Chapter Three Summary:  General Hammond talks to the President, and then tells Sam and
Jolinar that they are now officially members of SG-1.  While he is there, Daniel leaves to find some
books he needs, and Jolinar takes the opportunity to tell the General about Amaunet/Sha’uri…and
the complication attached to them.  He agrees to explain it to Daniel, and Jolinar tells him that, if he
will allow the mission, she believes that she can retrieve Sha’uri.  She also mentions one little rather
large problem she is having and how it will affect Sha’uri, as well as why there is little she can do
about it for the time being.  

Rating this Chapter – PG-13

“Italics” – Symbiote-Host Communication

“Fine, Mr. President, and you and the family?  That’s always good to hear.”  

“Well, no, this isn't a social call, but then, neither is it some dire emergency.”  The General
laughed.  “I have to agree, Sir, anytime I call you, and we aren’t about to be overrun by aliens
or our planet destroyed by the Goa’uld is a good day and could almost be designated a social
call,” George Hammond began his conversation with the President of the United States in a low-
key manner.  

“Yes, Sir, I do have some news, and although it may sound alarming, at first, it has been taken
care of, and the outcome could be very much to our advantage.”  

“Yes, Sir, I would be happy to tell you the entire story.  This is what occurred…”

“…yes, Sir, we feel confident that between the differences in facial expressions, personalities,
speech patterns, and the EEG, we were talking to both of them, no doubt whatsoever.”  

“There is no doubt about that either.  Captain Carter is alive and well because the Tok’Ra
protected her, at the risk of her own life, and then healed her completely.”  

“No, Sir, she was quite candid about who and what the Tok’Ra are, and what they do.  She
gave no secrets away, of course; however, she gave us a very thorough overview of her people
and their goals, which happen to coincide with ours.  She did warn us that the Tok’Ra are both
arrogant and prideful, much as the Goa’uld are, although they attempt to curb it.  
Unfortunately, their Queen allowed it to pass through when she impressed their genetic
memory on them.”  

“Well, Sir…” the General paused, as he thought about what he needed and wanted to say,
before beginning again, “as well as we can understand what she meant, it seems that they, as
well as the Goa’uld, have a genetic memory.  However, the Queen controls what parts of that
memory passes onto her offspring and Egeria, their Queen, imprinted them to fight the System
Lords and their ways.  Jolinar considers it unfortunate that she allowed the pride and
arrogance to pass through, but if that is their worst traits, I, for one, can live with it.”  

“I believe that she is sincere in both her statement that she would leave Captain Carter, if the
Captain wished her too, and in her belief that we and the Tok’Ra should ally.  She was also
very upfront in telling us that she believes that achieving an alliance will be an uphill battle,
and it may very well take quite some time to achieve.  She’s willing to work toward it, though.”  

“No, Sir, as of now, Captain Carter does not wish for her to leave her and find another host.”

“Well, she told us that their knowledge of the universe is vast.  They’ve been gathering it for
several thousand years.  It’s my belief that the Captain believes that we should attempt an
alliance, and one way to work toward it is for her to remain Jolinar’s host.  She didn’t come out
and say that to me, Mr. President, it’s simply my conjecture.  Jolinar was very candid about the
fact that they sometimes have trouble with finding hosts, and it only makes sense that, if the
Captain agrees to remain her host, it will go a long way toward better relations.  I haven’t had
any time to talk to Jolinar one on one, but common sense tells me that a need for hosts is a big
problem for them.”  

“Yes, Sir, I’ve been giving that some thought myself.  It’s my understanding from Teal'c that the
Goa’uld, and therefore the Tok’Ra, can cure almost any disease.  There may very well be some
hosts here for them, but that is something to think long and hard about before making an
offer.  It will also depend on how it turns out for Captain Carter.  Moreover, returning to your
original question, since I became sidetracked, and I do apologize for that, I think that in
particular, Captain Carter and Dr. Jackson can gain some invaluable information about what’s
out there, which we are totally unaware of, but that’s just waiting for us to stumble into it.  In
time, I have a feeling that there could be some technology we could learn about, as well,
although obviously, seeing as they will believe us somewhat, ah, young, they may not wish to
share a lot of that, at least at first.  Fortunately, with Captain Carter more or less in Jolinar’s
mind, she may come across things that will help us, technology wise, anyway.”  

