tortured.  It is a very difficult thing to
do; however, we cannot afford to be discovered.  The Goa'uld do not simply kill a Tok'Ra; they
kill them over and over.  Many of us carry a tiny device that can cause a zat’nik’tel to overload
and explode.  We take a few Jaffa with us, if they are standing near us, but pieces cannot be
placed in a sarcophagus and be revived.  Once we know beyond a doubt that we will not be
rescued, we attempt to finish ourselves off before we are tortured to the point of insanity.  
Enough of that.”  

“As I was saying, we have operatives in many System Lord’s Courts and entourages.  For
instance, as you are aware, we had at least two operatives on Apophis’s ships.  In order to save
our people or perhaps yours, if we are in the process of destroying someone or something, we
will have to share information, intelligence.  This will be a very large hurdle to overcome, as the
Tok'Ra have used stealth and secrecy for over two thousand years.  It will not be an easy
pattern to change, if we even can change it, and I am sure that there will be resistance on your
side as well until they understand the consequences of not sharing our information,” she
paused after stating that, but not for long.  “It will be far too easy for us to kill one another
inadvertently.  We often blow up naquadah mines, training camps, ships if we can.  Your
people could very well be on or near one of those when it happens, just as our people were on
the ships that were going to attack us here.”  

“Eventually, the Council will see the wisdom of sharing the information.  Their most solid
argument will be that, if you know where our operatives are, you could give them away during
torture should you be captured.  It is a very real possibility.  I have given this some thought,
though, and I believe I know how to get around it.  It would be the same problem if you know
where our bases are.  That, too, could be given away and cause an entire base to be wiped out,
if we are not informed that one of you has been captured.  That, too, I can work around;
however, it is something to be considered and studied at a later time.”    

She waited to see if they had any comments, before beginning to talk on one of the other
subjects, “My informant gave me some very useful, and possibly even critical, information.  It
appears that my comment that Cronus was not in so much as a screaming match with one of
the other System Lords is now incorrect.  Evidently, since my departure from Cronus’s ranks,
Zipacna has done something to throw Cronus into a rage.  He is on the verge of entering a war
with him.  Apophis, Sokar, and Zipacna are allies.  Sokar is now very close to becoming the
Supreme System Lord, and that, should it come to pass, is a thing, which would be the worse
of the worst, and to be avoided at all costs.  He is second in line after Anubis for pure evil; and
that was very bad indeed.”  

After swiftly looking at her teammates and the General once more to see if they had comments
or questions, she continued, “Cronus also has allies.  Rather powerful ones.  They are Ba’al,
Bastet, and Heru’Ur.  Occasionally, when Lord Yu feels that the threat of whatever they are
quarreling over will affect him, he will join whichever side will benefit him the most.  He and
Ba'al fight often, however, should war break out among the System Lords, they will drop their
differences, until it is over, should Lord Yu join their side, and then they will resume hostilities
with one another once it is ended.”  

“With Apophis’s defeat at your hands, he has been weakened significantly.  It makes him ripe
for an attempted takeover.  If war breaks out, Sokar would have no qualms in attacking him,
ally or not.  If he took over Apophis’s domains, he could very probably claim the Supreme
System Lord’s place within their ranks.  We cannot allow this to happen.  Therefore, we must
see to it that Sokar and Cronus become fully engaged with one another.  Cronus does not have
the strength of Sokar; however, as I mentioned he has Heru’Ur, and Ba’al, both of which are as
strong as Sokar at the moment.  They
will come to Cronus’s aid.  Sokar, with one of his allies
weakened, will be in a poorer, though not desperate, situation.  You are now aware of which
System Lords are allied and what that means to you and to us.”  

“Sowing the seeds of rage within Cronus should begin this process.  With Sokar stealing his
ships, Cronus will turn on him fairly quickly, unless he somehow finds out that it was not
Sokar, and I do not believe that will happen.  They are not allies.  They refuse to even speak or
be near one another during summits.  Cronus will not allow this to pass unchallenged.  Should
Sokar convince him that he did not take his ships, he will turn his rage on whomever he
believes took them, and he would have no reason to suspect either the Tau'ri or the Tok'Ra.  
He believes that I am dead, thus I did not report my information to my people.  He will set us
aside, knowing that while we might work against them, we are rarely aggressive enough to do
something on this scale…or so they all believe.”  

