Chapter Two Summary:  Sam awakens before Jolinar and begins to explain not only what
happened, but just who and what Jolinar is.  She also decides to keep Jolinar’s missing
memories to herself for the moment.  She felt that the majority of her memories were intact;
however, there were still some blanks about her personal and operative lives that eluded her.  
They would wait for now, since Jolinar felt that most would return eventually.  One or two had
already come back to her.

Sam was now in an isolation room, mostly because they were still keeping a guard on her, not
because she actually needed to be in isolation.  In fact, according to Janet…and Teal'c…she
was completely well and back to normal.  She was sleeping heavily and Daniel could
understand that.  After all, she’d just gone through having her brain fried by an Ashrak, a
Goa'uld assassin.  The one that Jolinar warned them they would not catch, before he killed
them.  Well, she was pretty close to right.  At the very end, Jack and Teal'c killed him, but Sam
and the symbiote, Jolinar, almost died, as well.  Now, he was sitting and watching them sleep.  
Or, at least, he was sitting with them, although, since, they were now supposedly quite well, he
was working on a manuscript, while he waited for one or the other of them to awaken.  Lost to
the world around him, he didn’t hear her…

“Hey, Daniel, could I have some water?”  Sam’s voice was scratchy, low, and didn’t make a dent
in Daniel’s concentration.  Realizing that she felt fine, except that she was thirsty, she sat up
and, searching for the water, found it on the table next to the bed.  

Her movement finally broke through Daniel’s concentration, and his head jerked up, as she
swung her legs over the side of the bed and began to lean toward it.  He jumped to his feet, not
sure what to do.  Who,
exactly, was he facing?  

Hearing him move, Sam turned her head and gazed at him with a slight smile on her lips and
amusement in her eyes.  “I did ask, Daniel, but you were concentrating too deeply to hear me, I
guess.”  She cleared her throat and, once more, leaned toward the jug of water.  

He sprang forward and grasped it, before she could reach it, and grabbed her glass, sloshing
some water in it and holding it out to her, all the while watching her closely.  He
thought it was
Sam.  There had definitely been amusement in her eyes.  He glanced at the monitor, and it was
her brain waves that were active, so he relaxed a little, as she drank the water and held the
glass out for more, since he was still clutching the jug of water.  She made a face, as he poured
it, and he almost grinned.  He would bet it was Sam.  She disliked tepid water, which was what
they almost always had off world.  She complained about it all the time, and had a habit of
taking the coldest water she could find, as they started off.  She said that way; at least, the first
drink or two wouldn’t be so bad.  On the other hand, she had once told him, the tepid water
kept her from drinking as much as she would like to, which on occasion had worked out well,
when they couldn’t find water.  

Clearing his throat, he looked at her more closely, as she drank this glass a little more slowly.  
“Ah, Sam?  Is, um…it is Sam, right?”  

She grinned at him.  “Yeah, Daniel, it’s me.  Jolinar’s still dormant.  She’s pretty much wiped
out, after all the healing she had to do on the two of us.  The injuries were…severe, to say the
least.  We’re lucky we still know our names, let alone anything else.  She took her time and
worked slowly.  That’s why I’m just now waking up.  She healed herself to the point where she
would be able to take care of me, and then once she healed me, she returned to finish with her
own injuries.  She said that she would probably remain dormant, for a while.  As I said, she’s
very tired.”  

“So…she, um, she doesn’t have control over you at—at all?  I mean, you’re all, um, you?”  
Daniel couldn’t help it.  He sounded incredulous.  

Smiling wryly, Sam answered quietly, “No, Daniel, she doesn’t, nor will she have from now on,
unless I give it to her, or we are endangered, and she is better equipped to handle the
problem.”  She saw him glancing at her brain waves and gave him a genuine smile, telling him,
“I know.  It doesn’t sound anything like the Goa’uld with whom we’ve dealt.  That’s because…”  
She stopped talking, for a moment, before continuing, “Daniel, I’m sure that you aren’t the only
one who’s going to want to hear this.  Shouldn’t you call Janet, the Colonel, General
Hammond, and Teal'c?  I really don’t want to repeat it over and over…although, something tells
me I’m going to have to, anyway.”  Still, even discouraged at the thought of all the explaining
ahead of her, no, them, she gave him a smile, and added, “But hold that question, and ask it
again, when everyone is here.  I’ll answer it then; I promise you.”   