“She doesn’t appear to be.  Actually, when Jolinar wanted to explain the, ah, stumbling blocks
to an alliance in a more, let’s say diplomatic way, than Captain Carter was about to, she had
the Captain tell us that she would like to answer our question, if we wished to talk to her.  
When she didn’t say anything, we were puzzled, until the Captain pointed out that she would
not come forward, unless we wished to speak to her.  We had to ask her to take control of the
Captain, which she did, and when we were finished talking, she turned control of her body
back to Captain Carter.  Captain Carter also explained that soon, they wouldn’t have to ask,
because they would know when the other wanted to take control and simply ‘step aside’ for
them to come forward and do or say, whatever it was that they felt they needed to do.  ”  

“That is a very emphatic yes, Sir, very different from the Goa’uld and yet…they are Goa’uld,
even though they call themselves Tok’Ra.  Of course, people aren’t all the same either, and that
includes entire populations that are almost completely opposite from one another, so we
shouldn’t find it shocking to find a resistance group within the Goa’uld ranks.”  

“Well, Sir, after already having fought a war with them for two thousand years, I doubt they
would simply walk away from it now.  Furthermore, they don’t fight in an overt way, as we do.  
They work from within the Goa’uld and sow dissent among them, keeping them warring with
one another, and therefore, none of them gain the power that Ra had when we destroyed him.  
That, by the way, she said will be very much in our favor, as it seems that Ra was the one that
killed their Queen.  They have wanted to dispose of him for a very, very long time.”  

Once more, the General paused, before adding, “There is one other thing that probably has
something to do with the fact that they work from within the Goa’uld instead of overtly.  Jolinar
made the comment that there are too few of them to fight overtly.  I am guessing that, since Ra
killed their queen, the chances are very good that they have negative population growth, and, in
fact they are probably actually declining in numbers.  The lack of hosts could very well be a
part of that, I suppose.  Since they won’t take an unwilling host, I am sure that, if they need
one, but no one volunteers, they die.  I think it is probably safe to say there's more than one
reason for their dwindling numbers, if I'm correct and their numbers are decreasing.”

“Yes, Sir, very much to our advantage.  It won’t get us an alliance, but it may be enough to
start a dialog, and Jolinar intends to remain with us, with your permission, and work as a
liaison to encourage a closer tie and eventually a treaty.”  

“I have no idea, Sir, but I'm quite sure that something she’s seen in Captain Carter’s memories
brought her to the conclusion that we were not only to be trusted but were worth having as

“Yes, we are very lucky to have the Captain.  Moreover, to tell you the truth, although I know
that you already think that he is something of a wunderkind, I can assure you that both Dr.
Jackson and Captain Carter are in the top tier, when it comes to genius.  I wish to God I had
more like them that I could put on teams.  I firmly believe that the success of SG-1 comes
directly from the composition of their team, as well as their closeness and knowledge of one
another, and Jolinar will only enhance what is already there.”  

“Sir, I would be delighted, if you could find more people similar to Dr. Jackson and Captain
Carter who would be eager to explore the universe.  We would welcome them with open arms.”  

General Hammond nodded, as the President continued to talk to him, even though the man on
the other end couldn’t see him.  Suddenly, he straightened in his chair and frowned.  “My
opinion, Sir?  A mistake.  I believe that turning Jolinar and Captain Carter over to them, for
even a few days, would be a huge mistake on our part.”  

“Yes, Sir, I most certainly do.”  

“Exactly, Mr. President, I agree one hundred percent.  Our behavior toward her wasn’t exactly
open armed.  Fortunately, her behavior was equally reprehensible, and she agrees that there
was fault on both sides.”  