The conversation went on for a short time, but there was almost no new information.  Jolinar
believed that everything looked good for this mission, and she believed that it was very doable.  
General Hammond gave them a go and she joined Teal'c in the training area.  They spent the
remainder of the day practicing maneuvers and being drilled on the correct demeanor and
manner of being a Jaffa.  

He brought his thoughts back to the present and watched as she walked around checking both
the Jaffa and the slaves.  He sure hoped Jolinar could pull off the acting like a System Lord’s
underling without any problems.  They really didn’t need Cronus to be notified that there was a
Goa'uld, who they didn’t know, insisting she was to take some of his ships.  

“Everyone listen.”  Jolinar’s voice startled him out of his ruminations.  She studied them, her
gaze critical, as did Teal'c.  Eventually, Teal'c nodded to her and she caught each of their
gazes.  Finally, she began, “We are about to enter a Goa'uld occupied world.  There are not a
great many Jaffa there
compared to what would be found in most shipyards,” she stressed
firmly, watching to be sure we understood that the information was important, before
continuing, “simply because only a very few people know of this shipyard’s existence.  That
does not mean there are so few that we can walk in and do as we please.”

“Remember that I will be posing as a Goa'uld.  I will be acting as a Goa'uld Minor System Lord
would.  You will address me by my title,
Lord Atarek, if you address me at all, which you should
never do at any time, unless Teal'c is dead or is not there for some reason.”  She frowned
before adding, “No, actually, even if Teal'c was not there for whatever reason, you still would
not go to me unless it was a dire emergency.  You would turn to Teal'c's Second in Command.  
In this case, that is Colonel O’Neill, or, ah, Ja’nak.  You will turn to Teal'c first, assuming he is
there, and he will decide if I should be bothered by whatever you feel that you must say.  
Should a
situation arise, which I doubt will happen, but if it does, then do not under any
, no matter how appalled you are by my actions, give away your feelings.  Do not
in any manner other than stoic acceptance of my actions.  Do not attempt to either talk to
me or stop me.  If you do, I will have to either torture you severely or kill you, and I wish to do
neither.  That is neither a threat nor a joke.  
It is a fact.  I will not fail in this mission because
one of you gave us away.  Be prepared in case there is some aggression on their part.  They do
not know me.  They are not aware of much of what goes on within Cronus’s Court, which is to
our advantage; however, that does not mean that they will take me at face value.”  

“Should they, for some reason, attack us, be prepared to return their aggression with deadly
intent.  If there are more Jaffa there than I expect, and we are badly outnumbered, we will
abort the mission as per our plan.  Those of you, who are to protect Daniel while he dials us
home, know who you are.  Those of you, who are acting the part of slaves, will stay at the back
behind the Jaffa.  
Do not attempt to take part in the skirmish, unless there are so many Jaffa
that we cannot protect Daniel with only the eleven of us; then you should join the fight.  
Should it look as if we will fail, be prepared to get out of the way of the Chaappa’ai as it
connects and forms.  Once it does so, you will all go, as quickly as you can.  We will attempt to
be directly behind you.  Do not forget that we will not be returning to Earth from the shipyard
world.  We will go to a safe planet and from there to the SGC.”  

“Does anyone have any questions before we leave on this mission?  No?  Good.”

“Jaffa!  Kree!”  Jack watched the other ‘
Jaffa’ step into place.  He took his position beside
Jolinar, since he was supposedly Teal'c's second in command, and they were her personal
‘guards’.  The servants took their positions without any prompting, Daniel the only one that
stayed toward the front, as he was expected to stand behind Jolinar, as her lo’tar should.  He
took a deep breath, as she looked up and nodded to the airman manning the dialing computer.  
The chevrons started to lock.  It appeared that it was now show time.  Glancing over at Jolinar
one more time, he noticed that her face had changed completely from what they were used to
seeing.  It wasn’t even the face they had seen when she was ‘captured’ by them, before the
Ashrak’s attack.  The woman who now stood calmly between himself and Teal'c was very much
a Goa'uld System Lord.  So much so, that it was almost heart-stopping.  He had no need to
worry that she could pull of the being a Goa'uld System Lord.  For all intents and purposes, as
of now, she
‘was’ a Goa'uld System Lord.  And, he realized, he was her Jaffa.  He stood a little
straighter and brought his face into a stoic mask, as they had been taught to do.  It was
definitely show time.