Flushing slightly, as he remembered that he was supposed to contact them all, if she awoke, he
hit the call button and went to the nearby phone.  Whether he realized it or not, Daniel trusted
her already.  He was standing with his back to her, and she would guess that the SFs were in
the hall.  

When he returned, she sighed and shook her head, before chiding him, “Daniel, you know
better than to turn your back on a prisoner.  We’ve taught you better than that.”  

Seeing Sam sitting on the edge of the bed and hearing her scold Daniel, for his breach of
protocol, Janet grinned, as she came up to the bed.  Just to be sure, she glanced at the
monitor.  It was definitely Sam.  “How are you feeling, Sam?  You certainly appear to be back to
normal.  Teal'c said that the, um, that Jolinar would have healed you and, since you appear
perfectly healthy, I have to assume that she did.  Is she all right, as well?”  

“Yes, to all questions, Janet.  She did, I am, and she is.  And, Janet, thank you for saving

Before Janet could respond, or either of them could ask any more questions, both Jack and
Teal'c came into the room, followed closely by the General.  She smiled at them, saying,
“Colonel, Teal'c, General Hammond.  I have to assume someone got to the Ashrak in time, and
I want to thank them.  I’m sure that Jolinar will want to thank them, when she wakes up,

Jack stopped in his tracks and his jaw dropped.  Then collecting his composure, he nodded,
saying, as nonchalantly as he could, “Oh, no problem, Carter.  It was Teal’c and me.  Glad to
do it.”  He paused, before adding, “I am talking to Carter, right?  This isn’t the snake
impersonating her again?”  

It was Janet that answered his last question, “No, Colonel O’Neill, it isn’t Jolinar.”  She nodded
toward the screen.  “As you can see, the, that is, Jolinar is still, um, I guess, sleeping,
although,” she paused, as she studied the pattern on the screen, “It doesn’t look like a true
sleep pattern.”  She frowned, and as she pondered it, the others waited.  They needed to know
for sure that they were talking to Sam.  “It actually looks like…a cross between a coma and
sleep.  I’ve never seen a pattern like it before.”  

Sam spoke up quietly, explaining, “That’s because you’ve probably never had anyone in this
state of consciousness, Janet.  Jolinar isn’t asleep, and she isn’t in a coma.  She calls it being
dormant, and I had the impression that it’s an altered state where they can rest deeply and
gain strength.”  She shrugged.  “She told me that she would probably remain in it, for quite a
while, after she brought us up to the sleep level.  She stayed there with me, for a while, then
explained about it, and put herself into this deeper state.  She’ll come back later, but you’ll
have to let me know, if you want to talk to her personally.  She won’t take control, unless I
allow it, now that we’ve blended and understand each other better.”  

The entire group simply stared at her.  Finally, Jack blurted, “That’s not possible, Carter.  
Goa'uld do
not give their hosts control, and they sure as hell don’t ask permission, before they
take over the body.  I don’t think you invited her in, so she had to just take you because you
were handy, and that’s a Goa’uld.”  

Sam sighed deeply and looked at all of them.  Nodding, at his comments, she gave him a simple
answer, “But then, while she is a member of the species known as the Goa’uld, Colonel…she’s
more.  She is
Tok’Ra.”  She turned from him to the General, “General Hammond, I’m sure that
there have to be a lot of questions you want to ask me, while Jolinar is dormant, just as I’m
sure you’ll want to talk to her, after you hear what I have to say.  Do you want to go to the
briefing room, or would you prefer to stay here—where you can watch the monitor?”  She faced
him calmly and that allayed many of his qualms.  

“Which would you prefer, Captain Carter?”  

She smiled at him.  “I would prefer the briefing room; however, I think that you would all feel
better, if you can watch the monitor to be sure she hasn’t snuck in and taken me over, so I’ll
answer your questions here.  Perhaps you could have someone bring some comfortable chairs
for all of you, and if someone would raise the head of the bed, I’ll, ah, recline in comfort.”  

The General’s lips twitched, but he nodded to the Colonel, who left to find some more decent
chairs.  Since Daniel had the only comfortable one, they could bring them from the briefing
room.  General Hammond was quite sure, now, that he was talking to Samantha Carter.  The
symbiote was able to use her voice, but she couldn’t duplicate her personality.  At least, she
couldn’t before.  He supposed that, if they stayed together long enough, she would be able to
do a perfect imitation.  