“Well, Sir, I would suspect that an intense interrogation would not make a good impression,
and with all due respects, Sir, Colonel Maybourne is sometimes a little…over enthusiastic, with
his methods, shall we say.  I would, in fact, be almost positive that if he interrogates Jolinar,
there will be unwelcome consequences.  It is my opinion that there would definitely not be an
alliance, either now or later, and we could kiss a treaty good-bye, to, um, put it bluntly.”  He
paused for a moment before saying, “I apologize, Sir, for being so blunt.”  

“No, Sir, I am not changing my opinion, however, I could have stated it a little less

Suddenly, he was chuckling, before saying, “Well, yes, Sir, I think he is, too, but I wasn’t aware
that you shared my opinion.  Yes, Sir, I will.  You’re going to what?  Well, yes, Sir, she most
emphatically does deserve a promotion.  Thank you, Sir.  No, I won’t tell her.  Thank you, Sir,
I'll tell them your decision.  Yes, Sir, you have a very good day, as well.  Good-bye.”  

General George Hammond leaned back and rested his head against the back of his chair.  He’d
done it.  Maybourne could come, in two days’ time and spend no more than six hours with
Captain Carter and Jolinar.  Supervised hours.  He and his team were never to be alone with
them, and he would receive a warning about his treatment of her.  At the first sign of insulting
or disrespectful behavior, he had the president’s permission to escort them from the base.  
They had access to the alien.  They would be the ones that blew it at that point.

The President apologized; nevertheless, he felt that he had no choice but to allow them access
to her, just as they had to Teal'c.  However, he was aware that Teal'c, while not tortured, or
abused in any way, was not treated with the respect he deserved.  He had just given up his
entire life for them.  His treatment by Maybourne should have been much better than it was.  
See to it that Jolinar of Malk’shur’s treatment was better.

Standing, he made his way toward the infirmary.  He would leave the guards on her, for the
time being, although, his gut said it wasn’t necessary.  On the other hand, she was still a
mostly unknown alien entity.  He was quite sure that both she and the Captain would expect
nothing less.  However, he would allow them to use Captain Carter’s on base accommodations.  
He didn’t think a cell would be necessary even though they seemed to expect it.

He entered the infirmary and was not surprised to see Dr. Jackson sitting with Captain Carter,
but lost to his surroundings, as he made notes about the manuscript he was working on.  
Captain Carter on the other hand, was working with something that looked like nothing more
than a cube.  Several other pieces of technology lay scattered about the bed.  He glanced at the
monitor and realized that the two of them were communicating at a rate that would probably be
beyond most of their abilities to comprehend, if what was being said was spoken aloud.  Yet not
only were they discussing something, they were also working on the object at the same time.  
He watched the Captain’s eyes glow, and then, her hands became even faster as Jolinar
examined the cube even more closely.  

Her eyes glowed once more, indicating that she was no longer in control, and Sam turned to
him, saying, “General, Jolinar says that this isn’t a piece of technology.  It’s actually a portable
safe.  She also says that we shouldn’t attempt to open it unless we are in a safe room, because
there is no telling what it contains.  It could be something as mundane as jewelry, or as
dangerous as some type of poison.  There’s just no way to tell before we open it.”  

“I see.  Well, Captain, when you are ready to open it, we will take precautions, then.  You will
need Hazmat, too, just in case.”  

Sam smiled at him, as she shook her head, saying, “That won’t be necessary, General.  As long
as it doesn’t blow up, Jolinar is immune to poisons, although she believes that the Tok’Ra
might be working on something to use against the Goa’uld that would be deadly to her, well,
actually, to us.  However, she's heard no rumors of the Goa’uld even working on such a thing;
therefore, in her opinion, we'll be quite safe.  Nevertheless, she thanks you for thinking of our

George Hammond simply nodded.  They certainly had a lot to learn about their newest SG-1
member.  Not susceptible to poisons, could heal about anything, as long as it wasn't too severe,
has a vast amount of knowledge.  Yes, they were very lucky in having found her, or rather in
her having found them,…and in Sam Carter being willing to remain a host.  He smiled and
began to give her the President’s decision, ending with the unfortunate but truncated interview
with Colonel Maybourne.  