The gate connected and settled.  They stepped up to the event horizon, and Jolinar nodded to
Teal'c, who then, nodded to Jack and two other Jaffa.  They stepped up behind Jolinar and
Daniel, while the remainder of the Jaffa and the servants stood behind them.  Jack and Teal'c
both stepped closer to Jolinar.  At Teal'c's command, they walked into the event horizon, staff
weapons at the ready.  

Colonel Stevenson leaned against the side of one of the village buildings and watched the
remainder of SG-6 as they interacted with the local people.  They had wandered around this
world for two days taking soil samples and exploring some ruins that Dr. Jackson thought
might hold some interest for them.  It was about time to return to the SGC.  There were only a
few more hours to go, until they would head for the Stargate…then home.  The teams
attempting to steal a mothership and rescue Dr. Jackson’s wife should be leaving about now.  
He hoped that mission went well.  

He frowned as his eyes were once again drawn to where two of his team stood and chatted with
a few of the villagers and an oddly dressed man they met the evening before.  Upon his arrival,
he caught all of their attention.  He walked into the village somewhat late yesterday evening and
the villagers greeted him happily, obviously well acquainted with him.  He’d greeted them
happily as well, and when the village headman arrived, he handed over a rather large sack to
him.  Runners were sent out and soon other villagers arrived.  Ruman, the headman, insisted
the man hand out whatever it was he carried with him.  Smiling, the man had done so quickly
and efficiently.  From what his team had been able to ascertain, he brought them seeds for
planting among other essentials.  

However, the Colonel was still puzzled about who and what he was.  They were told his name
was Marlan.  He disappeared for a while shortly after dispensing the items he brought, and
many of the villagers went into the building he was in and then returned looking quite happy a
short time later.  Since he already gave out all of his gifts, he wondered what he was doing.  It
didn’t really matter he supposed, but for some reason he felt there was more to this man than
they realized.  That he was an honored and welcome guest of these people was very apparent,
but when questioned about him, none of them would give them a straight answer.  A good
friend to them was about all they found out.  No one would answer any questions about him.  
The only other fact they learned was that he was not from this world and that he or others of
his people visited them and always brought something they needed.

Pushing away from the wall, he sauntered toward the group.  It appeared that the man, too,
was preparing to leave.  As he stepped to them, Marlan turned to him and bowed his head in
greeting, before telling him, “It has been a pleasure to meet with you and your team, Colonel
Stevenson; however, I must return to my…home.”  

The Colonel nodded in return and told him, “We will be leaving shortly ourselves.”  He was
preparing to ask him pointblank what world he lived on, when Marlan’s attention snapped away
from them and he turned in the direction of the Stargate.  

“The Chaappa’ai has activated.  Are you expecting more of your people, Colonel?”  Marlan’s
voice was tense and it was obvious that he was disturbed.  

“No.  We will send a team later to follow up on our initial contact, but not right now.”  
Stevenson frowned, as he realized that Marlan heard the gate activate.  The Stargate was quite
a distance away.  How had he heard it from here?  

Marlan spun away from them and ran toward the nearest villager.  “You must run to Ruman,
and tell him to take his people into the caves.  Jaffa approach and they will be here soon.  Send
runners to the other villages.  Go!  Hurry!”  

He returned to SG-6 and his face was grim.  “There are Jaffa on their way here.  They do not
come often; however, when they do they take slaves, if the people are here.  We should hide, as
they will attempt to kill us on sight.”  He sighed.  “Not all of the people will get away before they
arrive,” he murmured almost to himself, before turning to them, “Come.”  

He turned and headed toward a ramshackle building on the edge of the village.  “We must hope
that the fact that the village is deserted will encourage them to either advance to the next one
or leave.  Either way, if they have been here before they will not come in this direction as there
are no villages close by in this direction.”  

They slid silently behind the building, and the Colonel realized that they had a perfect view of
the streets and houses from their vantage point.  He turned to Marlan and quickly asked him,
“How did you hear the gate activate?  It’s a good two miles away.”  