It wasn’t very long at all before several Airmen entered with chairs, Colonel O’Neill behind them
carrying one for himself.  After everyone, including Janet, took a seat, Sam turned to Daniel,
asking him, “Daniel, do you remember what you asked me earlier?  The question I told you to
hold onto for later?”  

Daniel’s brow wrinkled, but only for a moment, before he answered her, “Yes, I do.  I asked
you, does she have any control over you at all?”  

“Yes, that’s pretty much what you asked, and I started to answer, but decided I wanted to tell
everyone at once, instead of one at a time.  So, here’s the story.  Jolinar could control me any
time she wants to do so.  You already know that, because, while she was trying to return to her
people, she couldn’t let me out.  That, and I know you won’t want to believe it, but
it is the
, was my fault as much, well, actually, more than, it was hers.”  Seeing them about to start
asking questions, she held up her hand, “You’ll understand that better, as we go along, I
promise.  So, let’s go back to the question.  No, she doesn’t have control of me, nor, from what
I understand from our earlier discussion, will she have from now on, unless I give it to her, or
we’re endangered.  If we’re in peril, and she’s better equipped to handle the problem, then she’ll
take control, and do whatever needs to be done.  Emergencies are emergencies.  Period.  No
questions asked.”  

This time they all looked at the brain waves, and Sam smiled at them, saying, “I know.  It
doesn't sound anything like the Goa’uld with whom we’ve dealt.  That’s because… she isn’t.  As
I said before, she's more than a Goa’uld.  While she is of the same species, as the Goa’uld we’ve
dealt with, the Tok’Ra queen, Egeria, broke from the System Lords well over two thousand
years ago.  She disagreed with the way they treated the hosts.  She didn’t feel they were inferior
or unworthy of respect, and she developed truly symbiotic relationships with her hosts.  Of
course, she didn’t ask the first host, or even her second.  It took a while for her to change her
attitude, but once she did, she never looked back.  From that time on, she asked every host,
and if someone didn’t agree, she accepted that and continued to look, until she found someone
that was willing to be a host.  There are a lot of things I could tell you about her, but those are
things you can learn later.  I just felt it was important that you understand
why the Tok’Ra are
different from the Goa’uld.  The Goa’uld have genetic memory, and the Queen controls what’s
passed on to her offspring.  Egeria passed her own feelings and beliefs about the hosts and
host/symbiote relationships to hers.  So, you see, although they could become Goa’uld, the
need to conquer, rule, and oppress were left out of their genetic code, as was the streak of
cruelty that the Goa’uld possess.”  

She paused, frowning at her hands where they lie in her lap, before looking up and adding,
“Don’t misunderstand me.  They can be every bit as cruel, and vicious, as some humans can
be, and if the need arises, they will do whatever must be done, but it isn’t an automatic part of
them.  On the other hand, they are not milquetoasts, so don’t make the mistake of thinking
they are.  They are highly trained warriors and operatives.  Don’t underestimate them because
they prefer to get along with and share with their hosts instead of subjugating them.”  

She paused once more, and then, knowing that Teal'c was aware of more facts about Jolinar,
she told them, “There is one other thing about which you should all be aware, even though it
will make you all uncomfortable.  Jolinar of Malk’shur is Tok’Ra by choice, not by birth.  She
was born and lived, as a Goa’uld for many years, several thousand, at least, until she met and
became friends with Egeria, and Egeria’s host.  Watching them interact, she found herself
envying their relationship and determined to try it herself.  She found that, once she gave her a
chance, she liked her own host, and as she came to understand Egeria’s beliefs, she decided to
join her.  However, at one time, Jolinar commanded her own armies, had many worlds of her
own, had slaves, the whole nine yards.  She lost all of that fighting the other System Lords by
Egeria’s side.  So, don’t underestimate her, either.  She controls herself; it isn’t coded into her,
as it is Egeria’s offspring.  There are actually several Goa’uld that joined Egeria, and though
many of them have died, over the centuries of fighting the
other Goa’uld, there are still a few
out there.  She would want you to understand this, I think, because she is basically a very
good, ah, being, with very human emotions.”  