Sam listened, as the General talked, “So, excepting the visit from Colonel Maybourne, and his
minions, everything seems to be pretty much set, as I’ve stated.  Therefore, Captain Carter,
Jolinar, the President of the United States of America would like for me to welcome you to the
SGC and SG-1.”  

Sam’s eyes widened, “We’re going to be allowed to go off world?  That’s wonderful, General.  As
much as I enjoy the science and technology, I think that I’d miss the off world missions.”  

She stopped speaking and listened.  
“Samantha, what exactly does this mean?  I believe I know;
however, I wish to be sure,”
Jolinar was not so elated, yet.  She wished to be sure that she
understood correctly.  

“It means that the General asked the president to grant permission for us to, well for you, to join
SG-1.  That’s my team, as you already know, and it also means that they aren’t taking me off of
it and keeping me on base, which is almost what I expected.”  
She paused for a moment, and
then asked quietly,
“Jolinar, you aren’t planning to run out on the team and head for your base
the first time we go through the gate are you?”  

Jolinar sighed, “No, Samantha, I am not.  I will explain after you finish your conversation with the
General, but you will see that, at least for the moment, there is no place for me to go.  Not yet,
anyway, and besides, the General knows that in order to begin working on an alliance, I will, at
some time, have to approach my people.  I would much rather do it with his agreement than to try
to do it on my own.  We may even take our team with us.  The Tok’Ra will be very interested in
meeting Teal'c.  He is the only Jaffa we have ever heard of who turned against his God.  That took
a great deal of courage.”  

“True.  Um, Jolinar, the Colonel that the General mentioned, he’s a, ah, well, he will basically be
coming to interrogate us.”  

“What methods of torture will he use?”
 Jolinar requested the information, as if to her anyway, it
was a foregone conclusion that they would be tortured for information.  She frowned at
Samantha’s shock.  

“Well, as far as I know, there won’t be any torture.  I…really don’t think the General would allow
that and, well, I’m not saying it never occurs, but in a situation such as ours, it isn’t normal
procedure.  It’s not like we’re enemy combatants.  I mean, well, yes, you’re an alien, and I
suppose I am, too, now, but I doubt that will happen.  Do you want me to question the General just
to be absolutely sure?”  

Jolinar frowned, and then decided to come down on the side of caution.  One should always
know as much as possible about the situation one was entering,
“Yes, perhaps you should do
so.  I wish to be prepared.”  

Sam nodded to her, and then turned her attention back to the General, saying, “I apologize,
Sir, but Jolinar wished to be sure she understood what you were saying correctly.  I assured
her that she was.  She also has a question about Colonel Maybourne’s, um, methods of
interrogation.  I assured her there wouldn’t be any torture.  Well, no more than being shut in a
room with Colonel Maybourne already is, anyway.  She wanted me to ask you, so she would be
prepared, just, well, just in case there is something of which I’m not aware.”  She didn’t pause,
before adding, “I don’t know how to handle these lapses.  There are times when I’ll sort of zone
out, while I listen or respond to her.  Her comment could very well be something very
important, or she might have a question of her own.  She assures me that these things take a
little time to work out, but that eventually, they will.  After several hundred years, I would
suppose so.  I would think it would take many less than that to work the bugs out of the

“Eventually, Sam, there will be no pausing to listen to me.  The majority of the time, you will be
able to listen, and understand both of us at once.  I will be able to give you the ability to do so;
however, it does not happen overnight.”  

Sam sent her agreement, but this time kept her attention on the General, as he responded to
her statement, “As for that, I wouldn’t worry about it, Captain.  As you say, it’ll probably
become easier for you, as time passes.  In the meantime, we’ll all be aware of the circumstances
and simply wait for you to return your attention to us.  I believe that would be the sensible and
logical way to approach this particular situation, whenever it occurs.”

He drew a breath, before addressing her other statement.  “As for the other, there will be no
torture.  At least one of your teammates will be with you, for the entire interview, and, at the
first hint of disrespect, threats, or anything else that would be uncalled for, we have the
Presidents permission to escort him off the base.  We won’t have a repeat of Teal'c, Captain, I
assure you.”    