Marlan glanced over at him, as he explained, “Although my people have enhanced hearing, even
we could not hear it from here.  I carry a device that allows me to know if the Chaappa’ai is
activated.  We have tried to convince Ruman to carry one, but he fears it too much to do so.”  
He shook his head, before adding, “What they do not understand, they fear.  Fortunately, their
fear does not lead them to hate others that use these things as many do.  They do not look on
it as “magic”.  We have managed to show them enough that they understand it is only a device,
not something from the “gods”.  Still, they do not wish to use it themselves, and we cannot
force them.  They usually keep a guard on the Chaappa’ai.  I can only hope that, whoever it
was, managed to escape notice.  Knowing that I am here and would alert this village, they
would have headed off to one of the other villages instead of coming here first.”  

The Colonel nodded, but did not answer as the party of Jaffa came into view.  There were about
a dozen, not a large party, but neither would they be a walk in the park if it came to a firefight.  
His attention was caught by a movement along one of the houses toward the center of the
village.  A small group of people were attempting to escape.  They had small children with
them.  This was not good.  If he saw them, so did the Jaffa.  

The command from the Jaffa to halt came almost simultaneously with his thought.  He watched
as several tried to run, but were cut down by staff blasts.  The man glanced at him and he
nodded.  The Jaffa were rapidly closing in on the remainder of what was turning out to be a
fairly large group of villagers.  Evidently, they did not get word in time to leave with the others.  
Mostly women and children, they were terrified.  Several had run to their fallen friends and
were kneeling next to them, trying to help them.  They had to do something; they couldn’t
simply wait and allow the Jaffa to take these people.  

The Colonel signaled to his team and indicated they were to attack.  First moving behind
objects near to them, they fired above the Jaffa’s heads, so that they villagers would not be hit.  
It paid off as the Jaffa dropped their holds on the people and turned to begin returning their
fire.  Most of them immediately ran into the forest behind the village, although several were
trying to move their fallen comrades, as well.  Two of them managed to stumble to their feet and
head to the woods with the support of a friend.  The third, however, did not move.  Two friends
were attempting to drag him away.  

Out of seemingly nowhere, Marlan was kneeling at the man’s side.  The Colonel had not even
realized that he was not still with them.  He turned his attention back to the fight and realized
that because they caught them out in the open, there were only a half dozen Jaffa remaining to
be eliminated.  He turned his attention back to Marlan and the fallen man, only to get the
shock of his life.  Marlan was using a healing device.  Only Goa'uld could use one of those.  It
made no sense.  He didn’t act Goa'uld.  He was helping these people.  Why would he help
them?  Was he lulling them into a false sense of security?  He’d never known a Goa'uld to act
that way, but there was a first time for everything.  Caught up in his own thoughts, he was
surprised when the fallen man stumbled to his feet with the help of Marlan and his friend.  He
didn’t see the Jaffa turn his attention to them and take aim at Marlan.  The first he knew of it
was when the staff blasts caught him, first in the shoulder and then on the thigh.  His eyes
glowed and he fell.  

The Jaffa was cut down, even as he hit the Goa'uld.  It took only moments to finish the fight.  
All twelve Jaffa lie dead.  Colonel Stevenson’s voice was grim as he turned to his team.  
“Marlan, if that is really his name, is a Goa'uld.  Approach him with caution.  We’ll take him
back with us.  We can’t pass up the opportunity to interrogate a Goa'uld.  What he was doing
here, I don’t know.  Nothing I can come up with makes sense.  Goa'uld don’t do the things he
did.  It doesn’t matter, though.  Regardless what he did or didn’t do, he’s still Goa'uld, and I
don’t trust him.”  His earlier feeling that something wasn’t quite right about the man had been
justified, but he hadn’t expected this.  

He hated to leave the villagers with the dead Jaffa, but there wasn’t much he could do about
it.  They needed to get their prisoner to the SGC, and there was no telling how long it would be
before Ruman brought his people back.  They couldn’t wait to see.  “Can we carry him to the
gate, Gordon?”  

“I think so, Colonel.  We can take turns.  Or we could use one of those wide boards as a
stretcher.”  Gordon leaned over and picked the Goa'uld up, checking just how heavy he was.  
He swung him into a fireman’s carry and looked to his commander.  “I think we can do it this
way.  Then if he wakes up, there are three of us with free hands to subdue him, if we need to.”  