She paused again, to gather her thoughts, and into the silence, Jack asked a question, “Well,
Carter, if they’re so great, and they ask permission and all, why didn’t she ask you instead of
taking you?”  

“That’s a good question, Colonel, and the answer will no doubt surprise you, but the truth is
that…she didn’t
just take me.”  She held up her hand again, as he began to speak, “I’ll explain,
Colonel.  We all know that the Goa’uld take their hosts through the back of the neck.  The Tok’
Ra don’t.  They blend through the mouth, during a movement much like a kiss.  Do you
remember what I was doing?”  She looked at him and waited.  

He frowned.  “Well, you were trying to help the guy, and she must have jumped into you, while
you did CPR on him.”  

Sam just looked at him, as Daniel gasped.  “She thought you were offering to be her host,” he

“Exactly, Daniel.  When she realized that I wasn’t offering, it was much too late to do anything
about it.  We were here, and she desperately needed to return to her people.  Even if she had
no other reason to do so, she now needed to get to them and
find a new host, so that she could
let me go.”   

She sighed deeply.  “The truth is that a lot of her behavior was because of me.  If I hadn’t
panicked, she would have explained and allowed me control to begin with, so I could explain
what happened, once she explained it to me.”  She grimaced.  “Unfortunately, I fought her and
wouldn’t listen to anything she said, until she gave me control to talk to the Colonel, which he
didn’t listen to, of course.  She was talking to herself, after that, and that’s when I started
actually listening to her, and hearing what she was saying.  She also allowed me access to her
memories.  It was obvious to me by then that I was dealing with something more than a
Goa'uld, as we know them.  We’d only started to learn about each other, when the Ashrak got
to us.”  

“So all we have to do is get you to her people, and they can find her someone else to go to,
right?”  Jack sounded both hopeful and disbelieving.   

Sam nodded, but added, “It’s not always easy to find a host, but yes, as soon as one is found
she would leave, if I don’t wish to stay
blended with her.”  She drew a deep breath knowing this
would shock them all.  “That’s
if I decided not to stay blended, and at the moment, I’m not sure
which way I want to go.”  She paused and looked at each of them, before continuing, “I’m not
sure which way I want to go, but at this point in time…I have no desire to have her leave me.  
They have a tremendous amount of knowledge.  She’s been around for several thousand years
now, and she has an immense store of information about a lot of different things.  Important
things.  They have a phenomenal memory and only need to be told something once to
remember it.  It’s probably what we would call photographic, but it really isn’t that.  It’s,” Sam
stopped and shook her head, “It’s really hard to explain how intelligent they are and how much
knowledge they have.  Anyway, I believe I might be able to do more good as a liaison between
our two peoples.  They could very well be the most important ally we will ever have in this
fight.”  As they stared at her in obvious shock, she added, “If, that is, they will even
accept us
as allies.  Compared to them we are, ah, young…yes, that’s a good word…young.”  

“What exactly do you mean by that, Captain Carter?”  General Hammond, just as Daniel had,
realized what this could mean to them.  “What does our being
young have to do with it?”  

She sighed and looked at the ceiling, “Okay, I’ll be blunt about this, but don’t kill the
messenger, all right?”  At their nods of agreement, she opened her mouth, to be very blunt, only
to be distracted by something.  She frowned and then sighed again.  Looking around at them,
instead of insulting her people and everything about them, she said, “I know you haven’t
noticed, but Jolinar just woke up, and she’d like to answer this, if you wouldn’t mind talking to
her.  If you don’t wish to, she’ll respect your wishes and allow me to tell you, but, she feels
that, since she knows her people much better than I do that she should answer for me.”  

They all looked at the monitor and sure enough, there was no doubt that Jolinar was now
awake and talking to Sam.  No one moved, and they looked at her expectantly, as she returned
their stares.  Finally realizing the problem, she told them, “I was being very honest, when I said
that she won’t come fore, unless you want to talk to her.”  

General Hammond looked startled, which was an unusual occurrence for him, before telling
her, “I apologize.  Yes, of course, if she feels she should explain, then, if you are willing
Captain…”  He broke off, as Sam dropped her head and closed her eyes, as Jolinar took over.  
Seeing the glowing of her eyes, even as it faded, made them all feel a little nervous, but the
General was made of pretty stern stuff.  “You are Jolinar of Malk’shur?”  