Sam smiled, saying, “Thank you, General Hammond.  That’s good to know.  As for the
awareness of what is going on, when we zone on you, we both would appreciate that
understanding.  Jolinar assures me that many of the things that appear to be problems now
will soon pass, as we learn how to work together and live together.  And, as I mentioned to you
before, from what I’ve seen in her memories, soon she won’t even have to ask for control, as I’ll
come to recognize the need in her and will simply, um, step back, so to speak.  She’ll learn the
same about me, and it’ll become a very seamless occurrence for us.”  

“Well, Captain, I never thought I would hear myself utter these words, but…it sounds like a
fascinating relationship.”  

Sam looked at him, nodded, and told him, “General, you have no idea.  No longer than we’ve
been together and I can tell that if something happened to her, and I was left behind, I would
be bereft.  It’s a very unusual feeling, but a very comforting one, at the same time.”  Suddenly,
she grinned, “She also assures me that it won’t be all roses, and that we’ll have our share of
spats and arguments, even if it’s over what to eat for supper.”

Daniel looked up from where he was sitting and working on his manuscript, as he finally
became aware that the General was there.  “Oh, hi, General Hammond, I didn’t hear you come

George Hammond smiled and shook his head, replying, “I know, Dr. Jackson, but since you
were nowhere near this room, I’ll forgive you this time.”  

Understanding exactly what the General meant, Daniel grinned at him, before he looked at
them both, and told them, “If you wouldn’t mind if I left, I need a couple more books.  I won’t
be gone long, I promise.”  

“There’s no hurry, Daniel; I’ll be all right here alone for a while,” Sam teased him lightly, and he
grinned at her.  He nodded, to the General, before heading for, and then going through, the

“Samantha, I have some information about Sha’uri and Amaunet.  I should speak to the General,
unless you wish to talk to him for me.  Moreover, it must be done quickly, before Dr. Jackson

As Sam saw into Jolinar’s mind, she gasped aloud, and then, almost moaned, “No, oh, no, no,
no.  Tell me that isn’t true,”
she pleaded with Jolinar.

“I am sorry, Samantha, but I cannot.  Although it is only a rumor, I believe that it is true, for she
has not been seen for almost seven months.”  

The General realized that Jolinar had just given some information to Captain Carter that had
upset her greatly.  “What’s wrong, Captain?  Is there anything I can do?”  

“I don’t know for sure, Sir.  Would you mind talking to Jolinar?”  

“Why, no, not at all,” he quickly assured her.    

As soon as he agreed, Sam’s head dropped, and when it rose, it was obvious by Jolinar’s set
features that whatever she wanted to say, it was not going to be pleasant.  “General Hammond,
I must speak quickly, before Dr. Jackson returns.  I was serious when I told him that I believe I
know where his wife is.  I am fairly certain of it, although, I could be wrong.”  Her voice grim,
she continued, “However…General, Amaunet, or actually Sha’uri, is pregnant with Apophis’s
child.  This happened before his attack on earth, as no one has seen her for almost seven
months.  I believe I know where she is; however, I do not know what to tell Dr. Jackson.  I
have heard rumors that the gate there is blocked, so he would have taken her by ship, and he
will return for her as soon as the child is born.  I do not believe it would be best for me to tell
him this, since he cannot get to her, which he cannot without a ship; I am not sure that we
should tell him.”  

She paused for a moment.  “I know where I could, ah, shall we say…commandeer an Alkesh.  It
is very weakly guarded, and it would be quite easy to, er, relieve the present owner of it.  It
would be able to reach her within a couple of days, at most.  Once we bring her here, however,
we have the problem of Amaunet.”  She glanced at the door, “I believe you must make the
decision on whether or not to tell him.  I have been concerned all day that he would bring it up,
and I do not know what to tell him.”  

General Hammond looked into Samantha Carter’s eyes and saw both sympathy and concern
there…from an acknowledged Goa’uld.  It was a startling and yet comforting thought.  “I’ll take
care of it, Jolinar.  I may have to call you in, depending on his reaction.”  

She inclined her head in acknowledgement.  “I shall return you to my Samantha, now.”  