Colonel Stevenson nodded, “Let’s move out.”  The trek to the gate wasn’t exactly pleasant, but
the team managed.  Marlan, or whoever he was, didn’t awaken and his breathing was erratic
and shallow.  He frowned, as he realized how badly injured the Goa'uld was.  Even as they
reached the gate, he wondered if he might die before they could even get him back to the SGC.  

“Dial the gate, Gordon.  Send the code for a medical team.  I think we might be losing him.”  

“Yes, Sir, Colonel.”  

General Hammond watched as the gate shut down as the last of the
‘Jaffa’ and ‘servants’
passed through to the world where they would be attempting to steal a mothership.  The
General shook his head.  They didn’t tell anyone else, not even Washington, what they were
attempting to do.  If they managed to
‘acquire’ one, then, they would worry about what to do
with it.  Tentatively, they were to take it to the Alpha site, until the powers that be could be
notified and a decision about it made.  
If, that is, they managed to get one.  They would be gone
for several days, if all went well, so there was no use wondering about it for now.  He turned to
return to his office but turned back when he heard the gate engage.  Had something gone
desperately wrong already?  

The wormhole was established but before he could even inquire, Sergeant Davis was
announcing, “It’s SG-6, Sir, and they need a medical team.”  As the General leaned over the
mike and requested the med team, Sergeant Davis sent the acceptance of the code.  The
General barely made it to the ramp before SG-6 walked out of the event horizon carrying

“What’s going on, Colonel?”  

“We had a run-in with a party of Jaffa just as we were getting ready to leave the planet, Sir.  
This man is a Goa'uld.  He said his name was Marlan, but I doubt if that is his real name.  He
should probably be kept under guard, if he survives.  He took two staff blasts, so we are fairly
sure they weren’t his Jaffa.”  

The General signaled to two of the soldiers to go with the medical team.  Janet Fraiser nodded,
assuring him, “I heard, General.  We’ll be careful, but from the looks of him, I doubt we need
restraints,” she paused, “at least not yet.  First, he has to survive, and I agree with the
Colonel.  From what little I’ve seen, I have my doubts that he will.”  

General Hammond nodded his approval, and Janet followed her most recent patient.  She
would have to treat the human and hope for the best.  She frowned to herself.  They should
probably be very careful when close to him.  The Goa'uld could seek a new host, if he wasn’t
too weak.  

Turning to Colonel Stevenson, he told him, “Go ahead, and get checked out.  We’ll debrief in an

“Yes, Sir,” he replied as he handed his weapons off to another.  Then remembering something,
he turned back and asked, “Did SG-1 get off on their mission?”  

The General nodded.  “Yes, just now.  Had you been a minute earlier, you wouldn’t have been
able to connect.”  

Stevenson grinned, “I always did have excellent timing.”  

The General smiled back at him.  “Get out of here, Mike.  I’ll see you in an hour.”  

“Yes, Sir.”  Whistling, he headed for the infirmary.  

Two hours later SG-6 was seated around the briefing room table finishing their report.  Colonel
Stevenson shook his head.  “We know the Jaffa that arrived weren’t his.  Maybe he was a spy
for one of the System Lords and so was acting out of character on purpose.  As I said, Sir, none
of us have even a clue.  He wasn’t doing anything Goa'uld-like, but there is no doubt that he is
one.  Dr. Fraiser’s test showed the symbiote, and I saw his eyes glow when he was hit.  Nothing
about the entire incident makes any sense.”  

General Hammond sighed.  “We could speculate all day, but there isn’t anything we can do
about it at the moment.  Dr. Fraiser reported that he is still in critical condition, and she still
feels that there is a very real chance that he might not make it.  All we can do is wait and hope
that he will answer our questions when, or if, he survives.  You’re dismissed.  Get some rest.”  

SG-6 stood and left the room.  General Hammond shut his eyes and leaned back in his chair,
as he once more went over everything they told him.  They were right.  It made no
sense…unless.  He shook his head and stood.  No, he wasn’t going to spend any more time
speculating.  It was pointless and just one more thing about which he refused to wonder.  He’d
do a Scarlett O’Hara and worry about it tomorrow.  He wondered if he should also channel
Rhett and just not give a damn.  At least that thought made him smile.  


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