“I am.  You are General Hammond, correct?”  At his nod, she proceeded.  “I must apologize, for
this entire debacle.  Had I asked, instead of assuming, this would not have happened.  I
suppose my only excuse is that, in the confusion, tumult, and noise, I was too disoriented and
frightened to do so.  I have already apologized to Samantha, and she has forgiven me.  I must
hope that, in time, you will be able to do so, as well.  If she decides that she does not wish to
remain blended, I will find a new host, as soon as I can find one.”  

Looking at each of them, she continued calmly, “I have only now awakened, however, I have
been able to read Sam’s recent memories and know of your conversation.  I will answer your
last question.”  As Sam had, she frowned, as she gave thought to how to proceed, and the
people watching were surprised that they could tell that it was Jolinar from the difference in
her frown.  Sam didn’t frown like that.  It was…different.  

Finally, she came to a conclusion, and began, “Samantha was about to be extremely, ah,
undiplomatic, I believe would be a good way to phrase it.  However, I do see her dilemma and
find myself just as lost for words to explain this.”  Again, she paused for a short space of time,
and it became quite obvious to those watching, even without looking at the screen, that she
and Sam were having a discussion.  Since the monitor showed distress in neither of them, they
could assume it was a normal conversation, and the two of them must have come to a decision
because Jolinar returned her attention to them.  “While Samantha told you the truth about our
Queen, Egeria, she left out one or two traits, which will prove to be…important…in our dealings
with one another.  It is true that we share little in attitude, lifestyle, needs, desires, in fact,
about anything you would wish to compare between the Goa’uld and the Tok’Ra.  However,
there are two traits, which Egeria allowed to pass to her offspring that, in retrospect, would
have been best left out.”  

“Those two traits are pride and arrogance.  I am sure you have encountered both of those
things in whatever interaction you have had with the Goa’uld.  Unfortunately, many Tok’Ra
appear to have both traits in abundance.  We do attempt to curb them, but they are ingrained,
and it is difficult not to revert to them, upon occasion.  Meeting with you, will bring out both
traits,” she frowned, and then smiled slightly, “to the nth degree, Samantha tells me would be
one way to put it.  You must understand that we have been at war with the Goa’uld System
Lords for over two thousand years.  It is a long time to fight, however, that too, Egeria passed
to her offspring.  The will to fight them burns as bright within the Tok’Ra today, as it did the
day that she spawned each of her clutches.  Because of this, it is very probable that the
Council will not consider you advanced enough to help them in any way.  You have no
technology that we need, and we do not fight in an overt manner, as you do.  For one thing,
there are too few of us to do so.  Therefore, we infiltrate and disrupt the Goa’uld from within,
sowing discontent and causing them to remain constantly at war with one another.  We attempt
to prevent any one of them from gaining more power than the others, which means that we
must be very careful not to dispose of the wrong one at the wrong time.”  

“I have seen from Samantha that Apophis was about to attack your world, when you destroyed
his ships.  Unfortunately, we had operatives on those ships.”  She shrugged.  “There was no
other course that you could take.  You have a right to protect your world, in any way that you
can, and they will see that…after the first shock and anger gives way to reason.  There were
other consequences, as well, though.  It also caused an imbalance in the hierarchy of power.  
We were able to begin wars between several of them, however Apophis’s weakening is allowing
some encroachment into what were his territories.  There are some areas that are in danger of
being taken over by one who is already almost too powerful.  As it is, Sokar has gained a
substantial amount of power through Apophis’s weakened defenses.”  She looked directly at
General Hammond.  “I am quite sure that you will see the diplomatic consequences of this,
General.  The most we may be able to achieve between our two races, at first, is a mutual
respect and understanding.  I doubt very much that an alliance would be possible, at this time,
but we shall see.”  

“There is little doubt in my mind that they will consider you primitive and without merit…at
first.  That, of course, is when we shall inform them that the rumors were true and you
disposed of Ra, something they have been attempting to do, since he captured and killed our
Queen.  That alone will elevate you and your abilities somewhat.  The remainder, well, we shall
just have to work on it.  As long as Samantha does not object, and unless you object, I will
remain here for now and attempt to come up with the best scenario for introducing our two
races…if, that is, you are even interested in allying yourselves with the Tok’Ra.”  