And, just that easily, he could tell that the Captain was once more with him.  “General, I…I
don't know what to say.  I…If you decide he should know, and you will approve the mission,
Jolinar and I can undertake it, at any time.”  

The General looked startled.  “Do you mean alone, Captain Carter?”  

He waited patiently, as Sam talked to Jolinar.  Shaking her head, she returned to talk to the
General.  “Not exactly, Sir.  I’m afraid we would have to do some planning, but Jolinar believes
that she can pull it off.  She doesn’t have the entire plan figured out, yet, but she will, by the
time you feel you need to know how we would accomplish the mission.  Her risk assessment is
that that it would be moderate or less, depending on whether you allowed others to accompany
us.  If you did, then it would depend on how well they could do what they would need to do to
accomplish it without incident.”  

Taking a deep breath, she asked, quietly, “Would you want us to be there when you tell him,
General?  We will, if you think we should be.”  

The General considered his options, and sighed.  None of them were any better than any other,
and none of them were good.  “No, however, as I said, I would expect to call you and Jolinar in,
at some point, after I tell him.”  

Sam nodded, adding, “General, she wants me to emphasize that it is believed that Amaunet, er,
that is, Sha’uri is pregnant.  While it is only rumor, Jolinar believes it to be true.  In addition,
she believes she knows where she is, but again, she could very well be wrong.  She doesn’t
believe she is, though, in either instance.  As far as telling Daniel, I think that perhaps, you
might want the Colonel and Teal'c there, when you tell him.  Jolinar thinks that he might need
the support of friends.  This will be devastating news to him, and there’s no way to lessen or
soften the blow.”

“I agree, Captain.”  He stared at the wall behind her, before returning his gaze and focusing on
her.  “Since this sounds like time might be of the essence, and you and Jolinar will have plans
to lay, I’ll tell him as soon as I can find the Colonel and Teal'c.”  

“Jolinar, I do thank you for this information.  It may not be good news;  nevertheless, it is
news.  I just don’t know what we’ll do with her.  We’ve tried before to remove a symbiote, and it
failed miserably.  We lost a good man.”  

He watched Sam’s eyes glow, and knew that it was Jolinar that spoke, “The Tok’Ra will be able
to remove Amaunet, General; however, I am not sure how long it will be, until we can do so.  
You see,” Jolinar paused, and sighed, as she realized she was not going to be able to keep this
information from them, “I seem to be missing some rather vital information.  The majority of my
memories are intact.  However, there is at least one important piece missing.  I do not know
why I cannot return to the tunnels yet, I only know that I cannot.  I feel that there is a problem
on my home base, and I feel a great deal of danger would await me, should I return there
without remembering what it was that was so very vital that it reach them.  I am sorry, but
once the child is born, she would have to remain incarcerated, until I can determine what to do
about this.  Dr. Jackson would have whatever time there was before the birth with her, though,
so perhaps that would help some.  I am quite sure that it would be a gift for her.”

“I am thankful that the Ashrak damaged only a few things.  It could have been very much
worse, and I could be missing large pieces.  However, I appear to remember everything that
happened since I left my undercover position.  I believe that, whatever I learned, it was vital
that I not only get it back to my base, but also that I myself leave my position with the System
Lord.  I feel relatively sure that we were betrayed, and that the person that did so was someone
that I need to be very wary of contacting, before knowing who it is.  In fact, I lost my host
because someone betrayed us to…” she gasped, “Cronus.  They betrayed us to Cronus.  Rosha
and I escaped, but he sent the Ashrak and some Jaffa after us.  We managed to evade them,
for quite some time; however, Rosha was wounded a second time, and they were mortal

“We managed to reach the Chaappa’ai, while the Jaffa were quite some way behind us following
a false trail that I left for them.  Unfortunately, they saw the Chaappa’ai activate.  We were very
lucky that the Jaffa were not close enough to follow us through, and I managed to dial out
again, before they could attempt contact with the world that we were on,” she stopped
speaking, and shook her head.  “The problem, as I said, is that I do not remember who
betrayed us.  At least, for now, it is still beyond my grasp.  I am still having memories return, as
you just witnessed, so I am hopeful that they are simply taking time to resurface.”  She sighed,
deeply, “I hope you understand my reluctance to return there where whoever betrayed us is
without knowing who it is.”  