She tilted her head, as she looked at him, and it was such a very human gesture that the
General smiled, before sobering to tell her, “I have to call my superiors about the entire
incident.  I have no idea what our president will decide, however, I feel that he may very well
look upon you, as he does Teal'c...each of you have a great deal of knowledge about the
Universe that we don’t have.  It could very well be that he will feel the risks are worth it, in
order to have access to that information, but I can’t promise you that.  The fact that I can offer
a possible future alliance, with a resistance group working within the Goa'uld, will no doubt
weight heavily in your favor.”  

Jolinar nodded, before telling him, “You must be aware that eventually, I will have to return to
my people, at least for a time, if for no other reason than to find a host, however there will be
other reasons.  I have been out of touch, other than what reports I could get out to them, with
our base for a very long time, as I was undercover in a Goa’uld stronghold, and I will have to
notify them that I am still alive, although Rosha passed from me.”  Seeing the blank looks, she
sighed, “Rosha was my host prior to the man in whom Samantha found me.  He was a good
man and wished to hide me, for as long as he could.  Rosha was dying and beyond my abilities
to heal.  He agreed to help me.  Unfortunately, an Ashrak rarely loses his prey.  I had hoped to
find another host, before the Ashrak found me again, however, that was not to be.  We never
had the chance to leave his world without raising questions, which would have caused trouble
for him.  He wished to wait, until it was time for trading in a few months.  Unfortunately, the
Ashrak found us first.”  

“And he followed you here.  They are persistent, aren’t they?”  O’Neil observed.  

“Indeed, O’Neill.  Ashrak means hunter, and they are exceptionally skilled in tracking their
prey.  They never give up.  The only way to end their pursuit is to kill them, something that is
difficult to do unless, as we did, you catch them unaware, which is almost impossible to do.  
That we were able to do so is actually very rare and unusual,” Teal'c explained in his usual
calm and stoic manner.    

They were startled when Sam’s eyes glowed, and she looked at them, asking, “Do you have any
other questions?  Do you want to return me to the cell, now?  With the Ashrak dead, we should
be all right there now.”  

General Hammond looked startled.  “Ah, no, not just yet, Captain Carter.  You’ve been through
a lot.  There are guards outside the door, so I think you’ll be fine in here.  Let’s just leave
things, as they are for now, until I can make some phone calls and see what the president
wants to do.”  

Sam nodded.  “Not a problem, General.  Jolinar and I will be fine here.  Do you mind if Daniel
brings me something to work on though?  Or, maybe some of my books?  I’m going to be very
bored, if I have to just sit here and stare at the wall all evening.”  

“I think we can arrange that, Captain.  Get some more rest, too.  You were put through quite
an ordeal, even if Jolinar was able to heal your wounds.”  

“I think we might just do that…um, later, after I talk to Daniel about what I want him to bring
me.  Don’t worry, it won’t be a weapon.”  

“No.  I know it won’t.  But, don’t work all night.  Get a good night’s sleep, and tomorrow we can
see where we go from here.”  The General nodded and left for his office.  He had a lot to do,
although, after looking at the clock, and realizing how late it was he decided to wait to call the
President.  This was important, but it wasn’t an emergency; it could wait until morning.  

Several hours later, Daniel looked up from the manuscript he was still working on, as Sam
sighed.  “You okay, Sam?  Can I do anything for you?”  

Sam smiled at him and shook her head.  “No, thanks, Daniel, I think that Jolinar and I are
both just tired.  All of a sudden I feel like I could sleep for a week.”  

Daniel nodded and started to tell her he would leave her to go to sleep, when Janet came
through the door.   

“Hey, Sam, how are you, um, both feeling?”  

Sam smiled at her, as she responded, “Actually, we were just telling Daniel that we’re feeling
tired all of a sudden.  I’m seriously considering going to sleep.  I know it isn’t terribly late, but
then again, he didn’t get to us until late morning, we slept for over six hours, and then we
talked to all of you for another couple of hours, so it isn’t all that early either.  What are you
still doing here?  I thought you would have left for home, as soon as we finished our

“I was doing an autopsy on the Ashrak.  Didn’t learn much more than what we already knew,
though.”  She reached into her lab coat pocket and drew out a vial of something.  

Sam looked at her, with inquiry in her eyes, before asking, “What’s that Janet?  I don’t think
we need anything else.”  

Janet shook her head.  “It’s not for you.  I was wondering if Jolinar might know what it is.”  

Jolinar came forward and took the vial from Janet’s hand.  She didn’t have to look at it for
long.  She handed it back, saying, “It is the serum the Ashrak used to mask his presence.”  
Seeing Janet’s confusion, she added, “It masks the presence of a symbiote.  He would have
used it, so that I would not be able to detect him.  He would still have been able to detect me.  
It is one of the things that make them so dangerous to us.  Had I had access to some, I would
have used it, believe me.  I wish I had more.  It can be a very useful thing to have.  
Unfortunately, I no longer have any.  I used the last of mine many months ago, when I needed
to be in the same room as Cronus, and yet remain undetected.”  

Janet nodded, and then asked her, “Is it something we should be trying to duplicate?  I can
give it a try if it is.  It might take a few tries, especially if we don’t have everything we need, and
I have to try substitutes.”   

“It would be a very good thing, if you could do so.  We never know when we will need it.  Often
it is better, if we are thought to be human when around the Goa’uld, as they tend to treat
humans as if they are so much furniture and ignore them, unless they make some mistake.”  

“Yes, I can see where it would come in handy in those circumstances.  If you end up going off
world with a team for anything, you might want to mask your presence, in case you do run into
a Goa’uld.  It does happen occasionally.”  

“I’ll do an analysis of it and see where it goes.  Cassie’s asleep on the cot in my office, so I have

“Please apologize to your daughter for me.  At that time, I did not know what to do, but I was
afraid of anyone finding me.  Still, I should not have frightened a child in that way.”  

“I explained to her who and what you are and what happened to make you react that way.  She
seemed to understand…at least, she made the comment that you must have been very scared.  
I agreed that you were and that was that.  Don’t worry about it.  I think she’ll be fine the next
time you see her.”  

“I am relieved.  I would not like to be a wedge between her and Samantha.”  

“I don’t think that will happen.”  Looking at her watch, she commented, “I’d better go, if I want
to get any of this taken care of tonight.”  

“Do you have anything on which I could write?  I believe I know some of the chemicals
involved.  I rarely work in the labs; however, that does not mean I do not know a little about
some of these things.”  

“I do,” Daniel offered as he ripped a page from his notebook and handed her the pad and the

“Thank you, Dr. Jackson.”  It took Jolinar very little time to write what she knew about the
serum and when she finished, she handed it to Janet.   

Looking at it, Janet nodded, telling her, “This will help.  It will give me a head start.  Thank

“You are most welcome.  You are the one that I should thank for attempting to do this.”  

Janet grinned.  “We could stand here and thank each other all night, but you and Sam need
some rest.  Yes, I know you slept a lot today, but you’re both probably still recovering
somewhat regardless how well and healthy you appear.”  

Jolinar inclined her head in agreement commenting, “Yes, I agree.  Sam and I were just telling
Daniel that we were getting sleepy.”  

“Good.  I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”  Turning, Janet headed for the door, calling over her
shoulder, “Good night and Daniel don’t keep them up, just because you become lost in a

Daniel waved her out the door, saying, “I’m getting ready to leave now.  Don’t get busy and stay
up all night yourself.”   

“Not likely,” her words drifted back to them, as she started down the hall.  

Daniel turned to Sam, “I’m leaving, if you’ll be all right now.”  

“Yes, Daniel, we’ll be fine.  No doubt, we’ll see you tomorrow.”  

He nodded.  “First thing.  I won’t leave you sitting here bored, when I can just as easily sit here
and translate those things.”  

“Just leave them, then, and you’ll already have them here in the morning.”  

“Good idea.  Night, Sam, Jolinar.”  

“Goodnight, Daniel.”   

Daniel waved, as he went through the door, and Jolinar told her, “Let us put these things away
and ready ourselves for sleep.”  

Sam yawned.  “All ready on it.”  Ten minutes later, Sam crawled back in the bed, after brushing
her teeth and washing her face.  She was tired and Jolinar was already asleep.  Not even worry
over what the President had to say could keep her awake.  Almost as soon as her head touched
the pillow, Sam joined her in slumber.


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