“I understand completely.  No doubt, it will be hard on Dr. Jackson, but we can keep her in a
cell, until you feel it is safe to return there.”

“I thank you, General.”  

The General frowned, as he remembered something Jolinar said that only now registered with
him.  “Jolinar…”  He waited, until she once more appeared, before continuing, “You said that
Amaunet would have to be incarcerated
after the child was born, but that, until then, Daniel
would be able to be with Sha’uri.  I’m afraid I don’t understand the difference.”  

Jolinar nodded, “Of course, I apologize for not explaining more clearly.  Amaunet is dormant.  
For the time being, she is in a sleep-like state, and she will remain so, until the child is born.  
The symbiote must sleep from as early as the first month to absolutely, by the third.  The
symbiote will harm the child, and it is very possible for it to come forth stillborn, if she does not
become dormant, during the later stages of the pregnancy.  Therefore, Amaunet will not be in
control of Sha’uri, during this period.  This is also, why it will be much easier to capture
Amaunet, at this time.  Her host is unlikely to object to being taken away from Apophis;
therefore, there will be no battle to capture and hold her.”  

“Many Goa’uld believe that a child born of two symbiotes will acquire
all of the knowledge of the
.  These children are called harcesis, and they are strictly forbidden, among the
Goa'uld.  The truth, of course, is that it is a myth.  There is no physical way for a child to hold
all of the knowledge of the Goa’uld, since there are many Goa’uld Queens, and each has its
own memories.  What this child inherits will be only that which Amaunet and Apophis can pass
on from their direct lines.  Nevertheless, General, that will be problematic enough, for our
memories are mostly the stuff of which nightmares are made.  We have had
some success in
blocking unpleasant memories from a host’s past for them; however, we have never attempted
to do so for something like this.  I am not sure what will happen to the child, as the memories
awaken.  It is…something to be thought about very deeply.”

Hearing Daniel talking to someone in the hall, Jolinar slipped back, and Sam came fore, just as
Jack, Daniel, and Teal'c walked into the room.  The General cleared his throat, and they all
stopped and looked at him, waiting for what he was preparing to say, “I would like to see the
three of you in my office, if you have the time.”  

Jack looked a little puzzled, since he and the General talked earlier.  Well, maybe he wanted to
talk about the sna…er, symbiote.  Jolinar.  He talked to the President, so maybe he just wanted
them to know what he said.  “Of course, General.  When would you like to see us?”  

“Now.  I’ll be waiting.”  The General walked out the door, and they could tell that he was talking
to the SF’s at the door.    

“Well, Carter, I guess we’ll see you later,” he threw over his shoulder, as he turned on his heal
and headed toward the door.  The man had said now.  So, now it was.  

Sam was examining a piece of technology, as if it was the most fascinating thing she’d ever
seen, and Daniel watched as Jolinar came forward and began to attempt to do something.  He
shrugged, saying, “Jolinar, tell Sam I guess we’ll be back later.”  Walking over to the chair, he
laid the books he was carrying on it.

Jolinar smiled slightly, saying, “She said to tell you, okay.”  

He grinned at her and joined Teal'c, who bowed his head to Jolinar, before turning and
following Daniel Jackson out the door.   

The SF stuck his head in the door, and cleared his throat, before saying, ‘Uh, ma’am, the
General said that, if you wanted anything to eat, or anything, we could send to the mess hall
for it.”  

Jolinar turned to him, and nodded, “Thank you.  If you would not mind, Captain Carter
requests some coffee,” she paused, “ah, black, large.”  

After the first shock of being spoken to, politely, by what he knew was a Goa'uld, passed, he
nodded, telling her, “Yes, ma’am.  Not a problem.  I’ll call down for it, now.”  He walked over to
the phone and, at the last minute, remembered that this was not Captain Carter, and so
refrained from turning his back to her.  Sam came forward and smiled her thanks at him.  


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